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Secrets FAQ by Rabby

Version: 2.4 | Updated: 12/25/00

Super Smash Bros. Unique Tips You Probably Know But Forgot (confused yet? hehehe)

By Rabby

E-mail all suggestions, comments and corrections to: rabbyrab@juno.com
Or, chat with AIM/AOL to: moomoobaa
Get all new updates at www.Gamefaqs.com

Would somebody please fill in the missing one-player bonus spots? Thanks.
Apparently, Mew can cause damage if touched. If so, please tell me how much damage it causes.

Do not copy or link to this document in part or whole without asking permission first.
Version: v2.4 - 12/25/1999
       -New e-mail address: rabbyrab@juno.com
       -No more e-mails on where the crate and things came from! Please!
       -Things new to this version denoted with a (!)
       -Best viewed ms wordpad.
       -Probably won't be any more updates, cuz there's no more new stuff!
       -Happy holidays!
       -New statistics added to the characters
       -A word on "secret" characters

First, this is no strategy guide. You're looking for strategy? Go somewhere else.
No, instead, this is a text file I decided to make to enhance your fun with Smash Bros.
Sure, it doesn't have all the glamour of those 90k files up above this one, but you'll find 
some stuff you probably didn't know. If you don't, sue me. Anyway, here's some various stuff
you might find useful. 

GENERAL CONTROLS        Skip this ifn' ya know how to play.
TERMS                   Abbrieviations and junk you need to know.
GAME TIPS               General stuff about your character.
ON THE GROUND AGAIN?    A quick section telling things you can do on the defensive.
CHARACTERS              Specific stuff that you might not know about a certain character.
DAMAGE                  A section telling damage for moves.
CHARACTER NOTES         More stuff that has to do with your character (suggestions here please).
PRIORITY                This deals with priority of attack. Interesting for new combos.
THE STAGES              Special tips on each stage.
CONTROLLER THEORY       How to plug your controller into the right port.
TEAM ATTACK             Two or more for multiple the fun!
ONE-PLAYER BONUSES      The bonuses you can get in one-player mode.
OTHER STUFF             Cheats and whatever.

CONTROL STICK-          All movement must be made with the control stick, not the digital pad.
                        The more you tilt it, the faster the character goes. Down is duck, Up
                        is jump.
(A) BUTTON-             This is your basis for attack. This performs all normal attacks. Use it
                        in conjunction with the control stick for different moves.
(B) BUTTON-             Use this for special moves. Three may be performed, with B in conjunction
                        with Up, Down, or just B. These moves are slower than A moves usually.
(C) BUTTONS-            These are also for jumping, I reccommend using them.
(R) BUTTON-             Tap it to initate your throw move. Hold it down to activate your shield.
                        I reccomend using R for throwing only. Also, if you cannot throw, R
                        will execute an A button move.
(Z) BUTTON-             Hold this button for your shield. While holding, press A to initate a
                        throw, or a direction to roll. I reccommend using it for shielding and
(L) BUTTON-             Use this to taunt. Wear it out ok?
DIRECTION PAD-          No use, though it coulda been nice.
START BUTTON-           Pause the game. You can then exit any battle by pressing A,B,R, and Start.
                        Rotate the camera while pausing to look around.

U,D,L,R                 Up, Down, Left, and Right on the joystick
A,B,C                   A button, B button, and any C Button
F/Ba                    Forward and Backward (of your characters direction)
Run                     Dash by pressing Forward twice.
<direction>&<button>    Pressing a direction and a button at the same time i.e. U&B
Smash Hit               A move with the A button in conjunction with a direction. i.e. F+A
Power Hit (strong)      Not a smash hit, but more powerful than a weak one. i.e. Hold F+A
Weak Hit                Just press A. i.e. A (duh)

!Some characters have the ability to cancel out of their horrible recoveries from their jumping
        D+A attacks. To do this, press the shield button at the moment of contact with the ground.
        (Link, for example: instead of his sword getting stuck in the ground and him pulling it out
        his shield will come up instead.)
*It seems that if two people touch the same star at the same time, both will be granted
        invincibility. <Thanks to Antsam>
*If you're crazy enough to rack up over 255 points in time mode then crazy text characters will
        appear! To try this, set time to infinite on the vs. menu. <Also thanks to Antsam>
*The bumper pushes all who get hit by the same distance, no matter what damage percentage. This
        allows one-hit KO's, if you get lucky.
*Here's how the point system works on multiplayer:
        -You get a point for each person who dies that YOU hit last.
         (That means if something explodes and kills them that you did not do, you get no point)
        -If you hit them and they are able to get back up and do so before dying, no point.
        -Killing with projectiles and mines/bombs will give you points.
        -If you die, you LOSE a point.
        -If a crate/bomb blows up by being hit (not thrown) there is no point for either person.

*Computer AI: On Level 9, these are three things I've gathered:
        They throw projectiles when not close to you.
        They always go for an item when it appears.
        They NEVER attack when they are off the playfield (but they do if over it)

