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Reviewed: 12/01/02 | Updated: 12/01/02

Not bad...

Story: Uhh, story = movie
Gameplay: 8/10
You control Buzz Lightyear. You go through levels and collect pizza planet tokens, which you get by defeating a boss, taking 50 coins to Ham, ect. You need the tokens to progress to different levels, but you don't need to get all of them, and there is no order you have to get them in in a level. Buzz's main weapon is his laser, but he can also do a spin attack and ground pound. There are special items you can get throughout the game, which you need to get some tokens. No, you can't fly. His laser can be charged up for a more powerful shot. You can just run around and shoot lasers, or you can switch to first person mode and lock onto enemies. You can't walk around in first person mode. The controls are simple and are easy to learn. B is for the laser, and A is jump. If you press A again in mid-air, his wings come out and you do a double jump. This game has some challenges and can sometimes be aggravating, like when you're trying to get to a high place and you keep falling down. I give the difficulty a 6.5/10. There is a lot of freedom in this game. For example, in Andy's house, you can go about anywhere in the house, like the attic, the garage, the basement, ect. This game is pretty fun. It's fun exploring the levels.
Graphics: 6/10
The graphics are fine, but they could have been better. There are a lot of pixels. If you step in oil or whatever and you walk around, you can see the footprints, which soon disappear. When you destroy most enemies, they like explode into a few fireballs.
Sound/music: 7/10
The sounds were done okay, like the sound of the laser and the toys' voices. The music is, uhhh, okay.
Replay Value: 6.5/10
I found it fun to come back to it and beat it again after a while. However, you should be able to beat it pretty fast if you remember a lot of the game.
Well, it might be a good idea to rent it to see if you like it, but you should be able to beat it in a week, so you might not want to buy it after you rent it. But it is fun and you'll probably want to replay it. You decide.

Rating: 7

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