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    Samus by J.Chen

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    *       Super Smash Brothers: Samus Aran        *
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    *           Maintainer: Jack Chen               *
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    *     Contact: silverpaladin@geocities.com      *
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    Version 1.0
    I. Disclaimer
    II. Introduction
    III. A Attacks
    IV. B Attacks
    V. Other Attacks
    VI.  Hints and Tips
    VII.  How to Defeat Samus
    I. Disclaimer:
    This FAQ is written by and maintained by me (Jack Chen).  I do not mind anyone 
    distributing this FAQ, as long as this FAQ is distributed in it's unaltered 
    form.  If you would like to post this on a webpage, please contact me first; I 
    would like to compile a list of sites of where this FAQ can be located (I can 
    also alert you to when a new version of the FAQ will come out).  
    II. Introduction:
    	Samus Aran, perhaps the best known heroine of all time is out here to 
    prove that she can rumble with the big boys.  Toting a blaster, bombs and a 
    myriad of combat abilities, Samus is one of the most feared and respected 
    character on the battleground.  Her screw attacks when properly used really 
    screws you and her hail of bombs can make the London Blitz look like a pansy 
    attack.  Pound for pound, Samus gives you the most bang you can get, with a 
    mininum learning curve.	
    	This FAQ is meant to help you develop skills with Samus Aran.  I'm not 
    going to explain how to dash, how to block etc, because I presume you alread 
    know how.  Without further adeiu, here's Samus Aran
    IV. A Attacks
    A - Punch
    A, A -Punch, then forearm
    F+A - Gun Ram.  Power Move
    U+A - Flamethrower.  Throws flame in a 90 degree angle from 3 O'Clock to 12 
    D+A - Sweep.  Knocks them away.
    Jump U+A - Spinning Kick.  Kinda like a drill kick (Dhalsim) that goes upwards.
    Jump F+A - Flamethrower.
    Jump D+A - High Kick.  Knocks your opponents up
    IV. B Attacks
    B - Powers up your cannon.
    	B - Releases the charged cannon
    B+U - Screw attack.  Without a doubt, the most annoying move in the game.
    B+D - Bomb. Drops where you are.  You are immune you your own bombs.
    Jump B+U - Jumping Screw Attack.  Does not hit as much as a normal screw attack, 
    but still a dangerous move.
    Jump B+D - Drops bombs.  On a double jump, you cna drop 2 before hitting the 
    V.  Other Attacks
    L - Poses.  Nice Gun Pose
    R - Energy Whip.  Drags them in, them chucks them away.
    VI. Hints and Tips
    	Samus' best move is the Screw Attack.  Without a doubt, this move has 
    screwed over a great majority of my foes.  Capable of delivering over 16 
    pounding hits, this move is further bolstered by it's low recovery time and the 
    fact that a Upwards strike will always defeat a downwards strike.  Her Screw 
    attack also has great angle and range, making it a good comeback maneuver when 
    you're about to fall off the cliff.  All these reasons make this move the single 
    best move in all of Smash Brothers.
    	Samus' bombs are also a great move.  Imagine this.  You have 3 opponents 
    slugging it out on the ground floor.  Jump in the air, drop 2 bombs to clear out 
    the opposition below you, then land and pick a lucky enemy to screw attack.  The 
    screw attack carries you out of the way of retaliation, and you can begin your 
    reign of terror all over again.
    	Samus' charged cannon is no slug either.  Charge it for about 3 seconds, 
    then release a blow that will add as much as 33% damage to you're opponent.  And 
    it's a power hit.  Uncharged, it's range and rate of fire still marks it as one 
    of the better weapons in the game.  Needless to say, Samus' moves are all 
    covered through her B Attacks.
    	Samus' A moves are dumb at best.  The only reason you'd use them is as a 
    power move to knock people away and to their death.  That's it.  The upwards 
    kick is superceded by the screw attack and so is...hey!  All of her A-Moves are 
    superceded by her screw attack!  The only move you might need is the Jumping 
    Flamethrower to cover you when you're coming down, but if you're prepare, well 
    placed bombs can do the same thing.
    	The Energy Whip is useful for clearing out people, especially if they just 
    managed to come back to the ledge.  Stay at a safe distance, and the unfurl the 
    hookshot to drag them in, then chuck them out even further.  Better still, 
    because they never touch the ground, they cannot use another double jump.
    	Samus' victory will be assured by the person who perfects the usage of the 
    B attacks.  The Screw Attack supported by a bombing attack and an occasional 
    Charge shot can really mix up the battlefield.  The ability to strike from 
    above, below and from the side makes Samus a deadly opponent.  In fact, she is 
    so overpowering that when I get together with my friends, our house rules 
    include "No Samus".  And if you think you're good try taking on 3 level 9 
    Samuses at a time.  Now that's a challange.
    VII.  How to Defeat Samus
    	Samus' main weakness is that her down attack is not as overwhelming as her 
    other attacks.  Strike her from below to prevent her screw attack and charged 
    shot.  Another weakness is her lackluster close in attack.  Move in close to 
    engage; Doing so will force her to forgo her energy whip and charge cannon as 
    they are not effective at close range.  Maintain a safe enough distance to 
    prevent her screw attack from hitting you, moving in to strike then back off to 
    allow her screw attack to miss.  Maintain a lower position than her, and if push 
    comes to shove, close to point blank range in a slugfest.  Other than this, a 
    competent Samus player is very diffucult to defeat.

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