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Samus by Articuno64

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 11/11/99

          ####  ####  #     #  #  #  ####
          #     #  #  ##   ##  #  #  #
          ####  ####  # # # #  #  #  ####
             #  #  #  #  #  #  #  #     #
          ####  #  #  #     #  ####  ####

          ####  ####  ####  #   #      ####  ####  ####
          #  #  #  #  #  #  ##  #      #     #  #  #  #
          ####  ####  ####  # # #      ###   ####  #  #
          #  #  # #   #  #  #  ##      #     #  #  # ##
          #  #  #  #  #  #  #   #      #     #  #  ####
Super Smash Brothers
Samus FAQ
From: Articuno64(jasonwynja@hotmail.com)
Version 1.3
Table of Contents

1) Introduction
2) Version History
3) About Samus
4) Pros and Cons
5) Samus' Moves
6) Combos
7) 1 Player Mode
8) Stages
9) Items
10) FAQ
11) Bonus Stages
12) Multiplayer Strategy
13) Credits
14) Legal Disclaimer
15) Contact Me
16) Closing

1) Introduction

     Hi, I decided to make this my first FAQ! Samus is my favourite 
character in Super Smash Brothers because she has a wide range of great 
attacks. She also has some very good combos. In this FAQ I will list 
everything I know that could help you become good with Samus. Well lets 
get on with the FAQ!

2) Version History

1.2     Nothing much, I just changed my e-mail address. Look at the top 
of the FAQ for it.

1.1     Added two moves in the Samus' Moves section, two combos in the 
Combos section, and tons of tips in the Multiplayer Strategy section. I 
also added Samus' Costumes in the About Samus section along with her 
symbol. A few pros and cons were added as well. Plus I fixed a whole 
bunch of errors from the first version.

1.0     The first version. I need help with the damage for Samus' Moves. 
I could also use a few more combos. I don't have the Bonus Stages 
completed either. I am missing the Mushroom Kingdom in the Stages 
section, since I don't have the Mushroom Kingdom yet, but I'll add that 
later. For information on how to contribute to this FAQ, see the Contact 
Me section.

3) About Samus

     Profile: Samus Aran is the toughest bounty hunter in the galaxy. 
Using a special suit powered by the technology of the bird people which 
allows her to execute daring acrobatic feats, Samus pursues the airborne 
life form, Metroid, throughout the universe.

Symbol- an S with a lightning bolt down the middle.

C ^- orange and yellow(standard Samus)
C v- brown and orange
C >- yellow and pink
C <- green and a red helmet

4) Pros and Cons

-Insane jumping powers
-Long-range throw
-Excellent projectile
-Good rolling power
-Single most powerful attack(upward flamethrower)
-High speed
-Great combo potential
-Easy to learn
-Weak bomb
-Slow throw
-No stomp attack
-Bad close in fighter

5) Samus' Moves

     Here I will list the moves that I use most and some tips on when to 
use them.

B- Charge Shot
Tip- Try to keep a charged shot whenever you can.

Up+B- Screw Attack
Tip- This move can be used to attack and to get back on the playing 

Down+B- Bomb
Tip- When fighting characters with bad upward aerial power hits, just 
jump in the air dropping bombs.

Forward+A- Mega Punch
Tip- This move is hard to pull off but if it connects it can do good 
damage. It's good to use when the opponent is stunned.

Up+A- Upward Flamethrower
Tip- Damage wise, this is the best move in the game.

Jump, F+A- Downward Flamethrower
Tip- Use this when you're in the air and somebody is trying to jump up 
and hit you.

Jump, D+A- Downward Kick
Tip- An awesome start to combos as it sometimes throws the enemy upward.

Jump, U+A- Upward Kick
Tip- Use this move instead of the Screw Attack around edges because 
after the Screw Attack, you don't have any more jumps, but after this 
move you can still jump once after using it.

R- Throw
Tip- If you are going to throw, be sure that you can connect because it 
has bad recovery time.

