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Kirby by MHatter

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/09/99

Super Smash Brothers
Written By: Mad Hatter
Kirby FAQ V2.0  7/09/99 10:00 PM EST
E-Mail: madhattery@aol.com

This FAQ is copyrighted 1999 by yours truly.  You know what that means, 
I'm sure.  No plagerizing, no copying, no BORROWING for a magazine, no 
nothing without my permission.  If thou desires my permission, then e-
mail me at madhattery@aol.com, and we'll talk.

Version History
V2.0- The Item Switch mystery is cleared up, added unbelieveable comment 
in the Giant DK part!
V1.5- Fixed a few spelling mistakes, added the name of the tree boss 
Wispy Woods from various Kirby games in the section "Dream Land".  Added 
credits section!
V1.0- Heh, my first FAQ as well as the first version of this FAQ.  Kirby 
happens to be my favorite character in Super Smash Brothers, so I felt 
this FAQ would be a tribute to his greatness.  E-mail any suggestions, 
comments, questions to me at madhattery@aol.com!

Mad Hatter- Executive Producer, CEO, God Of Hats...
Nav Etrnl- Gave me the name of tree boss Wispy Woods.
Bride Nubis- Cleared up the Item Switch mystery.

Table Of Contents

I. Kirby's History
II. Kirby's Abilities
III. Dream Land
IV. La Casa De Kirby
V. Bonus Stages
VI. 1P Mode Strategies
VII. VS Mode Strategies
VIII. Miscellaneous

I. Kirby's History
Kirby is the cute cream puff of Super Smash Brothers.  He hails from the 
magical world of Dream Land, where everything is cute, sweet, and... 
very Kirbyish.  His constant rival throughout the years was and will 
always be King DeDeDe, a penguinish life form.  DeDeDe really looks like 
the a fused penguin and duck, but that's my personal opinion.  Kirby's 
signature ability is his "absorb", where he eats his enemy AND copies 
their ability!  Now that he is in Super Smash Brothers, there's no 
stopping the madness!

II. Kirby's Ablilties
Here are the K-Man's moves... assume all moves are done as if you are 
facing to the right...

A- Punch

A,A- Two punches

A,A,A (fast)- "Monk Hand" (what I call it), Kirby throws several weak 
punches at a rapid rate, perfect for cornering the opposition

B (hold down)- "Consume", Kirby sucks the opposition into his mouth!

(When enemy is in Consume) Down- Kirby frees his opponent, but now he 
has the ability of his victim!  The best move in the game!  (Samus has 
second best, gotta love the Screw attack)

(When enemy is in Consume) A- Kirby shoots the enemy out of his mouth as 
a star!  Kirby does NOT get the ability of the victim, but the star can 
be used to hurt another enemy...

L- "Taunt", Kirby will say "Hi" and wave his hand.  Kirby and Luigi are 
unigue in Super Smash Brothers for they are the only two with useful 
taunts.  Kirby will drop an ability he currently has if he chooses to 
discard it.  Luigi will kick the enemy for 1% damage.  Hint:  Use 
"Taunt" in one player mode just as the enemy is dying, and you'll get an 
100 point bonus!

C-Up- Jump

C-Up many times- Kirby will float in mid-air!  Only he and Jigglypuff 
can do that, and I know most people don't like Jigglypuff...

Up & B- "Final Cutter", Kirby will jump in the air, sword drawn.  As 
Kirby lands, the sword sends an an energy wave which travels on the 

Forward & B- "Impeding Doom" (personal name), Kirby will deliver a 
flying kick.

Down & B- "Heavy Metal" (my personal title), Kirby turns into Stone!  If 
you are in the air, Stone will drop to the ground, crushing the 
opposition!  If you are on land, it's not quite as useful.  If you miss 
your rock and you are heading off the stage, press B quickly to turn 
back into Kirby!  Then, start a-floatin! Hint: When you are in rock, you 
are invincible!  Just watch out for getting thrown by the enemy if you 
stay in rock as the enemy approaches...

(When close to enemy) R- "Anger of the Puff" (personal name), Kirby 
picks up victim, jumps far up, and comes crashing down, sending the 
opposition into Limbo!

