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Luigi by M0urningStar

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/09/01

         The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Luigi Character Guide
                              Version 1.0
                          By The M0urning §ta*

|  Table of Contents  |

Chapter 1               History of FAQ
Chapter 2               Introduction
Chapter 3               Story
Chapter 4               Unlocking Luigi as a Selectable Character
Chapter 5               Information on Luigi
Chapter 6               Moves and Techniques
Chapter 7               Combinations and Counter Attacks
Chapter 8               Strategies for 1-Player Mode
Chapter 9               Bonus Levels Strategy
Chapter 10              Special Thanks & Goodbye
Chapter 11              Legal Information

|  1 – History of FAQ  |

      Here's what has happened to this FAQ during its existence:

03 10 01:    Made some updates to V.1

03 09 01:    Sent guide to NeoSeeker and Fresh Baked Games.

08 22 00:    Submitted FAQ to GameFAQs. V.1 Beta.

08 21 00:    Finished this FAQ.

08 11 00:    Started on first beta version of this FAQ.

|  2 - Introduction  |

      Here's the first in a series of guides written for character
information on the arguably greatest fighting game in Nintendo 64
history. It covers all the information you could ever need about the
hidden character Luigi. This document should be every guide you ever
need for information on this character. If you don't think this claim
has been satisfied, please e-mail me to the address at the top of this
document. Remember that this is my first in-depth FAQ and it's only
been updated a bit. More information, including more combinations and better
strategies for winning, will be added as this FAQ grows. I plan to
update this FAQ and all FAQs in this series to version 5.0, with the
exception of the Link Character Guide and the Samus Character Guide.

      I'm writing these guides because the individual guides that are
already on GameFAQs are really small and only cover about 10% of all
the information. I could say they suck, but some of them are okay (like
the one by SkYrth for Ness is really awesome - that's my opinion anyway.)

      So, happy gaming! You and Luigi will be on your way to success in
Super Smash Bros. With this guide.

|  3 - Story  |

      Here is the story that covers Luigi's background:

    Luigi is a part-time plumber from Brooklyn, New York. He is from
an Italian background. He, along with older brother Mario, have played
main-character roles in many of Nintendo's greatest games of all time,
including Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario World, and
Mario Kart. However, Luigi has often taken a back seat to the brothers'
fame, as Mario was the first of the pair to be discovered, and starred
in such early games as Donkey Kong. Luigi's first appearance came in
the hit game Mario Brothers, in which he battled both evil and his
brother, Mario. The game was recreated for the best-selling game of all
time, Super Mario Brothers 3, as a mini-game.

    Here is the story as taken from the game Super Smash Brothers:

    "Though often hidden in his older brother Mario's shadow, Luigi
is, in reality, very popular.
    Taller than Mario, he can also jump higher.
    Although he didn't appear in Super Mario World 64, in Mario Kart
64, he performed to the best of his ability.
    For one who appears to always be in the background, he has many
fans who await his appearance."

|  4 – Unlocking Luigi  |

    Luigi is one of four characters who are hidden in the game. These
four characters may only be accessed for multi-player or one-player
games after you have completed a certain task and then defeated them
using only one life. There is also one hidden area.
    To unlock Luigi, you must beat all the Bonus 1 'Break the Target'
levels with the eight original characters. You must then fight him
using whatever character you last used and defeat him in a 1-stock
battle. If you win, a notice will appear on the screen telling you that
Luigi is now available for use on the player select screen.
    Don't worry if you don't beat him the first time. All you have to
do is go back and beat one of the bonus rounds again with whoever you
want (this is sometimes helpful, because you can use your best
character) and you can challenge him again.
    I recommend beating the bonus round with your best character
last, so you can beat Luigi more easily.

|  5 – Information on Luigi  |

    Actually, there really isn't much to say about Luigi. He is the
younger of the two Mario Brothers. His Full Name is Luigi Mario. He
fights alongside his brother, Mario, against the powers of Koopa
Empire. If you read my other FAQ, the Ultimate Guide to SMB for NES,
you can read the original story behind the Mario Brothers.

    Luigi's character is known as 'The Eternal Understudy'. This is in
reference to his taking the back seat to his older brother Mario. He is
the Eternal Understudy of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Luigi's Costumes in SSB are:

C-Up: Good ole' green and blue.
C-Left: Red with a pink cap.
C-Down: Blue Luigi (my personal fav.)
C-Right: White and yellow.

