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    FAQ/Move List by Procyon_Lotor

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/22/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Procyon Lotor is proud to present the
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    			        * F A Q   V 1 . 0 *
    Written by Scott Jacobi (procyon@netcom.com)
    Newest version always available at www.gamefaqs.com
    - Version History
    - FAQ Intro
    - Game Intro
    - Controls
    - Characters
        Donkey Kong
        Samus Aran
        Fox McCloud
    - Hidden Characters (?s for those who don't want to know who they are)
        ??????? ??????
    - Secrets
    - 1 Player Game Strategies
    - Stage Description
    - Items
    Version History
    v1.0: 6/22/99
    - New intro to the FAQ.  *** PLEASE READ IT. ***
    - Made various corrections
    - Added bits of information
    - Corrected secret character information for US release
    v0.9: 2/25/99
    I think this will be it until the English version comes out, and then the
    FAQ will move to v1.0.  In the mean time, I made a seperate guide on how
    to finish all the Bonus Rounds.
    - Added description of Hidden Level.
    - Fixed up mistakes
    - Added hidden Custom Menu in Secrets.
    - Missed one Pokemon in the Pokeballs... Mew
    v0.8: 2/6/99
    OK, I finally got the last two guys out.  I would have gotten one much
    sooner if I knew the lives you used made a difference.
    - More hidden stuff added
    - Some 1P game strategies revised.
    - Secrets section added so you can get all the goodies.
    - All color variations added.
    v0.5: 1/24/99
    Just started with the Japanese version, and I don't read Japanese,
    so don't expect too much here...
    - Only two hidden characters so far.  
    FAQ Intro
    	Here is the updated version of my FAQ for Super Smash Bros., 
    originally written to help players figure out the Japanese version.  When
    the US version was released, I intended to update this FAQ right away.
    However, at that time, I started my new job, in my new life long dream
    profession, as a video game programmer.  After I graduated from Digipen,
    life got a little hectic as I moved and started working, so I fell a little
    	However, in the time that it has taken me to finally update this FAQ,
    I must say that I have seen a very ugly side to the game FAQ scene.  It is a
    scene just like any other scene in that it has highlights and low points,
    people who you are thankful for are there, like CJayC, the maintainer of
    www.gamefaqs.com, and people who you really wish weren't (I won't bother
    to name any).
    	When I sat down to write this FAQ back in Feb., it was meant to be
    for fun.  It was intended to help those who were really looking for a source
    of information that they couldn't find anywhere else.  I was under the
    impression at the time that FAQ writing was about helping and pooling
    knowledge and information so that everyone can enjoy.  But it seems I was
    blind to the way things have changed, and not for the better.
    	I knew this game would generate a lot of interest, and there would be
    a lot of people who would desire to share what they know about it.  Instead,
    what I've seen is a bunch of people who were writing FAQs to prove that they
    were better than others, putting others down, and even STEALING other people's
    work!  I myself was a victim of the last one.  It seems like people have
    forgotten what writing FAQs and distributing information over the internet is
    all about.
    	Writing a FAQ isn't a major accomplishment.  It's not like FAQ writers
    expect gratitude for the efforts they made (and they certainly shouldn't write
    a FAQ for that sole purpose).  But like any work of art, each FAQ is special
    to the person that writes it, and all we ask for is respect for helping out
    others.  And of course I've recieved my share of emails along the lines of:
    "Hey jerk!  You got this wrong!  Get your facts right before you write them"
    or "I knew all that stuff already, you forgot this, that, and the other thing!
    Update your stupid FAQ already!"  And I really have to wonder why I continue
    doing this.
    	So I'm definately taking a break from FAQ writing for a while.  I'm
    not saying this is my last ever, but it will be for a while.  So for all the
    people who thanked me and supported me, I want to thank you in return, your
    compliments realy mean a lot.  And to those of you who jeer, complain, and
    steal, you're the ones ruining it for others.  There shouldn't be any
    competition between FAQ authors, only cooperation.  Sadly, quite a few of you 
    don't seem to realize that.
    Game Intro
    	Well, hell didn't freeze over, and pigs aren't flying yet, but if
    you've seen this game, you've seen everything.  Nintendo busts out their
    biggest and brightest stars for an all out battle royal, Nintendo style.
    Smash Brothers brings together the likes of Mario and Links for a rumble to
    end all rumbles to see exactly who should be getting top dollar on the
    shelves.  With 8 characters and 4 more hidden at the start, there's someone
    for everyone in this game.  So let's get to it.
    Game Play
    	Once the contestants enter the arena, the game begins.  There is an
    indicator on the bottom as too how much damage you've received.  Once this
    count reaches over 100%, it is still possible for you to play, but you are
    more susceptible to being knocked out of the arena with a type of blast-off
    attack that sends you flying too far to recover.  The game is won when the
    loser fails to make it safely back onto the platforms that make up the arena.
    This makes the game a little less about fighting, and a little more about
    preventing your opponent from getting back in the arena by whatever means are 
    I just started with this game, so I might be missing a few things, but here
    are the controls:
    Analog stick: Your movement - note that you can not use the digital pad,
    and there's no backing up, so if your opponent is on your left and you push
    right, your character will turn around and face right.  Being able to use
    the digital pad would have been really nice... I don't really care if my
    character can walk or run depending on how hard I press.
    Double tap: Standard dash - If you tap left left, or right right, your
    character will run.
    A: Normal attack - your standard Punch/Kick/Combo type deal.  It's modified
    by pressing Up, Down, or Forward for a more powerful attack.
    B: Special attack - the trademark and signature moves of your character.  Up
    and Down produce different moves.  They can usually be done in the air.
    Both A and B can be modified by pressing Up, Down, or in some cases Forward
    to produce a different variation of attack.
    C buttons: Jump - Seems they couldn't think of anything better to do with
    these buttons... they all jump, just like pushing up does.  Handy?  No.
    All character's can jump twice, once on the ground and once in the air.
    These buttons actually do become useful in the bonus stages where jumping
    is critical and the analog stick feels sloppy.
    Up, Down: Like I said, Up jumps, but if you push Down in mid air, you'll
    very quickly fall back down to the ground.
    Up + B in air: This is your super jump, the one thing that might save you
    from falling to your doom off the platforms.  Executing this prevents any
    further attempts you make to jump again, so for the most jumps, jump twice
    normally before doing this.  Often, this move can also be used to attack.
    Z Button: Defend - You get a nice red globe to surround you and prevent harm
    Z + Forward: Quick Escape - Lets you roll in the direction you're facing and
    turns you around.
