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Ness by Articuno64

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 11/11/99

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Super Smash Brothers
Ness FAQ
From: Articuno64(jasonwynja@hotmail.com)
Version 1.5
Table of Contents

1) Introduction
2) Version History
3) Request List
4) Unlocking Ness
5) About Ness
6) Pros and Cons
7) Ness' Moves
8) Combos
9) PK Shield
10) 1 Player Mode
11) Stages
12) Items
13) FAQ
14) Bonus Stages
15) Character Comparison
16) Multiplayer Strategy
17) Secrets
18) Credits
19) Legal Disclaimer
20) Contact Me
21) Closing

1) Introduction

     Hi, this is my second FAQ. Ness has been my new favourite character 
ever since I unlocked him. To unlock him, you need to beat Normal Mode 
with stock set to 3 without continuing. That is pretty good if you can 
do that. It took me a long time but I finally got him. I hope you enjoy 
the FAQ!

2) Version History

1.5     Nothing much, I just changed my e-mail address. Look for it at 
the top of the FAQ.

1.4     The final version. Expect a Walkthrough soon!

1.3     Added a multiplayer tip. Still need answers on how to get more 
space in my FAQ!

1.2     All right, a big update here! Fixed tons of errors from the 
first two versions. I also added 3 new sections! The PK Shield section, 
the Unlocking Ness section, and the Character Comparison section. I 
barely had enough room for the last section. If anyone knows how to get 
more space in a FAQ, please e-mail me!

1.1     Accidentally left the Legal Disclaimer out in the first version. 
I added it now. Plus some minor errors fixed. Plus a Secrets section was 
added. I also added a few combos.

1.0     The first version released.

3) Request List

     Here I will list the things that I need contributed.

- combos for Ness.

For information on contributing to this FAQ, see the Contact Me section.

4) Unlocking Ness

     As you know from the introduction and the Secrets section, to 
unlock Ness you must beat the Normal Mode, with stock set to 3, without 
continuing. Then Ness will challenge you. Beat him to unlock him. I 
recommend using DK. DK can also defeat the teams the easiest because of 
his power. I am not going to create a walkthrough for Donkey Kong, so 
for more info go see Dr. Seuss' Donkey Kong FAQ.

5) About Ness

     Profile: Ness was a seemingly-average kid from Onett, but in truth, 
he was destined for much more. When a strange meteorite landed near his 
hometown, the little boy with psychic powers set out to save the world. 
Little has been said of Ness' character, and much remains hidden.

Games starred in:

Symbol- an Earth

C ^- blue and yellow with red hat
C v- red and yellow with blue hat
C >- black and yellow with yellow hat
C <- Orange and green with green hat

6) Pros and Cons

- good triple jump
- great attacks
- good projectile
- healing move
- good throw
- hard to learn(especially his triple jump)
- slow
- easy to knock around
- vulnerable when using PKs

7) Ness' Moves

     Here you will find Ness' most important moves, but not the useless 

Up+B- PK Thunder(6%, or 30% if used to smack Ness into the enemy)
Tip- Once you send out a PK Thunder, use the control stick to steer it 

B- PK Fire(7% to 25%)
Tip- Good move for stunning enemies.

Down+B- PK Shield(0%)
Tip- When enemies shoot projectiles at you, use this move to absorb the 
damage and lower your damage. Does not work with all projectiles. See 
the PK Shield section.

Forward+A- Homerun Bat(14%)
Tip- Use this as a power move to knock your opponents out of the arena 
when they're high in damage.

Up+A- Vertical Yo-Yo(17%)
Tip- This move is good for clearing out and juggling.

Down+A- Horizontal Yo-Yo(16%)
Tip- This has longer range than the Vertical Yo-Yo.

Jump, Up+A- Flying Headbutt(15%)
Tip- Another good move for juggling.

Jump, Forward+A- Flying Punch(12%)
Tip- Use this when the enemy is above and to the side of you.

Jump, Down+A- Downward Kick(15%)
Tip- Use this move when your opponent is down below you.

Jump, R- Flying Kick(14%)
Tip- Yet another good move for juggling. Also good for plain old 

8) Combos

     I don't have many combos so e-mail me some.

