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    Ness by TMeli

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 08/18/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Strategy Guide.
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    Date Created: 8/15/99
    Last Updated: 8/18/99
    Version: 1.5
    Author: Thomas Meli (drkbynight@aol.com)
    Gaming Level: Intermediate - Advanced
    Table Of Contents 
    I. Legal Stuff
    II. Credits
    III. Version History
    VI. Technical Jargon
    V. Opinions
    1. Introduction
         A. Why I Wrote This Guide
         B. What Will Be In The Guide
         C. What Will Not Be In The Guide
    2. Strengths and Weaknesses
         A. Strengths
         B. Weaknesses
    3. General Strategies / Playing Tips
         A. Very General
         B. Only Pertain To Ness.
    4. Fighting with Ness
         A. Aggressive
           -The Instant Kill
         B. Defensive
    5. Juggling
    6. Combo's
    7. What Ness Likes And Doesn't Like
         A. Opponents
         B. Stages.
    8. Methods Of Practice
         -Becoming The Virtuoso
    9. Last Words.
    I. Legal Stuff
    Copyright 1999 Paradox Inc. ( not a real company LOL ) All Rights Reserved
    Use of this guide on any site needs the consent of the author.  I will be 
    glad let you use it on your 
    site, just let me know 
    where it is =).
    II. Credits
    I'd like to give thanks to one of my best friends George (kainn5246@aol.com), 
    who played me 
    constantly and didn't mind losing HAHAHA!!! Just kidding.  A worthy opponent 
    and who shared 
    his strategies with me, as well as i do him.  The man who taught me the ropes 
    of any game i played.
    I'd also like to give thanks to my little bro, who for a 9 year old, kicks 
    some serious rear at This 
    game, and who had me laughing so hard i would tear.
    III. Version History
    1.0 : First Version. I hope you liked it.
    1.1: ASCII Art Added, Decorated a little more, Added 1 more tip. Fixed 
    George's Screen Name
    Some Format Changed As Well.
    1.2 Two more tips added.
    1.5 Samus's Gender Fixed, 2 more tips (By Pikachu20x@aol.com), Opinions 
    Section Added. (IV)
    VI. Technical Jargon.
    I don't know if i use any words that don't make sense, One of them I've never 
    heard anyone use is 
    "dash" dashing - when a player is in the air and presses down and speeds up.
    V. Opinions
    1.      (gamemaster96@hotmail.com )"Captian Falcon Beats Ness very easily. 
    Like you do Ness does
     PK thunder and Captian Falcon runs up and air grabs him so maybe the Captian 
    is the best player
    and he can eaisly block his foot stomp with his shoulder lift tap up A yep 
    blocks it every time" 
            Answer:  I've Never really encountered any problems beating falcon, 
    maybe out styles differ.
    Falcon is a very quick character, and you have to beware his moves because 
    they are powerful
    as well as quick.  I Personally don't think that falcon is that great a 
    character, i've used him
    quite frequently and he just doesn't do it for me, i'd prefer Ness.  Thats 
    just the way i play.
    Ness is the type of character i was looking for, if you were looking for a 
    character like falcon
    and think he is better, then good, use him.  Play with who your comfortable 
    1. Introduction
    °°° Why I Wrote This Guide °°°
    I wrote this guide because in my opinion, strategy and game play is more 
    important then anything 
    else, and i thought the other strategy guides were lacking enough strategy 
    and focusing on only the 
    how-to's of things, such as a walk through of how to beat the game, or finish 
    the bonus boards.  
    Now don't get me wrong at all, I give them props for the great jobs they did 
    writing it, but i wanted 
    to write something solely on the strategy, and the mastering of a character, 
    instead of technicalities of 
    the character.  So I hope all you gamers out there who crave what i crave, 
    enjoy the information in 
    this guide.  
    °°°  What will be in this guide °°° 
    Everything you see in the table of contents basically.  The strategy Of Ness. 
     What he is good for, 
    and what he isn't good for.  General strategies that players of any character 
    can use.  Flawless 
    Strategy on Winning or staying in the game.  Group playing and 1v1 
    Strategies.  Basically Anything 
    pertaining to strategy you can think of (and if its not in here, e-mail to me 
    a suggestion =)!!!! ).
    °°° What will Not Be in this guide °°°
    Many things... Every single move, its name, and how much damage it does, will 
    not be in this 
    guide.  If you don't know what the names of moves are, it won't matter 
    because next to them i have 
    the directional, and the button to press.  There is no legend, It should be 
    self explanatory, A=A. 
