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Ness by Shinfy

Version: 1.0 |

Super Smash Brothers----
Ness FAQ Ver. 1.0

Table of Contents
a. Legal stuff, credits

b. Intro

1.Ness Bio

2.Ness moves

3.Ness strategies

4.Ness team strategies

5.Stage Strategies

6. Outro/Closing


A. Legal Stuff and Credits
Ver 1.0
This FAQ is a copyright of Shinfy Inc. any copying, reproduction, reduction, 
taciturn ripping off of, or otherwise here on in, will be dealt with in a swift 
and brutal manner. All characters names and likenesses are copyrights of their 
respective shareholders. Ness, Earthbound, and Super Smash Brothers are all 
copyrights of HAL Laboratory and Nintendo. This FAQ was written for solely 
educational and entertaining purposes. Please send all comments/flames to 

B. Intro
How to get Ness: beat the game on normal, with stock at 3, without continuing. 
This saves me ALOT of time on this FAQ because if you have Ness i don't need to 
tell you all the basic moves and mechanics of the game. This FAQ is my 1st, so 
don't expect it to be TOO good. I am only scratching the iceberg of this game.

1.Ness Biography
Who is this Ness?:  Ness is the lead character in an RPG named EarthBound. It is 
also known as Mother 2 in Japan. The game is about a seemingly normal teen who 
is called on to save the world using his hidden PSI powers after a meteorite 
lands near his house. Along the way, you meet an incredible cast of characters, 
visit exotic locales, and just plain have fun! If you have never played 
EarthBound, at least give it a try.

What games has Ness been in?:  Well, as I just stated, he stars as the lead in 
EarthBound. What some of you may not know is that he was also in EarthBound Zero 
for NES. Long story short, Nintendo of America never released Mother1/EarthBound 
0 in the US. It sold a fully translated cart at an auction. The person that 
bought it was tracked down and had the ROM of the game 'dumped' so it could be 
played on NES emulators. It is quite possibly the only legal ROM in the US as it 
was never copyrighted. Basically the game is the same as EarthBound for NES, 
although the story is different in some ways.

Why is Ness in SSB?: the obvious answer that EB fans will tell you is 'he 
kicks!' But the real reason is possibly simpler: HAL Laboratory made EB and SSB. 
So it's only natural they include Ness.

Ness Strengths: has very useful attacks, is double jump is amazing, has some 
permanent weapons [bat, yo yo], and is easily under estimated for his size.

Ness Weaknesses: requires a lot of practice, advanced players will be deadly as 
Ness, moves leave you open to attack, PK thunder hard to save yourself with, 
body is light like Kirby's so he's a little easier to knock away then say, DK.  

2. Ness's Moves
I will not go through and list every move, just his 'special moves' that use the 
B button. I will list possible uses/combos, as well as down sides. Oddly enough, 
in EB, Ness never uses any of these moves....

PK Fire- Press B
This is almost considered a 'freeze' move, because when you hit an opponent with 
it, they cannot move or get away easily. It can be used in the air, but not to 
the same extent. It's a good way to stall your opponent or freeze them in place 
for a baseball bat hit [tap A and left or right.] It takes practice to get this 
comb to work. Some down sides are if you miss, it leaves you open to attack. 
Normal your opponents will always be moving, so it's not all that easy to hit 
them. But man oh man, when you do hit them, its well worth it!

PK Thunder- Press B+up
This move has multiple uses. The simplest is to simply steer it into your 
opponents. It doesn't do much damage, but has a LONG reach. The next, and 
better, use is to save you from falling. Just steer it into you bottom and it 
will knock you pretty far, if not all the way, back to the stage. Note: it takes 
TIME to get this move down, and don't expect it to be 100% positive saving 
either. The last use for it is to hit yourself with it in such a way as to hit 
your opponents with your flying body. This causes mucho, mucho damage, and 
serves as a good way to get rid of weakened opponents. Downsides are obvious, 
while steering it around, you are TOTALLY open to attack. Plus when just hitting 
opponents, the damage is very low compared to the trouble you go through hitting 
them with it.

PSI Magnet- press B+down
the one and only use is to absorb projectiles with it. THIS IS THE ONLY MOVE IN 
THE GAME WHICH RECOVERS HEALTH! Yes, that's right. Instead of simply nullifying 
the damage, it turns it into health for Ness. Especially useful when Pokemon 
come out, or against a fire flower attack. You will know its working when the 
crowd cheers and the damage % goes lower and lower. A downside is that against 
opponents without projectile moves, it's useless. It DOES NOT protect against 
non-projectile moves either.

3. Ness Strategies
for Beginners:  First off, use PK fire a lot. The computer under level 3 or 
lower will not usually avoid this at all. Against human opponents, rely more on 
normal attacks and use PK fire when they don't expect it. PK thunder is a good 
way to annoy people from far away, too. If your friend is playing as Samus, use 
NESS! His PSI magnet can change the tide of battle if Samus uses her charged up 
gun on you. Especially funny on Star Fox's stage when Arwings shoot you.