    Luigi's SSB symbol is the mushroom, like Mario. His stage is also
Peach's Castle, like Mario's.

|  6 – Moves and Techniques  |

      ***Basic Control:***

*Name of Control: Walk
*Description: Make Luigi walk to the left or right.
*Directions: Simply push the control stick in the direction you want to

*Name of Control: Run
*Description: Run to the left or right.
*Directions: Tap the control stick twice to start running in the
direction you wish.

*Name of Control: Jump
*Description: Jump!
*Directions: Tap either up on the control stick or use one of the
jumping c buttons. Luigi can jump twice and then use his up-b move to
gain even more air.

*Name of Control: Duck
*Description: Squat down low.
*Directions: Simply hold down on the control stick.

*Name of Control: Fighting Stance/Finishing Pose
*Description: Luigi goes into a taunt, usually used for when you have
just finished an enemy. His taunt is simply him kicking at the ground.
*Directions: Tap L at any time. If you're positioned close enough, the
taunt can do some damage (5%+).

      ***Defense and Attacks:***

*Name of Move: Shield
*Kill?: No
*Damage Dealt(%): N/A (defense)
*Description: Creates a shield of green energy around Luigi.
*Directions: Hold down L anytime or hold R while being attacked.

*Name of Move: Roll
*Kill?: No
*Damage Dealt(%): N/A (defense)
*Description: You roll into a ball and roll forward.
*Directions: Press L and forward.

*Name of Move: Grab and Throw
*Kill?: Usually a great finish.
*Damage Dealt(%):
*Description: Grab your enemy and send them flying.
*Directions: Tap R when close to your enemy and neither is attacking.
Tap R again or A to throw.

*Name of Move: Fireball
*Kill?: When enemy is trying to get back to ledge.
*Damage Dealt(%): 1% to 10%
*Description: Send a green fireball straight at your enemy.
*Directions: Tap B when standing.

*Name of Move: Punch
*Kill?: Not likely.
*Damage Dealt(%): 2% (when you tap A 3 times, the kick is worth 4%)
*Description: Punch your enemy.
*Directions: Tap A when close to an enemy. If you tap A three times,
you get two punches and a kick.

*Name of Move: Kick
*Kill?: Not likely.
*Damage Dealt(%): %4 to %10
*Description: Kick your enemy.
*Directions: Hold forward while pressing A.

*Name of Control: Uppercut Punch
*Kill?: You can after a few hits.
*Damage Dealt(%):
*Description: Knock your enemy into the air with your fist while he or
she is over you.
*Directions: Press up on the control stick and tap A.

*Name of Move: Smash Attack Punch
*Kill?: Yes, when highly damaged
*Damage Dealt(%): 10% to 20%
*Description: Punch your enemy a ton harder with a smash attack.
*Directions: You have to be a little closer than the regular punch.
Just tap forward quickly and press A. Your fist will get really big and
you'll knock them over the stage. If you are holding forward, you will
kick instead.

*Name of Move: Multi-Punch
*Kill?: Not likely.
*Damage Dealt(%): 2% per hit
*Description: Punches many times.
*Directions: Tap A while running.

*Name of Move: Jump Kick
*Kill?: Can at high damage.
*Damage Dealt(%): 11%
*Description: Kicks someone while in mid-air.
*Directions: Jump and tap A or R

*Name of Move: Jumping Drill Kick
*Kill?: When damage is high.
*Damage Dealt(%): 3% per hit
*Description: Does a spinning kick while in mid-air. Can be directed at
an enemy in the air or at your target on the ground.
*Directions: Hold forward toward the enemy or down and press A or R
while jumping.

*Name of Move: Leg Sweep
*Kill?: Can at very high damage and on the edge.
*Damage Dealt(%): 4% when down, 8% when enemy is standing
*Description: Luigi kicks at the enemy's legs, tripping them. Good for
knocking someone down, so that you can perform a combo.
*Directions: Press A while ducking (holding down on the control stick)
and pressing forward.

