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Luigi by Dr. Seuss

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 06/17/99

                   Presenting a character description on...

!         I     I  _______   ______   -------
!         I     I     I     I            I
!         I     I     1     I   ___      I
!_______  I_____I  ___I___  I_____I   ___I___

                               ____    _____
        O   O I--- 1--1           I    I   I
         O O  I--- 1--1        ----    I   I
          O   I--- 1  1 O      I___ O  I___I

Created by Dr. Seuss, doc_seuss@hotmail.com
Version 2.0, June 17, 1999


  I.  History
  II.  Disclaimer/Copyright Information
  III.  Introduction
  IV.  Description on Luigi
  V.  Luigi’s Moves
  VI.  How To Beat Your Computerized Enemies In One Player Mode With Luigi
        A.  Link
        B.  Yoshi Team
        C.  Fox
        D.  Mario Bros.
        E.  Pikachu
        F.  Giant DK
        G.  Kirby Team
        H.  Samus
        I.  Metal Mario
        J.  Fighting Polygon Team
        K.  Master Hand
  VII.  How To Beat The Bonus Rounds With Luigi
  VIII.  Funny/Sick/Spiffy Stuff To Do With Luigi
  IX.  Conclusion/Words of Thanks

I.  History

Version 1.0(June 5, 1999)- FAQ completed and submitted.

Version 2.0(June 17, 1999)- Big Update. Funny/Sick/Spiffy Section added, 
Bonus Rounds with Luigi added, spelling errors and other stuff like that 

II.  Disclaimer/Copyright Information

Now I know that this document doesn’t look that big, but I spent time 
working on it.  Therefore I have copyrighted it.  This document is 
copyrighted under law.  It may not be reproduced, remodified, or copied in 
any way.  You may use this for personal use, but you may not distribute it 
in mass quantities or sell any part of it without my notification.  You may 
not use it for your website, either.  IF YOU SEE THIS DOCUMENT ANYWHERE ELSE 
BESIDES GAMEFAQS, please contact me at doc_seuss@hotmail.com.

III.  Introduction

I am Dr. Seuss.  Yes, I created that weapon list you saw before you reached 
this page.  Go check it out if you haven’t already.  When I looked at the 
character description list at GameFaqs, I didn’t see one on Luigi, one of my 
favorite characters.  What?  You don’t have Luigi?  That’s because he is a 
secret character.  You have to beat all of the Bonus 1 “Break the Targets” 
bonus rounds with the eight original characters to get him.  He will 
challenge you.  Beat him and you will have access to him.  If you lose, 
complete one of the bonus rounds over again and he will re-challenge you.

IV.  Description on Luigi

What the Character Description Screen says about Luigi:

Though often hidden in his older brother Mario’s shadow, Luigi is, in 
reality, very popular.
Taller than Mario, Luigi also jumps higher.  Although he didn’t appear in 
Super Mario 64, in Mario Kart 64 he performed to the best of his ability.
For one who seems to always be in the background, he has many fans who 
eagerly await his appearance.

What I say about Luigi:

The eternal understudy of Mushroom Castle, Luigi is a quiet but popular 
person.  One of my favorite characters, Luigi is a slow, but powerful 
fighter.  Though not as efficient as Captain Falcon(another secret 
character) he still is one of my favorites.  If you can pull off a Smash 
Attack Super Jump Punch, you might just get some “Star Finish” bonus points 
if you know what I mean.  He jumps higher than Mario, just like some of the 
older Mario games.  Although he can’t repeatedly hit his opponent with his 
Cyclone attack like Mario can, I still think he is better than Mario.  His 
icon is a mushroom just like Mario’s.

V.  Luigi’s Moves

Note: All of these moves are shown as if you are standing left of your 
opponent and facing him/her.

