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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BobDaMunky

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    Turok 64 Walkthrough 
    Yes, everybody's (least) favorite FAq maker is back with another old, rehashed
    Walkthrough to boggle your minds. You probably haven't seen my other stuff,
    but check it out at Zelda 64, Cruis'n World, Castlevania 64, and South Park.
    Oh, and Beavis & Butthead for the Genesis. This makes number six, so sit back
    and enjoy. Or don't, you're already here, what else matters?
    Update History
    Version 1.0: March 30- I added everything, and I'm probably not coming back
    for seconds.
    Table Of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Update History
    3. Table Of Contents (hehe)
    4. Controls
    5. Items
    6. Weapons
    7. Enemies
    8. Walkthrough
    9. Bosses
    10. Codes & Tricks
    11. Strange Things
    12. Special Thanks
    13. Legal Mumbo Jumbo
    14. Contact Me
    This isn't exactly what you would call important, but here are the default
    controls for Turok.
    A Button: Go forward in your selection of weaponary
    B Button: Go backwards in your selection of weapoonary
    Z Button: Fire/Use your currently selected weapon
    C-Up: Move forward
    C-Left: Move to the left
    C-Down: Move backwards
    C-Right: Move to the right
    R Button: Jump up and down! YEAH!
    Control Pad: Allows you to turn the running mode on and off
    Analog Stick: Looks around, can help for aiming a weapon sometimes.
    Start Button: Pauses the game and accesses the Options menu
    Ammo Boxes, Quivers, or Cells:
    Fills up the ammo for the particular weapon who's ammo you have just picked
    up. Damn, was that last sentence weird or what man?
    Upon picking this up, a number will replace your energy. This is your Armor
    number. After quite a few hits, it will diminish all the way back to zero and
    you will be stuck with your normal energy meter again. Awesome for when you're
    just trying to run through somewhere.
    Oh, this item rocks. If you pick one of these babies up, you can hold twice as
    much ammo for the guns than you could before. Oh yeah!
    You ifnd these things on sort of altar thingies. You need these to unlock some
    of the levels, as in Mario 64. Of course, unlike Mario, you need every Key in
    the game to beat it!
    Spirit Token:
    If you manage to kill an enemy using only your Knife, or only your Bow with
    ordinary Arrows, one of these appears. Looks like a Gold Skulltula Token from
    Zelda 64. It adds 5 points to your Max. Energy.
    Spiritual Invincibility:
    Pick one of these up, and you become invincible. DUH! Also, you're super-fast,
    and everything else (even bullets) are super-slow. The screen looks kinda
    funny when you've got this though.
    Silver Energy:
    Only adds a measly two points to your energy.  Doesn't sound all that great?
    Well, it can push your energy up over 100 buddy! Does it sound great now?
    Blue Energy:
    Adds 25 points to your energy. Not much else to say, it's sort of the medium
    Energy of the group.
    Orange Energy:
    Fills your enrgy up to 100. Well, unless of course you happen to be at or OVER
    100 at the time, in which case it has no effect whatsoever.
    Yellow Energy:
    Adds a massive 100 to your energy. Sweet Jesus! Obviously, this can put you
    energy meter WAY over 100.
    NOTE: All Energies resemble "+" signs. Oh, and they're different colors too,
    as if you didn't know that!
    Yellow Lfe Force:
    Adds 1 point to your Life Force Meter. When your Life Force Meter. Reaches
    100, you get a brand spanking new extra life!
    Purple Life Force:
    Adds 10 points to your Life Force Meter. Obviously, this is a great way to
    earn extra men, LOL.
    Warp Portal:
    These things do the obvious. They warp you from one Warp Portal to the next.
    They resemble little green squares on the ground.
    Chronoscepter Piece:
    There are eight of these in the game, one in each level. Pretty tough to find
    sometimes. If you get all eight (last one is right before the end of the game)
    then you get a few shots with the almighty Chronoscepter!
    Save Point:
    Walk up to one of these, and you have the option of saving. Of course, you
    need a Controller Pak because Turok sucks like that.
    Check Point:
    Sorta like a Save Point, except that if you actually turn the game off, you
    won't be able to restart from this position. Boo hoo!
    The key for the weapons is as follows, so pay attention!
    Weapon Name
    My Opinion
    Alrighty then, let's get going.....
    Description: You know, it's a Knife! Haven't you ever used one before? Well,
    OK, it's got a handle, a steel blade, it's pretty sharp. There, are you happy
    My Opinion: It may be weak, but it's good for ocllecting Spirit Tokens against
    the lesser enemies.
    Bow and Arrow
    Description: Another obvious one. Well, the special thing is, the steel can
    only be found here, in the Lost Land.
    My Opinion: It sucks! Of course, whenever you've got a chance to snipe a far
    off enemy, and have no Tek Arrows, use this.
    Description: Just your average, ordinary, everyday Pistol. Nothing special
    about it.
    My Opinion: It's pretty weak, but you know how Pistols are. Can get off quite
    a few shots in a matter of seconds, and should be able to tear weak and
    moderate enemies apart before they have a chance at you. Of course, using this
    late in the game is a definite no-no.
    Tek Arrows
    Description: Like a normal Arrow, but the tip is tightly packed with highly
    combustable materials.
    My Opinion: A truly awesome weapon, since you can find quite a bit of ammo.
    It's bright blue explosions should be enough to put an enemy out with a few
    shots. Slow reload though, so back off if you're gonna use this baby.
    Assault Rifle
    Description: A pretty big rifle with a longer than average nose.
    My Opinion: I like this gun, it's sorta like the KF7 Soviet in Goldeneye. Not
    all that powerful, or super fast, but a nice, durable gun.
    Plasma Rifle
    Description: A gray rifle which requires plasma cells to fire.
    My Opinion: I like it, I like it! A moderately strong weapon that you can get
    a lot of ammo for. Good against the tough baddies.
    Alien Weapon
    Description: Uh...uh...hmm... a toughie to describe. What the hell, I'll use
    an idea from Marshmallow: It looks like the gun from Eraser. Really, except
    it's not as powerful.
    My Opinion: I don't use this much, but I will say this: The shot won't hurt
    much, but just wait for the explosion. Baboom! Yeah! Only downside is you need
    5 plasma cells per shot.
    Description: It's an old school, single-barreled Shotgun. Doesn't work too
    well though, as anyone whose shot one of these things well knows.
    My Opinion: Only use if you've got time on your hands, or are facing someone
    who can be taken out in one hit. Great against things like Poachers.
    Automatic Shotgun
    Description: Think of a Shotgun. Now, think about the word automatic. Put them
    together, and if you can't figure it out, plase turn your computer off and
    throw it out the window.
    My Opinion: Oh yeah, this is the extreme kick-ass weapon I like! The shells
    have a large radius, for the obvious reason, and you can fire two to three
    times a second! Bye bye enemies!
    Explosive Shotgun Shells
    Description: Normal Shotgun Shells, but they're red, and they explode too.
    My Opinion: AWESOME!!! Use whenever you come across somebody that won't just
    shut up and die, or when you're pissed and feel like going on a killing spree.
    Have a HUGE hit radius as well.
    Machine Gun
    Description: It's a Machine Gun folks, and any further clarification on my
    part would only do to insult your intelligence.
    My Opinion: Well, it's about as powerful as a Pistol, and about five times as
    fast. That adds up to one bad Mofo of a gun. A novice will probably burn off
    his or her ammo REAL quick however, and the ammo is scarce and hidden.
    Grenade Launcher
    Description: A gun that fires off one grenade at a time, which will explode
    upon touching the ground.
    My Opinion: I like this for clearing out many enemies fast, but it can be
    trouble for the inexperienced. Test this out a lot before bringing it into a
    sticky situation.
