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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jr Pikachu

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/22/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
    Version 1.0 (12/22/98)
    Jr Pikachu
    Welcome to m FAQ for Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. I decided to write up a FAQ
    for this because I am completely bored today and this is one of my fave
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Controlling Turok
    3. Weapons
    4. Enemies
    5. Walkthrough
    6. Bosses
    7. Cheats
    8. Fun Stuff
    9. Credits
    1. Introduction:
    Turok: Dinosaur Hunter was one of the best games of it's time on the N64.
    It had incredible graphics, great gameplay, OK music and best of all, the
    best enemies put in a game yet. Although my favorite part of this game was
    the weapons (I luv the Quad Rocket Launcher!), this game is a must have if
    you love first-person shooters. And it's a Players Choice Game, it's only
    49.95 : P
    2. Controlling Turok
    This is where I was turned off by Turok at first. The controls are rather
    difficult to learn. But, once you master them, you will become addicted to
    C Button: Move Turok forward, backward, left and right.
    Control Stick: Make Turok look up or down and turn around
    Control Pad: Toggles running on and off
    L Button: Toggles map on and off
    R Button: Makes Turok jump
    Z Button: Fires the weapon you have selected
    A and B: Scroll through your weapons
    3. Weapons:
    My favorite part.
    Knife: Starting weapon. Not very strong, but great for close-quearters
    fighting. Don't use this against enemies armed with guns unless you are
    good at srafing around them.
    Bow: Pathetic weapon. Hold Z to shoot them harder and father. Although if
    you get Tek Bows it becomes a great weapon. Use Tek Bows to take out
    Pistol: Small gun, doesn't do much damage. No reload though, so this is
    perfect for taking out Raptors charging you from a distance.
    Shotgun: Good gun, can put Raptors down in two shots. Reload takes about 2
    seconds though, and in this game, that could mean your death.
    Auto Shotgun: Bigger shotgun that does more damage. 
    Assault Rifle: A greatgun. Does about the same amount of samage as the
    Shotgun, only it fires about 4 bullets at a time.
    Plasma Rifle: Shoots glowing burst of plasma at enemies. Use in the last
    few levels where you need firepower. 
    Mini Gun: Pretty much the same as a machine gun.
    Grenade Launcher: This launches one grenade that explodes after a few
    seconds. Novices should take some time to get used to this weapon or else
    they become suicide machines.
    Particle Accelerator: When you hit an enemy with this cool gun, it will
    freeze, then explode in a sick but entertaining mess of blood.
    Alien Weapon: When you first hit an enemy with this, it will hardly do
    damage, but then the shot explodes, which probably will kill the enemy.
    Quad Rocket Launcher: Fires four rockets at a time. My favorite weapon.
    Look's awesome when it reloads. Save this for the bigger and harder bosses.
    Also good on Triceratops.
    Fusion Cannon: Save this for the T-Rex boss! It shoots a small pink blast
    that travels across the ground, then explodes in a nuclear-like explosion.
    Chronosceptor: The most powerful weapon in the game. You get three shots,
    and three shots only. No ammo, no mistake, no nothing. Save this baby for
    the Campaigner.
    4. Enemies
    A man that wears animal skins.
    Attacks: Uses knives, bows, guns and grenades.
    Strategy: Use any weapon to put these guys away.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    A man in an army outfit
    Attacks: Guns (Pistols and Shotguns) and really BIG knives.
    Strategy: These guys just usually sit there and fire at you the whole time,
    so strafe and take them out with your Pistol.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Campaigners Soldiers
    Big guy with tons of armor.
    Attacks: Big Plasma Rifle
    Strategy: This guy is tough if you don't have any good weapons. He just
    stands there and unleashes VERY powerful Plasma shots. Hide behind
    something and strafe back and forth while shooting at him
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Come on now, who hasn't seen Jurassic Park.
    Attacks: Charges you and bites and claws at you
    Strategy: Use the Shotgun and blow these suckers away before they even get
    near you. They usually hunt in packs, so watch out.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Bionically Enhanced Raptor
    Same as Raptor, only is slightly bigger and is gray. Also has a gun
    strapped to it's forearm.
