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Ness by SkYrth

Version: 5.0 | Updated: 07/25/99

 /\___   _____   ___________   ___________   ___________
<  >  \_/\    \ /\          \ /\          \ /\          \
\\/     \_\    \\-\    ______\\-\     _____\\-\     _____\
|\-\      \\    \\-\   \_-_-_/_\-\    \_-_-/_\-\    \_-_-/_
  \-\       \    \\-\          \\-\          \\-\          \
   \-\    \       \\-\    ______\\-\_______   \\-\_______   \
    \-\    \\_     \\-\   \_-_-_/_\/_-_-_/_\   \\/_-_-_/_\   \
     \-\    \ \_    \\-\          \ /\          \ /\          \
       \/_-_-/ \/_-_-/ \/_-_-_-_-_-/ \/_-_-_-_-_-/ \/_-_-_-_-_-/

The above ASCII was made by FLP_@Hotmail.com.
A big thank you to him.
(someone has too much free time...)

	FAQ for Ness (Psychic Kid)
	Ver 5.0 Made by SkYrth (Skyrth@aol.com)

Versions of FAQ-
July 25- 5.0 |  Added 2 combos.  Been busy lately. :)|
July 2-4.0   |  Added a few challenges.              |
             |  I BEAT 12 million!!! Damn I rock.    |
             |  Gonna see South Park tomorrow.       |
             |  Have a good 4th of July everyone :)  |
             |                         SkYrth        |
June 30-3.0  |  Prolly one of the last updates.      | 
             |  Started my camp.  Added combos.Chill.|
June 17-2.8  |  Added SWEET Ness logo and challenges.|
June 16-2.6  |  Minor correction. Combo added.       |
June 15-2.55 |  I'm just lazy, I guess.Added a combo.|
             |  I only got one email. Send me more.  |                                                               |                                       |
June 12-2.5  |  Ok, so it isn't a big update.        |
             |  This FAQ doesn't need more updates =P|
             |  E-mail me. I can't think.            |
June 9- 2.1  |  2 big updates in one day. Added      |
             |  Master Hand, Metal Mario, and Teams. |
             |  Other minor stuff.                   |
June 9- 2.0  |  Yahoo! 2.0 has arrived.              |
             |  Added Stage Strategies, stupid Emails|
             |  E-mail some suggestions and combos!! |
June 7- 1.8  |  Updated combos, minor stuff...       |
June 6- 1.7  |  Minor corrections... blah blah blah  |
June 5- 1.6  |  BIG update! Attacks for Ness has MUCH|
             |  more moves. Added strategies against |
             |  specific characters. Began Combos.   |
June 4- 1.3  |  Minor additions, etc.                |
             |                                       |
June 3- 1.25-|  Spell checked, made FAQ easier to    |
             |  read and to understand.              |
June 3- 1.2- |  Added bonus stage section.  Thanks to|
             |  Sim64 for this suggestion! Also added|
             |  Range for each attack (thanks Lau!), |
             |  and minor wording problems.          |
June 2- 1.1- |  Wow.  Two version updates in one day.|
             |  Again, fixed some formatting problems|
             |  Added a bit more.                    |
June 2- 1.05-|  Fixed some minor wording. Send me    |
             |  some mail, I won't know what to      |
             |  update if ya don't tell me!          | 
June 1- 1.0- |  The first version.  Hope ya enjoy it!|

I challenge you to...

-=Get over 12 million as your total high score (I did!)=-

-=Get "No Damage" on Master Hand=-

-=Get "DK Perfect" as someone other than DK=-

-=Get under 6 minutes in Bonus 1 as total (I think I did)=-

-=Get "Pacifist" on at least 3 different stages, besides Pikachu=-

-=Get "No Miss Clear" on Very Hard (Yeah right...)=-

-=Get the above bonus as Jigglypuff (lol)=-

-=Get "Single Move" on every stage=-

-=Get "Mystic" on every stage (whoa...)=-

-=Get "Star Finish" on Metal Mario (holy cow...)=-

-=Get "Hawk" on 5 or more stages=-

-=Get more than 1.3 million as one character (I did ;)=-

-=Write a FAQ on Ness without using the word ass 
  I did it, didn't I? Wait...CRAP! I did :P=-

-=Prove that you did any of the above=-

 Read Milen's FAQ if you don't know any of the above bonuses.