    Fusion Cannon
    Description: Sort of a Hand Cannon with a ginat red ruby inside as its power
    source. Under 20 shots in the whole game, but each results in an H-Bomb type
    My Opinion: Use against the bad boys, like T-Rexes and the like. Also a good
    fall-back weapon against the almighty Campaigner if you've run out of Shotgun
    Shockwave Weapon
    Description: Oh MAN is this weapon large. It's powered by a crystal, like the
    Fusion Cannon, and it's powerful too.
    My Opinion: If you're gonna use this weapon, then go all out. Charge it up
    until you can no longer charge it up, and then release. BIG shockwave
    explosion. Of course, using this wastes your Plasma Cells very quickly, so
    only use it in a jam.
    Quad Rocket Launcher
    Description: A four-nozzled Rocket Launcher that you've no doubt seen before
    in movies. Man, how does Turok hold all these things at once?
    My Opinion: A quicker reload than you might think. VERY powerful, especially
    if you peg an enemy with the rockets. Course, small or running enemies should
    be dealt with by some other means.
    Description: A long, enormus weapon made out of... something. VERY POWERFUL!
    My Opinion: You get it right before Campaigner (if you found all seven other
    pieces) so make good use of it. Blast him straight to hell with this baby!
    Only three shots though. Damn.
    Howz about a key, people?
    Enemy Name:
    Description: A guy covered in animal skins
    Weapons: Normally knifes. Also uses grenades and automatic weapons.
    Strategy: Just use a blast or two from the Pistol to take care of these guys.
    They're like Goombas from Mario.
    Normal FootSoldier
    Description: A guy in a full army suit. That's camo, boots, etc.
    Weapons: Knives, Pistols, and Shotguns
    Strategy: They don't move much, they just FIRE! Strafe, and pump them full of
    whatever you've got.
    Campaigner's FootSoldiers
    Description: A scary kinda guy wearing more body armor than he probably should
    Weapons: Plasma Rifle which strangely shoots red.
    Strategy: Pull out a pwerful weapon and find some cover. when the time is
    right, lean out, unleash a few blasts, and get back behind your hiding spot.
    Repeat if necessary.
    Ancient Warriors
    Description: Tribesmen painted like skeletons. They're pretty scary looking,
    Weapons: Either a club or a dart gun.
    Strategy: Now would be a good time to employ a large radius weapon. If not,
    just pick off the ones with dart guns and feed the club guys long distance
    Description: A dinosaur, about human size. Very aggressive.
    Weapons: It's teeth, and scythe-like toe claws.
    Strategy: Like real Rapotrs, these babies hunt in packs. Pick them off from
    afar with Tek Arrows, or just a good gun.
    Bionically Enhanced Raptor
    Description: A gray Raptor whose skeleton is, sadly enough, reinforced with
    steel. Has a Hand Cannon fused to its arm
    Weapons: Hand Cannon
    Strategy: AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Or whip out the Tek Arrows, Super Shotgun, and
    any other good, strong weapon you're full of ammo.
    Description: A larger than normal beetle. Just happens to be purple by the
    Weapons: Uh, it's mouth.
    Strategy: Look at him, and stab him with the Knife. Using a gun will tak
    longer and waste ammo.
    Description: A bright green Dragonfly that is larger than I ever wanna meet. 
    Weapons: Mouth (and boy can it hurt you)
    Strategy: Just flail wildly with the knife whenever one is on you. You could
    always run though, they won't give chase... too much.
    Description: Have you ever seen one of these in a book before? If not, they
    vaguely resemble Triceratops, but have a sail-type thingie on their backs.
    Weapons: Um...why don't you gaze into Mr. Dimetrodon's mouth for a second,
    okay? Now you see, don'tcha?
    Strategy: If you can't avoid it, pull out your Machine Gun and bust a cap in
    this guy's ass!
    Bionically Enhanced Dimetrodon
    Description: Well, sort of like a normal Dimetrodon, but one feature sort of
    stands out. It's got two machine guns mounted on its shoulders!!
    Weapons: Double Machine Guns and its razor-sharp teeth.
    Strategy: Either A) Run like hell, or B) Strafe and use explosion weapons.
    Triceratops Carrying FootSoldier
    Description: A big, large, angry Triceratops carrying a heavily armed
    Weapons: Rocket Launcher, Horns, and the Machine Gun
    Strategy: Obviously, standing still is a no-no against a charging enemy. If
    you're stuck fighting this in a pack of enemies, get it to fire its Rocket
    Launcher. You're not in a pack of enemies anymore :) Just strafe around this
    beast and shoot, avoiding that machine gun.
    Warrior Priest
    Description: A guy with spikes sticking out of his head (ugh!). He also
    carries a rather large, spiky mace with him.
    Weapons: Fire, Water, and other types of spells which he throws at you.
    Strategy: Find cover to avoid the spells, get a good weapon on, then rush him
    and take him out right after he fires a spell.
    Description: Duh! It's a human-like robot, that's very strong. They also have
    bright glowing eyes.
    Weapons: Some sort of nightstick, and their bodies.
    Strategy: While they rush you, take them out with a few shots from your
    current gun. I suggest using the Plasma Rifle on these guys.
    Cyborg Master
    Description: It looks like a normal cyborg who just had a rather large meal,
    if you get my drift. Also, he has red eyes and carries a...
    Weapons: Plasma Rifle on steroids
    Strategy: You'll want to avoid that Plasma Rifle as best you can, OK? Always
    use your own Plasma Rifle, since that's the ammo they drop.
    Killer Flower
    Description: Awww, look at the cute flower! AAAAAAAHHHH! It's eating me!!!
    Weapons: Well, just imagine what you think a Killer Flower would use as its
    Strategy: Picking them off from afar is GREAT. Of course, since you don't
    always have that option, get trigger happy with the Machine Gun or just feed
    him a Grenade.
    Mutant Crab
    Description: An absolutely GIGANTIC crab. It's got some big freakin' pinchers
    as well, I'm sure you could have guessed that.
    Weapons: Come on people! It uses its pinchers!
    Strategy: Well, if you've got a powerful gun with sufficient ammo, blast away
    at this guy. Of course, since you probably don't, just use Tek Arrows on this
    guy, because odds are you won't be running out of THOSE any time soon.
    Description: Varies, since the Leapers come in species. But trust me, you WILL
    recognize one when you see it.
    Weapons: It's body, which includes some nasty teeth and super-sharp claws.
    Strategy: Well, there are three sizes, and many species. For the smaller guys,
    just shoot 'em up. The larger ones may require some moving, and the
    queens...well, just use the Quad Rocket Launcher if you have it.
    Robot Guard
    Description: Hey look, RoboCop got a brand new paint job! Hey look, he's real
    pissed off too!
    Weapons: The red guys have a Machine Gun and one mother of an Axe, and the
    Yellow guys have a Machine Gun and the more traditional Rocket Launcher.
    Strategy: Well, don't just stand there! Find GOOD cover, and avoid getting
    near the red ones. Just keep peeking out from behind your cover, tossing a
    grenade, and leaning back in. They have a slow enough reaction time so that
    you can do that.
    Description: If you've seen the movie "Tremors" or the sequel, then you've
    seen this guy before. A big worm-like thing that pops out of the ground. It's
    jaws resemble an Ant Lion's.
    Weapons: Take one good look at a Subterranean, and answer that question for
    Strategy: Unfortunately, RC cars and cold won't do anymore, this ain't the
    movies. Forget about anything less powerful than a Rifle will do. Use the
    Explosive Shotgun Shells if you've got 'em.
    Alien MI
    Description: Imagine a cross between the Predator and Goro from Mortal Kombat.
