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Kirby by MEWTWO0161

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 05/28/99


Super SMASH Bros. Kirby Guide Ver. 2.0 started <5:07 PM 5/28/99>
                                      finished <7:05 PM 5/28/99>
(Ain't that just a doozy. The time I finished is the numbers reversed
 of the time I started!)
            _ _ _ _  _  _    _ _  _ _  _ _ _   _  _  _  _
           (_ | ||_)|_ |_)  (_ |\/||_|(_ |_|  |_)|_)| |(_
            _)|_||  |_ | \   _)|  || | _)| |  |_)| \|_| _)¡
               _  _       _ _ _   _  _  _  _ _  _    _    _
          |_/||_)|_)\_/  | _| | || \|_  |  ||_ |_)   _|  | |
          | \|| \|_) |   |_||_| ||_/|_   \/ |_ | \  |_ ¡ |_|
                  _      _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   _    _
                 |_)\_/  |\/||_ | | | | || | | | ||_  |
                 |_) |   |  ||_ \|/ | \|/|_| |_| ||_| | 

Note: I have excluded some content in this Version that was in my
      previous Version because there was no memory left. If you want to
      get the excluded material, mail me at IHyPeR116@aol.com with the
      subject <SMASH1>.


A. Kirby's Normal Attacks <A Button>
B. Kirby's Special Attacks <B Button>
C. Kirby's Throws & Fighting Position <L & R Triggers>
D. Kirby's Copied Attacks <B Button + Enemy>
E. How to: a) beat the 12 playable characters
           b) beat the 1 player game
           c) complete Bonus 1 Practice Mode <Break the Targets>
           d) complete Bonus 2 Practice Mode <Board the Platforms>
F. The 6 SMASH-Teams <Members, Pros & Cons>
G. How to Beat the 6 SMASH-Teams
H. Secrets a) Characters <Luigi, Capt. Falcon, Ness & Jigglypuff>
           b) Stage <Mushroom Kingdom>
           c) Miscellaneous <Sound Test & Item Switch>
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A. Normal Attacks~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<DASH> is Must Be Done While Dashing
<AIR> is Must Be Done as an Aerial Attack
A is A Button
> is Tilt Joystick in Direction
'> is Tap Joystick in Direction

A - (Weak Attack) - Slap
A + > - (Forward Strong Attack) - PowerSlap
A + v - (Downward Strong Attack) - Sweep
A + ^ - (Upward Strong Attack) - HighKick
A + '> - (Forward Smash Attack) - UltraSlap
A + 'v - (Downward Smash Attack) - SpinningSweep
A + '^ - (Upward Smash Attack) - FlipKick
<AIR> A + ^ - (Upward Aerial Attack) - SpinningHeelKick
<AIR> A + v - (Downward Aerial Attack) - SpinningDrill
<DASH> A + > - (Dashing Attack) - SuperRam
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~B. Special Attacks~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

B is B Button
> is Tilt Joystick in Direction

B - Swallow - Note: Pressing B again will copy the enemy that you
                    swallowed's B Button Power and Costume, which will
                    both be specified in section E.
B + ^ - (Aerial Attack) - FinalCutter - Note: Can hit 2X. If not close
                          enough, you can hit the enemy from 5 paces 
                          away with the additional projectile.
B + v - (Ground Attack) - Stone - Note: This is used as a defense. It 
                          is better than the shield, but randomly 
                          stops. If you are above an enemy, you can use
                          this attack to damage him/her
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~C. Throws & Fighting Position~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<ITEM> is only feasible while holding an item
R is R Trigger
L is L Trigger
> is Tilt Joystick in Direction