Z, Forward- Roll
Tip- While charging your shot this can be done just by pressing forward.

6) Combos

1) This one can be done at the start of a match. Right away, start 
charging your shot. The opponent will most likely charge you so roll 
forward and shoot your shot at him. He should be stunned so grab him and 
throw him forward. Now run and jump over top of him and give him your 
Downward Flamethrower.

2) To do Samus' infinite combo, back your opponent into a wall and tap A 
like mad!
NOTE: Combo #2 can be done with almost anybody.

3) All you have to do for this simple combo, is Screw Attack the 
opponent into the air, follow it up with an Upward Kick, and then as the 
opponent is about to land use the Upward Flamethrower.

4) Jump above your opponent and use the Downward Kick. If their damage 
is high enough they will go flying up, and if they do then Screw Attack 
them. Land underneath them and do the Upward Flamethrower when they come 
down(if they come down, heh heh).

Send all combos for Samus to articuno64_@hotmail.com and if I post it I 
will mention you in the Credits section. For more information on 
contributing to this FAQ, see the Contact Me section.

7) 1 Player Mode

     Here I will guide you through the 1 Player Mode with Samus. The 
strategies are meant for Normal or lower because I have never tried Hard 
or Very Hard.

Samus vs. Link
     This fight is SOOOOOOoooo easy! At the start Link will just stand 
there so charge your shot and when he moves toward you shoot it at him. 
Then run up to him and give him a Screw Attack. This might put him in 
position for Samus' infinite combo so try to trap him in one and when he 
has high damage just throw him of the edge. Link doesn't try hard to 
stay alive. Just watch out for the tornado.

Samus vs. Yoshi Team(18)
     Don't be intimidated by the number because they will go flying with 
a Screw Attack or two. The Charge Shot can also knock them off. You can 
defeat them in the order they appear to get a Yoshi Rainbow bonus. 
Chansey eggs appear randomly on this stage.

Samus vs. Fox
     The first time I fought Fox I had a lot of trouble because he kept 
on juggling me so try to keep the game on the ground and you'll be okay. 
If you launch a Charge Shot, make sure he doesn't reflect it back at 
you! Mostly use Screw Attack. Samus' Bombs roll down slopes so try to 
grab the top of the tail fin. When he has high damage just keep trying 
to throw him off.

Samus and ? vs. Mario Brothers
     The computer picks a random CPU ally for you, but your ally usually 
sucks. When the match starts out, jump up and Screw Attack Luigi. Now 
jump up and drop some bombs, avoiding the bumper. Now just keep using 
your Charge Shot. Upward Flamethrower is useful when you're on the 
bottom floor.

Samus vs. Pikachu
     Another easy fight just don't jump over him or he'll Thunder you. 
Stay underneath him and Screw Attack. At about 70% damage try to throw 
him off the side. Pikachu will sometimes screw up the double teleport 
move and fall off by himself.

Samus and ? and ? vs. Giant Donkey Kong
     This time the computer picks two random CPU allies for you and 
sometimes they are pretty good. Just stay away from Giant DK letting 
you're allies do the work while you fire your Charge Shot from a 
distance. If your allies die, then just throw Giant DK off.

Samus vs. Kirby Team(8)
     The different Kirbys are (Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, Yoshi,  
Fox, Pikachu, and Kirby/Secret Character) not in any order. They will go 
flying almost as easily as the Yoshi Team, so just keep using the Screw 
Attack. This fight shouldn't be too hard.

Samus vs. Samus
     Right at the beginning jump to the top and charge your shot. Now 
just keep dropping a bunch of bombs. Fire your Charge Shot at her. Be 
careful that she doesn't Screw Attack you from below. This can be a very 
hard fight. Try to throw her into the acid, just don't fall in yourself! 
You might lose a life here when going for Ness.

