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    FAQ/Move List by cranium7

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    cranium7@hotmail.com       http://cranium7.tripod.com      ICQ#: 40303461    
    Game Walkthru
    Music Review
    Theme Battles
    In Closing
    v.3.0          Last planned update; killed off the 
    legal crud booboos once and for all
    v.2.12         The legal crud strikes 
    v.2.11         Another change to the legal crud. Hey, I gotta do 
    v.2.10         A small addition to the legal crud. Yes, I'm too cheap 
    to make a version 3 yet.
    v.2.9          A few typos and other things 
    corrected, and a bunch of general revisions.
    v.2.8          More 
    contributions, updated Fox strategies and "dai-rantou"'s supposed 
    v.2.5          Guess.......... at least this time I changed 
    Pikachu's nickname.
    v.2.3          And still more contributions.
        All right! More contributions! Again, go to the Thanks section.
           Woohoo! Contributions! Go to the Thanks section for the 
    v.1.7          One little part added to the Legal Crud.
        Removed that stupid Japanese banter.
    v.1.5          Changed the listing 
    for S.T.44 and added moves lists for everybody.
    v.1.0          Guess what? I 
    started it 
    Howdy, and welcome to the world of Smash Brothers. In writing this guide, I 
    assume that you 
    read the manual and understood everything you read. I also 
    assume that you're familiar with 
    the characters in the game at least 
    slightly. I do NOT, however, assume that you: a) have mul-
    controllers, or b) have friends (much like myself...sigh(j/k!). For those 
    two reasons, I 
    didn't spend any time thinking out excessive multiplayer 
     By the way, this is the only place you should find the music 
    review of the game. I would have 
    done a whole sound test blowout, but I 
    figured that I wouldn't risk getting in trouble with 
    that guy with the 
    huge, 100-something K FAQ on gamefaqs.com (that's a great faq, btw).
    game was originally (in Japan) called Nintendo All-Star Dai-Rantou Smash 
    Brothers (Dai-
    rantou means "large fray" I think). Besides that, the changes 
    are only cosmetic. The title and 
    in-game text were translated (obviously), 
    the voices for most of the PokŽmon were changed,
    and some of the sound 
    effects were changed (barely noticeable).
     But why are you listening to my 
    yammer on like this? Scroll down and get to the strategies, 
    already!! :^)
    (Note: all the > and < symbols are reversed when you're facing 
    ,-- tilt
    POWER HIT-- any attack that launches an opponent that's over 
    100%. Most characters have three 
                or four power hits, usually by 
    tapping a direction and pushing A, along with a 
                B attack 
    (usually) and a throw.
    LAUNCH-- a term commonly found in "traditional" 
    (Capcom or SNK) fighting game strategies, 
             with a slightly 
    different meaning in Smash Bros. Here, it is whenever you hit an 
    opponent so that they go flying really far, sometimes so that there is no 
    chance of 
             coming back. If you launch someone upwards, there is the 
    possibility of you getting 
             a star finish.
    STAR FINISH-- when you 
    kill an opponent by sending them flying into the foreground or back-
           ground leaving them no chance of comeback. Only happens when someone 
    is launched 
                  and their damage is high (usually over 75% at 
    CARRYING-- done only by Donkey Kong. This refers to when he holds a 
    barrel or crate, or when 
               he walks around while still in his 
    HP-- stands for Hit Points. Basically, a life bar that can't be seen. 
    Used only by Master Hand
    CHAIN-- a term used in newer fighting games. This 
    is where an attack does two or more hits 
            while the opponent has no 
    possibility of escaping. Also referred to as "comboing"
    JUGGLE-- again, used 
    in many fighting game strategies. This is where you hit an opponent into 
           or while they are in the air, then hitting them again while they are 
    still in midair, 
             and usually repeated. Similar to chaining, except 
    the opponent can often still move.
    DOUBLE JUMP-- one of your most important 
    moves. Done by pressing C while in the air. You can 
                  only do 
    one each time you jump.
    AIR JUMP-- a double jump done while you are 
    TRIPLE JUMP-- done by pressing ^+B. If done after a double or air 
    jump, you will get maximum 
                  air. If you miss with this, you 
    won't be able to to any attacks or jumps until 
                  you touch the 
    ground. Note that Jigglypuff, Yoshi, and Ness don't have triple 
       jumps; instead they have extra-high or floaty double jumps. Ness has the 
                  _potential_ to triple jump, but... ah, just read his 
    COMEBACK-- using double, air, and triple jumps to get back onto the 
    playing field, usually 
               after being launched. If you're lucky, 
    you can grab onto the edge and come back 
               that way.
    CLEAR OUT-- 
    to push enemies out of your way if they're at your front and back. Often 
    done by 
                your triple jump attack, but not always.
    CROSS-UP-- a 
    crossup is when you jump over an enemy and attack the back of them while in 
    BOUNCE-- just what it sounds like. When something or 
    someone :^) ricochets off of something.
    FLOAT-- usually referred to when 
    jumping. The float is how long something hovers in the air. 
    something is "floaty", it has high float time.
    STOMP-- an attack, usually a 
    power hit, that hits straight down and usually sends you 
    down at high speeds.
