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    Pikachu by Pikamoo

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 06/25/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    SUPER SMASH BROS. PIKACHU FAQ.  by Andrew (a.k.a. Pikamoo)
    VERSION 2.0 made 6/8/99.     email: Jabba1569@aol.com
    0. Update List
    1. Intro
    2. Backround
    3. Key
    4. Moves
    5. Combos
    6. Strategy/Anti-Strategy
    7. Bonus 1 and 2
    8. Stats Against Characters
    9. Cheap Tricks
    10. Thanks and Disclaimer
    11. Copyright Junk
    6/25/99 - Got bored and updated again.  A cheap move section 
              added.  Version 2.0 was born.
    6/9/99 - Updated with more strategy on fighting characters, and
             a new and better trick to get fast times on Bonus 1.
    6/8/99 - This FAQ first made.
    1. INTRO
    I started this FAQ because Pikachu is the most underestimated
    character in the game.  My friends like to compliment on the
    easy throw outs on Pikachu (I'll explain later), and on the 
    "gayness" of him.  But aside from his light weight, Pikachu has 
    a great array of both close and distance attacks.
    Pikachu made his triumphant appearance in the GameBoy game 
    "Pokemon".  He is nicknamed the Electric Rat because of his 
    tendancies (did i spell that right?) to electricute people. 
    He soon made his way into a tv show also called "Pokemon".  In
    the show, he is Ash's first and best pokemon.  His upcoming 
    works will be: Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Stadium, 
    and another expansion of the Pokemon Card Game.
    3. KEY
    Here is the key to my FAQ on Pikachu:
    ->  =  Right on Control Stick
    <-  =  Left on Control Stick
    D  =  Down on Control Stick
    U  =  Up on Control Stick
    T  =  Tap the Control Stick
    A  =  A Button
    B  =  B Button
    Z  =  Z Button ( shield. thats all it does)
    R  =  R Button
    C  =  Jump (I use the C buttons for this)
    DJ  =  Double Jump (Jump button twice)
    BU  =  Up attack (pretty much another jump on most characters)
    J3  =  Combination of BU and DJ (3 jumps really)
    + (plus sign)  =  Used to link moves together (B + A) etc
    L = L Button.  so darn cute its sickening
    4. MOVES
    Here are the moves I have discovered for Pikachu.  Some are 
    named by me, some are named by Nintendo.  
    Electric Hop = B
    Sends out a bolt of lightning that can hit an opponent at long
    range.  It also sticks to walls and travels down them. (Great
    for finishing off those ledge hangers).
    Average Damage: 6%
    Head Butt = A
    Pikachu gets on his legs and headbutts the competition right in
    the legs (Except for those short characters).  This isn't a great
    attack, and i find myself using it very little.
    Average Damage: 2%
    Hand Stand Kick = <- or -> + A
    Pikachu gets on his hands and kicks the enemy with his legs.  
    It's easier to do the next move than this, and it does more 
    damage.  Not a very good attack
    Average Damage: 10%
    Spark Shock = T <- or -> + A
    Pikachu sends out a close range shock that hits the nearby
    enemy.  Okay, but takes a long time to do.
    Average Damage: 18%
    Agility = UB ( up + B)
    This is a very powerful move.  It does no damage, but will ensure
    you dont fly off the level until you are at about 200% damage.
    If you quickly press another direction after up, you can do a 
    double agility which increases your chances of surviving.  If 
    you see Pikachu "snap" two times consecutivly, you have pulled
    this off.  Probably the most used "attack".
    Average Damage: 0%
    Lightning  = D + B (down + B)
    Very good area cleaner.  Lightning strikes from above and hits
    anything around Pikachu. If everyone is fighting over an item, 
    use this to clear area and take control.  The only downside to 
    this is that you can't use it when a platform is above you, 
    because it will hit the platform and never reach you.
    Average Damage: 18-25%
    Throw = R
    Pikachu has a very good throw for such a small fighter.  He picks
    up the enemy, and flips him/her over his shoulder.  Great attack,
    it can clear an area if you just run in and press R constantly.
    Average Damage: 9% plus the chance of making opponent fall off
    Shock Throw = <- or -> + R
    Press the direction of Pikachu's back and R to pull this off.
    Pikachu picks up the competition, flips them on his back for a
    short shock, then tosses them away.
    Average Damage: 15-17% plus chance of killing opponent
    Thunder Drill = J + A or R (jump + A or R button)
    Pikachu jumps in air and drills into opponent.  Does very heavy
    damage and a great air attack.  You must press left or right to
    work this correctly.  Tapping A constantly also helps
    Average Damage: 11-25% Depending on how many drills break thru
    Electric Ball = J + B (jump + B)
    Pikachu jumps and throw a little ball of electricity.  Great as
    a finishing move, and Pikachu's only air projectile.  If it hits
    the ground before the target, it will turn into an Electric Hop.
