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    Cheap Move Guide by X1372

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 11/16/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        ______  _   _  ______  _____  _____    
       /  ____|| | | ||  __  \|  ___||  __ \   
       \_____ \| |_| ||  ____/|  ___||   __/   
       |______/|_____||__|    |_____||_|_\     
        ______  __  __   _____   ______  _   _ 
       /  ____||  \/  | /  _  \ /  ____|| |_| |
       \_____ \| |\/| |/  /_\  \\_____ \|  _  |
       |______/|_|  |_||__| |__||______/|_| |_|
        ____  ____  ___  ______                
       | __ \| __ \/   \/  ____|               
       | __ <|  __/| 0 |\_____ \ _             
       |____/|_|_\ \___/|______/|_|            
        ___  _   _  _____   _____   _____      
       /  _|| |_| ||  ___| /  _  \ |  __ \     
       | |_ |  _  ||  ___|/  /_\  \|  ___/     
       \___||_| |_||_____||__| |__||__|        
        __  __  ___ __  __ _____               
       |  \/  |/   \\ \/ /|  ___|              
       | |\/| || 0 | \  / |  ___|              
       |_|  |_|\___/  \/  |_____|              
        ____  _   _  _  _____  _____           
       /  __|| | | || ||  _  \|  ___|          
       | |_|\| |_| || || |_| ||  ___|          
    This FAQ was started on May 15, 2000.  Version 1.0 was finished on July 7, 
    2000.  Version1.1 finished July 16, 2000.  Version 1.2 finished July 18, 
    2000.  Version 1.3 finished September 17, 2000.  Version 1.4 finished 
    November 16, 2000.
    V1.0 took so long due to finals, the arrival of Perfect Dark, and a week long 
    vacation.  Oh, and the fact that it gets monotonous doing the edge guard for 
    every single character…
    By X1372  (x1372@juno.com)
    Current Version: 1.4
    Version 1.0 – Finally finished!
    Version 1.1 – added some combos from e-mails and from message board help.  
    Made a few tiny proofreading corrections.
    Version 1.2 – added some item combos and tricks from Pokeytax.
    Version 1.3 – by popular demand (2 people) I am adding a section about stage 
    cheapness.  Also adding a few things from fellow GameFAQs writer EARTHSHAKER.  
    Since this was late, loads of combos are added.
    Version 1.4 – added new stuff.  I also added a miscellaneous info section 
    because I felt like giving some info unrelated to combos that wouldn't make 
    it alone as a FAQ.
    1) Introduction
         This FAQ is about how to do all those super-cheap moves and combos that 
    are the greatest way ever to annoy the crap out of someone.  These include 
    Jigglypuff's 0 to 70 percent combo, complete with "instant death" finisher. 
    Also included are the Four Kirby Cheep Kills.  It also has some simple things 
    such as what to do to a Jigglypuff that missed its sleep attack and lies 
    helplessly on the platform, just waiting to get the crap beaten out of it.  
    This is the type of FAQ that will never really be finished, since new super 
    cheap combos are discovered every day, so if you have anything to add, e-mail 
    it to x1372@juno.com and I will give you credit for your contribution.  I 
    will warn that some of these are extremely difficult to pull off, so good 
         If you want to know my credentials for knowing things about each 
    character in this game, know that I beat the 1 player game stock 3 no 
    continues VERY HARD difficulty with EVERY character.  I have also played 
    against good people of every character or am good myself at them except for 
    Luigi.  I realize that the one about computers isn't that great, but oh well.
         I, X1372 wrote this.  I don't mind you reading this, or sending me any 
    mail about it, but you may not copy this FAQ or any part of it, claim it as 
    your own, make money off it, et cetera.  If you really want to use this on 
    your web-site or something, ask.  I'm willing to give you permission if only 
    you ASK.  Any information I got from another FAQ or person I will tell about 
    where I put that move.  I reserve all rights to this FAQ.  I believe this 
    legal thing is done.  
    3) Table of Contents
    1) Intro
    2) Legal Stuff
    3) Table of Contents
    This FAQ will have the moves in this order:
    4) Item Cheapness
    5) Character Cheapness (Starting with Luigi and going across)
    6) All-purpose Cheapness
    7) Edge Guarding
    8) Stage Cheapness
    9) Non-cheap Fun Stuff
    10) Other Survival Tactics
    11) Miscellaneous Information
    And Finally
    12) Credits
    4) Items
         Ahh, yes, the great items.  I personally don't use items often, but when 
    you use them they sure can make or break you.  Or they can be extremely cheap 
    so that you may just love them.  Whatever.  Thanks to Pokeytax, who really 
    helped with this section.  There are some simple things I forgot to add, and 
    some tricks I hadn't know.
         Once you get the timing down, just keep firing that dumb gun until 
    you're out of shots, then throw it at the unlucky opponent.  Computers love 
    this one.
         If you can trap your opponent between a flower and a hard place (the 
    wall or the edge of a cliff) you can just keep burning them until the flower 
    dies.  A note from Pokeytax: If you think it's about to run out of power, 
    throw it.  You don't want them beating on you for your cheapness after it 
    runs out.
         Just use a smash attack while holding the bat.  Good players will easily 
    dodge it, though.  This is an instant kill, with one exception (that I 
    found).  Giant DK will still be able to return when hit.  I hit him about ten 
    times in a row before he finally was down.  I don't know about M. Mario.
         Trap your opponent in a corner with the beamsword.  Just keep attacking 
    until they are at a high damage, and then go for a smash to likely finish 
    them off.
         Smash Attack someone while holding a fan.  Usually, an opponent will 
    block.  Then this will daze them by breaking their shield (if not, use normal 
    attacks until it shatters).  Drop the fan and choose an appropriate move. 
    (Jigglypuff will instantly die if you manage to break its shield)
    SHELL SHOCK ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
         Reflecting shells with fox increases the damage they do.  Also, if a 
    thrown green shell is shot by a projectile roughly horizontally, it will go 
    back the way from which it was thrown (If an opponent throws it at you on the 
    right, and as Mario you shoot a fireball at it midair, it may turn around and 
    nail your opponent in the face!).
    MAJOR POKEMON SUPPORT ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
         "The Pokéhold: After you throw a Pokéball down, GRAB your opponent but 
    don't throw. (They can't escape from the pre-throw grab, I think, so don't 
    worry.) As the Pokémon emerges, throw your opponent into it! Even better, 
    hold your opponent over the Pokéball; if it's, say, Charizard, they're in for 
    some pain. This strategy makes Meowth the king of Pokémon, as you can mash 
    them deeper into the Pay Day field of attack. You can often do 75-200% with a 
    Meowth. The Pokéhold also lets you get other useful effects; projectile 
    Pokémon like Staryu, Onix, and Beedrill will get a free hit in addition to 
    their normal shots.  Don't forget normal tactics; knock or throw your 
    opponent into and through the field of effect (Charizard's flame, Onix's rock 
    slide, Koffing's gas). If the opponent is stunned by a Pokémon effect, go 
    inflict some pain. : )"  ~ Also, I've only seen it once, but it's hilarious 
    on Link's arena to see Meowth Play tug-o-war with a tornado for possession of 
    the opponent.  The opponent in question took over 700% damage from meowth's 
    coins and then the tornado won: They shot up like a rocket.
    MORE BEAMSWORD FUN ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
         "Don't be afraid to throw this. One of the most surprising things you 
    can do is chuck that precious, precious saber straight up or straight down at 
    your opponent. It has terrific range, impact, and damage as a missile, and 
    makes a ridiculously evil edge-guarding weapon. Nothing's better than a close 
    range lightsaber toss, watching your opponent blast off again, then grabbing 
    it again as it comes to rest and taunting."
    VERY DEVIOUS FAN TRICK ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
         "Obviously, you want to break your opponent's shield. But an advanced 
    player will avoid this at all costs.  Fortunately, the fan has a vacuum 
    effect as well. If you're playing as Luigi or Jigglypuff (or Fox, I guess) 
    then hit them with the standing 2% swipes until they come in within ''blast 
    radius.'' (Bother your friends with Scorpion's ''come 'ere!'' clip for Luigi, 
    or various comments about Jiggly's seductive geisha techniques.) Most players 
    can't go against their fan training and block quickly enough to stop Rest or 
    Flaming Coin Punch at that distance, and it's an easy way to connect with 
    devastating moves. You can also do smash hits as you'd do Jiggly's ''Pound 
    Dance''; first to one side, then the other, to do a bit of damage while you 
    hope for a shield break. As an added bonus, if you throw the fan and connect, 
    your opponent will pop straight up the air, which has obvious advantages for 
    Pikachu, Jigglypuff, or Fox and is overall useful."
    STAR ROD ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
         "Extremely underrated, the Star Rod is a good projectile weapon for 
    those in need (*cough* Jigglypuff), a terrific smasher, and perhaps THE best 
    throwing item. Why? It sends opponents horizontally and down in a Deflector 
    Beam arc when thrown, which is VERY effective. Hit someone coming back, even 
    a Kirby and especially a Link, and they're toast. Plus it does plenty of 
    damage and adds to your attack range."
    LUIGI! ~ Submitted by Eah53
         "Get your apponet between you and a shell(not very far apart) Then dash 
    at them and press A to do the RUN N' PUNCH you should hit them 2/3 times  
    befor you get to the shell then they will go flying depending on their 
    SUPERCHEAP RED SHELL ~ Submitted by azdbackfan
         "Was glancing through item section and thought of probably the second 
    cheapest cheap item move there is (second only to the fire-flower-against-
    the-wall trick).  This works especially well in the second Mario Brothers 
    stage (with the old music), but has been found to work occasionally 
         A red turtle shell can mean instant death if it can trap an enemy in a 
    tight area and knock him off the level.  For a never fail (and I mean NEVER, 
    it's been pulled on me a few times too...) trick, use the red turtle shell in 
    the Mario Brothers stage in that corner in the bottom left, underneath the
    Piranha Plant that precariously pops periodically out of that precisely-
    placed pipe. (aren't aliterations great?)
         If you hit them with it so it knocks them to the left, the turtle shell 
    will keep hitting the opponent until he eventually meets his doom at the 
    stage's edge on the left.  THERE IS NO ESCAPE!  Because of the platform 
    overhead, it is impossible to jump over the shell, and since the stage is not 
    mysteriously floating in the air, there isn't even a need to edge guard 
    because the opponent can not come back.
         DANGER:  Do NOT jump down into that area...sometimes the turtle shell 
    that you threw will come back and hit YOU, performing the same #@%#&@% trick 
    you just did to your opponent.  Unfortunately, with two other people still 
    around, it is easy to get knocked down there by them (or knock THEM down)"  ~ 
    sounds right, I got trapped by something like that before, but I did not test 
         Though you can be trapped by this, it generally is escapable.  If you 
    hold Z to get up when you hit the ground and block the shell, you can jump 
    over it or roll past it.  However, when you can't see yourself off the side 
    of the screen, this can be very difficult. ~ tzwizard
    SURPRISE BAT SMASH ~ Submitted by geethree@hotmail.com 
         "I found a way to use the bats one hit kill, when kirby, pick up a bat, 
    then suck someone in. Press down or B to spit em out, then quickly turn 
    around and do the instakill with the bat, Not many people expect it." ~ Don't 
    try this more than once…
    GENERAL ITEM GUARDING AND ATTACK ~ Submitted by tzwizard
         "if you have an item you're willing to sacrifice, throw it at him. if 
    he's good he's bound to shield and it may push him back or not. either way 
    make a dodge for the item and tap r very quickly to grab. if they started to 
    roll behind you then pick up the item and use it. if they were grabbed, throw 
    them quickly, preferably to the closest ledge or towards a tornado. a quick 
    and effective way to clear the area when there's only one guy near it. the 
    other is very devious. most people forget that simply tapping r will drop an 
    item behind you. many people will try to roll or get behind you for different 
    reasons just tap r or throw the item at a wall behind you. either way, it'll 
    flip a bit and then hit the person. you can then throw them towards the wall, 
    pick up the item, and then hit them with it again for a nice 3 hit combo. 
    works well on the right side of hyrule castle."
    YES, THE FAN CAN BE CHEAP ~ Submitted by DarkBalloonZ@aol.com
         "If you found a fan and you got it, try this combo on your friends and 
    it will them for sure kill them even if they have 0% damage if you do this 
    right. First, it is pretty simple how do you do this. Get next to the 
    opponent and quickly use a smash attack with the fan if they did not shield 
    and if they did shield, that's still fine. Once you do that, it will send 
    them flying the other way so you have to quickly use another smash attack hit 
    with the fan on the other way to send them flying back where they was and hit 
    them again with the smash attack again. Keep doing this until you think it is 
    the level where you can finish them off like at level 121%. Once you use the 
    last smash attack with the fan, quickly use another smash attack on the other 
    side to send then away like Up&A. Since I use Fox a lot, I would use the flip 
    kick on the opponent to send them flying over the horizon with his fighter 
    stance." ~ This is hard to do, but WOW is it good.
         I don't use items often.  If you have some cool item combos, send 'em 
    in.  I'd really like some help for this section.
    5) Characters
         Well, everyone has his or her favorite, but if fair play isn't you 
    favorite idea, then this section may change your mind somewhat.  A seventy 
    percent combo might just change your mind about mocking out Jigglypuff.  Of 
    course, King of Cheap Kirby may fit the bill as well.  My names for moves are 
    under each character.  I will use this format:
    B move
    U&B move
    D&B move
    My ranking NOTE** This is my ratings as of when I started this.  My choices 
    have greatly fluctuated since then, so These really mean nothing.  For 
    example, my current favorite is Jigglypuff. (On November 15, 2000)
         Explanation of combo
         Explain finisher  (Finishers are to mock opponent on his final life- 
    many are suicidal, like Jigglypuff & Pikachu)
         Note that there is no all-purpose combo.  Most combos are made up, 
    situation specific, use what ever you think up combos.  Therefore, most of 
    the combos shown are meant to work anywhere, but you may be able to make them 
    different, better, easier, whatever by using your surroundings.  Juggling can 
    be helped or hindered by platforms over your head, walls are great ways to 
    rack up damage, and pits you must jump over are great for super send downs.  
    Et cetera.
    B: Fireball
    U&B: Flamin' Coin Punch, Ping Punch
    D&B: Tornado
    #ABSOLUTE LAST- I hate this guy, but I know he –anyone- can be good in the 
    right hands.
         If there's anything I like about this guy, this would be it.  After 
    anything that puts you both on the ground together, use Up and B (you must be 
    right next to them) to get the flames and pain.  A good thing to use to both 
    be together is a downward drill kick (Down and A) to start it off.  Thanks to 
    a reminder from Pokeytax, if you "cancel" the drill kick it works much 
    LUIGI DOOM COMBO ~ Submitted by "Efrain Reyes" on the GameFAQs message boards
         Shoot a fireball from the right distance, and you can use a up and A 
    smash attack.  Now use a tornado.  Follow up with a jumping drill kick, and 
    either another tornado (in an attempt to continue the combo) or a flamin' 
    coin punch.
