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Combo FAQ by PChen

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/01/99

Super Smash Brothers Strategies and Combos
Version 2.0

By: Po Chen <pjc4@cornell.edu> on 07/01/1999


Revision History
General Tips
Strategies and Combos for Individual Characters


I played Super Smash Bro. all last semester before it's out in USA.
What a great game!  My smash buddies are Kent, Albert, Dan, Dave and
George; I would like to thank them here for playing with me, they made
this little document possible.

I try to remember all the stuff we use against each other in writing
this document.  This is aimed at those who already knows the basics of
Super Smash Bro. so I am not including a list of all the basic moves.
I hope this will provide some more things to try for you and make your
next time playing this great game even more interesting.


V2.0 07/01/1999  Added 2 more general tips.

V1.1 06/24/1999  Strategies for Link and Pikachu added.

V1.0 06/17/1999  Initial version.  Strateries for Samus, Donkey Kong,
                 Ness, Kirby, Fox, and Yoshi.  General tips.


After you hit you opponent to the ground, the oponent can bounce off
the ground once, and you can attack again.  The attack can be a grab
and throw, a FORWARD+A, weapon attack, a running A, or anything you
can think of.  For example, use Link's boomerang to knock you opponent
off his feet, then either use the hook to grab and throw, or throw a
weapon at the opponent to send him flying.

You can grab you opponent while he's in the air also.  Use this fact
when you are playing fast throwing characters (not Link or Samus),
and keep throwing your opponent at a wall (such as the one in Starfox's
stage, Pikachu's stage, Link's stage).  What happens is that your
opponent will bounce off the wall and came right back to you.  With
good timing you can grab him again and repeat the throwing for a long
time to build up the damage.

Yes, it is possible to combo your opponent infinite times!  If you are
playing a character with a repeatedly-A attack (pressing A repeatedly
to attack very fast, like Link, Starfox, Kirby, etc) and you find
yourself facing your opponent who is standing between you and a wall,
hitting A repeatly will cause you opponent to be stuck in between your
attack and the wall, bouncing back and forth.  All your opponent can do
is staring helplessly at his damage % going from very low to very high.
Samus maybe able to break the combo though, with her UP+B attack.

Hanging on the edge of a platform with an opponent waiting right next
to the edge?  2 things you can do to surprise him:

  1.  Press down to drop from hanging and immediately jump and do an
      UP+B special move.  You can hurt the opponent and get back on the
      platform at the same time.  However if the opponent is blocking,
      this is dangerous because you are vulnerable when you land from
      you special move,
  2.  Press Z to roll up the platform.  You will most likely roll past
      your opponent.

Here is THE tip that will make you advance you to the next level; it
did to me.  USE YOUR REGULAR MOVES!  Here're the reasons:

  1.  Regular moves are faster to execute.
  2.  Regular moves usually doesn't require recovery time associated
      with B moves.
  3.  You cannot do anything else in the air after you do most of the B

I am not saying never use the special moves, just that do not rely on
them too much.  The B moves are powerful, but they have tremendous
drawbacks.  Take Samus, if you fail to connect with the UP+B spinning
attack, your opponent can do a lot of nasty things to you when you
land.  Besides, regular moves, when done right, can be even more
powerful.  For example, Yoshi's head nod and DK's overhead hammer
punch can knock your opponent to the bottom of the screen with one hit!

When you know you are not going to make it back to the platform even
with the UP+B move, try aiming for any projectiles when you execute
your UP+B.  If you are hit while executing UP+B, you can use UP+B again
after you recover from the hit!  Sometimes the little distance you
gained is enough to put you back onto the fighting field!



Her charged cannon is awesome, charge it up whenever you can.  After
charged up, go for the coolest combo in the game!  Jump on top of your
opponent and attack with DOWN+A.  If your opponent is at 50% or above,
he will bounce up the ground after he's hit.  At this point you can use
UP+B if your opponent doesn't bounce up high enough, or if he does, use
the UP+A flaming attack to hit the opponent even higher, then jump up
and do an UP+A drill kick attack.  At this point both you and your
opponent will be falling, you can either go for the UP+B attack for the
effect and damage or drill him again, but if you are charged up, try
pressing DOWN to fall a little faster than your opponent, and fire your
cannon at him!  I personally never had the timing for this combo, but
my pal Kent did it to me a couple of times and it looked so cool!  Not
to mention it killed my Donkey Kong...

