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Multiplayer Guide by MattUV

Version: 1.1 |

-=[ Turok 2: Seeds of Evil ]=-
       Multiplayer Guide

Author: MattUV
E-mail: mattuv@hotmail.com

Revision History

_Version 1.1_

February 16
This version is basically what the first one should
have been. I have changed a lot of words around and 
corrected all the spelling. Not to mention finishing
off the map descriptions! If you find any new errors or
have discovered any new information please E-mail me. 
As always you can find the latest version of my FAQ at

_Version 1.0_

February 10
This is the first version of my Turok 2: Multiplayer
FAQ. Hopefully I've described all the gaming aspects
in a way in which to be helpful. Please E-mail me if
you find any technical or grammatical errors. You
can also E-mail me with any updates I have requested
or you feel are necessary.


1. Intro
   [My feelings on multiplayer Turok 2.]
2. Game Options
   [Multiplayer options and what I recommend.]
3. Strategies
   [Basic multiplayer tips.]
4. Weapons
   [Multiplayer weapons and descriptions.]
5. Characters
   [Characters and their attributes.]
6. Blood Lust / Frag Tag
   [Map descriptions and tips.]
7. Co-Op
   [How to trick the game into letting you 
    play Co-op.]
8. Credits
   [People I'd like to thank.]
9. Legal Stuff 
   [Copyright information and so on.] 
10. End
    [My comments about the FAQ so far.]


Sweet..... Turok 2's multiplayer mode ranks right up
there with Goldeneye! Fragtag and Co-op really push
it over the top. Not to mention the great variety
of maps and characters. Although I wish there were
more maps suited for two players. All in all, this
is one of the best party games out there.

Game Options

This is were you select from the multitude of well balanced
multiplayer maps.

_Texture Set_
This is were you select the texture set for the map
you have chosen. Don't choose Mr. Happy, it's gay!

_Timed Game_
This is were you set the time limit for your game. That
is, if you want one.

_Frag/Tag Limit_
This is were you set your frag/tag limit for your game.
The first player to reach that number wins.

This is were you enable or disable the crosshairs. I 
recommend turning it on because of the small screen in
which you will be playing.

_Player Speed_
This is were you adjust how quickly the characters move.
I recommend '1' for "low-rez". While '2' is best suited
for "hi-rez" gaming.


I recommend Expert for maximum aiming precision. You
should also turn off Look Spring and Auto Aim. Reasons
being that the Look Spring gets in the way and Auto Aim
doesn't allow you to do head shots. Next you should make
the Horizontal Sensitivity '3' and the Vertical '2' to draw
a good bead on things.

_Know the Maps_
More than anything, you should know the maps inside
and out. There nothing more satisfying than surprising
a newbie in a dark corridor.

As in all first person shooters you have to learn how to
strafe. If you are strafing towards an opponent try not
to get stuck in a rut to where the other player notices
your pattern, or your dead!


?Weapon Table?
Usefulness: How good is it in multiplayer.
Damage: How much damage is caused per shot.
Range: How far the shots reach.
Rate of Fire: How fast the shots are fired.
Comments: What I think of the weapon.

Usefulness: +
Damage: 5
Range: Long
Rate of Fire: Medium
Comments: While a decent weapon with an infinite
supply of ammo, it'll be put away for good once
you get the Assault Rifle.

_Scorpion Launcher_
Usefulness: +++
Damage: 35
Range: Long
Rate of Fire: Slow
Comments: This is easily one of the best multiplayer
weapons. Its long range and heavy damage make its
carrier almost unstoppable in four player modes.

_Plasma Rifle_
Usefulness: ++
Damage: 10
Range: Long
Rate of Fire: Fast
Comments: This is one of my favorites although its
sniper mode is a complete waste of time. Its
damage factor and good rate of fire make it a
good if not a spectacular weapon.

_Cerebral Bore_
Usefulness: +
Damage: 50
Range: Medium
Rate of Fire: N/A
Comments: Although a strong weapon, its incredibly
cheap! Most hard-core players will disable it anyway
so its best to forget it.

_Charge Dart Rifle_
Usefulness: +++
Damage: 10
Range: Long
Rate of Fire: Medium
Comments: An elegant weapon whose sweetness is
unrivaled. So sweet in fact, that candy stores
cower in terror! Its especially useful with a
team-mate. Where one of you has the Charge Dart
Rifle and the other uses the Scorpion Launcher.

_Grenade Launcher_
Usefulness: ++
Damage: 35
Range: Short
Rate of Fire: Slow
Comments: While useful at times, it seems to
cause way to many suicide deaths in the end.
It always seemed like I'm dying from my own grenades
because the explosions are too big!

_Assault Rifle_
Usefulness: +++
Damage: 3
Range: Long
Rate of Fire: Fast
Comments: If there's a better weapon for scoring
head shots I haven't seen it. This weapon coupled
with a speedy character is a match made in heaven.

