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    Ness by PMorales

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    Super Smash Brothers - Character FAQ:
    [[NESS:]] --[The Unlikely Defender of the Earth]--
    Ver. 0.0 (initial release)
    By: PMX  (Patrick Morales)
    %%%% T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S : %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    1. Legend 
    2. Who IS NESS??
    3. Tactics
    4. How to unlock him (VERY HARD)
    5. Moves
    6. Strategies (i.e. how to cheese)
    7. Bonus Stages (coming soon)
    8. Credits/Thanks
    %%%% LEGEND %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    , = pause..then continue move
    + = Link these two moves together
    up = Flick up on the control stick
    left = Flick left on the control stick
    down = Flick down on the control stick
    right = Flick right on the control stick
    forward = Flick whatever direction
    A = Basic attack / pick up item / use item
    B = Special move (more detail on this later...)
    C Buttons = Jump / double jump / air jump (while in air)
    L = Taunt (for you ambitious types)
    Z / R = Shield (Decreases in size after each hit. When shattered, you 
    get stunned. DONT LET HIS HAPPEN! Oh yeah, I advise you use Z; using R 
    might accidentally make you grapple.)
    Z+A / R+forward = grapple (after grapple, press left / right or R to 
    throw them)
    Z+right / left = tactical escape roll
    R+right / left = alternate tactical escape roll
    right,right / left,left = dash whichever direction
    [with item held]
    R = drop item
    right+R = toss the item right
    left+R = toss the item left
    up+R = toss the item up
    The words below stuck in parenthesis describe the effect of the move or 
    how to execute it.
    air = you may do this move in the air
    AIR = you HAVE to do this move in the air (notice capitilization)
    power hit = BAM! SMACK! POWAHH!! This move will incur lots of damage, 
    and CAN kill someone
    float = a floating type move that you can do to reach the platform again 
    if thrown off.
    clear out = a move that will get rid of enemies around you EFFECTIVELY
    directional = you can control the move's route of flight
    stun = this move stuns people
    Ok...um...If you do not understand any of these terms or have not played 
    the game, then go away for now, look at another faq (this is just a faq 
    for NESS, and by the way, we're getting there!), and come back. Learn 
    the basics of throwing, power hits, blocking, rolling, and come on back.
    %%%% WHO IS NESS? %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Who is Ness? I'll TELL YOU. Ness is the little 10 year old from 
    Earthbound (aka. Mother) fame, you poor child. If you haven't played 
    Earthbound, then you are missing out on the best RPG of all! (in my 
    opinion) Anyway, one evening, a meteor crashes near his little town of 
    Onett and soon he embarks on a great adventure..with the most powerful 
    weapon of all; the mind. What's that? Did you say Ness is cheesey? You 
    think the powers of the mind are CHEESEY? HA...we'll see....
    %%%% TACTICS %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    * Block often; and always roll to get out of danger. Rolling puts you in 
    the offense by facing the right way.
    * Don't underestimate your opponent(s). Getting too confident will 
    always put you in booty crap.
    * If you lose, DON'T GET PISSED. I'm telling you, if you get mad your 
    performance lessens.
    * Don't use PK Thunder unless you are good at directionals. It leaves 
    you open to attacks and you can even hit yourself with it, doing a hefty 
    sum of damage. 
    * Power hit, power hit, power hit! Do it often, do it stealthily, and do 
    it when it's SAFE.
    * Have a partner? Be helpful! Ness isn't there for nothing; get in front 
    of him and PSI Magnet incoming attacks.
    * Ness has a permanent Homerun Bat; USE IT! Although, since it is 
    permanent, it is a bit weaker.
    * Get out of hte habit of using up+B as a float. Ness doesn't have a 
    float move, and that is why his double jump itself looks like a super 
    version of Yoshi's double jump. Woooo!
    * Otherwise, Ness is a character with few weaknesses. Use his strengths 
    well, and effectively
    %%%% HOW TO UNLOCK HIM %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    This is a hard task. It is, however, worth it.
    1. Set lives to 3
    2. Set difficulty to normal
    3. Beat the game WITHOUTTTTTTT continuing (this means you may use up 
    your 2 lives, but not die completely and not continue)
    4. Press start at credits to speed up the words (yadda yadda yadda...)
    6. HA HA HA! It's Ness, arriving via crashed PSI Teleport. Beat him, and 
    the entity that is Ness is yours.
    Sounds easy, but it isn't. The first time I got to Ness I lost and I got 
    majorly pissed..and I'm sure you will be too after all that work of 
    keeping 3 lives ^_^.
