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Jigglypuff by Yumblie

Version: 4.0 | Updated: 11/21/01

Super Smash Brothers Jigglypuff FAQ
Written and Copyrighted by Yumblie (Yumblie@aol.com)
Character FAQ Version 4.0, 11/21/00 7:25 pm PST

----------UPDATE INFO----------

11/21/01- Wow, erm, it's been a while.  Decided to update it since apparently 
people are still reading it.  Updated some strategies, and editted that bit 
about Smash Bros 2.

6/1/00- Gah!  Has it really been this long?  I added some misc info about Luigi, 
Metal Mario, and the scores.

12/15/99- Added the vs mode info.

11/29/99- Went online! Updated everything. Collapsed into coma.



I. Introduction/Story behind this FAQ
II. Introduction to Smash Bros.
III. Introduction to Jigglypuff
IV. Jigglypuff's Moves
V. Quick Stage Overview
VI. Item Overview
VII. Tips
VIII. 1P Game
IX: Vs Mode
X: Misc.
XI: Legal stuff


Greetings!  For those of you who don't know me, I am Yumblie.  Hi.  I was bored 
one day so I decided to write a FAQ. I thought of my one of my favorite games, 
which happens to be Smash Bros.  Yes this FAQ was spawned from complete boredom, 
and if you're actually reading this part of the FAQ, you know what it's like to 
be extremely bored.  This is my first FAQ, and I don't know if I'm going to 
write any more or not.

----------THE GAME----------

For those of you who have been living in a cave for the past few months, Super 
Smash Brothers is a recent game that Nintendo released in April.  It's like the 
other few games that were released recently, Nintendo took a genre, put Mario 
and his friends in it, and it's a game.  But, they also put that special 
Nintendo touch on it so it's far above the rest.  Normally, I don't like 
fighting games.  I think they're boring and stupid, personally.  But I don't 
believe Smash Bros. to be a true fighting game.  It strays way of the genre in 
many ways, so die hard fighter fans may want to bypass this one.  The thing that 
makes this "fighting game" more fun than the others is that there's actual 
strategy involved besides slap your opponent silly.  Yes, you do have to try 
your best to bash and smash up your opponent, but essentially your characters is 
invincible to attacks.  Everyone has a % meter and it starts at 0.  As the 
character takes damage, the % goes up.   The whole goal of each match is to 
knock your opponent off the playing field.  It seems easy, but when everyone 
gets a double jump plus a 3rd come back move, it's harder than it looks.  As the 
% gets higher, the farther your opponent will fly when hit.  Sooner or later, 
he'll get hit so far that he can't get back, and that's how you win.  It's such 
a creative innovation on Nintendo's part that instead of just unleashing combos, 
you have to strategize on which moves will keep your opponent off the ring.  And 
not only that, but it's one of the only "fighting games" to have a 4 player 
multi-player mode.  So you can have 4 friends duke it out at the same time, or 
go head to head against 4 CPU players.  Or, you can set all 4 to CPU and just 
sit back and watch a battle.  It's games like this that Nintendo's famous for, 
and I hope to see more in the future (specifically in Smash Bros. 2).

----------INTRO TO JIGGLYPUFF----------

Most of you probably know about the latest craze called "Pokemon".  If you 
haven't, you need to get out more.  Pokemon started as a huge thing in Japan and 
now it's spread over here.  Basically it's a game (and now TV show, movie, card 
game...etc) where there are over 150 little monsters things that you catch, 
train, and battle with.  Jigglypuff just happens to be one of them.  I'm no 
Pokefreak, but I know what the whole Pokemon thing is.  This FAQ isn't about 
Jigglypuff the Pokemon, it's about Jigglypuff the Smash Brothers character.  To 
get Jigglypuff in the game, just beat it.  On any level, and stock, just beat 
it.  Simple!

As a Smash Brothers character, most people try Jigglypuff, and see that she's 
the most useless character that there ever could be in a fighting game.  Yeah, 
Jigglypuff could've easily been replaced, but she isn't as bad as one would 
think.  She has many disadvantages, but if you know how to use her, you have 
many gloat-worthy victories and your opponents will be ashamed to have been 
beaten by Jigglypuff.

I must warn you that Jigglypuff is very hard to get used to and will take lots 
of patience.  Do not attempt to master Jigglypuff unless you have at least 
gotten all the secret characters.  You need to know how to dodge, use strategy, 
when and when not to use your shield, and how to use items effectively.  
Jigglypuff is fast, so she's effective in using a hit and run tactic, since she 
also has good recovery time on her moves.  Use her smash attacks often, since 
those are probably her most powerful attacks.  And Jigglypuff is a character 
that you must go offensive on.  She has horrible defense since most attacks can 
send her flying at low %.

----------JIGGLY MOVES----------

Even the expert Jigglypuff user has to admit that she doesn't carry a powerful 
arsenal of moves.  But the strategy lies in the simplicity.  Most of the time 
you'll just be using her regular attacks, her special moves should only be used 
when needed.  Here are her moves:

A - Punch - 3%
A, A, A - Punch combo thingy - 7%
Forward, A - Kick - 8%
Up, A - Whack - 10%
Down, A - Low kick - 10%
Forward + A - Smash Attack - 15%
Up + A - Head butt - 18%
Down + A - Split Kick - 18%
A in the air - Air Kick - 13%
Forward, A in the air- 18%
Down, A in the air - Spiral Kick - 30%
Back, A in the air - Back kick - 13%
Dash + A - Dash Attack - 13%
B - Super Punch - 13%
Up + B - Song - Puts characters to sleep
Down + B - Sleep Attack - 20%
R - Throw upwards - 14%
R, back - Reverse Slam 18%
L- "Jigglypuff!" little dance - No damage, but really fun to taunt people when 
you send them flying.

Right off the bat you'll notice that pretty much all of Jigglypuff's moves are 
much weaker then everyone else's.  So you must rely on heavy combos and juggling 
(where you repeatedly hit your opponent so he doesn't touch the ground).  Here 
are some general moves that you should also know:

Z/R (tapped) + any direction: Dodge.  This is a must know-how with Jigglypuff, 
since the only way you can win is to not die first, and you can't let 
Jigglypuff's damage meter get too high, since she's extremely light.

C buttons: Just making sure that you know how to jump.  You can also do up on 
the control stick, but the C buttons have more precision.  Whatever works for 

Stick forward (tapped): Hit the control stick twice to run.  This is very 
effective with Jigglypuff, since there will be times when you need to get away.  
Although she looks funny when she runs, use it often to do speedy attacks.