*Name of Move: Low Kick
*Kill?: Not likely, unless enemy is at like 300%
*Damage Dealt(%):
*Description: Luigi kicks at the enemy's legs, tripping them.
*Directions: Press A while ducking (holding down on the control stick).

*Name of Move: Super Jump Punch
*Kill?: Can at high damage (sends them flying in the background).
*Damage Dealt(%): 1% per hit
*Description: You jump up and punch (like in the original SMB!).
*Directions: Hold Up and tap B while in mid-air. Makes that kewl coin
effect from SMB.

*Name of Move: Luigi Cyclone
*Kill?: Can at high damage.
*Damage Dealt(%):5% to 15%
*Description: Luigi spins quickly, for multiple hits.
*Directions: Hold down and press B, can also be done in mid-air.

*Name of Move: Smash Attack Super Jump Punch
*Kill?: Very easy finish.
*Damage Dealt(%): 10% when down, 19% when enemy is standing
*Description: Luigi's super smash attack.
*Directions: When standing up against your enemy, press up and B at
once. You know it works when Luigi does his Super Jump Punch and there
is a red blast from his fist. You'll also hear the smash sound (same as
with Ness's homerun bat move).

*Name of Move: Jumping Back Kick and Flying Kick
*Kill?: When damage is very high (200%+)
*Damage Dealt(%): 5% to 20%
*Description: Kick an enemy that is behind you in mid-air.
*Directions: While jumping, hold back and press A. For the Flying kick,
Jump, hold up, and press A.

|  7 – Combinations and Counter-Attacks  |

    This is where I'll list some good counter-attacks and combos.
Right now I really don't have many, because I don't play with Luigi
very often (I like Link and Ness). Please send me your combos, you'll
get recognition both in this section and in the special thanks section,
and if you want I'll even put in the address to your site! Make sure
you send all the needed information, your e-mail should look something
like this:

Dear M0urning §ta*,

Yo, I got this awesome combination for (character) and I wanted to know
if you could use it in your SSB FAQ on GameFAQs. Here's the info:

Name of Combination:
Difficulty to use combo:
Can it Kill?:
Damage Dealt(%):
When to use it:

Your Name Here

  Make sure you include your name and anything else you want me to
put in the next version of this FAQ. If it's an original combo, I'll
post it. Note that if two people send me the same one, whoever sent it
first gets credit.

      Well, here's what you're really looking for:


Use these counters on the appropriate enemy to ensure a hit-and-win


CF leaves himself open whenever he does most of his moves, which are
long and take him forever to recover from. During his Falcon Punch or a
similar long move, get behind him and send him soaring with the Smash
Attack Super Jump Punch.


DK is slow, but powerful. He's got a lot of weaknesses, though, In the
hands of most. There are a few masters that will kick with DK, but
usually he is a loafy character with few pros.

To take out DK, use the fireballs and the Jumping Drill Kick. Try to
keep a good distance, and avoid his spinning arms move and a charged-up
punch at all costs, especially with Giant DK.


A great technique to use on the polygon team is to use the Smash Punch
repetitively. This usually sends them flying far clear of the stage,
and they usually have trouble getting back. If they look like they've
got a chance at survival, blast them with fireballs. The hammer is a
great help with these guys.

Other than the basic technique above, use the counters appropriate for
each one according to their character's comebacks listed above and


Whenever Fox uses his up-B move (hiyaa!!), make sure you're there where
he lands to send him soaring with either the Luigi Cyclone or the Smash
Attack Super Jump Punch. The Luigi Cyclone is almost a sure thing. Both
of these moves are a great setup for nearly any combo.


It's very easy to avoid becoming stunned during Jigglypuff's sing
attack. She leaves herself very open for the longest time during the
attack for aerial barrages. Send fireballs if you want, but a great
move is the Jumping drill kick. You should be able to take a good 21%
or so off of her each time she uses this attack, a bad chunk for her to


Kirby is a good one to use the fireballs and the drill kicks on.
Whenever he's trying to suck you in, blast him with fireballs or get
around to the back of him and Smash Punch him.

Also, when he's turned into a rock, get right next to him and wait for
his change back. When he's back to normal, immediately smack him with a
smash attack and you'll probably have him sailing off the stage.


If you shoot Link with fireballs when you first start, he won't
retaliate for a few shots. You can usually hit him 3 or 4 times, for
around 50% damage.