====== Table of Contents =================

x. ASCII art
xx. Version Updates
xxx. Challenges
1. Introduction to Smash Bros.
2. Introduction to Ness
3. Pros and Cons
4. Attacks for Ness
5. Combos
6. Tips and Strategies
7. Ness vs. ?????
8. Stage Strategies
9. Bonus Stages
10. Outro
11. Future Updates
12. Stupid Emails
13. Legal Stuff
14. Credits
15. About me

Quick note- This FAQ is 95% complete.
Most likely next is a Fox FAQ, and hey, if
you don't have Ness, maybe the Fox FAQ
will help ya get him ;)

Quick other note- &$@% the Fox FAQ. I'm too lazy.

1.  I N T R O D U C T I O N 

When I first saw the commercial for 
Super Smash Bros., I knew it had to be
good.  I mean, the concept of all your 
favorite Nintendo characters givin eachother
smackdowns? Took me a while to find it in a store,
though. Overall, a great game. (why else would
I write a FAQ about it? :)

2. I N T R O D U C T I O N  F O R  N E S S

First of all, Ness is obtained by 
beating the game on Normal Mode, with 3 
lives, and using no continues. Tricky, hmm?
Anyway, for those of you who DON'T know,
Ness is the main character with psychic powers
from Earthbound, a great RPG for SNES.  Someone
he knows (I forgot who) sees a meteorite, he
begins hearing the little voices in his head,
which tell him to go beat the &@$# out of 
everything he sees with his bat.  Ok, so it 
isn't exactly like that, but somewhat the same.
Go play it.  Actually, I don't know why they 
even PUT this guy in the game.  Perhaps
its a Japanese thing? Why not Toad, 
or Princess, or anyone else?  
Who cares.  I'm happy with Ness.  He's my 
favorite character. (Duhhhh...this FAQ is 
called Ness, isn't it?) Read on for more.

3. P R O S  A N D  C O N S  O F  N E S S

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

1.  Ness is a very powerful character. 
    With the homerun bat, and
    with numerous yo-yo attacks, 
    An experienced Ness player is a 
    formidable opponent.

2.  Ness is not only good on offense,
    but is good at defense too.
    PK Magnet is the only natural 
    self-heal in the game. Use it wisely.
    His throw also has good range.

3.  Ness makes a great teammate.  
    His PK Magnet can save a friend from
    a lot of easily-avoided harm, and his
    yo-yo is good if you are bunched

4.  Ness' double jump is great for confusing
    "Edge guarders," as in those 
    who lurk on the edge when you 
    fall off and try to punch you back.
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 


1.  Despite his weenie size, Ness' moves 
    can be slow, and leave him a bit 

2.  Ness is one of the more difficult 
    characters to master, especially using 
    the PK's effectively.

3.  In addition to being hard to play as,
    he is also hard to get!
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

4. A T T A C K S  F O R  N E S S

The legend is pretty self-explanatory.  If
there is a + between them, that means that
you tap them both at the same time, for a 
'smash attack.' If not, hold the direction that is
indicated before pressing A. I'll list speed, range,
and damage. Speeds are Quick, Normal, and Slow, ranges
are  Very Far, Far, normal, and close.

