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Solution by BKent

-> U= UP
-> D= DOWN
-> L= LEFT
-> (B+xxxxxx)= Press and hold the B button then do the following
      movements after the B+ then after release the B button.
-> A= Press the A button to drop a block.
-> Any # after U,D,R,L = Move that many spaces.  If there is 
      no # after U,D,R,L then you move only 1 space.

|>>Example<< puzzle# [40]  D4 (B+U8) A                    |
|                                                         |
|..to solve this, you would..                             |
|                                                         |
|1. from the start of the puzzle, move DOWN 4 spaces      |
|2. Press and hold B then move UP 8 spaces then release B |
|3. finaly Press A                                        |
---To solve some of these puzzles, timing is everything.

From the start of each puzzle, do the following movements.

[1]  D L (B+R) A

[2]  U (B+D) D3 (B+U) A

[3]  L2 (B+R) A

[4]  R (B+R)

[5]  (B+D2) A

[6]  R U2 A

[7]  R3 (B+L) A

[8]  L2 (B+R) A

[9]  D L A

[10]  L3 (B+R) A

[11]  D2 (B+D)

[12]  R2 A

[13]  R3 (B+R2)

[14]  D2 L A

[15]  R (B+L) L A

[16]  U6 L4 A

[17]  D (B+D) then when red disappears QUICKLY (B+U) before the
     yellow hits the ground

[18]  R (B+U) U (B+L) D3 L (B+R) A

[19]  U (B+R) L D (B+L)

[20]  R D (B+U) R (B+U) R (B+U) L4 A

[21]  U (B+U) A

[22]  U2 L (B+D) D2 (B+R) A

[23]  R3 (B+U L)

[24]  D2 L (B+L2)

[25]  U2 L (B+U L) A

[26]  D (B+D) R2 U (B+L) R (B+R) D2 L2 A

[27]  U3 R (B+D) U (B+D2) L2 (B+D)

[28]  L (B+D2) R3 U3 (B+R2)

[29]  R6 (B+L3) L9 (B+R2) R (B+U) when the blue disappears
     QUICKLY move yellow (B+D) before the yellow disappears

[30]  (B+R) L6 (B+L) R3 (B+L) L2 (B+R)

[31]  D2 L (B+L2) R5 (B+R2) A

[32]  R2 U (B+D2)

[33]  L2 D (B+D) when the blue disappears QUICKLY (B+U) before
     the yellow disappears

[34]  L4 (B+R2) R2 A

[35]  R5 D (B+D) A L9 U A

[36]  (B+L) R2 (B+U2) D5 L (B+L2) A

[37]  D2 R2 (B+L) R2 (B+R2)

[38]  (B+L) R2 D A D A

[39]  R3 (B+L3) L D A

[40]  D4 (B+U8) A

[41]  R2 (B+U) D2 (B+D)

[42]  R3 (B+R2) L4 (B+U) D2 R (B+L2 U) R6 D A

[43]  R (B+U3) D2 (B+U2) D6 R2 A

[44]  D2 (B+L) R2 (B+R2)

[45]  D2 (B+D2)

[46]  (B+L2) R2 U (B+D2) U L (B+R) D2 (B+U2 ) R6 D4 (B+D2) U L
     (B+R2 ) L D3 (B+U2) D2 L (B+R2) L U (B+D2) U3 (B+D2) U R2
     (B+L2) R2 D2 (B+U) A

[47]  L3 (B+R) R5 (B+L) A

[48]  D (B+U) L (B+D2) when others disappear (B+U2) A

[49]  D2 (B+U) D2 (B+D)

[50]  U4 L (B+U R) L2 D (B+L) D8 R A

[51]  R2 (B+L2) R2 (B+L2) D4 A

[52]  L (B+D) U R (B+U) D2 (B+U) U (B+U)

[53]  R (B+L) R2 (B+L) release b button (B+R) L (B+L)

[54]  R (B+R L) L (B+R) L A

[55]  U13 L5 (B+D3) U3 (B+D5 R3) L3 U (B+D2 R5 D3) U3 L
     (B+R2 D6 L) R2 D (B+L) U L (B+D) R2 (B+R) L2 D3 (B+U) U6
     (B+D5) D2 (B+D)

[56]  R3 (B+D2) L4 (B+R) D L (B+L2) R (B+L) R4 (B+L) R3 D A

[57]  D2 (B+U) D2 (B+D) U L A

[58]  R3 (B+R2) L7 (B+D) U R (B+L) R D (B+U) L (B+L)

[59]  R3 D2 (B+U) D2 (B+D)

[60]  R2 D2 (B+U) D2 (B+D)

