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Samus by Atom Edge

Version: 4.0 | Updated: 11/05/00

                   OO@@OO     @#;.#@      
               @OO@@@@@OO# #O#.."O        
            O@##O""""""@###"...#O               ,.    ,      .   ,    .     .,.
          O#@"""""""""###.....#O               *@&   .;      # .?     @   .$?# 
        @##"""""""""#@#......###@             *@#$   #@     *! "@    $#  ?#@$  
       O#""""""""@##"......"#####O            #" @  .?$    $#@ !:    ;@ *%     
      @#"""""""#@#;.......####@@@#@          #"  #  ,$#  .#$;; #"    %: %&     
    #@#"@"""@###.........####O@@@O#@        *#   :  *%&#.# !#, @?   @#   %&    
    O##"""###"..........@###@@@@O@@#O       #:'$?#  #* ^*  .#  %&   $%    #!   
   @#"#O#@#...........#####@#O@@@@O@#@     *#'   #  "      @"  %#  $#"     @#  
   @""###............######OO@@@@@@@@#     #'    @  @      ##  :?.,$#      "$' 
  O#"""#............O#######@#####@OO#O    #     #  $      &:   &#:@'   "#@?   
  @""""#;........."@####......;@""""##@    #     $                     :#?     
 @#""""##.......#####..........##"""""#@   S A M U S   V E R S U S   G U I D E 
 @#"""""##...........##"........@#""""#@  ===================================== 
 @#"""""##.........;@####.......##""""#@           SUPER SMASH BROTHERS
  #"""#"##........####@"........##""""#   =====================================
  @#@@@O@#####O#@####............@"""#@      for Nintendo 64  --  US Version
   @O@@@@O@@@@O#####............###""#                 Version 4.0
   @#OO@@@@@#@###@".........."###"#"#@       Last Updated:  November 5, 2000
     O#@@@@O####.........#@#O"""#"#@            by:  Jeff Chan [Atom Edge]
      O#O@#####......."###"""""""#O             <lazysilverwolf@about.com>
       O..;#O   @OOOOOOO@                

---------------------------[   LEGAL INFORMATION   ]---------------------------
                          Copyright 2000 by Atom Edge  
                              All rights reserved

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                       T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S   

        1.1  Author's Note
        1.2  Contact Info
        1.3  Revision History
        1.4  Why Play as Samus?

        2.1  Special Moves
        2.2  Standard Moves
        2.3  SMASH Moves
        2.4  Air Moves
        2.5  Commands

3  -  ITEMS
        3.01  Beam Sword  
        3.02  Home Run Bat      
        3.03  Hammer  
        3.04  Fan
        3.05  Motion Sensor Bomb
        3.06  Bob-omb  
        3.07  Bumper            
        3.08  Shell  
        3.09  Poké Ball         
        3.10  Ray Gun
        3.11  Fire Flower
        3.12  Star Rod
        3.13  Maxim Tomato/Heart
        3.14  Star
        3.15  Bottle, Chansey Egg, Crate and Barrel

        4.1  Peach's Castle
        4.2  Congo Jungle
        4.3  Hyrule Castle
        4.4  Planet Zebes
        4.5  Yoshi's Island
        4.6  Dream Land
        4.7  Sector Z
        4.8  Saffron City
        4.9  Mushroom Kingdom

5  -  VERSUS...
        5.01  Mario
        5.02  Donkey Kong
        5.03  Link
        5.04  Samus
        5.05  Yoshi
        5.06  Kirby
        5.07  Fox 
        5.08  Pikachu
        5.09  Luigi
        5.10  Jigglypuff
        5.11  Captain Falcon
        5.12  Ness

        6.1  Credits and Special Thanks to...
        6.2  Final Words

 111  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
  11  --------------------------[   INTRODUCTION   ]---------------------------
  11  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

 1.1   Author's Note

Super Smash Brothers.  This is N64 at it's best.  Although it is considered a 
fighting game, SSB is hardly traditional.  One of the weirdest styles that have
ever been created.  This game was made for insane fun, and it has succeeded 
like nothing else could.

Although the insanely fun engine is pretty simple, even simple games have some
forms of strategy behing them.  Enjoy the guide.

 1.2   Contact Info

My e-mail is lazysilverwolf@about.com  Be forewarned though as if your email 
is pointless (see below) I will delete and ignore it.  No question about it, no 

The following are the messages I will answer.
  :: Webmasters who want to host this guide
  :: Criticism either positive or negative (with reasoning)
  :: Contributions
  :: Corrections
  :: General Talk on the Game or this Guide
  :: Anything I might find helpful

Not only will I not answer the following, but I'll delete them on sight and add 
your email to my filter.
  :: Questions already answered
  :: Questions regarding how to play the game
  :: Questions on how to beat a part of the game*
  :: Questions about another game
  :: Question not related to something in this FAQ
  :: Death Threats - yes, I've gotten these before**
  :: Viruses and Trojans - and these too**
  :: SPAM - I don't care for your half assed money making schemes
  :: Chain Letters - what would compel you to think I would want these
  :: Anything Rude - this is obvious
  :: No subject line - if you can't even write a subject line it's pathetic***

  * This one really annoys me.  There are plenty of great guides out there that
    are written for the express purpose of helping you through the game.  Check
    those (listed in the credits section).  My guide is written for info on   
    Samus, not written as a walkthrough.  If I were willing to write an email
    explaining how to beat something, I would've put it in here.  If it's not 
    here, then I probably won't write it, be it into this guide or in e-mail.

 ** These get special treatment.  I don't just delete them and filter your 
    e-mail, I will report these to your ISP.  This will get your internet
    connection summarily terminated.  Also, as far as death threats, or any 
    threats and things that are illegal activities, they will be reported to 
    the police, or any other authorities.  I will not hesitate.  I've gotten 
    people expelled from high school when they e-mailed a death threat using 
    a school computer.  I do not tolerate crap of any kind. 