    Also, it's green. Has a jet pack on as well. 
    Weapons: A pair of Alien Blasters
    Strategy: Normally, it'll gain positioning by using the jet pack to get around
    you. Cover is virtually useless once he's seen you because of this. Try and
    eliminate it quickly, with explosives so it cna't get away. Sometimes, it'll
    self-destruct, so run. It gives you warning, with the Predator type beeping
    Description: Anybody ever seen the video "Come to Daddy" by Aphex Twin. Well,
    it looks sorta like that monster, but not too much. Red, scary eyes too.
    Weapons: Spears and fireballs
    Strategy: Just grab the Automatic Shotgun and floor this guy with two shots or
    so. If you let it rest, it'll charge up a fireball and toast you.
    Demon Lord
    Description: They're larger than your average Demon, that's for sure. They've
    got some big spikes as well, and look at that mace! It's made out of human
    bones. Makes you feel all warm and tingly inside, doesn't it?
    Weapons: Magistical Spells
    Strategy: Well, there's two steps to beating these guys: 1) Strafe a lot, and
    Description: A strange result of interspecies breeding between apes and aliens
    Weapons: Standard- Big fists, Pounder- Shockwaves through the ground, Blaster-
    His Blaster, duh!
    Strategy: Well, for the first two, just stay a ways away to avoid the
    shockwaves and fists, then use Grenades. For the Blaster, strafe and fire
    something heavy and large, like the Assault Rifle.
    Level One
    The Hub Ruins
    What Pretty New Weapons You Get:
    Automatic Shotgun
    Tek Bows
    Assault Rifle
    Die, you bungholes!
    Giant Beetles
    Campaigner's Soldiers
    Quick Overview of Terrain: A lot of trees, and bunches of houses. Some hills,
    which means some valleys. Some pools of water as well.
    Important Items:
    First Key For Level 2
    Second Key For Level 2
    Third Key For Level 2
    First Key For Level 3
    Second key For Level 3
    Third Key For Level 3
    First Chronoscepter Piece
    Other Items:
    2 Tek Armors
    1 Backpack
    1 Spiritual Invincibility
    Start off by going forward through the path until you get to some water. Jump
    inside and swim to your right. Along the way, you should pick up some Pistol
    Ammo. Anyways, swim until you see an underground cave. Swim through it and
    you'll find the Pistol at the end. Well, now you can put those bullets to good
    use! Now, go back to where you started and you'll see a bridge. Cross it, and
    climb the vine-covered wall as well. Look at that! Off in the distance,
    straight ahead, is your first Key of the game. Yeah for you! Now, take a left
    and you'll run into a switch. Activate it simply by standing up on it.  You
    will probably see the door in front of you go down, allowing you easy access.
    Now, kill the Rapotr that comes at you and the Poachers coming with it. One
    Poacher has Grenades, so you can get one here. Run through the door, and pick
    up the Pistol Ammo. Keep on going, taking out the Poachers and anybody else
    who happens to be in the way. In case you haven't found out, the Knife can
    dispatch of Poachers in one stab. Watch your left after you walk through a
    bunch of Life Forces, because you'll soon spot a Poacher standing by a wall.
    Put a bullet in him, and climb the wall. Up at the top is the second Key of
    the game! 
    Now, drop off of the wall, and you'll be able to keep going on the path.
    Again, kill the enemies and watch your left for a Poacher standing by a wall.
    When you find him, kill him and climb the wall he was "guarding." Yes, I know
    it doesn't look climbable, but you can. Take out the Campaigner's Soldier at
    the top quickly, and pick up his belonging. Search around this area, and your
    prize is the Automatic Shotgun! Well, looks like we won't be needing the
    Shotgun now. Geez, poor Shotgun, useless before ever discovered. You're not
    supposed to be able to get the Auto Shotgun THIS early.
    Again, drop off the wall and run through the path some more, keeping the
    Pistol or Knife ready. You'll get to a fork in the road, and it really doesn't
    matter which way you take. You'll get to a ladder left or right. Atop the
    ladder is the Shotgun, but you don't need it. Of course, there may come a time
    when it's just you and one bad-ass enemy, and you've got no Auto Shotgun ammo,
    or anything else. Just snag it. Drop down, and keep on going, continuing as
    usual. Along the way, you must kill two Raptors. Walk a little further and
    you'll see a Warp Portal, guarded by some Poachers. If you're low on life,
    just make a dash for the warp. Use it, and there's a test coming up.
    There's a couple of platforms you've gotta jump past. Don't worry, most of the
    jumps after this are easier. Turn the RUN option on if you wanna make it. You
    should probably look down if you don't have a good sense of where your feet
    are. Once you're on solid ground again, you'll find a Check Point. Bet you
    wanna use it, don't you? Now, again, jump over a gap and hopefully land on the
    other side, where you can climb the vine wall. YES! A Tek Bow and a full
    quiver of Arrows! NO! A Pur-Linn! The Automatic Shotgun is the best weapon
    against him, but Tek Arrows are better since you have no need to worry about
    their ammo. Once he dies, the stairs behind y'all drop down.
    Let's take a hike on up those stairs, shall we? Now, you'd better pull
    out....let's say the Pistol, and blast away at your foes up here. Nothing
    much, a few Poachers and assorted baddies. Now, climb the next vine wall and
    keep on going straight. You know you're doing good if the terrain is now logs
    instead of dirt. Now, you'll go up a hill and find a Save Point at the top
    that you should use. Now, turn right and you'll see a bunchof the Campaigner's
    Soldiers hanging around a pool of lava. Once they're dispatched of, the
    pillars above will drop, allowing you to hop across the lava. Now, you'll see
    a Warp Portal, and upon using it will be warped to...
    An area with two switches. Step on the one on front of you to lower a door
    like before, and then the one on your left. Don't bother picking up the second
    Shotgun unless you declined getting the first one. Alright, now you'll meet up
    with a pair of Raptors, and the Auto Shotgun takes the bad boys out in two
    shots each. Now, climb the ladder up ahead, and then climb the other. Walk
    around the narrow winding path you're on, and look at the floating island at
    the end. Hopping to it will present the result of getting a Key.
    Now, go back to the main path and follow it until you run into a vine wall.
    Climb it, and peg the Pur-Lin that falls from the sky with a few Tek Arrows.
    Climb up another dark wall and you'll run into a dark and mysteroius cave.
    Walk in for a big suprise: It's a Leaper colony! Fight through these guys as
    best as you can with the Pistol and the Automatic Shotgun. Save some of that
    ammo for the end though, where you swuare off against the Queen Leaper. Waste
    her with a few shots, and keep going. The Queen was guarding a Warp Portal, so
    step onto it and be transported!
    Drop off your ledge and pick up some Shotgun Shells. Grab the Spiritual
    Invincibility to rush through this place, or use it to kill everybody with the
    Knife to get some SPirit Tokens. The choice is yours. Alrighty then, once you
    get to the end of that place, you'll get to a ladder that you can climb. More
    platform jumping, and at the end is a Warp Portal.
    You're in the second (and last) cave of the level. Take the first left to pick
    up a Key. Keep on going, walking through the water and taking out or avoiding
    the Leapers. If you go past the Warp Portal near the end, you'll run into the
    coveted Assault Rifle and some ammo for it after a while. YEAH BABY! A real
    weapon at last! Go backwards and use Mr. Portal now.
    OOOHH! A crapload of pillars in a complex maze system. Somewhere on the right
    wall in theis maze is the Chronoscepter Piece and the Key you need to exit the
    level. Just look for them, and they should come easy for you. Once you pop
    out, you'll be on a winding path. At the end is a ladder, and you should climb
    up it. Now, go forward and take a left. There's another ladder to climb and
    then a hole to fall down. NOOOO! Another cave! Well, just weave in and out and
    around the tunnels, and sooner or later you'll find some water. Swim through
    it and you eventually find some platforms. At the end of those, there's a Key.