    Attacks: The gun on his forearm
    Strategy: Use the Shotgun with Explosive Shells when you can't avoid these
    nasty creatures.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    A big reptile with a large sail on his back
    Attacks: Uses very sharp teeth
    Strategy: Just use your Granade Launcher and pump Grenades into this sucker
    while keeping your distance.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
    Bionically Enhanced Dimetrodon
    Same as Dimetrodon except with twin machine guns mounted on his back
    Attacks: Machine Guns and Teeth
    Strategy: Strafe around it while using your Grenade Launcher.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Ancient Warriors
    Men that are painted like skeletons.
    Attacks: Blowpipe and Club
    Strategy: The ones with Blowpipes need to be dropped as soon as possible,
    or be prepared to take some damage. Use the Assault Rifle for a quick kill.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Triceratops w/ Rider
    A huge dinosaur with a Soldier riding on his back.
    Attacks: Rocket Launcher, Guns, Horns
    Strategy: Get behind it and use your Rocket Launcher. Watch out for it's
    Rockets, they do big damage.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    An annoying big, green dragonfly.
    Attacks: Flies up to you and starts to gnaw on you
    Strategy: You can either run away, or gut them with your Knife.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    A giant beetle
    Attacks: It jumps up and slashes at you
    Strategy: When they get close to you, slash them with the Knife.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Depends on what Leaper you're facing. They all jump diagonally and walk on
    all fours.
    Attacks: They jump up to you and slash at you
    Strategy: There are three types of Leapers. The small Drone, the bigger
    Warrior and the massive Queen. You know you're up against a Queen when you
    face a white Leaper. Use Tek Arrows on them all.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
    Alien Infantry
    Green aliens with masks, they have four arms with guns on either side and a
    Jet Pack strapped to their back. 
    Attacks: Alien Gun
    Strategy: If you are in a wide, open space, they will use their Jet Packs
    to get behind you. If you really peeve him off, he will activate his self
    destruct mechanism (ever seen Predator?). He usually blasts his Alien Gun
    though. Strafe and use the Particle Accelerator. 
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Big, ape like monsters that are very powerful. There are several varieties.
    The normal ones, which try to get near you and punch you, the Earthquake
    ones, which punch you and slam the ground sending out shockwaves and the
    Blaster ones which shoot fireballs at you.
    Attacks: Punching, Slams the ground and Fireballs.
    Strategy: Keep your distance and use Tek Arrows.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Warrior Priests
    Warriors with spikes sticking out of their head with a big mace
    Attacks: Mace and Magic Spells
    Strategy: If they send a spell at you, hide behind something. Rush these
    guys and take them out quick with the Assault Rifle.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Creatures with glowing, red eyes and a large spear.
    Attacks: Spear and Magic Spells
    Strategy: Don't leave these guys alone or they will send a fireball your
    way. Strafe and use the Assault Rifle.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
    Demon Lords
    Large demons that carry maces.
    Attacks: Magic Spells
    Strategy: These guys are a pain. They send all sorts of spells your way.
    Strafe and use the Grenade Launcher.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Huge worm-like creatures with snapping claws
    Attacks: Claws and acid-saliva
    Strategy: These guys can take some hits. The quickest way to kill them is
    to use the Shotgun and pump five explosive shells into them. If there are a
    lot of them and you don't have a good, powerful weapon, you're screwed.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
    Robots that look like humans
    Attacks: Punches and uses a Baton
    Strategy: The best way to dispense of these freaks is to hit them with
    three Tek Arrows.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Cyborg Masters
    If you combine a bunch of Campaigners Soldiers and make them look like a
    Cyborg, this is what you get.
    Attacks: Big Plasma Rifle
    Strategy: Strafe and hit them with your Plasma Rifle for best results.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Heavy Cyborg
    Big huge robots, comes in two colors, red and yellow.
    Attacks: Red: Axe and Machine Gun, Yellow: Rocket Launcher and Axe
    Strategy: Use the Rocket Launcher to take these nasties out fast. It should
    take eight shots.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Sludge Beast
    A big crab that lives in the sewers.
    Attacks: Pincers
    Strategy: Watch out, these guys sometimes come up behind you! Slam them
    with three Grenades from the Grenade Launcher.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
    Killer Plants
    A pretty pink flower that comes alive and shoots poisinous barbs at you
    while trying to eat you.
    Attacks: Poison Barbs
    Strategy: Use the Grenade Launcher since it almost always blocks your
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    5. Walkthrough
    Level 1: The Hub Ruins
    Weapons To Pick Up:
    Pistol, Shotgun, Auto Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Tek Bows
    Poachers, Campaigners Soldiers, Leapers, Raptors, Beetles, Pur-Linn
    First head down the hill and dive into the water. On the right side there
    are three Pistol clips. On the left side, there is a cave. At the end is
    the Pistol. Grab it, and jump down. Go across the bridge, and climb the
    vines. Kill the Poacher that runs up to you with your Pistol. Just up ahead
    is the first key! Grab it.
