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Ness/Samus Team by JJ

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 06/06/99

Super Smash Brothers - Ness and Samus Team FAQ
By JJ (iilljjllii@aol.com) (eye eye el el jay jay el el eye eye@aol.com) 
Much help was provided by Andrew (N/A@N/A.com)
Version 0.5 (first update) 6/06/99

List Of Stuff In This FAQ...  A.K.A. Table of Contents

1. Intro.
2. Background
3. Moves
4. Strategies For Ness
5. Advanced Strategies For Ness
6. Strategies For Samus
7. Advanced Strategies For Samus
8. Strategies For The Team
9. Advanced Srategies For The Team
10. Added Info.
11. Hopefully...
12. Credits/Thanx
13. Legal Stuff
14. End

1. Intro

Alright, lets start off with an insight to my life.  I... have no life, 
therefore my faithful buddy Andrew and I played Super Smash Brothers, 
which from now on will be referred to as SSB, for 18 hours straight and 
we have come to a conclusion that the combination of Ness and Samus is 
almost unstoppable.  Ok, I wrote this to help, not to chat, so here we 

2. Background

{Ness} - The underestimated 10 year old hero from Earthbound (SNES) and 
hopefully soon to be Earthbound 64.  A comet hit his hometown, Onett, 
which sent his psychic powered ass on a rampage to do something.  I have 
no idea what he went to do because I have never played the game.  All I 
know is that he is my favorite character. 

 On the other hand my cycloptic colleague Andrew informs me that Samus 
is the best. (Ok so Andrew has 2 eyes but he kinda looks like a cyclops) 
Anyway here's Samus's background.

{Samus} - The only female on the game, besides JigglyPuff's poofy self, 
is the courageous yet manly Samus.  Samus has been in the hit games 
Metroid (NES) Metroid II: Return of Samus (GB) and Super Metroid (SNES).  
She packs two legs, one arm, and a massive gun perfect for shooting fat 
pink things (i.e. JigglyPuff).

3. Moves

For those of you who are too lazy to read the book or happened to have 
stole the game from your friend and forgot to take the book too, here 
are the moves for Ness and Samus.


B:   _PK Fire_ - PK Fire is a blast of psychic energy in the form of, 
guess what... FIRE!  Perfect for stunning your enemy.

Up+B:   _PK Thunder_ - PK Thunder is a blast of psychic energy in the 
form of, you guessed it... THUNDER!  This blast can be controlled by the 
player using the control stick.

Down+B:   _PK Shield_ - PK Shield is a blast of psychic energy in the 
form of, ok nevermind, it's a ball of energy that surrounds you on all 
sides and absorbs any projectile damage and subtracts it from your total 
damage % (i.e Fireball, Samus Blast, or Fox's Ray Gun).

Tap Left/Right+A:   _Home Run Bat_ - No, not THE home run bat but Ness 
has one of his own in his backpack.  Much faster than the original item, 
but not as powerful.  This is a must use for Ness.

Tap Up+A:   _Around The World Yo-Yo Trick_ - Yes, he's got more toys in 
that joyful little bacpack.  The Around The World Yo-Yo Trick is best 
for attackers in the air, but can also be used for many of the tight 
situations little Ness gets stuck in.

Tap Down+A:   _Horizontal Yo-Yo Swing_ - Exactly the same thing as the 
aforementioned (Oh yeah, big words are cool, I hope I used it right...) 
yo-yo trick but instead of swinging it over his head, he swings it back 
and forth.  This is a tad bit stronger than the other yo-yo move but 
also a tad bit slower.

I'll talk about how to use these later...


B:   _Charge Shot_ - This may take awhile to charge but when released 
can cause maximum damage.  Another plus to this move is that it is a 
power move and a direct hit can get your enemies extra frequent flyer 

Up+B:   _Screw Attack_ - Probably the best air attack in the game of 
SSB.  This quick and effective attack will definately SCREW your 
competiton over.

Down+B:   _Bomb_ - An effective move for stopping air attackers dead in 
their tracks.  Best used when at a high place jumping down to the 
action.  I really don't know how she drops them because she's in a 
pretty tight ball.

Tap Left/Right+A:   _Spear Fist_ - That's not the name of the move, but 
it sounded good.  Anyway, Samus is not much of a close range fighter but 
when used properly, this move will hit your opponents, well... you 
know... hard.

Tap Up+A:   _The Above The Head Fire Shooting Thingy_ - Otherwise known 
as a flamethrower, this move shoots out 5 flames at 10% damage a piece.  
If you hit your target with all 5 flames this move is, ok brace yourself 
and say it with me in joy, THE MOST POWERFUL MOVE ON THE GAME!

Tap Down+A:   _Sweep Kick_ - This move can be used like Ness's yo-yo 
moves.  A good move to clear foes away from you. (Have you noticed that 
I've used a different word for enemy every time?)