R + > - (Forward Throw) - PileDriver
R + < - (Backward Throw) - Back-BodyDrop
L - (Fighting Position) - "Hi!" ::Waves to the crowd::
                        - ::Power in Star form is Discarded::
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~D. Copied Attacks~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Opponent-Kirby    - Opponent's Costume     - Opponent's Power
Luigi-Kirby       - Green Luigi Hat        - Green FireBall
Mario-Kirby       - Red Mario Hat          - Red FireBall
D.K.-Kirby        - Fur Coat w/ Curl       - GiantPunch
Link-Kirby        - Green Link Cap         - Boomerang
Samus-Kirby       - Red Samus Helmet       - ChargeShot
Capt.Falcon-Kirby - Red Falcon Helmet      - FalconPunch
Ness-Kirby        - Red Ness Hat           - P.K.Fire
Yoshi-Kirby       - Cap of Yoshi's Head    - Slurp'n'Burp
Fox-Kirby         - Fox Helmet & Ears      - LaserShot
Pikachu-Kirby     - Cap of Pikachu's Head  - Thunderbolt
Jigglypuff-Kirby  - Jigglypuff Ears & Curl - Pound
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~E. How to : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
================= a) Beat the 12 Playable Characters ==================
Luigi       - The move you should mainly use is FinalCutter. Use Stone
              sparingly. When he is over 80 % damage, SMASH him away!
Mario       - Use items that you find as a defense against Mario and
              he should be no trouble. If there are no good items, use
              the FinalCutter. DO NOT use Stone.
D.K.        - Use Copy on D.K. and charge up whenever he does. When
              you are on a flat space, use the FinalCutter. If you are
              open to Stone, do it as much as you can.
Link        - DO NOT take the Boomerang. Just do the FinalCutter on
              him when he is conscious, and Stone when he isn't. Use
              some kind of item to wipe him out.
Samus       - Do everything as if you were fighting D.K., but do stone
              only if she is unconscious (like Link)
Capt.Falcon - Use SMASH attacks and items to take care of the Cap. You
              can get extra help from FalconPunch. Use Stone when he's
              unconscious, and don't use FinalCutter if he isn't 
Ness        - Stay above him all the time. Use Stone as a defense and
              even better as an attack. Stay air borne and don't let
              him do P.K. Thunder of any kind.
Yoshi       - Stay a distance from him. Take his power and use it as a
              defense. Try to Slurp'n'Burp him off the edge. Stone him
              when it seems right. DO NOT do the FinalCutter
Kirby       - Use Stone & FinalCutter on Kirby. DO NOT take his power.
              Throw items at him to prevent him from killing you.
Fox         - Stay a short distance from him and use FinalCutter. DO
              NOT Stone him unless he is down. His Kick combo is very
              dangerous, so throw items at him. Take his power but DO
              NOT use it.
Pikachu      - Take his power and ThunderBolt him. DO NOT Stone him,
               but FinalCutter him from a distance.
Jigglypuff   - Jigglypuff is easy to defeat, just don't stand still.
====================== b) Beat 1 Player Game - ========================
Link        - <Refer to Section G. Division a) Entry "Link">
YoshiTeam   - Do Smash/Strong Attacks and Throws. Use all the items.
Fox         - Stay on the left of the stage. Do as it says in Section 
              G. Division a) Entry "Fox". Let the Arwing defeat him.
MarioBros.  - Use the FinalCutter until your Ally has died, then get 
              any item to throw. Defeat them one at a time. If the 2 
              are together, Stone them. Use SMASH Attacks to defeat 
Pikachu     - Stay on the H-Pad. Take his power and wait for him to 
              come. If he comes, shock him, then throw him between your
              H Pad and the main building. He should Use QuickAttack 
              and die.
GiantD.K.   - Take his power first. Let your Allies do all the work. If
              they all die, use his power to kill him.
KirbyTeam   - Use Stone, FinalCutter, SMASH Attack and your Aerial 
              Attacks. If they are using their power against you, take
              it and discard it (unless you want to keep it).
Samus       - Go to the indent and get her power (that's where she 
              first goes in the fight) then go to the top platform and 
              charge up. Stay there and Stone her if she gets near you.
              If she gets on your platform, shoot her. She'll die from 
              the lava.
MetalMario  - Use all your attacks to build up his meter to over 200%.
              Use SMASH Attacks to kill him. The Star Wand is the most
              effective item against him.
PolygonTeam - Use SMASH Attacks, Stone, FinalCutter, and Aerial 
              Attacks. No matter what, don't let them get items. Throw
              the items off the edge if you don't want them. Throw them
              if you can't hit them.
MasterHand  - Use Stone as a Defense against his Drill, Slap, and
              FireFist. Fly over his Crawl. When he is about to do the
              Finger, Gun, or Punch, float in the air until right
              before he attacks (you must tell from instinct), then do 
              FinalCutter. He should float under the platform and 
              attack there. Use Stone mainly as an attack. Use 
              FinalCutter occasionally. If you can't reach him, use 
              FinalCutter. You can also use SpinningDrill.
======== c) Complete Bonus 1 Practice Mode <Break the Targets> ========
1  - Jump and Break the Target above you.
2  - On your descent, Break the Target to your left.
3  - Fly to the Board above you & Break the Target.
4  - Fly right and Break the Target. Fly to the Tube entrance up top.
5  - Fall into the tube and Break the Target.
6  - Once again, Break the Target.
7  - The angle aims you in a direction where you can Break the Target.
8  - Fly onto the board and Break the Target.
9  - When the board is leftmost, fly into the box and Break the Target.
10 - Skillfully use each 6 Jumps to fly below the target. FinalCutter
     to Break the Target.
======= d) Complete Bonus 2 Practice Mode <Board the Platforms> =======
1  - Board the Platform above you.
2  - Board the Platform above you.
3  - Board the Platform to your right.
4  - Borad the Platform to your right. Stone throught the Bumpers.
5  - Wait appx. 3.2 seconds and Board the Platform that is descending.
6  - Fly into the tube and Board the Platform.
7  - Ride a board and Board the Platform in the top-left corner.
8  - Go right using Stone through the Bumper. Fly to and Board the 
     Platform in the top-right corner with the help of FinalCutter.
9  - Fall left, into a gap, and into a cavity in the wall. Skillfully
     fly to and Board the Platform with the help of FinalCutter.
10 - Fall down and float around the left wall to Board the Platform.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~F. The 6 SMASH-Teams~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Captain> | <Secondary> | <Team Name>
  Mario   |   Luigi     | Super Mario Bros.
  D.K.    |   Yoshi     | Super Mario Cameos
  Link    |    Fox      | The Phantasms
  Samus   | Capt.Falcon | The Intergalactix
  Kirby   |    Ness     | The Dreamscapers
  Pikachu |  Jigglypuff | The Pokémon

