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Reviewed: 03/29/07

This Game Teaches You That Green is Evil

Toy Story 2, is, In my opinion, one of the best 3rd person adventures that I have ever played. Too bad that it seemed to have flown under the general publics eye. Anyway, here's my review.

Story: 5/10

It's the exact same story as the movies. Woody, the cowboy toy, gets stolen at a yard sale by the owner of a toy store. It just so happens that Woody is an extremely rare and valuable toy, and that the owner of the toy store is planning to sell him to a Japanese museum. So, Buzz Lightyear goes out on an adventure to go get Woody, and bring him back. Not the best story, but this game is based off a kids movie.

Sound: 6.5/10

The sound effects are all good, but the looping music in the background on some stages are extremely annoying. They suck. Yet, on other stages, the background music is excellent. There are sound effects for Grunts from Buzz, people calling out to Buzz for his help by saying, "Hey Buzz, over here!" and the sound of Buzz's Lazer. There are also sounds like explosions, the sounds of coins, and generally cartoony sounds. But the really horendous background music, and lack of sound effects for things like, a broom hitting a wall, leave it with a dented score.

Graphics: 7/10

The graphics haven't aged too well, to telly ou the truth. When this game was released, I remember thinking "Wow, these graphics are so awesome" but now I realize that they aren't too special. The graphics work in a sense that you can tell anything apart, but the pixel count is really slow. But when you go into 1st person mode to aim, you can see a reflection of Buzz's face in the glass of his helmet. Little things like this give the game a very polished feel. Since I didn't know where else to put this, I'll say that the camera is not smooth. It's very choppy, and pretty slow. You have pretty good control over it though. I think its slow because of the amount of things going on on the screen. This takes the graphics mark down.

Gameplay: 10/10

Awesome. Radical. Any word you want to use that explains perfect can be used here. This game is like a mix between a Super Mario 64 and the Metroid series. You start off with just your laser, but as you progress, you get a grappling hook, rocket shoes and invincibility power ups. These are all well placed in the game. The puzzles in the game are fairly easy, but they're usually quite fun. There is quite a variation of enemies too. Every stage you have to do 5 things. Get 50 coins, beat a boss, find 5 miscellaneous items (could be aliens, screws, etc) find the hidden pizza planet token and win a race.

Pizza Planet tokens are the collectable items in this game. This game is easy, I bea the whole thing with all Pizza Planet tokens, but it was really fun. It also takes about 3-4 hours too beat, depending on how good of a gamer you are. For not so good gamers, it could take 10 hours, for pro gamers, about 2 hours. So its got a good length.

Heres a hint, for those fo you who are about to start playing this game. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING GREEN! You heard me. For some zany reason, the creators decided that kids should associate green with pain and suffering. See green paint on the floor? Stay away, it's gonna kill you. Hey look, some green jelly is on the kitchen bench! Even gazing at it will cause Buzz Lightyear to form several cancerous growths on his face. Seriously, if its green, its mean.

Overall, this game is a lot of fun. It has awesome level design, pretty slick controls, average sound, pretty decent graphics, good variation and can be entertaining for new gamers and pros alike. I give this game an 8/10.

Thankyou for reading.

Rating: 8

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