    Z + A or just R: Grab - This is a weird twist... If you hit R, you
    will attempt to grab your opponent into a hold move, but if you miss, you
    automatically get to defend yourself.  Obviously, this game isn't meant
    for fighting masters...  This button combination also lets you throw away
    any item you may be holding at that time.  Pressing this while holding a
    direction lets you chuck the item at an opponent for damage.
    L Button: A cute little taunt.  Doesn't serve much purpose.  Can be done
    				- M A R I O -
    Are you as shocked and surprised to see this Italian plumber in the game 
    as I was?  Anyway... it looks like they kept him Mario 64 model with a few 
    tweaks and adjustments.
    Symbol: Mushroom
    Videography:  Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Mario Bros. (Arcade/NES)
    	Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3, Dr. Mario (NES)
    	Super Mario Land 1, 2 (Game Boy)
    	Super Mario World, Super Mario All Stars, Super Mario Kart, 
    	Super Mario RPG (SNES)
    	Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64 (N64)
    Alt. Costume: 
    C> - It looks like Mario's been fishing through Wario's wardrobe...
    C< - Inverse the red and blue.  Special thanks goes out to Koji Datsuji
         who blew me away by reminding me that these are actually Mario's
         original colors from the Donkey Kong arcade game.  I can't believe
         I forgot that!  Thanks man.
    CV - Hmm... yellow shirt, brown overalls, blue shoes... looks _sorta_
         like his SMB1 costume, but not really.
    A, A, A: It's the famous one-two-kick combo from Mario 64.
    Forward + A: Mega punch.  Good for a final blow.  Can be directed high,
    middle, and low.
    Forward, A: Mid-roundhouse kick.  Can be directed high, middle, and low.
    Up + A: Head butt.  Another good finishing move.
    Up, A: Standing uppercut.
    Down + A: Mario's got a low roundhouse sweep now...
    Down, A: Mario gets in a quick low kick.
    Jump, Up + A: Flip kick, check out the size of those feet...
    Jump, Forward + A: Sideways twirling kick attack.
    Jump, Down + A: Downwards twirling kick attack (ever see Dimetri in
    Dark Stalkers/Vampire Hunter?)
    Jump, Back + A: Don't ask me how he does this... hind leg flip kick.
    Dash + A: Low kick slide attack.
    B: Fireball (with classic SMB1 sound!)
    Down + B: Whirlwind punch.  Combos up to 14 times.
    Up + B: Rising Uppercut.  Why didn't they just give him a head band.  Combos
    up to 9 times, with a coin for each hit.  (No, the coins don't do anything)
    Jump, Up + B: Quick jump rising uppercut.  Make sure you're going to land
    on a platform if you're going to use this.
    R: Grab.  Press anything to throw.
    R, back: Grab, and spinning throw.
    L: Whoa... Super Mario :)  No benefits, just looks cool.
    			- D O N K E Y   K O N G -
    Man, I still remember back in the day when I could actually wake up at
    7am to watch Saturday morning cartoons, including the Saturday Morning 
    Supercade which featured a Donkey Kong cartoon.  I think he was much cooler
    then... shouting "Dooooonkeeeeeey Koooong" at the top of his lungs...
    *sigh* If you have to ask, yes, he's still wearing that damn DK tie.
    Symbol: DK
    Videography: Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr. Donkey Kong 3 (Arcade/NES)
    	Donkey Kong (Game Boy)
    	Donkey Kong Country (SNES), DK Jr. was in Super Mario Kart
    	Mario Kart 64 (N64)
    Alt. costume: 
    C> - Just a darker version of the ape you know and love.
    C< - Blue's not too bad on old DK...
    CV - ... but red is defiantly not his color.
    A, A: The old one-two.
    Forward + A: Big slap.  Can be directed middle or low or high, but there's
    not much of a difference.
    Forward, A: Forward punch.  No directionality for this attack.
    Up + A: Overhead clap.  DK tries to squish you like a bug.
    Up, A: Overhead swat.  DK must deal with a lot of bugs at home...
    Down + A: Spinning low kick.  Hits on both sides.  Pretty fancy looking
    for an ape.
    Down, A: Low swat.  Trips opponents.
    Jump, Up + A: Aerial overhead swat.
    Jump, Forward + A: Aerial Hammer Pound.
    Jump, Down + A: Downwards twirling kick attack (ever see Dimetri in
    Dark Stalkers/Vampire Hunter?)
    Jump, Back + A: Hind leg drop kick.
    Dash + A: Charging chest kick.
    B: Windup punch.  This is interesting, you can let DK wind up the
    punch for a while, and then he'll just stop and he will be storing the
    power from the wind up.  He'll be flashing if you do this.  Then you can
    press A again to release it.  Of course, you can't move DK while you do
    this, so most of the time, you'll be pressing A in the middle of the wind
    up to get the attack in right away.
    Down + B: Ground pound.  Straight from DKC1!  Can't be done in the air
    for obvious reasons.  Huge range, it goes all the way across the platform.
    Up + B: Spinning Tornado.  Doesn't combo.
    Jump, Up + B: Quick jump spinning tornado.  Make sure you're going to land
    on a platform if you're going to use this.
    R: Grab.  If you connect, press a button to pound the opponent into the
    ground before pressing one more time to throw him.
    R, back: Grab, then turn around and launch.
    L: He's either saying "What?" or taking the song Walk Like An Egyptian
    very seriously.
    				- L I N K -
    Not quite content with being only the HIGHEST pre-order seller in the
    history of any video game so far, he's out to rough it with the big boys.
    Looks pretty much like a simplified model of adult Link straight from the
    Ocarina of Time.
    Symbol: The Tri-Force
    Videography: Legend of Zelda, Legend of Zelda: Adventure of Link (NES)
    	     Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Game Boy)
    	     Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES)
    	     Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
    Alt. Costume - 
    C> - To get the Goron tunic, proceed back to the Goron's city and... 
         oh wait... wrong FAQ.
    C< - And here we see Link sporting the latest in white winter fashion
    CV - I could do another joke about Zora's tunic, but I don't think you'd
         find it funny...
    A, A, A: A few well placed sword swipes should net you a three hit combo.
    A (rapidly): After getting those sword swipes over with, Link will launch
    a Chun Li-esce attack by flailing his sword around.
    Forward + A: One wicked sword slash.  Packs a wallop.
    Forward, A: Downward swipe.
    Up + A: An automatic three hit overhead combo if you can connect with it.
    I sends the opponent high up in the air.
    Up, A: Reverse overhead slash.
    Down + A: Low Double Stab.  Link hits low in both directions.