Z: Shield.  Use the shield often, but not too often.  It may protect you from 
attacks, but it doesn't protect you from throws.  Also, if it takes too much 
damage, it'll break and you'll be temporarily stunned.  I think Jigglypuff has 
the biggest shield, but it might look that way since she's so small.

A recovery: When hanging on a ledge, a number of buttons will let you climb back 
up.  However, pressing A to get up will actually turn your recovery into an 
attack.  This is good for people guarding the edge waiting for you to get back 
up.  This also works when you're lying on the ground after being attacked.

Z recovery: The main thing with Jigglypuff is to never let your guard down, and 
while Jigglypuff's moves don't have much lag, you'll have to be as quick as you 
can.  When landing on the ground after being knocked, you usually lie on the 
ground and roll up.  If you press Z right as you land, you'll pop right back up, 
instead of lying on the ground being volnurable.

----------STAGE OVERVIEW----------


General: Home to the pair of plumbers Mario and Luigi, this level has quite a 
unique design.  This level is all around for each player, with two different 
levels that are somewhat long.  The platforms that move back and forth at the 
bottom can be annoying if your character can't jump far horizontally.  The blue 
platforms on the edges can be a blessing if they save you, but irritating if 
they save your opponent.  Lastly, the bumper moves across the top of the level, 
so watch out when doing air attacks.

Jigglypuff: This isn't too good a stage for Jigglypuff, since a lot of her moves 
involve air attacks.  Any character that relies on air attacks isn't good here 
since the bumper will constantly be in your way.  Probably Jigglypuff's only 
advantage is that she can fly far, so the moving bridge shouldn't be too much of 
a problem, and the blue platforms will prevent her from flying too far to the 
side.  A good strategy is to jump up on someone from below and do a spiral kick 
on them.  Then while they're stunned, knock them away with a smash move.  Her 
head butt (up+B) is a good finisher, but watch out for the bumper.


General: This is a platform high up in the Kongo Jungle, home of Donkey Kong.  
This level consists of a central platform, two smaller ones on the side above 
the main one, and two moving platforms in the middle.  It's a very small level, 
and there isn't a lot of room in the air, so heavy weight characters will have 
an advantage here with the more agile characters not having very much room to 
run around in.  The barrel at the bottom of the stage can save you if you're 
lucky, but don't rely on it.

Jigglypuff: Small stages leave Jiggly at a disadvantage, and this stage is the 
king of small stages.  The only good part is the platforms, which will be good 
for juggling combos.  She won't be needing the barrel probably since she can fly 
far.  Since this stage is small, try throwing across (backwards throw) instead 
of throwing up (throwing the OPPONENT up).


General: This level takes place in atop Hyrule castle, Link's stage. It's nice 
and wide and provides lots of room to perform attacks.  There's also a tornado 
that randomly appears that you can knock people into.  This is a good stage for 
people not good at getting back since the stage is pretty big.  One thing that 
makes this level different from some of the others is that is isn't a floating 
platform, so you can't jump back from under it.

Jigglypuff: With this stage, try to stay towards the edge unless you have more 
than one opponent.  Since Jigglypuff's moves aren't that strong, knocking them 
from the middle won't be effective.  Of course, you should toy around with them 
and get their percent high.  But if you're against a lot of opponents, stay away 
from the sides, since they can combo you and easily knock you away.  Try to stay 
away from the little tower on the right of the stage, it doesn't give much 
maneuvering room.  But this little corner can also serve some use, as it can be 
good to "play tennis" as I call it, where you keep knocking your opponent 
against the corner and rack up damage.  Overall, this is one of the best stages 
for Jigglypuff.


General: This level is Samus's and Captain Falcon's.  This is a unique level in 
that you can't fall down below.  Instead, there's a pool of acid that 
occasionally rises up and down.  Use this to your advantage, and try to get your 
opponents into the acid.  If their at 100% or more, then the acid will almost 
definitely kill them.  Never try to stay in one place too long, and watch for 
the acid to rise.  Try to stay at higher ground mostly, and always be on alert.  
No characters have any real advantage here, except for the heavier characters 
who can withstand the acid at higher percents.

Jigglypuff: This is a tough stage for her because she's incredibly light so her 
percent doesn't need to be that high for her to be tossed clear by the acid.  
Use arial attacks here often, and try not to do the sleep move unless you're up 
high, since you'll be frozen for a minute and the acid could come up.  A good 
strategy is to knock them far to the left early on, that way they'll keep 
falling down into the acid and won't be able to get back, unless they have a 
good comeback move.  This'll make their % nice and high to finish them off with 
a smash move once they finally do get back.


General: This is the home to many yoshis.  This level, like DK Jungle, is 
relatively small so there won't be much maneuvering room for attacks.  The 
difference though, is that there are small clouds far from the platform that can 
be used as life savers (they're only there in multiplayer), but if you stay on 
them for more then 5 seconds, they disappear (they come back again after a 
minute or so).

Jigglypuff: This isn't a great stage for Jigglypuff because of the way it's set 
up.  There isn't a lot of room in the air, the platforms take up a lot of room.  
Try to stay at the bottom of the level so you have more room for good smash 
attacks.  Jigglypuff doesn't have much of an advantage here since the clouds 
will usually save people who can't easily get back.


General: This is the home of Kirby, in the far away star of Dream land.  This 
level is a simple stage, and is good for pretty much anyone.  But don't let your 
guard down, because the tree will periodically blow air and will cause the wind 
to blow, and if you're standing by the edge you can get blown right off.

Jigglypuff: This is an okay stage for Jigglypuff.  There are platforms but 
there is also a lot of flying room for air attacks.  Just be careful when doing 
the sleep move, if the wind starts blowing you could get blown right off.  This 
is also a good stage for attacking from below.  This also provides a lot of room 
in the air off the platform, so she can fly out and prevent people from coming 
back and then fly back to safety.


General: This battle field is aboard Fox's mother ship, the Great Fox.  This is 
the longest stage in the game, which could be a good thing or a bad thing.  Like 
Hyrule castle, big heavy characters can retreat to the other side and build up 
their power moves while the small light characters can dart around and hit 
everyone.  Also, Arwings will periodically swing by and start firing at random, 
so hope that you're not caught in the line of fire.