_Harpoon Gun_
Usefulness: +
Damage: 10
Range: Medium
Rate of Fire: Slow
Comments: To me underwater fighting is stupid,
but to each his own.

_Torpedo Gun_
Usefulness: ++
Damage: 20
Range: Long
Rate of Fire: Medium
Comments: While much better than the harpoon gun
because it speeds you up underwater, its still
stupid because its underwater!

_Firestorm Cannon_
Usefulness: +
Damage: 1
Range: Long
Rate of Fire: Very Fast
Comments: This gun is so overrated its not even funny!
Not only does it cause practically no damage what so ever. But
it also has a sound bug to where if two player are
using it at the same time, the sound cuts in and out.


?Character Table?

HP: Hit Points.
Speed: Speed of the character.
Special Abilities: Characters special abilities (if any).
Comments: What I think of the character.

_Joshua Fireseed_
HP: 100
Speed: Average
Special Abilities: None
Comments: The most well rounded character and an
excellent choice for beginners.

HP: 60
Speed: Fast
Special Abilities: Fast Health Regeneration 
Comments: An excellent choice for advanced players
but a big mistake for beginners.

HP: 80
Speed: Fast
Special Abilities: Slow Health Regeneration
Comments: Although he seems like a good choice, he
isn't because of his height, which leaves him very
susceptible to head shots.

_Flesh Eater_
HP: 120
Speed: Average
Special Abilities: Death Aura
Comments: He is my favorite character because of
his high HP and Death Aura which harms nearby

Speed: Very Slow
Special Abilities: None
Comments: While he does have the most HP out
of everyone, his speed and size make him the
worst character in the game.

HP: 100
Speed: Average
Special Abilities: None 
Comments: Although seemingly average, his jumping
abilities are outstanding.

HP: 100
Speed: Average
Special Abilities: Resistance To Lava
Comments: He is basically the same as the Endtrail
only lava doesn't harm him.

_Turok Programmer_
HP: 100
Speed: Average
Special Abilities: Random Employee Face Texture
Comments: Why is he even in the game? I'll never know.

Speed: Slow
Special Abilities: None
Comments: An unbalanced character that's best forgotten.

HP: 100
Speed: Average
Special Abilities: None
Comments: The lead character from the first turok with 
the same stats as Joshua Fireseed.

HP: 70
Speed: Very Fast
Special Abilities: Can't Carry Weapons
Comments: Although not being able to carry weapons is
a big drawback, his speed more than makes up for it. He
is especially lethal in four player games.

Blood Lust / Frag Tag

_Experimentata / None_
Description: This map is multi-leveled and huge so it is best
             suited for four player matches. It contains two
             lava rooms, a large room for strafing, and a huge
             room with two upper levels connected with ladders.
Tips: Since this map contains a lot of fog, I would recommend
      using the Plasma Rifle. Its sniping capabilities allow
      you to see through the fog and draw a bead on your
      opponents without being seen.

_Moonlit Mayhem / None_
Description: This map is fairly small and is best played with
             only two players. Any more than two and things can
             get a little too hectic. There is a single lava room
             which is connected to a large two storied room by
             two passage ways.
Tips: Use the dark corners to you advantage, hide there and stall
      them with the Charge Dart Rifle while you load them up with
      rockets etc.

_Close Quartered / Madhouse_
Description: This map is extremely small and can be super sweet with
             two or more players. It basically consists of one big
             room surrounded by a bunch of interconnected hallways.
Tips: In a game with more than two players, try to stay on the
      upper level and take guys out with the Scorpion Launcher.
      In team battles, have one guy stall the opponent with the
      Charge Dart Rifle while you pump him full of lead from the
      upper platform.

_Vulcan's Forge / None_
Description: This map is gigantic and requires four players.
             It basically consists of several rooms with pillars
             and ladders, along with a lava room. All of this is
             connected by a series of winding passages.
Tips: Since there is a lot of fog and there are some high pillars,
      I suggest you grab the Plasma Rifle and start sniping. But I
      wouldn't stay in one spot for too long or you'll be

_Teleportastic / None_
Description: The name is misleading because there are only two
             teleports in the map. While the map is large, the
             teleports seem to cut its complexity in half.
             So, this map is best suited for three or more players.
             It is made up of a center room which split into three
             hallways. The left and right hallways are identical
             and both contain a teleport that sends you to the other
             end. While down the middle, the passage leads to a lava
             room containing a series of pointless moving platforms.
Tips: While it appears cool, this map was poorly designed and
      contains no real strategy what so ever. But if you like
      huge, boring maps... knock yourself out!

_Mirrororrim / Snap_
Description: This is my favorite map for four player Blood
             Lust. It basically consists of two rooms connected
             by three hallways. One of the rooms contains two pillars
             and a large pit. While the other contains one large pillar
             and two smaller pits.
Tips: Whatever you do, avoid the pits at all costs. They are death
      traps at their finest!

