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FAQ/Walkthrough by BobDaMunky

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/01/01

    #############   ###      ###   ############   #############   ###   ###
   #############   ###      ###   ############   #############   ###  ###
        ###       ###      ###   ###      ###   ###       ###   ### ###
       ###       ###      ###   ############   ###       ###   ######
      ###       ###      ###   ### ###        ###       ###   ### ###
     ###       ############   ###   ###      #############   ###   ###
    ###       ############   ###     ###    #############   ###     ###

                               #####    #####
                              #####    #####
                             #####    #####
                            #####    #####
                           #####    #####
                          #####    #####

Ah, back from quite a long hiatus. Some of you might remember me as 
BobDaMunky. NO! Don't go! I promise I've gotten better in the last six months 
or so! I'll be good this time. Anyways, the second (I did an NES Hydlide 
Walkthrough earlier) FAQ for me after a good long break is for Turok II: 
Seeds Of Evil (yes, I KNOW I'm a few years late, shut up!). This game was 
REALLY good. After the first Turok, I figured they'd find some way to screw 
the sequel up. A lot of people were turned off by the massive levels and 
scarce save points in this game, but that's what I like about it. Sure, the 
original was great, where you could just run around aimlessly and blast 
Raptors with a Shotgun, but this is just as good! Well, I suppose that's 
enough rambling from me, onto the guide...

Table Of Contents

1)	That Lovely Title - That's actually not half bad, if I do say so myself.
2)	Introduction - I believe you already read THAT.
3)	Table Of Contents - Woohoo!
4)	Update History- UPDATES, BABY, UPDATES!!!
5)	Story - Where I cut and paste the story of Turok II from someone else's 
Walkthrough. See if you can find out WHO!
6)	Controls - See Turok. See Turok run. 
7)	Walkthrough - My Pulitzer Prize-winning explanation of how to win the game
8)	Items - Items, all up in the heezie fresheezies!
9)	Weapons - (Insert Funny Quote Here)
10)	Enemies - Those funny-looking things you like to senselessly murder 
(They have families, you know!)
10) Bosses - Mommy, make the bad man go away! (COMING SOON!)
11)	Primagen Keys - Ummm...Sketti-O's? (COMING SOON!)
12)	Cheat Codes - Because you suck and need help
13)	Legal Disclaimer - Where I bitchslap copyright infringement violators
14)	Credits/Thanks - Did you make the list?
15)	End Of Page - The point where you can no longer scroll down

Update History

Version 1.0 (September 1st, 2001) - Well, here it is. The Walkthrough is only 
completed through Level 1, but there is enough other stuff to make me feel 
that this work is ready for publication. Weapons, Enemies, Items, Story, etc. 
are all completed in this 70+K document.


Well, quite frankly, this story is pretty retarded. More or less, here's what 

       You remember the first Turok, right? Well, in case you don't, our good 
friend Joshua Fireseed (a.K.a. Turok), used the mighty Chronoscepter to 
defeat the evil Campaigner (unless you never got it). Anyway, after doing 
that, Mr. Fireseed decided that the Chronoscepter was too mighty to just 
leave lying around, so he disposed of it. "How?" you ask? Well, that's easy: 
He threw it into a frickin' volcano! Well, of course, that wasn't the end of 
it. The Chronoscepter somehow awakened the unthinkable evil known as the 
Primagen (cue oooohs and aaaahs)!
       Luckily for you, Primagen has been imprisoned in his lightship since 
the beginning of time (I wasn't aware they had such things back then). You 
see, back in the day, Primagen challenged the Makers of Creation for control 
of the Universe. Well, this just couldn't be allowed to happen, to the 
Lazarus Concordance used five Energy Totems to imprison Primagen forever and 
ever. Well, now that he's been awaken, he found people willing to destroy 
those Energy Totems, thus freeing the Primagen and allowing him to....well, 
I'm sure he'd do SOMETHING evil.

I told you it was retarded.

YES YES YES YES!!!!! FINALLY!! Phew...remember the horrible control scheme of 
the first Turok, and how you couldn't change it? Well, this game uses the 
exact same setup, but it can be changed. THANK YOU IGUANA!!! Anyway, let's 
get down to the functions of the buttons on the default method:

A Button: Cycles forward through your arsenal of weapons. Yup, that's it.

B Button: Cycles backwards through your armory-in-a-bag. Boy, that A and B 
buttons sure don't get as much mileage in this game as they usually do.

Z Button: Fires whatever weapon Turok currently has out. Quite handy for 
those situations where there are enemies on the screen :)

C Buttons: This is the part I hate. These buttons move you and allow you to 
strafe. C-Right strafes right, C-Left strafes left, C-Up moves forward, and 
C-Down moves down. I figured you'd need that explained to you, since you're 
such an idiot. This really irks me, since I'm so used to moving with the 
analog stick, and looking around with these buttons. Follow my advice and 
switch the controls quicklike.

Analog Stick: As I previously mentioned, this looks around. If you look up or 
down, the view automatically switches back to the straightforward position 
when you move, which is great.

L Button: Brings up the level map. I use this all the time, even when I know 
where I'm going. Perhaps I have a problem.

R Button: JUMPS! Yay! Jumping in first-person shooters is fun, albeit a tad 
bit hard. The longer you hold down the R Button, the higher you will jump. 
That's an important thing to know, unless you live in Pakistan.

D-Pad Up: Changes the type of ammo you're using, if the particular weapon 
you're currently using HAS more than one type of ammo. Example: With the 
Shotgun, this switches between normal shells and explosive shells.

D-Pad Down: Ducks. Woohoo! Just about the most useless thing in the game. 
Won't make you any less susceptible to enemy fire, and you'll wind up 
shooting at their kneecaps. Boo!


Level 1: Port of Adia

Mission Objectives:

a.	Activate three distress beacons
b.	Rescue four children
c.	Activate the Warp Portals
d.	Locate the Energy Totem and defend it at all costs

Things Waiting To Rip Your Throat Out:

Death Guards

Things To Help You Get By Those Scary Guys:

.9mm Pistol
Flare Gun
Tek Bow

After viewing the spiffy entrance movie and discovering you objectives, 
you'll get control of Turok. Now, first things first, jump into the water and 
swim around. You'll find plenty of Life Forces (your meter should be pretty 
close to 100 by the time you swim out), which is a very good thing. You can 
start by checking the two halves of the destroyed ship for a bunch of 
Yellows, and then each of the four alcoves for some Reds. Now, once that's 
done, follow the path towards the far wall, while many things blow up around 
you. How pretty! Now, do you see that barrel lying up against the wall? Well, 
bust out you Bow and fire a shot at it. Can you guess what happens next? NO! 
Barney the Dinosaur does NOT pop out! It blows up, which can be quite 
dangerous if you were dumb enough to fire from point blank range or 
something. Before proceeding through the hole you have just opened up, check 
another hole in the wall and you will find a blue and yellow lever. This just 
so happens to be one of the three distress beacons you are supposed to 
activate. Unfortunately, you'll need a power cell to do that. Well, once 
you've gawked at that for long enough, enter the blowed up wall. Inside is a 
ladder. Climb it, and you'll receive the previously discussed power cell. Go 
back and place it into the distress beacon (just walk up to it), and it will 
automatically be activated (1 of 3 distress beacons activated).

	Go back up the ladder inside the wall and proceed through the tunnels 
(picking up some Yellow Life Forces as you go) until you reach a room with a 
large platform in the middle surrounded by shallow water. Either jump to it 
or use the ladder on the far side to get on it, but don't enter the Warp 
Portal just yet! Look around for an opening to another set of tunnels, with a 
broken ladder underneath. Make sure you have the right angle for the jump, 
run full speed ahead, and leap for that ladder. It's tough, as jumps go, but 
you should have it down pat in no time. Walk along until you run into the 
Pistol! Yay! My advice: Conserve ammo for that, and use the Bow on Endtrails 
for a little while. You may or may not fall down to the beginning of the 
tunnels after getting the Pistol, but it doesn't matter. Either way, just 
make your way back to the Warp Portal and hop on in.

	If you'd like, you can nab some Yellow Life Forces by climbing the 
ladder and walking around up there. After that, pull out your weapon of 
choice and round the corner. There, ladies and gentlemen, is our first enemy! 
Since it's only a measly Raptoid, put a few arrows/bullets into it and move 
on. You'll find a Level 2 Key floating above some kind of pedestal, so pick 
it up.