Try canceling his boomerang with a fireball, or delaying a bomb he's
holding from being thrown (so it'll blow up while he's holding it) by
blasting him with fireballs the second he pulls it out. It takes him a
good 1.5 seconds to take out the bomb, so you've got plenty of time to
barrage him with attacks.

Whenever he uses the downward thrust or his up-B move, it takes him a
couple seconds to recover. This is a good time to smack him with a
smash attack of either kind. If you use the Luigi Cyclone, you may be
able to set him up for a combo, too.

When Link throws bombs, they can be picked up and tossed back at him,
and they usually blow up the second they hit after being re-thrown.


Watch out that you don't use the same move too often, or the enemy
Luigi will catch on, even on level Easy, and start barraging you with
the same attacks. This isn't good, because the computer doesn't have to
fiddle with a controller to do a fancy move, just smack you.

Fireballs will cancel out fireballs for each opponent.


Same as above with Luigi, mostly. Watch out for Mario's fireballs,
though, because they bounce.


Use your shield whenever he is coming around to drill you, but be sure
NOT to have it on when he's pointing at you with one finger diagonally.
This is a good time to hit jump, jump, and up-B. If you do activate
your shield, it'll break and you'll be stunned. Your shield will help
out with almost any other attack though. It's not needed when he's
going to shoot bullets at you, because those are easy to dodge, and
it's not very helpful when he walks across the stage kicking, either,
but other than that, it's good protection as long as it doesn't break.

Use all the jumping techniques you can think of. Send him mounds of
Jumping Drill kicks and Flying Kicks. You can usually get him with a
Smash Attack Super Jumping Punch if you land it just right.


Not much you can do as far as counters, because he very seldom attacks,
even on very hard. Keep hitting him with Smash Attacks until he's got
like 200%+ damage and then start trying to throw him off. Grab him and
then throw him in the other direction. If you have the opportunity to
get a star or hammer, they are very helpful. Also, if a heart or tomato
appear, don't let him get to it at all costs, take it yourself as fast
as you can!


Dodge his PK thunders and go in for the kill while he's concentrating.
This is a good 4 or 5 seconds time open for Smash Attacks. Avoid his
homerun bat smash attack at all costs, It will send you sailing clear
into oblivion.

If you can get behind him when he attempts PK fire you can use either
the Smash Attack Super Jump Punch or the Luigi Cyclone to send him
flying upward, then juggle him using either the cyclone, the Super Jump
Punch, or the Uppercut. Eventually you may be able to send him into the


If you're on Easy or Very Easy mode, just sit there at the beginning
with your shield on. He will commonly jump off all by himself as a
computer, and then make a failed attempt at his up-B move.

After using his down-B move, he leaves himself very open for all sorts
of attacks. It's also good to slap him with a fireball or two during
the attack.

When he's sending a little spark at you (his basic B move) he's open to
all aerial attacks. Hit him with the drill kick or get behind him and
use a Smash Attack.


Whenever she's charging up her blaster, you may be able to get her from
behind. Be cautious, though, because she will often roll into a ball
and get behind you and blast you when you're off-guard. If you do
manage to get behind her, Hit her with the Smash Attack Super Jump
Punch and she should fly up onto another ledge, if she doesn't fly into
the distance. Get up next to her before she recovers and get her with
another one or the Luigi Cyclone.


The sad thing about Yoshi is his lack of moves and his sorry jumping
span. This gives you a great advantage over him. The two things you
need to watch out for is his tongue move (when he swallows you and
turns you into an egg) and the egg-bombs. If he swallows you near an
edge, you've got no chance of recovery.

Try to stun him with fireballs and then use the Smash Attack Super Jump
Punch to finish him off. Another good way to get him is to throw him
over and over and over. This does bad for a Yoshi, because of his short
jumping span. Manipulate his weaknesses.


These combos are great for belting out the damage or for a spectacular
finish, although some of them may take a little practice to master.

*Name of Combo: Death by Tornado
*Creator of Combo: M0urning §ta*
*Difficulty: Intermediate
*Kill?: Usually when you can keep it going.
*Damage Dealt(%): about 10% or 15% each hit
*When to use: Whenever your enemy is vulnerable, preferably when he or
she is down or stunned.
*Directions: Get them with the Luigi Cyclone. Get under where they're
going to land and then use it again just as they're going to land,
sending them up again. Each time you use it they'll get higher and
higher until they are blasted into the distance (ping! KO for you!)