Jigglypuff: This level may leave Jigglypuff at a disadvantage.  Her attacks 
aren't enough to send someone flying off the level unless they're at really high 
%.  Stay towards the edge unless you have a high damage level.  If you do, try 
to stay out of the way and build up your opponent's damage level until they're 
high enough to knock them away.  Items come in handy here.  The best technique 
here is to either knock them sky high, or stay in the little corner on the right 
of the stage.  That way, unless your damage is really high, the Arwing blasts 
won't kill you instantly, and you can guard the edge there easily.  However, the 
length can also help Jigglypuff. Unless she's towards the edge of the stage, 
it'll take more % then usual to knock her off the side.


General: This level takes place atop sky scrapers in Saffron city, which is home 
to Pikachu and Jigglypuff.  This is a unique level in that there isn't one 
central platform, there are in fact many which fights can take place.  Also, 
there is a little door that random Pokemon sometimes spurt out of and cause 
damage to everyone.  Some of the various Pokemon that come are out Charmander 
(blows fire), Chansey (pops out eggs), Porygon (thrusts his head out), Venusaur 
(solar beams), and Electrode (explodes).  Also, if you happen to be overlapping 
Chansey as she pops out, you can recover some health.

Jigglypuff: This is well off stage for Jigglypuff; since there's tons of room in 
the air for attacks.  One thing you don't want to do is fall between two skinny 
buildings, since Jigglypuff doesn't have a move that gets her high.  And if the 
Pokemon door is open (there will be light coming out of it) stay away as long as 
possible, because one is about to come out.  Edge guarding is usually successful 
here, but only on the right side of the level.


General: This stage is a unique stage in many ways.  First, it's a secret stage 
(to unlock it, beat the game with the 8 initial characters on normal with 3 
lives in your stock, you can continue, and play VS on each of the other stages 
at least once), and second, the only way to fall down is in the middle.  There 
are two of those see saw platforms (like in those old Mario games), and if your 
character is too slow you'll find yourself not being able to get up off one of 
them.  Also, the POWs are there to add some spice, if someone hits one, 
whoever's on the ground takes damage.  And, there are warp pipes (which pirhana 
plants come out of) which you can use to warp across the level.  This level 
looks like it same out of SMB 1, with lots of NES graphics and background stuff, 
and the music sounds like it too.

Jigglypuff: Jigglypuff is ok for this stage.  There's average room on the ground 
an in the air, but flying far won't be any advantage since you can't fall off 
the side.  And if you fall down in the middle, Jigglypuff might not be able to 
get back up.  If you're stuck in a jam, use the warp pipes to go to the other 
side of the level.  And never stay on the ground too long, otherwise someone 
could hit a POW box, and those will do heavy damage to Jigglypuff if she's on 
the ground.  But you won't have to worry about that, since Jiggly can stay in 
the air for a while.

----------ITEM OVERVIEW----------

This is just a quick over view of the items that randomly appear in the rounds.  
This is another thing that's innovative about Smash Bros, it's one of the few 
fighting games that actually use items (they brought items to racing, now to 
fighting).  They randomly appear in one of the following ways:

Naked: Ok, maybe that's not the best term, but a lot of times items just appear 
as they are, where you can just go pick them up.

Barrel: Sometimes, they'll appear in barrels. Go up to one and push A to pick it 
up.  Only DK can walk around with them, so you're usually just sitting there 
with them.  Push A again to throw it.  It will stop rolling when it hits 
something or someone, in which case it'll do damage.  To do a smash throw (with 
any item) push forward and A at the same time.  This will make the throw farther, 
and sometimes to more damage.  In a tight match, especially with 
someone like Jigglypuff, the best thing to do is attack the barrel until it 
breaks, since picking up the barrel leaves you exposed to attacks.  Same with 
boxes.  If possible, let the other person open the barrels, because they could 
sometimes be bombs.

Box: When items are in a box or barrel, expect more than one item to come out.  
Usually boxes hold more than barrels.  With the box just pick it up and throw it 
with A.  And, if you throw it and it hits someone, then they'll take damage.

Capsule: Sometimes little pink and white capsules will appear, and they have 
just one item in them.  Like always, pick them up and throw them.  Because of 
their small size, these you can carry around and throw at people.  The most 
effective way to open them is to crack them on your opponent's head.

Eggs: Like capsules, these can be easily tossed around.  They can fall from the 
sky or be given to you by Chansey.  But never toss these at the ground right 
below or at close range, because sometimes they can be bombs.  Same with the 

Once the item is out of its container, push A to pick it up, and A to use it.  
Press R to drop it, and press R up, down or forward to throw (some items can 
only be thrown, so R or A will work).  This is a good tactic against someone 
coming back, but you'll have to work on your aim.  Use this tactic often with 
Jigglypuff, since she has no projectile moves.  Here are the items:


Fan: This is probably the weakest weapon, probably just good for throwing.  It 
is good for playing tennis though, and what I mean is that you can smack them 
against a wall, and when they bounce off smack them again, and so on.  But 
there's a little hidden strategy behind fans.  If someone gets close, do a smash 
hit with a fan.  They'll fly up behind you, so turn around and smash them again.  
Keep doing this, and they'll keep flying back and forth.  This gets their damage 
meter nice and high.  Also, for some reason, fans are really good at breaking 
shields.  When a shield is broken, they are temporarily stunned.  A fan throw is 
also good for a combo start, since when they come in contact with it, they'll 
fly up instead of across.  Use the same strategies as you would with Jiggly's 
vertical throw.

Star Rod: This is a relatively powerful weapon, mostly when thrown.  If you do a 
smash hit with it, you'll shoot a star.  If you're playing a slow character, 
then keep hitting them with smash attacks.  However, this maybe to slow for 
small quick characters, so use it for throwing.  When hit, they'll skid across 
the ground and off the platform, sometimes causing instant KO if their percent 
is high enough.  A great "coming-back" finisher.

Homerun Bat: Probably the most powerful weapon in the game, if you know how to 
use it then you can go on a long winning streak.  Just do a smash move with it 
and your bat will sparkle.  If you make contact, you'll get an instant victory.  
It's slow, but unfocused players may be an easy target to hit out of the park.  
Unfortunately, if you're playing a skilled player, they'll not be easy to hit.  
It's better to hit them with a few charge attacks then throw it at them. 

Beam Sword: This is good because of its length.  It's a long light saber type 
sword, and it's pretty powerful.  It's best with smash hits since it does high 
damage.  It also does heavy damage when thrown.  Since it's so long, the best 
strategy is to smack them with a smash hit when they're coming back.  It'll 
usually finish them off.