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Punch - A -
Basic Ness punch.  Not much damage.
Speed- Quick
Range- Close
Damage- 2% to 5%

Twirl - Up + A - 
Ok, so its not a headbutt. He sorta
twirls around...again, not much damage. Can juggle.
Speed- Normal
Range- Close
Damage- 3% to 7%

Low Kick - Down + A -
A low kick. Pretty basic...
Speed- Quick
Range- Close
Damage- 2% to 5%

Air Punch - (AIR) A -
Blah blah, basic attack...borrring.
Speed- Quick
Range- Close
Damage- 2% to 5%

Air Headbutt- (AIR) Up + A
Not bad, helpful in combos.
Speed- Quick
Range- Close
Damage- 5% to 10%

Step Kick - (AIR) Down + A -
A personal favorite.  Ness sticks his
foot down, and squishes'em.  If you and them are both
in the air, you can perform this multiple
times, and when you get to the ground, hit them
with something more powerful.  If they are off the 
edge, jump off and STEP'EM! Nearly impossible to
survive through at high %. 
Speed- Quick
Range- Close
Damage- 8% to 16%

Vertical Yo-yo - A + up -
Now we're at the good stuff. Ness pulls 
out the yo-yo. Good attack, hits people all around 
him. Helpful if yer being teamed up on. 
Speed- Normal
Range- Far
Damage- 15% to 24%

Horizontal Yo-yo - A + down -
Again, Ness uses the yo-yo. Slightly
worse, as it only hits forward and back, but also
slightly more powerful, plus it goes a bit farther. 
Speed- Normal
Range- Far
Damage- 17% to 25%

Homerun Bat - A + toward -
WAHOO!!  If you Earthbound fans remember, Ness 
possessed a baseball bat.  Well, its back, and 
its as good as a HomeRun bat! A little weaker, 
but quicker!  Go beat yer opponents with
the ugly stick.  Use this often, but only if
you are safe.
Speed- Slow
Range- Normal
Damage- 15% to 30 %

PK Thunder - B + up - 
>From Earthbound, Ness had many Psychic attacks
(PSI, or in this, PK).  PK thunder is pretty
weak, but VERY helpful.  When Fox is falling, he uses Fire Fox
(Up+B) to save himself, in addition to a double jump. 
Ness has no regular float.  This is one of Ness' Moves 
you will have to master. When you are falling off a cliff, 
fire off one of these and steer it to smack ya in the butt. 
Ness will go FLYING back in that direction, MUCH farther 
than a regular comeback move.  I've been told
you can smack yourself with it into opponents
for big damage. In addition, if an opponent
has been knocked off the edge and is high in the air, and in
the middle of a comeback move, this is PERFECT for pissing'em off.
Contrary to popular belief, this will NOT hurt you if 
you are hit by it.  This is one of the most effective saves. 
Difficult to master, but if you do, it's VERY hard to get an 
off-the-stage kill on Ness. (end of rant) 
Speed- Slow
Range- Very Far
Damage- 3% to 10% (23% if you smack yourself into them)

PK Magnet - B + down - 
AWESOME!  Similar to Fox's reflector, but instead of reflecting 
the projectile (which, by the way, is all that this works on) 
it ABSORBS it as %!  VERY useful, especially in the 
Master Hand battle, and anywhere.  
Show your cheap opponents not to fire stuff at you.
Speed- Normal
Range- N/A   
Damage- Varies with the damage of attack.

PK Fire - B - 
This is a cool attack. Stuns the enemy, 
does some nice damage, and sets 'em up for a baseball smack.
If used repeatedly, can be VERY annoying.  
Also can be used in the air, similar to Akuma's air 
fireball of SF fame.  
Speed- Slow
Range- Far
Damage- 3% to 18%

PK Throw - R - 
I just made up this name, but that's really all it is.
He uses some psychic power to hold them out in front
or in back of them, and to throw them. Not a bad throw.
If someone is in back of you, use the back throw and
the person Ness is 'controlling' will smack into them
before they go flying.
Speed- Normal
Range- Very far
Damage- 15% to 23% 
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

5. C O M B O S 

Of course, don't forget the one word which
perfectly describes Ness. CHEESE!  For those
of you who don't know, this is a fighting term
used for "cheap combo."  This section will be,
basically, run by you.  Send YOUR combos
to "skyrth@aol.com" in the same format you see here

-=Name of Combo=- Enemy percent. Where you have to be.
If you are a different place than at the start, signify
that somewhere.
Your e-mail address