    GOOD LUIGI JUGGLE~DEATH ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
         Single jump, up+A, double jump (or not, if you're already close enough), 
    up+B. Against moderately damaged opponents with the right timing, this is 
    hard to escape (i.e. I think it's impossible but don't know for sure) and 
    often results in a quick Star Finish (for heaven's sakes, it's got a HEAD 
    START, as you're already in the air). Follow the up+A with a mashed-or-not 
    down+B if you don't trust your Coin Punch skills.  Of course, you have to 
    connect with the kick first. But if you're a Luigi player you're used to that 
    story. : )
         "Down+A drill, up+A smash, jump and up+A (quickly >_<), down+A drill, 
    up+B. If only the drill came out faster, it'd be perfect. As is, it can still 
    strike fear into lazy opponents. Luigi's power makes this instant kill 
    territory."  This DOES work, on at least a computer, and WOW, Luigi DOES have 
    a good combo!
    LUIGI JUGGLE ~ Submitted by tzwizard
         Jump and use the up and A.  Repeat without landing.  Now use a tornado.  
    Simple but somewhat effective.  At marginally high damage, this can actually 
    kill an opponent!
    COMBO STARTER ~ Submitted by tzwizard
         If your opponent is above you on a platform and a relatively low damage, 
    jump and use up and A midair.  You will then land on the platform and have an 
    easy setup for other combos.
         Sorry, but I just can't play as this character.  I actually almost lost 
    to a computer while trying to find some combos.  I also know no good Luigi 
    players, so if you know of any combos, send 'em to the address shown above.  
    Yes, he is VERY different from Mario, in my opinion.
         Not much here, I like to try to (on opponent's last life, not mine) use 
    U&B while touching them to send them as a fireball in the distance (looks 
    best from midair, so you fall to your death too)
    B: Fireball
    7U&B: Coin Punch
    D&B: Tornado
    #1 TIE
         Get someone (particularly Yoshi) in a Tornado.  Jump and do tornado 
    again.  Repeat until opponent quits or goes too high.
         Use a Tornado, then a Coin punch.  Easy to do and so painful.  tzwizard 
    recommends that you start this with a drill kick for more damage.
    MARIO SPIKE! ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
         Mario's tornado makes him go a bit higher if you repeatedly press B.  
    So, if you're above the cliff and above your opponent when it ends, it sends 
    them straight down (I think Spike is another word known for what I call super 
    send down, and it does have a nice ring to it…). This is extremely difficult.
    MARIO MASSACRE ~ Submitted by "Efrain Reyes" on the GameFAQs message boards
         With Mario, do a tornado attack on the ground but do not press B more 
    than once.  Jump and hit them with a drill kick.  Do another tornado on them.  
    Jump and use the Coin Punch.  You'll likely land first.  Go where they are 
    about to land and use another tornado.  When they're going to come down 
    again, use the upwards smash attack.  This is a nice one- up until the third 
    tornado, it's very easy to pull off (has not been tested on humans yet)
    MARIO MASSIVE COMBO ~ Submitted by "pokimon86" on the GameFAQs message boards
         From below the opponent, or in a way that most of the start will hit: 
    "Jump up and press DOWN + A to do a Drill Kick. This should do 24% damage if 
    timed correctly. As the Drill Kick is ending, quickly do a Mario Tornado. It 
    should end up doing a 21 Hit Combo and 37% damage if done correctly. When the 
    other fighter is in the air, jump and press UP + A to do a Flip Kick for 11%. 
    Jump again while you are in the air and do another Flip Kick for 9%. The 
    other fighter should start to fall and when they are next to you, do an 
    Uppercut. Time this right to do 15% damage."  The damages might not be 
    exactly how it will happen, but the combo is a good one.
    STOP A CHARGER ~ Submitted by tzwizard
         If an opponent charges at you, use a tornado attack.  Most of the time, 
    they'll run right into it, and you can then use it to set up a combo like the 
    tornado whirl or tornado coins above.
    COMBO STARTER ~ Submitted by tzwizard
         If your opponent is above you on a platform and a relatively low damage, 
    jump and use up and A midair.  You will then land on the platform and have an 
    easy setup for other combos.
         Sorry, he has no cool looking finisher.  Taunt after sending them into 
    the sky, it looks cool enough.  -----Pokeytax and his Mario Spike have taken 
    this vacant spot!
    Donkey Kong
    B: Super Punch
    U&B: Monkey-go-round, Spinning Kong, Tornado… a hundred other dopey names
    D&B: Ground Pound
    #5 TIE
         DK has two moves that send the opponent straight down, preferably off 
    the cliff.  One is to hit down and A while midair.  This ensures that the 
    opponent will go straight down, fast, and will have to be lucky or at a low 
    percentage to live if he is above the cliff.  Hitting Forward and A while 
    midair will send them down at an angle forward, or backwards if hit at the 
    end of the move.  This version starts by attacking opponents in front of DK.
         Grab your opponent near an edge, and then while holding them, fall off 
    of it.  You die, but so do they (Experienced players easily escape, but this 
    is great in time battles against novices- or stock, with over 200% damage on 
    DK COMBO STARTER ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
         Down and A midair super send down followed by the Z-cancel trick stars 
    combos with DK.  I recommend you continue with a throw.
    GROUND POUND HAS A USE! ~ Submitted by "Articuno64" on the GameFAQs message 
         "I don't know if anyone has posted this cheap trick yet, but it is a 
    great one. To do it, you must be DK on the Mushroom Kingdom stage. It also 
    works better for 1 on 1 battles so that no one can interfere. Try to lure 
    your opponent underneath the long platforms at the sides of the level. Then 
    repeatedly slam the ground. They will keep bouncing off the ground and roof. 
    You can get opponents up to 999% damage that way. Once they get to 999% 
    damage, a simple slap will knock them out of the level."  ~ Note that this 
    works very well on computers, but it IS escapable by humans.  Even so, it's 
    still hard to escape!
    "CONNECTING WITH THE GIANT PUNCH" ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
         "If your opponent is in the 30-70% range, try attacking them while 
    they're standing with DK's air forward+A from above to stun, then letting 
    loose a charged Giant Punch. 2 hit combo, 52%. : )"
    HARD TO PULL OFF DK COMBO ~ Submitted by "Efrain Reyes" on GameFAQs message 
         Start with the down and B pound the ground.  Follow up with a up and A 
    midair hit or a forward and A send them down.  If you sent them up, 
    immediately send them down with forward and A.  Do another ground pound, then 
    jump and up and A, then down and A them into the ground.  Finish with a 
    charged Giant Punch.
         Either Super send down (I prefer the angled one).
    B: Boomerang
    U&B: SpinSlash, Spinjump
    D&B: Bomb
    #7 (Favorite to play as, but needs jumps to be good)
         Throw the boomerang above, below, or at faraway opponents by smashing 
    forward and B and aiming the direction after the smash and B.  You wouldn't 
    believe how often you hit.  If they get close, finish this "combo" with a 
    SpinSlash.  --- Finish it with a throw if they're close, better idea from 
    "BOMB, BOOM, GRAB& BANG!" ~ Submitted by Earthshaker
         "A very stupid name, I know.  Take out a bomb, and hit someone with it.  
    Then, throw a LIGHT boomerrang don't make it go to far.)  Also, with this 
    boomerrang, make SURE it doesn't connect with the opponent.  While the 
    boomerrang is still in the air, hookshot the person (if you can).  Hold them 
    as long as you can to let the boomerrang thwap them, than release!  Instant 
    25-35% damage, not to mention the hookshot could murder someone *_*.   Taunt 
    to add insult to heavy injury ^_^"
    BOMBS INFORMATION ~ Submitted by baconslicer@yahoo.com 
         "It is actually possible to aim Link's bombs.  Once he's holding one, 
    Smash a direction and he'll throw it that way.  Horizontally, it also goes 
    twice as far!  Once you get good at the timing this move can stop people 
    getting back on the platform.  One word of warning: experienced players will 
    discover that you can ALWAYS Up+B after being hit by a bomb, so this move can 
    actually save enemy Pikachus from death.  Now that I think of it, this could 
    be helpful for getting teammates back on the level."
    ""Kamikazie bomber from the 24th galaxy" (don't ask)" ~ Submitted by 
         If you ready a bomb and run at an opponent, smash-throw the bomb.  If it 
    hits them, they take damage.  If you get caught in the blast, you take 
    damage, but they take more.  Repeat.
         Use Down and A (midair) to Slash downward off the cliff for their final 
    B: Charge Ball
    U&B: Screw Attack
    D&B: Bomb
    #5 TIE
         If on level ground and against anyone BUT Fox or Ness, fire a Charge 
    Ball at the opponent.  Immediately press R to throw them if they block.  
    Either way, you win.
         Like DK's Down and A, Samus can send the opponent straight down as well.
         Use the super send down while they are on the ground at a low percent, 
    then Upward smash to do a flame-thrower attack or just use a screw attack.  -
    --If you use the flame-thrower, you can jump and add a backwards kick or any 
    other midair attack (thanks Pokeytax).
    FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! ~ Submitted by Earthshaker
         "Use Up+A smash attack (the machine gun) at mild damage (30%-50%) when 
    next to someone.  They'll get caught in the flames, do it again :-).  Finish 
    with a screw attack, or another flame attack (forward and A in the air, this 
    time.)  If you decide to do the forward and A flame attack, then choose 
    another random attack for a finisher, as the other person will be right next 
    to you still :X"  ~ Note that this does not work on Kirby, Jigglypuff, 
    Pikachu, or Ness because they are too short.
    POWERFUL SAMUS COMBO ~ Submitted by Quixim 
         "Down and A in the air, than upward flamethrower, follow up with dril 
    kick and screw attack. land first and blast them with a pre-charged shot. of 
    you have none, smash them or do it again."
    AND AGAIN – Looking over my e-mail, I received this hours earlier ~ Submitted 
    by spacemanspiff3@hotmail.com 
         "First charge up your gun. Then use your Super Send Down (Down+A midair) 
    on a low percentage character.Now use your flame attack(up+A)then jump up and 
    use your UP+A attack.While your falling use your charge gun to blow them away 
    before they counter attack or you can use your super send down.This is a 
    REALLY HARD combo to use so be sure to practice with it."
    ANOTHER SAMUS COMBO ~ Submitted by tzwizard
         Fire a small, not completely charged shot at an opponent who hasn't 
    taken a lot of damage.  Continue by using the downwards smash.  If they 
    bounce low, use a forwards smash or throw, and if they bounce high, start 
    some midair attacks.
         Charge up your shot.  On an opponent who has taken medium-heavy damage, 
    use the flame-thrower upwards smash attack and follow it up with the shot.  
    If they've taken enough damage (varies character to character) they will be 
    hit by the shot before they can jump or land and roll away.
         Super Send Down works for me.  For a change of pace, against anyone but 
    fox shoot a fully charged shot point blank from way off the platform.  Try it 
    on a Fox, and well…he may come back, and you may be very, very high.
    Captain Falcon
    B: Falcon Punch
    U&B: Flamin' Flip
    D&B: Falcon Kick
         Like that of Samus and DK, down and A while midair sends an opponent 
    straight down.
         Against an opponent who has taken minimal damage, you may be able to 
    "throw" them twice without using a wall.  If you grab them, do not hit 
    backwards.  Just throw normally.  Then you can run forward and use your 
    Flamin' Flip, which works like a throw, to get them again.
    POWER JUGGLES ~ Submitted by Earthshaker
         Use Falcon's up and A smash attack at low percentages.  Repeat.  If 
    possible, repeat again.  Now Up and B sends them far away.
         Depending on the opponent, you may need different amounts of damage on 
    them to start this combo.  For example, On DK, you need around 40%, and on 
    Jigglypuff, you can do it without hurting them beforehand.  However you 
    start, hit the opponent with an upwards Smash attack.  Quickly jump and use 
    the up and A midair kick.  Jump again and use another up and A kick.  Use the 
    up and B, and you can get a quick and easy 65% on the opponent.  Not bad at 
    all.  Note: if using it on a heavy opponent on lower damage, you may be able 
    to pull off the upwards smash attack more than once.  A double upwards smash 
    attack to start this consistently got Yoshi to 93% damage from 0%.
    ANOTHER FALCON COMBO ~ Submitted by tzwizard
         "do this on one side of a long platform. do his backward throw towards 
    the middle of the platform when on one side. then charge towards them and ram 
    them before they hit the ground. continue with upward a smash (you may need 
    to run a bit forward). jump up and do up and a flip kick. finally wait for 
    the opponent to fall and do a flamin flip."
         I really like the super send downs, don't I?  Falcon Punch midair would 
    also be cool.
    B: PK Fire
    U&B: PK Thunder
    D&B: Absorber, PSI magnet, PK shield, whatever you want to call it.
         See the others with the same name, down and A while midair, but this is 
    extremely quick and easy to survive (PK Thunder!)
         Use PK Fire again and again, until escaped or you decide to try to bat 
    the opponent out of the arena.  Not hard to escape at all, as you can easily 
    hit Z as you land and roll away.
    BOUNCE ~ Submitted by "Sunflash" on the GameFAQs message boards
         "Get above the opponent when they're at low percentage, use his heel 
    stomp –((not part of quote (super send down) part of quote))- to smash them 
    into the ground. When they bounce, do it again. Repeat. They can get out of 
    it if they roll right as they hit the ground, but you almost always get at 
    least three hits out of it."
         Note: If you see this coming and get hit by the first one, you can tap Z 
    and a direction when you hit the ground to avoid getting hit more than once 
    (info from tzwizard)
    NESS TRICK ~ Submitted by Eah53
         (Start around 60%)  Hit an opponent with Ness' light up and A hit.  Jump 
    up and do a down and A Super send down, and do it again when they're on the 
    ground.  This can then be followed into a bounce combo.
    REFLECTOR ~ Submitted by Eah53
         Don't know how I forgot this trick, but here it is.  Ness' bat can be 
    used as a reflector of sorts.  If you hit an oncoming projectile with it, it 
    will be reflected back.  KrackenCrusader@aol.com said that Ness's bat does 
    increase damage as much as Fox's reflector, and I have confirmed it.
    NESS KNOCKOUT ~ Submitted by "Atremis251" on the GameFAQs message boards
         If you throw the opponent off at around 50%, shoot a PK fire at them and 
    grab them again when they come back. Throw them off again.  If you can hit 
    them with a PK thunder when they are using their double jump to get back, you 
    can almost guarantee that they won't make it back on the platform.  The PK 
    thunder part is especially damaging to Yoshi, DK, Link, Falcon, and 
    Jigglypuff whose up and B moves get little vertical distance (or none).  Even 
    if it won't make sure they're dead, it stuns them so you can go finish them 
    off yourself.
    QUICK DAMAGE ~ Submitted by tzwizard
         Charge at an opponent who hasn't taken much damage.  When they land, 
    they will generally roll forwards or backwards to avoid getting charged 
    again.  If they roll forwards, use PK fire and continue comboing them.  If 
    they roll behind you, the downwards yo-yo smash attack can easily hit them.  
    Either way, you get a pretty good amount of damage.