    Right? So why need a legend.  How to beat the game will not be in this guide. 
    A background of 
    Ness's Family, Personal Life, Sexual Preference, And Number Of Girlfriends, 
    will not be in this 
    guide.  Not every stage, and not every opponent will be examined, only those 
    who i feel stand out in 
    oppositional difficulty. I put leave these things out not because i am lazy 
    (well i am, but that's not the 
    reason) only because i feel they are not necessary in a strategy guide.
    2. Strengths And Weaknesses
    °°° Strengths °°°
    ¥ In my opinion Ness has the best "A" Moves, and some of the quickest.
    ¥ He has a very good throw.  Looks cool as well =).  its quick unlike 
    Yoshi's/Link's/Samus etc.
    ¥ He has a unbeatable juggle (see the juggle section for more info).  If it 
    is executed correctly it can 
    bring an opponent to a very hasty death.
    ¥ His jumping down + A Attack can knock your opponents down and set them up 
    for combos (see 
    combo & Best Strategy)
    ¥ His Yo-yo Attack (down+A) can hit opponents in front of him, and behind him 
    (good for group 
    ¥ He has the best recovery move in the game.  PK Thunder (up + b).  When you 
    get used to using it, 
    not only can you save yourself from the depths of the unknown, but you can 
    knock your opponent 
    out dealing him a good 30%!!!!
    °°° Weaknesses (not many) °°°
    ¥ PK Thunder (up+b) can leave you terribly open for attack if you miss or hit 
    an obstacle in the way.
    ¥ When you are Ness, it is crucial that you know how the opponent works.  If 
    the opponent is very 
    creative, and surprises you a lot, then beware.  Ness is the type of 
    character that reacts to things, not 
    acts.  Even his offensive side consists of knowing what your opponent is 
    going to do.  Characters 
    who can sway or change direction quickly are often harder to beat then 
    Characters who are stagnant 
    and don't do something.  
    ¥ÊNess is one of the slowest characters in the game, while his throw is 
    quick, he himself is not a fast
    ¥ His recovery time is very slow.  It takes him much longer to regain 
    conciousness then most other
    General Strategies / Playing Tips
    °°° Very General °°°
    ¥ Don't let your opponent exceed very high percentages.  If your opponent is 
    still alive and he is at 
    200% there's a problem.  People who worry about doing damage instead of 
    winning usually lose.  
    Trying to beat the opponent is what you must focus on.  If you can kill your 
    opponent on 33%, 
    that's pretty damn good.  Don't get me wrong, damaging someone isn't  a bad 
    thing, but when it 
    gets out of hand, is when you will lose the game.
    ¥ Put Proximity Mines (for lack of a better term) in places where you know 
    the opponent will be.  
    Put it on a ledge and then throw your opponent of it so he is forced to hit 
    it.  Also put it by a weapon 
    that the opponent is going to pick up.
    ¥ Know what your opponent is going to do!  Like i said in his weaknesses, If 
    you don't know what 
    the opponent is going to do, then you will lose, no question, you can't 
    improvise a fight and win 
    against a good opponent. Know his weaknesses and exploit them.  Know combo's 
    the other person 
    has, know ways he can execute things and where he can execute them.  For 
    example Link's infinite 
    combo... STAY OUT OF A CORNER!  You also should know that link has a slow 
    throw,  which 
    means, set yourself up for a throw and then get the hell out of the way and 
    attack him..  Know what 
    your opponent is strong in,  and don't let him do them.
    ¥ This also has to do with knowing your opponent, stay away from jugglers.  
    If your opponent 
    knows how to juggle, don't jump as much, run around and throw a lot.  Being a 
    juggler consists of 
    knowing when to attack, so if your opponent can juggle, that also means that 
    he can attack you if 
    you are in the air with a great possibility of success.
    ¥ Enclosed Areas can be your friends and your enemies.  In an enclosed area i 
    once smash attacked 
    about 10 times and then threw him for a kill.  Its all about utilizing what 
    you can do. 
    ¥ Know when your opponent gets up,  If he's just gotten down from an attack 
    and he's bouncing 
    you can still hit him, or throw him.  This can be the threshold of a juggle, 
    which can mean lots of 
    ¥ Look for combos!  Combos are the greatest way to rack up the percentages 
    and to ensure that you 
    won't be attacked.  If a combo is executed correctly it ensures your safety 
    because they cannot hit 
    you because they are unconscious.  If you do it wrong however they can have a 
    slight second to hit 
    you, and set you up for a combo.