Now to...

4. Strategies For Ness

Ok, the first thing you have to do is unlock this most awesome 
character.  To do this you have to beat the game on Normal difficulty 
using only 3 lives and no continues.  Everyone seems to think this is 
hard but if you really try, i'ts not at all.  After you get him you may 
start your reign of terror on SSB.  

Now for a few helpful pointers from JJ:

-- Before using Big Poppa Ness, you ***MUST*** take him into Training 
Mode and get used to him.  He does not jump like the other characters, 
he floats.  This is a pro and a con.  It makes it much easier for you to 
save yourself from falling off the platform but takes you longer to 
reach items in awkward places.

-- Another must is to master the use of his PK Thunder (Up+B) move.  
This move is very versatile and is his most important move.  Not only 
can you use it to do about 7% damage, but you can use it to save 
yourself from falling off the platform by smacking yourself in the arse 
with it.  This must be mastered in Training Mode or you will die.  Once 
you hit yourself with PK Thunder it turns my good little buddy into a 
human projectile which I will tell you about in a little bit.

-- Using the Home Run Bat is fun, painful, educational, powerful, and 
cool (Ok, so it's not educational, but 4 out of 5 aint bad)  This does 
about 18% damage and is considered a power hit.  

-- The use of PK Fire when mixed with a bat attack, yo-yo attack, or 
throw is an awesome combo.   PK Fire will stun the nemesis and leave him 
open for a good crack in the head with your trusty bat.

-- One of the best ways to kill people on the game is to throw them off 
the side and when they are trying to get back on shooting them with 
Ness's PK Fire (B).  This stuns them while they are in mid-air and pulls 
them down which in essence kills them.  This will not work every time 
but it does most of the time.  Some people are hard to kill like this 
(i.e. Mario, Luigi, Kirby or Jiggly____ <-- Insert word of choice in the 
blank.  My favorite word to put in there is Poop, but thats just me...)

-- When you use your PK Shield (Down+B), any damage it absorbs is 
subtracted from your damage percent.  Also, the damage absorbed is 
multiplied by about 1.8-2%.  The same is true for the projectiles that 
Good Ol' Ness hits back with his built-in home run bat.  The 
projectile's damage is also multiplied by 1.8-2%! Now, if Pokā€šballs are 
thrown from the opposing team, its a good thing. It pretty much acts as 
a heart. Aint it cool! 

5. Advanced Strategies For Ness

All of the following techniques are hard to do and require experience to 

-- Turning yourself into a human projectile isn't hard.  The hard part 
is aiming it.  It will take much effort to master this powerful skill.  
If used correctly can do up to 30% damage and you wont even take 
.000007549238561972463% damage!  

-- I found this trick out by accident but when I found out, I loved it!  
You can use your built in home run bat to actually deflect almost any 
projectiles.  Even Fox's Ray Gun!  No I am not lying and yes it is 
awesome!  It might be tough to time but if you hit the recipient it 
actually adds damage to what the projectile normally does.  You can even 
delfect items thrown at you.  The only things you can't hit are the 
crate, barrel, Bob-omb, hammer, rays from the ray gun, maxim tomato, 
heart container, and star.  Everything else you can deflect, as long as 
you practice.  Granted, you wont get a bat deflect every time but hey 
you can try.

6. Strategies For Samus

Now for some more helpful tips from Andrew:

-- When first starting a battle use your Charge Shot (B) to power up 
your gun.  If you are attacked while charging, tap your control stick 
left or right to roll out of the way.  When out of danger use your 
Charge Shot (B) again to continue charging from where you left off.

-- When you are fighting and the other characters are pre-occupied jump 
high in the air and drop Bombs (Down+B) on them (You should feel like a 
pigeon).  Don't use this move too much against the people with decent 
air attacks, unless you stay on the ground.  If you stay on the ground 
and drop a Bomb (Down+B), the computer will usually walk right over them 
doing about 8% damage. 

-- Don't get throw happy with Samus!  Sure, she has a nice throw but it 
takes a while to do.  If you miss, you are left vulnerable even for 
JigglyPuff's I'm-So-Cool-I-Put-Myself-To-Sleep Move (If you get hit by 
this move, that's pretty bad when using Samus, because she is not a very 
strong close range fighter, plus the move is terrible).

Now for the cool stuff...

7. Advanced Strategies For Samus

I suggest that you go into Training mode to master these because the 
Advanced Strategies involve combos. Ok, here you go...

-- When in the air and close to an enemy drop a Bomb (Down+B) and follow 
it up with the famed screw attack (Up+B).  If done correctly should do 
about 22% damage.

