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    Fox by Dr. Seuss

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/17/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                           Presenting a character description on...
                       _________________      *       *
    --------------     I               I       *     *
    I                  I               I        *   *
    I                  I               I         * *
    I------            I               I          *
    I                  I               I         * *
    I                  I               I        *   *
    I                  I               I       *     *
    I                  I_______________I      *       *
    Created by Dr. Seuss, doc_seuss@hotmail.com
    Version 1.0 Submitted on June 17, 1999.
      I.  History
      II.  Disclaimer/Copyright Information
      III.  Introduction
      IV.  Info on Fox
      V. Fox’s Moves
      VI.  How To Beat One Player Mode With Fox
            A.  Link
            B.  Yoshi Team
            C.  Fox
            D.  Mario Bros.
            E.  Pikachu
            F.  Giant DK
            G.  Kirby Team
            H.  Samus
            I.  Metal Mario
            J.  Fighting Polygon Team
            K.  Master Hand
      VII.  How To Beat The Bonus Rounds With Fox
      VIII.  Funny/Sick/Spiffy Stuff To Do With Fox
      IX.  Words of Thanks/See You Later
    I.  History
    Version 1.0(June 17, 1999)- Completed.  Submitted.  Finished!  Will update 
    II.  Disclaimer/Copyright Information
    Come on people, you know the drill.  This FAQ is copyrighted 1999 by law.  
    It MAY NOT be reproduced, altered, or changed in any way.  You may use this 
    FAQ for your own personal use but you CAN NOT sell it for profit.  You may 
    not use this FAQ on your webpage.  PLEASE NOTIFY ME IF YOU SEE THIS DOCUMENT 
    ANYWHERE ELSE BESIDES GAMEFAQS!  Contact me at doc_seuss@hotmail.com.
    III.  Introduction
    Well, I, Dr. Seuss, didn’t see a character description on Fox, so I decided 
    that that would be my next FAQ.  And here it is.  Not much more to say.  
    Contact me at the e-mail address above to inform me of any problems, 
    suggestions, or if you just want to say hey.  Cash donations ARE accepted.  
    And here we go:
    IV.  Info on Fox
    What the character description in Super Smash Brothers says about Fox:
    Following in his dead father’s footsteps as the young leader of the Star Fox 
    Team, Fox McCloud’s piloting of the super-high-performance combat ship 
    ARWING for the Lylatian System is still fresh in our memories.  His one 
    weakness may be his difficulty earning the trust of his teammates.
    What I say about Fox:
    A nimble but not-so-strong character, Fox is the second fastest character, 
    with Captain Falcon being the first.  His Reflector move is ideal against 
    major projectile launching enemies such as Luigi, Mario, Pikachu, 
    Samus(especially with her charged beam) and Fox himself.  His blaster shot 
    is quick, efficient, and has fast recovery time.  His A attacks are good, 
    too, especially if you line your opponent into a multi-hit kick(repeatedly 
    press A).  But I believe Fox’s Throws and B Attacks are the best to use in 
    One Player Mode.  Multiplayer is another story.
    V.  Fox’s Moves
    Legend:  All moves are shown as if you were facing your opponent and 
    standing to the left of him/her.  Don’t get confused by the + and the word 
    “and”, they are two different things.  For instance, if you see “Jump + Up 
    and A”, it means to tap jump, then press Up and A at the same time.  
    Whenever you see “and” between two words, it means to press those buttons at 
    the same time.  The “+” is like a separator; when you see it after a word it 
    means to tap that button first then commence with the words before and after 
    the “and”.  Not too difficult, really.  Dash means to press forward twice 
    then hold it.
    Up- jump
    Right- move right
    Left- move left
    Down- crouch
    L- finishing pose
    Hold R/Z- Shield
    Tap R- grab, R again to throw
    A- Punch
    A repeatedly- Multi-hit kick
    Up and A- Backflip Split Kick
    Forward and A- Quick Drill Kick
    Down and A- Split Kick
    Crouch, then A- Tail Sweep
    Jump+Up and A- Jumping Backflip Split Kick
    Jump+Down and A- Downwards Drill Kick
    Jump+away from you and A- Jumping Split Kick
    Dash and A- Running Flying Kick
    B- Blaster Shot
    Up and B- Fire Fox
    Down and B- Reflector
    VI.  How To Beat One Player Mode With Fox
    A.  Link- When the battle starts, you can fire a couple of Blaster Shots on 
    Link.  Use throws a lot.  You can’t use your Reflector on any of his 
    attacks, and if you use your Fire Fox move he will just counter it with a 
    Spin Attack usually.  So just use throws when you are close in, and Blaster 
    Shots when you are far away.
    B.  Yoshi Team- Fighting the teams is SO EASY with Fox!  Just go up to them 
    and use your Reflector move.  They will fly out of the ring, killing them 
    instantly.  Rinse.  Lather.  Repeat.
    C.  Fox- Reflect his Blaster Shots with a Reflector.  Use throws.  Don’t use 
    Fire Foxes or he will juggle you like an apple.  Only shoot him with your 
    blaster when he is running at you.  Get to the edge and throw him off.
    D.  Mario Bros.- Harder than your average enemy.  Not one, but two enemies 
    to fight.  Take on one guy while your partner takes on the other.  Or better 
    yet, let them double team your partner, then unleash a volley of Blaster 
    shot after Blaster shot at them.  Hammers come in REALLY handy here.  They 
    evade your grabbing attempts a lot.