    TRICK THAT WORKS ALMOST EVERY TIME ~ Submitted by tzwizard 
         "the final thing is ness's pk fire, quick trick. pk fire, they'll pop up 
    and get damaged, then they'll put up their shield to block, grab them and 
    throw them. nice damage and comboing potential if you have a partner." ~ And 
    it works almost every time, even without a partner
         Super Send Down or PK thunder yourself (Ness's triple jump) into the 
    opponent.  Either way, ouch.
    B: Eat 'em
    U&B: Egg
    D&B: Stomp, Hip Drop
    #1 TIE
    EGGS 'R US
         Throw eggs at opponents off the cliff.  Miss, no big deal, Hit… ouch.
         Yoshi's is different.  Forward and A will send a midair opponent 
    straight down from right in front of him, not below like the others.
         Use the Eat 'em attack near an edge and stupid players will fall to 
    their doom.  Though few people realize it, you can control the horizontal 
    movement of the egg while in midair.
         Use down and A while midair above an opponent.  52 possible percent is 
    nothing to laugh about. (Unless you do it to the opponent)  You can then 
    continue with a weak up and A hit, followed by the up and A Smash to Send 
    them into the stratosphere (or deeper into space depending where you are)
         Dave likes Yoshi too and really likes this one.  Use the Tap dance move 
    (down and A while midair) while above your very unlucky opponent.  Then, as 
    you both hit the ground, do a light up and A move (NOT SMASH MOVE).  Now, 
    after knocking them into the air, use an up and A Smash to send them flying.  
    Even if most of the kicks miss in the tap dance, this easily gets a nice 40 
    percent added onto the opponent, as well as killing someone easily if they 
    start around 80%.  ---However, since it can be escaped sometimes, instead of 
    the upward smash do a jumping up and A or backwards and A to have higher odds 
    of doing damage (thanks Pokeytax!)
         Run and running attack your opponent.  As they hit the ground, do it 
    again and again.  If they hit Z to get up, use a normal A attack to kick 
    them, then Run Attack them again.  Repeat until you reach the edge of the 
    area. (This works wonderfully on the Great Fox)
    "YOSHI'S ULTIMATE CHEAP COMBO" ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
         Start with a midair down and A.  Then do a light Up and A on the ground.  
    Jump up and do the down and A midair tap dance AGAIN.  Repeat the light up 
    and A.  Add the finisher of your choice and you can do over 100% damage with 
    this!  The problem is that it's really hard to do and can be escaped pretty 
    easily by humans.  Works wonders on computers though, but not light 
         I've ALWAYS loved Yoshi's Super send down. (What do you expect, I 
    usually play in Saffron, with those little holes…)
    B: Swallow
    U&B: Final Cutter, Flyin' Sword
    D&B: Rock
    #5 Tie (Just use in hammer match though)
         I group these together because they are very well known to me.  This way 
    they're also easy to reference.  These are all pretty much instant kills.
    ONE: Down and A while midair over the edge to drill someone down.  Kirby can 
    then easily get back up.
    TWO: Up and B near the edge when someone is in front of you will send them up 
    with you.  You will then send them straight down with the downward part of 
    the sword attack, and hopefully straight down the cliff (works if you catch 
    them midair too)
    THREE: (SUCIDAL) Tired of edge guarders at that 100 percent level?  Don't 
    worry anymore about that.  When not using a power, hit B to suck someone in 
    while off the cliff.  Fall.  If you are at 150 percent, and your opponent is 
    at 0, then you effectively gained a life on him anyway, unless you're the 
    Houdini of Kirby survival.
    FOUR: (SUICIDAL) The least used (by humans, but by that crappy Kirby team on 
    Very Hard Vs. Link…) you can use Kirby's throw to drag both of you down the 
    cliff.  This MUST be done at the very edge of the area, facing away from the 
    edge.  Like #3, if you are at a high percent and your opponent just wants to 
    get over with your kill, you can really change his tune.  Use the throw that 
    you do NOT hit backwards.  It works well with the block with Z and press A to 
    grab them when they hit your shield.  If you press towards the cliff while in 
    the air from the high "jump" with the throw, you will have a better chance 
    with this.
    SMASH SMASH SMASH! ~ Submitted online by "Sunflash" on GameFAQs message board
         "When opponent is at 0% start doing his Forward + A Smash OVER AND OVER, 
    it's hard to get out of even with rolling."
    QUICK KIRBY COMBO ~ Submitted online by "Sunflash" on GameFAQs message board
         "Drill kick followed by up + A smash. Enough said."
    CHEEP #3.5 ~ Submitted by Earthshaker
         If you jump off ONCE and use cheep #3, and at the correct time spit them 
    out, you can sometimes float back up and survive.  Don't count on this when 
    facing a pikachu or another kirby.
    NOT-QUITE FINAL CUTTER ~ Submitted by Greg R.
         "Stand on the main platform and make sure your opponets are near the 
    Poke-Building. You can do a whole lotta of Final Cutters! The Beam will hit 
    them, and they will fly into the wall. If you do it before they fall, you can 
    get up to 15 combos with this!"  ~ also, it works extremely well on 
    computers, but I am yet to try it on humans…
    "KIRBY'S ULTIMATE CHEAP COMBO" ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
         Let me just say this- this is second (IMO) to the Jigglypuff version 
    only because I have an easier time with Jiggly's.  You start with a drill 
    kick into them at whatever percent.  This drill kick should not hit the 
    ground, so start it slightly above the opponent to make sure they don't 
    bounce to the side.  Then, quickly give them the up and A nudge.  Repeat the 
    nudge until they would go too high from the next.  Jump and do a forward and 
    A drill to them.  If done correctly, they will fall with you and you will hit 
    the ground at the same time.  If not, the kick will send them in front of 
    you, ending the combo.  From there, there are three ways to finish it.  The 
    first is to use a Smash attack.  The second is to use a running attack.  And 
    the third and best is to use a charged up DK giant punch on them.  I 
    succeeded with this once, getting over 100% damage.  Looks like Pokeytax made 
    the cheap that much cheaper!
    …AND A LITTLE MORE ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
         Well, if you can't pull off the one above, there are lesser versions.  
    Pokeytax mentioned that if you drill kick to up and a light tap, you can then 
    catch them and steal a power.  Also, If instead of copying you start tapping 
    A rapidly to get his flurry punch, it can combo, which is insulting because 
    it's not a very good move.  Note that if you Z-cancel when using the drill 
    kick or start it so that it ends above the ground they work that much better, 
    and so does the Kirby ultimate cheap combo too.
    STOLEN POWER MOVE COMBOS ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
         Like Link, Kirby can throw a boomerang, grab the opponent, and wait for 
    the boomerang to hit them.  He can also go straight from a drill kick to a PK 
    fire.  The Puff Punch makes his juggling get a lot better.  On a side note, 
    his Falcon punch, pikachu thunder shock, and PK fire are amazingly cute.
    COPY NOTE ~ By Pokeytax
         "spitting normally does 10% to the spittee and 17% to anyone hit. If you 
    spit a Yoshi at someone, 10%/25%. If you spit a DK, 10%/30%(!). Bigger impact 
    too."  ~ in other words, the bigger the person you spit, the farther the one 
    you spit them into will go and the more damage that they will take.
    GameFAQs message boards.
         "Do NOT tap down after you suck up the guy, because you will take his B 
    move (just like when you press B) instead of falling faster. Believe me, my 
    brother has some experience on this."  ~ also, when in the mouth, YOU control 
    what happens.  If you rapidly press left, you'll move Kirby slightly to the 
    left.  If you're on a platform you can fall through and press down, you fall 
    through it.  If you tap down twice while midair, you'll fall faster.  That 
    knowledge can be very useful.
         If an opponent is kirby, and they take a power from a non-kirby player, 
    you can suck them in and take the power from them.  Not only do you get it, 
    but they lose it!  "Efrain Reyes" on the GameFAQs message boards noted also 
    that when playing in a team battle without team attack on, when you and one 
    of your opponents are kirby, you can get your own teammate's power by taking 
    it from the other kirby if he steals it.
         Steal a copy of Ness's PK FIRE.  Use it on an opponent.  As the flames 
    are dying, use a final cutter.  This combo got an opponent from 0 to 38%!
    SURVIVE A BAT ATTACK! ~ Submitted by Perfect Light
         "Most people think you can't escape the Home Run Bat. But I've found a 
    way and I've pulled it off. It's a piece of cake. You must be playing as 
    Kirby, or it won't work. When your opponent hits you with the bat, before you 
    go flying off the stage, but after they hit you, use your Rock move. Do it 
    before you fly away from the stage. If you do happen to do it off the stage, 
    turn back and try to fly back up. I surprised my friends with it and you can 
    surprise yours. Maybe I shouldn't have told you that...Oh well! Have fun!"  ~ 
    I was unable to pull this off myself, but the idea should work… using the 
    stone does kill your momentum…
         Use any of the Four Cheeps.  For this, Try 2 so that you fly down off 
    the cliff, dragging your opponent with you.
    B: Laser
    U&B: Flamin' Fox
    D&B: Reflector
    #2 TIE (also non-hammer item match player)
    This is an awesome trick found in a Fox FAQ.  Many thanks to PentaroX.  He 
    let me use it.  Boy did I.
         Use the reflector just right and you can send an opponent straight down 
    with it.  And to think I thought Fox was the worst at one point (He now holds 
    my highest esteem)
    FOX SURPRISE ~ Submitted by "Sunflash" on the GameFAQs message boards
         "The greatest move I discovered with fox... Rush at them to attack, but 
    instead of just running through them and hitting A, SLIDE the control stick 
    quickly UP and hit A. You can do his VERY powerful UP+A Smash while running! 
    Well, you stop running when you perform it, but it caught my friends by 
    FOX DRILL KICK? ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
         If you do use Fox's down and A drill kick, immediately Z-cancel it when 
    you hit the ground and do the reflector.  Using the reflector at that point 
    generates more damage and prevents them from nailing you after the drill kick 
    (which will happen if you don't Z-cancel!).  More often than not, though, 
    it's better to just use this to start a combo.
    LIGHT JUGGLE COMBO ~ Submitted by tzwizard
         "Light down+a followed by light up+a, then aerial up+a double flip kick, 
    and then firefox them." ~ Don't try the firefox against a human unless you 
    feel really, really lucky.
    GOOD FOX COMBO ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
         Start by using a drill kick (with a z-cancel) into an opponent at 
    generally low damage.  This will set up a perfect lead-in for a light up and 
    A attack.  Follow it with a light down and A.  They will be a little bit in 
    front of you, allowing you to do a finisher or a quick forwards hop and 
    repeat the combo.  I have no idea how long you can do this for if they don't 
    escape, but Pokeytax said that he got the damage up to over 100% with this 
    hard-to-pull-off combo.
    QUICK JUGGLE ~ Submitted by Pokeytax
         Drill kick them down and Z-cancel, then use a light up and A.  Jump and 
    repeat.  Another good combo that can last quite a while if properly executed 
    [sadly, I need to work on my Z-canceling skills. :)]
         Don't try it on Pikachu, but Pentaro's Fox Spike works wonders.  
    B: Thunder hop, thunder ball
    U&B: Teleport, Quick attack
    D&B: Thunder
         OK, this a combo is a stretch, but the forward and A in midair is 
    practically impossible to counter and can do 21 percent.  You may be able to 
    follow it up with another, or a different move.  My friend Dave who us the 
    master of Pikachu uses this a lot, and so does the computer.
         You sent the opponent flying.  They came back.  They are trying to get 
    back on.  Don't let them.  Use the Smash attack (I call it the PikaSpit) and 
    since it lasts so long, with good timing, they're as good as dead.
    Anyone up very high may die from the Thunder move if hit correctly.  Tack 
    this on to any combo that sends an opponent up (ends with smash up and A or 
    something) for extra damage and or kills.
    QUICK COMBINATION OF TACTICS… ~ Submitted by adzbackfan
         This combo can work wonders.  For best results, start below an opponent 
    standing on the ground.  Start with a forward and A midair drill.  Follow up, 
    upon landing, with a upwards smash attack.  If they don't go too high, repeat 
    until they do.  Then use a Thunder.  Depending on how high you get them, you 
    may be able to continue juggling and/or thundering.
    PURE EVIL ~ From far too many experiences against DAVE.
         This isn't a combo, but it is exactly what its name is.  From a little 
    bit away from an opponent who is standing, use the B button move (preferably 
    so it starts going a bit midair but hits the ground quickly thereafter).  Run 
    at them while following it.  It will cause the opponent to do one of 4 
    things.  If they (1) block, you can easily throw them.  If they (2) jump, you 
    can jump and use forwards and A to drill them.  If they (3) let it hit them, 
    you can easily throw them.  If they (4) use an attack to block it, throw 
    them.  For a Fox, if you know they'll reflect it, do it and jump, allowing 
    you to easily get a few drill hits and start a combo, and if they're Ness, 
    run at them and throw if they absorb it.
         If you are pikachu in a match where both the second-player and fourth-
    player controllers are used, be one of them.  In Saffron, you always start 
    out facing each other.  What's so great about that?  Well, as a pikachu, you 
    can grab right as you start!  As far as I've seen, NOTHING can be done to 
    stop that.  Being on the receiving end of this many times- @*&$#^%#@*&%#(@^!
    PIKA CHOICE ~ submitted by tzwizard
     After an "aerial drill onto a platform then do: light and smash up+a, light 
    and smash down+a, light forward+a, or throw. works wonders and gets a lotta 
    damage." ~ Don't forget to finish it with a thunder if you use the smash 
    attack upwards and they go really high!
         Dave (My friend who I almost exclusively play against, and the only one 
    who usually beats me) loves to use this one.  Use Thunder midair, off the 
    cliff, so that it hits you and the opponent with the blue part and sends the 
    opponent flying.  I have no idea how he does it so well, but man is it 
    B: Puff Punch 
    U&B: Sing
    D&B: Sleep/rest
    JIGGLYPUFF ULTIMATE CHEAP COMBO ~ Name had to be changed due to new combos
         This was the only reason that Jigglypuff made my top 4 players (at the 
    point when I first wrote the FAQ). (Even cheap Kirby only got the honorary 
    "Match with Hammers" spot.)  I shouldn't tell how to do this, my former best 
    secret, but… here goes.  Start out by throwing your opponent straight up. 
    They MUST start at a percentage BELOW 30, and some must be lower than that.  
    Jump and hit Up and A to start juggling.  Now you have two choices:
    ONE: Keep jumping and juggling, as this can get 60 percent damage with almost 
    no chance of escape.
    TWO: Go for the ultimate (and not Pikachu-teleport-proof) combo.  Drill kick 
    (Down and A) the opponent after the first juggle.  As they bounce off the 
    ground (They can't hit Z to escape a drill like that) Finish them off with 
    the Sleep move.  You're incapacitated for 5 seconds, but they are either dead 
    or really far off, cursing about how that was the cheapest 70 percent they 
    have ever seen in their entire life…good for you.  NOTE THAT THIS COMBO WILL 
         Of course, you need a combo for those over 30 percent.  Just drill (down 
    and A) into them and either throw (if they block) or sleep.  After a while, 
    you can tell when they're going to get hit by sleep or not by how they land.  
    Then, when that time comes, use sleep!