1) To do an infinite combo back your opponent against the wall and keep 
hitting him with quick attacks such as punches or the yo-yo.

2) Keep using PK Fire and you can rack up a lot of damage. When you want 
to end the combo finish it with a throw or the bat/yo-yo.

     For information on how to contribute to this FAQ, see the Contact 
Me section.

9) PK Shield

     Here is a list of things that Ness's PK Shield can absorb. I got 
this exact list from Jdude84's FAQ but don't worry, I got his permission 
to include this.

Fox's Ray Gun Blasts
Special Ray Gun Blasts
Fire Flower
Pk Fire
Pk Thunder
Luigi's Fireballs
Mario's Fireballs
Metal Mario's Fireballs
Samus' Charge Shot
Fox's Blaster Shot
Kirby's 'Final Cutter'
Pikachu's Thunder Jolt
Master Hand's Bullets
Arwing Laser Blasts
Fire Flower Flames
Star Rod Stars
Starmie's Star Shots
Meowth's Coins
Charizard's Flames

10) 1 Player Mode

     Here is where I will guide you through the 1 Player Mode with Ness.

Ness vs. Link
     Start off by throwing a barrage of PK Fires. Then when his damage 
is high, keep trying to throw him off the edge. PK Shield is useless in 
this fight. Smacking yourself into him with PK Thunder is also very 

Ness vs. Yoshi Team(18)
     Just use a combination of all your A button attacks, because they 
go flying easily. This is a very easy fight. If you lose this, then I 
pity you.

Ness vs. Fox
     This can be a hard fight sometimes. Start off by smacking yourself 
into him. Absorb his blaster shots with PK Shield. Don't let him juggle 
you, because on the higher difficulties he can rack up your damage very 
high. Don't use PK Fire too much or he will reflect it.

Ness vs. Mario Brothers

     You get a random CPU ally for this fight against Mario and Luigi. 
Start off by throwing a bunch of PK Fires at Mario, and when he gets 
close throw him. Smack yourself into them with PK Thunder, while your 
ally keeps them busy. On the higher difficulties, Mario and Luigi combo 
you like crazy!

Ness vs. Pikachu

     Don't let him Thunder you from below! Keep using A button attacks 
such as the Yo-Yo and the bat. Throwing him is also useful. He sometimes 
messes up the Double Teleport move, and kills himself. Whatever you do, 
don't under estimate this electric mouse!

Ness vs. Giant DK

     You get two random allies for this fight. Mostly just let your 
allies do the work while you use PK Thunder from far back. When Giant DK 
is high in damage, just throw him a few times. Items are very handy 

Ness vs. Kirby Team(8)

     Mostly just hit them as hard as you can with your A button attacks. 
Don't bother with your PK Fire or PK Thunder, but PK Shield can come in 
handy when they're using their copied attacks.

Ness vs. Samus

     Stay on the top most of the time to avoid the acid. PK Thunder is 
useful. Absorb her charged shot with PK Shield. Juggle her with the 
Vertical Yo-Yo. Try to knock her far out into the acid with your bat and 
she probably won't be able to make it back if her damage is high enough.

Ness vs. Metal Mario

     If you're going to smack yourself into him with PK Thunder, than 
make sure he is on the other side of the screen. The bat and Yo-Yo come 
in handy here. Mostly use physical attacks with a few PK Fires in here 
and there. Throw him off at around 175% damage.

Ness vs. Fighting Polygon Team(30)

     This is easy on the earlier difficulties. Just bash them around 
with your bat, yo-yo, and Flying Punches. There will most likely be some 
Maxim Tomatoes in this battle.

Ness vs. Master Hand

     Use PK Fire when on the attack. When he walks on two fingers, jump 
over him. When his fingers are pointing at you diagonally and the tips 
are sparkling, dodge it! If you put up your shield, he will poke you 
twice, therefore breaking it. When his fingertips are sparkling, and 
they're pointing at you horizontally, put up your PK Shield to regain 
tons of damage when he shoots bullets at you! For every thing else, you 
can just block.

11) Stages

     Here I will list all of the stages and give them a rating from 1 to 
5. 1 means hard and 5 means easy.