    E.  Pikachu- Not too hard, just keep using throws and Blaster Shots.  
    Reflect Pikachu’s attacks back at him.  Stay at the edge and throw him off, 
    and keep firing your Blaster so he stays off.  Keep in mind that you can 
    grab him when he’s falling and trying to get back on.
    F.  Giant DK- Let your partners attack him while you stand far away, 
    shooting at him with your Blaster.  When your partners die, stand on the 
    edge and try to throw him.  Any item that pops up is a real lifesaver here, 
    especially when he is set to Very Hard.
    G.  Kirby Team- Use the same strategy that you did on the Yoshi team.  Use 
    the Reflector and throws.
    H.  Samus- Samus can be annoying because she rolls around a lot.  Use your 
    Blaster and reflect her charged beam back at her.  Throw her into the acid.  
    It will inflict a lot of damage.
    I.  Metal Mario- This guy is really hard to throw off.  Fire your Blaster 
    when he is far away.  Reflect his fire balls back at him.  If it is on Very 
    Hard, you will be wishing for a Hammer really soon.  Get on the edge, grab 
    him, then throw him off.  You will have to do it several times, but 
    eventually he will stay off.
    J.  Fighting Polygon Team- Use your Reflector and Throws.  Not too hard.
    K.  Master Hand(You will find most of this information in my Luigi character 
    description too, because I copied the shielding information  from there.  
    It’s not plagiarism because I wrote it!)- Not as hard as one might expect.  
    Since you can’t throw this guy, he has Hit Points.  300 of them, too.  I 
    usually keep using Blaster Shots and Fire Foxes.  And here is the shielding 
    information: when his fingers are aiming at you like a gun and sparkles are 
    coming out of the tips of his fingers, use your Reflector because he will 
    shoot you with either one or three Bullet Bills.  When he flies into the 
    background, shield before he swoops back in and hits you.  When he starts 
    walking on two fingers, jump over him.  Be prepared for quick attacks by 
    shielding.  When his fingers point to the sky, start twirling, then shoot up 
    to the sky, SHIELD QUICKLY!  He will come back down and start to “drill” 
    into you, causing about 25% damage if you are unshielded.  When two of his 
    fingers are pointing at you diagonally and the tip of them are sparkling, 
    AVOID HIM.  Do not shield against this attack.  He will poke you twice, 
    breaking your shield, leaving you paralyzed for a few seconds, open for 
    attack.  Shield against any other attack in between.  When you beat him, 
    you’ll get to see the ending.  Hint: at the Credits screen, press Start to 
    make the credits speed through.
    VII.  How To Beat The Bonus Rounds With Fox
    Legend- DJ means that when you have jumped once, wait until you are at the 
    peak of your jump, then jump again.  UB means to do your Up and B move, in 
    Fox’s case it is the Fire Fox move..  DJUB means to jump, wait until you are 
    at the peak of your jump then jump again, then when you are at the peak of 
    that jump press Up and B.
    Bonus 1:
    1.  Hit the target to your right.
    2.  Then jump and hit the one to your left.
    3.  Jump up the stairs to the right and hit that target.
    4.  Jump on the horizontally moving platform and hit that target.
    5.  Turn left and fire a shot from your blaster to hit the fifth target.
    6.  Fire another shot from the exact same position to hit the sixth target.
    7.  Jump to the platform above you, then DJ, and then UB when you are under 
    your nest target to hit it.
    8.  DJUB until you are standing on the platform above the eighth target.  
    Then fall around the left side, DJ so you are under it, then UB.
    9.  Fall straight down, then shoot the ninth target through the moving 
    10.  There are two ways to getting the last target.  First fall, and shoot 
    it on the way down.  If you miss, try to DJUB to destroy it.
    Bonus 2:
    1.  Run on to the first platform,
    2.  Then jump to the second,
    3.  Then jump to the third.
    4.  Now get on the moving platform, avoid the bumpers, and let it take you 
    all the way up to the fourth platform at the very top.
    5.  Get off of the moving platform, run to the left, and fall down the gap 
    for the fifth platform.
    6.  DJUB all of the way down to the sixth platform above the moving 
    rectangular blocks.
    7.  Fall down the gap, make a right, then DJUB up to the seventh platform.
    8.  Fall down and to the left for the eighth platform.
    9.  Now jump on to the closest moving platform and let it take you to the 
    ninth platform.
    10.  Get back on the moving platform, let it take you under the last 
    platform, then DJUB to it.
    VIII.  Funny/Sick/Spiffy Stuff To Do With Fox
    1.  This trick is pretty obvious, but  I thought it was neat.  You will need 
    two players, and they both must be Fox.  Go to Sector Z.  Have one player go 
    to the front of the ship, standing on the summit of the main control 
    cockpit.  Have the other player go as far away from the first player, so 
    they are facing each other.  Make sure they are level.  Now have one of the 
    players do the Reflector move.  Have the other shoot their blaster, then 
    immediately do the Reflector.  The Blaster Shot will travel between the two 
    players if you did it right.  Eventually, someone’s shield will break...but 
    whose will it be?  I just thought this was a neat trick.
    If you want to contribute to the Funny/Sick/Spiffy section for Fox, mail me 
    at doc_seuss@hotmail.com.  It has to be better just having Jigglypuff come 
    up to Fox and press B.  It has to be more than that.
    IX.  Words of Thanks/See You Later
    Finally!  It took me a while to make this because I had to update my Luigi 
    and DK character description and my item list.  See you later.
    No words of thanks right now.
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