         Get the opposing player in the air.  Use up and A Smash again and again 
    to get more and more damage.  Use forward or backward and A smashes to finish 
    this combo off.
         You can try to incapacitate an opponent with Sing, then start a combo, 
    but only against a person who has never played before, as anyone who knows 
    the game will dodge.  Also, the opponent wakes up almost immediately after 
    the song ends.  I don't recommend this, but some people may like it.
         If you connect with the puff punch while on the ground, immediately turn 
    around and use the move again.  A combo can sometimes be started by spinning 
    and puffing.
    SPECIAL EDGE GUARDING ~ Submitted by Rendar5
         Against anyone but Yoshi or another Jigglypuff, figure out where they're 
    going to land from their up and B move, and go there (block if necessary).  
    Then use the sing move.  They will be helpless, and therefore will be 
    effected by it.  You can then do with them what you like.  Maybe, say, sleep?  
    You only have a half of a second to choose, though.
    NON-REST INSTANT KILLS ~ Submitted by Rendar5
         When your opponent has a somewhat high damage count, Drill kick then 
    upward smash.  The higher you are when you do this, the more likely it will 
    be that they die.  Also, downward smash attack works near the edge almost as 
    well as rest, and doesn't have that terrible wait afterward.
    BLOCKED OR DODGED DRILL KICK? ~ Submitted by Rendar5
         "If they have their shields up as you drill kick them, you cannot start 
    a combo. Only one move is good with the spacing when you land since the 
    opponent can block your next move, or attack you between moves. Throw them. 
    You'll be surprised how this can easily become a staple Jiggly combo. If they 
    dodge, get your shield up as soon as you land. With good reflexes, you can 
    see if they're going to attack (counter) or gonna start the fight again after 
    you're setup. If they're countering, with your shield up you have two 
    options. Absorb the blow, let the shield down and attack, or roll away from 
    opponent and hit them after their attack misses."
    JIGGLY AS A GROUND PLAYER ~ Submitted by Rendar5
         "Don't underestimate Jiggly's ability as a ground-based fighter. With 
    little delay time on some moves, she, like Fox, is good at performing the 
    second attack. Absorb the blow with the shield, then move in. Also, she is 
    light on her feet and can quick roll (tap Z, then side; perform roll before 
    shield appears to be quicker about it, but it won't protect you from a hit as 
    you recover) and attack. Down smash at your advancing opponent as this has 
    more range than they're expecting." – Just don't overuse the ground fighting.
    ONE-TIME JIGGLY TRICK ~ Submitted by baconslicer@yahoo.com 
         "Sing in midair!  In a small level like DK's, this can be devastating.  
    When two other players are duking it out, jump above them and Sing.  She will 
    gracefully float down and send them both to sleep, then you can Sleep, or 
    smash, or whatever."  ~ Try it again, and they'll jump at you and destroy 
    you- you can't fall asleep in midair.
    TAP, TAP, TAP... PING!
         Jump and do a downward and A drill kick on an opponent who is at less 
    than 50% damage (lower damage is better in most cases).  Follow it with a 
    light up and A.  Repeat the light up and A, moving slightly forward between 
    each, until it looks like the opponent will go too high for you to hit them 
    again (you'll figure out exactly when that is… somewhere between 60% and 80% 
    on average) and jump and do a midair sleep move.  It's absolutely 
    DEVASTATING!  This can be as good as the first Jigglypuff combo on the list, 
    and it can work on everyone!
         One of the really cool, really tough finishers is right here.  Sleep 
    midair over a cliff.  Learn the timing and this one's awesome.
         Many combos, cheap things, and finishers exist aside from the ones shown 
    here.  This is probably the best place for people to help, since there are 
    probably infinite combos (ok, maybe just hundreds) just waiting to be 
    discovered.  Send any you find in to x1372@juno.com to have them added.
    6) All Purpose Cheapness
         These are the cheap moves that can be used by every character (unless 
    specified otherwise).  This isn't too big of a section, but I'm not sure how 
    many tricks every single character can use. … OK, there's quite a few, many 
    of which are why say, Fox doesn't have many cheap moves by him- he's good at 
    say, little taps, which more than compensates…and an expert at using the 
    walls and juggles.
         Any character can use his or her A attack over and over in a corner to 
    rack up tons of damage to their trapped opponent.  It works especially well 
    with Link, C. Falcon, and Kirby, is pretty easy with Fox and Pikachu, and is 
    rather difficult for all other characters.  This is sometimes known as the 
    "Infinite Combo" but is usually possible to escape when you get to 300%.
    COUNTER THE CORNER TRICK~ Submitted by tzwizard
         When you see someone setting you up for the aforementioned combo by 
    light tapping you into a wall, there is a way that sometimes counters it.  
    Start simply tapping A yourself.  Often, you can have the moves counter and 
    push your opponent back, giving you time to jump out of there and escape the 
    terrible fate of the most unfair way of taking damage in the game.  Sometimes 
    it doesn't work on pikachu's little head-butt because he's too short though…
         NOTE: all of the strong attacks assume that the opponent is between you 
    and the closest edge of the platform unless specified otherwise.
         There are many different options you have when your opponent is dazed.  
    Here are generally the best ones for each character:
    LUIGI: Ping Punch the opponent at high or low damage.
    MARIO: Try to start a Tornado Whirl or if the opponent has taken serious 
    damage, Use the game's most powerful upwards smash attack.
    DK: Take the time to charge up that super punch, then let 'em have it!
    LINK: Smash Attack the opponent away from you, preferably off the cliff.
    SAMUS: Charge up the Super Charge Ball.  Fire the Super Charge Ball.  Hit the 
    opponent with the charge ball.  Laugh as the opponent goes flying or follow 
    and attack more.
    C.FALCON: Falconnnnn Punch!
    NESS: If you're feeling gutsy in a big arena, try to PK thunder yourself into 
    the opponent.  If not, bat or throw them.
    YOSHI:  Either try the RUN RUN RUN combo above or Smash attack or Downward 
    Smash Attack or Stomp (The one way they can't block it on the ground) the 
    KIRBY: If near the edge, try CHEEP #2.  If not, try stealing a power, 
    Downward Smashing, Rocking, or whatever you feel like doing to the opponent.  
    Use a move stolen from Samus, Falcon, or DK if you have it.
    FOX: Either Downward Smash them away or Upward smash followed by Up and A 
    midair juggling.
    PIKACHU: Ah, choices, choices.  There's Smash Attack, Thunder, or throw 
    (backward, while facing away from the nearest edge).  Choose any of these.
    JIGGLYPUFF: At a very low percentage, try to start the ULTIMATE CHEAP COMBO.  
    If not, just use SLEEP on them.
         Jigglypuff is sleeping.  Let's not disturb it.  If Jigglypuff is near 
    the edge and misses a sleep attack, slowly walk into it.  You will push it, 
    eventually off the edge.  You won't get a kill, but its death, potentially at 
    0%, is good enough.  After the fact, the Jigglypuff will be much less likely 
    to use SLEEP on you again for a while, fearing suffering this fate again…  
    Note that if you try this on a dazed person, they will immediately wake up as 
    they start falling.  I had a friend get 12% damage on my Jigglypuff and kill 
    me twice.  Not good.  If the Jigglypuff is not near the edge, treat the sleep 
    like as if they are dazed and use the appropriate move.
         When an opponent is at a low percent damage, you can hold Up (not enough 
    to jump) and press A to do a light upwards hit.  This can be repeated until 
    the opponent has a lot of damage.  I have a friend who does this incessantly 
    with Fox, and I did it with link and nailed an opponent.  I don't think it 
    works with Samus or Falcon, because the way their kicks are.  With Fox on his 
    stage, at the "fin" you can slowly move forward while doing this and get an 
    opponent to well over 70% without fear of retaliation…until the combo ends.  
    Note that with some characters (Fox, Link, maybe others) you must move 
    forward slightly between kicks, but these tiny touches can be devastating.
         The favorite word of a Fox or Jigglypuff.  The nightmare of all Yoshis 
    stupid enough to waste that double jump.  Yes, every character can juggle.  
    And juggling is a great way to get lots of damage.  The best jugglers in my 
    opinion are:
    JIGGLYPUFF- Jump, juggle, repeat
    FOX- Up and A midair counters nearly all and keeps them up
    PIKACHU- Be sure to tack on a thunder after any combo
    FALCON- Speed keeps 'em OFF their toes
    NESS- Upward Yo-yo at a low percent, up and A while midair works.
    LINK- Possibly best little tapper, plus the upward sword strike (midair)
    DK- Low percent CLAP (Smash up and A)
    MARIO- Tornadoes, anyone?
    YOSHI- That upward tail swipe (U&A midair) is effective
    KIRBY- Not all that good, but can rock escape
    LUIGI- Ugh.  Not too bad, but not too good.
    SAMUS- Can't juggle well, but can't BE juggled well.
         If you have a projectile with your character, by all means USE IT!  
    Projectiles should be used as screens for other attacks, for annoyances, to 
    keep someone away from you…USE THEM!  You can be really cheap by trapping 
    opponents with these!  The best (IMO) are in this order:
    YOSHI EGG- one of the most powerful, great for edge guarding, it can go far 
    or short…If it took less time to throw, it'd be perfect
    MARIO FIREBALL- Fire these again and again as fast as you can.  Great screen 
    for getting back on, starting other attacks…not too powerful though.  Ties 
    the egg for most annoying.
    SAMUS CHARGE SHOT- Enough said.  It takes #3 because it's so easy to dodge, 
    though so powerful.  Really fun to be Fox or Ness against someone who abuses 
    LINK BOOMERANG- Everyone who knows me as Link knows I over-abuse this move.  
    Duh.  It goes really far (smash direction and B doubles distance) AND comes 
    back.  The key to hitting people with it?  Throw it again and again, at 
    people, above people, below people- you'd be surprised how often it connects.  
    Another trick with it is to jump over it as it comes back. (After pressing B 
    press up or down to set a trajectory)
    FOX LASER- rapid fire, but weak.
    PK FIRE- Short range, but stuns
    PK THUNDER- Long range but leaves you vulnerable.
    LINK BOMB- Way overrated, the bomb is useful to link almost only when he has 
    thrown the boomerang or needs vertical throwing.  Not THAT bad though.
    SAMUS BOMB- Weak, drops underneath, but can be useful…if used better than I 
    can use it.
    PIKACHU THUNDER BALL/HOP- Slow, weak, not all that good, but useful in some 
    situations.  Like one that I mentioned in his section…
    KIRBY SWORD SHOT- Waste of time, too slow, not very good
    LUIGI FIREBALL- Belongs to Luigi.  Enough said.  Actually, I think it sucks 
    even without the crap character.
    YOSHI KICK-UP STARS- If you use the Stomp for this, there's something wrong 
    with you.  Really, really weak, just meant to sometimes save the stomping 
    Yoshi from extreme pain.
         Of course, most of these have the potential to be cheap if overused, and 
    that goes generally from top to bottom in order of potential for cheapness.
         From tzwizard- use projectiles around people to make them block (or 
    reflect as fox) and you can usually get a good hit in on them or a throw 
    before they can escape.  
         If you have access to a wall, use it.  Throw opponents off it again and 
    again.  Smash them into it again and again.  Beat the crap out of them with 
    the wall.  In Saffron, you may get a little help from Pokemon as well.  The 
    walls are key in Saffron, Hyrule, & Sector Z.  If you get them, show no 
    mercy.  Unless your opponent is me, that is.  Then show lots of mercy.  
    Please. ;)
         I discovered something new with this.  If you use a hold down and press 
    A against a wall while using Luigi, DK, Ness, or Pikachu, you can have them 
    bounce off of it and you do the same move again and again to rack up damage.  
    This is like the infinite combos but harder to do and they only last to 
    around 100%.  All but Ness's.  Ness's combo is EXACTLY like an infinite 
    combo, and the only one you don't have to be a little bit farther back from 
    to pull off.  The other characters' light down hits won't work with this.
    DRILL KICKS ~ Submitted by tzwizard
         Use these a lot.  At low damage, they can start combos (make sure you z-
    cancel to make sure you don't get stuck on the ground) and at high damage 
    they can be used as effective super send downs.  Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Kirby, 
    Fox, and Jigglypuff all have drills, but Fox's is generally less useful and 
    Kirby's generally more useful than the others.
         If you have any cheap moves or combos that work with many characters, 
    tell me what they are and I'll add them if they work.
         If your opponent is coming back from off the cliff, there is a multitude 
    of different ways to hit him, and keep him from returning.  This does not 
    include throwing, shooting, using, etc. with items.  I will not cover how to 
    get on while you are off, because it usually means just hoping the opponent 
    misses with one of these, or that you get through them with minimal damage.  
    I will give a general tip, but not for escaping each character specifically.
    *Note that Edge guarding to me means keeping them off, not letting them get 
    back on and wailing on them before they can do anything.  That works, but I 
    prefer to, as they say in MK, "FINISH HIM!"  There are also other ways to do 
    these, but these are the ways I use.  Anyone can mail me tips on this, if you 
    think there's something better.
         These can prevent Luigi from having a ghost of a chance to survive.
         Fireballs.  If he comes above, try the up and A midair or on the ground 
    attack, or forward and A while midair.  If from below, downward smash, but 
    with this match-up, you don't want to attack from above the cliff.
         Same as Luigi stopping Luigi, but fireballs go at angles so try those if 
    he's coming from below.
         Try to jump out and use Forward and A or downward and a to send him 
    down.  Beware the Flamin' coin punch.  Downward smash lasts a while, so try 
    that if he comes from below.  If using midair forward and A, you need not go 
    out over the cliff yourself.
         Boomerangs when he's far away.  SpinSlash when he's above you.  Smash 
    when he's coming at your level, and try a bomb downward from midair if he 
    comes from below.
         Charge ball if he's far, Bombs if he's low, screw attack if he's high, 
    and Samus' extremely quick Smash if he comes at your level.
         If you think you can time it, Falcon Punch.  Flamin' Flip keeps them 
    away from above, and if they come low or your range, you can always try his 
    super send down finisher and get back up.
         PK thunder if he's far away, any A attack midair if he's high, bat if on 
    cliff to attack, Super Send Down while midair is especially effective, since 
    you can PK thunder yourself back up.
         From far or above the method is simple: EGGS.  From same level or below, 
    either Smash or tail swipe (Downward smash) respectively or try the Super 
    send down.
         Cheep #1.  Of course, #2 also works, or any midair attack at all since 
    Kirby can get back from it.  If you stole a projectile, this may be a good 
    time to use it.
         One word when he's far: Laser.  Fox can also jump pretty far to try to 
    "FOX SPIKE" him.  If he comes from above, try starting a juggle.
         Below: Thunder ball or bounce.  Above: thunder or any midair A attack 
    (say, forward and A thunder drill?).  Forward: Simply use Pikachu's long 
    length, long lasting Smash attack.
         Fly out and hit him with any A attack.  BEWARE OF HIS FLAMIN'COIN PUNCH!
         If at around ground level, shoot a few fireballs.  These may prevent the 
    opponent from hitting you, but aren't very good.  Sorry, you have little 
    chance against a good edge guarder, but you may be able to use the Flamin' 
    coin punch to take them down (or is it up?) with you.  Of course, you're 
    Luigi, so you have little chance (YES, I AM BIASED AGAINST LUIGI!)