Also, when you are on a platform, many times you can surprise an
opponent by pressing DOWN DOWN to fall through the platform, then go
for the UP+B spinning attack.

Donkey Kong:

Donkey Kong is my favorite character because 1. I am the only one in
the gang that use him and 2. I like to throw people.  Throwing is
perhaps DK's greatest strength.  His throw is fast and it has a pretty
long reach.  Of course you can hold the opponent and walk around, but
I don't use it that often now because veteran players (like Kent and
Albert) can break loose from my hold pretty efficiently; it still works
very well in the secret Marioland stage though (walk toward the side
and throw at the boundry).

However, if you are playing a novice of if you grabbed you opponent
near the edge, you can go for this killer move.  Grab and hold your
opponent on your head.  Jump off the edge with your opponent.  Here
you can either hold him and drop and kill both, or throw you opponent
toward the boundry when your character is about as high as the platform
that you jumped off from.  Once you released your opponent, jump again
in mid air so DK get's higher and closer to platform, then do the UP+B
spinning attack to bring yourself back to the platform!  This way you
can throw your opponent very very far (usually far enough for
characters like Link to not making it back) and still be alive.  Be
careful though, since this is done with you facing away from the
platform, you have to make sure you can spin back because you cannot
hold on to the edge!  NOTE:  When playing in TIME MODE, remember to
throw away whoever you are holding before you die.  This way you also
get a +1 for killing to cancel out the -1 you get for dying.

He also has a charged attack like Samus that delivers huge damage.  The
difference is that you can begin charging in the air, so a good time to
charge would be like when you are falling off to the right side in
Starfox's stage, or when you are on a cloud, just do a double jump
(since the cloud disappears after you standing on it for too long),
charge in the air, then press Z to turn off charging when you land.
You can repeat until fully charged (usually in two or three double
jumps) and go back to the platform and attack!

A good combo is to jump in on an opponent and attack with DOWN+A, if
you opponent's damage % is high, this will bounce him off the ground,
then you can connect with an UP+A overhead clap, or unleash the charged
punch.  The punch is much harder to connect though.


Perhaps the most deadly attack in the game, when used correctly, is
Ness' PK thunder body slam attack.  Once you have mastered the aiming,
Ness can be your opponent's nightmare.  What you do is pick a stage
with a small platform in the center (like Kirby's stage or DK's stage),
and just jump off the platform and perform the PK thunder body slam,
shooting yourself toward the platform floor, hitting anyone in your way
for HUGE damage!  Repeat this until others threaten to hit you.

The laser in Starfox' stage can completely heal Ness.


Kirby sucks (literally!).  Not only on land but in the air as well!  So
for those who enjoy walking off with your opponent with DK, try jumping
off the platform and sucking in your opponent who is trying to get back
on the platform.  Then watch both of you drop to the bottom of the
screen and die.  NOTE:  If you can spit out your opponent in the air (i
have never tried it), then remember to spit out whoever you sucked in
before you die (TIME MODE).  This way you also get a +1 for killing to
cancel out the -1 you get for dying (You might actually be able to
float back after you spit, but again, i have never tried it).

Kirby's brick attack is very useful.  Kirby is almost invincible while
in the brick mode, exerting damage only from a throwing attack.  Some
benefits of being a brick:

  1.  Drop like a brick on top of a motion sensing bomb to disarm it.
  2.  Turn brick when Bob-omb walks toward you and take no damage.
  3.  Turn brick when lava in Samus' stage rises and survive.

Besides these cool things you can do, the brick drop is also a very
powerful attack.  After an opponent is knocked off the platform, float
above the edge of the platform.  When your opponent tries to come back,
do a brick drop on him and send him flying again!

While dropping as a brick, you can revert back to Kirby form by
pressing B again (or A, i forgot).  This is useful if you see your
opponent blocking below you, and you run the risk of being grabbed by
him if you land.