    ¥ Roll!  Rolling is on of the best forms of evasion in the game.  It is also 
    the quickest way to get in an 
    opportune position to throw someone 
    For Example: If an opponent jumps and is dashing down for an attack and roll 
    behind him and throw 
    him or execute a combo.
    ¥ Block.  So many times people lose because they do not properly block an 
    opponents attacks or 
    evade a hopeless situation.  Some of you are saying right now, "how can you 
    not block properly" 
    Well what i mean by this is, people who block with an opponent out of 
    attacking distance leave them 
    open for a throw.
    ¥ Throw. This is the quickest way to nail off a good 16% And powerful enough 
    to KO.
    ¥ Recover from falls! Pressing the "Z" Button as you fall quickly revives 
    your physical inability to 
    return to your senses. Using this when you have low percentages and quick 
    falls where your 
    opponent expects you to stay down, could surprise the hell out of him and 
    make for a preemptive 
    ¥ Don't get to cocky.  Underestimating your opponent will ensure your defeat 
    ( unless he really 
    sucks ).  Never think you have the upper hand, because a good opponent is 
    always likely to 
    comeback.  Also psychologically, when your opponent loses and loses and 
    loses, he will lose the 
    will to fight and feel its not worth it, so never stop trying!
    ¥ Start off on the right foot.  diminishing your opponents stock quickly will 
    annoy him greatly.  The 
    faster you beat him the less percentage your likely to have.  Don't throw you 
    body into everything, 
    but make sure you don't waste time, and utilize every opportunity you get.  
    The more percentage 
    your opponent has, the easier it is to kill him.
    ¥ Know where proximity mines are.  As I'm playing right now to do my research 
    for this guide, i 
    just stepped on my own 
    ¥ Don't lose your concentration! Sometimes when i play, i zone out and watch 
    my opponent beat the 
    hell out of me.  Its pretty funny actually, but my point is, don't lose your 
    train of thought.
    °°° Only Pertain To Ness °°°
    ¥ Exploit his PK Magnet!!!  Esp. On Fox's Board!  know what you can / cannot 
    absorb, and know 
    when your opponent is most likely to do it.  In fox's board, the plane can 
    clear off 100%!  Absorb 
    the shots, and know where the plane will be next!
    ¥ Kill the man with the hammer.  This may sound like suicide but read before 
    you judge.  Jump of a 
    ledge where your opponent will be undoubtable standing awaiting your return, 
    but do a PK thunder 
    and launch yourself into him.  Not only will it make the hammer ready for the 
    taking, but it also 
    launches him and shows him not to mess with Ness!
    ¥ Ledge Guard (not only Ness).  One of the most rudimentary things, many 
    players forget to do this, 
    and waste opportunities to defeat your opponent.  Its very simple, Knock your 
    opponent off a cliff, 
    and if you have not mastered the art of the instant kill (see instant kill 
    duh!) this is the next best thing. 
     Stand by a ledge and when he comes fourth, nail him with your bat (tap 
    forward + a)  Or yo-yo 
    attack (down + a).  They both will annoy him greatly.  If he is above you, 
    get ready for a juggle.
    proximity mine and died.  So the lesson is, don't forget where you put your 
    ¥ Pokemon are your friends! Some Pokemon have attacks that you can absorb. 
    Utilize it!
    ¥ Ness can reflect some projectiles with his smash attack.  It is not advised 
    that you do this too often 
    because the smash attack takes too long to do, and the projectile will 
    probably hit you before you
    have time to do the move.
    ¥ Let other people get weapons you can absorb like the flower.  Just make 
    sure you don't try to 
    absorb a throw, because umm you can't and you will get hurt, and will have to 
    run home and get 
    your pikachu band-aid for hasty healing. =).
    ¥ Reflect Projectiles (By Pikachu20x): Ness' Shield is the smallest in the 
    game. So, it'll be easier to bounce things that enemies throw at you. Take a 
    Bomb-Om for example. Explosive. Deadly. If your enemy has one, you think "Oh 
    no, I'm too slow to dodge that! I'm Dead!" Well, just angle your shield with 
    the control stick to your lower left/right (Pick one direction that moves 
    your shield to your back) and wait for him to throw, and if you're lucky, the 
    Bomb-om will not explode. It will go right UP AND TOWARDS YOUR OPPONENT. 