*Wanna see the giant fan!? Well, start hitting something with the fan, like a box or person, then
        have somebody hit you from behind. If done correctly, the fan will stay giant! Yay!
        <Thanks to RIOT>
*Never attempt to roll off the edge, as you cannot. This will set you up to be hit.
*When an item comes, a bell sounds, telling you it has come. The star makes a "DINK" noise.
*If you put up your shield while trapped in a corner, you will be able to be hit rapidly.
*When somebody is carrying a box or barrel, and you low attack them, the object may disappear!
*The fan destroys shields quickly, in four or five hits. A smash hit will completely break it.
*Clefairy mimics the pokemon's attacks faster and shorter than the original's.
*Stand with your back to somebody while holding a bat or something, and press R to throw it
        behind you, and maybe hit them!
*In a team battle multiplayer match, with team attack on, a POW, shell, or mine as well as any 
        explosion will still hurt your partner.
*Only one person may be on the ledge at once, so if somebody needs to grab the ledge to survive,
        go hang on it and they won't make it back on.
*If you have a person with a decent roll, you can stand next to a mine and roll to diffuse it.
*When you are dashing, your throwing range is increased dramatically.
*Your shield does not provide full protection, as you can still be hit underneath while holding
        Z. To move your shield slighty press up and down, protecting you where you need it.
*In a team game, let one person hold somebody while the other hits him really hard.
*You can still grab ledges and pop up when you have the hammer.
*When you have the star, no impact or damage will affect you.
*When being healed from a tomato or heart, you will be hit as far as you would have before
        picking the item up until it stops going down. You are also damage proof during this.
*Lay proximity mines on the wall where they cannot be seen. HEheheh.
*Try to learn to press Z&A to throw, it is safer than just R. Read the block and counter section
        in the "On the ground again?" section.
*When holding a barrel or crate, use a smash throw to make them go farther.
*To get the most distance out of your jumps, don't jump until the last possible minute.
*If your character doesn't have a smash down, try hitting them as they try to recover, making
        sure you can too.
*Use barrels as weapons, like in the original Donkey Kong game! Smash with them to increase the
        rolling speed!
*You can use barrels and crates as shields to block projectiles. Just make sure they don't
        explode from damage.
*Experts should try jumping after people in the air to keep them there.
*You need not grab an invincibility star, just touch it!
*Use projectiles to set off things, like bombs and turtle shells. It's a good surprise!
*The paper fan is an awesome weapon! I love it. Any hit with it will pop the oppenent up, or
        draw them closer to you! Use the weak attack to draw them in and break their shield.
*Try pressing L when you are on the invincible platform after dying. You sometimes say your
        taunt line, but drop down avoiding the animation.
*In a multiplayer game, if all the players go to a certain spot on the screen, the camera will
        focus on that spot. Could be hazardous to your health.
*The CPU always taunts when it thinks it has killed you. If you can make it back to the platform,
        you can hit the CPU during its taunt!]
*Throwing backwards generally does more damage.
*When used, the shield slowly decreases, even if not being attacked.
*If you use your U&B move in the air and somebody hits you, you can do it again.
*The ground D smash attacks aren't used enough by humans, use them when somebody lunges or rolls
        towards you
*If you use the same move too much, the damage it does decreases.
*Some item carriers (barrels, eggs, crates, pills,) will explode on impact. Try to break them
        from afar or you may get hurt.
*If you connect an unblocked samsh hit with the homerun bat (not Ness',) the victim will always
        die unless somebody hits the person, or he hits the wall.
*Smash hitting with the star rod will let out stars that count as power hits.
*The hammer isn't as great a weapon as it seems. If you have died, you are invincible for a few
        seconds in which you should throw the person with the hammer or hit him. Try luring the
        hammer guy over the edge too.
*Deactivate proximaty mines with projectiles or items, such as fireballs or PK thunder.
*A bob-omb if not picked up within five seconds will start walking and explode on contact to
        anything. Stay away.
*If you are about to bounce off the ground after being hit, press Z. You will immediatley pop-up
        from the floor and be able to attack again. Use the joystick when popping up to roll.
*Hang on edges for protection. Though you can still be hit, when you press A you will be invincible
        as you climb back up to the field while attacking.
*Pressing D,D to drop below a platform is unsafe. Hold Z and do it for more protection.
*Many projectiles can be stopped by a simple punch or kick.
*Tap D twice in the air to fall faster.
*When thrown, the fan causes the victim to fly straight up.
*Some characters can perform a smash down from which characters cannot easily recover from. 
        Others have a smack down, a move that is similar to the smash down, but catches the 
        victim in a tornado. These are harder in that you must recover after following the 
        victim down to perform it. Both must be performed to hit the victim in the air. 
        They are easiest done when the opponent is recovering.
        Here is a chart of smash & smack downs:

CHARACTER       MOVE                                    DIFFICULTY
Luigi           D&A in the air (Drill Smack)            Medium
Mario           D&A in the air (Drill Smack)            Medium
DK              D&A in the air (Double-kick Smash)      Medium
                or Forward&A in the air (Hand Smash)
Link            None
Samus           D&A in the air (Flip Hit Smash)         Hard
Falcon          D&A in the air (Double-kick Smash)      Easy
Ness            D&A in the air (Extended leg Smash)     Easy
Yoshi           Forward&A in the air (Head Smash)       Medium
                D&A in the air (Flurry Smack)           Hard (recovery)
Kirby           U&B (Downward part)(Smash)              Hard
                D&A in the air (Drill Smack)            Easy
Fox             D&A in the air (Drill Smack)            Hard
                note: Fox goes right through the victim!
Pikachu         None
JigglyPuff      D&A in the air (Drill Smack)            Medium

(Link and Pikachu's Jump+D+A move will knock the opponent away.)
!Drill smacks are most effective when hitting the opponent at the apex of their jump,
        usually tapping them on the head with your spinning feet works the best.

You've been knocked down, trapped by the fire flower, and kicked off the edge while hanging for
the last time. Here's what you can do in some of these cases:
You've just been hit hard, and are lying on the ground. People can hit you when you're here,
but you have some sneaky stuff you can do too:
*Press A to become temporarily invincible and perform an attack while getting up.
*Press R or Z to become temporarily invincible and crawl to your feet. (Happens if you press
*Press Z with a direction to roll as you get up. Remember, you can be hit as you roll.
*Just to piss people off, lay on the ground until somebody comes to you. Press A and they'll get

You're caught hanging on the ledge, a real hot spot. What can you do? It is basically the same
as when you're on the ground.
*Press A to become temporarily invincible and perform an attack while getting up.
*Press towards the edge to become temporarily invincible and climb back up.
*Press Z and a direction to roll as you climb up. Remember, you can be hit as you roll.
*Press away from the ledge to drop. (Then double jump back up and attack.)
*When you first grab hold of the ledge, you are temporarily invincible.

Special things happen when you get to 100% damage, you begin to get sluggish:
*Press A to attack as you climb up, it is delayed and you are invincible longer.
*Press Z and a direction to slowly roll as you get up.
*Just press towards the ledge to crawl up and do nothing. (Not reccommended)
These tend to throw your opponent off guard, which is good for you, until they figure it out.

Yarg. Don't you hate it when people keep using the same cheap thing over and over? Here's the
solutions to some of these dilemmas:

Fire Flower, or Infinite combos (Most character's A Button moves):
 First of all, you can try your shield, but only in attempt to roll. Never keep it up until it
 breaks. Try jumping. If all else fails, push your control stick away from the attacker, in hope
 you will get away. (Sorry, not much I could say about this.) Jam on the C buttons like crazy.

Laser Gun/Starmie:
 These things are annoying, and can hit you from far away. Starmie is easy to avoid, keep pressing
 Down to drop below it's shots, or jump over them if they're on the ground. The laser is a
 different matter. If you're Ness or Fox, use your D&B moves definitly. If not, jump the laser,
 or if you're small, you can DUCK under it sometimes. :)

 Holds are these things: DK's throw, Yoshi's egg shell, Kirby's mouth, etc. If you are stuck in
 these things, rotate the control stick and press A and B rapidly. It will enable you to get
 out sooner and not let them perform their attack.

The Bumper:
 Simply put, when somebody throws a bumper, block immediatly. If it hits somebody, it most
 definitly will bounce and hit you if you're close. In some cases, the bumper will make a one-hit

 Ready to learn a fighting technique that will serve you well? Read on! Have you ever been caught
 in a situation where two of you have been trying to throw each other, and you finally get stuck 
 on a ledge and get thrown? No more! To throw, stop using the R button, and learn to use your shield
 and press A. If you let them hit your shield, you can immediatly press A and throw them if close enough!
 This is most effective when they attack from air or do a running lunge. Never just sit with your
 shield out though, it may break, and they may try to throw you.