    Now go left and step on the switch to lower the pillars. Grab the ammo, and
    follow the left wall. There will be a Raptor and a few Poacher that charge
    you. Take them out. When you see the Poacher throwing Grenades, take him
    out and grab the Grenade he drops. Continue along the left wall. You will
    soon see a Poacher guarding a vine wall. Kill him and climb the wall. There
    will be another Poacher guarding the next key. Kill him to retrieve it.
    Drop back down and continue along the path and after killing the next
    Poacher, you will find another one guarding a stone wall. Kill him, and
    climb the dark spot on the wall. It is a vine in disguise. At the top
    behind the bush is a Campaigners Soldier. Be careful. Strafe back to the
    right until you see his shoulder, fire a few shots off, and strafe back and
    forth to avoid his shots if he returns fire. Continue this until he dies.
    Get the goodies he drop, and grab the Auto Shotgun. Drop back down and
    follow the path until you get to the ruins. You can get the Shotgun here if
    you want. Go up the path to the left or right. Keep going though the wooden
    doorway and kill the Raptors. Two Poachers will drop down by the warp
    portal. Don't bother with them and just step on the portal. Now kill the
    Poachers that rush you, and jump across the cliffs. After the Check Point,
    jump over the cliff and grab the vine wall. Climb up and grab the Tek
    Arrows. Use them to kill the Pur-Linn that drops down. The stairs will now
    fall down. Go up them. Kill all the enemies at the top. Keep going and soon
    you will be on a path made of logs. Follow it up to the Save Point. Now
    follow the log path with the gold Life Forces. You are now at an area
    filled with lava. Kill all the Soldiers to make some pillars raise. Jump
    across these to get to another warp portal. Step on the switch to lower the
    pillars, then go left as the pillars there will also lower. Get the
    Explosive Shells for your Shotgun and take out the two Raptors. Climb the
    ladders and you're at a narrow path that winds around the mountain. At the
    top is a little island with two Soldiers throwing Grenades. Jump over to
    the island, kill them, and grab the next key!
    Jump back over and follow the path to a vine wall. Kill the Pur-Linn that
    drops down and climb the wall to reach a cave. It's sort of a maze filled
    with Leapers, but if you use your map, you should get out fairly quickly.
    At the end is a Queen Leaper, kill her with a Tek Arrow. Step on the warp
    portal (hehe, i'm watching Jerry Springer as i type this, it's a damn funny
    show). Drop down to grab the health and the Shotgun ammo. This seems like a
    big area, but it really isn't too big. Just find the pillar with the ladder
    by it. Climb it, and hop across the pillars to reach the next warp portal.
    When you get to this cave, take the first left to get the next key!!!
    Now instead of going forward to the next warp, turn right and kill the
    Leapers. Dive into the water and swim to the end, dodging the two or three
    Leapers swimming in here. At the end is the Assault Rifle and a Box of
    Bullets. Swim back out. Now go into the alcove across from where you got
    the key and step on the warp portal. You're in a very nasty maze now. All I
    can tell you is ALWAYS follow the right wall. You should quickly find the
    Chronosceptor piece and the new key.
    Once you find the exit warp portal, you're now in a sort of box maze. Find
    the ladder, and climb it. Go forward, turn left and up this ladder. Fall
    down this hole, and walk around until you find the pond. Hop across the
    pillars sticking out of the water. By the warp portal, there is the final
    Step on the portal. Get your Tek Arrows out after killing the Soldiers, and
    kill the Fireball Pur-Linn with them. Save your game and activate Level 2.
    Level 2: The Jungle
    Weapons To Pick Up:
    Leapers, Pur-Linn, Poachers, Raptors, Beetle, Campaigners Soldier
    It's a long way to the first key, but it isn't too hard. It's a straight
    forward path, so just keep going until you get to the wooden walkway. Cross
    this walkway until you get to the village. Go through here to the Check
    Point, then dive into the lake. You will soon find an underwater cave. It
    is a maze, so just turn right at every turn and you will soon find an are
    on ground where you can grab the first key.