-=Step Kicker=- 
Enemy at 80% or over. Both of you in air.
Down + A, Down + A again if theres time.
Both hit ground.
Throw, Bat, or Yo-yo here.
Damage- 25%, up to 25% more.
Can Kill Instantly- Yes
from Skyrth@aol.com

-=Lau's Annoying PK Fire Combo=- 
Enemy at lowest % possible.
Both on ground.
PK Fire, PK Fire, PK Fire, do this as long as you want
and then smack them with the bat or a throw.
Damage- Varies (3% to ???)
Can Kill Instantly- No
from steveson@netvigator.com

-=Ground Strike=- 
Enemy at highest % possible.
Both on Ground
Jump, A then Up+A then Jump, A then PK Thunder, 
then Side Drill Kick (left or right and A) 
then headbutt, and when they land use the bat or throw.
Can Kill instantly- Yes
>From MyPalJC7@aol.com
(I didn't quite understand that one)

-=Yo-Yo Youchie=- 
Enemy at below 60%.
Facing your enemy, or facing the same direction of your enemy, better yet.
Vertical Yo-yo then immediately Horizontal Yo-yo.  
(You can add your own finisher here, if you'd like.)
Damage- 25-27%
Can Kill instantly- No
from Artizaptres@Yahoo.com

Enemy at over 50%
You right above enemy, who is on ground.
Get above your enemy, and wait for Ness to stop blinking (from the
jump) then press down to make yourself fall faster.  then, use the Step Kick. 
When they're about to land, get under them and use the
Vertical Yo-Yo attack.  While they're in the air, hit them with PK
Damage- about 38%
Can kill instantly- yes, after second hit
>From Artizaptres@Yahoo.com

-=PK Madness=-
Enemy at highest % possible.
PK fire, PK Thunder, PK Throw to closest ledge
Damage- ??
Can kill Instantly- Yes
>From CRN64@aol.com

Enemy at under 50% (preferably on a new life w/ 0%)
Above enemy, who is on ground
Fall from above, usually, from going through a platform downwards.
Fall onto your enemy, using a Step Kick. As they go very low in the air,
use the Vertical Yo-yo. They will usually go up and somewhat behind you. 
In that case, simply turn around, and SMASH them with the bat! 
(Remember, this combo works at optimum level when your opponent 
has very low damage, especially when they are just coming off a loss of a life.)
Damage- 45-50% 
Can kill instantly- no
>From GrandS1am@aol.com

-=The incredibly cheap Step Kick combo=-
Enemy at around 50%, works better higher than lower
Above enemy, who is on ground
Step kick, they will go flying up
Double Jump and Step kick them again, they'll hit the ground
Fall down and step kick them again, repeat until they throw the controller at you.
Feel free to add other moves into the combo, such as a headbutt here or there, or a bat.
Damage- TONS! (10-15 for each step kick)
Can kill instantly- yes
>From Skyrth@aol.com

-=Your combo here!=-

(Please note: I have not tested these, except for those
which were made by me, so if they don't work or don't
do the damage listed, e-mail them, not me =)

6. T I P S  A N D  S T R A T E G I E S

1.  Power hit.  Take advantage of that mean bat he's holding.
    I mean, isn't that sound SATISFYING? 

2.  CHEESE!  Ness' has real combo potential.

3.  I like to eat cheese too. 
3a. All kinds of cheese.

    (I guess writing FAQS DOES make you go insane.)

4.  Speaking of cheesy, here's cheap strategy for team play,
    if Team Attack is on.  Have a teammate
    grab a weapon of some sort, a Ray Gun or 
    Star Shooter, and have Ness
    use PK Magnet.  Get the point?  

5.  Use PK Fire anytime your opponent is just standing there, or  
    charging at you.  Sets'em up for a SMACK! (or a throw :)

6.  I found that Kirby makes a good teammate for Ness...Don't ask why.
    One person told me that Samus makes a good teammate, because of the power.

7.  I also found that Mario is good.  If he uses his reverse throw,
    Ness can smack him with a bat while he goes flying round and round.  
    May take a while for you to get what I mean, but try playing
    as Mario and doing his backwards throw.