       Go straight (it's nothing but a dead end if you turn right, blocked off 
by rubble) and - HOLY SHIT! - you'll be ambushed by a pair of Raptoids. Nice 
entrance, huh? Too bad they don't stand a chance against you. Waste them, 
then continue on and destroy the barrel you find up against the wall. A 
ladder leads to some more Life Forces if by some chance you absolutely need 
them. Once that's done, crawl through the tunnel created by the barrel's 
explosion to pick up a few Blue Healths (yay!). In this next room there are a 
pair of Endtrails. One of your level, one far above you. I suggest taking out 
the one in your location and then diving into the water to avoid sniper fire. 
There are some Silver Healths down here if you need them, as well as a secret 
passage. At the end, climb the pile of rubble and look around for a switch (a 
brown, mechanical thing on the wall). Activate it, then strafe and turn 180 
degrees around to catch sight of the Raptoid you just released. Kill it, then 
climb up the ladder. Drop down to the walkway along the wall below, but be 
careful. Run too fast and you'll end up in the water below and have to start 
your climb all over again. Now, DON'T MOVE. Instead, turn right until you see 
an Endtrail. Turn Auto Aim off if it isn't already, pull out the Bow and 
plant an arrow straight in his head. He'll not only die, but fall 20-30 feet 
while he's at it usually. Hehehe, falling is funny! Turns out he was guarding 
a switch, which activates a lovely ladder to the next level when you touch 
it. Climb said ladder, and Turok will stumble upon a flashlight. Yay! 
Unfortunately, the batteries don't have much juice left, so don't dawdle! 
Pick up all the lovely Silver Healths you can carry, then drop down. There's 
a Red Life Force to the left if you want it. Flick the switch down here and 
you'll open up yet another passageway down here. Move slowly, because at the 
end is an Endtrail standing guard. Take him out, and then listen to the 
annoying girl in a cage in the middle of the room. After wasting about ten 
rounds trying to shoot her, pick up the Pistol ammo lying around, and follow 
the perimeter to the other side of the room. Take either ramp up towards the 
top, grabbing all the Blue Health necessary along the way. On the upper level 
you'll find an Endtrail. Waste him with a few shots from your Pistol, and a 
door up here will open. Inside is a switch, so go hit it. Immediately turn 
around, because there will be a Raptoid coming straight for you. After THAT'S 
taken care of, go back down to where the bitchy caged girl is. Her cage is 
now open, and there is a wooden bridge leading to it. Walk up to her to save 
her (1 of 4 children rescued).
       Now, backtrack to the walkway above the pool of water, and look down. 
Snipe the Endtrail and then drop down. Look around for a newly opened door 
and head towards it. Waste as many shots as you want on the two Raptoids 
guarding the Warp Portal, because there's enough ammo lying around here to 
completely refill your Pistol. Once they're dead, step into the bright blue 
       Walk just out of the portal's light and jump. You see that Endtrail 
(you should, considering he probably just fired a shot at your head). Well, 
the top of his head should still be visible when you hit the ground, and if 
it isn't, just back up a few feet. Now shoot him, and move ahead. If you 
want, there is a switch on the wall that will help you nab some Health, but 
it's not necessary. What IS necessary is going forward until you find a group 
of Compsagnathus (hereby to be known as "Compys") gnawing at the body of a 
dead soldier. Bust out your Talon and make confetti out of these guys, and 
then flip the switch that they just so happened to be guarding. It will open 
a big, steel, grated door (why? Couldn't just have REGULAR doors?), which you 
should now go through. After a nice little trail of Yellow Life Forces, 
you'll come upon an Endtrail and a crate. This can be quite a bitch, but 
there are two ways to kill him quick: 1) Strafe around one way, and he'll run 
away. Quickly start to strafe the other way, hopefully catching him off 
guard, then shoot him right in his big ugly face, 2) Climb the nearby ladder, 
then simply turn around and steady your aim. Either way, he's dead, and 
there's a switch at the top of that ladder just waiting to be hit. It opens 
another tremendously oversized steel door. Run through the doorway, then 
quickly turn 90 degrees to see a couple of Raptors charging you. You'd be 
well advised to kill them quickly. I suggest shooting slowly; 4 or 5 well-
placed shots will do much better than 15-20 quick, barely-aimed ones. After 
you've taken care of that, go on past them and climb the ladder. At the top 
is another alcove with a switch. Drop back down and continue along the path, 
which will take you to a bridge. Cross it - watch out for that Raptoid! - and 
you'll wind up in an open field. Run around the perimeter of this place to 
find some Pistol ammo, and a few enemies as well. I don't understand the 
geography of this location AT ALL, so I'll just tell you to WANDER. 
Eventually, you'll find a large wooden structure, some kind of watch tower. 
You can shoot at the barrel on top for a nice explosion, and some goodies. 
Look out for that Raptoid coming out of the water (that's so cool), then run 
around until you find an Endtrail. Shouldn't be hard, considering the 
bastard's chucking grenades at your head. Kill him, and then blast the barrel 
next to him. Voila! Power cell #2! Now, look around this area for a stack of 
crates that looks kind of like a twisting staircase. "Climb" them to the top 
to discover a distress beacon. I think you know what to do (2 of 3 distress 
beacons activated).
       You probably already saw the Warp Portal you're looking for, it was 
behind that 'nade-lobbing Endtrail. Take it. Short paragraphs are fun.
       Don't move. Instead, stare straight ahead until an Endtrail pops into 
your line of sight. You may shoot him from where you are, or bum rush him 
with the Talon. Either way, it shouldn't be very hard at all. Rush out into a 
large area with two big ships, and look for stragglers. Pick off any 
remaining enemies, and check out the switch guarded by an Endtrail at the top 
of a ramp. Fun thing to do: Get right up against the side of the ramp,look 
up, and you can shoot the bottom of his neck, right through his head! COOL!! 
This will open a couple of doors. One leads to a Power Cell, which is the 
closer of the two doors. Drop down and grab it. Oh, by the way, there is now 
another Endtrail loose in here. Find him and eliminate the bastard. As you 
did last time, look around the perimeter of the area for a bunch of crates. 
You can't climb these, just go around behind them. What have we here? Oh, 
it's the last distress beacon (3 of 3 distress beacons activated, MISSION A 
       Before leaving this area, you might as well collect all the Silver 
Healths on top of the two ships. Also, look at the big hanging crates next to 
each one. Shoot the net twice to dislodge them, then collect the goodies they 
spill. I kind of got disoriented here, so just run around until you find a 
Raptor guarding a switch (supposedly it was ALSO being guarded by that last 
Endtrail you killed), it will open up a whole new world (well, not quite...). 
Want Pistol ammo? Then shoot one of the barrels up against the wall, but 
beware of them Raptoid that pops out (of course, if the explosion didn't 
already kill him, he's not exactly in tip top shape). There you go, four 
Pistol clips!  I would suggest not getting them yet, and instead emptying 
your gun on the Raptoids/Endtrail on the path ahead. Whichever you choose, 
they're dead and you've got lots of ammo. But for now, bust out the Talon, 
because you've got Compys! Kill them, and walk onto the open bridge. What is 
that? Is it? Could it be? YES! It's the almighty Shotgun. Here's a cool 
scene: Right when you grab it, the bridge lowers and an Entrail on the other 
side opens fire, hiding behind four barrels. Instead of firing at HIM, like 
most people do, shoot the barrel of your choice. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! MAYHEM!! Heh 
heh, good times! Continue on, and OH THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! It's a 
Ship, which is this game's version of a Save Point. Walk in, and save your 
game (you DO have a Memory Card, right?). Don't bother with the Health or 
Ammo yet, as they can only be used once a level, and now is not the time.
       After doing whatever you feel you need to do in there, step outside and 
Walk around the Ship. See that switch there? Switch it, obviously. Now, since 
this is a dead end, go back to the bridge and drop off. Yes, that's right, 
just drop off on the side. Actually, I'd suggest sticking around up there to 
pick off the enemies below before dropping down. In case you haven't noticed, 
we've been here before, but that switch actually opened up a door around 
here. You shouldn't have a problem finding it, but just in case, it leads 
into a tunnel-like area. Take few steps - AAAAHHH!! - and pop the Raptoid in 
the head. There's some of that lovely respawning (which isn't really a word) 
health down here, which means that if you collect it and wait a few seconds, 
it comes right back. Yay! Repeat as needed, then continue on your way. Along 
the way, you'll find a Raptoid and some Pistol ammo. How nice. Climb the 
ladder and hit the switch up here. Turn left and go straight until you find 
the second missing child. Unfortunately, the poor kid's cage is still closed, 
and a pair of Endtrails will seemingly pop out of nowhere when you go up to 
it. Take care of them before they have time to deal any significant damage, 
and the kid's cage will open up. Rescue the whiny bastard (2 of 4 children 
rescued). Now that that's out of the way, head on back through this area to 
find a Warp Portal. Enter, young grasshopper.
       Climb the ladder directly in front of you and put a few rounds into the 
poor Raptoid you find up there. Oh lookie! He was guarding a level 2 Key, and 
according to the rules, it now belongs to you!
       Traveling a bit forward, you should realize that you are back in the 
water room from the beginning of the level. Lucky for you, a new door has 
opened up on the walkway. Also lucky for you, there's plenty of time to snipe 
both Endtrails in here before dropping down onto the walkway. Be careful 
about that, by the way. It's a real bitch getting all the way back up there. 
Go through the doorway you just recently opened up, and you'll find a shiny 
new Warp Portal. Yay!
       Explore this area thoroughly before going on (especially the pool, 
which has some Yellow Life Forces and Exploding Shotgun Shells). After you've 
taken everything that this little place has to offer, follow the trail of 
Life Force into the tunnel in the corner. Now, look at that ladder. See the 
door above it? That's the 'Seagull Door', and the only way to open it is to 
kill every single Seagull in the level. That can be quite a bitch, even 
moreso when one considers that the prize is nothing more than an Ultra Health 
and a Red Life Force. Those bastards!...Moving right along, kill the baddie 
that awaits and activate that funny-looking blue switch. Funny-looking blue 
switches always activate either Talisman Chambers or Oblivion Portals. In 
this case it's just a Talisman Chamber. Enter the chamber (and take a step 
forward) for an informative cinema on Talismans (Talismen?) and their 