This is a character that I do not want to play against.  Fox is very
fast, has a good projectile weapon, and is so hard to kill.  However,
the worst thing about going up against a good Fox player is that once
you are knocked off the platform, you are not coming back.  I learned
this when I played with Kent.  Everytime I was off the platform, he
came after me and jumped off the platform to kick me when I tried to
come back during my second jump.  Fox can do this because his UP+B move
covers a great distance, so he can survive even if he is very far away
from the platform.

Another variation of the above tactic is to do a dash kick at the edge
so that you will dash out of the platform and kick whoever trying to
come back.  Then you can just use the UP+B move to get back on.

Take advantage of Fox' speed.  You can kill an opponent simply by dash
kicking.  Dash kick an opponent to send him flying.  Immediately chase
after him and dash kick him again after he bounced up from the ground,
and repeat this until your opponent is kicked off the platform by you,
then try the tactic described in the previous paragraphs.

If the opponent is trying to jump over you or attack from above to
avoid the dash kick, try jump up and hit him from below using UP+A.
You can kick your opponent straight up in the air with this move, and
if he is not careful, you can repeat this again and again until he is
eventually over the top boundry.


Yoshi's head butt attack is similar to Fox' dash kick and can be used
in the same way.  Once an opponent is off-platform, jump up near the
edge of platform and use the DOWN+B butt stomp attack to prevent the
opponent from coming back.  Also, Yoshi's UP+A in the air is similar to
Fox' move as well, use it to juggle your opponent.

Yoshi's tongue is very useful.  Press B to use the tongue to eat an
enemy and turn him in to an egg.  This can be done in the air as well,
so you can keep jumping and eating and slowly build up your enemy's
damage %.  You can also try eating away from platform and watch the egg
drop off the screen...this works best in the secret Marioland stage
where the pit is in the middle.  Yoshi can jump back and forth, eating
those that are unlucky enough to be above the pit and drop them into

Yoshi does not have a UP+B move that helps him get back to platform, so
be very careful when doing your second jump in the air.  I like to hit
Yoshi either in the air or before he lands, if Yoshi is hit off the
platform after his second jump, he cannot come back!  Also, Yoshi can
take one hit while he is jumping in the air without feeling anything,
just make sure you use the A attacks to ward off your opponents until
you landed safely.


Link is one of the easier character to use in my opinion.  He has many
different weapons and some of the coolest moves in the game.

Link's UP+A on the ground is THE cheapest, most effective move in the
game.  What you do is get close to an opponent, press UP+A to lift the
opponent up in the air with the sword, then hold UP and keep pressing
A everytime your enemy comes down.  What you will see is your opponent
being juggled by you higher and higher.  Don't let your opponent get
too high however; before he can recover in air and jump away, jump up
to him and either use the UP+B to hit him to the sides or UP+A to hit
him up.  When done right this sequence can deal 100+ damage to your
opponent!!!  A good way to start this move is when you are knocked
down and you enemy is right next to where you are.  Get up and start
the UP+A move immediately.

The only way to get out of this juggle is to press Z when you touch
the ground to roll, but that only works when your damage % is low,
else you wouldn't even touch the ground.  If you are in the air, then
keep on pressing UP+B and hope the Link player messes up.

Instead of jumping up and attack, you can step to the side, wait for
the opponent to fall, and use the FORWARD+A move to knock the opponent

Boomerang mastery in my opinion is the difference between a good Link
player and a normal one.  The boomerang is considered the best weapon
in the game because you can control its path and it comes back!  A few
things you can do with the boomerang:

  1.  Throw the boomerang at opponent and throw items at him or grab.
  2.  If opponent blocks the boomerang, try grabbing him.  The only way
      to escape is by jumping or rolling toward you, if he doesn't the
      boomerang will come back and hit him.
  3.  Use the boomerang to attack/defend the side, and use the bomb for
      air defense.


I am not too good in using Pikachu, but I can sometimes dominate by
using the only combo I know for him.  What you do is jump into an
opponent, press DIRECTION+R (instead of A for better result) for the
lightning drill attack, then when you landed, press R again to throw
your opponent.


This is my first FAQ so it may not to up to you fellow gamers standard,
I will keep improving.  This document Copyright 1999 Po Chen, you can
do what ever you want with this file as long as you give me credit.  If
you have any comments, suggestions, please email at pjc4@cornell.edu.

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