(When close to enemy) Left & R-  "Suplex", a not as cool looking or as 
strong throw

(When not close to enemy) R-  "Energy Shield", protects Kirby from 

III. Dream Land
Kirby hails from Dream Land, so therefore I've decided to write about 
his stage.  Dream Land is Kirby's home stage in Super Smash Brothers, 
and it's my favorite stage in the game (ok, I'm a bit biased toward 
Kirby).  Basically, the only disaster in Dream Land is Wispy Woods, the 
tree in the background.  Wispy Woods is a boss in nearly every Kirby 
game, and now he's back to make life tough for Kirby by blowing wind in 
his face!  The wind will push you off the stage, but other than that 
Dream Land is a stable stage.

IV. La Casa De Kirby
Welcome, my Kirby, to La Casa De Kirby!  Here is the menu of all the 
delicious delicacies Kirby can munch on when he uses his "absorb" 
ability!  Kirbies, don't forget to dress the part!

Delicious Donkey Kong- The DK power punch, Kirby will charge up a punch 
for a few seconds, then he can hold it.  Next, walk up to your opponent, 
and let him have it!  Kirby will wear some sort of red animal skin while 
he is using the power punch.

Gigantic Jigglypuff Supreme- Jigglypuff's quick attack, Kirby will give 
the enemy a rather strong punch which can do 10% damage, and the 
recovery time is rather quick.  Kirby will wear Jigglypuff's ears and 
hair style while using quick attack.

Munchable Mario- Mario's famous fireball attack is now in Kirby's 
posession!  Mario's fireballs are affected by gravity, they will slowly 
fall to the ground if the fireball was fired in the air.  Kirby will be 
wearing the Mario Hat while he is using the red fireball.

Yummy Yoshi-  Kirby can now use Yoshi's egging ability!  Kirby will 
stick out his Yoshi tounge, eat the opposition, and release the victim 
in egg form!  While in egg form, your enemy is at your "Monk Hand" 
mercy!  Kirby will wear a Yoshi Cap while using the egg morph ability.

Luscious Luigi-  Luigi's version of the fireball can be yours too!  
Unlike Mario's red fireball, Luigi's green fireball is not affected by 
gravity!  If you fire a ball in the air, then the air it shall stay!  
Kirby will wear a Luigi Hat while using the green fireball.

Lunchtime Link- Link has a boomerang ready for Kirby's posession!  The 
boomerang was made famous by the very first Zelda game, and has been 
famous since.  The boomerang has a bit of a range.  Kirby will wear a 
green hat while using the boomerang.

Suppertime Samus- The star of Metroid has a great arm-cannon that Kirby 
could definately use!  Press B twice quickly to fire a small energy 
ball.  Press B once and Kirby will charge a huge cannon shot!  When the 
shot is all charged, Kirby will hold it!  Press B again, and you'll 
release the 35% damage blast!  Kirby will wear the metroid helmet while 
using the arm cannon.

Fabulous Falcon- F-Zero's biggest ladies man is taking a pit stop in 
Super Smash Brothers!  The Captain's "Falcon Punch" is THE best copied 
ability in the game.  Kirby will charge up the punch for one second, and 
then he will SLAM the opposition into oblivion!  Kirby wears the very 
cool looking falcon helmet and glasses while using falcon punch.

Night Snack Ness- The hero of Earthbound has his PK Fire ability ready 
for cream puff consumption!  Kirby will fire a PK Fire, which burns the 
opposition AND stuns the enemy somewhat!  Kirby will be wearing the red 
Ness hat while using PK Fire.

Fantastic Fox-  The leader of the Starfox team has a ray gun for the 
trigger happy!  Kirby will fire a puple, weak, ray shot!  But they fire 
fast and have excellent recovery rate!  Kirby will wear the Fox Cap 
while using the ray gun.