    Average Damage: 8%
    There are many more moves, mostly consisting of a direction and 
    A.  Some more will happen when you run, jump, etc. 
    Average Damage: 2-10%
    5. COMBOS
    1. Believe it or not, the Thunder Drill is considered a combo.
    You can get anywhere from 2-8 hits with it depending on how big
    your target is.  Best used on the Giant Hand or Gian DK.  Try
    to execute this while the opponent is a platform/level over you.
    It is very hard to pull of on someone at the same level as you.
    When I say level I mean floor; not ranking.
    2. Thunder Throw.  Start off by using the Lightning attack on
    the opposition.  If he goes high in the air, use a Thunder Drill.
    If he stays low, (will happen on a fresh new player) chuck him 
    like a British...uh...Ragdoll..
    3. Cheap Finisher.  First flip the opponent off the ledge.  Then
    throw an Electric Ball at them.  If you time it right, the ball
    will hit them before the ledge and screw all chances they have
    of coming back.  This definitly earns you the Cheap "bonus" at 
    the end of the level.
    ??Pikachu is very small and gets down low when he runs.  Most of
     the time, you can run under projectile attacks.  Use this 
     against the cheapo Samus and his mega blast, and Fox with his
     laser gun.
    ??The thunder drill is excellent for breaking shields.  If you do
     one, and then use a thunder, it should leave the open stunned
     thanks to "shield shock".  Use this brief period of time to wail
     out on your opponent with some punches and a throw.
    ??If you run before you throw, you will get more distance on your
     grab.  It also gives your opponent less time to attack or
     counter.  Use running a lot, as it is one of Pikachu's main
    Anti-Strategy: (things NOT to do in battle)
    ??Try to keep your distance from big strong characters like DK or
     Mario.  It is very easy to take heavy damage from them, and 
     Mario's throw is very deadly.  Just do attacks that don't give
     them much time to attack such as running or the agility move.
    7. BONUS 1 AND 2
    Bonus 1: Break the Targets (my best time is: 00'34"73)
    1) Jump up and Press A to break the first target
    2) Press B + Down to send lightning into the duct where the next
       target is.
    3) Run left and Press A to break the next target
    4) Run right and Press A to break the next target
    5) Stand on the edge near the target you just brok and press B.
       The lightning will hop along the edge and hit the target.
    6) Double Jump onto the moving platform and press A to break the
       next target
    7) Stand on the little edge to the right of the moving platform 
       and press B to send another Electric Hop towards the target.
    8) Double Jump to the lone platform with the target on it. Press
       A to break it.
    9) Jump off of the high platform you are on and press A as you
       fall to break the target..
    10) As you are still falling, Press A again to break the final
        target and avoid near doom.
    Bonus 2: Board the Platforms (my best time is: 00'32"42)
    1) Run right and jump on the first platform.
    2) Run right and jump on the next platform.
    3) Run right and jump on the next platform.
    4) Jump past the down arrow and land on the platform after it.
    5) Jump left through the snake ground thingy and go right.  Jump
       on the platform under the snake ground thingy.
    6) Go right and jump on the platform.
    7) Keep jumping over the moving land until you see the next
       target emerge after the long piece of moving land.
    8) Jump over the final moving land and fall down the pit after
       it.  When you are past the wall, Double, then Triple Jump onto
       the next platform.
    9) Double Jump onto the next small platform above the one your
    10) Double Agility (double jump then up + B and press control
        stick twice in different directions) up the shaft and over
        the spikes.  Jump on the final target.
    Luigi:  This Mario Wannabe has one thing on Pikachu: the ping
            punch.  Makes the sound of the HomeRun bat, and mostly
            launches Pikachu sky high for a star finish.
    Mario:  The Pasta Lover is no match for agile pikachu.  Stay 
            under him and use Thunder and Thunder Drill and avoid
            his low throw.
    DK:  The Thunder Drill can hit him about 8 times.  Watch for his
         ground pound or throw, because his power can send puny 
         Pikachu flying.  Amazingly, Pikachu can throw him very far.
         If you let the helpers beat him down a bit in 1 player you 
         can toss him for good.
    Link:  Link can keep Pikachu in the air for a long time with the
           numerous upward sword attacks.  Stay low and throw him and
           Thunder him.  Of course, if you are playing the 1 player
           Link, simple throws off the right side will kill him in
           about 10 seconds.
    Samus:  Samus beats the living lightning out of Pikachu.  Samus' 
            stage will kill him most of the time (acid clear) and you
            will bearly escape with 150% damage. Dont let her drill
            you from below, and dont let her get the mega blast off.
