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    Boss FAQ by SeaDragon

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                               SeaDragon will now present...
                                     T     H     E
                 ___________                       _|_              /|
                /          //| _.-|--__,-''|    _-  |  -_    ---  /  |
              /___     __/ / ||   ||  --   /   |         |   |  | |  |
                  |   |   |  ||   ||  |/ /  __|__       __|__|  |/  /
                  |   |   |  ||   ||   _ --,  |           |  |   _ --
                  |   |   |  ||   ||  | |  |   |_       _|   |  | |  |
                  |   |   |___,,__||__| |_ |     - _|_ -     |__| |  |
                  |_.-'                   \|        |               \|
                                    DINOSAUR HUNTER
                                    BOSS STRADEGIES
                                    *Final Version*
                   +Copywright 2003-2004 SeaDragon. All Rights Reserved+
    I. Intro
    'Allo, fellows. I am presenting my second FAQ for you to feast your eyes upon,
    or whatever. And besides, why not help some idiots with the bosses of one of
    the greatest games of all time? Why, I say?!
    II. Legal Jumbles
     This FAQ (pronounced F-A-Q or FAK, whatever you choose) has ALL RIGHTS
    RESERVED BY ME!!! Meaning that you may not copy, tamper, or mock this FAQ in
    ANY WAY, so only I can do that. You acually can, but only with my permission.
    And that permit is valid for twenty-four hours only.
    IIIContact Me
    > My email address is zane_tw@msn.com
    > I don't want junk mail.
    > You can ask for help, praise me, whatever.
    > I don't mind getting FAQ corrections sent.
    > Hate mail? SUUURE, just send it on in!
    IV. Version History
    Version 0.0: Just started the FAQ, only have the title art and version
    indicator put in.
    Version 0.1: At last, the anticipated release has been fulfilled.
    Final Version: No more updates to come. (Sniff!)
    V. Weapons
    The Turok series has always made you to expect big and amazing weaponry, and
    this game is no exeption.
    KNIFE: Just your basic knife. It causes low damage, but in levels one and two,
    it's quite a useful armament.
    TEK BOW: It's just a basic bow, but it's more useful than it is in turok 2 and
    3. With explosive tek arrows, though, it is extremly deadly.
    PISTOL: It may not seem to inflict much damage, but it's all around a basic,
    but good, weapon.
    SHOTGUN: It's best to use this at close range, because it spreads seven shots
    at once, each shot with the power of the pistol. The explosive shotgun shells
    double it's power.
    AUTO SHOTGUN: It's just the same as the shotgun, but it fires rapidly, hence
    the "auto" part of the name.
    ASSAULT RIFLE: Fires three STRAIGHT shots in order, and by that I mean that
    they don't spread. Useful from levels five to seven.
    MINIGUN: Don't let the name fool you. It fires ten bullets per second, each
    with the power of the pistol. Best to save it for bulletcrappers(enemies who
    won't die). Ammo is rare.
    QUAD-ROCKET LAUNCHER: This can often kill any enemy in one shot, don't use on
    ALIEN WEAPON: Best on stationairy enemies. The big green laser it shoots won't
    do much to bosses.
    PULSE RIFLE: The earlier bosses are somewhat weak, so this is a good choice on
    GRENADE LAUNCHER: Powerful grenades, eh? Too bad it's hard to aim.
    PARTICLE ACCELORATOR: That name may sound cool, but it's only best for freezing
    and killing enemies. It burns ammunition FAST, so use this only if you have no
    other choice. Shots are chargable.
    NUCLEAR FUSION CANNON: This will discharge a fusion projectile that will cause
    an unstable nuclear explosion. Deadly
    THE ALMIGHY CHRONOSCEPTER: The most powerful weapon in the game. It will launch
    a beam that results in a low-radius, high-damage explosion. Found by assembling
    the eight well-hidded Chronoscepter peices.
    VI. The Stradegies
    Get out your belt and get ready to whip some butt!
    A. Longhunter of the Raptors
    Reccomended weapons: Minigun, Pulse Rifle, Chronoscepter
    You'll encounter this soft cookie after completing The Ancient City. After
    heading through the exit portal, you'll end up in the longhunter's chamber.