    It's right in front of the Warp Portal, don'tcha know?
    Hey, there's the final enemy of the level, a large Pur-Lin. He's not happy,
    and he'll be not happy in Hell once you waste him with a few Tek Arrows. Now,
    walk into the area behind him. That's the Hub, sort of like the Castle in
    Mario 64. Well, not graphically at least. Walk up to the Level Two altar, and
    your Keys will automatically be fitted in there, opening up the Warp Portal to
    the second level! YEAH!
    Level Two
    The Jungle
    What Pretty New Weapons You Get:
    None. That's N-O-N-E, none. Zero, zilch, nada, and squat.
    Die, you bungholes!
    Ginat Beetles
    Campaigner's Soldiers
    Quick overview of terrain: Think of the Hub Ruins, and imagine a much larger,
    thicker area.
    Important Items:
    First key For Level 4
    Second Key For Level 4
    First Key For Level 5
    Second Chronoscepter Piece
    Other Items:
    3 Tek Armors
    1 Backpack
    2 Spiritual Invincibility
    First of all, pull out your Assaults Rifle and head straight. Tons and tons of
    enemies come at you, mainly Campaigner's Soldiers and Poachers and Raptors.
    Once you pass the wooden trail, you'll fall down. Run through this little
    canyon up here, and jump into the water at the end. Just swim quickly through
    here and you'll wind up at a waterfall. Just past this is an underground cave.
    This is a twisty place, but just take a right whenever you have a chance to
    and you'll make it. Once you find a place to resurface, go forward and get the
    first Key of this level.
    Now, drop down, and you're back by the lake-o. You're on the opposite side
    though. Go through the path, knocking out the enemies that come after you
    until you get to a village. Pull out the good 'ol Assault Rifle and wave bye-
    bye to these guys. There is a Campaigner's Soldier guarding a Save Point, and
    if you wanna use it, I suggest taking him out of the picture first. Now,
    prepare your Tek Arrows because you're gonna have to fight two Pur-Lins at
    once. Whenthat's done, run up the hill, and take a right. Enter that temple
    you see, and waste the Poachers that drop from the ceiling with the Pistol.
    You see that Checkpoint over there? Don't go to it. Well, maybe USE the Check
    Point. Only take that path if you want some Life Forces. Otherwise, go down
    the other way until you find a vine wall. Climb up it, and you'll see a
    switch. Step on it and go through the  door that it opens up. Grab the
    Spiritual Invincibility, and look for things to kill with the Knife (Spirit
    Tokens ROCK!). Keep going until the path comes to a cliff. Look down, and fall
    onto the trees that you see there. Look down again and drop on the small
    island you see. There's the second Chronoscepter Piece. Cool! Drop down one
    last time and you're back on the main trail.
    Run through the Check Point, and use some Tek Arrows to whip up on the Raptors
    that attack you. Keep going until you get rushed by a Campaigner's Soldier.
    After (hopefully) killing him, look oevr the ledge. Try and drop down to the
    island you see there. Go inside the cave you see there, but pull out your
    Knife first. bunches of Giant Beetles await you, to just slash about wildly
    until they're all dead. Walk around the cave until you find an exit with a
    jumpable gap. Not an easy jump, mind you, but not an extremly difficult one
    either. If you make it over there, grab the Key you find.
    Jump back over the gap and you'll be back on the main path. Continue along,
    and you'll have to deal with some Poachers. No worries though, because this
    level's almost over. Once you get past them, you'll be at a Warp portal. Cool!
    Walk through a bunch of pillars, using Tek Arrows (maybe the Pistol) to take
    out the enemies in here. At the end, jump to a narrow ledge and watch the
    falling boulders kill everything around you. Hehe. Now, keep on this path and
    you'll get to a temple after a while. There's some Armor inside. You'll also
    spot a rope bridge around here. There's a Pur-Lin on the other side. This
    reminds me of that American Gladiators event, where contestants had to cross a
    narrow bridge without getting knocked off. Of course, you have an Automatic
    Shotgun and they didn't, so this is easier. On the other side, enter the cave
    you see. Take out the Leapers in here, and then arm yourself with the Assault
    Rifle, your fastest current weapon. You'll get to an area with dozens of
    Leapers coming relentlessly from EVERYWHERE! Just shoot at random, 75% of your
    shots are bound to hit. Once they're dead, continue on until the Queen comes
    from nowhere to kill you. Well, use a Tek Arrow or two, and move on. Now
    you'll be in a swamp. Swim in the water until you find an underground cave t
    the end. It's infested with Leapers, so look out! At the end, some
    Campaigner's Soldiers and Pur-Lins guard the Exit Portal. Kill them, and go
    behind the portal to find a path leading to the last Key. You may now leave if
    you'd like.
    Level Three
    The Ancient City
    What Pretty New Weapons You Get:
    Plasma Rifle
    Die, you bungholes!
    Giant Beetle
    Ancient Warriors
    Campaigner's Soldiers
    Uh-oh, this stage has Bosses :(
    Twin Commando Jeeps
    Quick overview of terrain: This level has a helluva lotta temples in it. Well,
    I bet we all know what _that_ means.
    Important Items:
    Third Key For Level 4 
    Second Key For Level 5
    Third Key For Level 5
    Third Chronoscepter Piece
    Other Items:
    5 Tek Armors
    3 Backpacks
    2 Spiritual Invincibilities
    Well, you start off with a bunch of enemies surrounding you in a field. The
    most notable of these is the Raptor Pack. Unless you're feeling lucky, and
    trigger-happy, just take out the Raptors and move on. Now, you'll find a
    staircase at the end of this field. Run up it, and dive into the water below.
    Swim to that large building off in the distance and pick up the supplies when
    you get out. Climb up the next staircase, and follow the path you see. Your
    ammo will be restocked and you'll run into some Life Forces. Nice. You'll get
    to a wooden bridge that has some stairs at the end. Go up them, and do these
    things to get secret stuff. Climb the ladder to find Armor and a crapload of
    ammo, or use the water to get to a secret passae with a backpack. Now, use the
    stairs at the opposite end to leave this area. Of course, you run into a bunch
    of Ancient Warriors. Use the Assault Rifle to take them out in a matter of
    seconds, like described in the Enemies Section. Jump into the Warp Portal in
    the next temple.
    Now, look at the hole in the wall. You can jump out of it, don'tcha know? On
    the ground below, you'll find a gap to jump over. Do so, and follow the path,
    which is inhabited by many a Campaigner's Soldier. Use Tek Arrows to slaughter
    the two Pur-Lins you find at the end by the temple, and go inside. Lookie what
    I found, it's a Key! Now, go back to the previous temple, where you can pick
    up some Tek Bows if you want 'em. Jump down and go through the pillar-like
    walls to reach the next area. Now, run up the stairs and reach for your
    Assault Rifle, or if that's too low, use the Auto Shotgun. Take out the first
    two Raptors you see, and then take out anybody else you encounter along the
    way. There's a bunch of Campaigner's Soldiers you hafta deal with. Hit the
    switch you see, and proceed the logical way. Now, quickly look up and left,
    blasting the Campaigner's Soldier. He has perfect sniping position, so a miss
    on your part could prove costly. Also on the left is a climbable tree. It's
    the one on the far end, and up it is a switch, with some goodies (Armor
    included :). A stairway forms after you hit the switch, so walk down it once
    you feel like doing so. Inside the tunnel, you'll be fully restocked, so thank
    god for that. Go through the Warp Portal at the end to reach.....