    Drop down, you're back by the lake, except on the other side. Follow the
    path, killing the enemies that attack you. Continue on down the path until
    you get to the next village, clear out all the enemies and take out the
    Campaigners Soldier guarding the Save Point. After you face two Pur-Linns
    at once, go up the hill and go right. Go through the temple, but be careful
    though, as Poachers will drop down. Instead of going through the
    Checkpoint, keep going down the path until you get to the vine wall. Climb
    it to find a temple. Hit the switch and go through the door it opened. Grab
    the Spiritual Invincibility, now go on until the path ends in a cliff. Look
    down, and you'll see some trees. Hop down there. Look down again and you
    will see an island. Hop down there to get the next Chronosceptor Piece.
    Drop down to return to the normal trail.
    Go through the Check Point and kill the oncoming Raptors. When the Poacher
    comes around the corner, look over the edge. Drop down onto the islands and
    go in the cave. This place is crawling with Beetles. Walk around until you
    find the cliff, and on the other side is another cave. Leap across to land
    on the logs. The next key is in here!
    Jump back over the cliff to get back to the main path. Go through the
    Poachers and you'll find a warp portal. Go through the pillars, taking out
    the baddies. Jump to the narrow ledge. Pretty soon some rocks will fall
    down and crush your opponents in a messy moment. Keep going and you'll soon
    find a temple. Pick up the Tek Armor in here. Cross the rope bridge on the
    other side. Kill the Pur-Linn. Go into the cave. This cave is filled with
    Leapers. Kill them all, and at the end a Queen will come out of a crevice.
    Take her out. Exit and you're in a swamp. Go into the water. Watch out for
    Leapers underwater. When you get out, there are some Pur-Linn and Poachers.
    Kill them, and you will see the exit. Go around behind it and find the key!
    Now head back and exit the level. Activate Level 3. 
    Level 3: The Ancient City
    Weapons To Pick Up:
    Plasma Rifle
    Leapers, Beetle, Raptors, Ancient Warriors, Pur-Linn, Poachers, Campaigners
    Two Commando Jeeps, Longhunter
    Run through the fields, avoiding most of the enemies like the Raptor pack,
    and go up the staircase. Jump into the water and swim into the large
    building. Grab the ammo and go up the staircase. Follow the path and cross
    the bridge. Go up the stairs. Collect all the stuff around here and exit
    via the stairs. This area is infested with Warriors, kill them with the
    Assault Rifle. Head into the temple and step on the warp portal. Go in the
    hole in the wall. Hop over the cliff. Follow the path, and kill the
    Poachers and the two Pur-Linns guarding the temple. Inside is the first
    Go back to the previous temple to get the Tek Bows. Jump down and get to
    the next area by going through the pillar-like walls. Run up the stairs and
    kill the Raptors before running and killing anything that is alive around
    you. Hit the switch and move on. Look up to the left and nail the
    Campaigners Soldier. The tree on the far left can be climbed, so climb it
    to hit a switch. This triggers some stairs. Go down. Go down the tunnel and
    step on the warp portal. Kill all the Raptors and claim the key!
    Go left and up the stairs. Go around and down. Kill the two Pur-Linns to
    open the door. Follow the path until you find the area filled with Beetles.
    At the end is a warp portal. You're now on a pillar. Go onto the pillar
    that just went down and find the warp portal. Just run here. There are a
    lot of Raptors, Poachers and Leapers. When you get to the temple filled
    with water, swim through it to the end. Go through the small hole. Go along
    the ledges, stepping on the switches to raise platforms and continue on.
    When you get to the upper-level, watch out for traps. At the end is a Save
    Point. Save your game and head onto to the pillars. Jump from pillar to
    pillar, if you miss, you're dead. Then you'll reach a temple with the
    portal to the boss. Don't go in yet. To the left is a bunch of pillars.
    Jump across to get to the vine wall. At the top is a Pur-Linn guarding the
    next Chronosceptor. Head back to face the boss. Once they're dead you'll
    get the last key of the levek as well as the Plasma Rifle. Now go activate
    Level 4.