    %%%% NESS' MOVES %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
     PK Fire [B] - When used on ground, it slides forward. In air, it shoots 
    down, much like Akuma's air fireball of Streetfighter fame. It looks 
    invisible (almost, its like a little..um..peice of paper ^_^) to many in 
    frantic situations, and when it smacks someone, it stuns them. HAHAH! 
    Wicked move, use it often.
    (air) (stun)
    PK Thunder [hold up+B] - This move is flexible. As soon as you execute 
    it, the thunderbolt moves in your control with the joystick. I've been 
    told that you can use this as a float move (maybe to hit yourself?), but 
    you'll have to see for yourself. Very good move if used correctly.
    (air) (stun) (clear-out) (directional) (float?) (power hit)
    PSI Magnet [hold down+B] - A shield. Projectile attacks and various 
    others that hit the shield will indeed absorb the attack and drain it, 
    giving you LIFE! Ness is the only person with a natural heal move..
    One-Two Combo [A,A] - Basic run-of-the-mill combo. Use it in a crowd.
    Striking Palms [hold up+A] - Aerial defense attack. Pretty good, 
    considering you can attack those behind you too with this move. You can 
    juggle people in the air with this too.
    Sweep [hold down+A] - Use this move to catch people when they least 
    expect it. Barrage them with high combos first.
    Crescent Kick [hold forward+A] - Basic kick to the front. Nothing 
    Vertical Yo-Yo Spin [Up+A] - A yo-yo pops out and spins around Ness 
    vertically. This move goes around him like a protective barrier and can 
    get you out of tight spots. It can also hit people behind him.
    (power hit) (clear out)
    Horizontal Yo-Yo Spin [Down+A] - Hmm..I don't know about this one...not 
    quite as good as the other one.
    (power hit) (clear out)
    Homerun Strike [Forward+A] - YES LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, this is the 
    stuff. Remember the Homerun Bat item thing? Well, it seems Ness has a 
    PERMANENT ONE, because it is embedded in him as a regular move. Don't 
    get too excited though, since it is a little bit weaker. Although, it is 
    better than nothing. It also goes super-fast, unlike the regular item! 
    Top Stuff! Ya gotta love the sound it makes when you hit someone with 
    (power hit)
    Flying Headbutt [hold up, A] - Aerial strike. High priority.
    Diving Heel Kick [hold down, A] - Downwards strike. I think it can 
    cancel out moves like Samus' screw upper and Mario's coin uppercut.
    Diving Punch [hold forward, A] - Hmm..I prefer the kick but hey, its up 
    to you.
    Back Kick [hold back, A] - Nothing much to say. Regular attack.
    %%%% STRATEGIES %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    * Use PK Thunder to follow up throws. Sneaky! It knocks em out of the 
    * If they are low enough, use PK Fire
    * Use the Homerun Strike often! One of his best moves, and one of the 
    games most powerful.
    * He has long range with all his attacks, so use em to your advantage.
    * Get into the habit of distinguishing between projectiles and normal 
    attacks when playing as Ness. If you catch on to the projectile 
    patterns, use PSI Magnet and teach em not to be so dumb.
    * CAREFUL when using PK Thunder; you can hit yourself!
    * Ness has great throw range, so exploit it.
    * Ness does a funky somersault as a double-jump, which can throw 
    opponents off their timing.
    * PK Fire is a great asset; stun them with it and come on strong with a 
    combo or a HOMERUN STRIKE!
    * Preactice makes perfect....perfect cheesers that is, haha...
    * Lastly, show em what kinda stuff you are, being able to unlock Ness 
    %%%% BONUS STAGES %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    Coming SOON: (if anyone cares)
    %%%% CREDITS / THANKS %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
    * First I'd like to thank all my friends who got me into the mood of 
    wanting to be able to unlock Ness. I almost gave up, since it was pretty 
    * I'd like to thank Paul, Jeff, Jee-Hoon, Saunder, Nick, and 
    Jerome...for being perfect candidates for test dummies....mwahaha...
    * I'd like to thank Nintendo and HAL for making this AWESOME game
    * And YOU, for reading this faq.
    Copyright 1999, Patrick Morales
    **Nintendo and HAL have the legal mumbo jumbo with their copyrights**
    NO, you may not use my faq unless I give you permission to which i doubt 
    is unlikely. Yeah, you can put it on your website BUT you better not 
    alter it in any way and you must give me credits (its my work, you 
    know.) You cannot alter it in any way anyway. Don't sell this faq for 
    money, it is for the common good for the people. Also, DONT REPRODUCE MY 
    FAQ!!! Do not cut out my name and stick in yours. That is BS. 

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