    Down, A: Low swipe.
    Jump, Up + A: Straight up stab.  Zelda II anyone?
    Jump, Forward + A: Spinning swirl.  Can be hard to connect with.
    Jump, Down + A: Downward stab... didn't see that one coming.
    Jump, Back + A: Double Hind Leg kick.  Who came up with these?
    Dash + A: Lunging stab.  Knocks opponent back pretty far.
    B: Hey, hey... wait a minute... a though Adult Link couldn't use the
    Boomerang!  I think they need to get their facts straight.
    Down + B: Here we go, the bomb.  Be careful with this.  Down + B brings
    out a bomb.  Now you have until it explodes to figure out what you want
    to do with it.  Pressing Down + B again hurls it forward and forces it to
    explode on impact, but pressing A and a direction will also throw it in that 
    direction, though not as hard, and it won't detonate right away, so you can
    pick it up again.  Pressing A with down is not recommended unless you're 
    over your opponent.  The bomb will also explode if it hits your boomerang.
    Up + B: The infamous spinning sword slash.  No more holding down buttons
    for Link, it's instant, and better yet, it doesn't cost you magic now.
    Jump, Up + B: Quick jump spinning sword slash.  Great offensive move, but
    remember to be careful about where you're going with it.
    R: Hookshot grab.  Looks like Link didn't get the Longshot before coming
    to the tournament.  Oh well.  Press another button to send you opponent
    R, back: Now _this_ is a cool looking grab.  Connect with the hookshot,
    and press back to back kick your opponent into the air.
    L: A very graceful pose.  Where it's from, I have no clue.
    			- S A M U S   A R A N -
    Well, Nintendojo is running that campaign to bring her back... I think this
    is the best they may ever see, but I hope I'm wrong.  We'll see...
    Symbol: Her Lighting "S"
    Videography: Metroid (NES)
    	Metroid II (Game Boy)
    	Metroid III (SNES)
    Alt. Costume: 
    C> - Well, it reminds me of when Samus would get the Varia and her suit would 
         change color, but if that were the case, wouldn't the Varia Samus have a 
         distinct advantage over the other?
    C< - Environmentally correct Samus, with green outfit
    CV - Dark (evil?) Samus...
    A, A: A fast and quick two hit combo.
    Forward + A: Samus goes for the gut with her gun device.
    Forward, A: Mid Roundhouse Kick.  Can be directed high, middle or low.
    Up + A: Overhead flak cover.  I've never seen her do this move before...
    Up, A: Overhead heel drop.  VERY nice looking... too bad she can't use it
    against metroids...
    Down + A: Low roundhouse sweep.
    Down, A: Quick low roundhouse.
    Jump, Up + A: Hmm... I honestly can't think of a name for this... it's an
    upward spinning spiral kick kind of move... I guess you have to see it.
    Useful for hitting opponents high overhead.
    Jump, Forward + A: Forward flak cover.  She creates explosions just outside
    of her gun.
    Jump, Down + A: Flip kick.  Can you tell exactly what she's doing?  I can't
    make it out.
    Jump, Back + A: Reverse heel drop.  This is one of the only Jump, Back + A
    moves that seems slightly realistic.
    Dash + A: Clothesline type move... looks sort of like she's coming at you
    with her speed boost on.
    B: Very much like Donkey Kong's attack, the first B press is to start build-
    ing up your power, and you can either choose to store it at full capacity, 
    and fire it off later, or shoot immediately where ever it's at.
    Down + B: Aww yeah, the bomb attack, it's all here in Smash. Bros.  True to
    the game, you can't be injured by your own bombs like Link can, but this bomb
    can't be sent anywhere other than were you place it.
    Up + B: Can you say Screw Attack?  Combos for up to 14 hits.
    Jump, Up + B: Quick jump Screw Attack.  Won't go up as high as a regular
    Screw Attack, but still, be careful about landing.
    R: The energy grappling hook is in full affect, if you opponent is in range.
    Press another button to kindly release them... across the screen.
    R, back: Once you connect with the hook, press back to send them flying over
    your shoulder like you give a damn.
    L: Strike a pose, there's nothing to it, vogue.  A little gun posing never
    hurt anyone.  I guess Samus is working on her public image.
    				- Y O S H I -
    Well, since he's undergone that image revision from bad @$$ Koopa eating
    dino to soft cuddly cutesy happy seeking dino, I hardly see how he would
    pose much of a threat.  Never the less, here he is in actual 3D where he
    should have been in the first place.
    Symbol: A Yoshi Egg
    Videography: Yoshi (NES/Game Boy)
    	Super Mario World, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Super 
    	Mario Kart (SNES)
    	Yoshi's Story, Mario Kart 64 (N64)
    Alt. Costume: 
    C> - Oh, like there's any mystery here... He's just another color, red...  
    C< - ... and yellow ...
    CV - ... and aqua.  I would have picked black.  No one asked me.  Oh well.
    A, A: two quick kicks will make your opponent think twice.
    Forward + A: Oh!  A vicious head butt from a skull housing a brain the size
    of a peanut.
    Forward, A: Forward kick.  Can be directed high, middle, or low.
    Up + A: And another vicious headbutt!  Where did he learn these moves?
    Up, A: Umm... overhead nose fling?
    Down + A: Double tail swipe.  Hits in both directions.
    Down, A: Low spinning tail swipe.
    Jump, Up + A: Upward tail stabbing flip.  Seriously...
    Jump, Forward + A: Aerial headbutt somersault.  Not much can do with those
    tiny hands, you know?
    Jump, Down + A: Human (or dino) treadmill.  Yoshi goes for a little jog on
    the opponents head on his way down.
    Jump, Back + A: Reverse Drop Kick.  Looks cute at least.
    Dash + A: Head charge.
    B: Tongue swallow.  Yoshi must hit the opponent with his tongue for this
    move to work.  If Yoshi connects, he will swallow the opponent up and out
    pops one of his usual eggs, containing the opponent inside.  While the
    opponent is trapped in there, Yoshi is free to wail on him, but it doesn't
    last long.
    Down + B: Butt-Stomp!  Make sure there are no ledges over your opponents
    head, or this move won't connect.  Yoshi goes up pretty high for this one,
    so that's usually a problem, but it's a powerful move.
    Up + B: Egg toss.  Yoshi pops out an egg (for eating what?) and lobs it
    over his head in an attempt to strike the enemy.
    Jump, Up + B: Yoshi is one of the few characters who doesn't have a Quick
    Jump attack.  Yoshi's double, or air jump, is a lot more forgiving then most
    other characters, since he retains that move from Yoshi's story where he
    basically flies for a while.
