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Stage Descriptions by RBatiste

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 08/04/1999

by Nunya Business

Version 1.3

1.3 - (8/4/99) Found out that Fox & C. Falcon have infinite combo ability.  Also various grammar
corrections here & there.  A special thanks to those e-mailed me about my mistakes, after all, I'm
still a beginner at this.
1.2 - (7/31/99) Made some more corrections thanks to a timely e-mail.  I found out that I had my
information to get the Mushroom Kingdom stage partially wrong, but that's fixed.
1.1 - (7/30/99) Made some HUGE corrections to the Dream Land & Mushroom Kingdom stage
art.  I had no idea it looked so horrible in ASCII text, but its all fixed now.
1.0 - (7/29/99) This FAQ was first submitted 

1. Intro
2. Stage Description
    a. Peach's Castle
    b. Congo Jungle
    c. Hyrule Castle
    d. Planet Zebes
    e. Yoshi's Island
    f. Dream Land
    g. Sector Z
    h. Saffron City
    i. Mushroom Kingdom
3. Copyright

This is the second FAQ I've ever made in my life (The first was a Mario FAQ for this game.)  I've
decided to write this to give players an idea of what to expect when going into certain stages. 
FAIR WARNING though, you have to have a fair understanding of the game to know what I'm
talking about, such as the characters, terminology, & such, 'cause I didn't write this FAQ to teach
people how to play the game.  Now, down to business!

These are all the stages that are available for you to use in the VS menu of Super Smash Brothers. 
I will individually break them down for you.  The three main categories I shall list at the beginning
of each section are; length of the stage, height of the stage, & deadly elements inside the stage.

Length: Short
Height: 2 Platforms
Deadly Elements: None

The stage is on a short, flat bridge.  The platform beneath it is shorter than the bridge, but there's
a brick rail that's slightly underneath it that platform that slowly rotates back & forth.  High above
the bridge, there is a bumper that slowly hovers back & forth, & to the sides there are a couple of
slanted platforms like the ones in Mario 64.  The background is a sky high view of Peach's Castle.

Since this stage is so small, you'll most likely will be fighting for some breathing space.  Also
because the stage is
flat, head-on projectiles such as Fox's laser & the ray gun will have no trouble nailing an
opponent.  Also, the
players that hang on the lower platform in this stage have a great advantage.  Since the spacing
between the
platforms isn't that great, the player on the bottom can do a simple jump attack, or their Up+B
special to get in a
few licks.  However, this is a stage where it is very hard to kill an opponent.  One reason why, the
bumper.  If you try to use an upward smash attack to kill an opponent, don't be surprised if the
bumper keeps them
in the playing field.  This can get extremely annoying if you have a Hammer & you keep seeing
your victims stay
in the playing field.  Another reason is the slanted ramps.  Anyone that is thrown from a certain
distance on the
bridge will sometimes slide off the ramp & be given another chance to stay in the playing field. 
The best way to
knock a opponent of is to use the upward smash & hope that the bumper isn't there.  The last
reason why this stage
can be a difficult place to get some kills is the moving brick rail.  Normally, if a fighter out of the
playing field
can't reach the higher bridge, he/she will hope that the rail is close enough for them to reach.  The
best time to
attack is when the rail is moving away from the fighter outside the playing field.  Attacking the
player when their
in the middle of their 2nd or 3rd jump, or a well-placed item such as a Motion-Sensor Bomb, a
Red Shell, or a
certain Pokemon such as Blastiose or Mewoth are both great strategies to keep a fighter out of
the playing field. 
Overall, its practically a stage for the average player.

Length: Short
Height: 2-3 platforms 
Deadly Elements: None

The stage has a bottom platform that takes a small, downward angle to the center from both sides
before leveling
itself out.  In the center of the stage, there are two platforms.  Both of them travel along an
imaginary squared path
in a counter-clockwise direction along side each other.  The moving platforms go as high as the
side platforms that
slightly angle upward toward the center.  Also, there is a moving barrel, similar to the one found
in DK Country
games found underneath the bottom platforms.  The background is a setting sun among the

Out of all the stages in the game, this might be the one where you'll have the least time to breathe. 
The stage in
small, so you may have to fight for you space.  But at the same time, this may be a good thing. 
Why?  Because
there are many items that will work here.  For instance, a Motion-Sensor Bomb or a Red Shell
(especially on the
moving or side platforms) work quite nicely.  Also a walking Bomb Trooper, Hammer, or certain
types of Pokemon
are also good to use because there isn't anywhere the opponents can run to avoid the attacks. 
However, this can be
a hard place to kill someone if they aren't knocked very far because of the barrel that's underneath
the stage.  If
they land in the barrel, then just like DK Country, they can shoot themselves back onto the
playing field.  Also the
weird thing about the lower platform is that it's hollow.  That means if the player was just
underneath the platform,
they could double or triple jump though the platform & maybe land a lucky hit.