[61]  U3 L (B+R) D2 R (B+L) when blocks disappear (B+R) A

[62]  A when blocks disappear D4 (B+U2) U A R4 (B+L) R (B+L)
     release b button (B+R) L (B+L) D4 (B+U) D2 (B+U) release
     b button (B+D) U (B+U)

[63]  D2 (B+L2) R4 U (B+U2)

[64]  U (B+R) L (B+R) L2 (B+L2)

[65]  (B+D) U (B+D) U R (B+D2 when the purple are destroyed 

[66]  A when blocks disappear D3 R (B+U) L3 (B+U) A

[67]  D2 R3 (B+U2)

[68]  (B+U2) A

[69]  U10 L8 A

[70]  R3 (B+R2) L2 D (B+D2) L3 A

[71]  U2 (B+D6) U5 (B+D4 L) R U3 (B+D3) U R2 (B+D L) U A

[72]  U3 L (B+R D3) D4 A when you drop the block QUICKLY D 
     (B+U6) must be done before all green have disappeared

[73]  D4 R2 (B+U) D2 (B+D) R U2 (B+D) D2 (B+D)

[74]  R (B+L2) R2 (B+R2) wait for blocks to disappear then 
     (B+L2) L3 (B+U2) D2 R3 (B+U2)

[75]  D R4 (B+L2) R2 (B+L) R3 (B+L5) R2 (B+L) R2 (B+L2) L4 
     (B+L) R3 (B+L) L2 A

[76]  R2 (B+U) wait for blocks to disappear then D2 L5 (B+L)

[77]  R2 (B+R) D L (B+D) U (B+R) D L2 (B+R2) D2 A

[78]  L U3 (B+R) L2 (B+U2) D7 (B+D) U2 (B+U) U4 L A

[79]  R5 (B+U2) wait for blocks to disappear then D2 L (B+L) 
     L3 (B+L) wait for blocks to disappear then R3 (B+L) U R4 A

[80]  U12 L14 A

[81]  U (B+D2) U3 R (B+U2)

[82]  R4 (B+U) D2 (B+R2) wait for blocks to disappear then A

[83]  R2 D (B+D) L then VERY QUICKLY (B+R) D2 (B+L) move into
     the other light blue zig zag blocks before all of the 
     light blue zig zag blocks disappear

[84]  L2 (B+R) L U (B+L) then before the green block hits the
     ground (B+R)

[85]  (B+L2 D2) A

[86]  L (B+D) U (B+L2) then QUICKLY before the green disappear
     R2 D (B+U)

[87]  D R2 (B+D) U R (B+D) R (B+U) D R (B+D)

[88]  (B+D L4) R2 U4 (B+U) D A

[89]  R (B+L) D2 R4 (B+L) L5 A U3 R3 A

[90]  R2 (B+L2) D R2 (B+D R) U2 L2 (B+R2) D2 R A

[91]  R4 (B+L2) L6 D2 (B+R2) A

[92]  R4 U (B+D) U2 R (B+R2) then when blocks disappear D2 L3 
     (B+D) then before the purple falls VERY QUICKLY (B+U)

[93]  (B+U) D R2 (B+L2) R2 (B+U) D2 (B+U) D2 (B+U) D2 (B+D) U2
     L2 (B+U)

[94]  D L (B+R2) D2 (B+U) D2 (B+U) D2 (B+U) release the b 
     button (B+D) U (B+D) U (B+U) when all are gone A

[95]  (B+L) D R2 (B+R) U2 (B+R) L2 (B+L2) then QUICKLY R4 D2

[96]  R3 D2 (B+L) R3 (B+L) D2 R (B+R) L (B+L) R2 (B+D) 
     release the b button (B+R) D2 (B+D) when the purple blocks
     disappear quickly go L (B+R) L3 (B+R2)
--Thanks to tomaz for sending the solution to me <knavs@abm.si>--

[97]  R4 U (B+R) U L2 (B+U3) D5 (B+U) D2 (B+R) U (B+D) R2 (B+R)

[98]  D L2 (B+R) R2 U (B+U2) D2 R2 (B+U2) D4 (B+R2) release the
     b button (B+D L2 U) R3 (B+D) wait for blocks to disappear 
     (B+R U) A

[99]  R D4 (B+L) U L (B+D2) U R2 (B+D) then QUICKLY U (B+R)
     then before the yellow blocks disappear L (B+U)

[100]  R15 D3 A

---The puzzle solutions above was created by me (Brian Kent).  If 
   you wish to use or distribute these puzzle solutions, please 
   give me credit.  If you have any questions about these puzzle 
   solutions, e-mail me at    kentpw@norwich.net

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