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Items FAQ by SephClone

Version: 1.0 |

                     \< SSSS S   S   S    SSSS S   S >/    
                    \< M     MM MM  M M  M     M   M  >/ 
         SUPER      <   AAA  A A A AAAAA  AAA  AAAAA   >   BROS.
                    /<     S S   S S   S     S S   S  >\   
                     /< HHH  H   H H   H HHHH  H   H >\
                      /<                            >\                

Item List and commentary by Tj Condon (SephClone) 

ver. 1.0

Introduction: Well, I saw a lack of comprehensive Item guides for this 
fine game, and just made one. You're looking at it. I'll try to keep it
 current (I have to rent the game) and informative (it's gone with me 
through many a 4-player-party.) So, I bring it here to you, along with 
my opinions on the items. Please do not steal this info (email me if 
you want to use it, I'll most likely say yes) as it took me a good 
night of playing for all this and a long time to get the Pokémon info.

Name of Item - Game featured
      Effect (damage, healing, etc.)

Item containers: (doing research on the exact damage from throws, check
 back later!)

Capsule - Dr. Mario
Chansey Egg - Pokémon
Barrel - Donkey Kong Series

MaximTomato - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes? (I really don't know)
      Heals up to 100%
            This tomato can come through in a pinch. Eating 3 in one 
match will earn you the vegetarian bonus.

Heart Container - Legend of Zelda series
      Heals up to 999%
            This will completely refill your life. It's a good thing. 
Sometimes I even go so far as to take it with little or no damage, just 
to spite my opponents.

Starman - Mario series
      Grants invincibility for 10 sec.
            Get this and just go nuts. Even Kirby's rapid punch attack 
seems worthwhile with this baby.

Beam Sword - Star Wars? (there's copyright infringement there.)
      12% hit, 25% smash, 19% throw
            This sword can grant some much appreciated reach advantage,
 epecially to the smaller fighters (Kirby, Pikachu, Jigglypuff). 
 but I don't think Mr. Lucas is happy!

Homerun Bat - EarthBound
      7% hit, "Homerun" (Auto KO) smash, 18%  throw
            This comes in VERY handy if you can pull off a smash in 
close range. teamed with a star, there's no stopping you. Kirby can 
take out DK at 0% with one hit of this thing. VERY useful.  

Fan - Who knows, who cares.
      2% hit, 8% smash, 8% throw
            This is just a weak excuse for a weapon. The small reach 
advantage you get will be offset by the fan's weakness. AVOID THE FAN 

 Star Rod - Kirby's Dream Land series
      10% hit, 12% smash (long range), 26% smash (close range), 15% 
      	This is an all-around useful weapon. It hits for good 
damage, especially smashes at close range, and it's long range smash 
is a great projectile attack.         

Ray Gun - StarFox series (looks like Fox's gun)
      10% hit (15 shots), 12% throw
            This is a fairly good one, not the greatest (runs out of 
ammo quickly) but can be used for great juggle combos.   

Fire Flower - Mario Series
      3% hit (59 shots), 10% throw
            This is THE weapon for cornering. I know, it can get a bit
 cheesy. (A perfect corner lockdown delivers a 59 hit combo for 177% 
damage) But despite this, the Fire Flower is a great weapon, also for 
its juggle power. Lock an opponent up over a ledge and have a teammate 
come in under for a huge combo or move.  

Hammer - Donkey Kong
	30% hit, usually KO's anything >100%
            This is a tough one to grade. You get incredible power, 
juggling, and nigh-invincibility, at the cost of your jumping ability. 
It's a two way street. But I'd still grab it up QUICK and stay in one 

Motion sensor Bomb - sorta like the Proximity Mine in Goldeneye 007
      30% hit, 12% throw
            Just like 007. This mine is VERY easy to forget about, and 
is small so it's also hard to see. But using it right it can be a great
 weapon. Defeat an opponent with this in 1-player mode to earn the 
 Trap bonus.

Bob-omb - Mario Series
      30% hit (when walking) 40% throw
            USE EXTREME CAUTION! Bob-ombs can start walking around on 
a platform while you're trying to rab it, causing explosion. The throw 
is actually a 2-hit combo, 10% for hitting the opponent and 30% for the

Bumper - Kirby's Pinball Land
      1% hit, 8% throw
            This weapon JUST SUCKS. It's only really good use is for 
throwing off edges to keep opponents off, and even then it can come 
 and hit you. Avoid.

Green Shell - Mario Series
      23% hit on the throw
            This can be very useful, mostly because you can use it off 
edges and it can be used more than once. Just grab and throw.

Red Shell - Mario Series
      10%, stays on platform
            Throw this onto a platform near an edge and just watch the 
fun. It stays on a platform, so it's there for a while, spinning and 
knocking people around. somewhat useful.

Pokéball - Pokémon
      random Pokémon appears, 13-20% throw
            Yes, I have here the ENTIRE LIST of Pokémon attacks from 
the Pokéball. Praise me.

--format for Pokémon--
Pokémon Name - damage or effect
      Description and commentary.
      In this case "hit" is how much damage is dealt by actually 
touching the Pokemon, while anything else denotes a projectile attack.

Mew - 0%
      Mew appears and flies offscreen. VERY RARE. Doesn't do a thing, 
but it's cool to watch.

Goldeen - Diddly squat.
      Goldeen flops around on the floor for a while. WOW.

Hitmonlee - 24%
      Hitmonlee appears (I SWEAR he says "Psyduck!") and kicks your 
opponent for good damage.

Charizard - 28% hit, 4% flame (60 flames)
      Charizard appears and starts shooting fire around him. not bad.

Koffing - 3% smog (30 smog)
      Koffing flies up and starts shooting out smog. This can be used 
for a juggle combo, be ready underneath with a combo of your own. Fun.

Blastoise - 26% hit, 6% water blast (10 blasts)
      Very inaccurate, but has a chance to juggle. Use it on an edge 
for GREAT fun.

Clefairy - Random Pokemon attack.
      Even if this wasn't random enough, they add MORE random elements. 
Oh well. You're still getting an attack, but a bit funnier. (RUN! It's 
a swarm of Clefairy!)

Onix - 21% hit, 8% rock (10 rocks)
      Not bad, but accuracy leaves a lot to be desired. good for use on

Starmie - 12% hit, 3% beam (20 beams)
      Starmie appears, and flies up you your opponent's altitude before
 unleashing lots of blasts for a great juggle combo. Very good attack.

Snorlax - 22% hit
      Snorlax appears, flies offscreen, then comes down HUGE on all 
 opponents. sightly boring, though. (although a huge clefaity is just 

Beedrill - 12% hit (18 Beedrills)
      Beedrill appears, flies offscreen, then returns with 17 cousins 
to attack your opponents. a good attack in my book.

Meowth - 6% coin (120 coins)
      Meowth appears and starts shooting coins in 4 directions. This is
 a great attack, also serves as a juggle combo. Catch all your 
in here for LOTS of fun!

Chansey - 0%, gives item eggs
      More items. Cool.

Well, that about wraps it up. If you have something to add, argue, or 
praise, feel free to email me at absolut_anime@yahoo.com, meet me in 
IRC EFnet #ranma, or ICQ me. (38748786) Thank you.

Tj Condon (SephClone)

(c)1999 Tj Condon

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