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Supercrap 07/13/04 Zero Minus
The Suckiest Suck That Ever Sucked! 09/03/02 AllYourBaseBelong2Us
A Luthor plan to make Superman look bad? 05/02/01 Banzaiboy
The. Worst. Game. Ever. 02/05/05 bioweapon1224
I had very low expectations for this game and I was still disapointed. 04/02/00 Chef
About as good as the TV series on ABC 01/05/02 Da Ass Man
One of the worst games ever created 01/17/01 Dark Templar
Kryptonite? No. But this piece o' crap probably hurts Superman just as bad. 08/14/01 Darrow
This disgraces the Nintendo name. 08/11/00 Dave 008 Bond
Superman 64 is the worst program that can be actually classified as a game. Superman is now utterly shamed in his greatest challenge yet. 07/22/05 dragondance
A Cow Hit a Light Pole 01/04/10 EJRICH
Makes Nintendo Look Bad. 10/12/02 elTrut
Not as super as I had hoped. 10/30/02 FF TLSOK
Wow! This game really does live up to it's reputation of being one of the worst games ever made 08/25/06 Friendly_Wolf
The worst game ever made 07/28/00 Greatest One
Oh no! Superman for the Nintendo 64! This looks like a job for the trash compactor!!! 07/05/01 kmeacham40
Yes, this IS the worst game of all time 06/07/01 Kyle_
This is how games shouldn't be done 09/02/01 LCartwright
Proof That Titus Is The Anti-Christ of Video Games 04/06/01 S. Sage
This piece of plastic fuels my hatred. 05/28/00 Sadric01
This is the WORST game for the N64! No questions about it! 01/30/00 shark404
A fate far worse than Kryptonite! 01/22/02 shenloken
The Titus Catastrophe Continues 10/07/02 SuperSoldier
I would give this game a -10 if i could. 04/10/01 Trey L
Be Drained of Life! 10/26/02 UberSoldat

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