The preceding (another big word) was just one combo that you can do.  
There are many combos that Samus can do because she is such a quick 
character.  There are also combos that she can do with a little help 
from a teammate called Ness, which brings me to...

8. Strategies For The Team 

Ok, here is the somewhat complicated part...

***THE START***  For the perfect jump start, make sure Ness is 
controlled by Player 2, and Samus by Player 1.  This keeps Samus out of 
range of most projectiles and puts Ness in between Samus and the 
While Samus is charging for a blast from hell, Ness should do one of 6 
things in order from most effective to least effective:

1. My favorite, use his PK Shield to absorb the projectiles being thrown 
at the preparing Samus.
2. If you can do it, Use his PK Thunder and hit yourself into the bad 
guys, which inflicts about 30% damage to both of them and gives Samus an 
opportunity to finish charging.
3. Use your PK Fire to just cancel all the projectiles being hurled and 
stops enemies running in for a quick attack.
4. Use your Home Run Bat!  By far, the coolest selection, but really not 
quick enough to help much.
5. Use your Shield (Z) to stop the anoymous object being tossed at 
Samus.  If you see your shield getting small... uhh... stop using it.
6. Just stand there like an idiot and take damage.  I honestly dont 
recommend this method of defense.  It kinda hurts.

-- If you are going to be successful as a team you have to utilize the 
Block-Roll-Throw Technique.  Kind of self-explanitory, first you block 
an attack, then you roll underneath them to get an open throw victim, 
and finally, toss your external conflict (If you haven't caught on yet, 
I am trying to vary the word enemy... told you I had no life.) out like 
yesterday's trash.

-- If you wanna be real cheap, turn on Team Attack in the options and 
while the opposing forces are pre-occupied have Ness use the PK Shield 
(Down+B) and have Samus shoot the crap out of him with her Charge Shot 
(B), thus gaining Nessticle life.

-- Another pretty cheesy move is to have Samus grapple an enemy and have 
Ness beat the living stuff out of the helpless being with something 
really powerful.  Hmmm...?  What is really powerful...?  Lets see... Oh 
yeah, whats it called?  Oh I remember, THE HOME RUN BAT!!!

9. Advanced Strategies For The Team

-- PRACTICE!!!!  That's all it takes to become awesome with this team 

10. Added Info.

If you think anything needs to be added, removed, or changed, e-mail JJ 
at iilljjllii@aol.com.  If you are just going to mail to make fun of me 
or say something stupid, don't worry about it.  However if you are going 
to compliment me, HAVE AT IT!  Ok, so you can send some bad mail but 
please be gentle.

11. Hopefully...

Hopefully I will have enough time to make some more awesome character 
team FAQs, but for now this will have to do.  E-mail me if you want me 
to make one for you.  I'll try my best and post it in GameFaqs.com.  I'm 
working on an entire game FAQ/Walkthrough so be ready in about two or 3 
weeks.  It might be longer because I think I'll take a trip to my dad's 
house soon but it WILL be out.

12. Credits/Thanx

Ok, first of all I would like to thank god for giving me life so that I 
could play this game. Now for a list of people that have sent in E-mail 
to help me:

BugAlienII (BugAlienII@aol.com) -- Helped with the last Strategy for 
Ness (Not the advance strategies)

I would also like to thank SIGECO (Southern Indiana Gas & Electric 
Company) for giving me the electricity to plug my N64 into, Nintendo/HAL 
Laboratory, Inc. for producing this game, the ESRB (Entertainment 
Software Rating Board) for rating this game E (Everyone) so that my 
mommy would let me play it, my friend Andrew for sitting next to me and 
talking to me while I typed this whole thing (Oh yeah, he also 
contributed the entire Samus area and we split the team strategies in 
half),  my IBM Text Talker, Curly, for reading my FAQ to me when I was 
done with it, and last but definately not least Ness and Samus for 
kicking so much... nevermind.  

13. Legal Stuff

This document copyright 1999 Jeremy Matthew Jones.  Ok, now that thats 
out of the way, I don't mind if you use my FAQ on your webpage as long 
as you don't change anything and you have my permission, I would like to 
make a list of the pages my FAQ is on.  I know people aren't going to be 
banging down my door to let them use my FAQ on their website, which 
gives me room to check everyone's to see if it has changed any.  

13. End

There that is the end of my wonderful FAQ on Ness and Samus, if you have 
any questions see my e-mail address in 11 or at the top of the FAQ.  Are 
your eyes burning from reading so much?  I'm sorry, but they are going 
to be burning even more when you can't stop playing SSB because Ness 
and/or Samus are so awesome.  One word... VISINE!  Ok, your done being 
controlled by my amazing knowledge on Ness, and Andrew's amazing 
knowledge on Samus so go grab some cookies and milk and take a nap 
before you once again enter the world of SUPER SMASH BROTHERS!

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