Peach's Castle(Mario and Luigi's stage)
     This stage is so-so. If you're on the top platform and you try to 
smack yourself into an opponent with PK Thunder, you sometimes get 
smacked down to the bottom platform if you don't have your aim mastered. 
Stay on the bottom platform mostly so that you don't hit the bumper. 
Sometimes when you're on the top platform you can throw or hit your 
opponents against the platforms on the sides and they will rebound back 
at you for another hit.
3 out of 5

Congo Jungle(Donkey Kong's stage)
     This is another so-so stage for Ness. There isn't much room to 
your PK Thunder. If you fall off than you can triple jump through the 
bottom of the floor and surprise your opponents. Not to many tricks to 
do here. Some times the barrel will save you, but whenever I fall off 
the edge, the barrel is on the other side of the stage.
3 out of 5

Hyrule Castle(Link's stage)
     A very good stage to be Ness on since there is a lot of room to PK 
Thunder yourself into people. Watch out for the tornado because if you 
have high damage than it will throw you out of the stage. One good 
tactic is to run to the side of the stage where nobody is and PK Thunder 
them from there. Beside the arch on the ground is a good place to pull 
off an infinite combo.
4 out of 5

Planet Zebes(Samus' stage)
     Nothing about this stage makes it hard for Ness, I just don't like 
it no matter who I am being! The acid gets annoying so stay on the top 
platforms most of the time. Computer players don't seem to think about 
the acid and stay on the bottom a lot of the time so if you're good at 
aiming the PK Thunder, than you can stay on the top platform and hit 
them from there. This stage is used to fight Captain Falcon when you are 
trying to unlock him.
2 out of 5

Yoshi's Island(Yoshi's stage)
     This is a bad stage to be Ness on because it is so small therefore 
no room for PK Thundering yourself in the rear. Chansey eggs randomly 
appear here. This is a good stage for the bat and yo-yo. I don't go to 
it to often though. The clouds on the sides of the stage can save you 
from falling off but they disappear after you stand on them for too 
long. Items like to appear on the clouds.
2 out of 5

Dreamland(Kirby's stage)
     Again, there isn't enough room in this stage to execute some of 
Ness' best moves. Wispy Woods the tree blows wind back and forth on 
occasion. The yo-yo isn't very handy here since players like to stay on 
the platforms. Certainly not my favourite stage. This stage is used to 
fight Ness on when you are trying to unlock him.
2 out of 5

Sector Z(Fox's stage)
     This is the best stage to be Ness on since it is so large! A very 
cheesy trick to do here is to put up your PK Shield when the Arwing 
comes along(heh heh heh). That trick usually restores my health to 0%!
Just like on Hyrule Castle you can run to one side of the stage and 
launch your PK Thunder from there. Infinite combos can also be pull off 
just underneath the tail fin.
5 out of 5

Saffron City(Pikachu and Jigglypuff's stage)
     The worst stage to be Ness on because when you fall in between two 
buildings there is no room to PK Thunder yourself back up so you'll have 
to rely on your double jump. One good point about this stage is when 
Venusaur or Charmander come out of the door, you can put up your PK 
Shield and absorb their attacks. That is the only thing that keeps this 
stage from getting a one! This stage is another place where infinite 
combos can be pulled off, by he pokémon door. Here is a list of pokémon 
that come out of the door and what their special move that they do is.
Pokémon     Move
Chansey     Soft-boiled
Charmander  Flamethrower
Electrode   Explosion
Porygon     Tackle
Venusaur    Razor Leaf
2 out of 5

Mushroom Kingdom(hidden)
     This stage is a bad stage to be Ness on because there is no room to 
save yourself from falling down in the middle after you have done your 
double jump so I recommend staying away from the middle unless your 
grabbing an item or hitting a POW block. Every time someone hits a POW 
block, whoever is touching the ground will go flying. Use the pipes to 
escape danger, just watch out for the piranha plants. One good tactic is 
to hide under the platform on the very left side of the stage(the one 
with the pipe) and shoot out PK Thunder from there. Some possible POW 
block locations are above the pipe on the left side, on the scale in the 
middle, or above the platform on the right side.
2 out of 5

12) Items

     Here I will list the items in the order of usefulness I think they 
are while including things about them like what game(s) they're from and 
how to use them effectively or what they do. I've excluded the carrying 
items. Press A to pick up and use items, and press R to throw it.