General Rule:
Use R to grab while running only, use Z+A while at a stand still.

Statistics key:
        BUILD: How big the character is (sizes: medium, tall, large)
        DUCK: How big the character is when ducking (sizes: flat, medium, large)
        AIR: Rating of how well the character fares in the air (1 = horrible, 5 = spaceman)
             There is also a description of the type of air the character fares best in

BUILD: Medium
DUCK: Medium
AIR: 4 (All)

!After initiating Mario's forward smash attack, press up or down to angle it slightly
*Quadruple Jump- Enables you to jump four times instead of three!
        For the first jump, press U or C (from ground). In the air, you can do the next two moves
        in any order:
        1)Press D&B and keep pressing B until the tornado runs out
        2)Press U or C again for your double jump
        Press U&B for the final jump.
*Mario's headbutt (U+A) will stop most anything that comes at you from air (not including projectiles)
*Mario's fireball falls at a 45^ angle, and will bounce off the surface after impact.
*Mario does more damage than Luigi with his attacks. His Tornado and Uppercut combo while Luigi's
        do not.
*The cyclone attack will launch your opponent up or down after it is done. Try it in the air,
        if it shoots them down, you get a free kill!
*During Mario's taunt, he is super easy to hit. It is also the longest taunt of all the
        characters. You can cancel the shrinking part of the taunt with by putting up your shield.

Donkey Kong
BUILD: Large
DUCK: Large
AIR: 3 (Horizontal - His Jumping U+B spin gives him the most horizontal distance, but
        lacks horribly in the vertical department. Try jumping high before using it.)

!After the first slam when you have captured somebody in your throw they can break out
        unless you throw them right away.
*If you begin a battle by trying to throw somebody, you most likely will win getting the throw.
*When using the ground pound, after the first pound, hold down and press B at one second intervals
        to continue pounding and pounding.
*DK has THE longest arms in the game. This makes his throw one of the best, quick, but long.
*When coming back to the playfield from the air, remember that DK's U&B move is horizontal instead
        of vertical, so you should start it high in the air.
*DK's item throws are different from the other's. Horizontally, they are thrown lower. Vertically,
        they are throw slightly in front of DK.
*Donkey Kong requires more damage to be hit as far as most characters. (see character notes)
*Donkey Kong's shield is bigger than everyone else's.
*DK can walk with barrels and crates.
*With DK's forward throw, he first slams the victim on the ground, then you can carry them to the
        edge and throw them off.
*When charging a punch (B), press Z to store the energy. Press B again to continue charging

DUCK: Medium
AIR: 2 (None - Very little room for error here. Use his U+B spin slash to keep people from
        smashing you or getting too close.)

!Many of Link's moves are super-high priority. Try smashing through a fireball to hit your
*If you press A three times slowly while standing, instead of doing the rapid attack, Link does
        a three hit combo.
*When using the hookshot, anticipate the opponent, it works like magic!
*Link's Super Cheese- from [lyp@cadvision.com]-
        This combo is used to throw the opponent easily.
        1)First, wait until your opponent jumps, but is not close enough to hit you.
        2)Toss the boomerang up and knock him out of the air.
        3)Grab him with the hookshot on the bounce, and repeat!
        (Doesn't work if they do a quick recovery)
*If you smash (press F) while launching the boomerang, it goes twice as far.
*Direct the boomerang by pressing up or down after B.
*To get the max power throw out of a bomb, press Down and B after you are holding it.
*Remember Link's bombs have a time limit, and will hurt him.
*Try this annoying combo- Boomerang, Bomb, Boomerang, Bomb, etc. It hurts from a distance!
*Bombs that Link throws with A may be picked up again by anybody if they land safetly.
*Link's air D&A move has NO recovery. Fall off the edge with it and you're screwed.
*Link's triple jump (U&B) is the worst in the game. You get almost no height or distance.

DUCK: Medium
AIR: 3 (Horizontal - Use Samus' bombs to get major horizontal air, but don't try to use
        the screw attack to prevent somebody who is above you because it isn't of very
        high priority.)

!Feel free to shoot Samus' blaster in the air because it will stop your descent momentarily
        while doing so.
*Whenever somebody jumps at you, screw attack. They will soon learn not to jump. Hehehe.
*Samus' throw will whack the opponent up into any wall above her if there is one!
*Samus is invincible from most minor attacks in ther screw attack.
*Samus has the slowest roll and throw in the game.
*When charging the blaster, press Z to store the energy. Press B again to continue charging
*Dropping bombs in the air (D&B) will slow your descent a little, but not much.

DUCK: Medium
AIR: 2 (Both - You need to be extra careful while in the air with Yoshi. He gets major
        vertical and horizontal air, but you only get one go at it. Make sure you use his
        double jump into whatever is coming his way so that if he gets hit he won't fall to
        his doom. Be careful when attacking as well, because attacks shorten the invincibility
        of his double jump making him vulnerable to smashes.)

-Cheap way to KILL Yoshi-
        1)First, you gotta get him off the edge, forcing him to Double Jump.
        2)Before he gets back to the platform or ledge, hit him with Hold+A or A forward smash 
          attack and he dies.
!Many forget that the stars produced from the landing of Yoshi's D+B hip drop hurt enemies.
*The most damaging move in the game, Jump+D+A, should be used when an opponent is on a platform
        above you. Just jump and execute it. At the least, their shield will break.
*Yoshi gets the farthest distance when jumping horizontally, and the fastest too.
*Yoshi shield, although it weakens, does not shrink, like others.
*Yoshi's hip drop can hurt you with its stars if you are next to it.
*Pressing D&B from ground is usually more surprisings than doing it in the air.
*Yoshi's U&B move is not for recovery, just remember that.
*Stand at the edge and face away from it. When somebody comes near, turn them into an egg. They
        will fall off the edge and usually not escape. (Unless they're good, heheheheh)
*Yoshi cannot be smashed-down out of his double jump. (Until the downward fall.)
*Vary the distance you throw an U&B egg by holding B longer and aiming with the joystick.

BUILD: Medium
DUCK: Flat
AIR: 5 (No explanation needed, heheh.)

!Beware, the actual down part of Kirby's U+B cutter attack does not deal damage, only when he
       reaches the apex (meaning you can't hurt somebody by falling on them.)
*When using the star blaster, watch out because the other person who is getting spat out can
       move the star once he gets out of your mouth.
*Kirby's duck enables him to duck under lots of things, like boomerangs or lasers.
*Kirby is able to go UNDER the dreamland platform if performed correctily. The same can be
       done with Mario's stage and Yoshi's stage!
*Kirby Star Blaster- A cool attack!
       Simply put, if there are three or more people on the playfield, suck up one. If the
       other comes near, press A to release a star, which hits for 30% damage! Beware, people
       can escape your mouth by rapidly pressing buttons.
*Super Flying- The biggest freaking air time ever!
       Kirby already has the longest air time of all the characters, to extend his time even
       more, do this:
       1)Absorb JigglyPuff's power
       2)Get in the air, by jumping or whatever.
       3)Alternate one jump, B, jump, B, etc. until you run out of jumps.
       4)Then press U&B for the cutter, and make it back to the playfield!
*Kirby's taunt also makes him lose any absorbed character's power.
*As a rock, Kirby is invincible, but can be thrown. Do not attempt with hammer, as one hit breaks
        the rock.
*Don't forget to do Kirby's U&B move after your six jumps are done. Major air!