    R: Swallow.  Like B, Yoshi must connect with his tongue to eat you.  Press
    any button or just wait and Yoshi will spit you back out.
    R, back: Not much different than Just R... Yoshi turns and spits you out
    over his shoulder.
    L: Yoshi, very excited, let's out his trademark Yoshi call.
    				- K I R B Y -
    That's right, the pink creampuff is here to prove his worth in battle.
    Everyone was making fun of him and calling him Puffy and Air Bag, so now
    he's pissed.  Oh, no, you can't tell due to that painted on smile, but you
    just take my word for it.
    Symbol: Star
    Videography: Kirby's Dream Land, Kirby's Dream Land 2, Kirby's Pinball,
    	Kirby's Blockball, Kirby's Star Stacker (Game Boy)
    	Kirby's Adventure (NES)
    	Kirby's Super Star, Kirby's Avalanche, Kirby's Dream Course, 
    	Kirby's Dream Land 3 (SNES)
    Alt. Costume:  
    C> - Yellow?  I don't remember seeing a yellow Kirby before...
    C< - Red? I don't remember seeing a red Kirby before...
    CV - Blue?  I don't rem-- alright, you get the point.  It would have been 
         funnier if they just made him gray (or lime green) like his debut 
         appearance on the Game Boy.
    A, A: The usual one two punch.
    A (rapidly): Like Link, Kirby is capable of doing a non stop multi strike
    if the opponent is in range.  I think this move was taken from his SNES games.
    Forward + A: Dash kick.  Sends opponents flying.
    Forward, A: Forward kick.  Can be directed high, middle, or low.
    Up + A: Flip kick.
    Up, A: Reverse overhead back kick.  I guess only someone like Kirby could
    pull a move like this off.
    Down + A: Double spinning kick.  Hits in both directions.
    Down, A: Low Kick.
    Jump, Up + A: Spinwheel kick.  Kirby flips around multiple times, feet
    Jump, Forward + A: Sideways twirling kick attack.  Has Kirby been training
    with Mario?
    Jump, Down + A: Downward twirling Kick attack... I guess he has.
    Jump, Back + A: Reverse drop kick.  This is sort of believable for Kirby
    Dash + A: forward slide attack.  Kirby really does slide into you with his
    B: Power Absorb - Like Yoshi, Kirby has to be in range for this attack to
    work.  Kirby starts breathing in, and if the opponent is close enough, he
    gets sucked in.  At this point, you can press Down or B to absorb your
    captive B power, or press A to release them for damage.  If you succeed in
    absorbing someone's power, your B button will do their attack, and you will
    have the head gear associated with that character.  Note that Down + B and
    Up + B don't change.
    Down + B: Brick attack.  Straight from him games, Kirby can transform into
    a brick.  Not too useful if you're do this from the ground though.  I think
    it grants limited invulnerability, but I'm not sure.
    Up + B: Triple-hit Threat.  As if Kirby swallowed one of those sword wielding
    enemies, Kirby jumps up with his sword out, and if he hits, knocks the
    opponent high up in the air, then hits them on the way down, and finally
    knocks them away with a final swipe of the sword
    Jump, Up + B: No difference here than above.  Bear in mind that Kirby can
    fly instead of double jump.  If you push up in the air, Kirby will puff up,
    and can move around quite freely for a considerable amount of time.
    R: Grab.  Wow, who would have thought that of all the characters, Kirby
    would have a pile driver.  No, it doesn't spin, but it puts Donkey Kong
    to shame.
    R, back: Kirby bounces 'em like a basketball if you grab and press back.
    L: AWWWWWWWWWWWWW, isn't that cute???  He's saying HI!!!
    			- F O X   M c C L O U D -
    That's right, the bad boy of Star Fox himself is out to prove to his craft
    that no one can mess with the sheer terror that is the McCloud Clan.  Umm...
    I'm not sure, but I don't think foxes are indigenous to Scotland.  But hey,
    I could be wrong.
    Symbol: The fox with wings on his mother ship
    Videography: Star Fox (SNES)
    	Star Fox 64 (N64)
    Alt. Costume: 
    C> - Bah... red color scheme, big whoop.  Well... it does suit a fox better 
         then white and green I suppose... 
    C< - Break out the fashion police, this is a big mistake, green top, black
         pants, and red boots?
    CV - Alternative Fox, with a purple/blue scheme.  Does he really need the 
         headset to fight?
    A, A: A left punch, then a right hook.
    A (rapidly): This is the true Chun Li ripper... 1,000 Lighting Kicks!
    Forward + A: Lunging twirl kick.  Pretty good range on this one.
    Forward, A: Forward Kick.  Can be direct high, middle, and low.
    Up + A: Flip kick.
    Up, A: Over head kick... Chun Li has one of these too...
    Down + A: Double split kick.  Hits in both directions.
    Down, A: Tail swipe.  This is a truly fitting move for Fox.
    Jump, Up + A: Vertical flip kick.  It's another one that's hard to figure
    out just what he's doing.
    Jump, Forward + A: Sideways twirl kick.
    Jump, Down + A: Downward twirl kick... seems like they ran out of imagination
    by the time they came up with fox.  Then again, they didn't have much to work
    Jump, Back + A: Reverse kick.  Same as most of them.
    Dash + A: Lunging forward kick.  Knocks people away pretty far.
    B: Laser Gun... for those of you who were good enough to get all the Golds
    on Expert mode of Star Fox 64.
    Down + B: Reflect shield.  Well, not quite like spinning the ships around,
    but similar in principle.  It bounces back all projectiles, but I don't
    know how good it is against regular attacks.
    Up + B: OK, now I've seen everything... Fox LAUNCHES himself for an upward
    attack.  And I don't need to tell you where those flames are coming out of.
    However, this attack can also be directed left and right.  When Fox is 
    powering hold in the direction you want to travel.
    Jump, Up + B: Same as above, and it can be directed down once you start it
    if you're in the air.
    R: Grab.  Press another button to throw the opponent.
    R, back: Grab, and then Ken's backwards somersault foot throw move.
    L: Ever modest, Fox just crosses his arms and give you the gold old "HMPH!"
    				- P I K A C H U -
    Here he is folks, the youngest star by far, yet riding a wave of popularity
    unprecedented even by Pac-Man himself.  Well, at least in Japan he is.  The
    same is arguable for America.  (OK, confession time... I love him personally,
    got myself the whole Pokemon Pikachu pet thing and all... OK, I'm stopping
    this now)  PIKA!