         This guy's nearly the same as Luigi, but can't use the Flamin' coin 
    punch to get even.  He has one chance though… and it's better than that 
         Fireballs.  If he comes above, try the up and A midair or on the ground 
    attack, or forward and A while midair.  If from below, downward smash, but 
    with this match-up, you don't want to attack from above the cliff.
         Same as Luigi stopping Luigi, but fireballs go at angles so try those if 
    he's coming from below.
         Try to jump out and use Forward and A or downward and a to send him 
    down. Downward smash lasts a while, so try that if he comes from below.  If 
    using midair forward and A, you need not go out over the cliff yourself.
         Boomerangs when he's far away.  SpinSlash when he's above you.  Smash 
    when he's coming at your level, and try a bomb downward from midair if he 
    comes from below.
         Charge ball if he's far, Bombs if he's low, screw attack if he's high, 
    and Samus' extremely quick Smash if he comes at your level.
         If you think you can time it, Falcon Punch.  Flamin' Flip keeps them 
    away from above, and if they come low or your range, you can always try his 
    super send down finisher and get back up.
         From far or above the method is simple: EGGS.  From same level or below, 
    either Smash or tail swipe (Downward smash) respectively or try the Super 
    send down.
         Cheep #1.  Of course, #2 also works, or any midair attack at all since 
    Kirby can get back from it.  If you stole a projectile, this may be a good 
    time to use it.
         One word when he's far: Laser.  Fox can also jump pretty far to try to 
    "FOX SPIKE" him.  If he comes from above, try starting a juggle.
         Below: Thunder ball or bounce.  Above: thunder or any midair A attack.  
    Forward: Simply use Pikachu's long length, long lasting Smash attack.
         Fly out and hit him with any A attack.  Be careful not to go too far, 
    you aren't Kirby.
         Come in high, whenever possible.  Use a screen of fireballs always.  If 
    forced to come from below, try to jump so you grab onto the edge.  
         This old ape isn't too good at returning, and his Spinning Kong or 
    Tornado is weak and easy to hit.  This should not be too hard to kill, but to 
    escape; there's the problem.
         Fireballs when he's far and he may not get a chance to use the tornado.  
    If he comes high, watch a downward smash (if he hasn't tornadoed) and try a 
    Flame Coin Punch or forward and A midair.  If he's low, downward smash, and 
    at your level, normal smash.
         Fireballs when low, then Smash Downward attack.  Medium, smash forward, 
    and when he's high try an upward smash, THE most powerful upward smash.
         This would be a great time to get an easy Super Punch in.  Almost all of 
    DK's power hits will stop the tornado, and if he's high jump and Forward and 
    A for the best results.
         Boomerang far, smash attack when he's at your level or low, jump and 
    SpinSlash if he comes from above.
         Fire the shot at him if you can.  If not, get above him and do the Super 
    Smash Down.  If he come high, screw attack or Upward smash flame-thrower.
         Punch shouldn't be too hard to time for low or medium height.  If not, 
    try the Smash attack.  Flamin' Flip if he comes high should fry this ape.
         PK Fire should stop him dead in his tracks.  If he's low, you may try 
    the smash attack bat.  If high, jump and any A attack, or you could try the 
    Super Smash Down.
         Egg (edge) guard well.  Downward Smash, or tail swipes work good when 
    he's low, Smash when medium, eggs everywhere else.  Super Smash down can work 
    if he's in his tornado.
         Downward Smash if he's low.  Use a stolen move if possible (say his own 
    punch?) if he's even, or Try a #2.  #2 works if he's high as well.
         Laser when far.  Down smash when low.  Perfect "Fox Spike" candidate.  
    When high, start a juggle.
         Jump out there and Forward and A to him!  If he's too high, Thunder will 
    bring him down, and then thunder drill (aforementioned move) repeatedly.
         Down smash when low.  Drill-Sleep combo when medium.  When high, start 
    your juggling!
         Not good.  If you can use a Super Smash Down to drag them with you, or 
    Super punch as you fall (especially in Samus' world!)  Hope the opponent 
    misses, and try to come low and grab the edge or very high, not at the 
    opponent's level!
         Uh-oh.  Oh no.  Here it comes.  Death to the green guy.  He can't jump 
    worth beans.  He can hardly even attack whoever threw him off.  This section 
    shouldn't be necessary, but I am covering everyone.  The SpinSlash just isn't 
    good enough to save our valiant hero (This is THE reason he isn't my main 
    character- must…get…on…platform…)
         If you get him off, he won't get high.  Therefore, Smash attack down or 
    sideways to get rid of him.
         Fireballs should stop him.  Smash forward or low if they don't
         Super punch, downward smash, either super smash down, it just doesn't 
         Aww, let him live.  YEAH RIGHT.  Bombs, Smash attack, your own 
    SpinSlash- Just don't fall off yourself!
         Bombs, Shot if he's high enough, Super Smash down… seems a bit too easy.
         Super Smash Down, Downward Smash, normal Smash- seems like a broken 
         Super Smash Down, Bat, Yo-yo…yawn.
         Sniff…beating on another non-Luigi green guy!  Eggs, Down smash, and 
    normal smash will do.
         #1, #2, Rock, Downward Smash, the works.  Like he has a chance.
         Good Fox Spike candidate (where would I be without PentaroX?) or easy to 
    downward smash.
         Enough already!  Forward smash, midair forward drill…I feel sorry for 
         Finally, the last one!  Down smash, forward smash, it just doesn't 
    matter.  Poor green guy (I feel sorry for someone who can't jump, still 
    tries, and always gets knocked away…).
         Just go quickly and quietly.  Really, though, just SpinSlash and hope 
    for the best.  Pray Giant DK doesn't throw you off- he can actually kill you 
    at 0% that way. (Hint hint-STAY AWAY FROM HIM)
         This is one of THE most difficult things - keeping a good Samus down.  
    When Samus Jumps, Drops bombs, and screw attacks, it often seems impossible 
    to edge guard.  Here are my attempts.
         Fireball if far, Attempt Ping punch if high, Downward smash if low, 
    Smash if at your level.
         Fireballs low, Upward smash high, Smash at your level, et cetera.
         Either Super Smash Down works, but beware of the screw attack.  A better 
    strategy is to try that forward if she's high (YES, SAMUS IS A WOMAN) and 
    Super Charged punch if she's low or at your level.
         Smash attack at the edge, throw boomerangs when far, SpinSlash her if 
    she comes from above… Seems a bit repetitive.
         Charge ball if far, Well-timed Smash attacks for low-mid height, Jump 
    and Screw attack her if she tries to come over your head.
         Smash if you can at low or medium heights, Flamin' Flip if Samus comes 
    from above, If you feel gutsy try to time a Falcon Punch.
         Throw eggs, even to way in front of her, and use a smash attack if she's 
    low to mid height and throw an egg everywhere else.
         Take advantage of your floating power to go out and do a #1.  If you 
    want to stay on the edge, try any Smash attack, and if she comes in high, 
    your up and A midair attack might just knock her back off the platform.
         Ok, low smash works wonders, Fox Spike if you feel lucky, Juggle if she 
    comes high, and just Smash her if she comes at middle range.
         Jump out there and forward and A drill her!  You can teleport back; she 
    can't.  If she comes high, Thunder, and your PikaSpit (forwards and A smash) 
    stops her if she's too close to drill.
         Down smash works, Get above her and drill her if she's high (you have 5 
    jumps, use them!) and Smash Attack if she is at your height.
         Shoot the charge ball if possible to hit opponents but impossible to get 
    back.  Use Bombs to slow down and confuse the attacker.  Screw attack if at 
    all possible.  Samus is one of the hardest to keep off the cliff.
         Second worst in terms of jumping only to Link, the F-Zero captain only 
    is saved by his Flamin' Flip.  Like link and his Up and B, it is not all that 
    good.  However, like link, he is hard to hit while doing the Up and B move.
         ~ Groan ~ This will take forever to finish… ~ sigh ~ here goes…Fireballs 
    if far, Smash attack low, ping punch high, DON'T get CAUGHT BY THE FLIP at 
    your level.
         Fireballs low…Smash medium…Up Smash high…
         Try to super send him down.  If high, use the forward and A one, or just 
    use that one no matter what.  Avoid his flip, it's devastating.
         Boomerang/bomb him if far, Smash attack or SpinSlash if he's near your 
    level or below, and Jump and SpinSlash if he comes in from high.
         Try the charge ball at long distance, Jump and drop bombs/Super smack 
    down if he's at your level or low, and Screw Attack if he's high.
         Try a Falcon Punch for low or medium height.  If he's high, Use YOUR 
    Flamin' Flip to keep him that way.
         Super Smash Down, PK thunder if he's far, Smash attack up, down, or 
    normal depending on whether he's high, low, or even with your height.
         One egg usually does it.  If not, try any Smash attack or his Super Send 
         Falcon: Look out for #1.  Other than that, if he comes high, use any 
    midair A attack.  #2 if he's high and you think you can do it…
         Tough, but you can Fox Spike him.  If he's smart, he'll use his U&B 
    early and try to catch you though.  Other than that, Smash or juggle at the 
         Smash or thunder at the edge, thunder only if he's high.  This is one 
    guy you don't want to jump out and drill.  The thunder ball can also work.
         Down Smash, Normal Smash, or juggle for low, medium, and high comebacks.
         Good Luck.  Use the Up and B to attack, and since it has a good chance 
    of hitting an edge guarder from below, use it again ASAP if you get a hit.  
    Note that his Up and B attack GOES THROUGH SHIELDS of people guarding the 
    edge, waiting for you to get back to nail you.
         He can come back amazing distances using PK thunder to hit himself far.  
    However, he's then easy to hit again, keep off, Et cetera.  You can keep a 
    Ness off easily by jumping and attacking off of the cliff.  Just do it fast, 
    as a lack of speed may mean suffering 30% damage as he uses his Thunder 
    THROUGH you.  Ouch. 
         I'll say this once for the Ness sets (actually, I'll repeat myself, 
    but…) If you take out the PK thunder, you take out the kid.  With that in 
    mind, fireballs when far, Ping when close, and sacrifice yourself to PK 
    thunder if he uses it when near.  If he floats back, Smash attack him.  If 
    you're going to jump out and hit him when he uses PK thunder, do it early.
         Like Luigi, fireball when far, but jump first.  If he's low, fireball 
    like there's no tomorrow- the angle of the fireball will likely take the 
    thunder or the kid down.  If he's high, try the upward smash or a jumping 
    tornado, and if at your level, smash him for good.
         Big Fat Monkey vs. Midget?  Super send down if at all possible, charge 
    the punch when he's far, jump high and forward and A to knock him down from 
    the heights, Punch him if he floats to you.
         Boomerang when far, Smash attack when he's near, Jump and SpinSlash when 
    he's high, and if he uses PK thunder from below, a well placed bomb will 
    extinguish it.
         If he uses his absorber, he'll likely fall.  You can therefore shoot the 
    crap out of him when he's far.  Otherwise, Super Smash Down, since Samus can 
    recover, screw attack when he's high (backwards and A midair works pretty 
    well too) and time the quick smash attack to prevent his return.
         No projectile for when he's far (That's bad) but if you feel lucky, you 
    can Falcon Kick out there.  If he's high, Flamin' Flip him, and Low to 
    medium, Smash attack him.  This is one character you don't want to jump out 
    and stop him with when he uses PK thunder.
         Use your floaty jumps to get him!  Or, use YOUR PK thunder (while ON THE 
    GROUND) to kill his PK thunder, Super Smash down, A attack midair, et cetera.
         Once again, Yoshi's eggs are the key to keeping an opponent off the 
    platform.  If he gets close, single jump out there and attack, using your 
    double jump to come back.  The little fat kid dies.
         (Yawn…need…sleep…) Um, Jump out and give him the old 1 (but not 2).  
    Shoot him with a stolen shot, Smash him, it just makes very little 
         PentaroX to my rescue again!  Fox Spike DEVASTATES Ness.  It's quick, 
    clean, efficient… sort of like the mice I was forced to watch get genocided 
    in my nature center volunteer work today…  anyway, if you don't use the 
    spike, Smash him or Down smash him, or if he's high juggle him (As of today I 
    feel very sorry for all mice).
         I've really seen this one in action (I will never play as Ness against 
    Dave again. ;) ).  Jump out and forward and A drill him.  Get back on.  He 
    can't.  You don't really need to do anything else, but aside from that, if 
    he's high, Jump up and drill him; if at your level or below, a well timed 
    Smash attack does the job nicely too.
         Jump and kick him farther.  If not, then Smash medium or low at the 
    cliff's edge or juggle him if he's high
         Most know that you can PK thunder yourself far.  However, if you don't 
    have to, DON'T!  You'll save lives that way.  If you have to use PK thunder, 
    do it from somewhat far away so you will be hard to hit out if it.  Pray you 
    grab the edge.  Beware someone trying to Fox Spike you, it is almost always 
    fatal, because if it reflects you, you fall, and if it reflects the thunder, 
    you fall. (That is not what we like to call a win-win scenario for Ness)
         Yes, he only has two jumps.  No, he has no triple jump.  Yes, he is 
    FRIGGIN INSANELY TOUGH to keep off.  For me, a Yoshi player, that's a good 
    thing.  For everyone else, it may alter your edge guarding strategy.
         This section could get annoying, how to kill my favorite character, but 
    here goes.  If he comes high, try to backwards and A kick him.  If he's low, 
    a downward smash should do wonders.  If medium, attack with a smash.  It is 
    likely that as you smash, he may hit you as he falls.  Then, he will not grab 
    the edge, and you've taken maybe 12 % damage.
         Fireballs do little here.  You basically want to do the same as Luigi, 
    so I'll skip that typing.
         The jumping Forward and A super send down will work wonders when he's 
    high.  When he isn't, try to time the super punch or smash attack.  The 
    downward smash is pretty useless in this situation.
         Once again, projectiles do little good.  If he comes in high, a jumping 
    SpinSlash might finish him off.  If he comes low, Smash attack him at the 
    edge, and do the same for medium height.
         Try to fire a fully charged charge ball at him.  If it hits, even if it 
    doesn't stop him, you get a lot of extra damage.  If he's high, jump and 
    backwards kick (Samus' back kick is really good).  If he's low or medium, go 
    for the quick smash attack to stop him.
         Flamin' Flip him when he's high, Smash attack when he's low or medium.  
    Falcon Punch can replace the Smash, but it's tougher to pull off.
         If you plan to jump out and stop him from coming that way, get ABOVE him 
    and do your super smash down.  If you get below him, he may take you down 
    with him or smash you down and survive.  If you stay on the cliff, jump and 
    backwards and A to kick him hard if he's high, or do the DOWNWARD smash to 
    keep him off when low, and if he's medium a normal smash will do.  The 
    downward can be done faster facing away from the cliff.
         I hate mirror matches.  Well, same as Ness- get ABOVE him if you try to 
    forward and A smash him down.  If you stay on the cliff, midair backwards 
    kick works when high, and at medium or low, a normal smash attack gets the 
    job done.