DUCK: Medium
AIR: 3 (Nothing special here, just be careful to be really high or really low when you use his U+B
        explosion thing, cuz he's really vulnerable when he does it.)

!Try juggling somebody with your Hold+U+A attack, then smash them with U+A.
*If you use the U+B move into a wall, Fox will bounce off of it.
*If Fox's reflector is hit too much, it will break, just like your shield.
*Fox's lasers may not be punched.
*In the air, Fox's blaster fires faster.
*The reflect shield can be used on thrown items, projectiles, and people. To use it on people, they
        must be touching you when you activate it.

BUILD: Medium
DUCK: Medium
AIR: 4 (Pikachu gets around, hehe. Just don't use his U+B warp in plain view.)

!When Pikachu's D+B lightning strikes him it has great priority that cancels out most anything,
        like fireballs or whatnot.
*Use the Hold+U+A to do a quick, cheap combo.
*True Pikachu experts can make it under Kirby or Yoshi's level and back to the platform! As a
        hint, start with your back facing the ledge as you jump off.
*Pikachu's quick attack can be redirected twice, but don't overshoot the platforms.
*When falling to the right or left, press D&B to make the thunder fall behind you.
*In the air, Pikachu's B button thunder will go 45^ downwards.

DUCK: Medium
AIR: 4 (Luigi boasts the hightest normal jump in the game, not to mention he falls slow as
        hell. Use your jumps wisely, he has a hard time with air attacks from above since
        he falls so slowly.)

-How to get Luigi:
        1) Beat the Practice One stages with the eight original characters.
        2) Defeat Luigi in battle.
!Unlike Mario, Luigi's U+B or D+B attacks do not combo, but do one all-powerful hit. (That
        is, if you time them right. Time Luigi's uppercut wrong and you'll get a measly
        hit for 1%)
*In some stages, Luigi can actually kill himself by jumping through the top of the screen.
*Luigi is THE best person to yield the hammer. Try it!
*Quadruple Jump- see MARIO
*Luigi falls slower than Mario and his dash attack is different.
*Luigi can jump higher than anybody.
*His fireballs travel horizontally, and will bounce. They are not effected by gravity.
*Luigi's uppercut and tornado are much more effective when touching the opponent before using.
*Luigi's taunt will do 1% damage!
*The cyclone attack will launch your opponent up or down after it is done. Try it in the air,
        if it shoots them down, you get a free kill!

BUILD: Medium
DUCK: Flat
AIR: 2 (Horizontal air. You gotta alternate your punches and jumps accordingly since Jigglypuff
        can't make pudding out of his vertical air.)

-How to get JigglyPuff:
        1) Beat the one-player game with any settings.
        2) Defeat JigglyPuff in battle.
!JigglyPuff's U+B sing attack actually does hits that do no damage. You can do it to a barrel and
        hear the "thock" sound.
*Most of JigglyPuff's attacks will bounce away the opponent.
*JigglyPuff's B punch is the same as a fan hit. It pops people into the air, as well as
        break shields quickly.
*Pause the game when he is about to get hit, and you will see a little tear in his eye.
        Special thanks to <B00664@aol.com>
*Like Yoshi, JigglyPuff has no recovery from his U&B move.
*Distance Jump- Fly farther than anyone
        Alternate jumps (U or C) with B button lunging punches in the air. The result will let you
        fly farther.
*JigglyPuff's throw is directed upwards.
*The hypnosis attack isn't very good. It has bad range and short lasting effects.
*JigglyPuff's D&B move will only work when touching the victim while activating. Will often kill
        those at 70% or higher. An effective way to use this is to come in from the air with
        Jump&D&A. Press D&B when you land.
*JigglyPuff falls very slowly.

DUCK: Medium
AIR: 3 (He's a pretty average jumper with a lot of horizontal air from his U+B attack. Maximize
        his air by grabbing others and then doing U+B again.)

-How to get Captain Falcon:
        1) Beat the one-player game with any settings in twenty minutes.
        2) Beat Captain Falcon in battle.
!Sometimes Falcon's Jumping U+A attack will make the opponent fly horizontally down, which
        makes for really cool kills.
*The crappy thing about him is that his attacks are directed at the upper body. This means that
        small people may evade some attacks just by ducking.
*Falcon Kick may go over the edge, staying horizontal as it does so. Be careful.
*Captain's shield doesn't cover his feet! Somebody can still hit you there!
*Use the the Falcon Kick in the air for a 45^ downwards attack.
*Use the Falcon Punch by activating it in the air, timing it to go when you land.
*If you connect with Falcon's U&B move you can do it again.
*Captain Falcon is the fastest character in the game.

BUILD: Medium
DUCK: Medium
AIR: 5 (Look here, he flies and zips and shoots himself with electricity. He's the king of air;
        well, besides, Kirby.)

-How to get Ness:
        1) Beat the one-player game with lives set to three and normal difficulty.
        2) Beat Ness in battle.
!PK Thunder can be used to get as many as three hits, although it is difficult to do. If you can
        hit someone with it's tail, the person will be electricuted but the energy ball will
        still exist and be controllable.
*Begin a PK Fire as you are about to land from the air, and when you land it will go straight.
*Ness' PK Fire can be stopped by a punch, but the fire will still sprout.
*Combo together an air attack, both yo-yo attacks, and a throw for mass damage.
*Although hard, try to hit Ness's PK Thunder when he's coming from the air, and he'll be helpless.
        Use projectiles or A attacks. Don't hit Ness, or he can PK Thunder again.
*Ness' PK Thunder can be redirected to hit himself different directions. If he hits somebody
        during this, they will suffer 30% damage.
*Ness' bat will reflect projectiles if timed correctly.
*Ness has the easiest smash-down.
*Ness' PK Magnet will heal him with projectiles. Things that work are:
        Charizard's/Charmeleon's Fire
        Meowth's Coins
        Starmie's Rays
        Ray Gun Blasts
        Fire Flower Flames
        Samus' Blaster
        Kirby's Cutter Blast
        Fox's Laser
        Pikachu's Ground Thunder
        PK Fire
        PK Thunder
        Star Rod Stars
        Star Fox Ship Lasers
        Master Hand's Bullets (!)
*Each absorbed thing heals for about 10%-15%, and a fully charged Samus blast does 26% or so!
        The Arwings in Fox's stage will pretty much heal you completly.

