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Reviewed: 01/23/06

Not Perfect, But Fun

Introduction to: Toy Story 2

This is one of my good old games from my N64 days. Toy Story 2 was a popular animated movie at the time, and this game was born. It's quite simple, and has some flaws, but I can't help but admit that I enjoyed playing it.


Similar story to the movie, with added goodies and goals.


The gameplay is pretty good. You're Buzz Lightyear, and you wonder around different areas like the house, the garage, the yard, Pizza Planet, the airport, etc. The controls are very basic and easy. You can shoot enemies with a laser which recharges. Many accessible areas, lots of stuff to climb or jump on.

You get tossed different tasks and goals to complete at your leisure along the way. They are all related to the movie, and are asked from characters in the movie. For example, in one level, you must help Bo Peep find her sheep around the house. They are spread out and you usually have to look carefully to find them all.

There are also coins and things to collect, which will give you extra lives usually, and you also unlock new things later on. For example, rocket boots and other things which will allow you to complete goals you could otherwise never achieve.


I found the graphics impressive. They are better than some other average to good N64 games you find, and they are clean. Everything has the cartoony style from the movie, and the levels and enemies all look realistic. Overall, the game was solid in the graphic department.


The music is only meh. It's mostly music from the movie, but it is short and rather repetitive in each level. There is different tunes for different levels and areas, but none are too impressive.

The sound effects are good, the laser sounds and enemy attacks all sound realistic.

Buy or Ignore?

I personally suggest giving this game a chance. While it was not a spectacular, mind-blowing game, it is solid, and enjoyable. You don't necessarily have to be a big fan of the movie either, as the story is not exactly the same. Overall, I think an N64 gamer should try this one out, I found it quite enjoyable.

Rating: 9

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