Samus vs. Metal Mario
     Fire your Charge Shot from a distance with the occasional Screw 
Attack. He is hard to knock off so when his damage is around 200%, just 
keep trying to throw him off. This fight won't be too hard if you just 
keep your distance, while using your Charge Shot.

Samus vs. Fighting Polygon Team(30)
     The same idea as the other two teams just keep using Screw Attack. 
About half way through the match a Maxim Tomato will usually show up. 
This is mostly a test of your endurance, so don't worry if you lose a 
life here.

Samus vs. Master Hand
     This fight can be easy if you do a few things right. When the 
Master Hand is just floating above you then keep using the Upward 
Flamethrower. Most of the attacks can be blocked but a few need to be 
dodged. When he is walking on two fingers, jump over him. When his hand 
is pointing at you diagonally with the fingertips sparkling, DO NOT 
BLOCK! He will poke you twice breaking your shield, so just dodge it. 
When he tries to slap you off the playing field, just jump over him. 
After you beat him, you might get a challenge match from Jigglypuff, 
Captain Falcon, or Ness.

8) Stages

     Here I will list the hazards of the stages plus special tricks that 
can be done.

Peach's Castle(Mario and Luigi's Stage)

     There is a bumper on this stage at the top so stay on the bottom 
platform. If you are on the top platform you can use the Charge Shot 
effectively, but the bumper hinders your jumping ability so you can 
press down twice to drop to the bottom. Basically, if you're on the top, 
Charge Shot, if you're on the bottom Screw Attack and Upward 

Congo Jungle(Donkey Kong's Stage)

     The platforms in the top corners are good places to charge your 
shot. The bombs aren't very useful here unless you roll them down the 
slope. You might be able to Screw Attack your way into the barrel 
underneath if you fall off.

Hyrule Castle(Link's Stage)

     There is a tornado in this stage that can finish you off if you're 
over 100% damage. The arch on the left side is a good place to charge 
your shot, as is the third platform in the middle. Beside the arch is a 
great place to pull off Samus' infinite combo. The tornado is the only 
hazard, so all moves work good here.

Planet Zebes(Samus' Stage)

     Although Samus is my favourite character, her stage certainly 
isn't. This is the most boring stage. I advise you to stay on the top 
few platforms unless you need to grab an item. Bombs are very useful 
here since playing high is a good idea. The Charge Shot can be useful 
here too, but I recommend that you don't even try this stage unless you 
are trying to get the Mushroom Kingdom.
NOTE: Planet Zebes is used to fight Captain Falcon in the Challenge 

Yoshi's Island(Yoshi's Stage)

     Items sometimes appear on the clouds on the side, just don't stay 
on them for too long or they will disappear. Chansey eggs appear 
randomly on this stage. This stage was meant for the Screw Attack! 3 
platforms that are easy to move around on. The little slope on the base 
platform is good for rolling bombs down.

Dreamland(Kirby's Stage)

     Wispy Woods the tree blows wind back and forth occasionally. This 
is another great stage for Samus. A little bit boring though. There are 
3 platforms with 1 base platform on the bottom.
NOTE: Dreamland is used to fight Ness in the Challenge Match.

Sector Z(Fox's Stage)

     I love this stage! It is so long, so you can run to the side where 
nobody is and charge your shot. You can roll Samus' bombs down the tail 
fin. Sometimes the Arwing will come in and shoot the heck out of anybody 
it sees, and it shoots you hard! I've never really had much of a problem 
with the Arwing before unless I'm on the very edge of the stage. 
Overall, this is one of my favourite stages.

Saffron City(Pikachu and Jigglypuff's Stage)

     This stage has a ton of platforms, but it can be hard to stay on 
sometimes, so don't use the Screw Attack by the edges. Use the Upward 
Kick a lot here. A door sometimes opens up and random pokémon pop out.
Electrode- uses explosion.
Venusaur- uses razor leaf.
Charmander- uses flamethrower.
Porygon- uses tackle.
Chansey- uses soft-boiled.