Note: This tells damages for the first hit, after the first damage ususally decreases.
Damage values are closely estimated. Actual damage varies.

A(x3)           2%/2%/4%
Hold U+A        8%
Hold D+A       12%
Hold F+A       10%
Jump+A         11%
U+A            16%
D+A            14%
F+A            14%
Run+A           9%
Jump+D+A        3% per hit (up to 8 hits)
Jump+U+A        9%
Jumb+Ba+A      12%
Jump+F+A       12%
B               6%
U+B             2% per hit (up to 9 hits)
D+B             1% per hit/3% for last hit (up to 14 hits)
Throw          12%
Back Throw     16%
L               0%

A(x2)           4%/4%
Hold U+A       10%
Hold D+A        6%
Hold F+A       10%
Jump+A         12%
U+A            16%
D+A            16%
F+A            16%
Run+A          10%
Jump+D+A       10%
Jump+U+A        9%
Jump+Ba+A      12%
Jump+F+A       12%
B              11% uncharged to 33% full
U+B             6%
D+B             8%
Throw(x2)       8%/8%
Back Throw     18%
L               0%

A(x4)           5%/3%/4%/1% per stab
Hold U+A        8%
Hold D+A       10%
Hold F+A       14%
Jump+A          8%
U+A(x3)         6%/3%/9% 
D+A            14%
F+A            20%  
Run+A          11%
Jump+D+A       12%
Jump+U+A       14%
Jump+Ba+A(x2)   8%/8%    
Jump+F+A       12%
B               8%/6% on return
U+B            12%
D+B             7% explosion/7% getting hit by throw
Throw          14%
Back Throw     16%
L               0%

A(x2)           3%/6%
Hold U+A        6%
Hold D+A       10%
Hold F+A        8%
Jump+A         12%
U+A             8% per hit
D+A            12%
F+A            18%  
Run+A           9%
Jump+D+A       11%
Jump+U+A        2% per hit
Jump+Ba+A      11%   
Jump+F+A        4% per hit (up to 4 hits)
B               3% uncharged to 25% fully charged
U+B             2% per hit (up to 15 hits)
D+B             7%
Throw          16%
Back Throw     18%
L               0%

A(x2)           3%/5%
Hold U+A        9%
Hold D+A        8%
Hold F+A       10%
Jump+A         11%
U+A            14%
D+A            11%
F+A            14%  
Run+A           9%
Jump+D+A        4% per hit (up to 14 hits)
Jump+U+A       12%
Jump+Ba+A      12%   
Jump+F+A       14%
B               4%
U+B            11%
D+B            14%
Throw          12%
Back Throw     16%
L               0%

A(x3)           3%/4%/1% per hit
Hold U+A       11%
Hold D+A        7%
Hold F+A        8%
Jump+A          8%
U+A            12%
D+A            14%
F+A            13%  
Run+A           8%
Jump+D+A        2% per hit (up to 11 hits)
Jump+U+A        8%
Jump+Ba+A      12%
Jump+F+A        2% per hit (up to 8 hits)
B               5% absorb/10% attack/30% hit with star (press A after eating)
U+B(x3)         3% hit/10% air/6% wave
D+B            15%
Throw          13%
Back Throw     16%
L               0%

A(x3)           4%/4%/1% per hit
Hold U+A        7%
Hold D+A        9%
Hold F+A        7%
Jump+A         11%
U+A            12%
D+A            11%
F+A            13%  
Run+A           8%
Jump+D+A        2% per hit (up to 7 hits)
Jump+U+A(x2)    6%/6%
Jump+Ba+A       9%   
Jump+F+A        9%
B               6%
U+B            12%
D+B             4%
Throw          12%
Back Throw     15%
L               0%

A               2%
Hold U+A        9%
Hold D+A        9%
Hold F+A        8%
Jump+A         11%
U+A            14%
D+A            12%
F+A             8%  
Run+A           9%
Jump+D+A       10%
Jump+U+A        8%
Jump+Ba+A      12%   
Jump+F+A        3% per hit (up to 7 hits)
B               5%
U+B             0%
D+B            12% touch Pikachu/9% thunderbolt
Throw          12%
Back Throw     18%
L               0%

A(x3)           2%/2%/4%
Hold U+A        8%
Hold D+A       12%
Hold F+A       10%
Jump+A         11%
U+A            16%
D+A            14%
F+A            14%  
Run+A           2% per hit (up to 5 hits)
Jump+D+A        3% per hit (up to 8 hits)
Jump+U+A        9%
Jump+Ba+A      12%   
Jump+F+A       12%
B               5%
U+B             1%/20% direct hit
D+B            12%
Throw          12%
Back Throw     16%
L               1%

A(x4)           3%/3%/4%/1% per hit
Hold U+A       11%
Hold D+A        9%
Hold F+A       10%
Jump+A         12%
U+A            13%
D+A            12%
F+A            15%  
Run+A           9%
Jump+D+A       11%
Jump+U+A       12%
Jump+Ba+A      12%   
Jump+F+A(x2)    8%/8%
B              18%
U+B            20%
D+B            12%
Throw          12%
Back Throw     16%
L               0%

A(x3)           2%/2%/4%
Hold U+A        6%
Hold D+A        3%
Hold F+A        8%
Jump+A         11%
U+A            14%
D+A            15%
F+A            18%  
Run+A          12%
Jump+D+A       12%
Jump+U+A       12%
Jump+Ba+A      12%   
Jump+F+A        9%
B               3% per hit
U+B             6%/23% PK Teleport (hit by Ness)
D+B             0%
Throw          16%
Back Throw     16%
L               0%

A(x2)           3%/4%
Hold U+A        8%
Hold D+A        8%
Hold F+A        6%
Jump+A         11%
U+A            14%
D+A            12%
F+A            12%  
Run+A           8%
Jump+D+A        3% per hit (up to 7 hits)
Jump+U+A       16%
Jump+Ba+A      10%   
Jump+F+A       13%
B              13%
U+B             0%
D+B            20%
Throw          14%
Back Throw     16%
L               0%

LIGHT SABER    15% thrown/ 9% weak/14% strong/25% smash attack/12% running (attack)
HOMERUN BAT    18% thrown/ 6% weak/ 9% strong/10% smash attack (extremely powerful)/6% running
HARISEN (FAN)   8% thrown/ 2% weak/ 8% smash attack/6% running
STAR ROD       11% thrown/10% weak/12% star smash/34% smash attack (20 stars)/14% running
RAY GUN         7% thrown/ 8% per laser (up to 16)
FIRE FLOWER    10% thrown/ 1% per blast (up to 59)
HAMMER         30% per hit
PROXIMITY MINE 10% thrown/30% explosion
BOB-OMB        36% thrown/31% walking around
BUMPER          6% thrown
GREEN SHELL    23% thrown/23% knocked
RED SHELL      15% thrown/15% knocked
POKEBALL       16% thrown/20% smash throw (one Pokemon per ball)
HEART        +999%
BARREL         18% thrown
PILL           13% thrown
EGG            13% thrown
CRATE          13% thrown

