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Reviewed: 01/02/00 | Updated: 01/02/00

The toys are back!

In what game can you shoot lasers, destroy toys, race RC cars, and put Mr. Potato Head back together? Toy Story 2! In the game, youre Buzz Lightyear, that space ranger toy from Toy Story. Woody is kidnapped, and you, Buzz, must go to save him. You'll explore 15 detailed levels, such as Andy's House, Al's Toy Barn, and an Airport Baggage Carousel thing.

Graphics: 7/10

Some things look choppy, and the game runs ever so slowly, but the details of the levels is pretty good.

Sound: 7/10

Normal sound, the coins you pick up sound like coins, the lasers sound like lasers, the Toy Story characters sound like they do in the movie.

Fun: 7/10

Pretty fun, but kinda short, I did everything in 2 days. Not really any replay value.

Challenge: 7/10

The bosses in this might intimidate you at first sight, but they're not overly difficult. Some puzzle-timing sequences can be hard, making you start over CONSTANTLY.

Overall: 7/10

Overall, I give Toy Story 2 a 7/10, not just an average of all the above scores, though. If you like the movie, go ahead and get the game. I think you'll like it.

Rating: 7

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