8.  Bawk.

9.  PK Thunder can be one of the best attacks in the game 
    if you can control it.  It stuns enemies. You can also smack 
    yourself with it and kill enemies for big damage.  
    Pretty cool, huh?  Works best on Sector Z (lots of room).

10. Projectiles can be reflected by the bat. Neato, huh?  
    Kinda hard to time though...

7. N E S S  V S .  ? ? ? ? ?

This area is some basic tips for Ness against each character
(and the special non-playable ones), and
for how well Ness fares against each of them. 
* is bad, * * * * * is great
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Ness vs. Luigi- Luigi isn't much of a problem.  If he uses his
Spin, and he misses, catch him with the bat.  Try to smack yourself
into him with a PK thunder.  Absorb his fireballs.
If he misses you with the Coin Uppercut, get him
with a vertical Yo-yo or Jumping Headbutt.
Rating- * * * *

Ness vs. Mario- Use basically the same strategies as you did on
Luigi, except his fireball bounces and he doesn't jump as high. 
Rating- * * * *

Ness vs- DK-  DK's size is no match for Ness' powerful attacks.
His big bulk makes him easy to hit with a PK fire.  Use the stun
and smack strategy here.  He wont be able to escape.  VERY easy.
Rating- * * * * * 

Ness vs. Link- Difficult if if the Link Player is experienced.
PK magnet is useless in this battle, as Link has no projectiles.
Try to get him off the edge, and when he tries to get back on,
PK fire him.  Hopefully, he will go down with the flame.
Smashing yourself with PK thunder into him is also effective,
as long as he doesn't power hit you while you aim it :)
Rating- * * *

Ness vs. Samus-  Challenging.  Samus' powerful attacks can offset
some of Ness' better moves.  Look out for the Overhead Fire!
If she (Yes, it is a girl) uses a charge shot, absorb it. The Screw
Attack can get on your nerves too.  Try to catch her off guard
with a bat, then rush in with a PK fire.  Using the same
PK fire-over-the-edge strategy you used against Link, 
she'll go down easily (lol, didn't mean that ;). 
With some cunning, and smart PK magnet'ing, Samus can be a cinch. 
Rating- * * *

Ness vs. Captain Falcon- Not too hard, again.  Most of his moves
have a delay, so that gives you time to hit him with a dashing attack,
or a step kick, or whatever :)  Blocking is crucial here.
Try not to throw too much, he can dash away (he is MUCH faster) and hit
you with a Falcon Punch, or Falcon Kick.  Try to be agile, and use
Rating- * * *

Ness vs. Ness- Your mirror image.  Use your PK Fire and PK Thunder
carefully, because he has a PK magnet too.  Stick to whacking him
with the bat, and yo-yo'ing him.  Use a PK Fire if he rushes you,
he won't have time to put up a Magnet.
Rating- * * *

Ness vs. Yoshi-  Eeeeeeeasy.  Yoshi isn't quick enough to escape the
wrath of the baseball bat. Don't go near him he's near the edge, he's
just tryin to fart ya off. If he does a double jump 
(makes the constipated 'unnnhh!' Yoshi sound), jump up with him,
and hit him with a few power aerial attacks, finishing with a PK 
fire if you can.
Rating- * * * *

Ness vs. Kirby- This is one of the tougher opponents.  He can easily
counter Ness' PK Fire and PK Thunder with his Cutter and Stone.  Try
to catch him off guard with a Horizonal Yo-yo, and rush in for a throw.
Even better, if you get him with a PK fire, smack him with the bat.
Rating- * *

Ness vs. Fox-  A pretty equal fight.  Fox has a slight advantage in speed,
but it won't help much against the bat of death. Absorb his gun shots 
when possible, and if you feel flashy, bat them back at him.  His Fire Fox has 
a long delay, so that gives you plenty of time to PK thunder him if he's trying
to get back up, and time to bat or Yo-yo horizontal him.
Rating- * * *