    Symbol: A Pokeball
    Videography: Pokemon (Game Boy)
    	"Pikachu's Feelin' Fine" (N64 w/ microphone, Japan only :( )
    Alt. Costume: 
    C> - Unbeknownst to many Americans, our youngest starlet recently had a 
         birthday close to this games release, and I guess to commemorate that,
         they gave Pikachu a red party hat.  Awww...
    C< - Who wants a green hat?  There's plenty for everyone.
    CV - OK, now who wants a blue one?
    A: Headbutt.  Can't be comboed, but it has no delay so you can do it again
    and again...
    Forward + A: Electric "knife".  What's that you say?  No fair using a special
    power for an A button attack?  Hey, he's an electric mouse, what do you want
    from him?  Have you seen those arms?  They're puny.
    Forward, A: Hand plant kick.  Can be directed high, middle, or low.
    Up + A: Tail Flip Whip.  It's basically a somersault kick.
    Up, A: Overhead tail swipe.
    Down + A: Double hand plant kick.  Kicks in both directions.
    Down, A: Round tail swipe.
    Jump, Up + A: Aerial flip attack.
    Jump, Forward + A: Electric twirl attack.  One of his cooler moves.
    Jump, Down + A: Downward twirl attack.
    Jump, Back + A: Reverse aerial kick.
    Dash + A: Flying head butt.
    B: Bouncing Electric attack.  This wave of shock follows the contours of
    the platforms it's bouncing against and will travel until it falls off the
    Down + B: Lighting Shock.  A bolt of lighting strikes the electric mouse,
    damaging anything caught in the bolt overhead.
    Up + B: Charging lift-off.  I don't know how he does this exactly, but he
    charges up for a moment and takes off to the sky.  It can also be directed
    left and right and diagonally.  Additionally, it can executed twice in a row 
    if you press any direction but Up and B while in mid air, but the timing 
    must be precise so it's difficult to pull off.
    Jump, Up + B: Just as above, but it can be done diagonally downward from the
    R: Grab.  An impressive throw for a little guy.  He basically does an 
    overhead somersault throw.
    R, back: This time, he flops on his back, shocks you, and then launches you
    away with his hind legs.  Very nice style.
    L: I'm sorry... I have to... AWWWWWWW!!!  PIKA PIKAAA!  *cough* OK, he just
    says hi with his limited vocabulary.
    ***************************** Hidden Characters *****************************
    The method to getting all these characters out is described in the Secrets
    				- L U I G I -
    It's funny when you think about it.  Luigi first originated in the original
    Mario Bros. game as a palette swapped Mario.  It wasn't until the Japanese
    Super Mario Bros. 2 that we got to see any distinction.  Until then, they
    were literally identical twins.  Well, not too much is different again except
    for a few minor things and the usual cosmetic touches.  Since all the moves
    but a few are the same as Mario's I'll only explain his differences.
    Symbol: A Mushroom
    Videography:  Mario Bros. (Arcade/NES)
    	Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3 (NES)
    	Super Mario World, Super Mario All Stars, Super Mario Kart (SNES)
    	Mario Kart 64 (N64)
    	[Sorry, he's not in Super Mario 64, that was a copy/paste error]
    Alt Costume:
    C> - Alright!  Fire Luigi!
    C< - Oh no, say it ain't so... red and pink???
    CV - Well, this aqua/blue is a little better at least...
    Dash + A: Fist o' flying.  Notice Luigi closes his eyes for this attack
    B: Fireball.  It is important to note that Luigi's fireball isn't affected
    by gravity like Mario's is.  It will pretty much keep going straight unless
    it's forced to ricochet off something.  Here's a little info for you trivia
    buffs out there... In the original Mario Bros., there were two kinds of
    fireballs.  The red kind rebounded all over the board, and the green kind
    just went kind of straight.
    L: Wow, talk about favoritism... Mario gets to grow up like Super Mario, and
    all Luigi can do is scuff his heel.  Poor guy.
    				- N E S S -
    Well, I hate to say it, but since I wasn't a huge Earthbound fan, I was a
    little surprised to see this guy here.  My speculations were either Toad,
    because he was the only other name I could think of that fit ????, and Ash
    (or Satoshi) from Pokemon, but I knew the name didn't fit.  Heck, even Kid
    Icarus would have been a much better choice.
    Symbol: The planet Earth
    Videography: Earthbound (SNES)  ...yawn.
    Alt Costume:
    C> - Yellow on Gray.
    C< - Green on Orange.
    CV - Purple on Blue.  What do you want, he was in one game.
    A, A, A: The same one two kick that Mario has.
    Forward + A: I don't know how the referees allowed this one.  While everyone
    else has to find a bat to use, Ness is packing a bat with him.
    Forward, A: Forward Kick.  Can be directed high, middle, or low.
    Up + A: Ness sure is snappy with that Yo-yo attack.  Good range actually.
    Up, A: Head smash.
    Down + A: Around the world.  You know, the Yo-yo kind.
    Down, A: Low kick
    Jump, Up + A: Jumping head butt
    Jump, Forward + A: Looks like a belly flop to me.
    Jump, Down + A: Head stomp.
    Jump, Back + A: Aerial reverse kick.
    Dash + A: Charging Shove
    B: PK Fire.  Once this thing connects, it will drop a flame spout that
    continues to fall until it lands on something and still fires for quite
    a while.
    Down + B: Absorb Shield.  This is very hard to time or predict and only works
    against projectile attacks, not normal attacks.  However, if you manage to
    pull it off in time, this will actually heal you if you are shielded when a 
    projectile attack hits you.
    Up + B: PK Thunder.  A thunder shock will rise from you which you can control
    while it's moving around.  Once it's out, you can not move Ness until is flies
    all the way off the screen or into something.  This has quite a lot of uses 
    actually.  Obviously, it can attack enemies.  If you hit Ness with it, it will
    send him flying, and will cause damage to enemies if you hit them.  But most
    importantly, it can save Ness if he's falling, by hitting him upwards from
    below.  It's a good idea to learn how to use this to your benefit since it can
    be extremely helpful.
    Jump, Up + B: Same as above.
    R: Grab.  Ness picks up his opponent, and if you hit another button, he seems
    to use some of that PK power to lob his opponent away.
    R, back: This time, Ness uses his PK power to flip the guy behind him and
    bounce him off the ground.
    L: "OK!" with a bow.  Plain and simple.
    			- C A P T A I N   F A L C O N -
    OK, just so we're straight, we're talking about a race car driver here...
    In a fighting game.  I know... what is there to say?  "Oh goodie... Capt.
