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Link by J.Chen

Version: 1.0 |

|                                               |
*        Super Smash Brothers: Link             *
|                                               |
*           Maintainer: Jack Chen               *
|                                               |
*     Contact: silverpaladin@geocities.com      *
|                                               |

Version 1.0

I. Disclaimer
II. Introduction
III. A Attacks
IV. B Attacks
V. Other Attacks
VI.  Hints and Tips
VII. How to Defeat Link

I. Disclaimer:

This FAQ is written by and maintained by me (Jack Chen).  I do not mind anyone 
distributing this FAQ, as long as this FAQ is distributed in it's unaltered 
form.  If you would like to post this on a webpage, please contact me first; I 
would like to compile a list of sites of where this FAQ can be located (I can 
also alert you to when a new version of the FAQ will come out).  

II. Introduction:

	Link, the hero of time, rescuer of Zelda and savior of Hyrule.  With these 
credentials, he is undoubtably one of best characters in the game of Smash 
Brothers.  Fresh off his most recent assault against Ganondorf, Link wields a 
nasty blade, topped off with a wicked boomerang, the latest in portable 
explosives and swordskills that are unequaled.  Without a doubt, Link is one of 
the best, and easiest characters in all of Smash Brothers to use.	

	This FAQ is meant to help you develop skills with Link.  I'm not going to 
explain how to dash, how to block etc, because I presume you alread know how.  
Without further adeiu, here's to Link

IV. A Attacks

A - Sideways cut (All Zelda)
A, A, A, etc. - Chun-Li Style rapid sword cuts
F+A - Overhead cut (Zelda 64).  Power move
U+A - Triple Upwards Cut.  Knocks them upward.
D+A - Cuts downwards left and right.  Knocks them away.
Jump U+A - Upwards Thrust (Zelda II).  Knocks people away.
Jump D+A - Downwards Thrust (Zelda II).  Knocks people away.

IV. B Attacks

B - Boomerang (All Zelda).  Can hit them on both trips
B+U - The Spinning Cut (Zelda: Link to the Past, Zelda 64).  Knocks them away.
B+D - Pulls out a Bomb. (All Zelda).  The bomb will explode in 5 seconds whether 
you throw it 	or not, so be sure to get rid of is ASAP
	B+D - Chucks the bomb.  Explodes on contact.
	A - Chucks the bomb.  Explodes after 5 seconds.
Jump B+U - Jumping Spinning Cut.  Good for getting back onto ledges

V.  Other Attacks

L - Poses.  Really weird.  Never seen him do it before in any of his prior games
R - Hookshot (All Zelda).  Drags them in then throws them away.

VI. Hints and Tips

	Link's greatest strength lies in his A Attacks.  A person who depends 
mainly on B attacks will undoubtably lose a great majority of the time.  While 
the Spinning Cut is good for clearing out opponents and the Bomb does a heck lot 
of damage, they have too much of a recovery time to be of any major use.  The 
Boomerang is too short ranged and weak to be of any major use.  The only quality 
B move is the Jumping Spinning Cut mainly because it will save your butt from 
falling off the cliff many times.

	The best A move for Link is the Downwards Thrust.  This move will clear 
out opponents below you, and knock them far, far away.  In addition, this moves 
recovery time is negligable because anyone who is close enough to retaliate to 
any great extent will probably have been hit already and knocked away.  Remember 
that when you hit them, you will bounce up a little.  Keep on pressing (do not 
hold) D+B) and you can hit them with the attack many times (I've hit Giant 
Donkey Kong 4 times in 1 jump).  

	The Upward's Thrust is also useful, because it helps Link knock the people 
above him with the equivilant of a power hit.  It is also unexpected, because 
most of the moves that attack up are B attacks, and thus telegraph themselves to 
an extent.  Link's Triple Upward's Cut is also useful, if you can time it 
correctly.  This allows you to strike a person 3 times, and then knock them 
staight up into the air.  The A+D attack is not as useful, because most of it's 
functions can be filled by the more damaging and dangerous U+B attack (although 
it has a negligible recovery time as compared to the D+A attack).

	The Hookshot is useful for clearing out people, especially if they just 
managed to come back to the ledge.  Stay at a safe distance, and the unfurl the 
hookshot to drag them in, then chuck them out even further.  Better still, 
because they never touch the ground, they cannot use another double jump.  
Link's dangerous close in attacks force his opponents to engage him at a 
distance, thus opening themselves up the the throw.

	The key to Link's success is striking hard and fast with his A attacks, 
and using the B attacks to keep the opponents off guard.  Mixing in a bomb where 
3 opponents are duking it out is very deadly.  Keep the attacks fast and 
furious, and you will have no problem beating your foes.

VII. How to Defeat Link

	As power as Link seems, his attacks all require him to be in close range.  
Keep your distance and victory may be yours.  In addition, despite the powerful 
Upwards Thrust, that move is diffucult to time at best and the Triple Upwards 
thrust is nearly impossible to time correctly as to counted an attack from above 
that any character with a powerful Up to Down attack can really assault Link 
with little fear of retribution.  Link's Spinning cut also has a slow recovery 
time, so throw up your shield as he's spinning, and then beat him while he's 
recovering.  Stay above Link at all times, and strike from above.  Doing so will 
ensure your success.

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