Puke-Out Pikachu- Our most disgusting table scrap at this restaurant is 
definately Pikachu's thundershock.  Not that thundershock is a bad 
ability, it's actually pretty good.  Thundershock is a little ball of 
zap, which when landing close to ground opens up into an electric bolt.  
The reason this ability is so unappetizing is that it's Pikachu's 
ability, and Pikachu must die (actually, I like Pikachu.  But in this 
game... I just want to strangle him).  Kirby will wear the Pikachu Cap 
while using thundershock.  Hint:  Use L to discard it =)

V. Bonus Stages
The most annoying part of Super Smash Brothers is easily the bonus 
stages.  You don't have to beat the bonus stages, but if you want Luigi 
and the game's hidden sound test, here's the instructions on how to win!

Bonus Stage #1- Break The Targets
1) From start, turn around and punch the target
2) Now, jump up and kick the target above your head.
3) Float up to the platform above you and break the target
4) Float over to your right until your on the wall.  Use Stone, pop the 
target, and un-stone to safety.  Do not get the two targets inside the 
walls yet, save em' for the last 2.
5) You should now be to the right of start.  Jump down from there, pop a 
target on the way, and float on top of a moving platform immediately 
6) Pop target on the platform.
7) Wait until platform moves to the left.  When it does, jump off and 
float inside the wall.  Pop the target nearby.
8)  Out of floating distance and above you, there is a target.  Float up 
there, and use Final Cutter to break that target.
9 & 10) Go back to start.  Now, climb all the way to the top platform 
and jump to the right.  The arrow points down at the two targets.  Jump 
into the narrow crevice, and use the Rock.

Bonus Stage #2- Board The Platforms
1-3) You can't miss them, they are right there as you begin the stage!
4) To the right, there is a platform levitating over some bumpers.  Get 
the platform, and use the Stone to pass the bumpers.
5) Tricky one.  Wait a few seconds for a platform to come, and when it 
does go for the platform immediately!  Timing is crucial!
6) Get off the platform from part 5, and float up where the arrow points 
to platform 6. Use the Final Cutter if it is necessary.
7) Ride the escalator, and get the platform in the corner a the end of 
the ride.
8) Fall down, use the stone to pass the bumper.  Float all the way up to 
a platform in the top-right corner of the stage and use the Final 
9) Fall down the narrow crevice and carefully float to platform.  Use 
the Final Cutter.
10) Float to the other side of the wall and get the final platform!

VI. 1P Mode Strategies
Time for some action yet, my Kirby apprentices?  Here's how to clean 
house on the competition in one player mode!  Next to the battle, I'll 
rate the difficulty.  One star means very easy battle.  Five means tough 
as nails.  Without further ado...

Kirby VS Link *
This is an easy battle.  Absorb Link's boomerang first.  Next, final 
cut/boomerang him a little.  To finish him, give him an "Anger Of The 
Puff" throw!

Kirby VS Yoshi Team (18) *
Madly easy!  The Yoshis die in one hit!  For extra points, kill the 
Yoshis as they appear in order!  You'll get a "Yoshi Rainbow" bonus!

Kirby VS Fox *
Very easy.  If you take Fox's ray gun, watch out for his reflector move.  
Stone him a little, then Anger Of The Puff his rear end outta there!

Break The Targets **
It's a bonus stage, and you already have my strategy.  If you win, 
you'll get an extra 30,000 points!

Kirby & Ness (it's usually Ness, anyway.  I sometimes get Pikachu) VS 
Mario Brothers *
This one's very easy if your name happens to be Kirby!  This stage was 
made for the Anger Of The Puff throw!  While Ness takes care of one of 
them, you take care of them both, since Ness usually messes up.  If Ness 
survives, you'll get a Good Friend bonus, but if he survives perfectly, 
you'll get a True Friend bonus!

Kirby VS Pikachu *
Absorb the thundershock first.  Don't even think about Stone for this 
battle, cause if you do you'll find yourself one life shorter.  Use the 
Final Cutter and Anger Of The Puff a lot, and he'll die.  Although for 
me he usually kills himself while I collect Pacifist bonus!  (Pikachu 
messes up the move that saves you when you fall off a lot).

Kirby, Samus, & Ness (I usually get those two, may be different for you) 
VS Giant DK ***
Believe it or not, you can absorb Giant DK!  Poor Kirby's face must of 
exploded!  Anyway, your allies will keep DK busy while you Stone from 
above!  By about 255% damage, start focusing on knocking him off.  If 
both allies survive, you'll get a DK Defender bonus, but if both allies 
survive perfectly (which is impossible unless you play as Donkey Kong) 
you'll get a DK Perfect!
I recently got a DK Perfect on Hard difficulty as Jigglypuff!