Fire Flower: This is by far the cheesiest weapon in the game.  If you just sit 
and hold down A and someone's caught in the flame, they can be stuck in there 
and will take up to 177%.  There really is no way to escape it, just keep trying 
to dodge and jump and move the other direction.  Eventually, the fire flower 
runs out of fire, and at that point you just throw it.  The best strategy to get 
someone caught is to jump at someone with it, then descend to the ground and 
keep them in the flame.  Also, a really cheesy strategy is to knock people off 
then sit by the edge and keep the flame on.  Every time they try to come back, 
they'll be knocked down by the flame, so they're stuck.  There is no real way to 
avoid this, just hope you're lucky and it runs out of power.

Ray gun: This is a powerful weapon, more powerful than Fox's laser.  It shoots 
about 12 or so lasers, then it runs out.  It's a good way to give the character 
a lift to the end, in which you shoot them, they pop up, and as they're falling 
back down, shoot them again.  Keep shooting them until they get farther and 
farther back, and eventually to the end.  It's really hard to do though, and you 
can't really do it unless they've used up their jumps.  With Jigglypuff, since 
she can fly, you can fly up at someone, shoot, and while they're up in the air, 
shoot again, and again, etc.  Once you run out of shots, just chuck it at 

Hammer: Yes, it's the hammer.  It's quite a powerful weapon, and one blow will 
take 30% away and usually 2 or 3 and you're gone.  The only disadvantage is that 
you can't do anything except flail your hammer wildly, including double jump.  
Try to lure someone with the hammer to small platforms and fake them out so they 
accidentally fall off.  Also, moves like Kirby's rock or projectiles can hurt 
the hammer person and sometimes knock it out of their hands.  One trick with the 
hammer is to lure them to the edge and hope they fall off, since they have no 
way of getting back up.  But with Jigglypuff, since she has no projectiles, 
there is a strategy.  Get the hammer person to attack you from above.  Since the 
hammer doesn't flail below them, you can juggle them with the hammer and they 
are helpless.  This is a good strategy but you have to be careful.  In general, 
try not to pick up the hammer if the person is right next to you, because 
there's a split second in which they can still hit you.  So they'll hit you, and 
you'll have the hammer, and you'll fall down helplessly.


Pokeball: This is also a great item in the game, it can really save your life.  
Also, if you get the chance, don't just throw it at the ground, try to peg 
someone with it.  Here are the different Pokemon that could come out:

Beedrill: Calls on a bunch of other beedrills and they swarm the area.  There 
isn't much to do to avoid this, except puff around as high as you can.  Except 
while you're trying to avoid them, your opponent could come and beat you up.  
This is probably the most dangerous Pokemon.

Blastoise: Shoots water blasts, can sometimes shoot himself right off a cliff.  
Pretty easy to avoid, just stay away from it.  If they're positioned facing a 
ledge, then sometimes they can prevent the opponent from coming back up.

Chansey: Drops eggs, which can sometimes contain item or can sometimes be bombs.  
Use caution when throwing them.  If she only puts out one, it's probably a bomb.

Charizard: Shoots fire all around it.  If you're in a tight spot, just hide 
behind the Charizard, it'll protect you from most attacks.

Clefairy: Does the effect of another random Pokemon (Metronome).

Goldeen: Just flops around and says "Goldeen Goldeen" (no effect).

Hitmonlee: Flies up at a random opponent and kicks them, it's pretty powerful. 
It'll automatically break a shield, so that won't work.  It's pretty easy to 
avoid though, just jump high, and chances are his kick won't reach you.

Koffing: Shoots poison gas all around.  Just don't go near it.

Meowth: Uses Pay Day and throws coins all around it.  Basically the same as 

Mew: Flies up and says "mew", although it has no effect, it's rare and cool 

Onix: Makes rocks fall from the sky.  The rocks don't fall all over the stage 
though, so just go as far away as from where it rose up, and you should be able 
to avoid them.

Snorlax: Jumps up and stomps down on the playing field.  Same deal as Onix.

Starmie: Star blast.  He just flies down to your general area, he can be faked 
out easily.

Bomb Omb: This is quite a powerful weapon, but don't get clumsy with it or it'll 
send you sky high too.  It's best when thrown at someone, it does high damage. 
But never toss it was someone at close range, or the explosion will hurt you too.  
If it is just left there in isn't picked up, it'll get up and walk across the 
level for a few seconds.  If it happens to bump into someone, they get blown up.  
Never try to pick one up unless it just appeared.  They can be dangerous, and it 
can start walking when you're trying to pick them up.

Motion Sensor Bomb: With this, you pick it up and drop it on the ground.  And if 
someone steps on it, they explode.  It's good to put right on the edge, so if 
someone's about to some back, they'll land on it and get blown away.  But always 
remember where you put yours, it's really embarrassing to get killed by your own 

Green & Red Shells: These are turtle shells that can be thrown. With the green 
one, you just throw it, and it glides along the ground a little bit.  You can 
also hit it with an attack to send it going.  With red shells, if throw in the 
ground, it'll go all around the platform, hunting down the closest person on the 
same platform.  Keep in mind that turtle shells you 
throw can hurt you too.  And never throw red shells on the platform you're 
standing on.

Bumper: This is also good to put by the edge.  This will bounce a character off 
it and do minimal damage, but it's good strictly for the bouncing purpose.


Maximum Tomato: This tomato will give you 100% energy back.  It's quite good to 
get yourself back in the single digits, and it can totally change the direction 
of a match.

Heart Container: This fills you up completely, takes your % down to 0.  This can 
really turn the tables on a match.  Even if you don't need the healing items, 
get them anyway to prevent your opponent from getting them.

Star: Like you may have guessed, this gives you invincibility for a short time.  
This is also good in conjunction with another weapon like a bat or hammer, so no 
one can stop your reign of terror.

----------VARIOUS TIPS----------

Jugglypuff: Juggling is a technique where you hit your opponent and not let him 
touch the ground.  Jigglypuff is quite good at this (probably all she's good 
for).  Use her throw to start off the juggling process, or her spiral kick.  Her 
pound attack (B) is also useful as it not only knocks the person backward but up 
too.  Also, if you're willing to risk a life (that is, if you're one life ahead 
of your opponent) jump, and do the side kick, then float, kick them to the side, 
float, kick, float kick, until you're far off the platform.  Now unless you're 
really high Jigglypuff probably won't have enough puff power to get back.  But 
if you kicked your opponent far enough, they won't be able to get back either.  
If you want to try a shorter, less dangerous combo, then just kick'em around but 
not away from the level.