*Name of Combo: Flaming Fist
*Creator of Combo: M0urning §ta*
*Difficulty: Very Easy
*Kill?: Yes, when damage is high enough.
*Damage Dealt(%): Not quite sure
*When to use: When your enemy has 50+ damage and is lying down or
vulnerable (like after an attack).
*Directions: Use the Luigi Cyclone to send your enemy soaring above
you. When he/she is coming back down, use the Smash Attack Super Jump
Punch. This will set them on fire and usually send them soaring out
into the distance.

*Name of Combo: Juggler
*Creator of Combo: M0urning §ta*
*Difficulty: Easy
*Kill?: Yes
*Damage Dealt(%): Not quite sure
*When to use: Whenever your enemy is vulnerable. Preferably on any
stage with few ledges or in an open area.
*Directions: Use the Smash Attack Super Jump Punch to knock your
opponent sky-high, then use the Uppercut when they're coming back down.
You can also use the Flying Kick if you jump. Eventually, they will be
sent flying off into the distance.

|  8 – Strategies for 1-Player Mode  |

This section is written in the order that you encounter each character,
and it also gives info on how to beat Ness, Captain Falcon, and
Jigglypuff, the three other hidden characters that you gain through 1-
player mode. For more strategies on beating other characters, check out
section 8, 'Strategies and Rankings for other characters'.


You enter the game usually confident, without a bit of aggression or
aggravation. Of course, that will change, especially if you have an
annoying little brother, like me.

Your first enemy is link. Link has a good arsenal of weapons, but is
usually too dumb to use them.

The best thing to do when you start out is to smack him with a fireball
to stun him. If he jumps first, get him with the Smash Attack Super
Jump Punch. Either of these will put him down for a moment. Make sure
you're not too close when her rises, because he'll smack you with his
sword if you are.

When he gets up, try grabbing him with R and throwing him. As he lands,
try to knock him back into the air with a super Jump Punch (smash
attack, if you can). Sometimes this is hard, because of the tornado and
the ledges get in the way, and sometimes so does the little tower to
the right of the stage.

One really great attack to use is the Cyclone if you're above him in
the air. It will deal some good damage and stun him if you're close to
the ground. Or, jump above him and do it, but watch out for his Upward
Thrust and Up-B move.

When you've gotten him to a considerable amount of damage, try grabbing
him again and send him flying. If he starts getting close to the edge
again, try hitting him with a fireball to knock him in mid-jump. This
will completely disable him from jumping to the ledge. This might not
work if he uses his Up-B move to recover unless you hit his lower body.


This team is definitely the dumbest pack of enemies in the game. Even a
novice should be able to defeat them with ANY character on very hard.
Anyway, there are two really great ways to defeat them. It's extremely
simple to get the single-move, no damage, and full health bonuses on
the Yoshi Team.

Okay, if you want to get single move, the most sure-fire way to kill
them is by grabbing them and throwing them with R. This can leave you
open to attacks, but the Yoshis are usually too stupid to hit you while
you're open. When you send them flying, their puny jumps can't make it

Another great way to destroy them quickly is using either the Drill
Kick or the Super Jump Punch. You may not want to use the Smash Attack
Super Jump Punch, because you won't be able to get the smashless bonus.
These two attacks are great if you just stay either at the bottom and
attack up, or stay on the top ledge and knock them out as they appear,
since most of them fall right to the top ledge anyway, and the others
seem to like to jump up there.

These moves make for easy wins, usually without getting damaged at all.


Fox can be hard, but is usually not too hard because he will often
wander around aimlessly for no reason whatsoever. Usually when you
first start, you can hit him with a fireball. If he reflects it, jump
ever it, and try to land a Jumping Drill Kick on his Head.

He only uses his reflector when he's standing still, usually, but he's
not really on-guard yet at the beginning of the match. Watch out for
his laser, because he can catch you in it mercilessly for sometime, if
he can get you bouncing off the beams. When he accomplishes this, it's
hard to escape and the beams can do a lot of damage.