Ness vs. Pikachu-  Not too much of a problem.  Most of his moves can
be absorbed with the PK magnet.  Smack him with the bat, and if he evades
with that fly-up move, catch him with a yo-yo vertical when he comes down. 
Don't forget to hit him with a PK thunder if he goes off the edge, 
because he comes back quickly.
Rating- * * *

Ness vs. Jigglypoofer- Jigglypoop is one of the easier battles.  
His moves are all close range, so try smacking yourself into him 
with PK thunder, and using the yo-yo horizontal. 
Also, I've heard Jigglypuff is a good juggler,
but Ness is a lot more powerful in the air (Air PK fire, Step Kick).
Not much of a problem. If he puts you to sleep, look out...
Rating- * * * *
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Ness vs. Yoshi Team- The problem with Ness is that he has no quick
ground attack to take out Yoshis easily, like Mario Cyclone.
Step Kick works well (I've gotten Single Move before), as does
regular jumping attacks.  Vertical Yo-Yo is ok too. 
All the other moves are too slow.

Ness vs. Mario Bros.-  Use the strategies you did against Mario
and Luigi, and the strategy from Peach's castle. Duhh...
Try to be a good partner :P  True friend is worth the points.

Ness vs. Giant DK-  This is the same as DK, only he's...giant.
Bat works well, and PK thunder is perfect when he's trying to come 
back.  PK Fire is also great against him. 
PK thunder also stuns, so this gives time for your allies to smack'im.

Ness vs. Kirbies- Same as a Kirby, only a lot lighter.
Some of Ness' slower moves like the bat don't work,
cause those damn Kirbies never stop moving long enough
to let you get them. Try PK Magnet if they Cutter you.
Both Yo-Yo moves are good, and his throw is too.

Ness vs. Metal Mario-  Yuck. I hate this fight.  PK
Thunder is useless when he's coming back, cause he comes
up too fast for it to hit.  I suggest batting him repeatedly,
PK firing, Step Kicking, and hitting him with the Yo-yo from below.  
Throw when he gets above 150%.

Ness vs. Polygons- Double Yuck.  These guys die really quickly,
but on the higher difficulties they damage you a lot before you
kill them.  GET THE MAX TOMATOES!! 
Use his clear out moves, like the Yo-yo. 
Step Kick if you aren't being attacked repeatedly. 
PK Fire can be good to cause some chaos :P  

Ness vs. Master Hand- Simple. One of Ness' easier opponents.
When he charges up for the bullet, PK Magnet to get back a lot of
health.  When he comes at you from the distance, thats hard to
dodge. Try timing it to hit yourself just as he's about to punch you.
With some luck, you'll land near the edge, he'll miss,
and then when he zooms in from the side he won't hit you.
When he floats above you harmlessly, Step Kick or Yo-Yo vertical.
If he's about to poke yer brains out with his finger,
Step Kick or Yo-Yo and then run.  PK fire is pretty useless here,
as is PK thunder, except for the strategy above.
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

(please e-mail skyrth@aol.com if you have any better ideas.)

8. S T A G E  S T R A T E G I E S
This format will be pretty much the same as
Ness vs. ?????, with * as a ranking.

Peach's Castle- A so-so stage for Ness. The bumper
can be very annoying. His Step Kick
will give him a large advantage over the enemy if the
sliding platform is on the other side.  Try
throwing them to the side where the platform isn't,
and then jump after them and Step Kick them.
Rating- * * *

Congo Jungle- Again, not too bad, but personally I
don't like this one.  The platforms to the upper-right
and upper-left can either help you or hinder you.
Try to stay dead center, or on one of the platforms,
Step Kicking when possible and batting as well.
Rating- * * *

Hyrule Castle- This is a good Ness stage.   Although
it is very big (and therefore harder to bat someone off
the edge), there are many good places for Ness to stand,
such as the top platform (PK thunder time) and that
sort of roof-thing all the way to the right, perfect
for a superman-style Step Kick barrage, or air PK fires.
Rating- * * * *

Planet Zebes- Yuck.  I personally hate this stage, but don't
have many Ness strategies.  I suggest lots of PK fire, and
block a lot.  Throw people off the edge and Step Kick them,
and stay to high ground.
Rating- * *