    Level 4: The Ruins
    Weapons To Pick Up:
    Mini-Gun, Grenade Launcher
    Dragonfly, Ancient Warriors, Poachers, Campaigners Soldiers, Warrior
    Priest, Pur-Linn, Alien Infantry, Raptor, Dimetrodon, Leaper, Beetle
    Head forward, take the Raptor out and run across the bridge. Look up to
    kill the Warriors shooting darts at you. Go past the field with the
    Dimetrodon, kill it if you want, it will take a while with the weapons you
    currently have. Go left onto the thin ledge towards the statues. They will
    come to life. There is a Raptor, Pur-Linn, Alien Infantry, Warrior, Warrior
    Priest and a Leaper. You can try to make them kill each other, but it's
    faster to just take them out yourself. Take the Infantry out first, or
    annoy him so he triggers his self-destruct, which will hopefully take out
    some of the other enemies. Then just off the rest of them. Step on the
    switch when they're all gone, to make the force field disappear. Step onto
    the warp portal. Run past all the Beetles, there's too many to kill. Jump
    in the water, then get out on the other side. Kill the Warrior Priest (WP).
    The gate will now lower. Run through after equiping your Assault Rifle and
    take out all the Warriors. Climb the stairs and grab the key.
    Exit through the warp portal in front of the stairs. Spin around and run in
    that direction. You are now back in the area after the bridge. Near the
    little ledge that led to the switch is an area with Raptors. Look around,
    and you'll see a house. Look down, and there will be something sticking out
    of the ground. Jump onto it, then throw yourself over to the house. Kill
    the Poacher and go up the vine wall. Go in the house and kill the Pur-Linn.
    Grab the Armor, and head behind the house. Jump across the pillars to get
    on the roof. Grab the Mini-Gun up here. 
    Now jump back across. Go left when you get back and take out the WP. Jump
    on the two torches, then on the wooden stake. The gate in front of you will
    lower. Head right when you get to the first turn. Kill the Pur-Linn, and
    the gate will lower. Step into the warp portal. You're in a big maze now,
    and it is filled with enemies. Use your Plasma Rifle in here. Head right to
    find a small crevice that will get you out. The hallways you are in now are
    filled with Beetles, Leapers and Pur-Linn!!! After killing everything, the
    gate at the end will open. Kill the guards, go up the stairs and kill the
    two Campaigners Soldiers to get the next key.
    Walk across the thin ledge with the pendulums. Exit the cave/maze and
    return to the trail. Go forward and you should see a temple. Go up the
    stairs and save your game. Kill the WP in front of the gate to make it
    lower. There will be a bunch of portal here. All but one of them take you
    to the middle of a lava pit. The portal closest to the stone structure on
    the left isn't the right one, but the one in front of it is. You are now in
    a huge underground cave. Grab the items in the water and drop down to the
    Pillar Maze. Kill everything in here that moves. Since I don't remember
    where, listen closely: walk along each wall in here, one is a fake wall
    which will take you to the Grenade Launcher. Get ready to have some fun : P
    Work your way through the guards, Beetles and fire-breathing statues until
    you come to a warp portal. In this are is a huge stone structure. Head up
    the ramp that is closeby, then when the water stops, jump onto the
    structure. Here you will face four big bad Leapers. Once they are dead, hop
    onto the pillar. It will rise and bring you to the next piece of the
    Go back to the room with switches in every corner, and trip each one,
    causing pillars to rise. Use them to get to the upper area. Swim up the
    water pillar, then jump out on the right side and you will land on a ledge.
    Go forward and jump onto the pillars. Get to the highest pillar possible.
    At the end is a warp portal. You're back at the main area. Return to the
    beginning of the level.  There is a path behind it. Dive into the water and
    swim to the very end. Swim down to find a deep hole, then swim through an
    underwater cave filled with Leapers. Go through the warp portal when you
    get out. Grabs the final key!, and exit the level. Activate Level 5.
    Level 5: The Catacombs
    Weapons To Pick Up:
    Particle Acceleratot
    Ancient Warrior, Warrior Priest, Leaper, Beetle, Pur-Linn, Raptor,
    Dragonfly, Dimetrodon
    Giant Mantis
    Go forward and down the stairs. Take the right stairs and trip the switch,
    then go to the far side and kill the WP. A nearby door will open, revealing
    a stair case. Go forward down the corridor. Use Tek Arrows for the baddies
    in here. Go across the wooden bridges with the Beetles and Pendulums. At
    the end is a WP. Take him out with your Mini-Gun, then grab more ammo in
    this room. The cage will lift, and you can get the key.