Length: Long
Height: 5 platforms
Deadly Elements: Tornadoes

The stage's main platform is very long & flat.  There are lower & short platforms connected to
each side of the
main platform, & the one to the right has a small tower in the middle that you can go over or
through it.  In the
center of the stage, they are 3 very small platforms, each of them higher than the last & the 2nd
highest being
moreover to the right than the other 2.  The background is a high view of some mountains & a

This is one of those stages where you'll be free to roam around.  Fighters with long range attacks,
such as Fox &
Mario can really excel here.  Also, because they aren't many air platforms here, Kirby's Stone,
Pikachu's Thunder
Bolt, & other air attacks will work really well.  The only hazard in this stage are a few swirling
tornadoes.  They
aren't really dangerous because they normally move slowly across the stage (sometimes they move
really fast).  If
you do get caught in the tornado, it will only kill you if your energy is over 80%.  The only way to
ensure someone
gets caught it one is to knock 'em into it.  Finally, this stage has infinite combo ability.  This will
only work if 
your character is Fox, C. Falcon, Pikachu, Link, or Kirby.  If you trap an opponent right next to
the wall, then press the A button
rapidly & you'll ring up your opponent's damage meter.  This in my opinion is cheap, but hey, it
gets the job done.

Length: Medium
Height: 4 platforms
Deadly Elements: Lava, lava, & especially the LAVA

The main platform is very slanted in various spots.  The next highest platform is to the left a slants
towards the
center.  The platform to the right is slightly higher than the previous platform & it too slants
toward the center. 
The last platform is the highest & is flat & small.  There is also a moving platform on the right
side of the stage
that travels up & down.  The background is kind of a space cavern view of some sort, I don't

This is the TOUGHEST stage to play in the entire game.  You'll really have no time to rest here
because the lava
will be going up & down quite a bit.  It's important that you stay as high above the stage as
possible because the
lava can reach just underneath the highest platform.  A way to tell when the lava is about to come
up is that the
stage will slightly shake.  That's your cue to get climbing.  What's weird is that many of the item
boxes will appear
on the bottom platform.  I wouldn't recommend going after them unless its a useful item or your
damage meter is
under 70%, because the lava will inflict about 16% damage, & once your meter is higher than
80%, your gonna be
flying.  However this is a place where you can get a lot of cheap kills 'cause a simple smash move
against a
weakened opponent into the lava is a great way to run up your KO total.  And if your going to
put booby trap item
(Red Shell, etc.) somewhere on the stage, put it on the highest platform, so when your opponents
are running from
the lava, they'll have no choice but to take the trap or the lava.  If you are a beginner, I'd suggest
staying away
from this stage until you get better.

Length: Short
Height: 4 platforms
Deadly Elements: None

The main platform of the stage is a V shaped.  Similar to Zebes, the higher platforms slant
towards the center
expect for the highest one which is flat.  On the left side of the stage there's a small cloud, while
there are two
clouds on the right.  The background is a HUGE, HAPPY, SMILING heart from Yoshi's Story.

If you can stand the happy music & background, you've won half the battle.  Yet another small
stage.  Air attacks
such as Pikachu's Thunder Bolt & Kirby's Stone is totally useless here.  You basically know the
routine by now for
the small stages.  However the clouds on the side can be used as temporary stepping stones if you
get knocked off
pretty far, but the one your standing on will disappear after a few seconds.  Some items will also
be placed on these
clouds.  If you do a Smash attack, it will be wiser the knock them upwards or to the left because
there's less space
on the left side of the stage.

Length: Short (Yet again!)
Height: 3 platforms
Deadly Elements: Wind

It'll be quicker if I just drew it up, here:

   *******              *******  


The foreground is that famous tree boss from almost every Kirby game, Wispy Woods, while the
background is a
view of some islands in the ocean.

You know the drill for these short stages by now.  But watch out for Wispy, he'll occasionally
blow a gust of wind
that will pull you toward the side that he's blowing, which will also make it difficult to get back in
a stage after
getting knocked off.  Otherwise, no danger here.

G. SECTOR Z (but really it's Fox's Ship)
Length: Long
Height: 2 platforms
Deadly Elements: Arwing Lasers

Two words to describe this stage, LONG & FLAT.  At the far right, the tail wing causes a sharp
upward angle &
dips into the lower platform near the exhaust.  The background is Sector Z from Starfox 64 of
course. (Duh, that's
why the stage is called Sector Z!)

The is the stage all beginners should start out with.  It's long, flat, open spaced, & not too much
danger, & if your
in a Stock match, a fight in this stage will take forever.  All fighters will be at their best here.  The
only danger is
Fox's buddies taking some target practice at the competitors.  For the most part its easy to avoid
the Arwing's
lasers as long as your blocking or staying alert, but if you are hit you'll go flying unless your meter
is under 70%. 
(Also be sure that your not standing on Arwing when it leaves, or else you'll be committing
suicide.)  The platform
by the exhaust is a small stage in itself, therefore small stage strategies will work very well here. 
Like Hyrule
Castle, this stage as infinite combo possibilities. Once again, this will only work if your Fox, C.
Falcon, Kirby, Link, or Pikachu.  
Get on the lower platform & trap them with your rapid punch attack (pressing A button rapidly). 
Once again a
perfect stage for all beginners & for fierce competitors.