Chambers. Walk around if you'd like, but there's absolutely nothing to do in 
here...for now! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Now where was I? Oh yeah...
       After you come out, the Endtrail will be back. Kill him once more, and 
head up the hallway (literally). A Raptoid will try to head you off at the 
top, but you should have little trouble with him. Continue along this route 
(killing some more Raptoids as you go) until you reach a ladder. Climb it, 
grab some goodies, and look over the far edge to find an alcove with a 
switch. If you choose to, you can jump down and hit it, and it will open an 
area with this level's Primagen Key (at least, I THINK that's what's over 
there), which you can't get yet. It is, however, fun exploring, and you'll 
find a Tek Bow. If you choose to go down there, be warned: It's swarming with 
Endtrails up high on buildings, looking to snipe you to death. Either way, 
work your way back to the area where you fought that Raptoid at the top of 
the inclined hallway. Look around this area until you find a ledge with some 
Blue Healths on it. From here, you can see (and jump to) another small alcove 
with a switch in it. Activate it, and drop straight down, because an area 
right here was opened up. Charge the Endtrail, lone guardian of this Level 3 
Key. Kill him and take what isn't rightfully yours!
       Work your way through the nearby hallway (the one with all the 
columns), killing anyone who happens to get in your way. You'll come upon a 
Warp Ortal, as well as the second Ship in this level. Save your game (might 
as well refill health and ammo as well), then enter the Warp Portal.
       If you failed to pick it up earlier, there's another Tek Bow to be 
found here. This area here is just good carnage, The newly acquired Tek Bow 
is my weapon of choice, but you may prefer the Shotgun. Oh well, to each his 
own. Blow up the barrels, and then proceed to just run around shooting the 
hell out of everything. Once your craving for blood has been satisfied, hop 
onto one of the fallen columns and use it to access a ladder high up on the 
wall. That's one hell of a jump, let me tell ya! Hit the switch up there and 
drop back down. Find the door you just opened and go through. After picking 
up the Silver Health and a Flashlight, you'll drop down into another 
wonderful, underground, sewer-type area! Yippie skippy! Grab the Shotgun (I 
suggest going AROUND it if your ammo's low. That way, after all the fighting, 
you can go back and pick this up to replenish your Shotgun Shell supply) and 
the walls on either side will fall releasing a pair of Raptoids. Blast them 
to kingdom come, then repeat this process several times until eventually it's 
not Raptoids that pop out, but Endtrails. Blast the shit out of both of them 
(Explosive Shells anyone?), then go into the back room to free Stupid Bitch, 
I mean Poor Child #3 (3 of 4 children rescued). Only one more of these idiots 
left to go!
       Get the flying fudge out of here (perhaps grabbing the Shotgun as you 
go), and travel over to the area with the waterfall. There are two pretty 
obvious switches in here, as well as some Yellow Life Forces in the pool. 
There always seem to be Yellow Life Forces in the pool, doesn't there? The 
switches open up a door behind the waterfall (ooooh!). Go through, and you'll 
be warped to an area full of houses. Enter the first one and flip the switch, 
then follow the Yellow Life Forces to proceed to the second house. Kill the 
Raptoid, find the second switch (it's on the first floor), and kill the angry 
Endtrail it releases. Before going any further, I would suggest searching the 
houses for all kinds of goodies (ammo, ammo, and more ammo). After you've 
pillaged to your liking, make your way back to the second house and up the 
ramp. Cross the bridge, waste Mr. Endtrail, and warp on outta this place. 
Before worrying about switches and things like that, do some serious ass-
kicking in this area. A Raptoid and a couple of Endtrails, I believe. For 
some serious fun, check out the Endtrail on the crates. Get right up to the 
crates (he won't be able to fire at you from here), then look up. Ah,what a 
wonderful shot you have here. My favorite thing to do is pull out a regular 
arrow and put it right through his throat so that it comes out of the top of 
his head. Hehehe! Lovely, especially when he falls off with an arrow sticking 
out of his skull. After all the enemies are taken care of, climb up on the 
very same pile of crates that poor Endtrail once occupied and hit the switch 
he supposed to be guarding. You can't see it, but the door you just opened is 
right beneath you. Drop down and go through. This area is kind of confusing. 
Start off by dropping down to the bottom level. Find the hallway down here 
and head through it until you come to an area where the two walls/bridges 
fall down. Now just work your way to the top (making sure you don't fall or 
get lost along the way), and you'll run into a switch, which unfortunately is 
guarded by a pair of Endtrails. Make them no more, and avail yourself of the 
switch. To quickly rescue the child from here, just jump down on top of the 
cage, drop down in front of the opening. Say goodbye to Child #4. No, really, 
they disappear after you save them, haven't you noticed? (Mission C 
accomplished). Drop back down to the bottom of this area and find the Warp 
       Hey, it's the houses again! Climb up the ramp and use it to leap onto 
the roof of one of the houses. Check the wall for yet another alcove with a 
switch, which you'll have to jump to to trigger. Jump back to the roof again, 
jump down, and fend off the Raptor you find down there. Run through the newly 
opened passageway. You'll find a pair of switches, so hit both of them. Now 
go ALL THE WAY BACK to the house area and into the new area you just 
uncovered. Bust out the Shotgun and blow the hell out of EVERYTHING you find 
in here. Damn there's a lot of bad guys in this place! Hit the switch, do 
some more killing, hit the next switch, kill ONE MORE Raptoid, and enter the 
blessed Warp! Jesus freakin' Christ, was that fun or what?
       Go forward and blast the Endtrail in the face ASAP. Shimmy up the 
ladder and follow the path until you come to another switch. A pair of 
Raptoids will leap out at you. Massacre them, because it's fun (I'm already 
running out of synonyms for the word kill. That can't be good). If you use 
the Shotgun on one while it's still in the air, and manage to separate the 
torsos, it looks really, REALLY cool. Now, simply walk into the house, hit 
the switch downstairs, hit the switch upstairs, climb the ladder, and grab 
the Level 2 Key. What? No Endtrails? Not even a Raptoid? What a waste. Drop 
yourself downward and scamper on into the Warp Portal.
       Blast the fuzzmonkeys out of the Endtrails in here, then climb on top 
of the crates and hit the switch. The path here is pretty straightforward, 
just keep your guns ready. There's another glorious Ship here, make use of 
it. It's the last one of the level, so use the Health and Ammo options if you 
haven't already. After coming out, jack that Raptoid in the eye and enter the 
Warp...brace yourself.
       This area here involves walking on thin walkways high up in the air, 
with Endtrails all over the place, firing at you from FAAAAAAR away. Blast 
the first few Endtrails you find here; the last thing you need right now is 
sniper fire. Make the long jump following the Yellow Life Force trail. For 
the next few minutes, you'll be under intense sniper fire for Endtrails 
coming from seemingly every direction. Most people would (wisely) encourage 
you to ignore them and move more swiftly, but I find it much more fun to pick 
them all off with Tek Arrows or Pistol rounds. Besides, near the end you'll 
be forced to kill some of them to open doors, so it makes good practice. 
Anyway, blast away at the enemies in this area and climb the ladder at the 
end. There's a pair of Raptoids hoping to get the jump on you. Put a stop to 
these foolish thoughts with your Pistol and keep moving. Just rush through 
here, firing MADLY at those Endtrails. Snag the Ultra Health when you cross 
it (I think you have to kill a certain number of Endtrail to get to it). If 
you survive, you'll find a great big, interesting area. Use the Tek Bow's 
sniper function to hit that Endtrail from about 150 yards away, then climb 
the ladder on your left. Smack the switch up here, then drop back down and 
climb up the other ladder to find an unguarded Level 3 Key, plus some 
Health/Ammo (which you'll probably be needing right about now, I know I 
always do).
       Now climb the OTHER other ladder, and you'll be forced to square off 
with some Raptors, as well as a pack of Compys. Hit the switch atop the 
ladder on the LEFT side to open up a passage on the RIGHT side. Go through 
and...hey, what do you know? It's another house! Upstairs is the last Key of 
this level (a Level 3 Key, if you must know), but it is being guarded by a 
pair of Endtrails who are just running around up here willy-nilly. Take care 
of them, grab the Key, and go switch-hunting around here for a while.
       Eventually, you should work your way outside. Here, hit the two 
switches (one on either side of the door) to lower el bridgo. Cross it, climb 
the ladder (kill the Endtrail if you chose not to earlier), and activate the 
lovely blue switch (Mission B accomplished). Enter the now-accessible Warp 
       Welcome, my friend, to your first Oblivion Portal! Walk forward for one 
sweet-ass cut scene. Damn, these guys are some BAD mothers! Sentinels and 
Death Guards are your Oblivion opposition this time around. Well, bust out 
your Shotgun (Explosive Shells? But of course!) and SHOOT THOSE 
MOTHERFUCKERS!!! Once you've racked up a sufficient body count, search the 
little cubby holes in the walls for goodies. Now head toward the Warp Portal, 
picking up Nuke Piece #1 along the way (yay!). Upon entering the Portal, a 
cut scene commences where Adon explains that the Portal you just came out of 
was not real, but a fake. WHAT!?! Why the HELL didn't you tell me that before 
I went in there and got my ass kicked??? Stupid bitch. *AHEM*
       Go back through the hallway you used to get over here, then drop down 
and take out the Endtrail hiding behind crates. Run on past them to a room 
with two switches. Nail them both and you'll open up a tiny room with an 
Endtrail and a Blue Warp Thingy (TM). Kill the Endtrail, pick up ALL the 
goodies you can handle, and hop on into the BWT.
       Now you have to defend Energy Totem #1 against not one, not two, but 
FIFTEEN (or so) angry Endtrails. Yowza! Sounds pretty tough, right? Lucky for 
you, they're so hell bent on taking out the Energy Totem that they don't even 
have time to fire at you. Simply walk down to the center, bust out your 
Shotgun, and pace around the Totem, firing at will. There are respawning 
Health and Ammo caches all over the place, so those things shouldn't be an 
issue. Once all the Endtrails are dead (Mission D accomplished), run around 
picking up goodies for the 5-10 seconds before you are warped to the Hub. One 
down, six to go.
       This is a pretty cool looking place, no?Walk up the ramp and into the 
center area. From here, you will eventually be able to access every level in 
the game. However, right now you only have enough Keys (if you got them all) 
to enter Levels 1, 2, and 3. Well, seeing as how you just beat Level 1, do 
the obvious thing and get ready for the River Of Souls.