Whenever he's in the middle of certain attacks, like his up-b (hiyaa!!)
move, shoot fireballs at him. It's important to get him stunned often,
or he'll use his jumping moves on you. Also, make sure you watch out
for the Arwing, the ship that flies overhead sometimes.

The Jumping Drill Kick is always a good move to use on him, as long as
you can time it just right to hit him before he attacks you or before
he launches with his up-b attack.

If you can get him in the back of the ship (the right side of the
stage) it's really easy to throw him off. Also, if you're on top of the
Arwing, he'll come jumping after you. When he jumps up onto it under
you, jump up so he won't hit you and then get him with the Drill Kick.
Now, he'll be stunned, so as soon as he recovers grab him and throw him

The best way I've found to defeat him is throwing him off, but if you
can get a bat, it's easy to smack him off when he's at high damage.
Lasers also can do some great damage. When he's trying to get back to
the ledge, smack him with fireballs, like with Link.


Usually you can just stay put for a while, and let your partner do all
the dirty work. If he dies, of course, you've no real choice. Or if he
kills one of the others, you can finish the fight quicker by helping

If someone does come after you, it's good to use Smash Attack Super
Jump Punches, Jumping Drill Kicks, and Luigi Cyclones. All do
considerable damage. It's hard to throw your enemies off at this stage,
so try using the Smash attack super jump punch when you're not directly
under the bumper to defeat them. Fireballs are good when you don't want
to get too close, but usually the computers will dodge them as Mario
and Luigi. Also, fireballs don't do a lot of damage. Again, just stay
put as long as possible, so you don't lose a lot of damage before you
have to, and so when you do start fighting, your enemies will be


If you're on very easy or easy mode, at first just shield yourself for
a few seconds to see if he'll kill himself. Often he'll jump off the
ledge and then mess up trying to recover with the up-B move. It's
actually rather fun to just sit there and do nothing, then get no miss,
speedster, no damage, and full health for doing nothing.

If he doesn't commit poke-suicide, then he's still a fairly easy enemy.
His attacks are extremely slow, but you've got to watch out for his
down-B move, because it will leave you open for a few seconds. If you
get behind him while's using his spark (B) move, which takes him a
while to recover from himself, you can get him with the Smash Attack
Super Jump Punch. Or, try jumping above him and getting him with the
drill kick or the cyclone.

It's really easy to throw Pikachu off the stage, even if you're right
in the middle, since the stage is so small. If he's at 90% or more, you
can probably finish him with either smash attack (the jump punch or the
punch). Again, this is a really easy enemy.

***GIANT DK***

Jeez, I think this was a really lame Idea. A good thing to do is get
next to him while he's charging up and smack him a few times with each
smash attack. Another thing to do would be to get under him and use the
Super Jump Punch.

Usually, I just get on the left-hand platform and wait for my allies to
die or for DK to get up to like 150% or something. After that, it's
really easy to kill him. It sometimes helps to watch the barrel at the
bottom and smack him off with a Smash Punch when it's on the other side
of the screen.

Fireballs don't do very good for DK, but Luigi Cyclones do wonders. You
can usually hit him a good 3 times before he even notices, by which
time you've taken like 45% off of him. Do this a couple times, then
Smash Attack him and he'll be history. Don't try to throw him off, it
almost never works. One great way to kill him is get a hammer or star,
so he can't hurt you since he's got no projectiles. The hammer will
usually do him in at 100%+ damage.


This one's a lot like the Yoshi team if you're on anything below very
hard. A lot of times if one of them gets a hammer or fire flower,
they'll knock out one or two of the other Kirbies. It's really funny to
watch them massacre each other.

Like with the Yoshis, just smack 'em with the Smash Punch and they'll
be history. The Smash Attack Super Jump Punch doesn't work as well, and
it takes longer, so try to stick with the regular Super Jump Punch to
deal damage and the Smash Punch for quick defeat.


She's relatively easy, but her level can be aggravating if you're not
used to battling here. One way you can practice is by fighting against
like level 3+ computer players in versus mode here.

Once good technique to use is to get behind her while she's charging up
and get her with a smash attack. This might be hard, though, because
she'll often roll into a ball and get behind you, blasting you and
backfiring your plan.