*** I am an extremely lazy person, but I wrote this guide.  There is no 
    excuse for being too lazy to write something the subject line of an 
    e-mail.  A simple "Super SMASH Brothers" is more than enough, and even 
    then some people can't do that.  Also, something like 'Hey' will also be 
    ignored unless you've emailed me before I know who you are.  I get an
    enormous amount of junk mail, and if I can't tell what your e-mail is 
    about before I even read it, then I'm going to consider it junk. 

If I haven't covered whatever type of message you might want to send, rest 
assured it's most like one that I will not answer.  To make sure that you don't 
ask a question I've already answered, please check the Frequently Asked 
Questions.  Please.  If you still can't find it there, use Ctrl + F.  This will 
let you search the document making it easier to find things.

At this point, you probably are thinking I'm such an **** *******.  Personally,
it doesn't matter.  I've gotten loads of crap e-mail, and I simply don't have 
the time to deal with it.  My life is extremely stressful, and when I take a
great deal of time and effort to sit down and write a guide, I don't want to be
drowning in pointless crap.  I'm sorry for the restrictions on e-mail, but that
is just how it has to be.  Also, if you do send in an e-mail and it does have
merit, please be patient.  I don't check my e-mail everyday, and I can take
quite awhile to respond.  

 1.3   Revision History

Version 1.0  -  February 29, 2000
  - Not much to say except that I just started out.

Version 2.0  -  March 3, 2000
  - Added a few more tips
  - Made a review
  - Put a Wanted list
  - Minor tweak here and there

Version 2.1  -  March 6, 2000
  - Ran it through a spell checker

Version 3.0  -  September 23, 2000
  - Changed ASCII Art Title
  - Changed Format
  - Revised the Table of Contents
  - Added the Author's Note and Contact Info
  - Updated Copyright
  - Removed the Review
  - Removed Wanted section
  - Added 'Why Play as Samus?'
  - Redid 'Special Attacks' and 'SMASH Moves'
  - Added the entire Items section
  - Added the Versus strategies

Version 4.0  -  November 5, 2000
  - Changed the File Information at the top
  - Updated Legal Info
  - Updated Contact Info
  - Removed excessive filler
  - Redid every section
  - Added Stage Strats

 1.4   Why Play as Samus?

There are popular characters in SSB like every other game.  Many people like
Ness, Captain Falcon, Link, ect.  Not many people seem to understand the use of
Samus.  Sure, the popular characters are good, but the problem with them is 
that they all have one track strategies, and for the most part, it's half assed
and only works on certain opponents.  

Samus has an interesting learning curve.  True, anybody can pick Samus and win
a match, but the same could be said about every character.  She has phenomenal
jumping range, can survive even with high damage, is second to only Captain 
Falcon as far as speed goes, can be played as both of support and head to head
fighter, and has some of the most damaging and effective moves in the game.  

With those traits, most people would expect her to be an extremely easy to play
character.  This could not be any more wrong.  Though she does have massive 
bonuses, Samus is also a high risk ~ high reward character.  If you can play 
well as her, you've got yourself an awesome character, but just _one_ slip up 
is crucial enough to make you get your butt whipped across the stage.  She is
the hardest character to master with the exception of Yoshi (which is a moot
point as even if Yoshi could be played well, you could play as someone else 
just as well).

As far as what I mean by high risk:  Samus is a character that has devasting 
attacks.  The problem with this is that everything always seems to have to have
a way to balancing out.  Blah, I know.  Samus' moves will either have a large
lag time to start up, or (even worse) a horribly slow recovery time.  I'll get 
more into this in the moves section.

Once you can play well with Samus you'll be able to take down anyone, because
for the most part, Samus is a defensive character.  This is an extremely good
point since you can just let opponents come to you and _adapt_ to their style.
This not only makes it extremely hard for the opponent to touch you, much less
beat you, but it also leaves them open for your own offense.  Of course, any
other character in the game can pull this off, but Samus was designed for this
(at least it seems like she was designed for this).  I've played my fair share
of time with every character and not one of them can compare to Samus with this

 2222 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
   22 ---------------------------[   MOVELIST   ]------------------------------
 222  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

 2.1   Special Moves

CHARGE SHOT                                       Press B or Hold B and release
This is a highly underrated move.  When people see you using it, they most 
likely won't be impressed.  Most people deem it a worthless attack as it takes
time to build up, comes in slow, etc.  A basic rule in life:  Use an enemy's
ignorance to your advantage (yea, it's a dirty tactic, but the world's corrupt
as it is, so what's the harm? ^_^).  Using this can get tricky, but hardly any

My favorite method is against a really aggressive opponent.  If you get on a 
level plane with them, you can get their attention and hopefully, they'll be
incredibly foolish and run towards you.  You _could_ just shoot them when they 
get close, but since Samus' blaster glows when fully charged, the slightly more
intelligent of players will know something is up and probably jump or find 
another means of dodging _before_ you ever get the chance to fire.  If they do, 
try and blast them where they land.  If they jump after it's fired, and you can 
recover before they can hit you, you've just caught a break.  Most cases, the 
Screw Attack (see below) will suffice to take them out.  If not, you can most
likely move out of the way and hit them with a SMASH attack upon their landing.
If by some offset chance they keep running at you, and you choose not to just
blast them clear into the sky, then you can either roll under them, or jump 
over them and blast.  The nice thing about this method is that (given you do it 
correctly) you'll always end up in an advantageous position.  They could block,
but when you block a fully charged shot, you tend to have most of your shield
depleted, and also be stuck in the block for recovery.  They are essentially a
sitting duck.  If they don't block, they have to jump, which will lead to a
chance for Samus' air to air combat (which I'll get into later).

One of the more effective methods is the use of the Charged Shot as a means to
keep opponents off the stage once knocked off.  Some characters use moves that
leave them completely open (Ness' PK Thunder, Fox's Fire Fox) or the characters
will use moves that have a predictable direction (Mario and Luigi's Uppercut,
Kirby's Star Cutter).  Just charge, aim and fire.

