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    Donkey Kong by Dr. Seuss

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 06/17/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            Presenting a Character Description on...
         _____             *
    I**   0   0  1*   1  ! *   *___ II  II
    I  *  0   0  1 *  1  !*    *___   II
    I  *  0   0  1  * 1  ! *   *___   II
    I**   0___0  1   *1  !  *  *      II
              *  _____
           ! *   0   0  1*   1  -----
           !*    0   0  1 *  1  I   I
           ! *   0   0  1  * 1  I ___
           !  *  0___0  1   *1  I___I
    Created by Dr. Seuss, doc_seuss@hotmail.com
    Version 1.3, submitted on June 17, 1999.
      I.  History
      II.  Disclaimer/Copyright Information
      III.  Introduction
      IV.  Donkey Kong Info
      V.  Donkey Kong’s Moves
      VI.  How To Beat One Player Mode With Donkey Kong
            A.  Link
            B.  Yoshi Team
            C.  Fox
            D.  Mario Bros.
            E.  Pikachu
            F.  Giant DK
            G.  Kirby Team
            H.  Samus
            I.  Metal Mario
            J.  Fighting Polygon Team
            K.  Master Hand
      VII.  How To Beat The Bonus Rounds With Donkey Kong
      VIII.  Funny/Sick/Spiffy Stuff To Do With Donkey Kong
      IX.  Words of Thanks/See You Later
    I.  History
    Version 1.0(June 5, 1999)-FAQ submitted and completed.
    Version 1.3(June 17, 1999)-Funny/Sick/Spiffy section added, but I need 
    II.  Disclaimer and Copyright Information
    This entire document is copyrighted under law.  You may use it only for 
    personal use.  DO NOT sell it for profit or distribute it in any way.  You 
    MAY NOT use it on your homepage without notifying me first.  IF YOU SEE THIS 
    doc_seuss@hotmail.com.  Thank you.
    III.  Introduction
    Here is a Donkey Kong character description for all of you Smash Brothers 
    die-hard fans out there.  I am Dr. Seuss.  Here I will give you a bunch of 
    stuff specifically on Donkey Kong, the strongest fighter in the game.  Check 
    out my other works such as the Weapon List and the character description on 
    Luigi.  Well, here you are:
    IV.  Donkey Kong Info
    What The Character Description on Super Smash Brothers says about DK:
    Donkey Kong and Mario started out as arch-rivals, but they’ve patched things 
    up in recent years.
    These days DK spends his time searching the jungle for bananas instead of 
    kidnapping beautiful maidens.
    In the past few years, other members of the Kong family have cashed in on 
    DK’s fame as well, including his favorite nephew, Diddy.
    What I Say About DK:
    A powerful fighter, DK is the strongest fighter in the game.  With his 
    charged up Giant Punch(B), he can knock anyone out of the arena.  Once 
    Mario’s enemy, now he is an ally.  In many Donkey Kong games nowadays, he 
    goes out to search for bananas.  His logo is his initials, DK.  His Spinning 
    Kong move(Up and B) is very handy, also.
    V.  Donkey Kong’s Moves
    Note: All moves are shown as if you were facing your opponent and standing 
    to the left of him/her.  Don’t get confused by the + and the word “and”, 
    they are two different things.  For instance, if you see “Jump + Up and A”, 
    it means to tap jump, then press Up and A at the same time.  Whenever you 
    see “and” between two words, it means to press those buttons at the same 
    time.  The “+” is like a separator; when you see it after a word it means to 
    tap that button first then commence with the words before and after the 
    “and”.  Get it?
    up- jump
    left- move left
    right - move right
    down- crouch
    L- Finishing Pose
    R- Tap to grab, hold for shield
    Z- Tap to grab, hold for shield
    A- punch
    Forward and A- Strong Punch
    Up and A- Upwards hand slap
    Crouch + A-Crouching slap
    Jump + Up and A- Jumping hand swat
    Jump + backwards and A- Drop kick
    Jump + A- 720 rotating punch
    Down and A- Leg sweep
    Jump + Forward and A- Head bonk
    B- Giant Punch
    Down and B- Hand Slap
    Up and B- Spinning Kong
    VI.  How To Beat One Player Mode With Donkey Kong
    A.  Link- As soon as you start the fight, Link will just stand there.  Press 
    B and charge up your Punch all of the way then clobber him.  Charge up again 
    while he’s on the ground.  Basically, throughout the whole fight, throw him 
    and use your Giant Punch.
    B.  Yoshi Team- Fighting Teams is SO easy with DK.  Use both the Spinning 
    Kong move and the Hand Slap to clear out groups of them.  Don’t worry about 
    charging with your giant punch.  Just keep using Spinning Kongs and Hand 
    C.  Fox- When the fight starts, try to grab him and throw him to the right 
    side of the ship.  Then run over to the left side of the ship.  Charge your 
    Giant Punch and hit him when he comes over.  Now keep trying to throw him 
    off.  When you do, charge up your Giant Punch and hit him.  Beware his Fire 
    Fox move.  If he is really ticking you off, just grab him then jump off the 
    ship with him in your hands.  You’ll probably lose a life, but you’ll kill 
    him, too.
