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    Weapon List by Dr. Seuss

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 06/16/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    1---- !   !  !----!  !---  !__
    !---! !   !  !____!  !---  !__!
    ----1 !---!  !       !---  ! !
         1----  *!   !*    11   1---- *   *
         !---!  * ! ! *   1--1  !---! *---*
         ----1  *  !  *  1    1 ----1 *   *
              *---0  !__    ___  _____  *   *  !---  !__  1----  0
              *---0  !__!  !   !   !    *---*  !---  !__! !---!
              *---0  ! !   !___!   !    *   *  !---  ! !  ----1  0
                               WEAPON LIST VERSION 2.0
    Created by Dr. Seuss, doc_seuss@hotmail.com
    This version submitted on June 16, 1999.
       I.  History
       II.  Disclaimer/Copyright Information
       III.  Introduction
       IV.  The Weapon/Item List
            A.  Clobbering Items
                    1.  Beam Sword
                    2.  Home Run Bat
                    3.  Hammer
                    4.  Fan
            B.  Projectile Launching Items
                    1.  Ray Gun
                    2.  Fire Flower
                    3.  Star Rod
            C.  Throwing Items
                    1.  Green Shell
                    2.  Red Shell
                    3.  Poke Ball
                    4.  Bob-omb
                    5.  Bumper
                    6.  Motion Sensor Bomb
            D.  Special Items
                    1.  Star
                    2.  Capsule
                    3.  Chansey Egg
                    4.  Barrel
                    5.  Crate
            E.  Recovery Items
                    1.  Maxim Tomato
                    2.  Heart Container
       V.  List On What Items I Think Are The Best
       VI.  Words of Thanks
    I.  History
    Version 1.0(June 3, 1999)- FAQ submitted.  FAQ finished.  Update to come 
    Version 1.5(June 7, 1999)- List on what items I think are best included.  
    Spelling errors fixed.  Submitted what game Beam Sword came from.
    Version 2.0(June 16, 1999)- Submitted where Hammer and Fan came from.  Fixed 
    more errors.
    II  Disclaimer/Copyright Information
    This document and everything it contains has been copyrighted under law.  
    You may use it for your personal use, but this document may not be printed 
    and sold.  You MAY NOT use this document on your webpage without my 
    permission.  Again, if you see this document anywhere else, please notify me 
    at doc_seuss@hotmail.com.  Plagiarism is a severe crime in which I could sue 
    you quite easily.  Thank you.
    III.  Introduction
    Dr. Seuss here with version 2.0 of the Super Smash Brothers Weapon List. If 
    you are wondering why I am giving you this list, the reason is this: there 
    are some people out there who can’t make up their mind on which weapon/item 
    is their favorite, and/or which is the best.  If you need to notify me on 
    some problems, changes, suggestions, etc. email me at doc_seuss@hotmail.com. 
    are currently the only site that can list this faq.  Well, on with the list!
    IV.  The Weapon/Item List
    A.  Clobbering Items
    1.  Beam Sword- My favorite weapon.  Not only is it the longest weapon so 
    you can hit your enemy from a distance so you have time to step back if they 
    try to attack you , it is the easiest weapon to block projectiles with.  
    Although you can’t make a smash attack with it, that doesn’t really matter 
    because of its great strength.  You can drop it two to four times before it 
    is destroyed from overuse.  The only downside of it is that it takes too 
    much recovery time on a dash attack.  If you have knocked someone out of the 
    arena and you know that your beam sword is low on strength and it won’t last 
    long, throw it with Z, forward and A when they fall to your level.  It will 
    knock them and usually they won’t have a chance to get back up.  This weapon 
    came from Kirby’s Dream Land 2(thank you Kyle J. Fox).  This weapon reminds 
    me of a lightsaber of Star Wars fame.
    2.  Home Run Bat- This weapon is so awesome!  When you use a smash attack, 
    your opponent will go flying.  This weapon came from Earthbound(yes, the 
    game Ness is from), a Super Nintendo RPG.  Is also powerful when you throw 
    it; your opponent will be knocked silly.  Essential for breaking other 
    player’s shields.
    3.  Hammer- This weapon could save your life if you are tied at one life 
    with another opponent and you grab this.  Hailing from several different 
    Mario games, this weapon is extremely useful when fighting the Yoshi, Kirby, 
    or Fighting Polygon team.  When you clobber someone and they go sailing up 
    into the air, stay right under them and hit them again before they land.  
    This could mean either life or death for you, whether you pick it up or 
    opponent does is the question.  Anyone who grabs it goes into a clobbering 
    frenzy.  Although this hammer is found in several Mario games, this one is 
    from the original Donkey Kong.  The cheesy music that comes up when you grab 
    it is straight out of that game(thank you JT IceFire).
    4.  Fan- Although this weapon is useful for quick attacks, it is extremely 
    weak.  You can’t through it very far(duh, it’s a paper fan, how far do you 
    think you could throw it).  If you keep tapping A, you can usually pull 
    several attacks on your enemy.  It comes from Super Mario RPG and was one of 
    Princess Toadstool’s weapons(thank you Kyle J. Fox again).
    B.  Projectile Launching Items
    1.  Ray Gun- This gun is extremely useful in tight situations where you have 
    to inflict a lot of damage to your opponent.  Simply shoot your enemy, and 
    as he/she flies through the air, blast him/her again, and again, and again, 
    until your opponent is out of range, an obstacle is in the way, etc.  Has 16 
    2.  Fire Flower- Every Mario fan knows what a fire flower is.  Too bad that 
    when you blow fire with your breath, it doesn’t go too far.  But if you have 
    your opponent up close, this is the perfect item for that situation.  You 
    can throw it quite nicely, too.  I don’t really like this item that much, 
    but I am not going to say that it is useless, either.