    Go back into the previous room and jump over the bridge (not the pendulum
    one you retard : P ) Go hit the switch, and go through the door. Take out
    the Warriors in this hall. Check out the right wall until you find a small
    crawl-space. Go in here to get many items, including the fifth
    Chronosceptor piece (it's guarded by a WP though)
    Go back to the main hall. Keep going forward while nailing Warriors. You're
    now in a large room filled with Warrior with blowpipes. Locate the stairs
    and crawl along the ledges, killing the Warriors as you go. Go inside the
    door you find and climb the wall with pegs. At the top you can save your
    game. Step onto the warp portal. Go and hit the switch in front of you. It
    will open the doors to your left. Hit the switch with the purple Life Force
    now to raise some pillars. Find the rest of the switches to raise all the
    pillars. Now jump across them. Go through the newly opened doors. Trip the
    next switch. Go to the one that opens on the left. Follow the path to the
    next switch. Go through the door. Hit the switch in here. Go through the
    right one. Follow the hall filled with Leapers and Warriors. At the end, a
    Pur Linn will burst through the wall. Take him down, then go through the
    hole in the wall. Continue on. As the crossroads go left, hit the switch.
    Go through the door and hit the next switch. Go right and trip the pillar
    switch. Go back to the main are and jump on the pillars. Jump over to the
    last pillar switch. Now jump up the pillars to reach the upper area. Go
    down the hall, and hit the switch.. Now you're in an area filled with
    Beetles, Leapers and Warriors. Run like hell to get out of here and into a
    large, center room.. Move on, and kill the enemies at the end to reach the
    warp portal. Kill the Dragonflies with the Plasma Rifle. Go around the
    structure, and head into the water. Climb the peg wall and grab the next
    Look over the ledge until you find a switch. Jump on top of it to make the
    water drain. Go into a crawl-space.  Drop down into the area filled with
    water. Swim through the cave, at the end you can save your game. Now step
    on the portal which brings you to the boss. Beat it to get the Particle
    Accelerator and the next key!
    Level 6: Treetop Village
    Weapon To Pick Up:
    Alien Weapon, Quad Rocket Launcher
    Raptor, Alien Infantry, Dimetrodon, Bionically Enhanced Dimetrodon,
    Poacher, Campaigners Soldier, Warriors, Warrior Priest, Pur-Linn, Leapers
    Go forward and get the items. Jump down onto the platform, then drop down
    onto the logs. Jump across the logs while shooting Grenades in the caves
    with the Poachers. Soon, you will see a Pur-Linn. Take him out with the
    Grenade Launcher. When you find a hole in the ground, jump in it, it's
    really a warp portal. Keep jumping down platforms, and you will soon find
    another warp portal. Go and kill the Pur-Linn, and the gate behind him will
    open. Dive into the lake and swim until you get to land. Move on, killing
    all of the Alien Infantry and a few Poachers. You'll find an island with a
    huge tree. Travel behind it to find a waterfall. To the right is a small
    underwater place with the Alien Weapon. 
    Go back to the big tree, and swim underwater. There will be some roots down
    there. Swim under them to find an elevator. It will take you to the Treetop
    Village. Just walk forwards around 12 minutes or so, until you get to a
    Check Point. There will be several paths you can take. Go right, and at the
    end is a cottage with a key.
    Go back, and head left this time. Jump over the gap, then onto each pillar.
    There is a hole with a Pur-Linn up here. Drop down the hole and take out
    the Pur-Linn down here. Keep going until you find another cottage. Inside
    is a warp portal. Grab the ammo and take the Dimetrodon out. Move along the
    thin edges, and use your Assault Rifle to take out the guards along here.
    Run past all the huts and Soldiers, and step on the switch. The gate will
    lower. There will be three Pur-Linns here, each a different kind!!! Take em
    out with your Grenade Launcher. Keep going, and grab the Armor. Soon you
    will arrive at a village. Just keep moving on, and grab the powerups if you
    need them. Soon you will find a cave with a Pur-Linn and a place where you
    can save. Kill the Pur-Linn with Grenades, then collect the Grenade
    Launcher ammo. Take the thin ledge to the left. Go inside the tunnel of
    Leapers and make your way outside. Grab the key!!! 
    Jump across the ravine, and you'll land on a bridge. Climb up and go back
    into the cave, only keep going this time. Soon you'll find a shack, go
    behind it and look down. You will see a purple Life Force. Jump down there
    to enter a room with a warp portal. Soon tons of Leapers will be on your
    ass, including a Queen. When you comeback, you'll be in a treehouse with
    the QUAD ROCKET LAUNCHER!!! Get the ammo and jump down to the regular path.
    Go into the shack, and take the warp portal.