    Falcon... I always wanted to play with him."  I'd rather be one of the
    Symbol: A Falcon
    Videography: F-Zero (SNES)
    	F-Zero 64 (N64)
    Alt. Costume: 
    C> - Work that gray, Falcon.  Strut, strut, strut, pose, and turn.
    C< - White with Pink?  OK...
    CV - Is that pink on purple, or magenta on violet?  You decide.
    A, A, A: A right, then a left, then a knee.
    A (rapidly): A flurry a punches... That'll learn 'ya.
    Forward + A: Burst thrust kick.  There's a small delay on this one.
    Forward, A: Forward Kick.  Can be directed high, middle, or low.
    Up + A: Turning uppercut.  Stays on the ground.
    Up, A: Overhead heel stomp.  Geez, look at the angle on that.
    Down + A: Double roundhouse sweep.  Hits in both directions.
    Down, A: Low kick
    Jump, Up + A: Overhead flip kick.
    Jump, Forward + A: Double twirling forward kick.  Nice looking.
    Jump, Down + A: Head stomp.
    Jump, Back + A: Aerial backhand slap.
    Dash + A: Shoulder Charge.
    B: Falcon Punch.  Well, he named a move after himself.  A bit slow to start
    but it does good damage.
    Down + B: Falcon Kick.  It's a fast move once it starts.  If done in air,
    it will be directed downward.
    Up + B: Jumping thrust kick.  Once started, this move can be directed in a
    direction, but up is the default.  Falcon will try to connect with the
    opponent.  If he does, he will grab hold and kick off the opponent's chest.
    Jump, Up + B: Same as above.
    R: Grab.  Press a button, and the Capt. feeds his opponent some dirt before
    letting him bounce away.
    R, back: Falcon grabs the opponent and places hi foot squarely in the guys
    chest, sending him far away.
    L: Oh my lord... "Show me your moves!"?  Of all things they could have had
    him say...
    				- J I G G L Y P U F F -
    Named Purin in the Japanese version, this Pokemon seems like a Kirby wanna
    be if you ask me...  He looks like Kirby, he moves like Kirby...  Every game
    has it's Ken and Ryu.  If Luigi wasn't in the game with Mario, I'd say this
    is it!
    Symbol: A Pokeball... again!
    Videography: Pokemon (Game Boy)
    Alt. Costume: 
    C> - Apparently, this one is a female puff... it's wearing a red bow.
    C< - And this one is wearing a green bow.
    CV - And now a blue bow.
    A, A: Another one, two punch combo.
    Forward + A: Leaping kick.  Goes pretty far.
    Forward, A: Spinning Kick.  Can be directed high, middle, or low.
    Up + A: Headbutt.  A pretty mean one too.
    Up, A: Kirby's Reverse overhead back kick.  I guess I was wrong...
    Down + A: Double puff attack.  It's supposed to be his feet that attack, but
    look at him... Hits in both directions.
    Down, A: Low Kick.
    Jump, Up + A: Over head slap.
    Jump, Forward + A: Lunging Drop Kick.
    Jump, Down + A: Downward twirling Kick attack.  You know what I mean now.
    Jump, Back + A: Reverse spin kick.  Nicely executed.
    Dash + A: dashing headbutt.  He sure does try hard.
    B: Lunging Punch.  Pretty bland special move for a Pokemon if you ask me.
    Down + B: Sleep.  No, not the enemy... you.  Do I hear Dan from SFA?
    I'm sure it's quite refreshing, and believe it or not, it's actually an
    attack!  Only when you just start it though.  Once you're out, you're out
    for a while until you snap out of it.
    Up + B: Sing.  HERE'S the special power you knew he would have.  Jigglypuff
    starts doing his thing and singing a song.  If an opponent gets hit by the
    sonar waves coming from Puff, they'll be put to sleep.  At least he has one
    good move.
    Jump, Up + B: No difference here than above.  Bear in mind that Puff can
    fly instead of double jump just like Kirby.
    R: Grab.  Jigglypuff tosses the opponent high up in the sky with another
    button press.
    R, back: Jigglypuff bends backward to bounce the opponent off the floor
    behind him.
    L: Some things are cute, and some things are just way too much.  I don't
    know exactly what he's saying, but if you can stomach to watch it for long,
    you'll gush as he rolls back and forth.
    Alternative Costumes: Not much of a secret, but as I've mentioned, you can
    access alternative costumes when you pick the play with the appropriate C
    button, or pick the player and then press the C buttons to see which one you
    like.  If you are a certain color, the CPU automatically chooses C> as it's
    color scheme.
    In order to play as any of the hidden characters, you must first beat them
    when you are presented with one of them.  If you lose, you will not gain the
    character, but you can try again to attain them as many times as it takes.
    Play as Luigi: Beat the Bonus 1 challenge with each of the eight original
    	       characters. (My seperate FAQ on the Bonus rounds is available.)
    Play as Ness: Beat Normal with three lives without continuing.
    Play as Captain Falcon: Beat the game in under 20 minutes without continuing.
    Play as Jigglypuff: Simply beat the game.
    Hidden Vs. Stage: Beat the Normal game with three lives with each of the eight
                      original characters.  ALSO, you must play the Vs, game with
    		  each character at least once.
    Sound Test mode: Beat Bonus 1 and 2 with all _12_ characters.  (strategy guide
                     forthcoming).  Shows up in the Data section of the menu.
    Hidden Custom Menu: After playing Vs. Battle Mode games 50 times,
    a hidden menu will open up allowing you to customize the setting for 
    battle and alter the frequency with which different
    objects appear during the game.
    1 Player Game
    Kill %age: refers to around what percentile the CPU needs to be at before you
    can use a death blow move to knock them away.
    				Stage 1: Link
    Link is a very easy to beat first challenger.  You can try to knock him off
    early on, or wear him down first, but he rarely poses much of a threat, he
    just does his best to stay alive.
    Kill %age: 100
    			     Stage 2: Yoshi Team
    Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  There's TONS of them.  Do whatever attack you
    have that just totally knocks people away.  They don't put up much of a
    struggle to stay alive.  Throws work well.
    Kill %age: 0
    			     Stage 3: Fox McCloud
    This is your first real challenger.  Fox will do whatever he can to knock you
    off his ship.  Play it safe and use attacks that will knock him far back.
    Use R to grab him and chuck him if you get close enough.
    Kill %age: 100
    			    Bonus Stage 1: Targets
    Each character is presented with his own personal obstacle course.  The 
    player must make use of his or her characters unique moves to get all of the
    targets.  Usually, one involves a death-defying midair jump towards the
    bottom.  These can be a pain, but you can train for them so you do better.