Up- Jump
Down- Crouch
Left- Move left
Right- Move right
Hold Z or R- Shield
R- Grab, R again to throw
L- Finishing Pose
A- Punch, press 3 times for 2 punches and 1 kick
Run and A- Multi-hit punch
Hold Down and then A- Leg Sweep
Hold right and A-Strong punch
Crouch, then A- crouch kick
Jump, hold forward and A or R- Jumping Drill Kick
Jump, tap A or R- Jump kick
B- Fire ball
Up and B- Super Jump Punch
Down and B- Luigi Cyclone
Rotate Control stick starting from right to up, then do a Super Jump Punch- 
Smash Attack Super Jump Punch

VI.  How To Beat Your Computerized Enemies In One Player Mode With Luigi

A.  Link- When the battle starts, you can throw a barrage of fire balls at 
him and he won’t move.  However, when he finally wises up, be on the move 
and hit him with a couple of Smash Attack Super Jump Punches and Luigi 
Cyclones.  When he has a descent amount of damage on him, throw him off.

B.  Yoshi Team- Easy.  Try throws, Luigi Cyclones, and Jumping Drill Kicks 
On the Yoshis.  They should go flying off.  Throws are really the only way 
that you can be positive that they will die instantly, though.  Luigi 
Cyclones are good for clearing out groups of them.

C.  Fox- Fox can be especially difficult, especially when set to Very Hard.  
Projectiles wont work on him when he’s standing still because he will 
reflect them.  Use your fire balls when he’s running at you.  If you wait at 
just the right moment, when he runs at you, you can pull a Smash Attack 
Super Jump Punch on him.  Very effective.  When he jumps at you, jump in the 
air and pull a Luigi Cyclone.  If he falls off the edge, stay a little more 
back than usual because he will use his Fire Fox move to get back up and hit 
you.  Predict where he will land, then run up and throw him.

D.  Mario Bros.- Luigi against Luigi?  Hmmmm.  Let your partner do the work 
and stay away from Mario and Luigi.  Only attack if one of them comes to 
attack you.  If your partner kills one of them, double-team the remaining 
enemy.  No special moves really need, just use a combination of all of your 
attacks and you should be okay.  Again, use fire balls to hit your enemies 
from a distance.

E.  Pikachu- Although Pikachu is fairly quick, he lets his defenses down a 
lot.  Try to back him up against the door where the Pokemon come out and, 
hopefully, he’ll get knocked around by one of them.  When you have a lot of 
damage on him, take him over to either the far right or far left of the 
arena and try to hit him out with a Luigi Cyclone or throw him.  Don’t use a 
Super Jump Punch when on the edge or you won’t have the energy to hop back 
into the arena again.

F.  Giant DK- Again, let your partners do the work for you.  On Very Easy, 
your partners can put DK up to 250% before they die or they will sometimes 
kill him.  But on Very Hard, your partners will only get about 60-100% on 
him.  Whatever the case, attack DK when your partners die and he should 
throw off more easily.  Also, while your partners are attacking, stand far 
away and shoot fire balls at him.  Just be careful he doesn’t hit you with a 
charged Giant Punch, or you will probably die.  The hammer is REALLY handy 

G.  Kirby Team- Use the same strategy you did on the Yoshi Team.  Avoid 
their attacks and they will probably end up hitting themselves!  If you are 
really quick, and you are surrounded by two Kirby’s, jump, and one of them 
will end up throwing the other!

H.  Samus- I hate this fight the most.  Samus rolls around a lot, avoiding 
your attacks.  Try to throw her into the acid to inflict a massive amount of 
damage or even kill her.  Be prepared to shield against her charged beam.  
Use fire balls.  But mainly, just try to keep throwing her into the acid.  
And most of all, DON’T GET COCKY!  All that it will end up getting you is a 
visit to the Continue? screen.

I.  Metal Mario- Keep throwing this guy, even though you can’t throw him 
very far.  Keep inflicting as much damage on him as you can.  Use Smash 
Attack Super Jump Punches when you are in close, Luigi Cyclones when you 
need a quick attack to pull off, and fire balls when you are standing far 
away.  When you have near 200% on him, walk to the very edge and face him.  
When he is about to be face-to-face with you, run up, grab him, and throw 
him over the edge.  It’s going to take more than one try.

J.  Fighting Polygon Team- Use the same strategy you did on the Yoshi Team.  
No Super Jump Punches needed.  Just use Luigi Cyclones to clear out groups 
of them, and throws to take them out one by one.