    Use the Assault Rifle to kill most of the enemies in here, including
    Leapers. Once you get out, there will be two WPs. Take them out with the
    Mini-Gun. The gate will lower, and you can grab the final key!
    Now about 50 Poachers and Warriors come charging at you, so whip out the
    Assault Rifle and spray some lead at them. Run acrosss the bridges, and a
    Dimetrodon is blocking the exit. Take him out, then head behind the exit
    and drop down onto the ledge. Jump across the hole to get the next
    Chronosceptor Piece. Climb up the vine wall and exit the level.
    Level 7: The Lost Land
    Weapons To Pick Up:
    Fusion Cannon
    Demon, Demon Lord, Beetle, Dragonfly, Pur-Linn, Triceratops, Leaper,
    Subterranean, Heavy Cyborg, Bionically Enhanced Raptor, Bionically Enhanced
    Dimetrodon, Killer Plants
    Drop off the edge and go around killing the Beetles and demons until you
    find the exit of the cave.  Once your out follow the path past the Bio (for
    short) Raptors and Dimetrodon. Pass the traps and Demons/Demon Lords. Go in
    the tunnel and take the warp portal. Kill all the Beetles, then the gate
    will lower.  Go right from the Demon and jump off the cliff. Take out the
    Triceratops with the Mini-Gun and a few Rockets. Hop across the platforms
    and grab the Fusion Cannon.
    Climb out of here now. Be careful on this ledge, rocks will fall down and
    crush enemies, but they also hurt you. At the end, kill the Demon Lord and
    platforms will rise behind him. Jump up them and take the warp portal. Turn
    around and go to the island with the Pur-Linn if you want to save your
    game. Otherwise, just run forward. Look around at the lava holes. Find the
    one that isn't bubbling and hop in. Another Fusion Cannon is down here.
    Keep running and you'll soon stumble upon the Bio Dinos. Follow the trail
    of Life Forces over the edge. Take out the Killer Plant, and the enter the
    cave it was guarding. Take out the Demon Lord. Run across the tree top
    bridge. Go through the little caves, grabbing ammo. You're in another lava
    area, with two Dragonflies. There are pillars sticking out of the lava. To
    the side is an alcove filled with fake lava. Go inside and to the end to
    find the Chronosceptor Piece. 
    Go across the pillars now. Shoot the demon Lord across the way with Tek
    Arrows to make more pillars rise. Now jump across those. After taking out a
    Pur-Linn and a Demon Lord, you'll get a key!!!
    Save your game. Head into the warp portal. Just run until you find a warp
    portal. A room with Subterraneans branches off from here, but I don't
    recommend fighting them as they are extremely hard. Step on the warp
    portal. You're now in an elevator. Go down the corridor, taking out the
    Alien Infantry. Go up the ramp, kill the two Bio Raptors and get the Tek
    Armor. Kill the Haevy Cyborgs with your Grenade Launcher, and trip the
    switch. Run back to see the wall has moved and there is now a secret path.
    Get your Auto Shotgun ready to take out the two Bio Raptors and the two
    Demon Lords before grabbing the LAST key in the game!!! 
    Drop down, and whip out the Plasma Rifle. Kill all the enemies that swarm
    you. Run through the corridor and shoot everything alive. After a bit
    you'll find some ammo. Drop down into the water. Take out the Heavy Cyborgs
    with the Rocket Launcher. Hit the switch, and exit the level. Step in the
    middle of the ruins to activate Level 8.
    Level 8: The Final Confrontation
    Weapons To Pick Up:
    Pur-Linn, Leapers, Triceratops, Heavy Cyborg, Cyborg, Cyborg Master, Sludge
    Beast, Alien Infantry, Killer Plant, Bionically Enhanced Raptor
    Bionically Enhanced T-Rex
    I'm not going to write a walkthrough for this level. For three reasons: 1.
    I don't want to spoil the last level of this great game  2. It isn't hard
    to find your way around and 3. My hands hurt from typing. I will, however
    give you some hints if you are having problems:
    * Explore everywhere outside before heading in, you can find some good
    * Grab all of the ammo you can find, it will help you greatly
    * If you see small squares, jump over them, it is a death trap
    * All of your weapons will come in handy in this level
    * For the maze, go left, right and then left
    * The Sludge Beast have a weakness: Tek Arrows
    * Use your Assault Rifle on the two stonger Pur-Linns you need to kill to
    activate a bridge
    * Good items are hidden in the sewers
    * If all else fails, use Tek Arrows
    * In the final room, go to each elevator for items
    Once you beat the T-Rex, you'll get the final Chronosceptor Piece, then you
    will move onto the Campaigner. Have fun!!!