    			   Stage 4: The Mario Bros.
    You and a randomly assigned partner will duke it out battle royal style.
    I can't say much for the CPU's controlling of your team mate.  It either
    takes all the hits, or runs away from the Bros.  Again, attacks which 
    knock opponents far away are advised.
    Kill %age: 100
    				Stage 5: Pikachu
    This is a difficult stage, not so much of Pikachu, but due to it's layout
    (read the stage description below), so be careful, and try to stand your
    ground on the big center platform, but away from where the various Pokemon
    pop out.
    Kill %age: 100
    			   Stage 6: GIANT Donkey Kong
    I'm not sure what happened to DK, but he's HUGE here... so you get two
    randomly assigned partners to go three on one with this big monstrosity.
    Giant DK is really hard to knock away, and I've gotten into fights where
    his damage percentage was over 250% (???)  So, you have to get lucky with
    a final blow that he won't block, and is not strong against.  The action
    can get insanely confusing here, with DK blocking out most of your guys,
    and the camera moving in and out, so try to focus on your character.
    Kill %age: around 200
    			   Bonus Stage 2: Platforms
    Again you will be treated to a personalized obstacle course based on who
    your character is and what moves he possesses, as you try to stand on every
    platform you can find to light them up.  Fast jumping is usually the key
    here, and using the C Buttons to jump is advised.
    			      Stage 7: Kirby Team
    This is cute.  Unlike Yoshi, instead of getting a constant out pour of the
    same character, these Kirby's all pretend to be another character in the game
    and wear little costumes to show you who they are.  But they don't just get
    the outfits, the get the moves too.  Mario Kirby throws fireballs for
    example.  But despite this, they're still quite easy, and you only fight two
    at a time.  There's one very easy way to get through this stage.  Without
    giving it away, let's just say Kirbies are very light.
    Kill %age: 50
    			      Stage 8: Samus Aran
    Another challenging fight, this time from the sole lady of the game.  Samus
    is ready to kick @$$, so be ready for her attacks, and jump up high when the
    lava starts to rise.  Don't try to focus on avoiding the lava and fighting at
    the same time.  Use Z to defend wisely.
    Kill %age: 100
    			      Stage 9: Metal Mario
    What makes Metal Mario more difficult is the fact that he's very hard to
    knock down or push far away.  You have to wear away at him, and do a final
    blow move when the time is right.
    Kill %age: around 200
    			Bonus Stage 3: Obstacle Course
    This is the easiest bonus stage by far.  You have to navigate through a
    simple maze.  Three dummies are placed in your way to slow you down, which
    you can choose to fight, but that will wear away at your time.  Focus on
    getting by them without hitting the exploding barrels or the floating
    			      Stage 10: Dummy Team
    There are far more dummies here than there were Yoshis, and you have to
    get rid of all of them.  They come in all the varieties of the characters,
    but your strategy should be just like with the Yoshis, knock them off any
    way possible, since they don't put up much of a fight to get back on.
    Kill %age: 0
    				Final Stage: Glove
    You should first note that instead of a percentage, he has a HP counter.
    He starts with 300, and in order to win, you must wear him down to 0.  Your
    Up, A and Up + A attacks are going to be the most useful here.  Stay away
    from the B button attacks, since they usually take too long, or cause very
    little damage.  When the glove's HP is lower than 100, it starts to pick up
    it's pace.
    Stage Descriptions
    Mario: In the Sky of Castle Peach
    Music: The increasingly popular Jamaican stylized version of the classic
    theme from Mario Bros. 1
    It may be Princess Peach's castle, but it reminds me more of World 2 if
    you can remember WAY back to Mario 64.  There is a wooden bridge that can
    be passed through by pressing down to reach the lower platform.  On either
    side of the lower platform is a sliding floor that shifts left and right.
    When it's all the way on the one side, there is no floor to stand on on the
    other until it starts coming back.  There is a Smash Bros. icon floating
    around the sky that will send you flying if you hit it.  You will usual
    sail into one of the sliding platforms up high to the right or left, and
    you better hope that shifting platform is under the side you falling down
    Donkey Kong: Congo Jungle
    Music: A slight remix of the original DKC stuff.
    OK, we have some good old DKC features scatter about.  Mainly there's one
    large base platform, with two smaller platforms high up to the right and
    left, and two more small platforms circling around in the center.  Useful
    to get higher up, but jumping would be faster.  If you should get knocked
    off in this stage, there's one last ditch effort that might save you... the
    DK barrel sliding back and forth under the main platform.  If you land in it,
    blast yourself back on to the stage at any time while the barrel brings you
    back to safety.  If you let the barrel go all the way back across, it will
    fire you back out automatically, so pick a good spot beforehand.
    Link: Castle of Hyrule
    Music: The classic, timeless, original Zelda theme that I can't believe they
    left out of Zelda 64, but saw fit to put here.
    Architecturally, we have a lot going on here.  The main long center part of
    the castle is flanked by some roof on the left, and a lower platform on the
    right.  On the right hand platform is a structure that is hollowed out on
    the floor, and can be stood upon on top.  The center structure on the main
    platform has three platforms that can be jumped upon for a height advantage.
    Hyrule seems pretty interesting meteorologically, since it seems to have a
    high incident rate for tornadoes.  Funny, I don't hear anyone playing the
    whistle... If one of these grabs hold of you, it will send you flying in the
    air.  What's worse, if your percentage is over 100, it could kill you.
    Samus: Planet Zebes
    Music: This is by far the best upgrade in the game, and if they went to the
    trouble of making it for the N64, maybe they'll make a whole game to go with
    it.  It's your classic Started-In-One, Ended-Up-In-Three Brinstar music.
    She's spent enough time there, I would think Samus would want to fight some
    place nicer.  This stage has a standard set up, one main platform, and three
    smaller floating platforms high above.  The main platform is highly contoured
    and will affect the path of projectile attacks like Mario's fireball, or
    Pikachu's electric bolt, and even Link's Boomerang.  The feature that makes
    this stage a total pain, however, is the occasional rising lava.  Every now
    and then, the lava will surge up, engulfing the entire bottom platform,
    forcing you to rise higher.  If it hits you, you'll take damage and be sent
    flying, possibly killing you if you're over 100%.  I've seen it rise as high
    as the second highest platform in some cases.  One thing you should notice, is
    that it's possible to rise through parts of the main platform, so if you fall
    below it, try to jump above it and you might make it back.