One good way to get rid of her is to get her with a Super Jumping Punch
one of the times she is jumping from platform to platform. When she is
knocked down, you'll be waiting with a smash attack.

Or, when she's hit by acid and goes flying, get her with a Luigi
Cyclone or a Smash Attack Super Jump Punch. Keep hitting her until she
flies into the distance.

It's kind of hard to throw her off of the stage, because it's almost as
if the stage has no boundaries horizontally. The best way to defeat her
is to somehow smack her into the distance, and this is easily achieved
with the help of the acid.


Two words SMASH ATTACK. Over and over and over and over, hit this guy
again and again. When his damage is high enough, try to throw him off
if you can. You usually can't throw him far, and you'll probably have
to get his damage really high before you can knock him off the side or
into the distance.

If he gets holding onto the ledge, use the Low Kick or the Leg Sweep to
knock him off. If he's trying to jump back on to recover from being
knocked doff, blast him with a fireball. And NEVER let him get a heart
or a tomato.


These guys can be really easy and really hard; it mostly depends on
your attitude right now. You've got a much better chance if you're
still in the same mind as when you faced link. This probably won't be
the case if you've died a few times.

Well, there are a few strategies to use here. First, you can take care
of them very easily in groups with the Luigi Cyclone. Another way to do
it is with the Smash Punch or by grabbing them, but these two methods
take longer and leave you open for attack.

Just stay on the stage; do as much as you can to never get knocked off.
If you can get a hammer or a star, you'll have no problem knocking out
like 6 of these guys. Just keep throwing your best and you'll be


So, you've finally made it... This is it, the deciding battle. Are you
going to win? Of course you are, you're reading this. If you've made it
this far, you should be able to win. It's never a sure thing, but
Master Hand is easier than the Kirby Team, in my opinion is. He may not
be for you, but try out these strategies.

When he's zooming off like a rocket, put on your shield, or else he'll
give you like 40% damage. But be sure NOT to put on your shield anytime
he's pointing at you. When he's pointing at you with one finger
diagonally, he'll break the shield, stunning you and doing some
considerable damage. Whenever he's holding two fingers out and sparkles
are emitting from them, he's going to shoot you, but the bullets are
very easy to dodge, and it's not worth wasting your shield's energy.

To take of his HP, try everything you can think of as far as aerial
attacks. If you get right under the palm, you can use the Smash Attack
Super Jump Punch for awesome damage. Other than that, stick to the
Flying Kick and the Jumping Drill Kick. You'll be fine.

      So, you've beaten Master Hand and one the game, what now? If
you've done it in the right mode, Jigglypuff, Captain Falcon, or
Ness'll challenge you. Following are the strategies to defeat each of
them. More info can be found in section 8, which covers counter-attacks
and combos.


Jigglypuff is the easiest of all the hidden characters. The next would
be Captain Falcon, then Luigi, then Ness. This, of course, is all
relative to your gaming abilities and the character you've picked to
fight with.

Well, Jigglypuff is no challenge, anyway. Her stage is Saffron City,
like Pikachu. However, she doesn't jump off and commit poke-cide by
jumping off, like Pikachu will... You can use almost all of your moves
on her. Try using the smash attacks, the Luigi Cyclone, and the Drill
Kicks for easy damage. Then, either blast her into the distance with
the Smash Attack Super Jump Punch or the Luigi Cyclone, or throw her
off. Both are easy to do, but the first method you only have to have
her down to about 85% to succeed in finishing her.

Once you've defeated her, a message will appear telling you that the
Balloon PKMN Jigglypuff is now available for selection on the character
select screen.


Captain Falcon is a quick runner and has some really powerful attacks,
but he's dumb and his attacks take a while to follow through. For
instance, it's easy to pull any of Luigi's attacks on him while he's
trying to hit you with the Falcon Punch. You should get behind him and
smash him, then smash him again when he's coming down, or hit him with
the Luigi Cyclone. It will only take a few hits to send him into the

Once you've beaten Captain Falcon, a message will appear telling you
that he's now available for use in the character selection screen.


Ness is the hardest of the four hidden characters, but he is still very
easy to defeat with Luigi. The one great time to hit him is during his
PK Thunder attack. He is open for 4 or even more seconds too all kinds
of attacks. It's a good time to get right next to him and Smash Punch
him right off the edge. Make sure he doesn't hit you with the blast,
though, or you'll be dealt considerable damage.