The SuperMarioBros.-Pros-Easy to switch characters since their moves
                         are the same.
                    Cons-Since they have the same moves, there is no
                         variety whatsoever in their moves, so they
                         will be dealing the same amount of damage.
The SuperMarioCameos-Pros-The duo has both quickness and strength. They
                          can make quick kills & defend each other well
                    -Cons-Their attacks are all set up too slowly.
The Phantasms-Pros-The 2 can attack long range. They can defend easily
                   They both can stop each other from major damage.
             -Cons-Their moves are easy to break through. They don't
                   have anyone that can stay alive on life support.
The Intergalactix-Pros-Their large sizes let them cover ground easily.
                       The 2 both have moves to defend themselves from
                       close attackers.
                 -Cons-Their large sizes open them up to attacks from
                       beneath themselves. They take much too long to
                       set up stronger attacks.
The Dreamscapers-Pros-Their defense is the best of all teams. The two
                      also have the strongest attacks that take quick
                      to set up
                -Cons-Once one is gone, the other can't attack because
                      he is either defending or getting beat up. They
                      can't reach high up. They take too long to stop
                      their attacks.
The Pokémon-Pros-They have the best attacks in the game. They can cover
                 a lot of ground. Their small sizes let them dodge most
           -Cons-Their strong attacks are all close range while all the
                 other characters have far range attacks. They have to
                 stay close enough to back up each other.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~G. How to Beat the 6 SMASH-Teams~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Note:  If Team Attack mode is on and you find a FireFlower, RayGun, or
       StarWand, have Kirby pick it up and Attack Ness with the
       projectiles while Ness is doing PsychicMagnet.