    A couple of Raptors guarding a Key. Good thing you're fully supplied with Tek
    Arrows, huh? Grab the Key, and the extra Armor which you can't miss, and turn
    left. After going up the flight of stairs, snake around to fight a pair of
    Pur-Lins (say THAT 5 times fast). Once they're dead, a door will open, so go
    through it. You'll find a lot of Beetles hanging around a Warp Portal. Just
    ignore the Beetles unless they get in your way. Warp.
    You're standing on a switch on a pillar. Jump onto the pillar that you just
    triggered and you'll reach a Warp Portal. Short paragraph, wasn't it?
    Run fast unless you're in a fighting mood, because there are Leapers,
    Poachers, and Campaigner's Soldiers in here. Once you get ot the water inside
    of a temple, swim through it to reach a small hole which you can exit from.
    Now just keep jumping across ledges and activating switches. When you reach
    the top, a bunch of goodies will be around. But beware, traps are everywhere!
    Just jump around a lot and you should be able to collect all the items and
    reach a Save Point. If you ever save, do it here. Trust me.
    You have to jump from pillar to pillar over a bottomless pit now. You mess up,
    you die. You're likely to die at least once, which really sucks. You'll lose
    all that Armor you collected earlier. Just chill though. Once you get across
    you'll see the Warp Portal to the Bosses inside a temple. If you want the
    Chronoscepter Piece, follow these instructions. Go to the left side of the
    temple, and have to make more pillar-to-pillar jumps. The last one is to a
    vine wall, and it's tricky. Once you climb up, use a few Tek Arrows to take
    out the Pur-Lin at the top. Grabthe piecem and go warp tothe Boss. This battle
    should be relatively easy, since you should have major Armor right about now.
    Use the Assault Rifle as a backup to the Automatic Shotgun. Now, go open up
    level 4 will ya? Oh, you also should pick up the Pulse Rifle that the
    Longhunter Boss drops.
    Level Four
    The Ruins
    What Pretty New Weapons You Get:
    Mini-Gun (Machine Gun)
    Grenade Launcher
    Die, You Bungholes!
    Leapers (Including the Sacred Four)
    Alien MI
    Giant Dragonfly
    Giant Beetles
    Ancient Warriors
    Campaigner's Soldiers
    Warrior Preist
    Quick Overview of terrain: Think of a combination of the first three levels,
    with more open fields thrown in for fun.
    Important Items:
    First Key For Level 6
    Second Key For Level 6
    First Key For Level 8
    Fourth Chronoscepter Piece
    Run forward, making sure to kill the Raptor while you're at it, and cross the
    bridge. If you look upwards, you'll notice why your health is suddenly
    depleting. Use the Assault Rifle to waste the Ancient Warriors and move on.
    Continue along, and you'll run into a Dimetrodon. Tak him out, preferably with
    the Automatic Shotgun, and proceed. Now, turn left, and walk along the thin
    ledge you see there. It leads to six statues which turn into a Warrior, a
    Warrior Preist, an Alien MI member, a Raptor, a Leaper, and a Pur-Lin. Pull
    out the Assault Rifle and try to take out the Raptor, Leaper, and Pur-Lin
    first, then concentrate on the tougher enemies. Hopefully, they'll begin to
    duke it out amongst themselves, and you can just pull out the Auto Shotgun and
    pick your shots. Anyways, once they're dead, step on the switch near them and
    the force field that was once blocking the exit has disappeared. Now you can
    get to the Warp Portal.
    I suggest running away from the Giant Beetles in here, unless you've got good
    life and want a few Spirit Tokens. Jump into the water and begin swimming. On
    the other side, you're forced to do battle with a Warrior Priest. Killing him
    opens the gatw to another Warrior Priest. Kill him and the next gate opens.
    Pull out Mr. Assault Rifle, because this next section is filled with Ancient
    Warriors. Once the bodies all begin rotting, climb the stairs and pick up the
    first Key in the level. Also, use the Warp Portal behind to it afterwards.
    Turn completely around and go forward. Near the ledge where you hit the
    switch. There's a bunch of Raptors there, so kill them. Look for a house, and
    when you do, look at the ground for something to jump on. Jump on top of it,
    and from there jump and grab the ledge. Take out the Poacher next to the wall
    and climb up it. If you want to, you can defeat a Pur-Lin inside the house for
    some Armor. Behind the house, you'll see a bunch of pillars. Hop across these
    and you'll find the awesome Mini Gun (a.k.a. The Machine Gun)! Now, go back
    across the pillars and takea left. There's an angry Warrior Priest who you
    should kill. See those torches around the pillar? Jump on them, and then onto
    the stake in the ground that has Health on top of it. Not only do you get the
    health, but the gate in front of you will lower. Go through it, and take a
    right. Kill the Pur-Lin you see there, and keep going, through the gate that
    just lowered. Enter the Warp Portal behind the gate and get ready for an
    annoying part of this level.
    Once you're inside this place, search the right wall for a passage through
    this area. You'll see two Campaigner's Soldiers in front of a hole. Kill them.
    (NOTE: All Campaigner's Soldiers drop Plasma Rifle Ammo from now on.) Go
    inside the hole they were next to, and let your jaw drop at the sight in front
    of you. Pull out your Tek Arrows to destroy the Queen Leapers, then
    concentrate on the Pur-Lins with the same weapon. Finally, pull out your Knife
    and slaughter the Giant Beetles. Finally, you'll find some stairs, and two
    Campaigner's Soldiers at the top. Use the Plasma Rifle (DUH!) to kill them,
    and then grab the Key behind.
    Now, the exit of the cave is very near. Just run past this narrow walkway with
    pendulums swinging, attempting to slice you and knock you off. Actually, it's
    pretty easy, as long as you proceed slowly. Now you're finally out of the cave
    and back on an easily navicable trail. Keep moving on this trail until you get
    to a temple. Up the stairs you'll find a Save Point, which you should probably
    use. To the left of the temple, there's a Warrior Priest standing in front of
    a wooden gate. As you might have already guessed, killing him opens up the
    gate. Now, there are a bunch of Warp Portals here, and all but one will lead
    you to a lava pit. Good thing you saved, isn't it? See the stone structure in
    here? The one on the left is NOT correct, but the closest one to it IS
    My god this place is huge! It's an underground cave, and if you don't like it,
    get used to it! Swim through the water to pick some stuff up, then drop down
    into another maze of pillars. Man, am I the only one who can't stand these
    things? Walk down each corridor and unleash a rain of bullets. There's mainly
    a bunch of Soldiers here. Now, this is VERY important if you want the Grenade
    Launcher: Press yourself against every wall down here, because one of them is
    a fakie. I believe it's on the RIGHT side, but I'm not positive. I'm not going
    back there anyway. Once inside, you get ammo and some health. Oh yeah, you
    also get some dumb thing called a Grenade Launcher, but I'm sure no one cares
    about _that_. Get through the rest of this maze which has a bunch of fire-
    breathing statues that you should avoid. You'll get to a Warp Portal sooner or
    JESUS CHRIST THAT TING'S BIG!!!! Look at that...thing? Well, it's got some
    waterfalls coming off of it, and it's big. Use a ramp to jump onto this thing.
    Here you must do battle with the Sacred Four. they're nothing but Leapers on
    steroids, so do away with them quickly and easily. Hop on the nearby pillar if
    you want Chronoscepter Piece #4. Go back to that room that had four switch in
    it, one in each corner. If you don't remember where it was, just backtrack and
    look. Turn the RUN option on, and step on all four very quickly. The pillars
    in the room will rise, and you can use them as stepping stones. Once you get
    to the top pillar, you will see a Warp Portal.