Not much to say here. Most of this stuff is standard fare for first-person 
shooters. I won't even bother with a key here.

Health: These, obviously, fill up your HP, most of them to a maximum of 100. 
Some can get your HP over 100, but no Health can get you higher than 250HP 
(do you really need more than that anyway?). They are all three-dimensional 
plus signs (+), but come in different colors. This determines their 

   - Silver Health: Adds 2HP to your life meter, which isn't much, but 
they're usually found in groups. Also, these can push your HP above 100, 
which is very, very cool.

   - Blue Health: Adds 10HP to your life meter, and can't push it above 100. 
Quite useful when you're running low on Health.

   - Orange Health: If your HP is under 100, grabbing this will automatically 
restore it to that lovely number. If your HP is ABOVE 100, then an Orange 
Health will have no effect on you.

   - Gold Health (a.K.a. Ultra Health): Pick one of these babies up and 
you'll have 100 points added to your HP (unless of course you're above 150HP 
already)! Adon also says "Ultra Health!," which is funny...I think.

Ammo Boxes: Come in many different varieties, but they all serve the same 
function - potty train your pet penguins! NOOOOO! They refill the ammo for 
certain weapons, depending on what you pick up. There are Arrows, Tek Arrows, 
Bullets, Plasma Cells, Shells, and Explosive Shells. I think that's it, 

Backpack: These little guys come in QUITE handy in levels where there isn't 
much ammo around. Allows you to carry twice as much ammunition for each 
weapon. Yippie! However, picking up two Backpacks will NOT give you quadruple 
capacity. Oh well.

Life Forces: These are interesting little items. They add to your Life Force 
Meter (not the same as your Life Meter). When your Life Force Meter reaches 
100, you get an extra life, and it resets. Nice.

   - Gold Life Force: Add a measly one point to your Life Force Meter. Sounds 
lame, but they can usually be found it rows of 5 or 10, sometimes even more. 
Also, following lines of Gold Life Forces usually leads you the proper way 
through the level.

   - Red Life Force: Just like the Gold Life Force, but BETTER. These babies 
add a whopping TEN points to your Life Force Meter. Unfortunately, these 
rarely come in large groups. Just the same, only ten of these for an extra 

Adon's Shippy Jippy: A great big purplish pyramid. You'll know it when you 
see it. Anyway, once you go inside, you'll be presented with 3 different 
options: Refill Health, Refill Ammo, or Save. Pretty self-explanatory. 
However, there is a catch: The Health and Ammo refills only work once per 
level. Fortunately, the Save Option can be used as many times as you'd like 
(Which will probably be quite bloody often).

Talismen (is that the right plural of Talisman?): Found in different levels 
throughout the game, these allow you to find the Primagen Keys (VERY 
IMPORTANT!). There are quite a few, such as Leap of Faith, Whispers, etc.

Primagen Keys: Required to fight the Primagen, these can be found at various 
locations on each of the levels. You'll need a certain Talisman (sometimes 
two) to reach each Primagen key, and the enemies guarding it are usually 
quite angry. SUCH FUN!

Nuke Pieces: Remember the Chronosceptor from the first Turok? Well, the Nuke 
is a different weapon, but the concept is the same: A superweapon needs to be 
assembled, and there is one piece of it in each level, normally in a hard to 
reach location. These all look different, but you can normally tell what's a 
Nuke Piece when you see it.

Now, what first-person shooter would be complete without guns? None, 
otherwise they'd be called something else, like first-person pineapples or 
something silly like that. Remember the guns from the first game? Pretty 
impressive, right? Well, this time your arsenal is bigger and badder, with 
new weapons and old favorites. Twenty-six bad mamma jammas just waiting to 
find their way into the flesh of some unwitting Raptoid or Purr-Linn. Of 
course, we'll need a key, lest you get lost in a sea of information: 

Description: What the weapon looks like, and other stupid crap
Power: How many cornflakes you could probably balance on it.......no, not 
REALLY! NOTE: This is PER BULLET, so fast-firing guns will generally have 
weak power ratings
Max Ammo: The limit to how much ammo you can hold for that particular weapon
My Advice: A simple tip or two from me, your friendly tourist guide
Overall Grade: How often you'll be using it, and how good of a weapon it is.