The SuperMarioBros.-Stay a few paces away at all times. Use FinalCutter
                    and PKFire mostly. Use PKThunder ONLY to board the
                    arena while attacking. Use Stone ONLY on a downed
                    opponent. Let Kirby use SMASH Attacks and Ness use
                    PKFire and PsychicMagnet when attacked by fireballs
The SuperMarioCameos-Stay above each character since they cannot attack
                     upward. Use Stone and PKFire mainly. Use Final
                     Cutter ONLY on a downed opponent. As always, use
                     PKThunder ONLY to board the Arena while attacking.
                     Let Ness use SMASH Attacks and Kirby use Items.
The Phantasms-Use PKFire mainly and have Kirby throw items. Also let
              Kirby do the FinalCutter from a distance. Don't Stone Fox
              and use PsychicMagnet to absorb laser blasts. Link should
              be easy to beat, so pay more attention to Fox, but don't
              let your guard down on Link because he is really fast.
The Intergalactix-Have Kirby get Samus' power and use it mostly. Have
                  Kirby shoot at Ness while Ness uses PsychicMagnet if
                  his power is low. Have Ness us PKThunder on enemies
                  above himself and to board the Arena. Use FinalCutter
                  if you keep losing Samus' power. Use Stone on a
                  downed opponent.
The Dreamscapers-The ONLY advice I can give you is to follow what I
                 have so far taught you, and if that doesn't work, 
                 since they are you, closely study what your opponent
                 does so you can practice to break through it.
The Pokémon-Use PKFire and FinalCutter mainly. Use Stone on Jigglypuff.
            Have Ness use PsychicMagnet to absorb electric attacks. DO
            NOT use PKThunder unless boarding the Arena. Let Kirby use
            SMASH Attacks and Ness use items.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~H. Secrets~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
========================== a) Characters ==============================
Luigi        - Complete Bonus 1 Practice Mode <Break the Targets> for 
               the 8 initial characters.
Capt. Falcon - Beat 1 Player Game on any Difficulty with any Stock
               under 20 minutes.
Ness         - Beat 1 Player Game on Normal Difficulty with 3 Stock.
Jigglypuff   - Beat 1 Player Game on any Difficulty with any Stock.

Note:  After completing one of the tasks above, you must fight and
       defeat the secret character before being able to access him.
============================== b) Stage ===============================
MushroomKingdom - Beat 1 Player Game on any Difficulty with any Stock
                  with all 8 initial characters AND Play a complete
                  battle on each Arena in Vs. Mode
======================== c) Miscellaneous =============================
SoundTest   - Complete Bonus 1 & 2 Practice for all 12 characters.
Item Switch - Get one character's stats up to 100 KOs.
Note:  I have used these theories throughout playing the game, so if it
     doesn't work for you, you don't have the certain skill to master
     Kirby. Use somebody easier to control, like Pikachu. As for the
     SMASH-Teams, I usually have the computer play as Ness. But, my
     friend is good with Ness, so that's a whole different story.
Legal Rights:  This document has been Copyrighted (©) under law. Anyone
             that steals any of my theories or ideas (Mainly speaking
             about my SMASH-Teams) will suffer unimaginable pain and a
             great loss of money and self-respect.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Until Next Time...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I'll be adding Ness onto the guide, so it will be called The
Dreamscapers guide. You'll probably find it under Kirby/Ness, though.

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