    3.  Star Rod- With a push of the control stick and a press of A, you can 
    shoot stars at your enemy.  You can only shoot 20.  This is also an 
    effective clobbering and throwing item.
    C.  Throwing Items
    1.  Green Shell- Another weapon of Mario fame, this can be very effective if 
    your opponent has more than 100% damage inflicted on him/her.  Just throw it 
    and if it survives the blow, pick it up again.
    2.  Red Shell- Just another version of the Green Shell, but this one slides 
    back and forth, clearing anything in its path, including you, if you don’t 
    move quickly.  Extremely useful in the hands of a master.
    3.  Poke Ball- After this item hits the ground, it opens up, revealing a 
    random Pokemon.  Some of them include: Onix, Chansey, Koffing, and several 
    others.  I would throw it at my competitor so it would open right in front 
    of them.
    work for you or against you, depending on if you pick it up or not.  If it 
    sits idly for more than a few seconds, it will run around freely, and anyone 
    who comes in contact with it...well, I’m sure you’ve probably already found 
    out what’s happened.  This sucker has the ability to send your opponent to 
    the nearest constellation.  Found in numerous Mario games.
    5.  Bumper- I don’t see much usefulness to this item.  You get to inflict 
    about 1% of damage every time your rival taps your bumper, and even then 
    that happens rarely.  Whoop-de-doo.  Be careful when throwing it, because it 
    will rebound off of your opponent, possibly hitting you, too, depending 
    where you threw it from.  Found in Kirby’s Pinball Land.
    6.  Motion Sensor Bomb- Throw this tiny item anywhere!  It can latch onto 
    the floor and walls of the arena.  Whoever steps on it(including the 
    deployer) will get a big surprise.  Just as effective as the Bob-omb, except 
    now you don’t have to worry about it running around while you tend to other 
    manners.  Just don’t forget where you put it.  Reminds me of the Proximity 
    Mine from Goldeneye.
    D.  Special Items
    1.  Star- Gee, what’s a star?  Hmm, I wonder...just kidding.  Anyone who has 
    just heard of Mario should know what a star does.  In this game, it makes 
    you invincible for a little less than 10 seconds.  Count for yourself.  Too 
    bad that when you get this item, all of your enemies will flee and wait 
    until your star runs out.
    2.  Capsule- From Dr. Mario, this capsule holds a random item.  When it hits 
    an object, it disappears, revealing an item.  This item usually is the one 
    that appears the most.
    3.  Chansey Egg- This item is just like the Capsule except that only an 
    appearance from Chansey, a Pokemon, will make it emerge.  She will usually 
    give you three of them.  Break it open and take the item inside.  This item 
    also pops up randomly on Yoshi’s Island.
    4.  Barrel- What can I say, it’s a barrel.  Throw it and it will start 
    rolling.  When it hits any object, it will emancipate up to three items.  
    Just make sure it hits an object.  Only Donkey Kong can run around with this 
    item, but anyone can pick it up.  If you have a lot of running room, run 
    after it after you have thrown it and pin it with a few attacks to break it 
    if it is about to go off the edge.
    5.  Crate- This item is similar to the barrel except that it doesn’t 
    roll(duh!).  It will release up to three items, usually they will be Poke 
    Balls, Beam Swords, or Motion Sensor Bombs, so be on the alert for these 
    helpful items.
    E.  Recovery Items
    1.  Maxim Tomato- Although not as helpful as the Heart Container, this 
    veggie can be helpful when the odds are against you.  It recovers up to 100% 
    on your Damage Meter.  I have no idea why they call it a Maxim Tomato, I 
    just pronounce it Maximum Tomato.  Hails from several Kirby games.
    2.  Heart Container- This awesome item recovers ALL of your damage, no 
    matter what percentage it is at.  Not much more to say about it.  The only 
    problem is that when it emerges, it flies high up into the air, and it takes 
    forever for it to come back down again.  Thereby giving your opponent enough 
    time to run over to you, maybe throwing you away from where the Heart 
    Container will land.  Then your opponent will have it.  This really sucks 
    especially if you have your enemy up to 200% or something like that.  Comes 
    from nearly all of the Zelda games.
    V.  List On What Items I Think Are The Best
    Here, I will list what I think what weapons I think are the most useful, one 
    being the best, and 13 being the worst.  I have excluded the Recovery and 
    Special Items.  Here it goes:
    1.  Beam Sword
    2.  Home Run Bat
    3.  Hammer
    4.  Motion Sensor Bomb
    5.  Bob-omb
    6.  Green Shell
    7.  Poke Ball
    8.  Ray Gun
    9.  Star Rod
    10.  Fan
    11.  Red Shell
    12.  Fire Flower
    13.  Bumper
    VI.  Words of Thanks
    This is the section where I post the thank-you’s and stuff like that.  Here 
    they go:
    Thank you Nintendo, for making this addictive game.
    Thank you me, for making this weapons FAQ.
    Thank you Kyle J. Fox for mailing me and telling me where the Beam Sword and 
    Fan came from.
    Thank you JT IceFire for telling me where the Hammer came from.
    Well, that’s all for now, folks.  Look for me, Dr. Seuss, on the GameFaq’s 
    Super Smash Brothers screen for my character descriptions.  Again, feel free 
    to contact me at doc_seuss@hotmail.com.
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