The most worthless tactic is also the one I find myself using the most.  When 
you break someone's shield, they will remain temporarily dizzy.  The time given
is _just_ enough to sit in front of them and charge.  You should be able to 
release a completely charged blast before they can recover enough to block or 
dodge.  To use this though, you should be next to them when the shield breaks.
As they fly into the air, get into position and when they are decending, start 
charging.  By the time they stand up and start the dizzy animation, you should
be about 1/4 complete in the charge.  When you release the charge, release at 
the _exact_ same time it fully charges.  If not, Samus will pull it back and go
into her normal stance, and to shoot it off, their is a small lag while she 
brings the cannon over her head and infront of her.  This could cost you, so be
sure to get the timing right.  Also, if you miss the timing just by a little,
don't worry, as the opponent shouldn't have enough time to run, and be forced
into blocking, which can't hurt you.  This method is simply a novelty and taunt
as it is incredibly worthless.  You could do much more in the time alotted, but
it gets under someone's skin to have you sit in front of them and charge.  =]

SCREW ATTACK                                                             Up + B
First and foremost, PLEASE ignore the name.  The name isn't the official one
(can you imagine Nintendo letting that happen?) but I am just used to it.  When
I first got the game, the move was a somersault and since my friends were so
annoyed at it, the name just stuck.  Anyway out of all of Samus' special moves,
this one is the best.  Actually, this may be the _best_ move in the game.

The most notable use is just like ever other characters' use (barring Yoshi) as
a third jump.  This will save your ass countless times, and since it's an 
attack as well, it provides quite a lot of cover.

There are several reasons why this move holds such prestige in my mind.  As an
attack, it can rack in a total of 14% if all hits connect, which is pretty puny
itself, BUT, and there's always a but, it can hit all other characters at once.
This will easily paralyze all of them and annoy the hell out of them to say the
very least.  The Screw Attack also works nicely when you have a partner.  Once
hit by the Screw Attack, the unfortunate fool getting hurt will be held in 
place allowing your partner to size him up for something really annoying.  

This move doesn't go without penalty though (ahhh... damn).  Upon decending
after the attack, Samus is completely left open to anything.  The only saving
grace is that if the opponent was hit with the move, they won't be doing much
to you before you can land and recover in time.

Remember, the Screw Attack has priority over _every_ other attack in the game.
This is only if you time it right though.  In the start up, Samus will be 
completely invunerable, and if you hit someone from the under while rising, no
other attack can stop it.  This little extra bonus has saved me countless times
as it can stop anything, from Ness' PK Thunder Charge to the Hammer to Arwing
blasts.  This move can be used to cancel out any other move in the game.

BOMB                                                                   Down + B
This move is, without a shadow of a doubt, is the most underrated attack in the
game.  I've seen people break down laughing at the sight of this "worthless" 
move.  I'm sitting there thinking, "What the hell's the matter with you?"  Even
though it is underrated, it is far more useful than some characters best moves
(*cough* Yoshi *cough*).  

Two of the most annoying characters to fight in the game, Capt. Falcon and Fox,
both have air attacks that repeatedly knock you up into the air until a star 
finish.  It's hilarious when you spend the time to lay bombs and the, idioticly
mind you, jump into them thinking they are about to finish you.  All in all, 
the move alone is pretty weak, but it can provide excessive cover when falling
down towards an opponent.

Also, if you're knocked up and away from the platform of the stage, laying a
few of these will prolong your air time, in some cases saving you.  Plus, the
sound of the bomb being laid pisses some opponents off ^_^

This move is more specialized than anything else.  In the character strategies,
are more techinques against certain opponents using this move.  

 2.2   Standard Moves

(A)                  Does a straight jab hit.  If you press it twice in a row, 
                     she'll follow the first one up with an overhead smack 
                     using her blaster.

(Hold Forward + A)   Does a spinning side kick.  Fast and useful to negate 
                     fireballs when trying to approach Mario/Luigi    

(Hold Down + A)      Samus will perform a sweep in front of her.  Useless in 
                     every aspect of the word.

(Hold Up + A)        Samus will bring one foot over her head and slam it down.
                     If you've played Tekken 2/3 you'll notice it's the same 
                     as Baek/Hwoarang's Dynamic Heal, respectively.  I've not 
                     found a specific use for this move yet.  It is pretty 

 2.3   SMASH Moves

(Tap Forward + A)   Samus pulls her Blaster back and quickly launches it out w/
                    a lunge.  This is quick and strong.  Very useful for head 
                    to head fighting.

(Tap Down + A)      This will produce a sweep that hits everything in front
                    of Samus, then everything behind Samus.  Pretty useful,
                    as it'll knock an opponent up if it connects.

(Tap Up + A)        This will produce an overhead flamethrower.  Although it 
                    does look like it would make a very useful anti-air attack,
                    it's quite the contrary.  It's kind of hard to time it to
                    hit the opponent.  Instead, it should be used as a standing
                    attack.  Also, if someone is standing on a platform just 
                    above you, this will hit too.  The flamethrower will create
                    five short blasts of fire, each doing 10%.  If you hit all
                    five (good luck), you'll rack in 50% with one easy motion.
                    This is the single strongest attack in the game!

 2.4   Air Moves

(A)             Samus will just do a short jump kick.  Decent power, and very
                useful.  It's kind of a utility move, as it can be used for
                basically anything.

(Forward + A)   Samus will do a forward Flamethrower that starts off high and
                ends low.  If you're coming back onto a ledge with an enemy
                standing waiting to knock you off again, try and use this as
                cover.  Five bursts at 5% per hit.

(Down + A)      Samus will somersault rotate her blaster under her.  It starts 
                out from one side to the other, and is fast.  If you hit a 
                damaged character they will plummet straight down.  This is 
                very effective against those that are trying to come back to
                the ledge.  Also, if you hit someone with this and they are on
                level ground, they will bounce up, leaving them quite open.