    Are you experiencing a strong sense of deja vu? Go back to the beginning of
    the level, and you will see a new path. Jump into the water and swim to the
    edge. Below you is a hole, so drop down to it. It's dark, so I suggest turning
    the brightness on your TV way up. You'll emerge in an underground cave. Guess
    what? Leapers again! Blast them away, and go through the Warp Portal in here.
    Now, go climb down the ladder next to you and jump across the platforms. At
    the end of these is another Portal, and now I see the final Key. Just drop
    down to exit the level! Go open up the fifth level please.
    Level Five
    The Catacombs
    What Pretty New Weapons You Get:
    Particle Accelerator
    Die, You Bungholes!
    Ancient Warriors
    Warrior Priests
    Gaint Beetles
    Giant Dragonflies
    Uh-Oh, this Stage has Bosses :(
    Giant Mantis
    Quick overview of Terrain: An underground cave level which looks really huge.
    Many branches, and secret things.
    Important Items:
    Third Key For Level 6
    Second Key For Level 8
    Third Key For Level 8
    Other Items:
    5 Tek Armors
    2 Backpacks
    2 Spiritual Invincibilities
    Go forward and begin the long descent downward. Take a right and go up the
    stairs, activating the switch up there. Now, go to the far side and smack up
    on the Warrior Priest you find. I door opens upon his death, so climb up the
    now revealed stairs. Go through the small corridor, and pull out something
    heavy. Tek Arrows are preferred, but if ammo is high, the Auto Shotgun is just
    as good. Get across the tiny walkway with pendulums and Giant Beetles, and
    you'll have to square off with a Warrior Priest. There is major Mini-Gun ammo
    in this room, HINT HINT! The cage will lift behind him, so go grab the Key
    behind it.
    Go back to the room before this one, and jump over the bridge. If anyone tried
    the one with the pendulums, please shut off your N64 and go pray for a brain.
    Go hit the switch in the room you wind up in, and pull out your Assault Rifle.
    Through the opened door are bunches and bunches of Warriors. Fire at will!
    After they're all destroyed, search the right wall. When you find a hole, crwl
    through it. Besides ammo, health, and other stuff, you'll find a Warrior
    Priest in a room. Slaughter him, and you can pick up Chronoscepter Piece #5!
    Now, get back in the main hall and keep going, killing any Warriors that are
    still left. At the end of the hallway is a large room, filled with ledges on
    the sides. On these ledges are Warriors, all armed with blow guns. Fight your
    way through using the Assault Rifle, and if it gets out of hand the Grenade
    Launcher. Climb up the stairs and navigate the ledges, keeping your Assault
    Rifle ready. You'll reach a door after a while, so go inside. One of the walls
    has climbable pegs on it, so go there once the inhabitants of this room aren't
    breathing anymore. At the top of this wall, you'll find a Save Point. Now,
    follow the trail of health to a Warp Portal.
    Run forward and hit the switch. This opens up some doors on your left. Now, go
    grab the Purple Life Force, which activates a switch at the same time. Go
    activate the rest of the switches, and gradually all the pillars will raise.
    Go through the door that you just opened, and hit another switch. This opened
    a door on your left, so go through it. Go down this corridor and activate the
    NEXT switch in this series. Go through the door it opened, hit a switch, and
    take a right turn. PHEW! Man, that was some weird stuff. Get out the Assault
    Rifle, 'cause some more Warriors await, and they've got Leapers with 'em.
    Blast through this place, running through. Soon, a Pur-Lin will make a FREAKY
    ambush through a wall. Cap him, and go through the hole he made to gain (In my
    best superhero voice...) Spiritual Invincibility!  Run, taking the first left
    turn, and activating the switch. Go through the door (can I stop saying that
    now?) and hang a right. Hit the switch which activates one of the pillars.
    Just one more left. Go back into the main area with all the pillars and jump
    around until you find the last pillar switch. You can handle it from here I'm
    quite sure. 
    Of course, one thing you're missing is the Particle Accelerator. Go through
    the door on the left in this room, and take another left. Head down a flight
    of stairs and activate the switch down there. Climb up some more stairs, hang
    a right, and go down some more stairs. Stay to the left in this room, and
    you'll find yourself in an area with 4 switches. Activate them, then leave
    through the open roof of this room. Follow the path you are on until you get
    to the end, at which point you can hop onto a platform. Continue along,
    hitting the switch and jumping into the water. Make your way through this maze
    and you'll find yourself at the Particle Accelerator. Man, that was one of the
    longer weapon explanations.
    Now, run down the hall, activating the switch. Hey look, the cement isn't
    cement anymore! We're in a cave. Cool! There's Giant Beetles, Leapers, and
    Warriors packed tighter than sardines. Not cool! Bring out the Mini-Gun,
    charging through this place and blasting everything in sight until you reach
    the end. Take out everybody up there and you've opened up the Warp Portal! 
    We're outside, in an area infested with Giant Dragonflies. The weapon of
    choice here is the Knife but sometimes you don't want to get off of a good
    fighting weapon, so use the best all-around fighter, the Plasma Rifle. Soon,
    you'll make it to some water. At the end of this is a climbable peg wall. Make
    use of it and nab the Key at the top. 
    Look down over the ledge and you'll see a switch. Hop down to it, and you've
    just activated the water drainage system. Look around where the water used to
    be for a hole to crawl through. Guess what's inside? Well, you'll drop into a
    pool of water with spikes at the bottom. I'm clueless as to why those are
    there, but maybe we'll never know. Anyways, swim through this area until you
    reach the Warp Portal that goes to the Boss. Near it is a Save Point, and
    loads of ammo. Good luck!
    Level Six
    Treetop Village
    What Pretty New Weapons You Get:
    Quad Rocket Launcher
    Alien Weapon
    Die, You Bungholes!
    Warrior Preists
    Bio Enhanced Dimetrodon
    Alien Infantry
    Campaigner's Soldiers
    Quick Overview Of Terrain: Just look at the name for an explanation. A bunch
    of houses and huts in the trees. Yippee.
    Major Items To Find:
    First Key To Level 7
    Second Key To Level 7
    Third Key To Level 7
    Sixth Chronoscepter Piece
    Other Items:
    3 Backpacks (WHOA!)
    2 Spiritual Invincibilities
    5 Tek Armors
    Go forward and pick up bunches of the presumably necessary items, since the
    Mantis was a tough fight. When you get to the edge, drop down to a platform,
    and then down again onto some logs. Jump across the logs, watching out for
    Poachers looking to snipe you from caves. Sooner or later, a Pur-Lin makes a
    suprise appearance, so take him out. Keep going until you find a hole in the
    ground, which turns out to be a Warp Portal (WTF?). This is a short distance
    from one Warp to the next, you just have to continue platform hopping. 
    Now, go down and take out the Pur-Lin to activate the fence behind him. Go
    through it and swim through the water. You'll reach land soon enough, where
    many Alien Infantry members and Poachers lie in wait. Take them all out as you
    run down the trail. Keep going until you reach an island with a tree on it.
    Behind it is a waterfall. Look underwater next to the waterfall and you should
    spy the Alein Weapon. Grab it, and it's yours! Go back to the island and swim
    underwater. You'll see some large roots sticking out. Swim under them and
    you'll find an elevator which takes you back to the village. Now, I just KNOW
    I'm not the only one who finds this a little bit weird.
    Follow this next path forward for 10-15 minutes, arming yourself with whatever
    is high on ammo (preferably the Plasma Rifle) at the time. If you hear a weird
    sound, jump backwards to avoid being hit by a falling sledgehammer. Now, just
    keep going, firing mercilessly at anything with a pulse until you make it to a
    Check Point. THANK GOD! Take a right from here and you'll find a cottage.
