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Reviewed: 08/04/02 | Updated: 08/04/02

Not Enough Replayability. . .

Alrighty then, lets get started.

Storyline: 4/10
Definitely not this game’s best point. The story is basically this: Woody has been kidnapped! An evil toy collector named Al has stolen Woody for his toy collection. Soon he will be sold to the toy museum in Japan. Only his trusted pal Buzz Lightyear can save him now!
Deciphering the toynapper’s license plate, Buzz manages to trace the cruel crook. Following his buddy, Buzz needs to save Woody before it’s too late! I guess I’m just sick of hearing it. $:-)

Controls: 9/10
Pretty basic, including
jump, fire laser, charge laser, spin, charge spin, ground pound, and run.
The controls are not hard to operate and soon you’ll be a regular flying saucer.

Graphics: 7/10
The graphics are livable, although in some levels, like the neighborhood one the grass pixels can drive you crazy, and make you pretty dizzy.
No popup, which is good, considering some levels are pretty big, the bosses have really awesome sprites and it can seem really realistic while your dodging a killer (toy) plane dropping bombs on you. :-)
The explosions can be pretty cool to. Not many complaints here, this just isn’t another Donkey Kong 64 graphics wise.

Sound: 7/10
The sound is OK, nothing remarkable here. The lasers sound like lasers, the explosions like explosions, the voices sound like . . . you get the picture.

This is where it gets interesting, you’re Buzz Lightyear, official member of Star Command and Woody’s best friend. You must find Woody before he is lost forever. Levels are advanced by gaining Pizza Planet Tokens, hereafter referred to as tokens. There are a grand total of 50 tokens throughout the entire game. As you roam the multiple levels of this game from a minute perspective, there are powerups to aid you on your way. Ranging from grappling hooks to discus throwers, these are limited by either time or ammo,(i.e. hover boots are limited by time, and the discus thrower is limited by ammo)
You will need all these utilities to help you achieve every single token.
The more tokens achieved, the more levels you can access. For example, you need, say, 5 tokens for a certain level maybe the third one. You must collect that amount of tokens from the first 2 levels.
You do not need ALL of the tokens in a level to progress. The reason this only gets nine out of ten is because some of the tokens are so hard to get you’ll be tearing your hair out for 2 straight hours. + + + (:( The replay value is good for one extra try, after you’ve gotten every single token, you won’t want to play this game. It’s a shame it doesn’t have a multiplayer version or more playable characters. Oh well . . .

Buy Or Rent?
Rent it, if the graphics are good enough for you than you can buy it at your nearest Wal-Mart for cheap, it’s not exactly a sellout item. 8)

Rating: 7

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