Kick Back: If an opponent is trying to come back, jump out and do your air kick 
and send them back the other way.  If their comeback move follows a predictable 
pattern, this is basically impossible to avoid.  Great for a low % kill.

Can't Jump: When returning, you can jump once, and then do the 3rd come back 
move.  If in the air, once you jumped, you cannot jump again, even if you are 
hit.  So if you're trying to come back, and you've jumped already, and someone 
hits you back again, you can't jump, you can only do the come back move.  So 
with Jigglypuff you can fly out and hit someone away again and fly back to 
safety, while your character can't jump any more and hopefully his comeback move 
won't be enough to get him back.

Homerun Song: Jigglypuff's sing attack can be really useful.  If someone falls 
asleep for her song, use the opportunity to use a powerful attack that you 
wouldn't be able to use if they were moving, like the sleep attack.  Also, this 
is a great chance to get in a homerun hit.  The best way to use it is to slowly 
drop on someone with it on and hopefully they won't have time to get out of the 

Super far float: Jigglypuff's super punch (B) will let her fly farther.  She has 
a total of 5 jumps, so you can jump, punch, jump, punch, jump, punch, etc and 
you'll go almost twice as far.  Quite useful in the bonus rounds.  Use this even 
if you're not knocked that far, since you can get knocked farther and lose your 
jumps, so if you don't use them all up and instead punch, you'll be okay.  Also, 
if you get knocked up high, the punches may be all you need to get back.

Multiplayer: Jigglypuff is probably better for a one on one match, she's usually 
doesn't do well against two or more opponents.  Never do the sleep attack with 
more than one opponent, it leaves Jigglypuff extremely vulnerable to attacks.  
Probably the best thing to do if ganged up on is a split kick or super punch, or 
if they're all close together, sing for them.  And the splits kick (down+A) is a 
good clear out move.

The Rest Attack: In case you didn't realize it yet, Jigglypuff's (down+B) does a 
lot of damage, about as much as a Falcon Punch or DK's smash hit.  The trouble 
is, it's really hard to use.  The best way to use it is to jump up from above 
while your opponent is on a floating platform.  This is also good with the 
singing attack.  Keep in mind that they must be touching Jigglypuff, and if you 
miss, you'll be helplessly sleeping for a few seconds.  A good strategy is to 
use the fan combo and break their shield, have them fly up to a higher platform, 
then float up and sleep them away.  Another great combo is the drill kick, and 
then the rest move.  You have to be careful with it though.

Anti-Strategy: One trick with Jigglypuff (as is with anyone) is to study how 
your opponent works.  After a few rounds, you'll be able to see his strategy and 
his way of using his character.  As with any character, develop something to 
counter the strategy.  One thing to do is to counter the come back move.  With 
moves like Mario's and Captain Falcon's, their come back moves are very 
predictable.  So as their coming back, position yourself where they would land.  
Then when they land on you, give them a good head butt smash attack (up+A) and 
finish them off for good.  Also, if the player is a fast character like Pikachu 
or Fox, and they tend to dodge attacks a lot, don't attack them from above, 
because they'll be able to roll away, and then go in for a throw.  Instead, 
attack them from below and juggle them.  Inversely, if characters tend to hang 
in the air and attack from above, attack them with drill kick combos.

----------1 PLAYER MODE----------

All right, now that we've covered the Jigglypuff basics, let's see if you're 
tough enough to go after the 1 player mode with Jigglypuff.  If you can beat 
Very Hard with Jigglypuff, you've really accomplished something.

STAGE 1: Link

On the lower difficulty levels, Link is a push over, but at Very Hard, he can be 
a nuisance.  Watch out, right at the beginning, he'll throw his boomerang.  
Quickly jump up, and head over to him and give him a spiral kick.  Careful when 
you combo with him, he has a lot of anti-juggling moves.  Just stick to smash 
attacks, and get him to the left edge.  Then try going in for a throw.  If his 
percent is high enough, usually a backwards throw will toss him far enough to 
keep him at bay.

STAGE 2: Yoshis

Even on very hard, this level really isn't that hard.  Just don't leave the 
yoshis around long, or they will get aggressive.  If you can keep them occupied, 
throwing them is always good.  Usually a throw will instantly KO them.  Just do 
a lot of smash attacks and throws to finish the stage quickly.

STAGE 3: Fox

Fox can be annoying in the air with his upper kick, so it's better to stick to 
the ground.  If you can get in a spiral kick in, great.  Smash him over to the 
left edge, and keep smashing him and throwing him off.  If he's coming back and 
he powers up his come back move, while he's sitting in the air if he's close 
enough come over and hit him back more.

STAGE 4: Mario Brothers

This is where things can get tricky.  One technique they have is tossing a lot 
of fire balls to get your percent up.  Use your shield often in this level.  You 
have one ally in this level, but with the artificial intelligence, you may not 
want to fully rely on them.  Concentrate on one Mario brother and let your ally 
take care of the other.  If your ally is KOed, then you're in trouble.  You'll 
have to be a Jiggly expert to get out of that kind of jam.  There aren't many 
Jigglypuff multiplayer strategies, so try and help your ally if he's in trouble.  
Watch out, if the brothers get together, they can really unleash some nasty 

STAGE 5: Pikachu

If you're not in the mood for a battle, head on over to the right side of the 
stage.  If you knock Pikachu around a while, he may eventually kill himself by 
doing his come back move and fall between two buildings.  If he won't, then it 
may be hard to get him off since his come back move will get him pretty far, but 
his moves are pretty predictable.  Use your shield a lot to protect from his 

STAGE 6: Giant DK

This stage shouldn't be too much trouble.  Dk is usually bad against Jigglypuff 
because Jiggly is hard to hit and DK is slow.  One thing though, if DK doesn't 
end up killing himself, this battle could take a while.  It usually takes 250% 
to 300% for him to finally stay off.  Use your spiral kick a lot since smash 
attacks aren't usually great against Dk unless his percent is really high.

STAGE 7: Kirby Team

You'd think that this would be hard since Kirbys can fly, but actually they're 
really weak.  Like the yoshis, a throw will finish them quickly, and if they use 
their rock stomp, you can walk right up and throw them.  Just be careful of 
their special abilities they have.  Use smash attacks often.  Sometimes the 
Kirbys end up killing each other.

