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Boss FAQ by SeaDragon

Version: Final | Updated: 10/12/03

                             SeaDragon will now present...

                                 T     H     E                         _,-#-#
             ___________                       _|_              /|    ,+^#   #\#
            /          //| _.-|--__,-''|    _-  |  -_    ---  /  |  _#       #@
          /___     __/ / ||   ||  --   /   |         |   |  | |  |        $,+$
              |   |   |  ||   ||  |/ /  __|__       __|__|  |/  /        #^
              |   |   |  ||   ||   _ --,  |           |  |   _ --,    @_^
              |   |   |  ||   ||  | |  |   |_       _|   |  | |  |   #%
              |   |   |___,,__||__| |_ |     - _|_ -     |__| |  | #_^
              |_.-'                   \|        |               \| # #
                               SEEDS OF EVIL                   ###@;""""'''

                              BOSS STRADEGIES

              +Copyright 2003-2004 SeaDragon. All Rights Reserved+

                               *Final Version*

I. Intro

Greetings, people, this is my first FAQ ever, and my best idea so far.
Trouble with the Primagen? Disgusted by the Mother? Well, FRET NO MORE, because
your chance to send them squirting blood comes NOW! (or maybe in a few
minuites, just read these next few sections...:D

II. Legal Crap

This FAQ (pronounced F-A-Q or FAK, whatever you choose) has ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
BY ME!!! Meaning that you may not copy, tamper, or mock this FAQ in ANY WAY, so
only I can do that. You acually can, but only with my permission. And that
permit is valid for twenty-four hours only.

III. Contact Me.

> My email address is zane_tw@msn.com
> I don't want junk mail.
> You can ask for help, praise me, whatever.
> I don't mind getting FAQ corrections sent.
> Hate mail? SUUURE, just send it on in!

IV. Version History

Version 0.0: Just thought up the idea. FAQ not even typed yet.

Version 0.1: Just released the FAQ. A LOT to come, Turok fans!

Version 0.7: Rearranged the Legal Crap section and adjusted some sentinces.
Added some more Secrets. Added Version History section. Added hints to the
Primagen Strategy.

Version 1.2: Added Brother Reed to the Credits Section. Added Weapons Section.
Fixed some Typos. Added a secret. Adjusted some stradegies.

Version 1.4: Adjusted a few more sections. Added energy totem stradegy. Why? To
make this look big, that's why! Thinking of making boss stradegies for the
first Turok.

Version 1.6: Added "Bosses it's worst against" to the weapons section. Added
"reccomended weapons" to all the stradegies.

Version 1.7: Fixed a few typos. Started my Turok: Dinosuar Hunter Boss
But if you think I'm doing Boss Stradegies for Turok 3: Shadow of Obilivion,
you're absolutley INSANE! That game, those bosses, I can't think up a stable
strategy for any of them, so therefore, I have skipped it and gone on to
planning up a rage wars stradegy, so THERE! Oh, I should stop now...

Version 1.8: Added the "Other FAQs By SeaDragon" Section.

Final Version: Made the last few finishing touches.

V. Weapons

Just like every turok, this game has one kickbutt arsenal of guns, and I'll
list all of 'em! Please note, I may not have listed every boss each weapon
works best against. If you like, you can go try out some weapons on different
bosses, just experiment, and let me know what boss you fought, and what weapon
you used, I'll put you in the credits section!

TALON: Your basic melee weapon. It has two spikes extending from the hand to
make in look like a dino-foot. You basically scratch with it. Quite useless.

BOW: It's a wooden bow, it shoots arrows.

PISTOL:  Your basic Pistol. Uhhhh, it shoots bullets? It's actually quite
useful, but not against bosses.

FLARE: It's only useful in dark places, dosen't hurt enemies or bosses, it only
sticks to them.

TEK BOW: An upgrade for the bow, this bad boy shoots explosive tek arrows and
comes equipped with a sniper scope. Easier to pull arrows back, too.

SHOTGUN: Very powerful at close range, weakling at long range. Uses explosive

MAG. 60: An upgrade for the pistol, this buttkicker is five times as powerful!
Shoots off three instant bullets with incredible force.

SHREDDER: An upgrade for the shotgun, this thing is EXTREMELY powerful.

WAR BLADE: Incredibly powerful melee weapon. That's about it.

TRANQUILIZER GUN: Puts enemies to sleep.