    D.  Mario Bros.- Let your partner fight Mario and Luigi while you charge 
    your Giant Punch.  Then, go up to where your opponents are double-teaming 
    your friend and try to Punch both of them.  Do this again and again and 
    again until one of them dies, then fight the remaining one with a 
    combination of all of your attacks.
    E.  Pikachu- Usually it is really easy to get the Judo Master award in this 
    fight.  Simply throwing Pikachu until he dies, but be wary of his Thunder 
    F.  Giant DK- Stand as far away from Giant DK and let your partners do your 
    work for a while.  Charge your Giant Punch then run down to hit him.  Run 
    away then do the same thing over and over until both of your partners die.  
    Then stand on the edge and try to throw him off.  The Hammer, Motion Sensor 
    Bomb, Bob-omb, Home Run Bat, and Beam Sword can be really handy here.
    G.  Kirby Team- Use the same strategy you did on the Yoshi Team.
    H.  Samus- Use the same strategy you did on Fox, but try to throw Samus into 
    the sea of acid.  Use extreme caution, but don’t be too cautious.  This is 
    another good level to grab your enemy then run off the edge with them.  You 
    will get knocked all around, but so will Samus.
    I.  Metal Mario- Use Giant Punches a lot here.  To save yourself a lot of 
    time and trouble, I would just grab this guy and walk off with him.  It 
    takes too long the other way and you will probably end up losing a life 
    J. Fighting Polygon Team-  Use the same strategy you did on the Yoshi Team.  
    Spinning Kongs are very handy here.
    K.  Master Hand(You will find most of this information in my Luigi character 
    description too, because I copied the shielding information  from there.  
    It’s not plagiarism because I wrote it!)- Not as hard as one might expect.  
    Since you can’t throw this guy, he has Hit Points.  300 of them, too.  A 
    Giant Punch will take a big chunk out of them, though.  Just keep charging 
    up your Giant Punch and hitting him.  Hand Slaps are useless here and 
    Spinning Kongs don’t do enough damage.  So just keep charging up your Giant 
    Punch.  When his fingers are aiming at you like a gun and sparkles are 
    coming out of the tips of his fingers, shield because he will shoot you with 
    either one or three Bullet Bills.  When he flies into the background, shield 
    before he swoops back in and hits you.  When he starts walking on two 
    fingers, jump over him.  Be prepared for quick attacks by shielding.  When 
    his fingers point to the sky, start twirling, then shoot up to the sky, 
    SHIELD QUICKLY!  He will come back down and start to “drill” into you, 
    causing about 25% damage if you are unshielded.  When two of his fingers are 
    pointing at you diagonally and the tip of them are sparkling, AVOID HIM.  Do 
    not shield against this attack.  He will poke you twice, breaking your 
    shield, leaving you paralyzed for a few seconds, open for attack.  Shield 
    against any other attack in between.  Just keep using your Giant Punch.  
    When you beat him, you’ll get to see the ending.  Hint: at the Credits 
    screen, press Start to make the credits speed through.
    VII.  How To Beat The Bonus Rounds With Donkey Kong
    Legend- DJ means that when you have jumped once, wait until you are at the 
    peak of your jump, then jump again.  UB means to do your Up and B move, in 
    DK’s case it is the Spinning Kong move.  DJUB means to jump, wait until you 
    are at the peak of your jump then jump again, then when you are at the peak 
    of that jump press Up and B.
    Bonus 1:
    1.  Hit the target in front of you,
    2.  Then the one behind you,
    3.  Then the one of the left elevated platform.
    4.  Then the one on the horizontally moving platform.
    5.  Jump up to the left and punch through the wall with a Giant Punch.
    6.  Hit the one above you and to your right.
    7.  Then the one above you and to your left.
    8.  Jump on the platform below the arrow, then DJUB to hit the target way up 
    high then float down to the platform on the far right underneath a different 
    9.  Hit the target above the platform you are standing on.
    10.  Fall off and line yourself under the last target and when you are just 
    under it, press UB.
    Bonus 2:
    1.  Jump on to the first platform,
    2.  Then on the second,
    3.  Then on to the third.
    4.  Jump on to the horizontally moving platform then jump up for the fourth 
    5.  Go back down on to the horizontally moving platform then jump up to the 
    6.  Fall all the way down the right corridor, then move yourself left to get 
    the sixth platform.
    7.  Make a DJUB all the way left to reach the seventh platform.
    8.  When the vertically moving platform is almost at the bottom of its path, 
    jump down and land on it.  You may have to DJ.
    9.  Jump up to the ninth platform from the eighth.
    10.  Jump down to the vertically moving platform.  Then, when it is at its 
    lowest point jump off the platform to reach the one under the lava.  Then, 
    DJUB all of the way to the last platform.
    VIII.  Funny/Sick/Spiffy Stuff To Do With Donkey Kong
    Hey, wait a minute!  I don’t have anything for this section.  If you have 
    some funny/sic/spiffy things that you can do with Donkey Kong, send them in 
    to me at doc_seuss@hotmail.com. Thanks.
    IX.  Words of Thanks/See You Later
    Well, that’s it everybody.  Check out my other works soon and feel free to 
    mail me at doc_seuss@hotmail.com.  And here are the traditional word of 
    Thank you Nintendo, I couldn’t live without your games.
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