Another great way to get him is if you can knock him down during his PK
Fire attack or one of his yo-yo attacks. Both take a while for him to
complete. The yo-yo one takes longer, but it's also easier to get hit.
Either way, if you can Smash Punch him or throw him off, it's a
reasonably easy victory.

Sometimes, he'll try to save himself by hitting himself with a PK
Thunder and sending himself sailing back to the stage. Usually he'll
miss, but the only sure way of stopping him is to try and hit him with
a fireball or to jump off and hit him. If you jump off, though, you
risk dying yourself, of course.

Once you've beaten him, a screen will appear telling you that he'll now
be available for use on the character selection screen.

|  9 – Bonus Levels Strategy  |

       Here's a walkthrough with all the info you need for the two
bonus levels with Luigi.

***Bonus 1 – Break the Targets:***

*Target 1: To your right at the beginning.
*Target 2: Right above you at the beginning (jump twice).
*Target 3: Also right above you, jump twice and then Super Jump Punch
to hit it.
*Target 4: Get on the moving yellow structure to your right. When it
reaches it's highest, jump and hit the target above you.
*Target 5: Still on the moving yellow structure, wait until it's at
it's highest then fall of to the right, kick the target and jump then
Super Jump Punch (up-B) back onto the moving yellow structure.
*Target 6: Jump twice and then Super Jump Punch (if needed) to get on
top of the blue structure above you. Hit the target on that.
*Target 7: Jump down and then get onto the small moving blue platform
at the bottom by hopping of and then jumping in mid-air. Time a
fireball to hit the one under the yellow structure. To get the other
one, be on the rightmost edge of the platform (without teeter
tottering) and wait until you're right under it. Now use the Uppercut
(Up-A) to hit it.
*Target 8: Jump off the small moving blue platform and get on the small
blue structure. Now jump onto the small moving yellow platform. When
it's at its highest, jump and hit the first target.
*Target 9: Get back on the yellow one, and when it gets to it's highest
again, jump twice and use the Super Jump Punch to hit the second
*Target 10: Jump back down onto the small blue platform. Now hop off to
the left and jump to kick the last target.

***Bonus 2 – Land the Platforms:***

*Platform 1,2,3,&4: These are right at the beginning, just wait for
them to come out of their pipes to get them.
*Platform 5: Get to the rightmost of the four first platforms and jump
off to the right. Avoid the moving gray part and then land on the
platform at the bottom. Jump or Super Jump Punch if necessary.
*Platform 6: Hop off of platform 5 to your left. Jump and Super Jump
Punch to reach the blue platform, then jump off and land on the
platform to the right.
*Platform 7: Now, jump up to the one above you. Either jump twice and
then Super Jump Punch, or get onto the small blue platform to the right
and back flip to land on it.
*Platform 8: Jump twice and then Super Jump Punch from platform 8 to
land on the first one on the rope.
*Platform 9: From platform 8, jump twice to reach both the red beams
and then jump up to get to it.
*Platform 10: Fall to the blue structure that is over this platform.
Jump off either side and then jump and Super Jump Punch to land this

|  10 – Special Thanks and Goodbye  |

      Well, let's see...

First off, I want to thank GameFAQs for hosting such an awesome site.
Next, I want to thank Marshmallow for creating such awesome FAQs and
inspiring me to do the same.
I just gotta thank Nintendo and Rare for making this FAQ possible by
creating this game.
I also want to thank the other guys who wrote FAQs on this game, some
of their info helped me a little when beating this game myself the
first time (although that was long, long ago). BTW, the official SSB
site is pretty good, and it has a wonderful compendium of moves.

|  11 – Legal Information  |

      Well, I've got to do this... This FAQ is © (copyright) Dustin
Fineout (The M0urning §ta*) 2000, 2001. Any reproduction of this FAQ in ANY
way is subject to criminal prosecution and is restricted by federal
law. Besides which, it ain't very nice! If you want to use my FAQ, you
must first e-mail me at sensei_otaku@hotmail.com. I will say yes, you just 
to ask first. If you want to change it, just e-mail me first. Usually I
will change it myself, and give you credit for your information. Never
copy anything directly from this document, it's plagiarism.

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