Assault Rifle
Description: You know, it's your standard assault rifle: big, long, and FUN
Power: Average
Max Ammo: 150 bullets
My Advice: It fires in quick three-shot bursts, one right after the other. 
Pretty fast. You can only receive this weapon in multiplayer, which sucks. 
Otherwise, it'd be a great all-purpose gun. Now, it just serves to anger your 
friends. A sturdy all-around weapon in multiplayer, but chances are you'll 
have something more powerful at your disposal
Overall Grade: N/A
Description: Oh come now kiddies, I think you know what a bow is.....don't you?
Power: WEAK!
Max Ammo: 20 Arrows
My Advice: Holding down Z gives you more range as well as more power, which 
you'll need on this piece of turkey. Fairly useless, it's only redeeming 
quality is the fact that since you can pick up used arrows, the ammo is 
virtually unlimited
Overall Score: 2/10
Cerebral Bore
Description: I LIKE IT!!!!! It's a handheld gun that locks onto brainwaves of 
intelligent creatures. When it gets a lock, fire it, a  little blue thingy 
will come out and, after flying around for a bit, clamp on to the poor 
creature's head and begin drilling. Presumably, once it gets to the center of 
the brain, it explodes, leaving a tasty treat behind! (WARNING: That was a 
joke, kids. Eating brains is NOT cool)
Power: I think it goes without saying
Max Ammo: 10 bores
My Advice: Man this thing is sweet! Two tips for you though: 1) Because of 
its stupendously low firing rate, never use this thing  against multiple 
enemies, 2) Since it tracks brainwaves, this gun is useless against creatures 
of lesser intelligence (Like George Bush), since they don't emit enough
Overall Score: 6/10
Charge Dart Rifle
Description: A great big yellow tazer (And deep down, aren't we ALL great big 
yellow tazers?)
Power: Umm.....N/A?
Max Ammo: 30 charges, 1-3 charges per use
My Advice: Basically an upgrade for the Tranquilizer, this isn't much more 
useful. Use it on tough enemies when your health, ammo, or both are low. 
Immobilizes them for quite some time if you charge it up with Z first
Overall Score: 2/10
Firestorm Cannon
Description: A tremendously oversized, reddish machine gun
Power: Quite High (A machine gun with high power? Get out!)
Max Ammo: 150 bullets
My Advice: WHOA! This is probably the most useful gun in the game. Not as big 
a waste on ammo as you might think, and this baby goes through enemies like 
Bill Cosby through a six-pack of Jello Pudding. Use it whenever you have ammo
Overall Score: 10/10
Description: An elongated gun with a pilot light always on
Power: High
Max Ammo: 50 units of fuel
My Advice: Fairly useless against most enemies, this thing can be a lifesaver 
against packs of smaller creatures. Unfortunately, as with flamethrowers in 
other games, the ammo gets wasted real fast, so CONSERVE, CONSERVE, CONSERVE!
Overall Score: 3/10
Flare Gun
Description: A small handgun with an oversized barrel
Power: N/A (Unless your enemy is the darkness)
Max Ammo: N/A (it recharges)
My Advice: Why doesn't this thing hurt enemies? If I shot you in the face 
with a flare, I think it might just impede your progress. Anyway, it lights 
up dark areas if you shoot it at a wall or whatever. Unlimited ammo, but you 
have to wait for a meter to fill up inbetween shots (Why? The world may never 
Overall Score: 1/10
Grenade Launcher
Description: Big weapon, thick barrel (for obvious reasons)
Power: Very High to Average (depending on how close to an enemy to grenade 
Max Ammo: 10 grenades
My Advice: Don't use this thing in tight spaces. I'm sure you'll kill 
yourself quite a bit while getting used to this gun. Ideal for taking out 
large groups of enemies. Just aim in the center and let one or two fly
Overall Score: 7/10
Harpoon Gun
Description: Long, skinny, and black, it always has the tip of the harpoon 
sticking out of the end
Power: Above Average
Max Ammo: 12 spears
My Advice: The only gun that you can use underwater, right? So, it's fairly 
obvious as to what you should use this on. Not very powerful, but since there 
aren't many powerful underwater creatures, I guess it's OK
Overall Score: 4/10
Mag 60
Description: A large, bulky handgun. Think 'MagSec 40' from Perfect Dark
Power: Above Average
Max Ammo: 50 bullets
My Advice: Fires off three bullets in rapid succession, and it's more 
slightly powerful than the Pistol. Useful in the middle levels when you want 
to conserve ammo for the other, better guns
Overall Score: 6.5/10
Description: It's rather big, which is good when you realize that it has to 
fire an atomic bomb. Lots of swirly lights and stuff. Funny looking
Power: Go to Hiroshima and ask around (that was cold...)
Max Ammo: 5 Nukes
My Advice: Unless you use codes, you can't just go around firing this thing 
willy-nilly, you know what I mean? But when you do, hold down Z and watch it 
charge up (big blue thing). When it finishes, release Z and check out the 
carnage! After the brightness goes back down and you can see again, you'll 
notice the 500 explosions currently taking place, and after that that all the 
enemies around you are now....how should I put this....African. Then they 
blow up. Sweet
Overall Score: 3/10 (VERY rarely used)
Description: You know....it's a pistol. Shiny, metallic, barrel at one end, 
trigger at the other
Power: Average
Max Ammo: 50 bullets
My Advice: I use this on almost everything in the early levels (with some 
exceptions), but it soon becomes rather useless. It fires fast enough so that 
it can take down most enemies in a small number of shots (especially if you 
plug a few in their head), but in the later levels, the opposition is just 
too tough for this thing
Overall Score: 7/10
Plasma Rifle
Description: A long, slender gun that looks a lot like the Assault Rifle, 
except that it has a great big old sniper scope attached to it
Power: Very High to Very Low (depends on distance to the enemy)
Max Ammo: 150 energy cells, 5 cells per shot
My Advice: Boy, this thing chews up ammo like crazy. It costs five plasma 
cells to fire one shot! Fortunately, the major scope allows you to place a 
few bullets in an enemy's head from afar, which is very useful
Overall Score: 4.5/10
Proximity Fragmentation Mine (PFM) Layer
Description: The mine itself is a big circular disc, just like a mine ought 
to be
Power: Low
Max Ammo: 10 mines
My Advice: Well, this thing might not have much practical use, but it sure is 
fun to watch. Allow me to describe it to you: You plant the mine where you 
know that an enemy will soon be on patrol. The mine will go 'beep beep beep 
beep panda beep beep' When the enemy draws near, the mine turns red and 
shoots about 2 feet out of the ground and shoots a wall of shrapnel hurtling 
at their legs. Unfortunately, the first mine usually has no effect. After 
anywhere from 3 to 10 mines, the enemy will be cut off at the knees, leaving 
it helpless and writhing in agony
Overall Score: 1/10
Razorwind (Frisbee of Death)
Description: As you're probably expecting, it's frisbee shaped, but it has a 
hole in the center to hold it. It's made of metal and VERY sharp. When 
thrown, it cuts through flesh and bone like a knife through 'I Can't Believe 
It's Not Butter'
Power: Pretty God-Fucking-Damn Powerful
Max Ammo: 1 frisbee (It comes back to you, smart guy!)
My Advice: Hehe, frisbees were never this much fun as a kid! Anyway, when 
thrown, it takes a large, circular trip around the area, cutting off any body 
parts it comes across before returning to your hand. I'd point out the 
absurdity of actually CATCHING this weapon, but....well, you know.....with 
the stock market as it is and all...
Overall Score: 4.5/10
Scorpion Missile Launcher
Description: A rather large rocket launcher with four (count 'em, four) 
turrets that shoot, what else, rockets
Power: Hmm...let's see.....power on a rocket launcher...I don't know little 
Billy, why don't you ask your grandfather?
Max Ammo: 12 rockets (NOTE: Since one pull of the trigger shoots off 4 
rockets, and that only takes one off of the ammo meter, you really get 48 
My Advice: Hehehe, I love this gun. Here's how it works: When you're using 
the gun, and an enemy is in your line of sight, the Scorpion will attempt to 
get a lock on it. When it does, fire away! Two homing missiles will shoot 
out, and upon impact, the helpless opposition is blasted 20-30 feet in the 
air. As if that wasn't enough, two MORE missiles will then come out, hitting 
the currently dead/dying creature in midair, and blowing it to pieces. How 
lovely! Obviously, this is for use against the big boys only
Overall Score: 7/10
Description: Cylindrical-shaped, clear, with a red top. It says Jiff on the 
front.....oh wait, that's not a shotgun, that's an empty jar of peanut 
Power: Very High to Almost Non-Existent (depends on distance)
Max Ammo: Standard Shells - 20     Explosive Shells - 10
My Advice: AW YEAH! I use this baby all the time! Any time you have to fight 
in close quarters, whip this bad mutha out and do some damage! Of course, 
there's basically no damage from afar. Explosive Shells, if you find them, 
can make this gun even more powerful, and give the blast a wider radius. Joy!
Just hope you don't have to reload in the heat of battle...
Overall Score: 8.5/10
Description: A big long gun, it's the upgraded version of the Shotgun
Power: Higher than Daryll Strawberry
Max Ammo: Normal Shells - 20     Explosive Shells - 10
My Advice: BWAHAHAHA!!! There is absolutely no reason that the Shotgun needed 
an upgrade, but the nice people over at Iguana did it anyway. Thanks guys! It 
can use Explosive Shells just like the Shotgun, which is awesome. But here's 
the best part: When it hits something, anything, it will bounce off and 
continue to bounce around the room, taking down anyone else that gets in its 
way. Excellent for groups of enemies indoors :)
Overall Score: 9/10
Styracosaurus Machine Gun
Description: Only available in level two, you must be riding the almighty 
Styracosaurus to use this weapon. It's a shoulder-mounted machine gun with 
unlimited ammo
Power: Above Average
My Advice: Well THIS is interesting. When you're on the Styracosaurus, you 
should have no problem ripping through anybody. Just keep firing this gun 
(infinite ammo!) and charging things, and you should be OK
Overall Score: 3/10 (only found in one level)
Styracosaurus Twin Missile Launchers
Description: One in the upper left corner of the screen, the other in the 
upper right corner, these guns can only be used aboard the Styracosaurus
Power: Extremely High
My Advice: Use this whenever you have room to. You won't need it very often, 
since the Machine Gun can handle most of the work. But when you do, it's 
there, and with unlimited ammo. Clear the way!
Overall Score: 2/10 (only found in one level)
Sunfire Pod
Description: A funny-looking, shiny, reddish-orange orb
Power: Against most enemies - N/A   Against the Blind Ones - Instant Kill
Max Ammo: 6 pods
My Advice: This is like a Flash Grenade on most enemies. Throw it, and the 
light will momentarily blind them. It gives you the upper hand for a moment, 
but is mostly useless. However, if you're surrounded by Blind Ones, toss one 
of these babies and watch as the carnage unfolds!
Overall Score: 2/10
Description: It's a leather strap around Turok's hand, with one modification: 
A few steel spikes attached to it
Power: Low
Max Ammo: 1 (It's a piece of leather, stupid!)
Advice: Useful for the first level, but after that you'll never want to see 
it again. I suppose this can be good when you want to conserve ammo or 
something. Can take down weak enemies with a few shots. Just remember to 
stick and move, stick and move
Overall Score: 2.5/10
Tek Bow
Description: The bow is made of 'special' wood, found only in the Lost Lands. 
The arrow is metallic, with some sort of explosive material on the tip. It 
also comes with a scope for sniping
Power: High
Max Ammo: Normal Arrows - 20     Tek Arrows - 10
Advice: Yeah! This weapon will become the backbone of your arsenal as soon as 
you get it, and stay that way for a long time. Upon impact, the arrow 
explodes in a nice blue flame. You'll find plenty of ammo for this, and it 
has a fairly fast firing rate, making it the ideal weapon against most mid-
level enemies
Overall Score: 8/10
Torpedo Launcher
Description: It's quite large (takes up the bottom 1/3 of the screen). Shoots 
out torpedoes, which are self-propelled underwater missiles (you DID know 
that, didn't you?)
Power: Extremely High
Max Ammo: 10 torpedoes
Advice: It has two uses: 1) Blasting the crap out of underwater enemies, 
quite obviously, and 2) To help you move much faster underwater. Watch out 
though: momentum's a real bitch.
Overall Score: 3/10
Tranquilizer Gun
Description: It's a rifle with one catch: Instead of bullets, it fires darts 
loaded with sedatives. Nighty-night!
Power: N/A
Max Ammo: 15 darts
Advice: Good for taking down small to medium-sized opponents, but just one 
question: Why would you need to? Useless, except for certain puzzles, you 
know what I mean? Also, if you knock out an enemy, and allow them to wake up, 
they will hunt you down and be VERY angry
Overall Score: 1.5/10
War Blade
Description: A gigantic wooden/metallic serrated knife-type thing with an 
interesting design. Held in one hand
Max Ammo: 1 (haven't I yelled at you enough?)
Advice: HAHAHAHAHA!!! The ultimate in hand-to-hand combat, your Talon will be 
100% useless with this bad boy. Can hack off limbs and heads in a single 
swipe, allowing for some gruesome kills. Also, since it's never fired or 
thrown, there's no need to worry about ammo! The only drawback: It's a knife, 
therefore, anything with a gun will have a substantial amount of time for 
target practice before you close in. Never use against a group of armed 
Overall Score: 7.5/10