    C.Falcon:  Easy.  Stay high, and avoid the Falcon Punch.  A few
               tosses and Thunders will send him packing.  If you do
               get hit by the Falcon Punch, fasten seatbelts and 
               enjoy the airtime.
    Ness:  Shudder...the pain of it all.  Ness is Pikachu's worse 
           enemy.  The saying goes there is always someone cheaper.
           This is so true for ness.  He will use his various PK 
           attacks and leave you helpless.  The match always ends
           with PK Fire.  To turn the tables, just keep throwing him.
           he will continue to use the lightning up the butt trick, 
           but before he can land and do anything, throw him again.
           At about 100%, you should launch him for good.
    Yoshi:  The only thing that saves our favorite dinosaur is his
            constipation attack (double jump).  Pikachu launches him
            sky high and yoshi returns with the constipation attack.
            Thunder and the Shock throw make good work of him.
    Kirby:  Kirby is no match unless he steals your power.  Then he
            will unleash countless thunder hops to attack you.  Get
            in close and Thunder him to hell.
    Fox:  Probably Pikachu's easiest prey.  If you don't get in too 
          close so he can kick you, he is quite easy.  Just throw him
          off the right side of the level and run under his laser
    Pikachu: Just Thunder Drill until he stupidly Double Agilities
             his way to doom.  You can even win this one with the 
             Pacifist award.
    Jigglypuff: A disgrace to pokemon everywhere, and fun to shock 
                the crap out of him.  Simple throws will keep him at
    Big Hand: um..Thunder and Drill Shock should do the job.  Use
              your shield a lot, especialy against that finger drill
              thingy.  Don't let him slap you out, you won't get back
              in.  Fairly easy with the two attacks above.
    Just what you all wanted, some cheap tricks to use with Pikachu.  
    Some call these techinques "ledge guarding" or "sacrifice the 
    body".  Heh heh heh.....    Anyway, here are the cheap tricks I
    have patented and used.
    1) If the opponent is the flying type (kirby, jigglypuff) then
       simply jump and kick them back out when they are about to
       land.  After 5 or 6 kicks you can kick them for one last time
       and watch them explode on the side.
    2) If someone is really high in the air due to 100% or more
       enery, then simply use thunder under them.  It should knock 
       them high enough to disappear as a star in the backround. 
       Cheapest if used 3 times in a row.
    3) If Ness is getting on your nerves by PK Thundering himself
       back everytime, then stop the PK Thunder.  If you throw an
       item at the PK right as it appears, Ness will be stunned and
       fall to his doom.  If you have nothing to throw, then you can
       resort to a technique known as sacrifice the body.  Jump out
       right as you hear "PK" and try to land over Ness.  You Should 
       take the "bullet" and Ness should die.  With enough energy you
       can sometimes Double Agility back to the ledge.
    4) Once again using the sacrifice the body technique you can 
       screw over any non-flying character.  First jump out at them
       and drill shock them.  When the move ends Double Agility back
       to the ledge and wait for them to jump back on.  Kick them 
       before they have a chance and repeat the drill shock.  If they
       aren't dead, then you tried this on a fresh new character, or
       Yoshi.  Continue doing this until they die, or catch on and
       stop you somehow.  If the really piss you off, jump out and 
       use the Thunder move.  You are almost guaranteed to die, but 
       so are they.
    I would like to thank all the Jigglypuffs who died while Pikachu
    learned his moves.  And to all the links that hopelessly killed 
    themselves by walking into that tornado thingy.  To me for 
    writing this (I was bored ok?).  And of course, to Pikachu.  Who
    without, we would not have anything.  He is the answer to World
    Peace, and Famine in 3rd World Countries.  I would also like to
    thank harish@sprint.ca for the idea of thundering target 2 in
    Bonus Practice 1.  Thanx man, you saved me like 5 seconds.  I
    would not like to thank the computer.  The way they portray
    Pikachu in 1 player mode is a disgrace.  
    All the Smash Bros. Crap is copyright and owned by Nintendo and 
    Hal, blah blah blah.  Pikachu is a trademark of Nintendo or
    something. If you sue me, you get nothing; I'm poor.
    A lot of my time was put into this.  Of course, it was wasted
    but this is mine and not yours.  If you wish to use it, please
    send me a simple email at Jabba1569@aol.com. I will gladly let
    you use it.  Do not take my name off it and put yours on, etc
    etc.  If I used anyone's ideas to make this, it was done
    unknowingly and i will happily change it to not look like yours.
    If you have any problems or would like to give me suggestions,
    send them to me at the email address above.
    Copyright: Andrew Pellerano 1999

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