    Unfortunately, it will go too high for you to see, so it's more of luck then 
    Cancel PK Thunder (enemy Ness) (By Pikachu20x): If you edge guard, and knock 
    enemy Ness off the stage, wait for him to use his PK Thunder. Then, you can 
    jump out into the PK Thunder so he can't use it again, throw an enemy onto 
    in, or use an item/PK Thunder to cancel it (NOTE: This method is untested).
    Fighting With Ness
    °°° Aggressive Ness °°°
    ¥ If your opponent likes to stay on ground, Jump and execute the down + A 
    Attack followed by a 
    combo, or throw.
    ¥ If your opponent likes jumping keep him in the air.  Ness has plenty of air 
    counter moves. (see 
    Note: If you are mostly aggressive you should be jumping and attacking and be 
    on the ground doing 
    combos & throws.
    ¥ An annoying thing to do is what i call, Off-Ryhtm Attacking.  It consists 
    of running and rolling.  
    Run towards the opponent and right when he is about to counter-attack you, 
    Roll behind him And 
    execute a combo, or throw.
    ¥ In Group Games Try to use the Yo-yo attack (down + A) b/c it hits opponents 
    behind you as well 
    as in front of you.
    ¥ Throw often!  Like i said earlier, throwing is a very sneaky way to get a 
    good 16% on your 
    opponent.  Roll and then throw.  If you miss, roll again, then run towards 
    him if your to far away to 
    throw him.  If you master this, you can dominate on close range combat.
    If you have gotten good with PK Thunder (up+b), and have superb timing you 
    can kill someone 
    with as little as 30%!!!
    Ok this is how it's done. throw an opponent off a cliff, or do a move that 
    sends him in flight, but not 
    to high, and then jump off the cliff with him dash down and kick him (down + 
    a), then save yourself 
    with PK thunder before you die as well.
    Another strategy with this is to sacrifice yourself.  If you have 150% and 
    your opponent has 50% 
    your going to die anyway, so if you can't make it back, do it anyway to 
    ensure his defeat!
    °°° Defensive Ness °°°
    Note: Strictly defensive playing is not advised by me.  I don't like playing 
    defensive (at least in super 
    smash bros.), whenever i do, i die.  Ness is a well rounded character and can 
    play defensively as 
    well as offensively, but in my opinion, he is a much better offensive 
    character.  I like to categorize 
    my playing as strategically offensive, or defensively  offensive.
    Note: When i say defensive i do not mean "evade" i mean, "not aggressive"
    ¥ The Vertical Yo-yo Attack (up+a) can be used as a defensive way to hit your 
    opponents away from 
    you, be them behind you or above you. 
    ¥ PK Thunder when used like the "kill the man with the hammer" technique can 
    be classified as a 
    defensive move because you are straying from your opponent to set up an 
    attack.  Basically do the 
    same thing you do when a person has a hammer. (see kill the man with the 
    Juggling - Ahh.. My Sanctuary
    °°° The Mental State Of Juggling °°°
    Juggling is more mental, then it is Physical.  What i mean is... You must 
    know when to juggle, and 
    when not to juggle.  Who to juggle against, and who not to.  Remember knowing 
    what you can do 
    can't do as much for you as knowing what you can't do.  Knowing your 
    limitations is important in 
    any game, and in life (why the hell am i talking about this).  Anyway, 
    certain characters it is advised 
    not to juggle as much on.
    Characters your should watch when you juggle.
    1. Samus
    2. Link
    3. Kirby
    4. Sometimes pikachu.
    The reason why you should be careful is because these characters have dash 
    down-a moves that can 
    penetrate your juggle.
     Know when you should juggle. For example, if your opponent is right next to 
    you, it would be 
    better to send him flying with the vertical yo-yo (tap up+a) then to hope 
    your head butt will launch 
    him in the air (because sometimes it doesn't).  Also, if you opponent is on a 
    low percentage double 
    jump up in the air with him and head butt him so he doesn't have a chance to 
    If your opponent is cocky and thinks he can penetrate your juggle, and you 
    know (not think... 
    know) that you can execute it perfectly, then don't double jump.  Wait for 
    him to come to you, but 
    remember, a good opponent will probably dash down when you least expect it so 
    do a little jump and 
    juggle him with confidence, then when he gets the hint, double jump and do 
    your thing.