         You're better off smash attacking from on the cliff than trying #1 in 
    this case, since he can jump right through it (though he takes damage).  If 
    he's high, a backward kick ought to get rid of him if timed correctly.
         Shoot him if he's far, you may stop his jumping (if extremely lucky).  
    If you Fox Spike at the correct time, he'll be helpless.  If he's low, Fox's 
    great downward smash will work wonders.  At medium height, regular Smash 
    Attack.  If he comes in high, juggle him up, up, and away!
         I am the world's expert on this one.  I've seen it 1000+ times.  Smash 
    attack if low or medium and bye-bye dinosaur.  If he comes in high, jump out 
    and forward and A drill him.  If you feel like trying it, you can substitute 
    thunder for either if you can time it right.  These seem the most effective 
    ways, but there are obviously others.
         Smash him low or medium.  If he's high, try to juggle, but watch for the 
         Use your only jump wisely.  You can attack as you come back, but if 
    you're hit again, you're history.  In general, try to get over the opponent, 
    as grabbing the edge is usually suicidal.  As a last ditch effort, attack 
    with a Super Smash Down, an Eat 'em, or and egg throw to stop them from 
    taunting and get a bit of damage.  Stomping in front of the edge so you grab 
    it can sometimes throw off an edge guarding person's timing…in another last 
    ditch effort to save your skin.  (Thank you Dave again)
         ARRGH! This annoyance has 5 jumps, PLUS his Final cutter.  Usually, if 
    you hit him far at a high %, he will die.  If not, try these not-quite-
    foolproof strategies.  (If a Kirby really wants survival, it can steal a 
    Jigglypuff puff punch to get distance and height)
         Hoo boy.  Edge guarding this guy means hitting him likely more than 
    once, and hitting him out of the final cutter.  If he comes at you high, try 
    to ping punch him into the stratosphere (AND DON'T MISS OR YOU'RE TOAST).  If 
    he comes in medium to low, use a smash attack.  Smash attacks should counter 
    the final cutter if timed correctly.
         Ditto Luigi, but try just about any A attack instead of the ping punch 
    (you could try that with Luigi as well).  So sad to see Mario compared to the 
    vastly inferior Luigi.
         You just might be able to end it with a forward and A if he's high.  The 
    punch would make a good substitute for the smash attack if he uses the cutter 
    or comes in low to medium because it's a bit faster when already charged.
         The worst at jumping trying to stop the best?  It can be done, and more 
    easily than expected.  Link can forward and A or Up and B at Kirby when high, 
    and Link's Smash attack is extremely adept at taking Kirby out of low or 
    medium range.  If the cutter comes, Smash attacking again works.
         Hit him with a fully charged charge ball and it's likely to be already 
    over.  If he comes in high, use the backward and A kick to keep him off.  If 
    low or medium, Samus' quick smash attack does the job.  Smash attack works to 
    stop the cutter as well.
         If you Falcon Punch him at the edge, he's dead meat.  That isn't likely, 
    so use your up and B if he's high, or the up and A.  If you do the up and A, 
    face away from him so that you can hit him horizontally with the end of the 
    kick (it has insane reach).  Your Smash attack should stop all low, medium, 
    and cutter using Kirbies for good.
         If you think you can get above him, try a super send down.  If you 
    realize that that's nearly impossible, backwards and A or just A in midair 
    work.  If he comes in low, Yo-yo.  Jump and hit him if he uses the final 
         Smash attack works perfectly when he's low to medium height.  Upward 
    Smash works 99% of the time when he uses the cutter.  When he comes in high, 
    Yoshi's backwards kick is great.
         Umm, get above him and try #1.  If he gets above you, expect the same.  
    If he comes in high, backwards and A or just A to kick him back out.  Smash 
    attack if he comes at you low to medium and the same if he uses the cutter.
         Juggle him if he comes high, Downward Smash if he comes in low, regular 
    smash if medium, and Smash attack his cutter, or reflect the shot (reflecting 
    it does let him have all his jumps back though.)
         Smash attack if low or medium or cutter using.  Jump and forward and A 
    drill him if he's high.
         Downward smash when low, smash when medium or using final cutter, and 
    juggle him (watch the rock) if he comes at you high.
         Try to get as high as possible, and use the rock move to survive.  If 
    you come in low, you are very likely to get beaten.  Don't always use the 
    rock when high, though, or the opponent will roll & grab.
         We all know he isn't too hard to keep off.  If he uses his FireFox, it's 
    easy to stop.  Such distance, such futility.  Here goes.  If you can make him 
    use the FireFox, you'll be able to do these.
         If he uses his FireFox perfectly horizontally, throw a fireball.  If he 
    uses FireFox from below, smash attack.  If he uses FireFox to get above you, 
    use the ping punch when he lands.
         For once Fireballs are worse than those belonging to Luigi are.  Smash 
    attack if he's low or high, and upward smash when he comes in high.
         Jump out early and forward and A him into oblivion if he comes low to 
    medium.  If he's high, jump up and use the same move.  If he comes in too 
    fast low or medium, a super punch will finish him.  Anyone with a send down 
    move can kill him easily if they jump out early, so that won't be mentioned.
         Smash attack if low, boomerang if far, smash attack if medium, and jump 
    with a SpinSlash if he comes in high.
         Shoot him if he is planning to FireFox horizontally.  If he's high, jump 
    and backwards kick.  If he's low or medium, use a smash attack.
         Smash attack low to medium, Flamin' Flip when he goes high.
         Yo-yo is great for when he's low (down and A smash) or bat when medium 
    (forward and A smash).  If he's high, backwards kick through the flames to 
    get him off.
         Eggs.  Besides that, smash attack or downward smash attack when low or 
    medium, and upward smash attack when he's high.
         #1… Smash attack when low or medium, backward kick when he's high or get 
    to his height and start #2.
         Fox spike really effective… Smash attack when medium, downward smash 
    when low, and juggle him or reflect him back off the cliff when he's high.
         Jump out and drill him with forward and A.  Smash attack.  Call 
    lightning.  No chance for Fox to survive…
         Smash attack when low to medium, and juggle him when he's high.
         Go to the FAQ about Fox made by PentaroX and within you will see how to 
    survive anything as Fox.  You just plain don't need any information you can't 
    find there.  It is at www.GameFaqs.com if you want to read it.  What I can 
    say, though, from experience is to vary how you use FireFox so that your 
    opponent needs to keep guessing.
         GET THIS RAT OFF OF THAT CLIFF!  It's tough, but possible.  Timing is 
    the key to hit him while he teleports.  Time your jump to hit be where he'll 
    teleport, then try A while midair.  Smart ones will try to get over you or 
    grab the edge (unless on the left side of Saffron, where they also have the 
    platform as a choice, or Peach's caste, where there are two floors and no 
    edges to grab).  This is basically using guesses to figure out where he'll 
    go.  The jump and hit A strategy will not be discussed, and is the same with 
    all characters.
         Pikachu stopping is nearly impossible.  Try to predict where he plans to 
    land.  If possible, go there and use the ping punch if you can, if not just 
    throw him off.  If you think he'll try to grab the edge, use a downward smash 
         Ditto Luigi except the ping punch part.
         @#$%#@^$!  Throw him when he lands, or Smash attack to guard the cliff.
         Get where you think he'll go and do your smash attack (link's throw is 
    too slow).  Guard the edge with a smash attack also.
         Shoot him if you can, and Smash him to guard the edge or catch where he 
         Smash guard the edge, use up and B, or Falcon Punch where you think 
    he'll land.  Up and B can catch him and kill him, but its all luck.
         Throw where you think he'll go, or Bat at the edge.
         Egg him!  You can repeatedly foil his teleporting with eggs.  You only 
    get one shot, though.  If you miss, he's almost guaranteed to get back on.  
    Aside from eggs, all smash attacks can keep him off or hit him where he 
         Don't try #1, ever.  #2 can catch him if you're lucky.  If all else 
    fails, downward smash at the edge or throw him from where he lands.
         Throw where he lands, or downward smash at the edge.
         Throw where he lands, or smash at the edge.
         Ditto Pikachu.
         Vary use of the teleport.  This is the key to success.  If you sometimes 
    grab the edge, sometimes go over the opponent's head, sometimes land right on 
    top of the opponent (do that on rare occasions) you can keep him guessing and 
    get on.  Don't double teleport to leave yourself wide open.  If you are just 
    falling while way above the opponent, well, you sure SHOULD die!
         Jigglypuff has the best long-distance comeback in the game.  With its 
    Jump, B move, Jump, B move, etc. it can go the distance even without an up 
    and B attack.  Be careful when guarding, or you just may get hit with the 
    puff punch.  If you get hit, Jigglypuff will have no trouble at all getting 
    back on.
         {I want to be done with the edge guarding crap…} He'll rarely go for the 
    edge. Smash attack if low or medium, and jump and Ping punch him into 
    oblivion if he gets above you.
         Backwards kick him when high and smash when he's at low or medium 
         Super send down when high (same as always, forward and A while midair 
    near but not over the edge) or Super Punch if the balloon comes in low or 
         Smash attack if low or medium, and Up and B or forward and A if the 
    puffer comes in high.
         Smash attack low or medium, Jump and backwards kick if Jigglypuff is 
         Smash attack low or medium, up and B if it's is high.
         Ditto Samus.
         Eggs are great for high or far.  All 3 smash attacks are good for other 
         #1, #2, Smash attack if low or medium, backwards kick if high.
         Fox Spike is AWESOME here.  If not, Smash attack at the edge if medium, 
    downward smash if low, and Juggle if high.
         Smash attack or jump and drill kick, lightning can actually help 
    Jigglypuff get back on because it knocks her higher.
         Smash attack if low or medium, and if high, backwards kick.  If you 
    want, you can always engage in a midair war.
         Jump, Puff punch, Jump puff punch… if possible, just puff punch back to 
    keep your jumps.  Watch out for super send downs, as they're lethal to 
    Jigglypuff.  If at all possible, go in high over the guard's head.
         This would be the ultimate fighter if you could control him (NO I DON'T 
    WANT GAMESHARK CODES.  I play cheaply, and I don't need to cheat.).  Giant DK 
    you can't really edge guard without tons of luck, but Metal Mario CAN be edge 
    guarded with only a little luck.  He will never come in high or medium, just 
    from below if you hit him right.
         Downward smash again and again.  Eventually, he'll fall too far.
         Ditto Luigi.
         Regular smash or super punch will finish him.
         Smash attack.
         Smash attack.  Charged shot might work.
         If timed well, Falcon Punch.  If that proves impossible, up and B or 
    smash attack to get him.
         Downward Smash Attack while facing away from the edge.
         For once the egg is useless!  Smash attack or downward smash attack.
         If you feel lucky, go for #2 (if he grabs the edge it won't work.)  If 
    not, downward Smash Attack.
         Either downward smash attack or if he's at over 300, a well-timed 
    reflector can Fox Spike him from on the edge.
         Smash attack to the rescue again.
         Downward smash is the best chance.
         By giving me ideas for any of the 156 possibilities…  I'll test them.  
    If I get requests, I guess I'll add giant DK (for a new total of 168 
    possibilities…), but you can't edge guard the hand and I'm not helping you 
    with teams!  Play for yourself! (thus far there have been 0 requests for 
    Giant DK edge guard help)
         A later edition to the FAQ, I'll have a section about tricks you can do 
    on each particular stage.
         "-If damage is set at 200%, you can knock someone into the bumper for an 
    instant death most of the time!  (All of the time against Kirby and 
    -With a platform fully extended, try knocking people into the bottom of the 
    side ramps.  Effective, because they'll just be reflected downward 
    (example... try kicking someone with Falcon's backward throw right into the 
    ramp thing... if they hit the bottom, rather than stopping short, they'll 
    rebound DOWNWARD.  Very hard to recover from.  
    -Try throwing the Motion Sensor Bombs at the SIDES of the lower level.  You 
    really can't see they're there, and stupid people may walk into the walls 
    before jumping, not knowing the fiery surprise for them!" ~ Earthshaker
         "Bounce people off the underside of the floating ramps, constantly. You 
    can do this with a normal smash hit at the very edge of the top platform, 
    up+A smash hits from beneath, or just a keen sense of trajectory. Rebounding 
    enemies have a difficult time recovering and usually fall to their doom.  
    Projectiles are useful for edge-guarding here; stunning someone with a laser 
    shot, egg or fireball as the platform retracts is evil. >:) Resting someone 
    into the bumper with Jigglypuff is the pits. :(" ~ Pokeytax
         At 200% the barrel can become as deadly as the pit below it.  Not really 
    much else, unless you use items.  Earthshaker likes using bumpers and mines 
    on the edges and moving platforms.
         Remember that you can go up through the platform and surprise your foes. 
    ~ "Smaug" on GameFAQs message boards
         As DK, follow the barrel when someone is inside.  If you do a downwards 
    smash attack right as they shoot out of it, you can get some good damage and 
    start a juggle ~ "MisterHand" on the GameFAQs message boards
         "-Use the walls to your advantage!  Stick someone there with a fire 
    flower.  Or, you could try repeatedly smashing people into the wall on the 
    right, so they rebound off that wall, rebound off the tower, then come back 
    down for more pain ::evil grin::
    -Attack people while in tornadoes to increase the chance of them becoming a 
    star.  Just make sure you don't get touched by one yourself!  (in other 
    words, attack people in SLOW MOVING tornadoes.)
    -Throw/kick/boot people into tornadoes.  Whee." ~ Earthshaker
                     / \
           Y        /   \
         _____     /_____\
              |    (area you        
              | X  can walk)        
         This section of Hyrule (marked with the X) is the BEST combo spot in the 
    entire game.  You can do repeated smash attacks ("pokimon86" on GameFAQs 
    message boards) or downward smash attacks, little juggles, all sorts of 
    stuff.  Beware that the opponent can do the same to you!  This is also the 
    best place to go in this level when at a moderately high or very high percent 
    damage.  Despite the fact that you can be comboed constantly, it's almost 
    impossible to kill someone in this area with anything less than an upwards 
    smash attack.
         Also go to the aforementioned area if an opponent has a bat.  If you DO 
    get hit by a smash attack with it, you will likely bounce off the walls and 
    sometimes survive ~ Wicked Souls
         Also in the same area, if someone is in the area marked with the X, and 
    you are above on the area marked with a Y, you can throw almost any item to 
    the right so that it hits the wall and goes down.  Often people don't realize 
    that they can be hit by the item after it hits the wall.  This works better 
    if 2 people are fighting down there, because if one blocks it will bounce off 
    their shield and hit the other one.  This generally works best with 
    clobbering items. ~ tzwizard
         In the part with the ceiling, you can use the same trick with DK as in 
    Mushroom kingdom- if you pound the ground, you can send them up and down 
    repeatedly until they use the "greatest survival tactic" and roll out of it.