(Up + A)        This move is essentially worthless.  It's just a weaker 
                version of the screw attack.

(Back + A)      Samus will extend her foot out and down.  This move itself is
                pretty weak, but it does have the ability to send enemies far 
                away.  It's a great knockaround move.

 2.5   Commands

(Tap R) or (R + Z)   Samus' throw.  This move is the worst throw in the entire
                     game, hands down.  There are very few times it should ever
                     be used.  It has Samus extend a grappling beam, and when
                     the tip hits (or rather, if it hits) Samus will throw the 
                     opponent.  The reason I despise this move is its utter
                     ineffectiveness.  The start up is the slowest in the game.
                     When it's been fully extended, and misses, the recovery 
                     time takes forever.  Then, this move requires that you hit
                     them with the tip of the beam for it to work.  Just use it 
                     and you'll see my point.  There _are_ some good times to 
                     use this, but very seldom will they ever occur.  The first
                     is in connection with the Charged Shot (see above).  When
                     blocking a fully charged shot, the opponent will be left 
                     in the blocking position.  Throw 'em.

(Hold Z or R)        Block.  This should be pretty straightforward... if not, 
                     you're playing the wrong game.

 3333 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
  _33 -----------------------------[   ITEMS   ]-------------------------------
   33 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

 3.01   Beam Sword  

Weapons don't get too much better than this.  It's a large weapon, meaning it's
easy to hit people with, slashes pretty fast and pegs on damage at a high rate.
Performing a SMASH move on an opponent with this results in an opponent flying 
really far, really fast.

A thrown sword is one of the best things you can dish out at an oponent.  It 
flys pretty far, and since it's so huge, people have a hard time avoiding it.
The best time to throw it is when someone has just landed back on a platform.
It is normally enough to knock them back off and kill them.

 3.02   Home Run Bat

This is arguably the best item in the game.  Although it's not that good 
compared to the Beam Sword in most all aspects, if you use a SMASH move to hit
with this and manage to connect, it's an instant kill.  You'll know if you got 
it when you hear a high pitch sound.  The only time it won't kill instantly
after it connects is when the opponent manages to bounce twice. 

Also, when thrown it is extremely powerful.  The range is quite moderate.  It
should be enough to knock an opponent off a platform.  Also, if someone has 
already been knocked off the platform, and the bat is throw at him/her, it'll
most likely be more than enough to keep them off.

Of course, with such a powerful weapon, it's not exactly the easiest to use.
The SMASH aspect (the instant kill) has a horrible start up.  To rememdy this,
the only time you should try it is when the opponent is left open, such as 
when an opponent comes back from a ledge.  Other times is when an opponent does
a move that leaves them stuck for quite awhile, like Kirby's absorbing move or
while Link is still spinning from his Spin Slash.

 3.03   Hammer

If you've ever played the Donkey Kong gameboy games, you'll remember this.  One
of my favorite items, since it's strong as hell (two hits from this sucker is
usually enough to Star Finish your opponents), provides limited invunerability
and it's kind of funny to watch people run around like idiots trying to avoid 

There are a few cons to using this though.  For one, your jumping is shot, so
you'll most likely be confined to a small area when using this.  Also, although
there is limited invunerability, some moves still do take priority and this 
will most likely mess you up.  Be careful when using this as it's not a perfect
weapon by any means.

 3.04   Fan

In earlier version I said this weapon sucked.  I was right.  But it is still 
worth using.  The weapon has bad range and does crap for damage.  The only hope
you have to making it useful is when you pick it up, people will be laughing at 
you so hard, it's an easy kill  =]

Seriously though, since it is weak, it can be used fast.  If you can get next
to someone, just keep hitting the "A" button and you'll keep wacking them.  For
every hit, you peg on 1% damage, but if it's a one on one, they can't get out 
of it.  The only way they can stop your barrage is when some other character
comes in and hits you, or when some part of the stage breaks your rhythm.  The
damage is small, but it sure as hell is annoying for someone to get beaten by a
"wimpy" fan (humiliating too).

Another use (and the only other one I know of) is to throw it at an opponent.
If it successfully connects then the opponent will be sent straight in the air.
The main perk to this is that they are completely helpless until they start to
descend.  Samus is usually fast enough to run up and beat the hell out of most
characters while they are so vunerable.

 3.05   Motion Sensor Bomb

A blessing in the form of explosives... does it get any better?  This item is
used by throwing it onto a surface.  It'll stick there, and once someone 
touches it, they fly like no tommorow.  If you hit someone while throwing it,
don't expect much.  But once it's planted and they touch it, the explosion is
impressive to say the very least.

Of course you should use good judgement as to where you place it.  The ideal 
places would be the ends of the platforms, where opponents generally land back
when trying to salvage their life.  Also, on certain stages, it's "interesting"
to plant the mine where your opponent may not neccessarily go, but it is still
fun.  Examples include Peach's Castle.  The two blue things that float over the 
stage are ripe places for the motion bomb.  Just stick it under them and throw 
the opponent around.  If they hit it, the explosion will knock them downwards 
and normally they'll bite the dust.

 3.06   Bob-omb

If you want people to run away from you, pick this sucker up.  The bomb is one
of the most devasting (if not most devasting) thing you can find in SSB.  The
interesting thing about this item is that if you leave it alone long enough, it
will wake up and run around itself until it hits something or decide to 
denonate by itself.  Not really much else about this, except becareful, as this
thing will pop out of nowhere when you need it the least.

 3.07   Bumper

This acts somewhat like a richochet.  Once it hits something it'll bounce the 
other way.  This is even true after it has landed on the ground and is then
stationary.  Also, in Peach's Castle, there is one that floats over the stage 
at all times.