GRENADE LAUNCHER: It's a grenade launcher, it launches grenades. Learning how
to handle it may be difficult.

PLASMA RIFLE: Quite useful. Comes with great sniper capability. Love that green

CEREBRAL BORE: Ahh, yes, the most creative weapon in video game history. And
probably the grossest. This thing will lock on to enemies' heads,(not bosses')
launch a drill, and spills out all brain fluid. The explosion after that
fountain of blood will decapitate the foe.

SCORPION LAUNCHER: Launches four missles in one shot!

CHARGE DART RIFLE: Hold Z and you get a charged shot. Stuns enemies for up to
one minuite whil constanly depleting their health. A torture weapon. Too bad it
doesen't work on bosses.

FLAMETHROWER: My number one weapon of choice for nearly all the bosses. Just be
sure to aim carefully, ammo goes out FAST! Roast 'em and toast 'em!

FIRESTORM CANNON: Extremly rapid fire, it's best against any boss.

PROXIMITY FRAGMENTATION MINE(PFM): These mines, once set, are very deadly. If
any enemy comes within it's sensory field, it will rocket up and explode,
cutting them off at the legs. Might take a few mines.

SUNFIRE POD: Smooth, shiny, obsidian sphere. Contains the power of the sun.
Blinding flash once thrown.

HARPOON GUN: Usable only underwater. Launches harpoons.

TORPEDO LAUNCHER: Usable only underwater, launches torpedos. Deadly.

ASSAULT RIFLE: See Mag 60. Multiplayer Only.

RIDING GUN: We've got heavy weaponry here. Comes with a triceratops' horn
charge, two, count'em, TWO rocket launchers, and a machine gun. R: Machine Gun
Z: Rocket Launchers C-UP TWICE FAST: Horn Charge. Avalible only in level 2.

RAZOR WIND: A boomerang with serrated edges and deadly speed. Half the reason
you'll see gore.

THE NUKE: It'll launch a plasma ball that will grow, and grow, and grow, and
grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, and
grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, and
grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, and grow, and grow,
grow, untill it explodes, and all enemies within 500 yards of the big blue
blast will die. The most powerful weapon in the entire game, belive it or not.
Found by assebling the six nuke weapon parts, found in those dreadful oblivion
portals(a.k.a., torture chambers).

VI. Srategies For Bosses.

Enough with the nonsense, it's time for buttwhuppin'! (Wich-ceech!)

Port of Adia Totem

Reccomended weapons: Shotgun, pistol, nuke

Well, your first totem. Defend against: Endtrails. The shotgun's a good chioce
here. Be sure to draw attention, though, that's critical.

River of Souls Totem

See Port of Adia Totem. Don't worry, no undeads.

Death Marshes Totem

Reccomended weapons: Purr-Linn killer weapons

Oh, yeah, you guessed it! Defend Against: Juggernats, Gunners, Warclubs. Once
again, draw attention. The best choice here is the Mag. 60. Probably the
hardest totem in the game.

Lair of the Blind Ones Totem/The King of the Blind Ones

Reccomended weapons: Sunfire pod, nuke, firestorm cannon, flamethrower.

Now to protect totem number four. Defend Against: Blind One Sentinels and
Guardians. I'll bet you hated this level so much you forgot about the energy
totem! I don't see how these guys can smell or hear the totem, but anyways,
sunfire pods work wonders here, save your Nuke ammo. As always, draw their
attention by any means nessacary. And finally...

...to make this already nightmare level worse, you will start out in a boss
chamber, so prepaer for a difficult battle. If you were lucky enough to have
assembled the Nuke by this point, use it. If not, use an explosive weapon or
the Flamethrower. You'll start out in a tunnel leading straight into the
chamber. When you're in there, two waves of maggots will come out of the water,
a Nuke or a few Sunfire Pods will take care of them. After that, an eye will
pop out of the ceiling(I thought he was blind!) and four tentacles will come
out of the water. Don't bother shooting the eye, it'll just blink and your shot
will bounce right off of it. A Nuke will take care of the tentacles, if you
dont have it yet, shoot the head of the tentacles for the most damage, and
constantly strafe around the arena, avoinding all attacks. Once they're gone,
another two waves of maggots will come out, use the same strategy you did last
time. Now, the eye will open again and this time, giant... giant..
giant...um... WORM THINGS will spit poison at you, once again, use a Nuke, or
shoot them with just about anything in your arsenal, while strafing in a circle
around the arena. YEP, you guessed it! MORE maggots!!!!! Use the same strategy
you've used twice already. Now, bigger tentacles will come out of the walls.
Strafe in a circle once more around the arena, shooting the heads of the
tentacles(Nukes won't work now) and avoiding the pound attacks at all costs!
Don't worry, no more maggots. Now you actually CAN shoot the eye on the ceiling
with ANYTHING. After you see all that gloppy gel fall on you, you'll be back in
the hub.