Board The Platforms ***
Tough bonus stage, but you might as well try...

Kirby VS Kirby Team (8) *
They are the same deal as the Yoshi team, and the same bonus for killing 
them in correct order.  Very easy.

Kirby VS Samus ***
Samus is one tough customer!  Use your Stone attack sparingly as you 
don't want to be baked by the lava or Samus' arm cannon.  Use Final 
Cutter a lot, and the Monk Hand is good too since Samus is a bad fighter 
up close.  Watch out for her Screw Attack!  When she's weak enough, use 
Anger Of The Puff and toss her into the lava!  She should die if her 
health is 99% or worse.

Kirby VS Metal Mario *
A break from Samus!  Metal Mario is a sinch, just use the Stone a lot.  
At about 310%, toss him out of the stage.

Race To The Finish *
The third bonus stage and the easiest too!  Finish it in under one 
minute.  No problem.

Kirby VS Fighting Polygon Team (30) **
This team is trouble, but not too much trouble.  Use Anger Of The Puff 
and Stone a lot, and try to get the healing items whenever you can.  
Usually they take a heart before I get there, but sometimes I luck out.  
Still an easy battle.

Kirby VS Master Hand **
I expected a little harder than this boss.  He has 300 HP, and you have 
to lower it to zero.  Here's the strategy.  For any attack you can't run 
from or guard, use Stone.  Use Final Cutter and Stone whenever you can, 
and in the event that you get knocked off use Final Cutter to get back 
on the stage.  There are NO healing items, so be very careful!  Even so, 
this battle is very easy.

Happy head hunting, apprentices!

VII.  VS Mode Strategies
Ready for the heart of Super Smash Brothers, the multiplayer action?  
Before you head in, here are a few tips!

-On 2 VS 2 battles, I always found this strategy good against foolish 
players.  Have the other player get attacked by both opponents, then you 
come in with the Stone!  Works wonders!

-If you see a really strong attack coming soon, and you can't run or 
defend it, use Stone and call for your partner.  You'll be invunerable 
for a little bit until your ally comes.

-Be warned, you can be thrown while you are in Stone mode!

-Final Cutter is excellent for saving yourself from death!  When you 
can't make it back to the stage, use the F-Cut!  You'll be saved for 
starters, and if you time correctly you can also hurt the opponent if 
they are near the cliff due to the energy wave!

-Always try to absorb Falcon Punch!  If not, go for Samus' Arm Cannon!

-To ditch an ability, use your taunt!

-NEVER underestimate the Monk Hand when going against someone like Samus 
or Fox!

-Be fair about health items!  If you've got that Maxim Tomato first, and 
your health is 55%, don't be quick to use the veggie!  Your ally might 
be down 112% and be in more desperate need!  If that's the case, be a 
friend and guard the healing item for your ally!

-If you team up with Jigglypuff, here's a great strategy!  If you get 
the Home Run Bat, let Jigglypuff sleep the enemy while you whack them 
out of the stage!

VIII. Miscellaneous
Apprentices, are you ready for your expert training?

A. Hidden Characters

Luigi- Beat Bonus Stage #1 with all the original 8 characters.  Luigi 
will challenge you to a match.

Jigglypuff- Beat the game on any stock and any difficulty.  Jigglypuff 
will challenge you.

Captain Falcon- Same as Jigglypuff, except beat the game in under twenty 
minutes!  Falcon will challenge you.

Ness- Beat the game on Normal difficulty and at stock level 3.  No 
continues.  Ness will challenge you.

For all hidden characters, you have to beat their challenge to keep 

B. Other Stuff

Mushroom Kingdom Stage- Beat the game with all 8 original characters and 
play in all the stages in versus mode.

Sound Test- Beat both Bonus Stages for all 12 characters!

Item Select- I've been informed that to get the Item Select menu, all 
you need to do is play in versus mode 50 times.

That's all for my Kirby FAQ!  Remember to e-mail me with any questions, 
suggestions or ideas at madhattery@aol.com!

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