Beedrill       12% first hit/6% other hits
Starmie        12% hit/2% per laser
Koffing         3% per hit
Chansey         0%
Hitmonlee      24%
Charizard      26% hit/3% per fire hit
Goldeen         0%
Mew              %
Snorlax        22%
Onix           24% hit/4% per rock
Blastoise       3% per water blast
Clefairy        x% depends on Pokemon it mimics
Meowth          3% per coin

Venusaur       20% hit/3% vine shots
Electrode      30% explosion (unblockable)
Charmander      3% per hit
Porygon        18% first hit/8% other hits
Chansey        +6% for touching
Tornado        15%-20%
Lava           16% per hit
Pirhana Plant   5% per hit
POW            20%
Arwing Laser   32% per hit

This chart details the following things:
-Weight- How heavy the character is. Determines how much damage he can take to be thrown very far.
        Medium= 100%
        Light= 80%
        Heavy= 130%

-JUMPS- How many jumps this character gets. Combined U/C and U&B moves.

-SPEED- How fast this character is. My personal opinion.

-RECOVERY- Does your character get back on to the playfield well? Excellent, OK, and Bad.

Mario           Medium  4       Medium  Excellent       
Luigi           Medium  4       Medium  Excellent       
Donky Kong      Heavy   3       Medium  Bad             
Link            Medium  3       Medium  Bad             
Samus           Medium  3       Medium  OK              
Cpt. Falcon     Medium  3       Fast    OK              
Ness            Light   3       Medium  Excellent       
Yoshi           Medium  2       Medium  Excellent       
Fox             Light   3       Fast    OK              
Kirby           Light   7       Medium  Excellent       
Pikachu         Light   4       Medium  Excellent       
JigglyPuff      Light   6       Slow    Bad             

        Well kids, this be the last section I'll ever do... *sigh* But back to business. Well now,
have you mastered Smash Bros. yet? Well, I'll tell you one thing, there are three phases to
learning the game:

1)Learning how to use the A button more than B, and getting back to the ledge.
2)Handling smash attacks, and evading off-ledge air attacks.
3)Countering every attack with a better one, that's this section.

As you probably know, some attacks just don't dang work well. Take, for instance, Kirby's
Jump+U+A attack. He spins in a cartwheel, but can easily be hit out of it. If you see the attack
coming, you should do something to hit him out of it. Therefore, here's a list of MOST
character's A button attacks strengths and weaknesses:

Neutralize     Two attacks cancel each other out, and the players are pushed away. Some 
               projectiles are also able to be neutralized by attacking them. You know when this
               happens because you'll see a little bubble come at the junction point of the attacks.
A              This is usually pretty weak, but good at close range. Any powerful or long range
               attack can beat you when using this, so only do it when near the opponent. You are
               also very vulnerable from the back side and air when doing this.
Hold U+A       A pop-up. This is best used as a surprise attack. Generally, you can stand back
               to the opponent and hit him with it if he's near. Once he goes into the air, get
               him! Be careful to watch your sides when doing this. Note: Not a good air counter
               if opponent jump smashes down on you.
Hold D+A       Sneaky stuff. Use this to disable somebody's A button attack. It has good range,
               and stops things running at you, or projectiles. Watch your back and top. This
               usually knocks the enemy down, giving you time to run away.
Hold F+A       Just as good as Hold D+A, but better to use when in close quarters.
Jump+A         Contrary to most people's ideas, this is good to use when somebody doesn't have a
               good Jump+D+A attack. For example, Kirby's Jump+D+A does good damage, but you can
               be hit out of it easier than this. Try to land on the person when doing it, but
               it may also neutralize a punch.
U+A            A smash UP attack. In most cases, this pops your opponent up. It is also more
               effective than Hold U+A as a neutralizing air attack. However, if you time this
               wrong, which may happen because it's harder, you'll be totally open to attack.
D+A            A smash GROUND attack. This is your clear-out move. If things are surrounding you
               from both sides, do this. Some characters attack back before front, so maybe you
               should consider using Hold+D+A in this case.
F+A            A smash attack FORWARD. Great range, most of the time, but can be hard to hit with.
               This attack usually has a delay, making it a good idea to use it only when the
               opponent isn't too near. Ranges vary from person to person, but you can use this
               to break crates and barrels in a hurry.
Run+A          Start a lot of attacks like this. Since this attack is pretty predictable, it is
               easily neutralized or broken through by a standard attack. Combo this if you connect,
               you can dash and hit the opponent again and again before he lands.
Jump+D+A       Your AIR DOWN smash attack. You either have a combo attack down, or a solid one-
               move one. (see smash down section way at top) The combo attack is good for damage,
               but can easily be hit by an upwards attack. On the other hand, the solid one
               is harder to be hit out of, and will usually connect. Keep in mind that if you
               miss, there's a bloody lot of recovery time.
Jump+U+A       This move is either good, or it sucks. As with Kirby's spinning example, it has
               low priority and is easily disbanded. If this is the case, don't use it much. The
               other ones are good at keeping the enemy in the air. Try getting them from
               underneath with this. NOTE: Try using the control stick when doing this, so you
               don't waste a valuable double jump.
Jump+Ba+A      Good priority. If used in air combat, you'll win. Almost the same for land, but
               if you miss, it's goodbye. Not much weakness, but the sides.   
Jump+F+A(x2)   For some, this is a two-parter. It does good damage but has low priority. Try not
               to use this unless you can, because anything stronger than an A button punch will
               ground you.
B Attacks      Obviously, this varies from person to person. The one thing that remains true is
               that all B button attacks have tremendous recovery time, except maybe Yoshi's.
Throw          Once you initiate a throw, you are invincible to everything WHILE you are throwing.
               Throws have no priority, so miss and you die, especially if your throw is long
               range. The other ones might be able to recover and get away in time.
Back Throw     Usually takes longer and does more damage than Throwing. This means more
               invincibility time for you.
L              What do you think?

START: 4P, 1P, 3P, 2P
!Learn to use Yoshi and this level is your playground.
*It's a shame you can't fall through the moving platform, but you can go up from under it.
*There are no ledges you can grab. It stinks.
*On this level, it is harder to kill somebody off the sides or top of the screen because of the
        two walls and bumper.
*You can hit people if they are on the lower center platform and near an edge. Stand under them
        and excecute an uppward smash attack. They can do a downward one too though.

START: 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P
*If you don't throw a barrel hard enough, it may get stuck on the center platform.
*Only one person may be in the barrel at once. Others fall through it.
*The barrel at the bottom will start spinning if you don't fire early enough.
*You can jump through the bottom floor of the stage. Useful for attacking!