    Don't worry, he's easy to kill, it just takes a while. Swim around in the
    surrounding moats first, you can find tons of tek armor, backpacks and ammo
    down there! After you're done taking a dip, head into the chamber and walk up
    to the force field. Busted! After the Longhunter has his little fit, an armed
    jeep will try to mow you down! If, by the grace of god, you've assembled the
    C?O?O?S?E?T?R, save it for the longhunter himself. Use the minigun or pulse
    rifle on this jeep. And, if you strafe a steady enough circle, the jeep can't
    face you or hit you, as long as you keep that circle going, you and the jeep
    will be in a constant circle. Just don't let it face you or touch you, or
    you're doomed. After it's gone, another jeep will arrive, just use the previous
    stradegy. After that that jeep, the longhunter himself will come. One direct
    C?O?O?S?E?T?R shot will kill him. If not, strafe around to avoid his powerful
    blows, and when you're ready to attack, stop strafing, back away, unload a few
    shots, and repeat. Don't worry, you'll eventually kill him. As soon as he's
    dead, your prize will arise from the depths of the force field. Be sure to pick
    up his pulse rifle before you collect you prize, though, it comes in quite
    B. Guardian Mantis
    Reccomended weapons: Chronoscepter, Minigun, Quad rocket launcher, Auto Shotgun
    You'll encounter this obscure, terrifying, and obcene monsrosity after
    completing The Catacombs. Unlike the previous boss, there is no respawning
    health or ammo around the arena, so make sure you've stocked up on that. After
    you walk up to the statue, the key alter will lower and WAH! A mantis will
    break out of the statue to scare the crap out of you! Pause and take a moment
    to relax and regain your composiure after that little moment. Avoid close range
    attacks at all costs, they are truly devastating. And when it spits acid, stafe
    out of the way and avoid the acid pool, wich will deplete five health points
    per second. When you're ready, whip out the Auto Shotgun and unload, hopfully
    with explosive rounds. The C?O?O?S?E?T?R works quite well, too. When his health
    his about 1/5 left, he will take flight and knock down the four surrounding
    walls in a clockwise direction, which will kill you instantly if they fall on
    you. when all walls are gone, he will shoot explosive progectioles at you,
    which inflict 25 damage to you. Just a few more sessions of "streafe and
    unload" will end this horror movie. And your prize will come up from the ground.
    C. Thunder, The Campaigner's T-Rex
    Reccomended weapons: Chronoscepter, Nuclear Fusion Cannon, Quad Rocket
    Launcher, Basically, anything heavy.
    This tough egg is found after completing The Final Confrontation. There are
    alcoves at the edge of the extensive arena containing health and ammo. As well
    as a catwalk that is useful for avoiding attacks. Upon the catwalks are also
    tek arrows, but I don't see the point of that. When you're ready to attack,
    head up to the catwalks and unload with either the fusion cannon, quad rocket
    launcher, C?O?O?S?E?T?R, Auto Shotgun, the list goes on and on. And as usual,
    strafe along the catwalks to avoid attacks, for they are devastating. It
    doesen't get simpler than that. After defeating him, you will find the 8th and
    final piece of the C?O?O?S?E?T?R, that's why i think it's impossible to
    assemble it before encountering any other boss, but I list it anyway. After the
    long line of weapons and eqipment is the long awaited, anticipated, and
    dreaded..... final boss.
    D. The Evil Campaigner
    Reccomended Weapons: Anything that will inflict heavy damage, Chronoscepter
    There is no boss in this game more powerful than the Campaigner, and I higly
    doubt you havent assebled the 8 Chronoscepter pieces, if not, you're basically
    screwed because nothing else works nearly as well. Check out marshmallow's FAQ,
    he lists all their locations in high detail. He may have bareley any clothes
    on, but he's one tough cookie, trust me. Make absoluteley sure you don't miss
    with the Chronoscepter, because all three shots absulutley must count. And of
    course, strafe like hell. Stop right in his path when you shoot the
    Chronoscepter, or you'll miss. After three direct hits, his health will be low
    enough for you to use an explosive weapon to take him out completeley. After
    that kickbutt ending sequence, the credits will roll.
    VII. Credits
    Me, I wrote it.
    Acclaim and Iguana, for making the greatest first person shooter of all time.
    GameFAQS, for a really cool site.
    Brother Reed, for the title art.
    marshmallow, for the weapon and code listings.
    Turok. Com, go check it out!
    You for cheking this out.
    VIII. Secrets
    CMGTSMMGGTS: All weapons, self explanitory.
    TSHNTTBNCTPRDCRD: Big heads, self explanitory.
    DNCHN: Dana's Cheat, makes enemies small, very fun.
    SNFFRR: Disco mode, makes enemies dance and ignore you.
    LKMBRD: Fly mode, press L to dive and R to escalate. You cannot change weapons
    while this is on. Also the cause for most glitches. Go expirement!
    THBST: Gallery mode, allows you to see almost all the enemy models.
    FRTHSTHTTRLSCK: Infinite lives, self explanitory.
    DLKTDR: Pen and ink mode, makes the enviorment look like a colorless drawing.
    LLTHCLRSFTHRNB: Purdy colors, self explanitory.
    CLLTHTNMTN: Quack mode, reduces the graphics to a look worse than on the the
    atari jaguar!
    NSTHMNDNT: Show enemies, shows enemies as red arrows on the map.
    FDTHMGS: Credits, what do you think?
    THSSLKSCL: Spirit Mode, slow motion and invincibility.
    BLLTSRRFRND: Unlimited ammo
    RBNSMTH: Robin's Cheat, unlocks invincibility, all weapons, credits, infinite
    ammo, and big heads.
    NTHGTHDGDCRTDTRK: Big cheat, you'll see.
    IX. Other FAQs By SeaDragon
    Current FAQS: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Boss Stradegies.
    Up and coming FAQS: Turok: Rage Wars Stradegy Guide.
    X. Closer
    Thanks for reading, I hope my FAQ helped. That's about it.
                                                  ~End of FAQ~

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