    Inside of it is a Key! Yay!
    Go back to the Check Point and go the other way. That's left for anybody who's
    "slow." You'll have to play the jumping game once more with a bunch of
    pillars, and if you succeed, your prize is a big cuddly Pur-Lin. After killing
    him, drop down the hole in the ground and kill his cousin. Go through here
    until you reach a Warp Portal.
    Pull out your Mini-Gun, and rip into the Dimetrodon here, grabbing ammo while
    strafing and firing. Walk across some ledges up here and take out the enemies
    you encounter. Find a switch, and activate it to open up a gate. Holy crap,
    three Pur-Lins, one of each kind! Since they're all in a tight space, use the
    Grenade Launcher on 'em to drain as much energy as possible before they get
    near you. Go past where they were, picking up some goodies along the way.
    You'll be in some sort of village now, so check out the buildings if you need
    powerups. Just keep going until you reach a cave. Inside is a Save Point, so
    use it. Oh yeah, and kill the Pur-Lin too, but I bet you already figured that
    out. Once inside, take a left and walk along a thin ledge. You'll make it to
    an area with Leapers, so handle them with the Assaults Rifle. Go through this
    tunnel until you get outside and reach a Key.
    OK, now hop across the gap and you'll land on the bridge below. Just make your
    way back to the cave from here, but go straight instead of left this time. Go
    until you reach a shack, but go behind this one. Look down and drop on the
    Life Force. You are teleported to another area. Man, this level is full of
    warps without Warp Portals, isn't it?
    Tons of Leapers, including a Queen, will infiltrate the cave you are now in.
    This is my 2-step procedure for lsaughtering these guys. 1)Use the Grenade
    Launcher to make some space, and 2)Use the Assault Rifle to clean up anybody
    still breathing. Great, when you're out of here, you appear in a sort of
    treehouse. In here you can grab THE QUAD ROCKET LAUNCHER! YEAH!!! Let the
    games begin!!! Anyways, jump down out of here after getting the ammo, and
    you'll be on a/the main path. Go forward until you find a shack, which
    contains a Warp Portal.
    Man, it's another cave! Well, use.....something to kill these idiots. After
    they're dead, equip the Mini Gun and go out of the cave. You'll see why very
    soon, hehe. The gate lowers, and the exit is very close. Of course, dozens
    (yes, literally) of Poachers and Warriors bum rush you from the tents. I
    suggest the Assault Rifle, but if you've got enough, the Grenade Launcher is
    superb at dismantling these idiots. Run over to the bridge, and use the Mini
    Gun on the Dimetrodon you find there. There's the Exit Portal, but dropping
    down behind it puts you on a ledge. Jump the gap and you now have
    Chronoscepter Piece #6. A vine wall helps you back up there. Man, this stage
    was hella long.
    Level Seven
    The Lost Lands
    What Pretty New weapons You Get:
    Fusion Cannon
    Die, You Bungholes!
    Robot Guard
    Killer Plants
    Demon Lord
    Giant Beetle
    Gaint Dragonfly
    Bio Enhanced Raptor
    Bio Enhanced Dimetrodon
    Quick overview of terrain: Sort of a lava-filled desert-type area. Trust me,
    you wouldn't mistake this board for any other.
    Major Items To Find:
    Fourth Key To Level 8
    Fifth Key To Level 8
    Seventh Chronoscepter Piece
    Other Items:
    1 Backpack
    1 Spiritual Invincibility
    5 Tek Armors
    Drop off the ledge when you start and then go exit this cave. Follow this
    path, looking out for the brand-new Bionically Enhanced Raptors (wait, didn't
    we see these before? Oh well) and Dimetrodons. Watch out for traps near the
    end, and take out the Demons as well. Find a tunnel, it contains a Warp
    For once, you HAVE to kill all the Giant Beetles, because doing so lowers a
    bunch of logs. Use them to get to the upper area, and open fire on the baddies
    up there. Jump off the cliff to the right and take out the Triceratops down
    there. You might wanna try the Quad Rocket Launcher, because he drops ammo for
    it and the Mini Gun once slain. Now, behind him you can get the Fusion Cannon
    by jumping across some tiny platforms. If you're not good at that stuff, skip
    it, there's another one later on in the level. Well, once done, climb the vine
    wall, snag the supplies up there, and jump to the ledge.  Now, watch out
    because rocks come falling from the sky, killing you and anybody else in their
    path. Once you get to a Demon Priest, you'll need to kill him to activate some
    platforms. Jump across them until you get to a Warp Portal.
    Turn around 180 degrees and jump to a small island if you want to save your
    game, but beware of the guard Pur-Lin. Now, go forward from where you were and
    jump over lava pits in the ground. You'll get to a large one that doesn't
    steam and bubble, so jump in. It's not REALLY lava, just a lake of red water
    (blood?). If you didn't get it before, at the bottom is a Fusion Cannon. Now,
    keep on going forward, grabbing anything you may need. You'll ahve to duel
    with some Bio Enhanced dinosaurs up here, but you've got the firepower to
    handle 'em, right? Once you run into a trail of Life Forces, follow them off
    the cliff and you'll find yourself infront of a Killer Plant guarding a cave.
    Wipe it out, and enter the cave. Take out the Demon Lord you see, then collect
    some Grenades. Run until you get to a bridge. Great news folks.... No more
    friggin' Dragonflies in this entire game! Well, two more, but that's all. Take
    out anybody around here and go through the little caves which are packed with
    ammo. This is probably useful to you, because I can think of more than 1
    weapon which is probably low on ammo right now. You'll now be in a lava-filled
    area with the game's final two Dragonflies. Take them out, because it's fun to
    do. Now you'll have to transverse some pillars, but falling only drops you
    into lava, in which case you can survive. At the end you'll spot some fake
    lava, so dive on in. Dive down and you'll get the seventh Chronoscepter Piece.
    Go across more pillars, taking out the Demon Lord to make more pillars rise
    up. Jump across those, and you meet another Demon Lord and a Pur-Lin. Kill
    them and you get the almighty Key! Also, there's a Save Point and a Warp
    Portal. Man, when's the last time you saw all three of these in the same spot?
    Run until you find a Warp portal, trying not to enter the room filled with
    Subterranean. It's not on the way, so don't bother. At the end, you'll reach a
    Warp Portal, which teleports you to an elevator. Once at the top, tons of
    Alein Infantry members attack you. Use....THE QUAD ROCKET LAUNCHER! Hell yeah,
    boys and girls! Once they're all toast, go up the ramp to fight a pair of Bio
    Enhanced Raptors. grab the Armor, an dany sort of Energy you can find, because
    dying is bad. Take out the Cyborgs from a distance, and hit the switch at the
    end. Go back, and you'll discover a secret path-filled with Shotgun ammo, no
    less. Well, just for the hell of it, pull it out to slaughter the Bio Enhanced
    Raptors and Demon Lords ahead. Look ma, the last Key! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
    Drop down, and prepare ofr the fight of your life. In this last incredibly
    long hallway, about 200 or so enemies reside, all pissed off! I suggest
    running backwards and firing off Rockets and Grenades to avoid heavy fire.
    Also, the Plasma Rifle works well. Just run, and don't concentrate on any one
    enemy. At the end, you'll pick up a s***load of ammo and fall into some water.
    Take out the Robot Guards below, and then activate the switch. The exit opens
    up, but behind the waterfall is some Rocket Launcher ammo. Leave this hellish
    place at once!
    Level Eight
    The Final Confrontation
    What Pretty New Weapons You Get:
    Die, You Bungholes!
