Review by Dave 008 Bond

Reviewed: 10/26/00 | Updated: 10/26/00

Dissapointing.... but still good

Toy Story 2 was a exellent movie, and naturally a video game was made. The first thing everyone will say when the first play is,''WHAT THE HECK DID THEY DO!!!!'' And did the do a lot. I'll start off will the good. This game delivers a true platform experience, and it was more challenging than I expected it to be. Now the bad. The Graphics look absoulutly horrible, it is the second worst Graphics I have ever seen for the Nintendo 64! The Sound is way too quiet and reapeats itself too many times to be enjoyable! Read on to the review and I shall say all these things in detail.

Graphics 5/10
Ugggh. The screen has hundreds of noticeable pixels, and several of them are on Buzz. Buzz looks more like a cow than a hero also. Another bad thing is the fact that nothing looks smooth. Everything, ever the floor has noticeable pixels everywhere! At least the programmers could have gotten Buzz or Woody right! But they didn't, and we will never see them corrected.

Story 8/10
Woody is captured, and you as Buzz Lightyear, must save him. Keep in mind the plot really gets interesting, especially at the end.

Sound 4/10
Another low point. The music is way, way too quiet. It reapeats itself in about five seconds and gets very annoying. The sound effects are absolutely nothing special, they are just below average bleeps and bloops.

Gameplay 7/10
Luckily the Gameplay is fair. To get to the next level, you must find Pizza Planet Tokens to proceed to the next level, (like the stars in Mario 64). The tasks include finding 50 coins and giving it to the pig guy, and finding Mr. Potatoes Ear and giving it to him. There are also much more. Of course, enemies will try to stop you. The only thing that you can really use to stop them is your laser. Thats right, Buzz can shoot a laser out
of his arm. He can also get power ups for it, such as the Green Laser. This is also a platformer. However, the game can be hard and frusterating to younger kids. Overall this is quality platformer action.

Controls 8/10
Another good point is the fact that the game is pretty easy to control. It has Mario 64 style controls. I wish it was a little tighter though.

Replay Value 3/10
Just like in Mario 64, it has almost nothing to keep it entertaining after you beat it. It belongs in the shelf after you beat it.

Challenge 7/10
Like I said earlier, the game is harder than it may seem. It presents a good challenge and is something you should try to entertain you until Banjo Tooie comes out.

Buy or Rent?
Rent. It is nowhere good enough to buy, but you will be missing out on some fun if you ignore.

Overall 6/10

Rating: 6

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