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Captain Falcon by Pretty in Pink

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/18/99

Date: 4:35 PM 5/18/99
Author: Pretty in Pink <kamikaze144@yahoo.com>
Title: Super Smash Brothers: Captain Falcon FAQ
Version: 1.0

-General Information
-Getting Captain Falcon
-Move List
 -With Captain Falcon
 -Against Captain Falcon
-Character vs. Character Comparison


1.0: Yaay! The first one!

General Information

Captain Falcon has to be one of the most under-appreciated characters in SSB.
Most players definetely prefer someone like Link, or Mario, because they're
easy to learn. If you're going to start with Captain Falcon, give him some time
It will eventually pay off when you beat your friends into a bloody pulp!

Falcon is much more of an in-close fighter, as opposed to someone Samus who can
perform hit-and-run missions. Most of his moves require good timing to work,
or else you'll leave yourself wide open to be juggled relentlessly. 

Getting Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon is one of the 4 hidden characters, but he's not really hard to get.
Just beat the game in twenty minutes or less. I suggest going the cheezy route
if you are having problems. DK is a very good candidate for this position. Just
lure your opponent off to the side of the arena, then grab him and jump off. 
You'll probably lose a life, but you'll usually beat your opponent in twenty 
seconds or less. For the teams, where this won't work very well, just hit them.
It's ridiculous how easily the team members will go flying with one little hit!

Move List

/ You can just hold the analog stick in that direction for the move to work
+ You have to move the analog stick AT THE SAME TIME as you press the button


A- Just your ordinary punch. Use it three times in a row quickly and you'll 
get a kick to the chest as well.

Up/A- An upwars kick that will hit twice (usually) with the second hit being
stronger than the first.

Down/A- A kick in the shins.

Forward/A- A decently ranged kick that can be directed up or down.

A (over and over)- Many quick punches.

Up+A- A short ranged uppercut. Don't bothers using it. 

Down+A- A leg sweep that will hit on both sides.

Forward+A- A strong kick that will really send opponents flying. Abuse this 
one to its fullest extent! It's fast, it's powerful, and most of all, opponents
will never see it coming. 


A- A simple forward kick.

Forward/A- A forward kick with more range, and if you hold it down long enough,
it will be a two kick combo. 

Back/A- A short kick behind. 

Up/A- A spinning kick that can't be beaten when it comes to juggling people.
It goes up and around. 

Down/A- Foot stomp

*These all work in the air, too*

B- Falcon Punch. It takes a while from the time you press the B button to the time
it connects. If it connects, anyone over 75% will most likely fly off. Best used
when an opponent is busy with something else, like picking up a box. Also great
when an opponent is climbing back up onto the platform. THE BEST weapon against

Down/B- Falcon Kick. The workhorse of your arsenal. This will zip you across 
the playing field, slamming you into any unsuspecting bystander. It also works
in midair, but it's a little difficult to connect with it. 

Up/B- Chest Flip. Use this when you're right up against someone. You'll grab them,
and then flip them away. Works wonders in midair, as long as you don't fall. 
Use it to deliver the final blow to someone when they're in air, or above you. 


R- Falcon slams his target into the ground. It doesn't have much range, though.

Back/R- A much better throw. Falcon kicks his target in the chest while holding
them, usally with a lot of range. This one goes a lot more horizontal than the
previous one. 



Falcon's greatest strength lies in his ability to deliver very strong blows. 
Nearly every one of his moves are power hits! You'll be using his flaming kick
(Forward+A) a lot if you want to win. Definetely rely more on the A button attacks,
because his others are quite slow. Those are best used when the opponent is busy.
Falcon also has mindblowing speed when he's dashing, so you can scoot out of
trouble whenever it arises. A good tactic to use with Falcon is to run away,
and then either Falcon Kick, or dash punch. Falcon is a great one-on-one fighter.
His moves will easily overpower anybody. His upper kick, for example, can
break someone's shield in about 3 full hits. This will leave them open for 
a Falcon Punch. Another good (but cheap) tactic of Falcon's is to hit an opponent
up, then keep slamming them with flying roundhouses (Jump Up/A). This will
keep them up for a while, especially after four or five, giving you enough time
to set up a Falcon Punch. The cheapest tactic of them all is to sit on the edge
of ledge someone is about to land on and keep the quick punches going. This 
works very well, especially if they've already wasted their air jumps. 


Two words: STAY AWAY!! Falcon is much too fast to be dealt with by any one person
up close, but his lack of a projectile will make him an easy target if you stay clear.
Even Link will be able to keep Falcon at bay, because of his superior range. 
Another way to deal with Falcon is to get up in the air and harass him with thing
like Kirby's Rock. Falcon isn't that great when he's trying to defend an air 
attack on the ground. Yet another way to neutralize Falcon is to trick him into
using any of his B button attacks. He leaves himself wide open after every one, 
which is the perfect time for a counterattack. Groups are also a massive weakness
of Falcon's. Gang up on him, and he will be defeated. With only one area attack
(Down+B), a group could easily take him.

Character vs. Character comparison

Here's a quick rundown of who Falcon is effective against.


Kirby (In a covered level like Dream Land)
Donkey Kong


Captain Falcon




This document may not be used in any way, shape or form without my consent.
Copyright 1999 Brian Farley


Please feel free to contact me at <kamikaze144@yahoo.com> with any questions,
comments, or things to add.


Thanks to HAL and Nintendo for creating this wonderful game.


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