Mushroom Kingdom(hidden)

     To access the Mushroom Kingdom beat the game with all 8 original 
characters and play a Vs. Mode battle in each arena. Many people say 
that it has to be on Normal Mode, but I did it on Very Easy. Anyway, use 
the pipes to escape from danger. I am usually to busy kicking 
Jigglypuff's ass to notice when a POW block appears, but when I find 
them I usually get a kill or two.

9) Items

     Here I will list the order of usefulness I think the items are. I 
have excluded the carrying items(crate, barrel, capsule etc...). Press A 
to pick up an item, A to use an item, and R to throw it.

Homerun Bat- Do a Smash Attack(Forward+A) with this and you'll get a one 
hit KO!
NOTE: Even if you don't do a smash attack, the bat is still a powerful 

Heart Container- This lowers your damage meter to 0%!
NOTE: While your damage is going down, any hits you take don't affect 

Beam Sword- Good range and good power. A very useful weapon.
NOTE: Can sometimes be used to pull off an infinite combo.

Hammer- When you grab this your character(Samus) will go into a 15 
second frenzy with the hammer. During this time period, you can only do 
one jump, and you can't throw the hammer.
NOTE: You are not invincible while holding the hammer.

Bomb-omb- If left alone for about 5 seconds, it will start walking 
around and explode in about another 5 seconds.
NOTE: This can hurt you even if you're the one who through it.

Motion Sensor Bomb- Throw this on the wall or the floor. When somebody 
steps on it, it explodes!
NOTE: Don't accidentally step on your on motion sensor-bombs!

Maxim Tomato- This lowers your damage meter by 100%
NOTE: While your damage is going down, any hits you take don't affect 

Ray Gun- This gun has 16 shots of ammo. When your out of ammo, you can 
throw it for extra damage.
NOTE: The ray gun is great for juggling your opponents off the edge.

Fire Flower- Hold A to blow a huge stream of fiery breath! Throw it when 
you're done with it.
NOTE: The fire flower racks up damage very quickly.

Star Rod- Press Forward+A to shoot stars, or just wack the enemy!
NOTE: You can shoot up to 20 stars with one Star Rod.

Pokéball- Throw this and a random pokémon pops out. Here's a list:

Pokémon          Move
Beedrill         Substitute
Blastoise        Hydro Pump
Chansey          Soft-boiled
Charizard        Flamethrower
Clefairy         Metronome
Goldeen          Splash
Hitmonlee        Jump Kick
Koffing          Smog
Meowth           Pay Day
Mew              Teleport
Onix             Rock Slide
Snorlax          Body Slam
Starmie          Swift

Green Shell- Throw this shell at an opponent. It can be used a few 
times. Just don't miss and accidentally throw it off the edge!

Red Shell- Throw this shell on a platform and it will keep searching 
along that platform for someone to hit.

Star- This makes you invincible for about 10 seconds.
NOTE- You don't need to pick this up, just touch it.

Fan- This weapon is weak but when thrown at an opponent it will send him 
high in the air putting him in perfect position for a Screw Attack or an 
Upward Flamethrower.
NOTE: The fan can also pull off infinite combos well.

Bumper- I personally don't like this item very much. You can throw it on 
the edge of a platform when an opponent is trying to comeback onto the 
playing field.

10) FAQ

     Hey! I haven't received any questions yet. Please e-mail me all of 
your questions about Samus so that I can make my FAQ larger(heh heh). 
For information on how to send in questions, see the Contact Me section.

11) Bonus Stages

     I have only rented Super Smash Brothers a few times, so I can only 
put in this FAQ what I remember. Therefore I don't have any Bonus 
Stages. For information on contributing to this FAQ, see the Contact Me 

12) Multiplayer Strategy

     Here I will list all of the multiplayer strategy that I can think 
of for Samus. I will add more in future versions.

-use the Screw Attack often, it's Samus' best move.

-Samus' bombs don't hurt her.

-Samus is a bad fighter close-in so whenever someone approaches you with 
a physical attack, just launch a Screw Attack.