    Cyborg Master
    Alien Infantry
    Killer Plant
    Mutant Crab
    Robot Guard
    Bio Enhanced Raptor
    Uh-Oh, This Stage Has Bosses :(
    Thunder, The Bionically Enhanced Tyrannosaurus Rex
    The Campaigner
    Quick Overview Of Terrain: A large underground maze with more powerups and
    ammo than you can count. A bunch of computer consoles on the wall as well.
    Important Items:
    Eighth Chronoscepter Piece
    Other Items:
    2 Backpacks
    1 Spiritual Invincibility
    4 Tek Armors
    Since no one else did, I'm not going to write a walkthrough for this level
    either. It's VERY linear, so it shouldn't be much of a problem. Continuing the
    tradition, I will post important stuff.
    -Cool things can be found on the outside, like tons of ammo.
    -Small squares on the floor can kill you if touched.
    -If you're ever stuck, kill everything before thinking.
    -Stock up on explosive Shotgun shells and don't use 'em.
    -Mutant Crabs appear when you're on a fence.
    -Check the sewers for useful things.
    -Cyborg Masters are abundant, and drop energy cells you can use for the Plasma
    Rifle, so use it often.
    -To get out of the maze, go left, right, and take a final left.
    -When you have to kill two Pur-Lins on steroids to activate a bridge, usethe
    trusty Assault Rifle to impede their progress.
    -To get by those blasted lasers, step slowly forwar duntil they are triggered,
    then run through when the beam stops.
    -In the last room, the elevators contain many useful power-ups.
    -The last Chronoscepter Piece is after Thunder, the Bio Enhanced T-rex.
    -Kill the Campaigner.
    -Win the game.
    -Thank me.
    Here's the always necessary key for all you crazy people out there...
    Weapons Used:
    Twin ATVs
    Location: End of level 3, before Longhunter
    Description: A pair of ATVs with Missile Launchers mounted on them.
    Weapons Used: The aforementioned Rocket Launchers
    Strategy: First of all, stock up before them. You should be well equipped with
    Armor right now, so just get to where they're running around you. Strafe to
    avoid the Rocket blasts, and fire the Assault Rifle. About 100 bullets will
    take them down. Of course, under 20 Tek Arrows do the job as well. Remember
    the ammo and other powerups on the edge of the fighting field if necessary.
    Location: End of level 3, after the Twin ATVs
    Description: A soldier wearing tons of armor.
    Weapons Used: He's packin' an Assault Rifle, with a helluva lotta ammo,
    Strategy: His long distance attack is triangular shaped thingies which hurt
    bad, his mid-range attack is the Plasma Rifle, and if you ge tin his face hell
    just plain old beat the hell outta you. If you're low on energy, just strafe
    around him at mid or far range, using the Automatic Shotgun. If you're beefed
    up on armor, use that same Shotgun right in his face. Under 30 seconds for
    this battle to end. He'll whip you badly, but sometimes you just can't win any
    other way.
    Giant Mantis
    Location: At the end of level 5
    Description: An incredibly large praying mantis. Scary looking, very scary
    looking indeed.
    Weapons Used: Claws and saliva, which I'd presume is acidic.
    Strategy: To get him to appear, just walk up to the statue of the mantis. As
    is with almost all bosses, the Auto Shotgun is your weapon of choice here.
    Strafe around while hitting it with the Shotgun. Soon, it'll enlarge your
    fighting area, and begin really pounding you with that saliva. Easy to avoid,
    but painful if it hits. Just keep shooting, also avoiding the claw swipes.
    Eventually, his skin will sorta fall off, and there will be a big explosion
    involving him hitting something. Just keep firing, and like all bosses, ammo
    can be found on the perimeter.
    Thunder, the Bionically Enhanced Tyrannosaurus Rex
    Location: End of Level 8, right before the Campaigner
    Description: A big T-Rex, with a laser fitted to its eye.
    Weapons Used: Eye Laser, Tail swiping, Eating you, Pounding the ground to make
    earthquakes, spitting fire, and maybe more.
    Strategy: Whip out your Fusion Cannon and empty it on him, because it's
    ineffective against the Campaigner. After that, toss Grenades his way, then
    fall back to Rockets. After all that, if he's still comin' back for more, use
    the Mini Gun or either of the Rifles to make him go bye-bye. Juse run around
    backwards, getting him to spin around. You can avoid damage this way. Don't go
    after the ammo unless you have NONE, because he'll lean in there and eat you!
    After a while, his parts start falling off, at whihc point I suggest firing
    with something fast while he can't move. Sooner or later he dies, just like
    everything else.
    Location: End of the game, right after Thunder
    Description: A normal man, sorta. His head has no skin, it's just a skull, and
    he's all bloody. Eeew, this guy gives me the willies!
    Weapons Used: A huge spiked mace, homing flares, missiles, and something blue.
    Strategy: Well, first of all, if you got all eight pieces, pull out the
    Chronoscepter and blast away. Be sure all the shots land, because if they do
    he's down to about 40% of his original energy. Just take the rest away with
    the Automatic Shotgun. Explosive shells should be equipped, so it'll go even
    faster. If he teleports behind you, run forward and turn around, blasting
    away. Just strafe to avoid all attacks, and you'll do fine.
    Codes and Tricks
    CMGTSMMGGTS- You now have all weapons, Turok Master!
    TSHNTTBNCTPRDCRD- Hey look, it's Turok's DK Mode! Funnier than in Goldeneye
    though, hehe.
    DNCHN- Very tiny enemies. Of course, for you this is a disadvantage since they
    do the same amountof damage and are tough to hit.
    SNFFRR- My personal favorite code, it brings back the Disco era!Strobe lights
    everywhere, with dancing enemies! Hillarious man!
    LKMBRD- The famous Fly Mode! You can also go through walls and the like. Cool!
    THBST- The gallery mode, which allows you to view scale models of the enemies
    from a variety of different angles.
    FRTHSTHTTRLSCK- Infinite lives. I'm sure you all know what THAT means.
    DLKTDR- Pen and Ink mode. Gets very annoying very fast.
    LLTHCLRSFTHRNB- Man, just try this. it'll make you feel like you're on a bad
    acid trip.
    CLLTHTNMTN- This is.....get ready for this....how Turok would be on the PSX.
    I'm not joking folks, I've heard this many places.
    NSTHMNDNT- Shows enemies on your map. They come in red. Useful, except in the
    later levels when the map just turns red in some places.
    FDTHMGS-I've always wondered why there's ALWAYS a code to see the credits.
    THSSLKSCL- It's like when you get the Spiritual Invincibility except it stays
    this way.
    BLLTSRRFRND-Infinite ammo. Try this with the all weapons code and have serious
    NTHGTHDGDCRTDTRK-The "Master Cheat" that accesses every cheat available. Just
    use it if you wanna activate more than one code.
    Strange Things
    The Chronoscepter has a large explosion, but only the center does damage. Why?
    Enemies not of the same species will fight each other. Get some good fights
    going, like Demon Lords and Warrior Priests, and see who's the man!
    On Spirit Mode, weapons go much slower. Watch the Rocket Launcher for a great
    Special Thanks
    Special Thanks goes to the following.....
    The N64 Code Center (www.N64cc.com)
    Nintendo (their system)
    Akklaim (their game)
    Turok.com because it's the official site, and for no other reason, except it's
    Me, because I made this 70+K FAQ even though no one's ever gonna read it I
    Disclaimer a.K.a. Legal Mumbo Jumbo
    Um....don't steal it. Not that anyone would WANT to steal it, but just don't
    steal it. Yeah, well, at least E-Mail me and laugh at me if you DO steal it.
    Contact Me
    If you wanna tell me how good this FAQ is (or if it sucks, which is what I
    expect), or you have questions, information I may have missed, or any general
    comments, I can be reached at BobDaMunky@AOL.com

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