K.  Master Hand- The big boss of the game, Master Hand has Hit Points 
instead of a damage percentage because you can’t throw him.  And he has 300 
of them at that.  Keep hitting him with Fire balls.  Smash Attack Super Jump 
Punches work well too when he’s not moving.  Don’t even think of using Luigi 
Cyclones.  They won’t work.  Just remember, no items will appear in this 
fight, so don’t base your attacks on “Oh, he just has 100% on me.  When a 
Heart Container comes up, I’ll grab it”.  When his fingers are aiming at you 
like a gun and sparkles are coming out of the tips of his fingers, shield 
because he will shoot you with either one or three Bullet Bills.  When he 
flies into the background, shield before he swoops back in and hits you.  
When he starts walking on two fingers, jump over him.  Be prepared for quick 
attacks by shielding.  When his fingers point to the sky, start twirling, 
then shoot up to the sky, SHIELD QUICKLY!  He will come back down and start 
to “drill” into you, causing about 25% damage if you are unshielded.  When 
two of his fingers are pointing at you diagonally and the tip of them are 
sparkling, AVOID HIM.  Do not shield against this attack.  He will poke you 
twice, breaking your shield, leaving you paralyzed for a few seconds, open 
for attack.  Shield against any other attack in between.  Just keep using 
fire balls and Smash Attack Super Jump Punches.  When you beat him, you’ll 
get to see the ending.  Hint: at the Credits screen, press Start to make the 
credits speed through.

VII.  How To Beat The Bonus Rounds With Luigi

Legend- DJ means that when you have jumped once, wait until you are at the 
peak of your jump, then jump again.  UB means to do your Up and B move, in 
Luigi’s case it is the Super Jump Punch.  DJUB means to jump, wait until you 
are at the peak of your jump then jump again, then when you are at the peak 
of that jump press Up and B.

Bonus 1:

1.  Hit the target to your right
2.  Then the one above you.
3.  Then jump on the yellow moving platform, and when it is at its highest, 
jump off and UB to hit that target.
4.  Get back on the yellow platform then DJUB to get on top of the blue 
structure.  Hit that target.
5.  Look down at the yellow platform.  Fall off to the right when its just 
about to reach its peak and hit the target on the way down.  Then DJUB back 
on to the yellow platform.
6.  Jump over to the square yellow platform and hit the target it comes up 
7.  Then hit the one above that.
8.  Jump to the blue platform on the far left, then jump down, hit the 
target, then DJUB back on to the platform.
9.  Then fall to the blue moving platform.  Get on the tip on the far right 
and when you reach the target, press A three times to kick it.
10.  For the last target, shoot a fireball from that platform.

Bonus 2:

1.  Get the platform in the left pipe,
2.  Then the one above you,
3.  Then the one in the right pipe,
4.  Then the one in the pipe below you.
5.  When the triangular wall has retracted, fall down on to the fifth 
6.  DJUB down and around to the blue standing platform, then tag the sixth 
platform below it.
7.  Get the platform above that.
8.  Get on the small blue platform then DJUB to the platform in the “cage”.
9. Jump back out to the small platform, then work your way up to the top of 
the cage.  DJUB to the ninth platform.  Time it correctly.
10.  Work your way up the moving stairs to reach the last platform.

VIII.  Funny/Sick/Spiffy Stuff To Do With Luigi

1.  I discovered this by complete accident.  You’ll need 3 players for this 
sick trick.  The three players you will need are Luigi, Yoshi, and Kirby.  
First, have Kirby suck in Yoshi’s power.  Then go up to Luigi, stand about 
two “Luigis” away from him then press B on Kirby’s controller.  When his 
tongue is touching Luigi, pause it.  I think you can pretty much guess where 
Kirby’s tongue is going to go.  SICK!  Is Kirby a homosexual?  When you see 
this, you will want to slam yourself against a wall a few times then turn 
off you N64.

If you want to contribute to the Funny/Sick/Spiffy section for Luigi, mail 
me at doc_seuss@hotmail.com.  It has to be better just having Jigglypuff 
come up to Luigi and press B.  It has to be more than that.

IV.  Conclusion/Words of Thanks

Well, that’s all for know.  Look for me(Dr. Seuss) to be creating other 
character descriptions at GameFaqs.  Contact me at doc_seuss@hotmail.com.  
And here are some words of thanks:

Thank you Rare, blah blah blah blah blah blah and the rest of the people who 
created this game.

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