Yoshi's Island-  I don't like this one too much (I like 
bigger stages, more time to think), but Ness is good
on small stages. When the enemy goes flying really far off to the side (but doesn't die), step on the cloud to make it disappear, then quickly jump back to the mainland, and Edge Guard.  Or, just stand on the cloud and finish them
however you want when they land on it :) Stay on the platforms, and DON'T PK
Thunder yourself.  95% of the time you'll end up commiting
suicide, since you won't have your double jump. 
Rating- * * * 

Kirby's Dreamland- Use basically the same strategy you
did on Yoshi's island, except the clouds aren't there, so
kills are easier. 
(Thanks to Artizaptres (A legendary bird mix?) for pointing out my mistake.)
Rating- * * *

Sector Z-  My personal favorite, and a decent Ness stage too.
The size, similar to Hyrule, can help you, but also make it more
difficult to kill.  PK thunder is good for smacking yourself into them,
since you don't have to worry about accidentaly dying =P
PK magnet gives him a HUGE advantage when that
damn ARWING tries to blast the $%&# out of you, cause instead of
HURTING Ness, he gets back tons of energy. I suggest knocking the 
enemy as far as you can to the left or right, and then PK fire + Bat 
or Step Kick them off.
Rating- * * * *

Saffron City- A good Ness stage.  PK thundering yourself will be ok,
since there are a lot of platforms to save you.  I find my cause of death
on this stage to usually be falling off the edge under that moving platform
to the left, and the small area all the way on the right, seeing as there
is no room for PK thunder.  Use a lot of throws, and Step Kick VERY often!
Rating- * * * *

Mushroom Bros.-  I haven't had much experience with this one, but there
are many strategies.  I've tried "Pipe Guarding" which is pretty 
self-explanatory, and that works well.  Sorta like tee ball.  As
soon as they pop up, SMACK them!  Stay off the platforms in the center,
and hide in the alcoves to the sides, firing off PK thunders when possible.
Rating- * * *


9. B O N U S  S T A G E S

Ok, Targets first.
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

Start by punching the target to the right, and then jumping
and hitting the one above him.  Now you can go left or right.  
Go to the left first.  Stand on the platform, and steer a 
PK thunder to hit the target directly below you.  Then,
jump and hit the target.  Do a double-jump to land on the platform,
jump again to hit the target, and fire off a PK thunder to hit
the target in the alcove.  You may have to jump for this.
Now, the left side is clear.  Head back to the right where you
started.  Double jump to the right, and hit the target.
Then, head towards the "twisty area." Go down it, and stand as
close to the target as you can.  Hit it with a PK fire.
The flame should fall, and hit the other one.
Head back up the twisty thing, 
where the diagram wants
you to stand.  This is
tricky, but try it.
Fire off a PK thunder,
and steer it to             __  _N| P |
hit the final target.         |__ |   |   
                              | __| o | 
                              |_Fo|   |
                                  |   |
                                 o|   |                               

o= target
N= Ness, where you should be when PK Thunder is fired.
F= PK fire, where it should be fired from.
P= PK thunder heading for target.                             
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

Now for the platforms.                                              
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

The first four are easy.  Go in descending order.
Then, go to the left.  This is where PK thunder
comes in handy.  Do a double jump, and fire off
a PK thunder so it goes right up yer butt.  Ness
will go straight up if it worked, and land safely
on the platform.  Head left once again, and jump
on the next two platforms.  Here is a VERY tricky
part. Too hard for a diagram, so I'll explain as best
I can.  Jump so you are a few inches (in OUR terms)
above the diagonal ramp but still below the little overhang,
and fire off a PK thunder. With good steering, you can
bonk yerself in the side so he will slide up the ramp.
This could take a few tries.  Now, there will be some 
annoying moving platforms (not the flashing ones). 
No real strategies here, just double jump and 
fire off a PK thunder if you need to.
When you are at the top, stand against the wall to the right
on the top platform, and do a double jump, quickly, otherwise
the platform will move in the other direction and you will fall.
Watch out for the bumpers, or you will be majorly annoyed ;)
Once on the small ledge, double jump to the platform to the left.
Now, fall off to the right, and head all the way to the right, under
the platform.  PK thunder skills needed here.  Double jump, and
fry yer butt once again to get onto the platform.  Now, fire a PK thunder
and steer it to hit right under you again.  
I wonder if Ness' poor butt ever gets burned from all this?  
If this doesn't knock you high enough to get onto the
last platform, you may have to jump. Ta-da again!     
10. O U T R O