START: 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P
*The tornados will probably kill you if you are over 80%.
*Don't jump too high off the highest platform, or you may die. Try it for fun, it's laughable.
*Use the lower right wall to bounce people off as you attack.

START: 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P
*This level is Yoshi death.
*If you have a star, the lava will not affect you.
*It is possible to die by falling THROUGH the lava. This may happen if you jump down there when
       the lava is at it's lowest point.
*Do not use Kirby's rock in the lava, as the aforementioned tip will come true.
*The only safe platform is the highest one.
*You can jump through the bottom floor of the stage. I don't reccomend using this to attack though!

START: 4P left, 2P up, 1P down, 3P right
*Kirby/Pikachu can make it under the platform and back if timed correctly.
*Lure people out to the clouds as they disappear.
*When somebody goes out to a cloud, make sure they stay there. Use projectiles, or air attacks.

START: 2P left, 3P up, 1P down, 4P right
*Kirby/Pikachu can make it under the platform and back if timed correctly.
*Not much to say, but try not to go against the wind.
*This is a great level for guarding the edges.

START: 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P
*The bottom part of the ship is great for hitting your opponent off of.
*If you stand on an Arwing too long, and it goes off the screen, you will die.
*Get somebody with the hammer into the place at the right of the ship.
        they won't be able to get back up!
*A big level, focus on kills from the top or bottom instead of the sides.
*You CANNOT stand on the guns under the left of the ship.

START: 4P, 3P, 2P, 1P
*Hey, that sign in the background says, "Gotta catch 'em all!"
*If you can get somebody in the narrow holes, they can die real easy. If Ness gets in one of
        these, it's a sure death.
*Try hitting the Pokemon in Saffron City REALLY HARD. They go flying!
*If somebody goes into the Pokemon garage, the Pokemon will come out. Throw people in there.
*Chansey will heal you for about 10% if you touch it when it comes out.

-How to get this stage:
        Beat the game with the 8 original characters. On any difficulty and stock.
START: 1P left up, 3P left down, 4P right up, 2P right down
*Usually you won't get a point for killing somebody under the bricks because they bounce off the
*On the left of the level, people may stand on the second floor. If you go under them, use an
        U&A attack and you may hit them. Link's works, for example.
*People with long attacks can hit through pipes.
*Stand next to a pipe to make the Piranha plant stay down.
*On time mode, in the last 30 seconds the original hurry up music plays!
*The platforms in the middle fall off if not balanced. You cannot stand on them when they are
*Hit the POW box with a physical attack to hit all enemies standing on the ground.
*You can go in the pipes by pressing Down. Sometimes it drops you in the middle, so be prepared
        to jump back up.
*It is very easy to die off all sides of the screen. Try trapping somebody in the tunnel at the
        lower left.

Plug your controller in the port according to what you like the most. For specific locations 
to that controller, look at the stages above for where you would start. These descriptions of
the ports are based on the levels where you are lined horizontally, not in Kirby's, SMB1, or
Yoshi's level. I will complete this section once I recover what I have lost. Sorry folks.

1P: You get to start with one person next to you on most levels. Good in most cases, cept for
    Mario's level.
2P: You will mostly start surrounded by two people, except on Mario's level.
3P: The worst port, you always start surrounded by two people.
4P: The best port, you won't ever start completely surrounded by anybody.

Perhaps the most fun you can have playing Smash Bros. is on teams. Try these things when you're
on a team with at least one other person:

General Strategy:
        On two vs. two, you should either
        A)Team up and kill one opponent first
        or B) Each person takes on one

Hold Attack:
        This attack is quite simple, but very effective. One person grabs an opponent, and the
        other does whatever the heck he wants to the enemy. For good combos, try DK as the holder
        and Yoshi's Jump+D+A as the attack. You'll get damage for the throw too, most of the time.
        (Nasty: Use Luigi's U+B move or Jiggly Puff's D+B move)

        One person should stand in front of the other and punch projectiles or whatever coming
        their way while the other attacks. For a special combo, try using Fox's reflector shield
        or Ness' PK Magnet.

        The objective is to keep your opponent from coming to the ground. One person hits them
        into the air and the other hits them back down, over and over. Hehehehe....

Super CheapNESS (Team attack on only):
        One person, or both are Ness. Recharge each other by shooting them with projectiles while
        using PK Magnet.

This is a list of the known bonuses you can get by playing One-Player Mode. Each has certain
conditions you must fulfill to get them. If you beat the game, the announcer says,
"Congratulations!" But if you beat it with over 1000000 points, he says, "Incredible!"
(BS) = Bonus Stage Only

BONUS           CONDITIONS                                              POINTS
Acid Clear      Beat your opponent on Samus Stage in the lava.            1000
All Variations  Hit your opponent with every move you can do.            30000
Arwing Clear    Beat your opponent on Fox Stage with an arwing blast.     3000
Bros. Calamity  Defeat Luigi on Mario stage before hitting Mario.        12000
Booby Trap      Finish your opponent with an exploded mine you set.      12000
Bumper Clea     Beat your opponent with a bumper.                        11000
Cheap Shot      You use the same move too much.                            -99
Comet Mystic    Both of you die from lava.(Samus Stage)25000
DK Perfect      Beat Giant DK without letting your allies be hit.        50000
DK Defender     Don't let anybody die on DK's Level.                     10000
Easy Clear      Beat Easy.                                              140000
Fighter Stance  Taunt after you finish your opponent off.                  100
Full Power      Beat a level with damage at 0%.                           5000
Good Friend     Win Mario Bros. or DK Level without your partner dying.   8000
Hard Clear      Beat Hard.                                              280000
Hawk            Win using air attacks only.                              18000
Heartthrob      Get three heart containers in the same level.            
Heavy Damage    Take more than 200% damage in one level.                 28000
Item Strike     Win using only items.                                    
Item Throw      Win by only throwing items.                              
Jackpot         Win with your damage meter showing all one number.        3330
Judo Warrior    Win using only throws.                                    5000
Kirby Ranks     Defeat the Kirby's in order.                             25000
Last Second     Beat a level with only one second left on the clock.     10000
Lucky 3         Beat a level with 3:33 on the clock.                      9990
Lucky 6         ???                                                       6660
Mew Catch       Get Mew from a Pokeball. Doesn't appear often.           15000
Mystic          Win while you're about to die in the distance.            7000
No Damage       Beat a level without taking any hits.                    15000
No Damage(BS)   Beat Bonus Three without taking any hits.                15000
No Damage Clear Beat the game without taking andy damage.               300000
No Item         Win a level using no items.                               1000
No Miss x       Starts at 5000. Add 5000 for every level you beat 
                without dying.                                      5000-55000
No Miss Clear   Beat the game without dying.                             70000
Normal Clear    Beat Normal.                                            210000
Pacifist        Win without hitting your enemy.                          60000
Perfect(BS)     Hit all the targets or platforms on BS 1 or 2.           30000
Pokemon Finish  Win with a Pokemon from a pokeball.                      11000
Shield Breaker  Break somebody's shield sometime in a level.              8000
Shooter         Win using only projectiles.                              12000
Single Move     Win using only one move.                                 11000
Smash Mania     Win using only smashes.                                   5000
Smash-Less      Win without using any smash attacks.                      5000
Special Move    Win using only B Button attacks.                          5000
Speed Demon     Finish the game in less than 8 minutes.                  80000
Speed King      Finish the game in less than 12 minutes.                 40000
Speedster       Win a match in  before 4:30 on the clock.                10000
Star Clear
Star Finish     Beat a level by killing your opponents in the distance 
                only.                                                    10000
Throw Down      Finish your last enemy with a throw.                      2000
Tornado Clear   Beat your opponent with a tornado on Link's Stage.        3000
Trickster       Beat the Yoshis, Kirbys, and Polygons with upward kills. 11000
True Friend     Beat Mario Bros. Level without partner taking a hit.     25000
Vegetarian      Get three Maximum Tomatoes in one level.                  
Very Easy Clear Beat Very Easy.                                          70000
Very Hard Clear Beat Very Hard.                                         350000
Yoshi Rainbow   Defeat the Yoshis in the order they appear.              18000