    °°° The Physical Sate Of Juggling °°° 
    Practice Practice Practice.  Practice with more then one opponent, tell your 
    friends to gang up on 
    you.  The only way to get better is to exceed you limits! Practice with 
    people that know what your 
    going to do.  The best way to get better, is to practice against the dreaded 
    4 mentioned above, and to 
    fight Ness himself.  Always put your opponent on level 9!!! (see Becoming The 
    Note: Parenthesis () indicate a single move
    1. (A) + (A) + (A)
         Follow Ups: 1. Run up And Throw
         2. Smash Attack
         Note: If opponent has extremely low percentage, he may be able to 
    counter attack)e
    2. (Jump Dash Down + a)
         Follow Ups: 1. (hold up + a) <--Do until can't do anymore + (Vertical 
    Yo-yo (tap up + A))
         2. (Vertical Yo-yo (tap up + a)) + Juggle
    3. Vertical Yo-yo (tap up + a)
         Follow Ups: 1. Juggle
    4. PK Fire
         Follow Ups: Any other combo.
         2. (Jump kick (tap direction of person + a))
    Things Ness Does / Doesn't Like
    °°° Characters °°°
    The 4 Dreaded Ones.
    1. Samus - Samus i could never master, No particular reason, but i could just 
    never exceed the 
    computers level.  Playing Against Samus is extremely hard because of her 
    screw attack and because 
    it seems to take her less time to return to his senses then other characters. 
     The only things to your 
    advantage is that she has the slowest throw in the game, and if she loads up 
    her cannon, absorb it.
    2. Link - I don't like link at all, I think he is a character for beginners 
    and he has one of the crappiest 
    recovery moves in the game, probably the worst.  Use this to your advantage 
    and stay near steep 
    places where he can fall.  Link's dash Down + a attack is very hard to juggle 
    against, and if you are 
    in the air it may hit you multiple times.  He is only a hard character if 
    your opponent is very good
    3. Kirby - I don't know man, Kirby scares me.  he doesn't have many 
    weaknesses, and its hard to 
    juggle against him.  Although one thing you can do is, although has like 5 
    jumps he most likely 
    won't attack while he's trying to get back, so use the instant death very 
    4. Sometimes Pikachu - I Say sometimes only because it depends on the player. 
     George my 
    Colleague is very unpredictable when he plays as pikachu and i can never 
    really tell what he's going 
    to do next.  He is a quick character and can evade quite well, which isn't 
    good for you. 
    Methods Of Practice
    Practicing is crucial.  Without it you will lose against any opponent. Even 
    though my opinion is that 
    Ness is the best character, practice with everyone, and against everyone to 
    see who your favorite 
    character is.  If its not Ness, that's ok, just make sure your better with 
    him then you are with Ness 
    otherwise its a waste of time.
    °°° Becoming The Virtuoso °°°
    Being a virtuoso at a game is impossible. You never can do everything.  
    There's always something 
    out there, some tactic, some strategy, some combo or what not, that somebody 
    doesn't know.  Then 
    you ask "Why did he make a part of a guide that explains how"  Its simply a 
    metaphor, trying to
    become close to a virtuoso will do.
    ¥ Practicing someone equal to you will not make you better, you must meet 
    opponents that are better
    then you.  See what they do, immitate them.  Ask questions.
    Becoming A Virtuoso With Ness Checklist
    1. Beat the Game On Very Hard Without Dying.
    2. Play Multi player against 4 Computers (not on the same team).  Do this on 
    every board against the 
    three people that you hate the most.
    3. Win with the handicap absurdly on their side. Do this against everyone.
    Do these and then you should be pretty damn good.  Becoming a virtuoso means 
    that you can always
     pull of a combo, throw, roll, anything, exactly when you want to.  It 
    doesn't necessarily mean that 
    your better at actually playing the game.  Becoming a virtuoso has nothing to 
    do with strategy, just 
    the technicality of playing with your character (hopefully Ness).  Making 
    sure the technical side of 
    your character is mastered is crucial in pulling off everything in this guide.
    Last Words
    E-MAIL ME!!!!!!!!!  DrkByNight@aol.com
    I'd love to hear your e-mails, I'm open-minded which means i don't mind 
    criticism,  Tell me if you 
    think i should add something, take something out, or if you'd like to give me 
    some of your 
    information and strategies, i will give you credits and we can further expand 
    our knowledge of the 
    character Ness, and strategies of the game super smash brothers.

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