Hive of the Mantids Totem/Mantid Queen

Reccomended weapons: Charge dart rifle, firestorm cannon, grenade launcher,

Now HERE'S a swarm of enemies! Defend Against: Countless Mantid Drones!!!!!
Just use the firestorm cannon on who is brave enough to take you on, and use
the charge dart rifle to stun anybody who is attacking the totem, then just pop
a shell in their head. Good thing there's no Soldiers here.

Welcome to the Queen's chamber.=> Boy, she's taller that a soldier! The only
use the Nuke has here is killing off the mites, so I recommend just to use
anything on them. As for the Queen, use the Firestorm Cannon or Flamethrower on
her. After the cutscene, three mites will attack you. Kill them, and the Queen
will arrive. Attack the four smaller arms on her while at a slight distance to
avoid her attacks.  It'll be tough to take out those arms, so aim carefully.
After that, she'll jump up into that tube hanging from the ceiling and four
mites will attack. Take care of them, and the Queen will be back. Aim for her
abdomen now. When she launches bombs from her abdomen, strafe to her side and
unload on her from there. When her abdomen is gone, another four mites will
arrive. Crunch them up, and the Queen will arrive again. Now you have to aim
for her metallic arms. Her attacks are much more powerful now, so you might
lose a couple of lives. Once again, shoot from a distance to take the lesser
amount of damage. When she puts her arms together for a blast attack, shoot
like crazy. It might take five times at her arms to get rid of them. After her
arms are gone(don't worry, no mites) she'll get on the ground and you can get a
clean head shot. When she's done for, you'll return to the hub. You've defeated
the Mantid Queen.

Mother of the Flesh-Eaters

Reccomended weapons: Razorwind, firestorm cannon, plasma rifle, flamethrower.

You'll enocounter this boss after completing Primagen's Lightship. This thing's
UUUUUUUUUUUUGLY! What, no energy totem? Of course! If you had to defend it
against all those enemies from the 'Ship, that thing'd be gone before you know
it! And besides, why would the Primagen want a totem in his lightship? But,
let's get down to buisiness, shall we? After the cutscene, her arms will flash
white. You need to hit her arms, obviously, two times to move on to the next
round. It's no use standing at a distance, because she'll just stick her arms
in the ground and hit you from there. So, you'll have to jump to avoid her
attacks. After this round, you will see another cutscene, and then here comes
the tentacles out of her bloody stumps for arms. You can stand at a distance
this time, but use the Firestorm Cannon for a clean shot. Again, you'll have to
hit her arms to move on. She'll constantly jump up to avoid your attacks, and
if you get far enough away, she'll suck you in for a close attack. In the third
round, she will grow legs, and will chase after you. Her two new LONG distance
attacks are shooting little green monster thingys at you and shooting
shockwaves. This round you have to hit her head, and if you have plenty of
lives, then taking damage shouldn't matter TOO much (if not, STRAFE, DANGIT,
STRAFE!). And, plasma rounds and health will constantly be dropped onto the
arena, so the Firestorm Cannon or Plasma Rifle will be extremely useful. You
won't kill her, but alas, she will retreat. Maybe she'll make her return in
Turok 3? Hmmm... You'll now return to the hub.

The Primagen (dunn, dunn, dunnnnnnnnnnnnnn)

Reccomended weapons: Flamethrower, shredder, firestorm cannon, nuke, the list
goes on and on.

Assuming that you have all of the Primagen keys, this strategy will be
extreeeeeeeeeeeeemely useful to you. This will be a difficult battle, so make
sure you have a rapid fire weapon. TONS of variations of ammo will be
constantly dropped onto the arena at all times, even health. To avoid his
attacks, constantly back away, if he attacks long range, STRAFE, IDIOT, STRAFE!
Just make sure you stay away from the edge of the arena. Rarely, he will fly up
and launch many powerful attacks, once again, strafe all over. Each time you
hit a body part and it comes off, he will fly up and land to regenerate. STOP
your flamethrower for the last round!! Your every skill will be tested here.
Good luck.

