3D AnimatorsMike Janke
3D AnimatorsAlan D. Johnson
3D AnimatorsGreg Omelchuck
3D AnimatorsJosh Prikryi
3D AnimatorsShane Tarrant
3D Graphics EngineRob Cohen
3D ModelingMike Janke
3D ModelingAlan D. Johnson
3D ModelingGreg Omelchuck
3D ModelingRyan Tracy
3D ModelingTre Zieman
Additional ArtPeyton Duncan
Additional ArtMarc Mackid
Additional ArtMatt Stubbington
Additional DesignJason Carpenter
Additional DesignNigel Cook
Art Director (Iguana Entertainment)Matt Stubbington
Associate Producers (Acclaim)Martin De Riso
Associate Producers (Acclaim)Eric Weiner
Boss AIStephen Broumley
Campaigner Character Creator (Acclaim Comics)Tim Truman
Character Design (Acclaim Comics)Don Perlin
CinemasStephen Brouley
CinemasCarl Wade
Creative Director (Iguana Entertainment)Nigel Cook
Exective Producer (Acclaim)Amy Smith Boylan
Executive ProducersJeff Spangenberg
Executive ProducersDarrid Stubbington
Game DesignDavid Deinstrier
Game LogicIan Dunlop
Game LogicCarl Wade
Lead ArtistAlan D. Johnson
Lead ProgrammerRob Cohen
Level DesignJason Carpenter
Level DesignThomas Coles
Level DesignNigel Cook
Level DesignDavid Deinstrier
Level DesignAlan D. Johnson
Motion Captuer Talent (Acclaim)Brian Smyi
Motion Capture EditingThomas Coles
Motion Capture EditingMarc Mackid
Motion Capture Talent (Acclaim)Brad Martin
MusicDarren Mitchell
Music Director (Iguana Entertainment)Rick Fox
Particle EffectsThomas Coles
ProducerDavid Deinstrier
Producer (Acclaim)Steve Bremer
Product Development Coordinator (Iguana Entertainment)J. Moon
Sound DesignMarc Schaefgen
Sound EngineAnthony Palomba
Sound EngineBrian Watson
Story Development (Acclaim Comics)Jeff Gomez
Story Development (Acclaim Comics)Bob Layton
Technical Director (Iguana Entertainment)Craig Galley
Texture MapsRobbie Miller
Texture MapsGreg Omelchuck
Texture MapsRyan Tracy
Texture MapsTre Zieman
Voice of: TurokDean Seltzer
Voice TalentDavid Dienstrier
Voice TalentPete Suarez


Data and credits for this game contributed by KeeperBvK, Druff, odino, AWing Pilot, Blueberry Buttface, Guard Master, KFHEWUI, TheTurricanator, and oliist.

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