STAGE 8: Samus

This battle can be easy or hard depending on how it's played.  Usually Samus 
will charge up her giant blaster shot.  Use this little delay to work on some 
combos.  But when she's charging, don't run at her head on since she'll release 
it as it is at you.  Try to avoid air attacks since she has that stupid screw 
attack.  Mostly ground smash attacks will do the job, try to smash her out into 
the acid and let the acid finish her off.

STAGE 9: Metal Mario

This stage is pretty challenging with Jigglypuff.  The main idea here is to deal 
a lot of damage and then go for the kill, like with the giant DK.  But Metal 
Mario's attacks are faster and he's smaller.  Go for spiral kicks and smash 
attacks.  Once he is knocked off though, he'll have trouble getting back since 
he's so heavy.  Edge guarding won't usually work since he has his coin come back 
move thing.  I have heard though that sometimes he kills himself by dodging 
around you and pushing himself off.

STAGE 10: Polygon team

This is probably the toughest stage with Jigglypuff.  Since she isn't great in 
multiplayer, it'll be hard to attack them all at once.  Just hope for lots of 
tomatoes and good attacking items.  It's almost impossible to beat this stage 
without dying once or twice with Jigglypuff.  Just try anything, you might get 

STAGE 11: Master hand

The trick to beating the master hand is knowing all this attacks.  As you should 
know, the hand has hit points (300 to be exact) instead of a damage meter.  To 
beat him, you'll simply need to deplete his energy.  Basically, he'll do these 

Smack down: He'll fly up high and smack his hand down hard on the playing field.  
It's usually and automatic shield breaker, so it's usually better to take the 
damage or quickly move out of the way.
Mega Punch: He'll hover above and fling his fist forward a few times.  Usually 
this misses, not a real threat.
Blaster Shot: He'll hover away from the platform and charge up his finger.  If 
his damage is below 100, he'll shoot 3, above 100, just one.  Just use your 
shield on this one, and if he's shooting three, the last one may break your 
shield, but it won't shatter, it'll just disappear so you won't be stunned.
Finger Walk: Make sure this move doesn't hit you.  When he flies up and lands on 
two fingers, jump over him and wait till he walks away and flicks his fingers.
Upper Cut: He'll fly back and hurl his fast towards the camera and fly up.  To 
dodge this, either use your shield or jump up above it.
Happy Slap: He'll slap his hand across the platform.  There's not much warning 
before this so you'll have to have fast reflexes to avoid it.
Rocket Hand: The back of the glove catches fire and the whole hand turns into a 
rocket.  Then it flies in the background and rockets forward.  This is usually 
easy to avoid.  If you're caught in the flames then you'll take damage.

If you can dodge these attacks, then he shouldn't be that hard.  Use your spiral 
kick a lot on him, since he's so big and he won't usually be on the ground.  
Also use your pound.  After the polygon team, this won't be too challenging.  
After you beat him, congratulate yourself.  You've beaten it with Jigglypuff!  
You'll get a nice ending scene with Jigglypuffs in an alley all in bubbles.  
Weird, but neat anyways.  I guess.

----------VS MODE----------

All right, you've beaten hard mode, you think you've mastered Jigglypuff.  
Here's the real test of skill.  Go to Vs. mode, and choose yourself as 
Jigglypuff and set the 2nd player to a computer character at level 9.  Or go 
head to head against one of your friends.  Ready?


CPU: Mario's main strategy is to keep shooting fire balls at you and then finish 
you off with a smash attack.  Use your shield often with him, and attack him 
fast.  Don't stand near him for too long or he'll do one of his special moves.  
He loves to overuse his special moves.  A good strategy here is to keep doing 
dash attacks on him and then go in for a throw.  The spiral kick also works 
good.  The pound attack isn't usually successful against him.

Human: The skilled Mario user isn't all that different than the CPU one, but he 
or she tends to use throws more often and less of the special moves.  There are 
also those cheesy Mario users who do that annoying combo (Mario Tornado, then 
Coin Jump).  To avoid that, use your shield if he ever gets too close, then 
right after he's done with his move, throws him.


CPU: The Donkey Kong CPU is pretty good on his first life, but once you kill him 
one time he'll concentrate strictly on his big punch.  But no matter how good 
the DK player is, Jigglypuff has a strong advantage against him.  DK is big and 
slow, and Jigglypuff is small and fast.  Use smash attacks and drill kicks 
against him.  And if he's at high percent even try a rest attack 
if you want.  He's a big easy target, not much of a threat.  Although skilled DK 
players will try to fake you out and then can really cause some damage.  
Remember, Dk maybe slow, but if he does get a hit on you, it does hurt!  And 
make sure you don't fall victim to his ground slap, that can kill Jiggly at 
pretty low percents.

Human: The human DK player isn't too much different, but will focus more on 
aerial attacks and less on the power punches.  Though the Dk will probably try 
to knock you away so he can build up his punch for later use.  Use the same 
strategies as above, just be more careful.  Also beware of the piggy back ride!  
What that is is that DK grabs you, holds you, and jumps off the cliff with you 
in his hands.  If he has a higher life level than you, then you're in trouble.


CPU: Link is pretty cheesy on the CPU.  He'll do tons of sword and boomerang 
combos.  He's pretty hard to juggle, since he has that STUPID ANNOYING HORRIBLE 
DOWN SWORD THINGY!! ...sorry about that.  Anyways, that sword down press is 
unblockable as far as I know, so be careful when juggling him.  Instead, attack 
him from ground level.  Do dash attacks and smash attacks, and pound works 
pretty good too.  You gotta be fast, or he'll do his sword spin to keep you at 
bay.  Throws work well too, if you can get close enough.  If you are lucky 
enough to get him off the arena, he'll have a lot of trouble getting back 
though.  Usually if he does his sword spin up high, position yourself where he's 
gonna land, and give him a head butt to finish him off.

Human: I haven't played many Link players, so I'm not sure, really.  All I know 
is that there are two types: The bomb users and the sword users.  The bomb users 
aren't much trouble, just juggle them along until their bombs blow themselves 
up.  The sword users are trouble though, they can go on endless combos and you 
can't do anything.  Use your shield a lot and dodge around him.  Use the same 
strategies as the CPU.

CPU: Samus can be quite annoying if not handled properly.  The strategy with her 
is to get her out of the way early before she can charge up her laser.  A good 
strategy in her level is to knock her off into the lava early on so she can't 
get back up until she has high percent.  Really, this level is just an endurance 
test to see who can last longer.  Always stay on high ground unless Samus is 
charging her laser or there's an item.  And careful when attacking from above, 
as she has the dreadful screw attack (shudder).  Samus shouldn't be too much 
trouble as long as you're not clumsy, as Samus isn't very good as combos.