Advanced: two words, PK thunder! Use it judiciously, use it wisely, and use it 
well! It will save your life many a time, as it has mine. It's a good tool to 
knock a group apart. When that item appears that everyone wants, use PK fire to 
slow down your opponents. PSI magnet is even more useful because more advanced 
players use more projectile attacks. 

4. Team Strategies
Basically, I'll tell you some great team combos in this section.

Ness with Ness- yes, it is possible. not very wise as two Ness will tend to get 
in each other's way. Put team damage on, use PSI magnet, have the other guy use 
PK fire, and wallah! You just recovered damage!

Ness and Mario- not really a good match, but nonetheless useful in some cases. 
Have Ness 'freeze' people with PK fire, then make Mario use either his up+b or 
down+b moves to cause mucho damage.

Ness and Luigi- same as ness and Mario strategies, except Luigi's up+b move 
causes even more damage then Mario's.

Ness and DK- fairly good match. DK's strength and bulkiness compliment Ness's 
moves and speed very well. Once again, have Ness freeze people in place, then DK 
can come in with his powered up fist attack [press B and wait till he's done 
winding up, then press B again to attack.]

Ness and Link- I haven't tried this much, because Ness and Link play similarly. 
Have Link lob bombs at people while ness keeps them busy. BE CAREFUL as Link's 
bombs will always hurt Ness even if team damage is off.

Ness and Samus- almost perfect match. Samsus's long range attacks are very 
useful when Ness keeps people busy. Very nice team move is turn on team damage 
and have Samus shoot Ness when his PSI magnet is up. Very good way to be a team 

Ness and Falcon- Falcon is all about powerful attacks, you can pretty much rely 
on falcon to keep them busy while you use PK thunder to slam yourself into 
random people.

Ness and Yoshi- not a very good match at all. Yoshi's moves only serve to slow 
people down so you can get in and do damage. Have Yoshi use his  B move to 
swallow people so they become an egg. Hint Hint! use PK fire  when they're in an 

Ness and Kirby- oh yes, another great match. Arguably the best team, Kirby and 
Ness can beat down people like nobodies business. My only advice is stay 
together! if you are fighting them, prepare to be beaten. Well, ok that was 
really biased, they are not unbeatable, but you really have to know what you're 

Ness and Fox- Fairly good pair. Fox's reflector is kind of like Ness PSI magnet, 
but don't expect any miracles unless you have an experienced Fox player next to 

Ness and Jigglypuff- agghh! Well, i guess Jigglypuff can draw attention to 
itself while Ness tries to beat the other team. Don't get me wrong, Jigglypuff 
players have been known to be deadly, but they are not much good except to put 
the enemy to sleep.

Ness and Pikachu- Pretty good. Most Pikachu players are REALLY cheesy, so expect 
a fairly easy, but cheesy win. 

5.Stage Strategies
i rate these on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best/easiest and 1 being 

Mushroom Kingdom- really awful stage to be Ness on. It's hard to survive falling 
off the sides unless the shifting platform is on the side you're falling off of. 
2 out of 5

DK's Jungle- average stage for Ness players. Not too big, not too small. The 
barrel at the bottom is a sort of last chance. Fairly easy to recover from 
falling on this stage. 3 out of 5

Hyrule Castle- Great stage for Ness. Really hard to die from falling. PK thunder 
is a fun way to annoy people who are across the stage. 5 out of 5

Planet Zebes [sp?]- It's impossible to die from falling because of the lava. 
That makes this stage even harder because the lava can get VERY high on this 
stage. 2 out of 5

Yoshi's Island- this stage is average in nearly every way. The clouds on each 
side will save you a ton of times, but they disappear if you stand there too 
long. 3 out of 5

Dream Land- very tiny stage. The tree in the background will blow you left or 
right occasionally. Not a very good stage for Ness, but when you fall it's easy 
to recover. Still, the small space equals doom for Ness. 
1 out of 5

Great Fox in Sector Z- this is almost a perfect stage for Ness. Plenty of room, 
easy to recover. Plus, when the Arwings shoot at you, use PSI magnet and 
recover! 5 out of 5

Saffron City- fairly good stage for Ness. The Pokemon that come out of the 
building are a great way to recover health, although there are gaps between 
buildings which are all too easy to fall in. 4 out of 5

6. Outro
I would like to thank the following people for helping me write this: Kevin, for 
letting my borrow this great game, Brian and Jake from NY for putting up with my 
EB and SSB addictions, Shigesato Itoi for making EB, my family for letting me 
sit around and play SSB all day, Nintendo for finally bringing a decent game out 
for N64, Kirby for helping me get Ness o_o, everyone who made/worked on SSB, and 
mainly the reader for wasting time reading this. Thanks for reading this FAQ, it 
allowed me to have something to do other than play EB or SSB all day. 
Finally, I would like to thank GameFAQS for letting us fans send some in!
Please, feel free to send comments to: ANTSHINF@aol.com, or ALTERNARPG@aol.com
please feel free to visit my EarthBound site at http://members.aol.com/antshinf
[and to all you Tales of Destiny fans out there, 'this is a shameless plug!]

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