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Mario by RBatiste

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/29/99

by Nunya Business

Version 1.1- (Submitted on 7/29/99)

FAQ History
1.1 - (7/29/99) Added some stuff on the Multi-Player Strategies
1.0 - (7/??/99) First submitted this FAQ

1. Intro
2. Gameplay
3. Moves
4. Combos
5. Advantages/Disadvantages
6. Multi-player Strategies
7. Copyright Info


This is my first ever FAQ that I'm writing, so I figured 'Why not do one on a game you like?' 
Anyway, I've enjoyed this game a lot, & I especially love playing with Mario, so I decide to pass
my knowledge along to everyone else learning to Mario & for those who haven't played the game


The general object of Smash Brothers is to knock or throw your opponent out of the playing field
as many times as possible.  But it's not as easy as it sounds.  How hard a player flies after he/she is
hit or thrown depends on how much damage they've taken.  Usually if the player's damage meter
is less than 100%(it can reach as high as 300%), they won't go as far as you want them to.  Here
are the standard button controls for the game.

Control Stick                                                              
Up- Jump                                                                   
Down - Crouch                                                          
Left or Right - Move left or right                                  
Left, Left or Right, Right - Dash left or right

A- Attack
Forward&A, Up&A, or Down&A - Strong Attack
Forward+A, Up+A, or Down+A- Smash Attack (an attack that will send your opponent flying)
B, Up+B, Down+B- Special Attack
Z- Shield
Z+A, or R- Grab opponent or Drop the item your currently holding
L- Taunt (For some reason Nintendo thinks of this as a fighter's stance)
Start- Pause (Duh! Betcha didn't know that one!)


These are the list of moves Mario has at his disposal in this game.
A: Standard Punch
A, A, A: The 3-hit combo from Mario 64
Forward + A: His horizontal Smash attack, a hard punch
Dash, A: Slide
Down +A: Low sweep 
Down, A: Low kick
Up + A: Headbutt, the ultimate finishing move when your opponent's damage is over 100%
Up, A : Swift Uppercut, not as powerful as the headbutt, but just as deadly
Jump, A: An air kick
Jump, Forward + A: Spinning kick, combos very nicely
Jump, Up + A: Backflip kick, also a good finisher
Jump, Down + A: Another spinning kick
Jump, Back + A: Hind leg flip kick
B: The traditional Fireball
Up + B: Mario Uppercut, combos up to 9-hits, a good air defender, & a useful third jump
Down + B: Mario Tornado, a great close-up attack,& launches opponent into the air after hitting
R: Grab your opponent, then press Forward or Back to send them flying in either direction
L: Taunt/Finishing Pose, it's Super Mario


Unlike most fighting games such as Virtua Fighter & Tekken, this game isn't too wild on combos. 
Yet, each character has their own Killer Combo that could finish their opponent when their energy
is well over 100%.  If you expect to win with Mario, these are the Killer Combos you should

Mario Tornado, Up + A
Mario Tornado, Mario Uppercut, Up + A
Mario Uppercut, Up + A
A, A, A, Mario Tornado, Up + A
A, A, A, Mario Tornado, Mario Uppercut, Up +A


Why didn't Nintendo just give him & Luigi karate gi, 'cause their basically the Ken & Ryu of this
game.  Anyway, Mario is a really good character for beginners, he has the ability to play
long-range with the Fireball, short-range with the Mario Tornado, and even from underneath with
the Mario Uppercut.  For the most part, he's an average fighter, medium speed & medium power. 
Although he can dominate one-dimensional fighters like Donkey Kong, he can have a though time
against fighters with  more diverse methods of attack like Link. Mario is one of the better fighters
that can triple jump back into the battlefield after being knocked off.  Overall, there are better
characters than Mario, but is the hands of a master, he's the best there is.


Here's the guide you should follow when playing the multi-player matches with Mario.
(These are from experiences in the 4-player Free-For-All)

If you are just left alone in the heat of the battle, just simply stand back, & shoot non-stop fireballs
at the opponents till one of them makes you stop. This is also a good keep-away attack.

If you find yourself in the trenches of a battlefield, then what better way to put the odds in your
favor by pulling off a MT.  Once you do this, refer to one of the combos above to create some
serious damage.

One of the keys to winning a multi-player game is to keep an opponent in the air as long as
possible.  While in the air, a player can't perform any moves of any kind for a certain amount of
time.  How long the player stays helpless depends on the amount of damage they have taken, &
how high they are in the air.  However, if your caught in an air juggle, the best way to get out of it
is to jump out of the way quickly, or do a Mario Uppercut.

Out of all the items in the game, hammer has to be the most dangerous (well, maybe the bat). 
Who gets it can truly change the match into their favor.  If you get it, the prepare to clobber
someone.  Don't panic when the opponents start running, because it's simply a natural reaction. 
Instead, let them make the first move, normally the opponent will use a triple jump to escape,
which means they will be helpless until they hit the ground, the perfect time to strike. However, if
your one the one running from the hammer man, try to avoid the triple jump unless your sure that
you'll escape or if you have a useful item like a bomb around, use it quickly.  One important note,
the hammer man can only perform a single jump, which means that the only way the hammer man
can get really high is if he/she is on a high platform, so staying in the air is important if you what
to avoid the hammer attack.

In a 4-player battle the action can get pretty wild.  They'll be times where you'll be very close to
each other.  When this happens they are numerous things you can perform.  You can start
throwing like mad, just grabbing anything that close to you or can pull off one of the combos
above to get some KO's.  However, if your damage meter is very high, then I'd suggest getting
out of there as quickly as possible & waiting for the right moment to KO your foes.

It's important that you reach all of items of value first if you expect to win.  Especially the life
restoring items.  Even if you strength is at 0%, grab anyway because it'll keep the opponents from
regaining life.  Other good items to grab are the Hammer, Starman, Bat, Fire Flower, Bomb
Solider, Motion Sensor Bomb, Ray Gun, Star Rod, & Beam Sword.

When a player is out of the battlefield, the best (and also the cheapest) way to keep someone out
is to fireball them to death.  The best time to do it is when the player is executing is third jump
'cause they can't perform any other moves after the third jump.  However, if they are too high to
be hit by a fireball, then jump up & give 'em a boot to the face, then quickly get back on the
battlefield.  Keep in mind, the kick strategy will not work with every character, such as Link with
his Spin Slash & Samus with her Screw Attack.

This document is Copyright 1999 Nunya Business.  In no way can you copy or reprint this FAQ
& sell it to someone else.  My e-mail is <nunyab60@hotmail.com>

Thanks to Nintendo for making the only good fighting game on the N64.  
***Next up, a Stage Guide FAQ***

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