Length: Long
Height: 3 platforms
Deadly Elements: Various Pokemon

The main platform is small & flat, but at the right end is a box that will contain various Pokemon
that will help or
hurt you.  To the right, separated by a small gap is a small rooftop.  To the left is a couple of
small, slanted
platforms that hover up & down over the bottomless pit with another small rooftop between the 2
platforms.  The
background is a city skyline.

The second toughest stage in the game.  There's no true safe place here, all the various platforms
(except for the
main one) are very small, & the main platform can have a Pokemon come out at any given
moment.  The way you
can tell when a Pokemon is about to emerge is that the box will give of a bright light.  These are
the Pokemon that
could appear:

Charmander - It won't always attack, but when it does it will give off a fire breath similar to that
of a Fire Flower.
Venusuar - It won't always attack, but if it does, it will shoot a few razor leafs before leaving
Porygon - It just rushes out the door.  It'll only hurt if you damage meter is very high.
Electrode - The most dangerous of them all.  If caught in its explosion, it will kill you if your
meter is over 60%.
Chansey - It'll throw out a egg which contains an item.  If your inside the door, you can get your
damage meter
lowered just slightly.

Bobby Trap items will work very well here because of the short space in various areas.  Fighters
with long-ranged,
or air attacks shouldn't have too many problems, because face-to-face fighting is pretty much
hazardous.  This is
another stage that an infinity can be pulled off, but because of the Pokemon, it's
rather dangerous & shouldn't be attempted for health reasons.

**This is a secret stage that can be obtained by finishing the 1-player mode of the game with all of
the original 8 fighters, in any setting & any stock.  (You CAN continue as many times as you

Length: Medium
Height: 3 platforms
Deadly Elements: POW block, Pirahna Plants

Again it will be quicker if I just drew it, here's a key to the map:
P- Pipe with Pirahna Plant
W- Pipe without Pirahna Plant
/ - Weighted Platform
@- Possible location of a POW block

          @                           @
          P               @                                 
***********    @       ////        *******
             ******        ////      *******
*********************            **********************
                    * W          *
                    *            *

The background is a classic SMB stage, complete with flag, castle, & all.  The music is also
exactly like the 8-bit
original (No joke).

This stage is totally unique compared the others.  One thing, you could fall in the center of the
stage.  Secondly you 
can be killed by venturing to far of to the side, so you could end up walking yourself out of
existence.  The main
thing to remember when fighting here is to make sure that your fighter is in plain sight.  If your
off-screen, get in
view quickly before you get knocked out by a simple punch or kick.  True to the original game,
you can go down
the pipes to get transport yourself to another part of the stage.  But keep a close eye on where
you end up because if
a Piranha Plant or another fighter is standing on the other pipe you could end up on the pipe
marked "W" on the
map, & you'll have to double or triple jump to reach to platform.  But these pipes have some
positive uses.  One
thing, it can help you escape a fierce competitor or a fighter carrying the Hammer.  Or it can help
you get the jump
on an unsuspecting opponent.  As for the Weighted platform, its just like the ones in the original
SMB game.  If
another fighter is not on the other side to give it balance, then it will fall after about a second, &
will not reset for a
about 5 seconds.  The first of the two hazards are the Piranha Plants.  Actually they aren't that
dangerous, all they
do is block the entrance to the pipe & knock you up in the sky pretty high, but to may
recollection, they don't really
kill.  A simple fireball or laser will knock the weed out very quickly.  The second hazard is the
POW block straight
from SMB2.   The POW block won't come up often, but when it does you can send you
opponents flying by
kicking the block.  However, the only way they will fly is if the fighter's feet are on the ground.  If
they are already
on the ground, they won't go anywhere.  For the most part this is a stage where lots of strategy
comes into play &
its recommended that experts only walk this dangerous terrain.  (Infinities can be pulled of here
too only if you use
Fox, C. Falcon, Kirby, Link, or Pikachu.  Just trap them by a pipe & use your rapid punch attack.)

**Well that's it.  I hope that I was a help to those of you newcomers, or those of you who've had
trouble surviving
certain stages in the VS Mode of this game.**

This document is Copyright 1999 Nunya Business.  In no way can you copy or reprint this FAQ
& sell it to someone else.  My e-mail is <nunyab60@hotmail.com>

Thanks to Nintendo for making the only good fighting game on the N64.  
Thanks to Gamefaqs for making a place that houses such information.
Thanks especially to those who e-mailed me about my mistakes.  That'll teach me to get my
information right.

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