Homerun Bat(Earthbound)
Tip- Do a smash attack(Forward+A) to get a one hit KO!

Heart Container(Zelda games)
Tip- Picking one up restores your life meter to 0%!

Beam Sword(Kirby games)
Tip- This light-saber like weapon has very long range so you don't need 
to go to close in.

Hammer(The DK and Mario games of the 80's)
Tip- To kill the guy with the hammer hit him with projectiles.

Bomb-omb(Mario games)
Tip- If you think it will start walking around before you can get to it 
than just leave it alone!

Motion Sensor Bomb(Goldeneye)
Tip- Put these in places where you know your opponent will be.

Maxim Tomato(Kirby games)
Tip- This restores 100% of your health!

Ray Gun(?)
Tip- After it's 16 shots are out throw it to do even more damage.

Fire Flower(Mario games)
Tip- If you're high in damage than let your opponents get this and put 
up your PK Shield.

Star Rod(Kirby games)
Tip- This weapon can shoot 20 stars or be used as a clobbering item.

Tip- Here is a list of pokémon that can come out and what their special 
they do is.
Pokémon          Move
Beedrill         Substitute
Blastoise        Hydro Pump
Chansey          Soft-boiled
Charizard        Flamethrower
Clefairy         Metronome
Goldeen          Splash
Hitmonlee        Jump Kick
Koffing          Smog
Meowth           Pay Day
Mew*             Teleport
Onix             Rock Slide
Snorlax          Body Slam
Starmie          Swift
* you don't need all 4 secret characters

Green Shell(Mario games)
Tip- This can be used over again a few times.

Red Shell(Mario games)
Tip- If you're going to use this item then make sure you're not on the 
same platform that you throw it on.

Star(Mario games)
Tip- This weapon does not need to be picked up, just touched.

Fan(Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars)
Tip- Throwing it at an opponent throws them straight up in the air, 
setting them up for a combo or a juggle.

Bumper(Kirby's Pinball Land)
Tip- Throw this at edges when opponents are trying to come back onto the 
playing field.

13) FAQ

     When I get questions I will post this section. For information on 
how to send in questions, see the Contact Me section.

14) Bonus Stages

Bonus 1(Break the Targets)

1- It's right next to you, so pound it!
2- Hit the one above and to the right of you.
3- Jump to the platform on the left. Now use PK Thunder to hit the 
target underneath it.
4- Jump up and hit the target above you.
5- Jump onto the moving platform and hit that one with a PK Thunder.
6- Press Start to bring you to the map. You'll see a hidden target above 
and to the left of you so hit it with a PK Thunder.
7- Now head over to the right side of the screen. Jump up the side and 
you'll see a target, so hit it.
8&9- Jump onto the platform above you and enter the little maze thing. 
Once you see a target right in front of your face, PK Fire it. The PK 
Fire will drop down and hit the target below it as well.
10- Jump up out of the maze and follow the arrow down with a PK Thunder 
or just go down there yourself and hit it with a Downward Kick.

Bonus 2(Board the Platforms)

1- Step onto the platform on your left
2,3&4- Step down continually from one to another until they've all been 
stepped on.
5- Drop down the hole, and triple jump yourself(via PK Thunder) up onto 
the next platform.
6&7- Jump down and step onto the two platforms on the left.
8- Here is where it gets tricky. Triple jump through the diagonal path 
on the left. Now maneuver through the moving platforms above it. Jump 
over the two bumpers and land on the platform.
9- Now head over to the right side and triple jump onto the platform.
10- Triple jump up there from platform 9.

Bonus 3(Race to the Finish)

     Just avoid the fighting polygon team members. Don't rush through 
the bumpers and bombs because you'll get pushed farther back. Dash 
through the straight aways, but take your time on the bumpers and bombs.

15) Character Comparison

     In this section I will list how Ness fares against all 12 
characters including Ness himself.