-Sound Test
        Complete Practice One and Two with ALL TWELVE CHARACTERS.

-Item Frequency Menu in Multiplayer
        Play 50 games in multiplayer mode. You may enter and exit these games.

-Hidden Stage
        Beat the one-player game with THE EIGHT ORIGINAL CHARACTERS.
        You must also play each multiplayer level at least once.
        It is the original SMB1 type stage.
        Check for an icon to the left of your score to make sure you beat it.

-Change Costumes
        On the character select screen use the C buttons to change your character's costume.
        In addition to these costumes, lighter and darker shades can be aquired by selecting
        Team Battle with all the same character on the same team.

*On the character data screen, hold Z and rotate the control stick to see different angles of
        the characters.
*Press Start during a team battle Mulitplayer game. If your friend has lives, you can take one!
*On the opening title sequence (when you start up the game) all the hidden characters you have
        found will jump out at the end of the sequence.

Many people claim that there are such characters as Gyrados, Bulbasaur, Bowser, or whatever
the heck you can think of. Are these real?

-No, because I don't think Nintendo would have characters hidden so hard or chosen such
 non-mainstream characters, although JigglyPuff is an exception. We are talking about Nintendo
 and it shouldn't be so hard to find all the characters, if more exist, which I highly doubt.
 Also, there are no more spaces to select these so-called hidden characters. I've never seen
 any screen shots, and I doubt they even exist as playable characters.

What about playable versions of the Polygon Team, Metal Mario, or Master Hand?

-No, again. Read the above response. Also, just because you see them fighting you doesn't mean
 that you can play as them, this goes for a lot of games. In order for you to play as them there
 needs to be an actual series of programming code to correlate controller button presses with
 animations and functions. Some programmers merely implement the AI which uses no input, and
 therefore is not designed for use with controller feedback.

This tells where the items came from.
Light Saber    Star Wars (Weapon of the Jedi)
Homerun Bat    Earthbound (Ness' main weapon :))
Fan            Super Mario RPG (Princess Toadstool's weapon)
Star Rod       Kirby Superstar (Weapon you absorb)
Ray Gun        Goldeneye 007 (moonraker)
Fire Flower    Super Mario Bros.
Hammer         Donkey Kong
Proximity Mine Goldeneye 007
Bob-omb        Super Mario Bros.2/Super Mario Bros. USA (in Japan)
Bumper         Pinball (The NES classic)
Green Shell    Super Mario Bros.
Red Shell      Super Mario Bros./Super Mario Kart
Pokeball       Pokemon Red and Blue/&Green (in Japan)
Maxim Tomato   Kirby's Dreamland
Heart Container The Legend of Zelda
Barrel         Donkey Kong
Crate          Yoshi Story
Pill           Dr. Mario
Egg            Pokemon (Chansey)

Look in stage backgrounds (not in training mode) and you can see some cameo characters.
You may have to wait several minutes, with the exception of Buzzy Beetle and Koopa Troopa.

Lakitu (Mario Stage)
Necky (DK Stage)
Kamek Minion (Yoshi Stage) (sometimes has melon.)
Stork (Yoshi Stage)
Ridley (Samus Stage)
Those flying things (Samus)
King DeDeDe (Kirby Stage)
Bronto Burt (Kirby Stage)
Sector Z Missle (Fox Stage)
Star Wolf (Fox Stage)
Butterfree (Pikachu Stage)
Fearow (Pikachu Stage)
Zapdos (Pikachu Stage)
Moltres (Pikachu Stage)
Articuno (Pikachu Stage)
Pidgey (Pikachu Stage)
Buzzy Beetle (Mario Bros. Stage)
Koopa Troopa (Mario Bros. Stage)
Shadow Link??? (Link Stage)

<Link's level's background is from Zelda64, special thanks to shigmiya64@aol.com>

I know I have missed some, I haven't seen any myself in Link's stage. If you know any other 
cameos, please E-Mail me.


About Pikachu Stage: I have heard there are three legendary birds on this stage.
You will see them if you are crazy enough to stay in the level for an hour.
I have not personally tested this, so do not take my word for it.

<Contributed to playtesting, Super Flying, Quadruple Jump, and Smash Down Techniques.>

<Fixed many of the One-Player Bonus mistakes I had made.>

[Michael Taketa/sephiroth_97@hotmail.com]
<Cameos of Fearow and Zapdos>

[Nathan Morris/nathan@rhsnet.com]
<Told me the pill came from Dr. Mario.> 

<Smash Throwing Items/ Boomerang control>

<Cool Link Combo/ More Boomerang Stuff>

<Heart/Tomato Tip>

[Jonathan Powley/riot255@hotmail.com] <x6>
<Shield moving/DK ground pound/Diffusing mines/Throwing note>
Let me just say that his contributions are too many to mention. Hats off to you!

<Mew can hurt people>

<Crate origin/Multiplayer partner damage>

<Link cameo, Points glitch, Dual Star Thing>

It was a blast making this guide, and although I don't do it too often, I like making my guides
unique in some way. I hope this helped you, or at least informed you of one thing you didn't
know. I also wanted to thank NINTENDO for not abandoning the N64 because of Playstation and
Dreamcast. This was a great game, and more are on the way.

Hey, I found my Pokemon Guide! E-Mail me if you want it! It's similar to this guide in style.
If you want to contact me, e-mail to: rabbyrab@hotmail.com
Thanks a bunch! E-Mail is appreciated.
               -Rabby (rabbyrab@hotmail.com)

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