After the cinema, the Primagen will send out mini-nukes, and then a wave of
flying mechs. Assuming you have the Nuke, this will be easy against the flying
mechs, and if not, use our old buddy the Firestorm Cannon. In the first round,
you need to hit the four tentacles on his back, easier said than done, trust
me. After you've shot off all four tentacles, he will regenerate, but stop him,
and he will regnerate fully. He will fly back to his prison.

In the second round, more mini-nukes and flying mechs will come out. Again,
avoid the nukes, and use your own Nuke against the flying mechs. This round,
you need to hit his two left arms(HIS left, not YOUR left). This will be easy,
although now he can send out long range shockwaves. Again, after he regenerates
fully, he will fly back into his prison.

This round, two waves of flying mechs will come out, so make sure you have two
Nuclear Warheads on hand. After this little "fun" thing, the Primagen will come
out, yet again, this time with his head flashing. This would be a good time to
whip out the Flamethrower. His new attack is trying to blow you out of the
arena. Strafe to the left, or right, and run in his direction, taking into mind
you don't fall off of the arena. His head will take damage quickly, which is
why the Flamethrower is the best weapon to use for this round. After an
impressive death scene, Adon will confront you.

VII.  Credits

My sister, for helping with typing.
Me, I wrote it.
Acclaim and Iguana, for making this game better than the crappy ol' Goldeneye
Brother Reed for the Title Art.
Marshmallow, for the weapon and code lists.
Game FAQS, for letting me put up this FAQ.
You for witnessing my first FAQ.

VIII. Secrets

Big Heads: UBERNOODLE   Makes heads a LOT easier to hit. Title tells why.
Voices are much deeper, too.
Thin Enemies: HOLASTICKBOY   Makes enemies thin.
Big Hands and Feet: STOMPEM   The name says it all!
Small Enemies: PIPSQUEAK   Makes enemies TINY! Also raises voice pitch.
Pen and Ink Mode: IGOTABFA   Makes the enviorment look like a colorless drawing.
Blackout Mode: LIGHTSOUT   Turns off ambient lighting. Press L to toggle
Gourad Mode: WHATSATEXTUREMAP   Removes texture layering from nearly everything.
Frooty Stripes Mode: FROOTSTRIPE   Almost everything is colorful.
Zach Attack Mode: AAHGOO  Replaces the life force look with a baby face.
Juans Cheat: HEEERESJUAN   Exactly tha same as zach attack, only it's Juan's
Master Code: BEWAREOBLIVIONISATHAND   Unlocks all cheats, including the ones
that the above don't unlock.

Co-Op: NOTE: This works with the black cartridge ONLY! First of all, enter the
master code, and go to multiplayer. When you have all the players you want,
pause, go to cheats, and choose the level you want to go to from "warp to". You
will not be able to go through warps and cannot pick up any items.

NOTE: You could enter the individual codes just to see how many cheats you can
unlock, but why bother? The master code will unlock every aid you could
possibly ask for! So what's the deal with all the codes? To make the section
look huge, that's why!

IX. Reader feedback(see section III foe details on how to contribute)

Here was a little thing I missed on the blind one boss. Thanks, Irving!
Here's what he said:
From: Irving de Jesus
Hi, your  FAQ is really helpfull and i wanted to add two things of my own :


In the lair of the bind ones boss:
It said "aim at the things hitting you"
You can aim a nuke at the eye and since it bounces off it hits, everthing thats
in the arena is affected.
Second :
I love this game and I wanted to see if a game is coming out for PS2 or PS3

Here's what I said:
Oops, I forgot to include that. Yes, the nuke will affect everything in the
arena if you aim at the eye. It even works on the eye in part 4 of the battle!
And no, the turok games are not coming out for PS2 or PS3. But you could buy
turok: evolution, it kicks major butt!
Good eye, Irving.

X. Closer

Hopefully, the four bosses of the game are now defeated by you. I hope my FAQ

XI. Other FAQS by SeaDragon

Other FAQ Releases: None yet.
Up and coming FAQ releases: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Boss Stradegies, Turok: Rage
Wars Boss Stradegies.

                                        ~End of FAQ~

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