_Fish In A Barrel / None_
Description: This map is fairly large but not too big. It all
             revolves around this one pool of water with a pillar
             in the middle. There are also some upper alcoves and
             underwater passages.
Tips: Since this map is mostly underwater and horribly simple,
      the only piece of advice I can give you is to hide in the
      underwater passages with the Torpedo Launcher as long as
      you can. Hopefully, you'll be able to land a few cheap frags.

_H2 Whoa! / Sneaks N Ladders_
Description: Since this map is pretty big, I suggest you round
             up four players for a good game of Blood Lust. There
             is no easy way to describe this map. It basically
             consists of one big room with a multi-leveled pillar
             in the middle. Around this room are a series of
             passageways apparently full of water!
Tips: What I think works is to let the other players stupidly
      fight it out in the water, while you wait for them to come
      out. As soon as they come out, blast them!

_Escheria / Primattica_
Description: This map is best played with three or more players
             because of its complex, multi-leveled nature. It
             basically consists of three levels connected by rising
             platforms and ladders.            
Tips: Stay down on the bottom level as all the good weapons are
      down there.

_Mosh Crypt / Crossfire_
Description: This map is best played with four player because
             of its hugeness. It is basically two big rooms, one
             surrounded by raising platforms and the other with
             ladders. Of course, they are connected with long boring
             hallways full of weapons.
Tips: My best advice is wait it out at the top of one of the
      large rooms in one of the alcoves and wait for some guys
      to show up. Then bust them up with whatever you got.

_Squares Cubed / None_
Description: This map can be played with two players but I would
             recommend more. It basically consists of four identical
             rooms each containing a pillar in its center. All four
             of these rooms are connected by means of a circular
Tips: Try to guard the area containing both the Assault Rifle and
      Scorpion Launcher. With these weapons, you can take on anybody!

_Crazy Eight / Y.N.G.W.T.S.F._
Description: This map is nice and small which makes it well suited
             for two players. It basically consists of two identical
             rooms containing a pillar with a ladder on both sides
             leading to hallways. These two identical rooms are
             connected by a room full of columns.
Tips: I recommend you wait for the other players in the middle room
      and conceal yourself behind some columns. When you see them
      approaching strafe around and blast the hell out of them!

_Bullseye / None_
Description: This maps small size and simplicity make it ideal
             for two or more players. It is basically one tall
             room in the center which contains four columns and
             is full of ladders. These ladders lead up to hallways
             which encircle the large room.
Tips: You should conceal yourself in the shadow of one of the columns
      and wait for unsuspecting opponents to run by. Whom you will
      quickly frag with a weapon of your choice!


_How To Play Co-Op_
In order to play co-operatively in Turok 2, you must enter
a Blood Lust game with two or more players. Make sure you have
the "Big Cheat" activated or else this won't work. Once you've
started the multiplayer game, pause it and go to the cheats
section. Then, use the warp option to warp to the level or
boss of your choice.

_Known Bugs_
Be aware that this cheat is full of bugs and prone to crashes.
First off, to enter levels two through six you must warp to it
twice in a row. You do not need to do this in order to reach
level one or any of the bosses. Also, you cannot pass through a
warp to the next section of the level as it will do all kinds of
peculiar things. It would be wise to enable the all weapons and
unlimited ammo cheats as there aren't any of these weapons in
one player levels.

First off, I would recommend you to set the game to "low-rez" and
at a relatively high player speed to keep things moving. You should
also disable the timer and frag limits in order to perfectly
emulate a Co-Op game.


* Acclaim: For publishing the game itself.
* Iguana: For making the best multiplayer game ever!

* "Marshmallow": Who inspired me to make a FAQ in the first
* "Xero": His multiplayer FAQ was a great help and is still
          considered my multiplayer bible.
* Michael Snyder: For his help on testing the multiplayer
                  map info and what not.
* Scott Partin: He had nothing to do with anything, but
                I'd feel bad if his name wasn't mentioned.

Legal Stuff

This guide may be distributed in its original form as long as
the author is credited accordingly. Break this rule and your 
neck will become my personal property!

Copyright (C) 1999 MattUV


_Version 1.1_
I don't think you'll ever understand how much work was
put into this FAQ. Especially since I can only type at
about 40 WPM. Now that I've finished all the map
descriptions and corrected all the grammar, I'd really
like some more multiplayer tips! So E-mail me if you
have anything useful to add to my FAQ.


_Version 1.0_
Since this is my first real FAQ, I think I'm doing pretty
good so far. I would like to thank both "Marshmallow" and
"Xero" for their helpful FAQ and overall inspiration. Since
this is the first version of my Turok 2: Multiplayer Faq, I'm
sure that it contains some errors or typos in it somewhere.
Please E-mail me with any corrections you believe are necessary.
I would also like to request some help in describing the following
maps; Escheria and Squares Cubed. Lastly, if you have some tips
for ANY of the multiplayer maps, just E-mail them to me and
I'll be sure to include them in the next version of this FAQ.


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