Using this is an interesting task.  Ideally, you don't want to throw it, have 
it hit the opponent, and end up with the damn thing back in your face.  This is
easily avoided by throwing it downwards.  Just jump overhead and hurl the thing
and you won't have to incur too many added bruises for your efforts.  Also, if
it occupies the edges of the platforms it could become a great annoyance on 
your opponents.

 3.08   Shell

Well, first and foremost there are _two_ types of shells, green and red.  They
aren't much different, but it deserves to be mentioned.  Generally the shell is
just another item that is thrown as a well... throwable item.  The unique thing
about them is that they start up if you throw them (like most all other items),
or they can start up if you hit it with a move as if it where a target.

The green is decently strong as a weapon and when thrown or hit, it sails in a
way as if it where floating so it flys across the screen pretty far.  It also
goes at a pretty fast rate so it's one of the better items to throw.

The red is slightly different, as when it lands on the ground, it will start to
move around in a frenzy.  It renders most small platforms basically off limits.

 3.09   Poké Ball

When thrown, it'll hit decently hard.  The real point of this, though is to
get a Pokémon as an temporary ally.  The Pokémon that appear from this include:

  ::  Chansey   -  Gives you three Chansey Eggs
  ::  Onix      -  Flys up and drops Rocks.  If the rocks hit, they will send
                   the opponent upwards (What's up with that?  If I got hit by
                   a huge boulder I guarantee I wouldn't be going _up_.)
  ::  Snorlax   -  Flys up and then drops down.  This covers large area and is 
                   strong.  If you see this coming, run the hell away from its
                   fat ass.
  ::  Hitmonlee -  Jumps up and kicks someone.  Does about 23% damage.  It is
                   poorly ranged, but also happens to be the strongest of all
                   the PKMN you can get in SSB.
  ::  Blastoise -  Spits water that pushes the opponents.  The water will also
                   slowly push Blastoise to the other side.  It's hilarious 
                   when he's on the edge as he'll blow himself right off of it
  ::  Charizard -  Spits fire in two directions
  ::  Koffing   -  Smog comes out from all sides.  If hit by the smog, the 
                   opponent will be pushed back away from the smog, so even if
                   someone gets hit by it (fat chance in hell), they will most
                   likely only get hit once doing virtually nothing.
  ::  Starmie   -  Comes out and homes into one opponent; shoots continuously.
  ::  Beedrill  -  A swarm of them come from one side of the screen and fly to
                   the other side.
  ::  Meowth    -  Coins rotate around Meowth.  Although in most cases it's 
                   weak (very), on some occassions you'll luck out.  The enemy
                   will rarely get hit by a massive amount of coins that can
                   damage the opponent severely in seconds.  I've seen someone
                   go from 0% to 128% in less than five seconds.  This is rare
                   so don't count on it, though.
  ::  Clefable  -  Mimics one of the other Pokémon (random metronome)
  ::  Mew       -  Flys away (worthless)
  ::  Goldeen   -  Flops around (worthless)

 3.10   Ray Gun

This is one of the most worthless weapons there is.  It's more an annoyance to
an opponent than a threat.  It's extremely weak, and even when thrown it nears
complete uselessness.

As far as annoyance goes, it shoots fast and if you hit someone, and get the
timing down, you'll be able to juggle them so they can't do anything.  But then
you run out of ammo and have an entirely useless item.  All in all, it's not 
worth it.

 3.11   Fire Flower

The Fire Flower is mainly used for piling on damage.  This is a moot point when
you consider that Samus has plenty of ways to damage opponents as is.  What the
Fire Flower does is it spits a continuous stream of fire and the opponent who
happens to be caught usually starts cursing.  I've only found _two_ uses of the
Fire Flower.

The first is when someone is trying to jump back onto a platform.  Just use the
Fire Flower and the continuous stream should keep them off.  If not, you'll at
least damage them.  The second use is in team play.  The Fire Flower tends to 
trap the opponent in an (usually) unescapable bond.  You partner can then take
advatage and crush the opponent.

 3.12   Star Rod

Probably the most underrated of the clobbering weapons.  It's power doesn't 
quite compare to the Bat or Sword, but it's not bad.  Using it with a SMASH 
move produces a projectile.  If you can do the SMASH move right next to someone
the rod will hit them as well as the projectile, which makes it decent.

The Star Rod is the best clobbering weapon to throw.  If you throw it at 
someone, they gernally fall in a direction and down.  If you hit someone that
is trying to come back to the ledge, you're almost gauranteed at a kill. The 
impact will launch the opponent.  Very useful if you can get used to the angle
of Samus' throw (throwing weapons).

 3.13   Maxim Tomato/Heart

The Maxim Tomato will recover 100% damage while the Heart container will fully
recover you no matter your damage.  Be careful though, as once a health item
appears, some idiot go into a frenzy for them.  If you're not the closest don't
ever mad dash for it.  Get close but don't go for it until someone else does.
You should then be able to take the opponent out and take the health for your
own.  Also, if you happen to be perfect health, don't ignore it.  Most people
will want it and you can use it as bait.  Rule one of fighting, let them come 
to you.

 3.14   Star

Ahhh the almighty invunerability drug.  Too bad in this game, it's worth is 
close to nothing.  Most stages are large enough to run away from an invunerable
foe, and you can bet money nobody is dumb enough to fight someone invunerable.
And if by some off chance you do fight those that are dumb enough to do such a
thing, you don't need to be reading a guide, they do.

 3.15   Bottle, Chansey Egg, Crate and Barrel

As far as items go, they throw and hit pretty much like a Poké Ball.  The only
difference is that once they hit something, they break open and reveal another
item.  The item is always random but can be anything except the not so almighty
Star, other Bottles/Chansey Eggs/Barrels/Crates.

The Crates and Barrels act somewhat differently though.  They are heavier and
thus harder to throw, and whatnot.  The Crate breaks on impact, and the Barrel
will too, but if you send it to the ground, it'll roll until hit by a wall or
person.  They reveal three items, whereas Bottles and Chansey Eggs only leave
one item.