All the guns in the world wouldn't be of any use if you didn't have anything 
to use them on! This game certainly delivers all the gore you could ever ask 
for. From decapitation to disembowelment, this game delivers more red liquid 
than the blood mobile and the Cool-Aid Man put together! An awesome feature 
of the Turok series is the many ways that your opponents can die. Try using 
different weapons on different areas of each enemy to find their best death 
sequence. NOTE: If you've played Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, etc. then you 
should understand how area-sensitive damage works. For example: If you shoot 
something in the foot, it will probably just laugh at you (not literally), 
but stick some metal in that same creature's head, and see how it reacts. You 
will find the chest and face to be your best targets. Now, let's get down to 
business, starting with a key:

Enemy Name

Death Guard
Description: Boy, he sure is tall. He looks like a cross between RoboCop and 
the Predator.
Difficulty: Standard: 6/10, Advanced: 7.5/10
Weapon(s): A gigantic plasma rifle. No, seriously, that thing has to weigh 
300 pounds!
Strategy: Found in Oblivion Portals, these guys can be quite difficult. When 
fighting the standard version, just strafe around him a lot and aim for the 
head. The advanced version requires just a bit more strategy. He has a 
jetpack that enables him to get around behind you, at which point he'll fire 
a laser at you. Strafe or get against a wall when he's in the air to stop 
that from happening, and THEN blast him.
Automatic Gun Turret
Description: Guns just sitting there in the open, waiting for you to walk by. 
There are many different varieties, but they can all waste you rather 
quickly, so look out
Difficulty: Hmmm...all depends on the element of surprise, I guess
Weapon(s): They come in different forms. There are machine guns, lasers, etc. 
But they're all pretty powerful if you just stand there like an idiot
Strategy: Find hiding, whip out something powerful and/or quick, then strafe 
out and open fire. I would suggest that you never stop strafing until the 
thing has been destroyed.
Bio Bot
Description: LoL, this guy looks funny. He's a human-like cyborg with no 
legs. In place of the legs? A wheel!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Difficulty: 5/10
Weapon(s): Up Close - Claws    Far Away - Laser Gun
Strategy: Well, since the lasers come quickly and do quite a bit of damage, I 
would recommend that you try to avoid them as much as possible. Now, pull out 
your Shotgun and charge at him, strafing through the field of lasers. Once 
you get in his face, blast him a few times in the head and he'll be gone, at 
little cost to your health. Hip hip hooray!
Blind One Sentinel
Description: One of the most humanoid enemies in the game, Sentinels make up 
the backbone of the Blind One army. They wear brown shorts and weild 
primitive-looking axes. Not to be confused with the Sentinels found in 
Oblivion Portals, who are much tougher.
Difficulty: 3/10 (but they travel in packs)
Weapon(s): That axe I talked about, and some of them have bows and arrows or 
Strategy: These guys are easy, but there's way too many of 'em! Anytime you 
encounter these guys with a Sunfire Pod handy, use it. Otherwise, blast away 
with the Shredder or Shotgun (don't bother with Explosive Shells), and see 
how many you can put down in one hit!
Cave Worm
Description: Go out and rent Tremors (Or Tremors II: Aftershocks, if you 
prefer). They're gigantic worms with pincers at the mouth area.
Difficulty: 6/10
Weapon(s): They're giant worms you idiot! They bite you, or suck you, 
whichever you prefer to call it
Strategy: Well, since they're not TOO mobile, you should be able to stay a 
safe distance away and blast it (you can't miss) with something powerful 
(Shredder, Shotgun). If you encounter a group of these guys, chuck a couple 
of Grenades, or go to town with the Shredder (if you have Explosive Shells).
Compsagnathus (a.K.a. Compy)
Description: You've seen these things before, right? Made famous by Jurassic 
Park, these guys are slightly annoying little green dinosaurs. They're about 
knee height, which is just plain silly in my opinion
Difficulty: 1/10
Weapon(s): Well, the thought of them actually carrying any weaponry makes me 
laugh (haha, see?). They scratch and bite at you, because they're angry! 
Strategy: Whip out your Talon/War Blade and make a nice Compyburger out of 
these guys. These guys can actually pose a threat if they're in a large 
group, or at the very least a distraction while you try to fight something 
more powerful. Dig that crazy Compy death scene though.
Description: Looks sort of like a Praying Mantis, with one catch: Two laser 
guns, which pose quite a threat
Difficulty: Alone - 4/10     In A Group - 8/10
Weapon(s): (Sigh)....why do I even TRY with you people?
Strategy: Unfortunately for you, the lasers it shoots do 5HP of damage with 
each shot. If there's only one, take it down with your weapon of choice 
(making sure to find cover or strafe a lot to avoid taking too much damage). 
If they approach you in a group, watch out! Find cover fast, or you'll be one 
dead Turok before you know it. Whenever you're feeling lucky, strafe out, 
fire a Grenade, and get back in. Lather, rinse, repeat.
Elite Guard
Description: A very large cyborg with a funny-looking face and greenish skin
Difficulty: 10/10
Weapon(s): A pair of massive machine guns. That's BAD, by the way
Strategy: Umm.....run? That's what I do, unless I'm feeling particularly 
insane that day. If you refuse to run, here's what you do: First, find GOOD 
cover. Dual mini guns will sap your health so fast it's scary. Now, if you 
have the Scorpion Missile Launcher, whip that out. If not, either run, or use 
Grenades or the Shredder w/Explosive Shells. Anytime there's a pause in the 
firing, jump out and fire. It'll take a little while with the Scorpion, but 
that's OK. You'll have to do this twice with the Scorpion, 5-10 times with 
the Grenade Launcher, and oh so many times with the Shredder. I hate these 
Description: They sort of look like alligators that walk on their hind legs. 
They also happen to be quite ripped. You'll be fighting a LOT of these guys 
in the game
Difficulty: Standard - 4.5/10     Advanced - 6/10
Weapon(s): Up Close: Big, sharp claws     Far Away: A Pistol
Strategy: Not that tough alone, since they don't have much HP. Just fire a 
few rounds of Pistol fire to take care of them. In groups, I would suggest 
having the Shotgun out, as it will make your time MUCH easier. The advanced 
version has a Predator-like invisibility device. You'll only be able to see 
its shadow, which can be Hell if you're fighting multiple enemies. They also 
have the Predator self-destruct mechanism. Rip-offs!
Description: They look like humanoid dinosaurs that have been doused in 
gasoline and lit on fire. Scary MFers, let me tell you that
Difficulty: 8.5/10
Weapon(s): Well, it just so happens that it's ON FIRE! I think that presents 
a problem for poor Turok. Also, it has some dangerous-looking claws. Perhaps 
they're just there for decoration?
Strategy: Since they have no means of attacking from far-off, use a powerful 
gun on them. Plasma Rifle/Shredder would work fine here.
Flame Worm
Description: Imagine a Cave Worm, only much smaller and less dangerous, and 
you've got these guys (oh yeah, and they're black).
Difficulty: 3/10
Weapon(s): Like their larger friends, these guys will try to literally suck 
the life out of you....ok, that was lame. Also, according to Turok.com, they 
can spit fire. Hmmm...I thought that was just my 'Thrower going off.
Strategy: Bust out your Flamethrower and WATCH THE CARNAGE ERUPT!!! Of 
course, since you don't have much ammo in that thing, only use a short blast. 
After that, you can pick off the stragglers with the Pistol/Mag60/War 
CaveSpider (Adult)
Description:  Umm...you know what a spider is, right? Eight legs, 3 body 
segments, multiple eyes, etc. Of course, this one just happens to be a little 
bit bigger. Of course, back in my time we had spiders 20 times this big, and 
we'd just hit 'em with a stick and say "BAD! That's a BAD spider!" But these 
days it's different. PETA and the SPCA, whining about how that's cruelty and 
all. Back in the day young spiders had some respect. Now they just sit around 
and eat flies all day. Good for nothin' bums! Er.....???
Difficulty: 5/10
Weapon(s): They spit poison at you. And not just any poison: POISONOUS 
Strategy: Well, if you have the Flamethrower, this should be no problem. 
Watch out for that poison though, it's powerful and they fire rather fast. 
Stay clear of that and the 'Thrower should slaughter it within seconds. In 
lack of 'Thrower ammo, bust out the Grenade Launcher and blow that mutha up!
Description: These guys could stand to lose a little weight, you know what I 