Is that even a word?  Anyway, thanks for reading my FAQ,
unfasten your seatbelt and get off the plane.  
Go play as Ness.  Use the psychic powers wisely, young one.
And don't forget, Ness is great for bragging rights!  
I mean, that means you beat 11 stages of toil without losing 
3 lives!  You go!  Have fun.

11. F U T U R E  U P D A T E S

I hope I can add these soon.  Tell me what you WANT me to update,
or I'll leave you with whatever lame version this is.
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

I don't know if there's anything more to add.
E-mail me and tell me.

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

12. S T U P I D  E - M A I L S
Yes, sadly, all of these stupid emails are
true, and I actually received them in my emailbox.
I've only gotten a few so far, so all you
stupid people, speak up and help me enlarge
this section! =P
(e-mail addresses removed)

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 Hi, help me, hpow do you get ness?!?11 yuor
 stupid fag wont helpoejr me!! screw you hippy
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 eat me
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 i DoNt CaRe iF U KiLlED thOse (expletive)
 PiKAhcUss YoU SuCk (expletive) U HShD
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

 what the hell is wrong with you! You can't even tell people your own age!
 U (expletive)! I HATE  YOU! MWA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!
 (etc for a long time)

13. L E G A L  S T U F F

Yeah, yeah.  I know you don't want to read this, 
but I put a lot of time and work
into this FAQ.  If you see this FAQ anywhere 
else besides my hard drive and Gamefaqs,
please email me.  Please.  If you want 
to use my FAQ on your webpage, tell me first,
I'll be more than happy to let you use it, as 
long as it is the newest version, and that 
'Written by Skyrth' appears somewhere, as well 
as my email address (cause you know how bored I am. 
I wrote this FAQ, didn't I?).  And PLEASE, don't just 
show this to yer friends and say "I wrote this."  
Or I'll send my army of rabid lawyers on you.  
As you can see, I give credit for even the smallest things :)
Copyright 1999 Skyrth productions.  All rights reserved, yadda yadda yadda.  
No Jigglypuff's were harmed in the making of this FAQ, and those that were
were old and half-dead anyway.  Pika Pika. 

14. C R E D I T S 

First, myself.  For spending lots of useless time.
This is my first FAQ, for those who care.
If a game intrigues me enough as this one did,
I may write another. 
Secondly, I wanna thank all my little fans. 
Thirdly, Tim and Youn (Kirby and Samus) 
for the numerous smackdowns I gave them as Ness. 
Fourthly, all the people who helped me write this FAQ,
update this FAQ, and bake the bread, 
which was no one ^_^ THANKS A LOT, (expletive removed)


Lau, for some various suggestions.

Your name could be here if you email me! =)

15. A B O U T  M E

My daddy says I shouldn't tell anyone anything.  Who gives. 
My first name is Greg (ick, don't call me that :), but my friends call me PJ. 
I live in dreary old Massachusetts, in a dreary old city.
If you ask, I'll say more. I'm not gonna tell you my age, 
cause you wont believe me anyway, 
but I'll just say I'm still in grade school (*_*)
What else...I like rap. Go ahead, ridicule me, (expletive)ers.
Before Ness, my favorite character was Mario.
I'm an AOL loser (I only use it cause my friends do...)
with no life. An A student with no brain. 
Jar Jar Binks is NOT queer (changed by request). 
Good night, Good death.

Email me some suggestions/comments/questions/unmarked money, aite?
Think.  Your name could be in my Credits section!
1999, skyrth@aol.com

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