Ness vs. Mario
     Easy. Absorb his fireballs. Stay below him or else he'll Super Jump 
Punch you. If he is in the air and he is coming down with a Mario 
Tornado, then just use the Vertical Yo-Yo. If he does happen to try to 
Super Jump Punch you than dodge it and start juggling him. This is one 
of Ness' easier opponents.

Ness vs. Donkey Kong
     PK Fire is very useful here. Play somewhat defensively because he 
is so strong and Ness is so light. Don't let him hit you and you'll be 
fine. For those of you Ness players who aren't exactly the best at 
aiming the PK Thunder into your opponent, don't worry because DK is a 
very big target.

Ness vs. Link
     You must realize that Ness' PK Shield cannot absorb Link's 
boomerang or his bombs. When Link is trying to get back onto the playing 
field, use PK Thunder and PK Fire to keep him off, because Link has the 
worst triple jump in the game in my opinion.

Ness vs. Samus
     A very worthy opponent, Samus is one of my favourite characters and 
you'll find out why when you fight her. The Screw Attack can get very 
annoying. Absorb her Charge Shot. Samus' bombs cannot be absorbed with 
PK Shield. The Upward Flamethrower is the most damaging attack in the 
game so watch out! Try to keep her off the edge once she is over with 
your PKs. Overall a very difficult opponent.

Ness vs. Yoshi
     Stick to A button attacks like the bat or yo-yo. Don't fall for any 
Yoshis waiting by the edge because they're trying to egg you off the 
edge. Yoshi has a very good double jump so usually you can't knock him 
off unless he blows up in the background. His Egg Bomb attack can't be 
absorbed so don't try! Yoshi is pretty weak so you shouldn't have much 
trouble smacking him around.

Ness vs. Kirby
     Kirby is one mean cream puff! Stone and Final Cutter are great 
moves! His one weakness is that he is very light, so stay on the offense 
most of the time. Absorb the wave from his Final Cutter. Not much to say 
about this one.

Ness vs. Fox
     Absorb his blaster shots. Fox is very fast so stay on the move 
lots. Attack from a distance. If he reflects your PK Fire back at you 
try to absorb it although you probably won't have enough time to put up 
your shield. Watch out for the juggle, because that is one of Fox's 
greatest strengths.

Ness vs. Pikachu
     Absorb his Thunderjolt. Don't put yourself in position for a 
Thunder because that move is deadly. Use moves like the bat and yo-yo. 
Lots of physical attacks and throws should keep this electric mouse at 

Ness vs. Luigi
     Basically the same as Mario, only a bit harder so I'm not going 
into detail.

Ness vs. Captain Falcon
     Not exactly easy but it's not the hardest fight. Try to avoid his 
Falcon Punch/Kick. Firing your PK Thunder from far away should do the 
trick. Stay away from him because he is strong and fast. Hit him with 
projectiles, and you must be quick.

Ness vs. Ness
     Don't use PK Thunder and PK Fire against an advanced Ness player 
because he will absorb them. A beginner probably won't think of that 
idea though. Absorb his PKs. Your bat and yo-yo are useful here. If he 
looks like he is trying to smack himself into you with PK Thunder than 
dodge it.

Ness vs. Jigglypuff
     Very fun to smack around! Attack from a distance most of the time 
because Jigglypuff has no projectiles and she won't be able to even 
touch you. Don't be afraid to mix in the bat or yo-yo once in awhile. An 
easy battle unless you're playing a skilled Jigglypuff player. If so 
watch out for the juggle!

16) Multiplayer Strategy

     Here I will provide the best multiplayer tips. I've divided it into 
to sections, strategy for Ness, and strategy for everyone.


- take Ness into training mode before fighting with him because he is 
very hard to learn.

- use PK Thunder on your opponents when they're trying to comeback to 
the platform.

- don't use PK Thunder when your opponents are close by because then 
they can smack you before the PK Thunder can reach them.

- take note that PK Fire doesn't have very good range.

- Ness has a good throw, take advantage of it.

- Don't rely on your B button attacks, as they leave you vulnerable.