Human: Humans like to overuse the super laser a lot, so that tends to slow them 
down.  Don't run at them head on, instead attack from above or below.  She falls 
really slow so this could be your advantage or disadvantage.


CPU: Don't be fooled by the yoshis in the one player game.  Fighting a level 9 
Yoshi in versus mode isn't a joke like in the one player game.  All around, 
Yoshi doesn't seem to overuse any moves, which makes him pretty unpredictable.  
Watch out for his super multikick (down+A in air) which can deal more than 50% 
damage if all the kicks connect.  The best plan is to stay at his level, since 
if you've above him he'll pelt you with eggs, and if you're below he'll stomp 
you.  Don't run at him while he's near the edge though, otherwise he'll turn you 
into an egg and you'll drop off behind him helpless.  To escape from an egg 
faster, keep tapping A.

Human: There aren't many skilled Yoshi players out there, but if you happen to 
find one watch out.  He has no real weakness since he's pretty heavy and strong 
too.  The one thing you'll have to work with is the fact that he has no 3rd 
comeback move.  Jigglypuff works well with this, since she can fly out while 
Yoshi's coming back, kick him away, and he'll helplessly fall to the bottom.  
Watch out for Yoshi's cheesy stomp move, it's much faster and gives less warning 
than Kirby's rock move.  And never ever charge a yoshi at the edge of a cliff.  
It's quite humiliating to be killed while in a yoshi egg.


CPU: Kirby is quite a challenging opponent for Jigglypuff.  Jigglypuff doesn't 
have the flying advantage that Kirby has, so hitting him out will be hard since 
he has a total of six jumps plus his comeback move.  Kirby loves to overuse his 
smash attacks, so try attacking fast and from a distance.  Fortunately, he 
doesn't use the special moves as often as you'd think, and when he does they're 
pretty predictable.  He'll also try hard to suck you up.  Fortunately, the only 
thing he'll get is Jigglypuff's "puff!" attack, no super charge laser or punch 
for him!

Human: This is where things get tricky.  There are a lot of people out there who 
think they are skilled with Kirby because they can do his special moves 
repeatedly.  Since you are an expert player, it's time to show him or her up!  
If he tries to do the super cutter, while he's flinging the blade down smack him 
up and begin a juggling process.  If he does the rock thing, stand there 
stupidly and when he comes down roll out of the way and grab him.  The rock move 
protects him from attacks, but not from throws!  The thing with Kirby is that 
he's really light and hard to juggle since the slightest touch sends him flying.  
Juggling's only effective on him when he's at a low percent.  If you're in the 
hands of a real Kirby player though, you've got trouble.  Mostly just do charge 
attacks and juggle, and attack him from above, since most of his attacks involve 
attacking below.  The pound attack for juggling mostly, it doesn't usually hit 


CPU: Ooooh boy.  Fox may hold the crown for the cheesiest character of the game, 
with Samus close behind.  Fox's moves aren't powerful, but he's so incredibly 
fast that he's super for combos, and this Fox will give you a taste of your own 
medicine with his juggling techniques.  Be careful when attacking him from 
above, since he'll do his high double kick, fall down and quickly spring up and 
kick you again before you have time to react.  Instead, attack him at ground 
level with smash attacks and throws.  Once he's powering up his comeback move 
and he's temporarily frozen in mid air, if he's close enough jump out and kick 
him farther.

Human: I have never met a skilled Fox player, so I wouldn't know.  But most of 
the time they are like the computer Fox players, so use the same tactics.


CPU: Warning!  If you are looking for challenge, do not play Pikachu at his 
level, Saffron City.  He will usually end up killing himself near the right sky 
scraper, even at level 9.  Otherwise, he can be a pretty touch opponent.  Use a 
variety of attacks on him, since he's pretty fast and doesn't usually stay in 
one place.  Pikachu is also good at juggling, so watch out.  But he's also good 
for juggling with, so juggle with him a lot.

Human: The human Pikachu players are pretty unpredictable.  Don't attack from 
above, since they'll use the Thunder attack.  Instead, attack from below and 
juggle.  After Pikachu does his comeback move, he falls slow.  Set yourself up 
so you stand where he's going to land, then right when he lands, grab him and 
throw him back out.  Never get close to Pikachu on the ground, because he has a 
really quick throw, and the player will most likely take advantage of it.


CPU: The only real difference between Mario and Luigi is that Luigi is weaker 
but faster and can jump higher.  But other than that, just use the same tactics 
as with Mario.  Use your shield a lot and don't let him cheese you with fire 

Human: People prefer Luigi over Mario a lot, probably because of his coin-fire 
jump thing.  Sometimes, Luigi's coin jump will do a super hit in which it'll 
make that critical hit sound (SCREEECH!) and fire will fly from his fist.  This 
is much more powerful and can eliminate Jigglypuff even at low percents.  Pretty 
much stay away from him, because if you're touching him when he starts the move, 
it'll do the special type.


CPU: Another really fast character, possibly faster than Fox.  However, the CPU 
Falcon usually sticks with special moves instead of juggling.  Juggling may be 
hard because of his falcon kick, but if he's at low percent he won't have time 
to react.  And probably his cheesiest attack is his comeback move, in which he 
grabs you, and explodes you away.  The reason this move is sooooo incredibly 
annoying is that it's almost impossible to block, so if you're near the edge and 
he's coming back, you'll probably get sucked into it.  This makes edge guarding 
a bad idea.  Throw him a lot, and once he gets out far, his comeback move won't 
get him back far.

Human: Human players are pretty much the same except for the fact that they use 
the Falcon punch a lot more.  Don't be afraid to run up and smack a Falcon while 
charging up the Falcon punch.  Just make sure you remember the timing of it and 
don't go at him too late.  It's almost as powerful as Dk's punch and is a lot 
faster.  Use the same techniques just be more careful.


CPU: The Ness CPU player can be tricky.  He won't overuse any of his moves, 
although he tends to use PK Fire a lot.  He'll almost never use his PSI Magnet, 
fortunately.  Also, beware of the yo yo, because if you get anywhere near him 
he'll let it loose and protect himself.  A smash move and counter the yo yo, and 
then smash him again to actually hit him.  A lot of times, while he's using his 
PK thunder move, you can jump out and hit him while he's doing it, and most of 
the time he won't try to get back.  Just be careful if you do that, if he smacks 
into you while you're doing that, you'll take 30% damage.