One interesting thing to note is that on occassion, it won't produce an extra
item, instead, it'll blow up like a Bob-omb.

 4  4 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
 4444 ---------------------------[   VERSUS...   ]-----------------------------
    4 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

 4.1  Peach's Castle

This stage is one of the most difficult to play efficiently at a consistant 
rate.  I horribly dislike the lower platform that moves back and forth.  For
some strange reason everytime I'm about to land on it, it starts to recede.  I
can't tell you how annoying it can get.  Also all the ledges on this stage can
_not_ be grabbed, so you tend to die a lot more.

The nice thing about this stage is that it's a small and compact battlefield.
So much easier to catch and fight an enemy than those huge stages like Sector Z
and Hyrule Castle.  It consists of a high and low platform which makes it easy
to take people out as Samus cause you can stick to the low ground and employ
air to air style fighting when you need to.

 4.2  Congo Jungle

This is one of the best stages to play as Samus.  It is the easiest stage to
stay alive while still being mainly offensive.  The reason being, the ground is
not as solid as others.  You can jump through it making recoverying really easy
and piss of people at the same time.

There's just one problem when playing this stage.  I've got horrible vision (to
the point where I'm still blind as a bat with my glasses) and Samus' generic
costume blends in way too much with Congo Jungle.  Oh well, you can't win them
all (and with my eye sight, you can barely ever win).

Also the barrel is something you have to watch out for.  More often than not,
I find myself shooting Samus straight into the abyss of doom (I'm brilliant, I

 4.3  Hyrule Castle

One of the few stages that are actually large (not that there are too many 
stages to begin with though).  My advice is to fight on the right side.  The 
structures over there can sometimes keep you from flying off the ledge if you
get hit, and since Samus can pile on damage really easy you can take advantage.

One annoying element of the stage are the tornadoes.  They will pick up the 
weak people and kill them without giving you your deserved point.  The nice 
thing about it is that you cna use it to your advantage.  When opponents are
thrown by the tornadoes, they won't be able to hit you until they start to 
descend.  Take advantage and knock them flying. 

 4.4  Planet Zebes

This is the hardest stage to play effectively, although SSB never had it out to
be a difficult game.  The stage has a lava pit for a bottom and it will come up
from time to time and hit the players.  Most of the they result in Star Finish
kills, as it is that strong.

The key point to this stage is to use this to your advantage.  Just keep away 
for awhile and when lava starts coming up most people will be to distracted by 
not getting roasted to notice a little Samus kicking them around the place.  
Use general keep away tactics like the Charged Shot and throwing weapons.

 4.5  Yoshi's Island

Aside from normal stages, there is the factor of disappearing clouds in Yoshi's
Island.  These are the main sticking point for this stage.  Try and knock your
opponents over to the coulds and fight them there.  They will be jumping like 
crazy trying to get to solid ground and since Samus has a great air to air
fighting style, you shuld be able to kill them fast and painlessly.

An alternate strategy would be to stick to the main platform and try to control
it.  The stage is small so it shouldn't be hard.  The jumping flame thrower and
other air moves should be able to keep most opponents off.  It's just this 
technique tends to falter when it's a free for all with many opponents.

 4.6  Dream Land

My second favorite stage.  It's small and compact, with a simple design so that
the action stays hot and the opponents die fast.  There's not much strategy
since this stage is quite simple.

The pushing wind is no factor since it really doesn't affect you too greatly.
My advice is to get weapons.  It's a major advantage here since everything is
cramped together.  Motion Sensor Bombs work wonders since nobody seems to pay
much attention.

 4.7  Sector Z

My second favorite stage.  This is the largest stage in the game (I like both
the largest and smallest...).  The first thing to note is the continuous beat
down everyone will take from the Arwings.  They are powerful as hell, and fire 
in two methods.  The first, being more common is when the Arwing comes right 
next to all the players and begins to fire.  This can be ducked by anyone as 
the blasts are usually aimed higher, as if to hit opponents that jump.  The
second method of raining hell on you is, just that.  They fire from the 
background and hit the ground.  These are slightly more accurate, but shouldn't
be a threat as a jump will kepp you safe.

I find that although the virtue of this stage is it's size, it's better to 
restrict the battle to the side with the tail and engine.  This area is awesome 
to hold a four player free for all.  The reason being, the fin makes a great
bumper.  Repeated throws into the fin result in massive damage and a opponents
get knocked around.  True, throwing them off the ledge is a lot easier to kill 
them, but it's not as fun.  One last note, if you find a Motion Sensor Bomb, 
plant it into the fin and hurl those suckers into it.

 4.8  Saffron City

Ahh... this is one of the easiest stages for Samus to win.  The design is made 
for an aerial fighter, and Samus is as good as they can be.  One thing to make 
sure of is to stick to the sides.  Not only do you avoid all the hazardous PKMN
that pop up from the building, but since the sides have such small platforms, 
it makes it a lot easier to control it.  Also, since there are small gaps or 
holes between them and the main platform, the opponents are forced to jump into
you and Samus has many anti air moves.

Motion Sensor Bombs, Bob-ombs, Bumpers, and other throwables make for good use
at Saffron.  Since most of the fighting is sucluded most of the time, you can
easily chunk something explosive at the unsuspecting opponents.  On a last note
this stage is something you should play often when facing Ness players.  If you 
can knock them inbetween the buildings, you've just made sure they can't use 
the PK Thunder for the extra jump at the end.  =]

 4.9  Mushroom Kingdom

The secret stage.  Mushroom Kingdom is _very_ unique, to say the least.  First,
the warp pipes.  There are two that are easily visible, but the hole in the 
middle of the stage houses one too.  You can't enter this one, but if you enter
the others, you might find yourself on a free fall.  Next, the POW blocks will
occassionally appear in one of two places, either in the middle of the stage,
or above the left warp pipe.  If you hit one of them, all opponents still on
the ground will be sent into the air.  Use these against hammer wielders.