         Don't forget to use super send downs on people who just came out of 
    tornadoes!  You can either knock them back in or just get some extra damage 
    on them! ~ tzwizard
         "What's the most painful thing here? The acid. How do you win? Keep your 
    opponent in the acid.  Often, the acid level will be well below the platform 
    when your opponent falls. That's your chance. If they bounce away from the 
    platform, you can edge guard as normal. If they try to come straight through, 
    smash them as they come up to keep them in the drink. Characters like 
    Jigglypuff, Kirby, and Fox with lateral downsmashes should abuse them. Kirby 
    especially can abuse his drill kick and splits attacks to keep the opponent 
    down and their damage up. Same trick works against the barrel in Congo Jungle 
    and the tornado in Hyrule Castle." ~ Pokeytax
         "-This is too obvious.  Use super send downs to knock people in the 
    acid, then if they come back up to your level, kick 'em out of sight." ~ 
         When the lava is high, you can stand on the top platform and be safe.  
    If you opponents are coming from below to get up, using the downwards smash 
    attack can get them hit and/or burned.  Also remember that you can go through 
    the platform upwards and sometimes surprise your foes. ~ "Smaug" on the 
    GameFAQs message boards
         "-Knock someone on a cloud, get there, and hold the person in a throw 
    position.  Kick them towards the nearest side before the cloud melts, then 
    move your butt back to the main area!" ~ Earthshaker
         Throw people toward the edge from the farthest clouds on left and right, 
    it's like a free kill.  Kirby cheep #3 works from the clouds too.
         "-Not much to do here.  Try knocking someone so they move with the wind 
    the tree blows for a little (and I do mean LITTLE) extra distance." ~ 
         "-Well... try knocking people into Arwing blasts.
    -For the less obvious, kick someone into the raised area.  If at high damage, 
    they will slide off the right edge... even jumping won't help too much!  I'm 
    sure you know what I mean :-)" ~ Earthshaker (I think he means bouncing off 
    the fin of the ship and the ground so your character ends up shooting 
    straight off)
         If you play as pikachu and stand just below the wing, use thunder if an 
    opponent tries to come at you from above.  Even if you miss, you usually can 
    get out of it before they hit you. ~ "Smaug" on the GameFAQs message boards
         As fox, reflect the arwing blasts.  Sometimes you can get them to hit 
    opponents for major damage.  Also, this works with anyone but Yoshi, Link, 
    and Samus. "When you are on the back of the ship in sector Z, at the very 
    back, if you throw the opponent toward the wing or whatever that thing you 
    can hang on is, you can throw them toward it, they bounce off.... When they 
    hit the ground and come sliding toward you, you can throw them again, and 
    they will bounce, crash, slide, and you just do it until there percent is 
    high enough, and knock them off. You can't do it with Link, Yoshi or Samus 
    because of there slow grabs." ~ LikeWhoa
         With kirby in Sector Z: "ok, this takes a bit of practice: isolate your 
    opponent so that noone else will bother you. Start fighting on the tail of 
    Great Fox. ideally, ur opponent should have around 60% damage, depending on 
    the character. Now, hit them with Kirby's Fwd+A smash attack. This is the 
    hardest part of the combo -- finding an opening. 
     when you hit them with the smash attack, you should be standing about 1/3 of 
    the tail-length from the end of the tail (i.e. the right side of the tail; 
    the edge of the arena). It's hard to say, in measurements, exactly where, but 
    it comes with practice. ok, if you smash attack them, and you're in the right 
    place, they should be hit down and right by the tail, right into you. Here's 
    where it differs from other combos: 
    Instead of having the opponent bounce a bit ahead of you, so you do another 
    Fwd+A smash attack, and again, for a short combo (I think someone already 
    brought that one up), you want them to bounce very slightly ahead of you, or 
    even fly a bit over your head. When they do, do a fwd+A smash attack going 
    right, going away from the tail. Sometimes, if you time it wrong, the 
    opponent will actually be hit right, but if you execute it right, they'll be 
    hit left by your smash attack. Wait for the bounce and hit them with another 
    smash attack going left this time, and then after that bounce a smash attack 
    going right, and so on. So the whole time your position should be roughly 
    stationary, but smashing leftwards and rightwards, alternately. Your opponent 
    should be hit left, into the tail, each time, and what's good about this 
    combo is that, if you have good timing and don't screw up, you can keep them 
    in the air -- they'll never touch the ground. ok, well this was kinda lengthy 
    but I'm a terrible explainer. Trust me -- it's a good combo. i usually get 
    them from 60 to 100-120 damage, or more (to 150% + damage is not too hard) 
    and once you get them to that level, pause a little, and now smash them 
    right, this time making them actually go right off the arena." ~ Cyper – 
    explained it better than I could have!
         "-Hold someone in a throw pose in front of the sliding door.  Tough to 
    do, but REALLY damaging.  If its Electrode that comes out though, ya might 
    want to move, ya just might.
    -If someone is struggling to get up from between two towers, throw a bumper 
    (not straight down, normally, so it rebounds off the wall.  A sure hit, and a 
    near sure death.  1 damage deaths are fun :-)" ~ Earthshaker
         "you can rack a lot of damage in Saffron if you can manage to shove teh 
    other guy in the pokémon box... if it's an elecrode that comes up, he won't 
    be able to excepe it, thought he'll rarely ever get blowed off the stage..." 
    ~ "Raocow" on GameFAQs message boards
         As kirby, sometimes you can keep doing his final cutter in front of the 
    door that the pokemon come out of.  If you get it right, it actually is hard 
    to escape, and all you do is just up and B, up and B, up and B… ~ Mega
         Stand on the helicopter pad.  When the opponent comes at you, use the 
    upwards smash attack.  They sometimes can do nothing to hit you if you block 
    when they use projectiles.  This is generally better if you have a team and 
    both of you are there using the smash attacks. ~ Ness Master
         "-Another tough to do.  Break someone's shield, then rush to the nearest 
    POW block.  Whee.
    -Hold someone in throw pose on a platform, so it sinks.  Hey, you'll committ 
    suicide, but who cares?  Works also with Kirby's Cheep 3." ~ Earthshaker
         Use projectiles while they are off the screen. They can't see where they 
    are and have trouble dodging. ~ "Smaug" on the GameFAQs message boards
         As pikachu, use thunder if your opponent is on top of the horizontal 
    blocks.  You can hit them, but they can't hit you ~ LikeWhoa ~ note that you 
    can also use Link's sword up and A midair to hit opponents from underneath, 
    and maybe some other characters up and A or up and B attacks.
         As DK in the mushroom kingdom, "Get them trapped under the lower left 
    hand corner of the stage, and keep doing the ground smack. They wont be able 
    to get out of it!" ~ Mega
         This late edition section can be added to easily.  E-mail me!  (As you 
    probably can tell, this was mostly the "Earthshaker section." :)
         Let's see, there are some, not cheap, interesting things you can do in 
    this game.  E-mail me any more you have, I'll likely print them…if they work.  
    (Yes, everything has to have a catch, doesn't it?)
         If Samus is hit by an electrical attack, you can see her outside her 
    suit if you pause at the right time.  I've done it, I know.  It is easier to 
    see (IMO) than using the training mode at 1/4 speed if you just pause in 
    regular battle.
         If you try to use Down and B while midair with DK, nothing will happen.  
    This is obvious, but interesting how it is the only B move that is like that.
         If two Fox use reflector to bounce a shot (from their own lasers) back 
    and forth, the one who fired the shot will win.  The other will suffer broken 
    shield syndrome.
         No, you can' play as one, but if you go to bonus 3 (main game) you can 
    beat the crap out of one for tons of fun…only for one minute, though.  I 
    heard that on high difficulty levels they can put YOU into some really long 
    combos… Not that I've seen any of that.  I whoop on them.
        To enable it, beat all bonus practices 1 and 2.  I think voice 198 says 
    something like "Delta Stage" but I can't be sure.  It never once says bonus 
    stage, just "break the targets" "board the platforms" or "race to the 
    finish."  It says nothing for the hand, I double-checked.  Is there a 
    mysterious new stage waiting to be discovered? (Something with transfer pack 
    to another game?  Like PKMN Stadium, Mario Golf, Perfect Dark {this one will 
    be in the future- it says so to earn cheats}, there may be some special 
    feature with a link up.  If anyone finds something like this, let me know!)
         Ordinarily, if you crack Jigglypuff's shield, Jiggly will fly into the 
    sky and turn into a star.  However, you can change this.  One way is to be in 
    the Bonus 2 practice and break it.  You will fly up, and be dazed as you fall 
    down.  The other way is in the "old" mushroom kingdom stage, under the 
    blocks.  I think it also works in bonus 3.  Jigglypuff is the only one who 
    can be dazed midair. (While falling…and in bonus practice 2 it can be a long 
    way down, depending where you start.)
         Do you take pleasure taunting an opponent after killing him?  If you 
    play as Luigi, use his taunt to kick someone for an amazing 1 % DAMAGE! Whee, 
    how great.  Really.  This is Luigi's biggest asset (Ok, fine, not really…).
         Finally, revenge!  You can take out Chansey or Charmander (I don't know 
    about Venusaur) with power hits when they come out of the door.  Works best 
    on Charmander if you just came off the cloud.  I don't think it's possible to 
    hurt Porygon or Electrode.  You can't touch Electrode, and Porygon just seems 
    impervious to everything.  Venusaur can be hurt but I've never taken him out.
    (Addition by azdbackfan) – "the hammer with any character is just as 
    effective).  If you stand on the paltform just above where the door is, you 
    can use Kirby's Rock Slide to annihilate Chansey and Charmander.  Although 
    other characters' attacks do work, most, even smash attacks, will take more 
    than one hit.  The only danger with this is accidentally Rock Sliding an 
    Electrode or, even worse, a Porygon...for even the Rock Slide cannot prevent 
    damage from this."  He also pointed out that Venusaur is invincible, at least 
    to one use of Kirby's rock.
         There is only one fair 2-on-1 match that I know of, without using 
    handicaps.  Have both members of the team of two be Luigi (the loser) and the 
    other player as DK.  DK can win if he throws one, then the other, and keeps 
    at it, since Luigi has a real hard time getting away.  DK can also use his 
    Forward and A while midair to knock them down the cliff.  The Luigis have a 
    chance only if they double team DK.  This match uses no items in Kriby's 
    arena to make it fair.  It is preferable to play stock team, not time team.
         Yes, one of the best moves from Pokemon is here, but it's used by Kirby.  
    Use his down and B rock move on a slope and it will slide down- use on the 
    platforms (NOT TOP ONE) above Yoshi's storybook and see how effective it is.  
    Egg bomb, by Yoshi, is better but much more obvious.  Moves used by Pokemon 
    themselves are even more obvious.
    ACIDIC COMPOUND (CaCO5 + 2HCl … wait, that's a weak acid… - screw chemistry) 
         Kirby can rock through the acid and die in Samus' stage.
    LOOP – DE – LOOP
         Kirby and Pikachu can jump so well they can go around under Yoshi's and 
    Kirby's main platforms.  These two and Ness can also go under peach's castle.
         As Yoshi, stomp on top of a Meowth Pokemon that has come from an 
    opponent's pokeball.  If timed correctly, You will be sitting on top of the 
    coins, taking no damage until Meowth disappears.  I only did this once.
         If you feel like a little fun, use Fire flowers against a wall to get 
    someone's percent to 999.  You can also use Fox's reflector to knock red 
    shells around and cause high damage.  For an EXTREME power hit, have him 
    reflect 4 red shells at once (in training mode so you have them all in the 
    exact same place) at an opponent.  All I can say is this: Ouch.  That is, 
    especially if they are all given two reflects to charge them up first.
         Using Jigglypuff or Kirby, press left and right on the control stick 
    back and forth really quickly to make your character appear to be dancing.  
    This is an odd form of taunting that looks hilarious, doesn't get rid of your 
    power (Kirby) and doesn't leave you open if someone decides to attack your 
    back.  A less funny but still insulting version can be performed by any other 
    character.  With Kirby, it's funny to do this with someone in your mouth.
    TELEPORT x 3?
         I have heard rumors that Pikachu's teleport move can be redirected 
    twice, for an end result of a 3x teleport.  I have heard this from reliable 
    sources, but have not seen it myself.  If I get more info, I'll add it. 
    FUNNY RED-SHELL TRICK IN TRAINING ~ Submitted by Perfect Light
         "You are Link and your opponent is Pikachu. The stage is Hyrule Castle. 
    Kill Pikachu. He will reapear on the top platform. Push him over and lay red 
    shells until you can't lay anymore (this will be 4 shells). Jump off and 
    stand under and to the left of the platform. Double-jump and then use your 
    up-b move. You should slash the shells. Link will freeze, and Pikachu will be 
    surrounded by white light. Then, ou will hear Pika-pikaaaa! as the little 
    pokemon sails off the screen. Before he dies, check his damage. It's around 
    465%! Massive!"
         By sending in your own fun things to do.
         I had to add this section.  Though some of the information in here may 
    seem basic, these tactics may seem cheap to a few, but they are great at 
    helping you survive in a few situations.
         Use the down C button to choose Samus in a battle.  Go to DK's Arena 
    (against human opposition).  If you do not charge the shot up to maximum, you 
    can jump and drop bombs all over the place, and be practically impossible to 
    see (if you bounce from platform to platform).  This can also work in sector 
    Z but that big Z often gets in the way and makes you visible.  This trick is 
    generally better used on a small TV with slightly lower contrast. :)
         A hammer is not a star.  It can be stopped.  As Kirby, use the rock to 
    stop it.  As Link, Down and A while midair works fine about half the time.  
    Any upwards attack works from under a hammer man, but the best stop for it is 
    to have Kirby suck the hammer person into his mouth.  He then can hold them a 
    while before spitting them out away.  Or, if someone tries to attack you when 
    you hold hammer-man, spit the hammer holder out at him/her/it!  Also, 
    tzwizard has pointed out that if you time it right, you CAN throw the person 
    with a hammer, and it works best with Ness, Link, Samus, and Yoshi.
         If you fight M. Mario with a character with a fast throw (e.g. NOT 
    Yoshi, Samus, or Link) then if you get it right you can throw him (even on 
    hard difficulties) back and forth to rack up damage.  This doesn't always 
    work, but it can really pay off if it does.
         The hand can rejuvenate Ness with its bullets when Ness uses his PSI 
    Shield/Magnet.  If you still can't beat him with Ness, then you got problems.
         The Puff Punch is more than just a weapon; it's a survival tactic.  Use 
    it after a jump to add some major distance.  This is the only way to beat 
    Jigglypuff's bonus 2 practice, and it can save you many jumps when getting 
    back on.  If someone guarding the edge then hits you off, you can then still 
    have the jumps to make it back.
         Pikachu can use his teleport twice.  After hitting up and B, aim what 
    direction you want the first teleport to be.  After you start moving in that 
    direction (the teleport starts) change the control stick's direction to go 
    again the same distance.  I heard rumors of someone doing a triple teleport, 
    but am yet to see that happen.  Yes, I think this is the simplest thing there 
         To get the most distance out of Samus' jumps, use your double jump 
    early.  When you reach the top of that jump, drop a bomb.  Continue to fall 
    toward the platform, dropping bombs as you go.  Doing this will increase the 
    distance you go.  Use the screw attack to get back up, and you can survive 
    nearly any attack that sends you flying horizontally but not all the way off 
    the side.  This isn't too useful when you aren't hit high and far.  Low and 
    far, even Samus is dead.