- In a team game, a really cheesy move is to turn Team Attack On and 
have your teammate shoot projectiles at you with your PK Shield up!

- PK Fire can set up the enemy for a crack from the bat!

- Although they usually aren't close enough, sometimes you can hit the 
enemy with PK Fire when they are trying to comeback onto the playing 

- It really helps if you know what projectiles can be absorbed by the PK 
Shield, and what projectiles can't.

- The yo-yo is a good clearout attack.

- Remember that the bat can knock the enemy far away.

- One good tactic is to throw a PK Fire at the enemy and then grab them 
therefore they won't be able to escape the PK Fire, and it will keep 
burning them.

- Samus makes a great teammate for Ness, as does Kirby.

- Ness' bat can reflect projectiles!


- if an opponent grabs onto the edge while coming back onto the stage, 
then back up. You don't want them to do an edge attack on you.

- use combos a lot, they can really PO your opponents.

- good stages to pull off infinite combos(tap A repeatedly) in are 
Hyrule Castle, Sector Z, and Saffron City because they all have walls.

- in timed matches, always try to be the last person to hit players that 
are falling off the edge.

- Juggle a lot. It is a very good technique.

- When you overuse certain moves the amount damage that they do 

- Don't wait until your opponent is at 200% damage to try to knock them 
off, try to throw them at around 100% damage.

17) Secrets

     I know this section has nothing to do with Ness, but I thought that 
some people might like one. So here it is!

Jigglypuff- Beat the game under settings, and as many continues as you 
want. Jigglypuff will challenge you. Beat her to unlock her.

Luigi- Beat the Bonus 1(Break the Targets) with all 8 original 
characters. Luigi will challenge you. Beat him to unlock him.

Captain Falcon- Beat the 1 Player Mode in under 20 minutes under any 
settings, and as many continues as you want. Captain Falcon will 
challenge you. Beat him to unlock him.

Ness- Beat the 1 Player Mode under Normal difficulty, with stock set to 
3, and without continuing. Ness will challenge you. Beat him to unlock 

Item Switch- Play 50 Vs. Mode battles to earn the Item Switch.

Mushroom Kingdom- Beat the 1 Player Mode with all 8 original characters 
under any settings, and as many continues as you want. You must also 
play a Vs. Mode battle in each of the 8 original stages.

Sound Test- You need to beat Bonus 1(Break the Targets) and Bonus 
2(Board the Platforms) with all 12 characters.

18) Credits

I would like to thank...

Nintendo and Hal Laboratories for making this great game.

Me for writing this Ness FAQ.

CJayC for putting all his free time and effort into this great website.

Jdude84 for letting me use his list of things that Ness' PK Shield can 

Aa107 for telling me where the Star Rod came from.

KHeg1591 for telling me that Ness' bat can reflect projectiles.

Emptyeye for telling me where the Bumper and Beam Sword came from.

And lastly you for reading this FAQ.

19) Legal Disclaimer

     This FAQ is protected by copyright law. A lot of hard work went 
into it so don't plagiarize it! Yes, you may take bits and pieces of 
information from it and put it in your FAQ, as long as you give me 
credit. The only place you should find this FAQ is at www.gamefaqs.com 
and nowhere else. This FAQ was created by Articuno 64. You can contact 
me at jasonwynja@hotmail.com with contributions, suggestions, or 
questions. If you send me junk e-mail or criticize my FAQ because of one 
little mistake, than I will filter your e-mail. However, I do take 
reasonable suggestions.

20) Contact Me

     My e-mail address is at the top of the FAQ. If your e-mail is a 
question than send it under the subject "SSB Question". If your e-mail 
is a contribution than send it under the subject "SSB Contribution". See 
the Request List section for info on what I need contributed. If you e-
mail me a question than you will get a reply back, plus a short version 
of your question in the FAQ section. If you contribute something, then 
include your name, so that I can credit you in the Credits section. 
Also, if you have any suggestions send them under the subject "SSB 
Suggestion". Anything else will not be read.

21) Closing

     Well this is the end of my Ness FAQ, and I hope you enjoyed it! I 
am finished with it but I have a Walkthrough underway. See the above 
section for ways to contact me. See ya!



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