The left upper platform (the one with the warp pipe) is a place to avoid at all
costs.  If you are thrown offscreen from here you die real easily.  Unlike most
other areas, this place has little to no space offscreen and the slightest move
out here will mean you're dead.  Most characters can use this to their 
advantage, but Samus has lack of recovery speed in most all of her attacks,
rendering her an easy victim of this area.  To play this stage, you just have 
to isolate your opponent so you fight one on one.  Then whereever you are, you
need to concentrate on pushing them to the edge.  Damage doesn't really matter
too much here, as kills are easy to come across.  Since it is a relatively big
stage you need to make sure you use it to help you.  Covering any area is near
impossible, so you might want to try and find a way to kill.  Weapons are my
general strategy here, but that can be a problem because you are depending on 
the luck of the draw.  Another alternative is to bait the opponents.  Samus is
a really fast runner so have them chase you around and when they leave their 
characters open, attack (yea, like you needed me to tell you that).

 5555 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
 555  ---------------------------[   VERSUS...   ]-----------------------------
    5 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

 5.01   Mario

Mario is a beginners character, and it shows.  He has simple strategies, which
are all easily adapted to and countered.  His air attacks can be bothersome as
he has a drill attack, but Samus has no problems with aerial combat.  Also, his
throw is quick so you need to be wary of him getting a little too close.

His fireballs are a laugh.  The puny little things travel so slow you can 
literally start walking up to him and hit "a" whenever one gets close and Mario
won't be able to do a damn thing about it.  (Well besides saying "Mama-mi-a")
Also, even if you do get hit by one of these (for shame man, for shame), they 
do next to nothing in terms of damage.

His uppercut is also laughable.  Especialy when used against Samus.  A simply
bomb will completely negate any chances of being harmed by this, but even on
those are occassions that it connects, it's still a mistake on Mario's part.  
At the end of the Uppercut, Mario is usually above you and you can most likely
pull off a Screw Attack or aerial SMASH move.

The only thing that Mario has that makes him worth noticing his his close range
combat.  Mainly, his Tornado Drill.  It's got considerable better range than it
appears.  Blocking is no options because it'll destroy your shield as easily as
you can destroy a Yoshi.  Make sure to take the initiative when fighting close.
You can take to the air and come down on Mario with aerial moves.  This is my
preferred strategy, but all in all don't worry much about Mario.

 5.02   Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is a ***** to fight.  The punk likes to beat the living crap out of 
his opponents.  He's got amazing range and power.  Don't underestimate the over
grown ape's reach.  Although most people think it's best to fight him with 
Charged Shots, you'll get nowhere.  He can take massive damage before flying.
Get in close and use his size to your advantage.  DK is really tall, and really
big.  If you get close enough, you should be able to launch a few overhead
flamethrowers.  This will chunk the damage fast enough so that he won't be able
to do much to you.  Once you get him with massive damage, you should be able to
handle him.  Also, Samus' throw is quite useful here, has DK is really slow.

The nice thing about knocking him off the ledge is that he will usually use his
helicoptor imitation.  Since his hands rotate around him, jump above him and 
use the Down + A attack.  This will give you one dead Donkey.

 5.03   Link

Link has one huge weakness.  He can't jump worth crap.  The only time he can
jump is when he's getting Star Finished.  If you knock him off the ledge, it's 
already over.  He's dead.

Now onto knocking him off the ledge.  Whatever you do, stay away from Link.  
He's the best close range fighter in the game (well he's got a freaking sword).
Make him go aggressive.  This will make it so that he leaves himself open for
you to send him off the ledge and into whereever the hell he goes.

Don't worry about the Spin Slash, Boomerang or Bomb.  The former makes him 
insanely vunerable and the latter two are weak and won't be much more than a
nuisance.  His SMASH moves on the other hand are lethal.  Try and mix your
strategy to confuse him.

 5.04   Samus

Ahh... the mirror match.  The only problem with this match is that since both 
parties are the same charater, they might play the exact same.  The thing here 
is to force them to take the initiative.  If you can trick them into doing a
Screw Attack first, you can follow up with one your own, and so forth.

In all honesty, I haven't had much experience against another good Samus player
as I'm the only one out of all my friends who can even remotely use her.  This,
though is the case when I try and use Ness against an experienced Ness player.
In the end, my Ness is always beaten half way to hell and back.

 5.05  Yoshi

Yoshi has no offense that you should worry about.  The only problem you'll ever
have with Yoshi is to kill him.  His double jump makes it so that he won't
stagger from hits.  All you have to do is pile on the damage.  Then send him
flying real far in one hit.  Yoshi is the only character I suggest going all
out offensive against.

He has nothing that is potentially dangerous to anything.  I found that most
Yoshi players (well I only know one person dumb enough to ever use Yoshi), like
to use the Butt-Stomp.  It is a decent move, but nothing to worry about as it
has bad recovery.

 5.06   Kirby

>'_'>  Kirby sucks.  <'_'<  Not in the sense he's a bad character, but in the 
sense that's he's annoying to fight.  I can kill a Kirby with the best of them,
but when it absorbs my Charged Shots and starts to use them, I get real pissed.
Not to mention when he starts to use his taunt and say (in the high pitched
voice that makes me want to go find some little kid and step on him) "Hi".

Anyway, Kirby is basically a bag of air.  And a bag of air is easy to beat up.
If you don't let his annoyance bother you, you can kick him all over the place.
Literally.  Kirby has the one of the best jumping ranges in the game, but that
also means he can fly with the best of them (with a little incentive provided
by Samus' boot).  Keeping him off isn't at all hard as you can knock him around
on the ground, or in the skys.

             >'_'>  Enjoy beating the hell our of Kirby.  <'_'<

 5.07   Fox

Fox is a *****.  He's one of the best characters in the game, and once mastered
might be better than even a good Samus player.  He's got speed to his advantage
and can do decent enough damage to get the job done.