Human: There aren't many good Ness players, but the few that there are are 
deadly.  They'll only use PK Fire for stunning purposes, and if you get caught 
in the flame they'll probably hit you with his bat.  Instead of smashing him, 
use juggling more often.  Also watch out for his down kick, if you're at a high 
percent he can kick you at the ground and you can bounce up and fly off the 
platform.  His smash attacks are pretty slow, so use your shield and dodging.  
But don't taunt him by dodging back and forth around him, or he'll just tame you 
with his yo yo.


CPU: If you thought the Ness CPU was pathetic, the Jigglypuff one is even more 
pathetic.  Even at level 9, the Jigglypuff CPU is incredibly stupid.  It won't 
take much skill to beat her, mostly she'll just use her pound attack and sing 
when you're not anywhere near her.

Human: If you happen to find another skilled Jigglypuff user, it all comes down 
to the better Jigglypuff master.  Watch out for your own techniques used against 
you.  Pretty much use smash attacks and don't juggle, since Jigglypuff is 
incredibly light.  If you're at the same skill, then definitely don't let your 
opponent get an item.  In a stalemate like this, items will make the match.


I don't know what to put in this section right now...except for maybe a few 
misc. secrets:


While choosing your character, push the C buttons to change the costume.  With 
most characters it just changes colors, but with Jigglypuff she wears different 
colored bows.


Some people don't know this, but in VS mode you can set the characters to CPU 
characters.  So you and your friend can go after 2 CPU opponents on the same 
team, or you could go head on on your own team against 3 CPU opponents on the 
same team, or you can sit back and watch a battle between CPU opponents.  It's 
fun to see a bunch of the same character fighting, like watching a bunch of 
Pikachus or Yoshis.  Or you could sit back and watch a good old fashioned 
Pokebattle with Jigglypuff versus Pikachu.


Also, if you're really looking for a challenge, turn handicaps on in the VS 
options.  Set yours to 1, and fight an opponent.  Now you are extremely weak, so 
being at 50% is like being at 100%.  Not only that, but your opponent is like 
Metal Mario, extremely heavy.  Even against Jigglypuff it'll take about 200% to 
knock her away.


In 1P mode you may notice some points you get for things, but don't know what 
they mean.  Here are some the different bonuses you can get:
-Acid Clear: If you defeat your opponent with acid (or he just kills himself).
-ARWING Clear: If an Arwing in Fox's level defeats your opponent (which is 
obviously Fox).
-Booby Trap: If a mine kills your opponent
-Bros. Calamity: If you defeat Luigi before laying a finger on Mario, or vice 
-Bumper Clear: If your opponent is defeated by a bumper
-Cheap Shot: If you use the same move too much than you get 99 points taken away
-Comet Mystic: If you clear a level while you have a star
-DK Defender: If your allies hit Giant DK more than you did
-DK Perfect: If you beat up Giant DK and your allies emerge flawless
-Easy Clear: If you beat the game on "Easy"
-Fighter Stance: If you do your taunt (L) when your opponent dies
-Full Power: If you clear a level at 0%
-Good friend: If you help your allies in the battle and they survive
-Hard Clear: If you beat the game on "Hard"
-Hawk: If you only attack in the air
-Heartthrob- If you get 3 or more heart containers during the battle
-Heavy Damage: If you kill your opponent while he/she has 300% or higher
-Item Strike: If you defeat your opponent using only items
-Item Throw: If you defeat your opponent by throwing an item at him
-Jackpot: If you win and all the damage meters are the same number
-Judo Warrior: If you defeat your opponent just by throwing him
-Kirby Ranks: If you defeat the Kirbys in the order they appear
-Last Second: If you finish with 1 second left on the clock
-Lucky 3: If you finish with the time being 3:33
-No Damage: If you win a match without taking any damage
-No Item: If you defeat your opponent without using any items
-No Miss: If you complete the stage without dying (if you die once then you can 
never get it again)
-Normal Clear: If you beat the game on "Normal"
-Pacifist: If you clear a level without actually hitting your opponent
-Pokemon Finish: If a Pokemon from a Pokeball finishes your opponent
-Smash less: If you did not get hit with any smash attacks
-Smash Mania: If you only use smash attacks to defeat your opponent
-Speed King: Finish the game in less than 12 minutes
-Speedster: If you finish a match in under 30 seconds
-Star Finish: If you hit your opponent skyward and they turn into stars
-Throw down: If your opponent is defeated by being thrown off
-Tornado Clear: If Link is defeated by the tornado
-Trickster: If you defeat all the yoshis, Kirbys, and polygon team by sending 
them skyward
-True Friend: If you do more battling than your allies
-Vegetarian: If you get 3 or more tomatoes during the battle
-Very Easy Clear: If you beat the game on "Very Easy"
-Very Hard Clear: If you beat the game on "Very Hard"
-Yoshi Rainbow: If you defeat the Yoshis in the order they appear


Or, as it's known now, "Smash Bros Melee".  If you're reading this FAQ you 
probably know about it already so I don't need to say much about it here.  
Really the only purpose of this is to show that I know about it.  Look for an 
updated FAQ on Jigglypuff for SSBM!  I didn't say I'd do one, but look for one 

----------LEGAL MUMBO JUMBO----------

It's the most exciting part of the FAQ! The copyright junk!  I just have to put 
it here for security reasons.  So, here's the thanks part:


Nintendo: For making such an awesome game, and putting a spin on an otherwise 
boring genre (in my opinion) and making fighting fun!
Gamefaqs.com: For putting this FAQ up
Me: For writing it
Nintendo Power: For the score information and % damage of some attacks
Bhlaab: He helped me get the idea to write this FAQ
SBishop: He wrote the one other Jigglypuff FAQ at this site, and I think he 
deserves some credit.
Typhin: Sent him some misc info about Luigi and Metal Mario.

If you somehow contributed to this FAQ and I didn't put you on that list, please 
send your request to Yumblie@aol.com.

All of the tactics and information came from experience, I didn't copy that 
stuff from a magazine or anything.

This FAQ was written by ME, Yumblie, (Yumblie@aol.com) and if you want to paste 
it somewhere or use it in a magazine or something, ask me please.  If you're 
going to put it up, you must leave it intact and not change anything, especially 
this disclaimer.  Nintendo characters are all copyright Nintendo, Jigglypuff, 
Pikachu, and all Pokemon names are copyright Gamefreak, all rights reserved, and 
stuff like that.

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