    6. Bosses
    Two Commando Jeeps
    Level 3
    Come one at a time, driving around the arena
    Attacks: Rocket Launcher
    Strategy: The two best weapons here are the Tek Bows and Shotgun. Position
    yourself so your in their turning radius and then blast away. When they
    stop, they will turn around to face, then drive into you. Strafe out of the
    way, and keep staying inside their turns while turning and blasting. 
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Long Hunter
    After Commando Jeeps
    Soldier fitted with armor and a Plasma Rifle with tons of ammo
    Attacks: Plasma Rifle (2 kinds of blasts) and kicking you
    Strategy: When you are in close, he fires pulse rounds straight into you,
    when you are far away, he shoots orange triangular shots. If you get too
    close, he will kick you away and he rolls out of the way of your shots. Use
    the Auto Sgotgun, and strafe and move around a lot. NEVER stand still or
    you will take some hits. If you want a quick win, have explosive shells and
    get right in his face while shooting those. He will hurt you, but he should
    die before you.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Giant Mantis
    Level 5
    Huge praying mantis that can fly
    Attacks: Acid Saliva and Pincers
    Strategy: Have your Auto Shotgun ready and walk up to the statue. The
    Mantis will burst out. Immedietely fire while moving backwards. He will
    follow you, so strafe around him, while shooting. Dodge his acid and
    pincers, while pumping rounds in him. Try to stay behind him. Once you do
    some damage, he will fly around, knocking the walls down. Take this
    oppurtunity to chase him and shoot him from behind as he does this. He will
    soon leap to the wall, spew acid at you then jump right in front of you.
    When this happens, quickly strafe to the side and shoot. He will then start
    jumping into things, shedding little pink things that explode. Avoid them
    and continously shoot until the mantis dies.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Bionically Enhanced T-Rex
    Level 8
    Huge T-Rex fitted with an eye laser
    Attacks: Eye Laser, Breathes Fire, Uses Tail To Send Shockwaves and Teeth
    Strategy: Although he is the coolest enemy in the game, he is also the
    easiest. Strafe around the perimeter of the arena and unload your Fusion
    Cannon on him. Then use your Grenade Launcher, followed by your Rocket
    Launcher. Finish him off with your Plasma Rifle. In all, this takes 2
    Fusion Cannon shots, 40 grenades, 40 Rockets and a lot of Plasma shots. And
    this sometimes fail. If this happens, and you run out of ammo, whip out
    your Alien Weapon and empty it on him. He will soon die.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    After T-Rex
    Man dressed in a bit of clothes, has a freaky mask on and a huge club
    Attacks: He swings at you, teleports behind you. launches projectile
    attacks at you, flies, sends a ball of fire around him and more!!!
    Strategy: First use your three Chronosceptor blasts to knock off more than
    half of his energy. Then use your Auto Shotgun and blast him. Strafe and
    move away from him, or he will pummel you. Always move, or your in trouble.
    If he teleports behind you, run forward and quickly turn around to shoot.
    He will soon die.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    7. Cheats
    Infinite Lives:
    Show Credits:
    Spirtit Mode:
    Wire Mode:
    Disco Mode:
    All Weapons:
    Unlimited Ammo:
    Robin's Mode:
    The Big Cheat:
    Purdy Colors:
    Quack Mode:
    All Map:
    Small Enemies:
    Greg's Mode:
    Pen and Ink Mode:
    8. Fun Stuff
    Make enemies fight each other:
    As long as they aren't the same species, this should work. Have a Raptor
    chase you to, say, a Pur-Linn. Run around the Pur-Linn, and sooner or later
    the Raptor or Pur-Linn will hit each other by accident. They will soon
    start attacking each other. This way you can see who the best enemy in the
    game is!
    9. Credits
    I got most of my info from playing the game, but the codes and stuff I
    found over the net at various locations, like IGN or GameFaqs. Congrats to
    Acclaim for finally making a good game, even though now they have a bunch
    of good games out (Turok 2, which by the way, I am working on a FAQ for
    Copyright, 1998, Jr Pikachu You may not take any info from this FAQ
    whatsoever, it took over 8 hours to write. If you e-mail me and ask for
    permission, then I may let you borrow something.

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