Rule ONE for fighting Fox:  NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use the Charged Shot, or
you deserve what you get.  The Charged Shot does 26% damage.  If Fox reflects 
it (oh and he will), not only does the damage double, but it goes twice as fast
too.  That is not something you want.  A 52% damaging ball of death flying at
you at twice speed is a one way ticket to being extremely pissed off (not to 
mention dead).

Also, aerial fighting is a risk.  Fox is one of the few characters that can 
keep you juggled in the air indefinately.  If you find yourself in the position
then just lay a few bombs while falling down to provide cover.

For killing Fox, all you have to do is knock him off the ledge.  His jumping is
not quite as bad as Link's but if he needs to use the Fire Fox as a thrid jump,
then he is left completely open to jump after him and kill the sucker.  Of 
course knocking him off the platform is another thing entirely.  You can't try
and fight a close range fight as he has a pretty decent throw and SMASH move,
you can't use aerial tactics as he can juggle, and long range attacks are not
a problem for him to reflect.  Although it seems Fox has a counter for anything
he does suffer from the fact that they are seperate counters making it easy to
get around.  Mix and match and confuse Fox (not hard) with different styles.
Fox will be forced to attempt to counter each thing but come up empty, as Samus
can launch a variety of styles in quick succession.  Or Fox could go on the 
offensive which makes you the one who must adapt.  This is pretty easy, as it 
does take much to send Fox flying (the bigger they are, the harder they fall, 
but the smaller they are the further they fly). 

 5.08   Pikachu

This rotten mouse is a pain.  The dumb disgusting thing they call Pikachu is
good at this game.  There are so many things to watch out for, at it's hard to
keep them off the ledge.

The first thing to look out for is Thunder.  It's powerful as hell and comes 
in decent speed.  If there is a platform above you, then you're completely
safe and can laugh and pound the little mouse.  If not, move a bit away and 
wait until it's safe.  It has a bit of a lag before and after the move, so 
just wait until it's open.

Also, Pikachus like to keep sending little thunderbolts at you.  Just jump to
clear them, but be wary of the Thunder.

When trying to keep them off the ledge, don't bother.  Their double teleport 
will make it extremely annoying to try this.  Instead, wait for them to land, 
and knock them off again.

 5.09   Luigi

Just read the strategy on Mario.  They aren't much different, although the 
Uppercut is infinitely more lethal, so be extremely wary of it.

 5.10   Jigglypuff

Basically combine the strategies I used for Yoshi and Kirby.  

 5.11   Captian Falcon

Oh, this guy is hard to fight.  He has great anti air fighting.  Also, don't 
ever try and knock him off the ledge and keep him off.  It won't work.  He'll
just grab you, throw you, and end up back on the ledge.  Instead, let him get
back on the ledge, then take your shot.

There are two things you have to watch out for againt Capt. Falcon, the 
Somersault grab, and his SMASH move.  The SMASH move is devasting, and to 
avoid it, just don't come straight at him.  As for the Somersault grab, I 
actually suggest you let him use it.  Stand on a platform above his, and let
him try to grab you.  When he starts it up, jump to avoid and when coming
down, take him out.  

 5.12   Ness

Why is it that I constantly find "Ness" and "Big pain in the ass" in the same
sentence?  When fighting him, you can never stay still, or you lose.  Don't 
ever jump at him, or he'll send you flying.  Don't ever shoot Charged Shots or 
he'll absorb them.  Don't ever try and keep him off the ledge, as he'll run 
into to you with electrifying annoyance.  Don't ever play defensive or he'll 
just send those damn PK Thunders at you.

Well, you can see why I hate Ness, huh?  He's got a counter for everything.  He
is the hardest character to play against.  There are some pointers though.  
First, watch out for his throw.  It takes priority over EVERYTHING.  I've seen
it grab through a Fire Flower, I've seen it grab through a Bob-omb, and I've 
seen it grab through a freakin' Hammer.  Also, not only does it take priority,
it's range is extremely deceptive.  Even though the polygons don't show him 
even touch you on occassion, you'll still fly, none the less.  To counter the 
throw, play mind games with him.  Jump into him, but lay mines on your way 
down.  He might try to ignore them and get you but he'll just get hit.  If
he trys to block, then just throw him yourself.  If he moves away, then try

Also, there is a trick I've found extremely useful.  It's a huge sacrafice, 
but certain things have to be compromised.  Charge a shot, but don't charge
it all the way and release it at Ness.  He'll probably absorb it, but since
Samus is fast, you should be able to run in and be on the offensive.

One other trick I've found nice is to fully charge a shot and wait him out.  If
he tries to use PK Thunder, you can smile.  This will leave him wide open for 
the Charged Shot.  If he won't do it cause you have a Charged Shot, then well,
find a strategy of your own  =]  (big help, huh?)

  666 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
 6    --------------------------[   CLOSING   ]--------------------------------
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 6.1   Credits and Special Thanks to...

- Hobojoe -
     for years of gaming insanity and making me hate the hell out of Ness.

- Gamewinners <http://www.gamewinners.com/> and Al Amaloo - 
     for hosting my guide and providing a great site.

- GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com/> and CJayC -
     for hosting my guide and providing a great Message Board.

- Game Freak -
     for providing a reason to justify buying the N64.

- Nintendo -
     for it's wonderous characters.

- You <insert contact information here> -
     for reading this guide.

- Me <lazysilverwolf@about.com> -
     for writing and compiling this guide.

 6.2   Final Words

No other game has ever produced so much replay (aside from FFT).  I still play
this game today and it has never ceaced to be fun.  So stop reading this (as
if you had much else to read) and go play it.  Later.

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@^^^^^^^^^^ /================================================================` 
          \/     -  A  -  T  -  O  -  M  -     -  E  -  D  -  G  -  E  -

                                                    Copyright 2000 by Atom Edge
                                                            - End of Document -

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