         The Mario Brothers also can increase the distance and decrease the 
    height of their jumps.  Before or after using the double jump, Use a tornado 
    attack and hold the direction toward the cliff.  This can get you that extra 
    little bit of distance you need.  You can get higher if you press B 
    repeatedly while doing the tornado (thanks to Pokeytax on GameFAQs message 
    boards- I forgot to mention the tap B while using the tornado in V1.0)
         When jumping for distance to the platform, go as low as possible before 
    using the double jump.  This gets you as close as possible, gets you farther, 
    and usually (everything has exceptions) makes you harder to edge guard.
         If ever, rarely block against anyone other than Link or another Samus, 
    unless you are far and blocking a projectile.  Blocking in close makes you an 
    easy target for a throw, because Samus has an insanely slow roll and takes a 
    while to release the shield (at least it seems that way).  Link and Samus 
    have throws that are slow, but Yoshi can use his Eat 'Em move to turn Samus 
    into an egg for easy beating.
         Many characters can use their down and B moves to slow their descent and 
    dodge a juggle.  The Mario Bros. Tornadoes can slow their fall a little bit.  
    Samus' bombs do the same.  Ness's PK Shield slows his fall.  Yoshi's stomp 
    can slow it, if he's right above the opponent and just out of upward smash 
    attack range, which works unless the opponent jumps and juggles.  Kirby's 
    rock doesn't slow him down much, but does stop juggles.  Fox's reflector 
    slows him down.  When it hits him, Pikachu's thunder slows him.  DK's down 
    and B does not work in midair.  Link's bombs do not slow him, and neither 
    does Falcon Kick (does aid in juggle dodging).  Do not try this with 
    Jigglypuff, though, because you are guaranteeing that you get your butt 
         To speed up, tap down twice.  And to run, tap the direction twice… 
    simple.  Oh, and to turn around while running, press the opposite direction 
    on the control stick. :P
    Z-CANCEL! ~ From Pokeytax
         If you come down from a downward midair attack and hit Z, you can cancel 
    the time it takes for you to get up from that attack (best example: Link's 
    sword won't get embedded after his down and A midair attack).  This works 
    with the down and A while midair of Luigi, Mario, DK, Link, Kirby, and Fox.  
    I don't think it matters much with the others, but try it anyway.  This can 
    be VERY useful in starting combos.
    "TRAPDOOR" ~ From Earthshaker
         Don't know how I forgot about putting this in.  If you are about to get 
    nailed from above, tap down to go through many platforms.  You cannot go 
    through the main stage platform, though.  Things you can fall through are the 
    top platform in peach's castle, all but the bottom platform in Congo jungle, 
    the three middle platforms in Hyrule Castle, All 3 stationary high platforms 
    in Planet Zebes, all but the main platform in Yoshi Storybook and Kirby 
    dreamland, the arwings in Sector Z, the moving platforms on the left of 
    Saffron City, and the two see-saw platforms in Mushroom Kingdom. 
    LIGHT HIT BEHIND ~ Submitted by tzwizard
         Captain Falcon and others can use their light up and A hits to hit 
    opponents that are behind them.  This can be very useful for surviving more 
    than one attacker or guarding an item.  Also, most downward smash attacks hit 
    opponents behind you as well.
    ESCAPE A FINAL CUTTER ~ Submitted by tzwizard
         As long as you're not on the edge of a cliff, you can dodge 2 of the 4 
    hits of the final cutter if you get caught in it.  If you hit Z right as you 
    hit the ground from it, you can avoid the blow where you hit the ground and 
    the shot part of it.  You then can quickly punish kirby for using the cutter 
    on you.
    HANGIN' ON THE EDGE ~ Submitted by tzwizard
          "when hanging on, there's 4 things you can do. press a or b to get up 
    and do an attack. press up on the stick to just get back up. press z to get 
    up and roll. very useful to get behind an edge-guarder. press back to let go 
    of the ledge. mix up how you get back up on the ledge. when the opponent's 
    expecting you to press a, press up and then throw them. there's many tactics 
    you can use here." ~ I can't believe I forgot to put this in the FAQ earlier!  
    Also, when climbing back up at over 100% damage, you do a different attack, 
    roll, or climb, which may surprise a foe who isn't ready for it.
    SHIELD -> REFLECTOR ~ Submitted by tzwizard
         If you aim your shield away from the direction a projectile is coming, 
    you can sometimes bounce the projectile off in a different direction instead 
    of having your shield absorb the blow.  This makes the shield last longer, 
    especially if you reflect a bob-omb!  You can sometimes use this (more 
    accidental than purposeful) to reflect things into other people, including 
    the arwing blasts from the ships in sector Z!
         This is the only chance I have against Dave.  Of course, it works the 
    LEAST well against Pikachu, but if you hit Z when you land from an attack 
    that would normally land you on your back or face, you instantly get up, and 
    be invincible while you get up.  Pressing Z and left or right will make you 
    roll as you land and get up on your feet.  This just-hit-Z tactic will save 
    you amazing amounts of health and lives if used often.  Practically the only 
    move that this doesn't stop is Pikachu's cursed smash attack.  That lasts so 
    long that it still can hit you.  If you can master this technique, you can 
    last a whole lot longer.
         By adding your own general or character specific survival tactics
         I have been drawn to include some other information about SSB.  However, 
    it did not fit into any other section of the guide, and certainly has almost 
    nothing to do with cheap moves.  This stuff in itself would not qualify for a 
    FAQ itself, so I am posting it here.  Thus said, I hope you enjoy this 
         I decided to use a chart for this.  This is my general opinion of what 
    characters have an advantage or disadvantage against each other in a human 
    battle.  Advantages go from left to right, x meaning an advantage and o 
    meaning a disadvantage.  A space means a general tie or incomplete, and the \ 
    shows where it is a mirror match.  These are simply my opinions and are NOT 
    complete.  Across is the characters with the advantages against others.  Down 
    is the first letter of the character they are good/bad/neutral against.  
    Anyone who would like to help this, would you please explain why certain 
    advantages are held by the characters you send in as advantageous against 
    others.  Oh, and by the way, YES this chart will be a mirror image of itself 
    down the diagonal line… but x's and o's switch.
    Character  | L | M | D | L | S | F | N | Y | K | F | P | J |
    Luigi      | \ |   | o |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
    Mario      |   | \ | o | x |   |   |   | x |   |   |   |   |
    DK         | x | x | \ |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
    Link       |   | o |   | \ |   |   |   | x |   |   |   |   |
    Samus      |   |   |   |   | \ |   |   | x |   |   |   |   |
    Falcon     |   |   |   |   |   | \ |   |   |   |   |   |   |
    Ness       |   |   |   |   |   |   | \ |   |   | o |   |   |
    Yoshi      |   | o |   | o | o |   |   | \ |   |   |   |   |
    Kirby      |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | \ |   |   |   |
    Fox        |   |   |   |   |   |   | x |   |   | \ | o | x |
    Pikachu    |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | x | \ |   |
    Jigglypuff |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | o |   | \ |
         Some people want to know what makes Mario different from Luigi.  
    Compiled here is a complete list of the differences that I found.  I will 
    admit that I am pro-Mario in the Mario-Luigi debate, but I tried to do this 
    by simply looking at the facts, not my opinions on the matter.
         Taunt- the best two in the game. One can hurt a stupid opponent, and the 
    other just looks cool. 
         Up and B- Luigi's biggest asset. Unfortunately, good players are WAY too 
    smart to fall for it. However, they rarely see Mario's coming, because it's 
    weaker. That fact makes Mario's almost as good as Luigi's. 
         Down and B- tornadoes have one big difference- Mario's can combo. No 
    contest there. They also can both use it as an extra jump if they pound on 
    the B button during it- but try it more than once and you just go down. 
         B- fireball- bouncing fireball of death or slow, weak, green thing that 
    well... is the second worst projectile in the game (if you include the stars 
    Yoshi kicks up during the stomp) 
         Running attack- sliding 12% or pathetic fists of fury, which do on 
    average 4% damage. Guess my preference. 
         Jumping- Luigi jumps a tiny bit higher than mario- but not significantly 
         Colors- I have to admit, Luigi's classic wardrobe is better than Mario's 
    (I like green) 
         Height- Luigi's taller. Things that would go over mario's head can hit 
         Run- it may not be really significant, but the fact that Luigi slides 
    forwards when you stop running with him just annoys the heck out of me. 
         Thus, Mario is my preferred plumber. I used to say stuff like luigi is 
    terrible, and the like, but I don't. I beat the game stock 3 very hard no 
    continues with him just like with every other character. I've played him 
    enough to be extremely good with all his moves, including being able to nail 
    the flaming punch midair well over 75% of the time. I simply prefer Mario to 
    his brother because Luigi's run, fireball, and tornado are terrible, as well 
    as his comboing abilities. Since those are my main things I use as Mario, 
    Mario naturally comes as my preference. If there's anything else that's 
    different between them that I didn't mention, please tell me. 
         My friend plays as pikachu so well that I, possibly one of the best at 
    the game (I can pull a combo out of almost anything) have lost almost every 
    game against him.
    Let's see what I can say that I've noticed about his amazing strategy...
    Moves used most frequently: 
    Forwards and A midair drill- (*&)%#)(*@%&)(#@*&%
    Smash attack- amazing for edge guarding
    Midair up and A- great for midair off the cliff edge-guarding
    Throw- block and there is a 95% chance you will be thrown, no matter HOW good 
    your roll is
    Teleport- can use this impossibly well.
    Moves used less frequently:
    Thunder- only finishing off someone who is very high, from an upwards smash 
    attack or a tornado (in Hyrule)
    Backwards and A midair- other midair way to keep me off
    Upwards smash attack- set up for the thunder
    B move- thunder bouncing thing is used in his most cruel combo- mentioned 
    Really rare:
    A,A,A- only when backing someone against a wall
    Light upwards attack- only to increase length of combos
    Running attack- I never see it coming it's so rare
    Down and A midair- prefers forward and A
    A midair- "karate pik" is rare now
    Pretty much never:
    Downward smash attack- he prefers kirby's
    Light downwards attack- never seen it
    Light forwards and A- never seen it
    Also, he makes all sorts of different combos that are pretty much inescapable 
    and involve any part of any stage he can find.  His most cruel combo starter 
    is one of the new ones mentioned in pikachu's section.  Hopefully, I will be 
    able to create "ultimate" strategies for every character in the game, but 
    don't hold you breath! :)
         This is the newest and smallest (aside from the intro, legal info, 
    contents and (I'm not sure) credits.  Anything that is useful in a fight is 
    SSB can be submitted for this section.
    12) CREDITS
      Me (X1372)! (I wrote it, didn't I?)  Any comments, ideas, etc. can be sent 
    to x1372@juno.com and I'll look at them.  I don't mind receiving e-mail, in 
    fact I don't get enough comments on the FAQ.
      PentaroX (ex@pentaro.net) – Fox Spike and Fox keeping Yoshi off are great, 
    and if you want to see a good character FAQ, look at his FOX on GameFAQs.com. 
    I hope he writes another one; he's good at it.
      CjayC for posting this.  Also to all other people who host my FAQ.
      Dave (last name and e-mail address not disclosed at this time) - the 
    ultimate Pikachu and only person who can beat me (just about anything from 
    the Pikachu section is derived from his actions in the game).
      "Sunflash" (message board name at GameFAQs) or LjSunflash@aol.com - gave me 
    some combos for Ness and Kirby, as well as a trick for Fox.
      Eah53 (eah53@hotmail.com) – gave me a ness combo and reminded me of a Ness 
      Pokeytax (max@pacifer.com) – many good ideas and combos, especially the Z-
    cancel or cancel trick.  Really helped V1.2 with item tricks.  Actually, his 
    contributions were the ONLY part added in version 1.2!  He also came up with 
    some more REALLY sweet combos!  He came up with several 70% + combos!
      Rendar5 (Rendar5@hotmail.com) – gave me many great Jigglypuff ideas, really 
    fleshed out my Jigglypuff section (now if I got some people to do similar 
    things with all the other characters…).
      Earthshaker (earthq3846@aol.com) – Most of the stage cheapness section, as 
    well as some good combos and the reminder of the "trapdoor" idea.  He wrote a 
    good FAQ for Falcon and Yoshi on GameFAQs, but might want to look over the 
    Falcon one (a few moves still linger from the Yoshi FAQ that was copied and 
      Greg R. (mega5010@yahoo.com) – Gave me a surprisingly good Kirby combo.
      "Articuno64" on GameFAQs message boards (might be same as FAQ writer, but 
    I'm not 100% sure) – Really sweet DK trick.
      "Efrain Reyes" on GameFAQs message boards (efrainreyes@yahoo.com) – a nice 
    note on Kirby and some good but hard to pull off combos.
      "Raocow" on GameFAQs message boards (no known e-mail address) – a little 
    help towards stage cheapness.
      Quixim (Quixim@hotmail.com) – a nice Samus combo.
      Azdbackfan (azdbackfan@excite.com) – a good pikachu combo and some 
    information on beating the pokemon in Saffron city.
      geethree@hotmail.com – a cute one-time kirby trick.
      baconslicer@yahoo.com – info on Link's bombs and a one-time jigglypuff 
      Spacemanspiff3@hotmail.com – a nice Samus combo.
      "Pokimon86" on the GameFAQs message boards – a nice idea in Hyrule castle, 
    and a good combo
      "Smaug" on the GameFAQs message boards – several nice stage ideas
      LikeWhoa (wrzesien@lynxus.com) – some good stage tricks
      Mega (mega5010@yahoo.com) – a few good stage tricks
      Cyper (cyper32@hotmail.com) – a really nice stage trick
      "MisterHand" on the GameFAQs message boards – nice stage trick
      Wicked Souls (I don't know his e-mail address) – info on bat survival
      "Atremis251" on the GameFAQs message boards – a neat Ness trick
      Ness Master (Ness_Master99@hotmail.com) – indirectly gave me a good stage 
      Loch Carter a.k.a. Perfect Light (Radar7787@aol.com) – Something for the 
    fun stuff section
      tzwizard (tzwizard_99@yahoo.com) – a lot of help in a lot of different 
    categories.  Simply too many things to count.
      Flamer (dillingh@hetrnet.nl) – a good samus combo
      KrakenCrusader@aol.com – Info on Ness's bat reflector increasing damage
      DarkBalloonZ@aol.com – A great fan combo
      belgarion_the_chosen@yahoo.com – a nice Link trick
      -Anyone else who e-mails me about this game or whoever gives me tips, you 
    will be specially recognized! -
      Nintendo and HAL, for making the only good fighting game (IMO), and the 
    only one with strategy the biggest part!  Sorry, but I don't have the 
    patience to go through the credits and put all the names here!  Even I am not 
    *That* obsessed.  Actually, I'm just too lazy.  Oh well.
      All the good characters in Smash Bros.  Of course, I mean everyone BUT 
    Luigi.  Well, him too, but only for the bonus practices and as a beating toy.  
    On second though, he's not too bad, but I just don't like his style, so he's 
    included in the thanks as well.
         Remember Peppy's saying if you think you're down:  "Never give up!  
    Trust your instincts!"
    Thank you for reading this from:
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