mean? Imagine killing Fat Albert and leaving him in the sun for a week. 
That's about what these guys look like
Difficulty: 6/10
Weapon(s): A HUGE sword, and these guys will occasionally hurl a Grenade or 
two your way
Strategy: Also found in Oblivion Portals. Watch out, because that sword is a 
one-hit kill. Just flog him with Nades, unless you have Explosive Shells, in 
which case I would definitely suggest that. Pretty fast, BTW.
Description: Ermmm...you've played the first one right? They live in caves 
and other dark places. They're amphibians, sort of froggy-like, but they have 
rather big teeth and claws. As their name would mention, they jump around a 
Difficulty: 3/10
Weapon(s): Their teeth and claws
Strategy: Easy enough. If you only have to deal with a few of them, the War 
Blade should easily suffice. However, if it happens to be a large group of 
Leapers, you might want to whip out the Pistol/Mag 60.
Lord of the Flesh
Description: Okay, I want you to envision a Death Guard. Now, pump him up on 
steroids, change his armor from blue to red, and make him a magician. Voila! 
There you go, your very own Lord of the Flesh!
Difficulty: 9/10
Weapon(s): Spells. Lots and lots of bloody fracking spells!
Strategy: Hide, that's the strategy! The spells he shoot come out in a damn-
near constant stream. Unfortunately, the only time you encounter these guys 
is in Oblivion Portals, where you won't be able to run. If you have it, the 
Cerebral Bore is a fairly safe method of execution. If not, come out, guns 
blazing, and strafe to avoid taking TOO MUCH damage. Not easy at all.
Description: Little flea-like parasites, they never travel by themselves. 
You'll always encounter a large cloud of them, which looks really cool
Difficulty: 2/10
Weapon(s): Their teeth, dumbass
Strategy: Well, first of all, Mites all hatch from a nest which is usually 
nearby if you see some, so find that first. After destroying it with whatever 
you want, turn around and bust out the Flamethrower for some fun fun fun!
Purr-Linn (Type: Catapult)
Description: Like all Purr-Linn, he is a gigantic alien-gorilla about 20 feet 
tall and 2000 pounds. Oooooh!
Difficulty: 3/10
Weapon(s): He hurls giant rocks at you (some might call them boulders). Funny 
how the only rock-throwing enemy in the game seems to always have an infinite 
supply right next to him, just waiting to be used.
Strategy: Well, you should obviously strafe to avoid those rocks, since 
they'll do quite a bit of damage (as large rocks are wont to do...look up the 
word wont). Now just pick him off with your weapon of choice from afar. The 
Tek Bow works wonders against this guy.
Purr-Linn (Type: Chaingunner)
Description: Another Purr-Linn, except this one just happens to be armored 
and armed with a massive Chaingun. That thing's almost as big as he is! 
Difficulty: 6/10
Weapon(s): Gee, what could it be.....what could it be....oh yeah, a Chaingun!
Strategy: Well, charging it is just plain wacky. It'll waste you in seconds, 
so instead you should find cover. For whatever reason, the retard won't stop 
firing. Eventually, its gun will jam. At this point, you can do one of two 
things: 1) Lean out and toss a Grenade at it, hoping you aimed well, or 2) 
Charge that motherfucker with your Shotgun/Shredder blazing and pray to 
whatever God you worship that his gun doesn't restart in time. I'd go with 2!
Purr-Linn (Type: Juggernaut)
Description: Yikes! What were the programmers smoking when they make this 
guy? The toughest of the Purr-Linn, he's a Purr-Linn with WAY too much armor. 
Dig that crazy sword though.
Difficulty: 8/10
Weapon(s): A cheesy Light Saber rip-off known as an Ion Sword
Strategy: Oh boy, watch out when you see a couple of these babies heading 
your way. The Tek Bow is effective, but only if you hit them in the head. 
Snipe 'em if you have a chance. If not, stay far away, because that Ion Sword 
will slice you in half with one shot. The Shredder, as usual, is a good 
choice, especially with Explosive Shells. I'd highly recommend the Shotgun if 
he gets anywhere near you, since his Ion Sword can block bullets, but not all 
of the pellets from a Shotgun.
Purr-Linn (Type: War Club)
Description: Ahh, the classic Purr-Linn. Like the rest of them, he's a 
gigantic alien gorilla, but this time, he also has VEEEERY large hands.
Difficulty: 6/10
Weapon(s): That would be their fists. Quite effective, as a matter of fact.
Strategy: Bust out your Shotgun and start blasting. If you're close enough, 
you can take him down in just one or two shots (and get a VERY cool death 
scene I might add). However, it's always a good idea to stay away from those 
fists, so if you have it, the Shredder might be a wiser choice. Especially if 
you are low on health.
Description: Strange looking creatures, these Raptoids. Half man, and half 
raptor. Make that One-third man, one-third raptor, and one-third banana (how 
else do you explain the yellow skin?).
Difficulty: 4/10
Weapon(s): Like your basic Raptor, Raptoids have elongated, hooked claws on 
both hands. These are painful, as you probably already guessed (then again, 
knowing you...).
Strategy: If you're only fighting one or two of them, or have decent cover, 
the Pistol/Bow/Tek Bow/Spaghetti Noodle should work quite nicely on these 
guys. However, when they come in packs (which is quite often), the Shotgun is 
the only real choice. One shot to the torso and it's bye-bye Raptoid.
Description: Remember the first one? Ever see Jurassic Park? Been to a museum 
lately? Yeah, I didn't think so. Brown dinosaurs, about the size and weight 
of a full-grown man, with long, serrated, hooked claws on their front hands.
Difficulty: 3/10
Weapon(s): It's either their claws, or hidden machine guns imbedded in their 
feet. You make the call.
Strategy: They're pretty fast, so the Pistol isn't going to work too well 
against a group of them. I prefer the Tek Bow, but the Shotgun is oh so much 
Description: The lowest-ranking members of the Flesheater society, these guys 
still pose a serious threat. It's a humanoid creature with brownish skin and 
Cyclops headgear.
Difficulty: 4/10
Weapon(s): A large, oddly-shaped sword which supposedly runs the entire 
length of their arm and runs an additional two feet out. Crazy.
Strategy: Shotgun. That's really the only way to go with these guys. Run at 
them, fire a blast, and then fire a second one when you get close up. Bye-bye 
Sister of Despair
Description: One of my favorite enemies in the game, easily. Sure, the head 
is there, and the chest, but...well, at least the backbone's still intact, 
swinging around where the rest of the body would normally be :) I wonder what 
happened to them...
Difficulty: It all depends on how good a shot you are
Weapon(s): Umm...they just sort of run into you, a la old Nintendo/Sega games
Strategy: You'll usually see them coming from a mile away (well...1400 meters 
at least). Just whip out your Mag 60 and blast away. If you're like me, you 
might want to even try the Pistol, Tek Bow, or regular Bow.
Description: Apparently someone decided to crossbreed a worm and an antlion, 
and this is what it came out with.
Difficulty: 2/10
Weapon(s): Uhh...it's pincers, yeah, that's it.
Strategy: What's the strategy for ALL small creatures that crawl on the 
ground? WAR BLADE!!!
Description: It's a big bug, sort of. Imagine a large cockroach, but sort of 
humanlike...sort of.
Difficulty: 7.5/10
Weapon(s): Has a pair of laser blasters just waiting to pump you full 
of...lasers! Of course, the fallback weapons are two purple orbs mounted on 
its shoulders. BIG damage from these things.
Strategy: If you ever see a group of them, just back off and fire about three 
Grenades around the corner. That should greatly help thin out the numbers. 
Now, when fighting one or a small group, the Tek Bow or Mag 60 makes a great 
weapon. Just watch out for those purple orbs, they fir long, quick streams of 
energy at you. Fortunately, the Soldiers don't seem to have great aim with 
CaveSpider (Hatchling)
Description: Tiny spiders (well, bigger than the average spider in the real 
world). Annoying as hell.
Difficulty: 1/10 (Provided you have the Flamethrower w/ammo)
Weapon(s): They're Spiders for crying out loud!
Strategy: Just whip out the Flamer and toast these suckers. Of course, if 
you've been an idiot and wasted it fooling around, you'll need to find 
another means. Grenade Launcher if you've got the space, War Blade if you 
Description: What the hell is that thing??? I can't even begin to describe 
it, except that it looks like the victim of some science experiment gone 
terribly wrong. Eeeeeew!
Difficulty: Standard - 6/10   Double MiniGun - 8/10
Weapon(s): The normal guy has a laser gun, but the other type has a pair of 
MiniGuns. Scary!
Strategy: "You need to snatch his ass in a bear trap! Leave that bitch 
swingin' from a tree so high, nobody finds him for days! Glock, glock, you 
know what I'm sayin'?" - Fat Abbott