-the Charge Shot is great for keeping your opponents off the playing 

-be careful when using the Screw Attack around edges because you can't 
do any moves after it.

-Samus has great combo potential. You can usually make up your own 
combos easily because she has so many great attacks.

-if a Kirby steals your Charge Shot then the Screw Attack can usually 
knock off his helmet so that he can't use it any more.

-if you have a teammate, you can grapple onto the enemy with R and have 
your teammate hit the enemy with a powerful attack.

-when in the air you can drop 2 bombs before touching the ground.

-don't throw too much, because Samus' throw has bad recovery time.

-Samus' bombs aren't as powerful as her other attacks so don't rely on 

-your finishing pose has no point in Vs. Mode.

-when an opponent is trying to make it back to the playing field and you 
think that they could probably make it, then grapple onto them before 
they touch the ground and throw them back out. If they have already used 
their triple jump than they will be helpless!

-if an opponent grabs onto the edge while coming back onto the stage, 
then back up. You don't want them to do an edge attack on you.

-charge your shot every opportunity that you get.

-Samus' Upward Kick move is a good move for juggling your foes in the 

-Samus can sometimes break out of infinite combos with the Screw Attack.

-most of Samus' A button attacks aren't very good(except the ones that I 
listed in the Samus' Moves section).

-use combos a lot, they can really PO your opponents.

-note that the Downward Flamethrower isn't nearly as strong as the 
Upward Flamethrower.

-good stages to pull off infinite combos in are Hyrule Castle, Sector Z, 
and Saffron City because they all have walls.

-to be good with Samus, it is important that you know how to block and 
roll well.

-good teammates for Samus are Ness, Kirby, Captain Falcon, and Mario.

-in timed matches, pick on the weakest opponent and always try to be the 
last person to hit players that are falling off.

-in stock matches, run away from your opponents. Eventually, they will 
give up and start pounding on each other. Since you don't get any points 
for hitting people off in stock matches, just wait until your opponents 
have a few lives gone, before actually fighting.

13) Credits

I would like to thank...

Nintendo and HAL Laboratories for making this awesome game.

Myself for writing this Samus FAQ.

CJayC for posting this FAQ a few hours after I submitted it.

cranium7, I used Samus' Pros and Cons from your FAQ, hope you don't 

14) Legal Disclaimer

     This FAQ is protected by copyright law. A lot of hard work went 
into it so don't plagiarize it! Yes, you may take bits and pieces of 
information from it and put it in your FAQ, as long as you give me 
credit. The only place you should find this FAQ is at www.gamefaqs.com 
and nowhere else. This FAQ was created by Articuno 64. You can contact 
me at jasonwynja@hotmail.com with contributions, suggestions or 
questions. If you send me junk e-mail or criticize my FAQ because of one 
little mistake, than I will filter your e-mail. However, I do take 
reasonable suggestions.

15) Contact Me

     My e-mail address is at the top of the FAQ. If your e-mail is a 
question than send it under the subject "SSB Question". If your e-mail 
is a contribution than send it under the subject "SSB Contribution". See 
Version History for info on what I need contributed. If you e-mail me a 
question than you won't get a reply, but your question will go into the 
FAQ section where you can read it. If you contribute something, then 
include your name, so that I put your name in the credits section. Oh 
yeah, and if you have any suggestions send it under the subject "SSB 
Suggestion". Anything else will not be read.

16) Closing

     I hope you enjoyed my Samus FAQ! I know that it still has a lot of 
things uncompleted in it, but this will be my last update, because I 
have just unlocked Ness, and I don't use Samus anymore. Don't get me 
wrong, Samus is a very good character, but I think that Ness is better. 
If you have Ness, but still use Samus then I respect your opinion and I 
hope that my FAQ helped you. For all of those Ness fans out there 
reading this, you can expect a Ness FAQ from me soon.

                               Articuno 64(jasonwynja@hotmail.com)


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