    Yoshi: Yoshi's Island
    Music: It's your happy happy medley of Yoshi's Story music.  Did I mention it
    was happy?
    Where else would you expect this to take place?  Nothing all that exciting
    about this stage, unless that big smiling heart makes you "more happy".
    There's a main center platform in the bottom and three floating platforms
    that you can drop through.  There is one thing of interest, the clouds that
    hang off to the side.  If you get sent far off to the side, you can attempt
    to land on these clouds for safety.  Don't let them drop too low, however,
    since they disappear if you stand on them for too long.
    Kirby: Pupupu Land
    Music: If you play Kirby enough, you'll be familiar with the music in the
    little battle arena mini game, which what I think this is.
    Well, I knew about Lololo and Lalala, but I don't remember hearing about
    Pupupu Land before... must have missed that one.  You've seen this stage
    before if you're a Kirby fan... it's the home of the infamous Tree that's
    like the first boss of nearly every Kirby game.  And he plays a major role
    in this stage too.  He likes to blow you off the platforms with a gust of
    wind, depending on the direction he's facing, so be careful when you're
    standing close to the edge.  Beyond that, it's the usual... big center
    platform, with three smaller platforms above that you can drop through.
    Fox McCloud: Sector Z Aboard a Great Fox.
    Music: Typical pre/post mission music from Star Fox.
    That's right, you are fighting on top of the Star Fox team's big mother
    ship.  Hanging out in Sector Z, you can move about the top of the ship,
    from the pilot's deck in the nose to the left, to the after burners on
    the right.  If you go over the hump to the after burners though, it's
    not easy for every character to get back up to the top and back to the
    left.  Now, to liven things up, we have the rest of the Fox team doing a
    little training in the Sector.  How so?  Well, by taking pot shots at the
    players as they fly by.  If your percentage is over 100, these shots can
    kill you.  Occasionally, a fighter will fly along the top of the ship,
    bearing items and providing a temporary platform for you.  Bear in mind 
    that the ship is highly contoured and will affect the path of projectile
    attacks.  Oxygen?  Who needs it, this is Smash Brother's we're talking 
    about.  Although, if you want to get technical, there's no way Kirby could 
    survive out here.
    Pikachu: Yamabuki City
    Music: The anime stylized versions of the typical Game Boy music.
    I think this is supposed to be the American version's Saffron City, the 
    city that houses the Silf company, because that's whose rooftop you're
    fighting on.  This can be one of the trickiest stages to survive in due
    to it's set up.  From left to right, we have a rising and falling platform,
    a small building rooftop, another floating platform, under which it's
    possible to fall through and die.  Then there is the main center platform,
    which is interrupted on the right end with a pokemon releasing cabinet.
    Pokemons make their cameo appearances galore here folks, and they all
    attack, adding to this stages threat.  I've seen:
    Charmander, doing his flame attack
    Porygon, just jetting out to attack
    Venusaur, doing I guess the Solar Beam attack
    Electrode, using a self-destruct move
    Chansey, releasing a gold egg that contains an item.
    Finally, on the right edge, there is another small building you can land on,
    or grab hold of the edge to save yourself.
    Hidden Stage: Classic Mushroom Kingdom
    Music: Boy, you're in for a treat.  We're talking the original Super Mario
    Bros. 8-bit soundtrack.  Complete with "Time Is Running Out" sequence.
    OK, there pleanty of interesting stuff around.  It doesn't seem like falling
    down off the side is much of a problem.  You have to worry about the gap in
    the center, and getting hit so hard you fly off the screen.  There are the
    famous pipes, and inhabitting them are the good old Piranha Plant.  They'll
    bump you up much like the lava in Samus's stage, but other than that, they
    don't bother you much.  You can jump in the pipes and teleport from one to
    the other.  In the center are two hanging platforms that rise and fall just
    like in SMB1.  Be careful, they can fall just like in SMB1 too if you stand
    on them for too long.  And finally, there are the POW blocks.  One will appear
    in one of three different spots.  Hitting them will have an earthquake like
    effect and shock anyone on the floor.
    All items are picked up by using the A button when you stand over them.
    Beam Sword: From Zelda(?), I don't know where else it came from, but it
    looks more like a light saber... used to attack.  Press forward + A for
    an upward slice.
    Bomb Trooper: From Mario Bros.  Works pretty much like Link's Bomb attack.
    Bumper: Signified by the Smash Bros. symbol, throw this at an opponent to
    send them flying.
    Fire Flower: From Mario Bros.  Press A for a fire attack.
    Green Shell: From Mario Bros.  Throw at opponent to attack once.
    Hammer: From Donkey Kong (the original).  Temporary smashing ability.  And
    yes, that is the original background music when Mario got the hammer in the
    arcade version of Donkey Kong.
    Harisen (Fan): From Super Mario RPG.  Used to attack.  Press Forward + A 
    for a fan swipe.
    Heart Container: From Zelda, resets your percentage back to 0%
    Homerun Bat: From Earthbound.  Used to attack.  Press Forward + A for a power 
    Laser Gun: From StarFox.  Press A to fire a laser beam.
    MaximTomato: From Kirby, resets your percentage back to 0%
    Monster Ball: From Pokemon, Cool item that releases a Pokemon.
    Beedrill: Flies off to get the rest of it's hive to attack the opponent.
    Blastoise: Shows up and blasts opponent with water spray.
    Chansey: Pops out and give you an item.
    Charizard: Starts to breath fire in each direction.
    Clefable: Arrives and mimics one of the other available pokemon's attacks.
    Goldeen: Flops around trying to hurt opponent.
    Hitmonlee: Comes out and flies at the opponent doing a kick attack.
    Koffing: Arrives and starts blasting foul smoke in the air.
    Meowth: Pops out and showers out coins that hurt opponent.
    Mew: The special secret 151st Pokemon makes his apperance... and flies away.
      *NOTE* Mew will only show up if you have all 12 characters out.
    Onix: Shows up, flies up top, and then boulders drop from the ceiling.
    Snorlax: Pops out, flies up, and then comes down huge, hurting your opponent.
    Starmie: Finds opponent and blasts them with rays.
    Motion Sensor Bomb: From Goldeneye (?) Drop it and it will go off when someone
    moves near it, or after the time has expired.
    Red Shell: From Mario Kart.  Throw at opponent and it will then home in on
    that player and continue to attack until it expires.  Be careful, it can
    still hurt you while it's active.
    Star: From Mario Bros., temporary invincibility.  Gotta love that theme
    Star Rod: From Kirby, used to attack.  Press Forward + A for a star
    projectile attack.

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