(Don't bother looking for any REAL advice on that)
Description: They look like a cross between a zombie and a skeleton. About 
the same size as Turok.
Difficulty: Blood On: 6/10     Blood Off: 0/10
Weapon(s): They throw their own blood at you!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Classic!
Strategy: Well, there's an easy trick here: Since blood is their only weapon, 
go to the Options screen and turn Blood Off. Voila, no more attacks from 
them. Otherwise, they pose a serious threat, because that blood HURTS. I 
suggest the Grenade Launcher if you can spare the ammo. The Shotgun also 
works nicely.
Lord of the Dead
Description: They look an awful lot like Deadmen on steroids, with one 
glaring difference: THEIR HANDS ARE ON FIRE!
Difficulty: 5/10
Weapon(s): I bet you can guess, can't you? No, not silverware, fireballs!
Strategy: Unfortunately, there isn't a Fire Option, but these guys are pretty 
easy. Due to their greater size, they are a bit slower than Deadmen. Simply 
whip out your War Blade, strafe around them, and get hacking!
Swamp Wasp
Description: DUH! They're wasps, nothing unusual about that. You know exactly 
what one looks like...unless, of course, you're an idiot
Difficulty: 1.5/10
Weapon(s): They're vicious! They sting you, and they've got big pointy teeth 
like this (Does best Monty Python impression)
Strategy: Bust out the Talon or War Blade and chop those punk-ass blasphemous 
dope-eatin' fools to pieces! Or, just to be funny, you could whip out the 
Scorpion Missile Launcher.
Description: Funny-looking creatures with sickle-shaped arms and legs. Scary!
Difficulty: 7/10 (If you fight them)
Weapon(s): The great big pick axes that are their arms
Strategy: DON'T SHOOT! If you leave them alone, they'll leave you alone. Of 
course, if you're intent on violence, bring out the heavy artillery, because 
these guys can take a few hits. Anything less powerful than the Shredder is 
just a joke here. The Grenade or Scorpion Missile Launchers should be very 
effective, since they travel in tight formation.


(Don't worry, this section will be here in no time at all)

Primagen Keys

(Same thing with this one, ya impatient bastard!)

Cheat Codes

Ah, beautiful, beautiful cheats! What great shooting game would be complete 
without them? Anyway, I pulled these off of GameSages at ign.com (See 
Credits), so if you find any mistakes, just find the webmaster and leave a 
pipe bomb on his doorstep (no, just kidding, tie it to his dog!). Anyway, 
here you go:

Master Cheat - BEWAREOBLIVIONISATHAND - Activates every single cheat in the 
game, to be toggled on and off at your request. Brings out all of the below 
cheats, as well as Invincibility, Infinite Ammo, All Weapons, and Level 
Select. I don't really see why you'd bother typing in any other code. It's 
just a waste of you time with this baby lying around.

Big Hands and Big Feet Mode - STOMPEM - Hehehehe. I LOVE this one! With this 
on, all of Turok's enemies have really large hands and feet. It's just so 
much fun to watch a Raptor run around, looking like he needs a new pair of 
clown shoes! Brilliant!

Big Head Mode - UBERNOODLE - The ever-present Big Head Mode, also known as DK 
Mode. The name pretty much says it all. Besides being lots of fun, this cheat 
actually makes the game easier, since it makes head shots pretty much 
automatic. Try this in conjunction with the Big Hands and Big Feet code for 
some fun!

Blackout Mode - LIGHTSOUT - You'll be playing the entire game in complete 
darkness. I don't really see the point in this, unless you feel a need to 
prove you're an expert. Hell, why do they even need a code for this? I'll 
just turn the brightness on my TV way down if I'd like darkness, thank you 
very much!

Fruity Stripes Mode - FROOTSTRIPE - Another one of my favorites, Fruity 
Stripes Mode means just what it says. The entire world looks like it just 
came out of the 1960's. Fun fun fun! Methinks our friend Joshua has been 
drinkin' a wee bit too much of the clear liquid, if ya know what I'm sayin'!

Gourad Mode - WHATSATEXTUREMAP - "What's a texture map?" indeed! The shading 
is really fudged up if you ask me. This doesn't particularly appeal to me, 
but I'm sure some people really like it. Then again, some people liked New 
Kids On The Block, too.

Juan's Cheat - HEEERESJUAN - Lucky contest winner (or so I hear) known only 
by his first name, Juan, has his face plastered on every Life Force Token in 
the entire Lost Land. A-maze-ing!

Pen-and-Ink Mode - IGOTABFA - Always a crowd-pleaser, Pen-and-Ink Mode is 
back and better than ever! Play through the game without any of those fancy-
schmancy "graphics" that are all the rage these days.

Stick Mode - HOLASTICKBOY - BWAHAHAHAHA!!! As you might have already guessed, 
this code makes all the once-threatening enemies look just a tad bit like 
Calista Flockhart (ooooh, that was cold!). BEWARE: This will make them much 
harder to hit, so don't activate this code unless you want a challenge (or 
already have on about 8 others anyway).

Tiny Enemy Mode - PIPSQUEAK - Holy shit it's Gary Coleman! Oops, no, wait, 
it's just a REEEEEALY tiny Endtrail. LoL, this code RULES! All of the enemies 
are just deformed Compies (except of course for the Compies themselves) when 
this code is on. BEWARE ONCE MORE: Defying all laws of physics, the enemies 
still inflict the same amount of damage they did when they were larger, so 
NEVER play on this mode when trying to actually get something done.

Zach Attack Mode - AAHGOO - Help, help! My baby's face is stuck to a Health 
Icon! No, wait, it's worse, his face is stuck to EVERY Health Icon! What ever 
will I do?

View Credits - ONLYTHEBEST - Oy! Why is there always a code to view the 
credits? Greedy spotlight-grabbing bastards!! Can't you just let me enjoy the 
game for ONCE without making me look at your damn name! Grrrr....find my 
happy place, find my happy place.... 

Legal Stuff

Boy, I sure do hate writing the legal disclaimers at the end of every FAQ, 
but I guess it's a necessity.

This work is 100% original, from the twisted inner workings of my odd mind, 
and you can't have it! Well, at least not without asking you can't. If you 
want to put it on your site, just ask me, I'll almost always comply. 
Likewise, you can't use this for profit without my consent, and yada yada 
yada under penalty of law. So take THAT!


Thanks go to the following people, places, and things:

Nintendo - For this and many other wonderful games (Like Hydlide! God bless 

Akklaim - For helping make this lovely game possible

Iguana - Ah, where it all began. Go Iguana, go!

www.turok.com - For important things like enemy names, and pretty pictures

www.ign.com - For all of the lovely codes you can find in the Cheat Codes    

www.gamefaqs.com - For (if you're reading this) posting this and all of my 
other works

marshmallow - For (as usual) helping my sorry ass through this game

RMurtha - Because this man knows WAY too much about how to beat this game

You - For READING this. No, I mean it, thanks. Feedback is much appreciated

End Of Page


Munky, 2001

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