    FLY-- the special double jump done only by Kirby and 
    PICK-- to attack with many fast, light-damage moves and 
    gradually increase damage. Also 
           referred to as "chipping" or 
    CHARGE-- has two meanings. The first is like "charging up," 
    which is used only by DK, Samus, 
             and Master Hand. The second is 
    like "charging at" where you rush an opponent.
    CRAWL-- when Pikachu's 
    Thunderjolt bounces up or down a wall and keeps going.
    DEEP-- another term 
    with two meanings, both used in other games. The first is like "a deep 
       character"-- that means hard to learn, but the training pays off. The 
    second is "a deep 
           attack" or "a deep crossup"-- that means to hit an 
    opponent low and close.
    WINDUP-- the time it takes from when you start the 
    attack to when it does something.
    RECOVERY-- usually NOT used to refer to 
    life regeneration. Instead, this is the time between
               when an 
    attack ends and when you can actually move.
    PRIORITY-- the amount of an 
    attack's ability to cancel out and hit through an opponent's 
    CANCEL-- an attack that stops an opponent's attack.
    VACUUM-- an 
    attack that chains hits and draws the opponent nearer, if possible.
    a maneuver that is extremely difficult for the opponent to get out of or an 
            which does high damage or large chaining without much skill. 
    Cheap stuff can get you 
            smashed in real life -.-
    GUARD BREAK-- to 
    attack an enemy that is blocking repeatedly until their shield it gone and 
                  they get stunned.
    FIREBALL WAR-- also called a fireball fight. 
    This is when two characters shoot a bunch of 
                   projectiles at 
    each other at the same time. The loser is the one with the less 
        useful projectile.
    S.T.-- Sound Test
    DOMINATE-- to beat easily or 
    undisputidly win; to strike an opponent in the buttocks with 
    one's foot ^_~.
    SUCK-- to suck.
     If I left out anything glaring, or if you 
    want a new term invented (like "stomp"-- completely 
    original), email at 
    Stage:           Mushroom Kingdom
    Win Music:       s.t. 
    music 15
    Taunt:           grows into Super Mario for about three 
    Colors:          C ^-- It'sa me, Mario!
                     C >-- I'ma 
    Wario! I'ma gonna win!
                     C v-- Yellow shirt, dark red 
    pants/hat. Fire Mario, perhaps?
                     C <-- SMB1 Mario! Red 
    overalls, blue shirt/hat.
    Jump float:      low
    Jump range:      
    Doublejump range:medium
    Entrance:        a pipe grows out of the 
    ground, he jumps out, the pipe retracts
    Ending Screen:   Mario holds a flag 
    that says "#1" and rainbow-colored words "You are great"
    Intro Shot:      
    him facing off with Kirby
    Nickname:        The Plumber of Death
    profile:  Although best known as the mustachioed plumber who battles the 
    Turtle Tribe 
                     with his distinct jumping action, this 
    internationally-famous hero has also 
                     acted as a referee, a 
    driver, and even a doctor! He's been linked to Princess 
    Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom for years, but to this day their true 
              relationship remains a mystery.
    Best game (IMHO):Super Mario RPG 
    Position in game:you
    Enemies:         DK because they never finished 
    their fight 15 years ago.
                     Link because he's stealing his 
    Moves:           A--    Punch
                      (3x)  Punch, punch, 
                     >, A-- Spinning low kick
    Windup punch
                     v, A-- Trip kick
    Double spinning trip kick
                     ^, A-- Spinning uppercut
             ^+A--  Headbutt
              (dash) A--    Baseball slide
    (air) A--    Low jump kick
               (air) >+A--  Spinning frontal jump 
               (air) ^+A--  Backwards flip
               (air) v+A--  
    Downwards drill kick
               (air) <+A--  Backwards lunge kick
           B--    Fireball
                     v+B--  Mario Tornado
      ^+B--  Super Jump Punch
                     R, >-- Spinning frontal throw
                  R, <-- Triple windmill backwards throw
    Pros:          * Good 
    jump height
                   * Excellent combo potential
    Damaging throw
                   * Easy-to-time taunt (for the Fighter Stance 
    bonus in 1P game)
    Cons:          * Low speed
                   * Low damage for 
    individual hits
                   * Awkward fireball
                   * No real 
    stomp attack
                   * Agonizingly long taunt (for team and 
    multiplayer fights)
    Comments:        Mario is the chaining king. The Jump 
    Punch can do up to 9 hits, and the 
                     Tornado vacuums them in 
    and does 14 hits, with the last one sending them 
    into the air and creating the potential for some endless juggles. His 
                backwards throw is one of the game's coolest. Because his 
    fireball has a 
                     downward arc to it, it's a good weapon for 
    keeping people from coming back.
                     The best advice for Mario 
    is to stay on the offensive and chain them to 
    Against:         Play defensive. If you have a good stomp attack, 
    jump over him and use it 
                     as a cross-up attack. This way, 
    he can't hit you with the Jump Punch, which 
                     arcs forward. 
    If he gets wise to this, bombard him with projectiles. He 
    won't win any fireball wars anytime soon except against Link. Also, each of 
                     his specials have a nasty recovery time, so use this to 
    your advantage.
    Vs 1P Mode Teams:Use the Mario Tornado constantly.
    Vs Master 
    Hand:  Use the ^+A headbutt move and jumping power hits.
    Symbol:          DK
    Stage:           Congo Jungle
    Music:       s.t. music 16
    Taunt:           shrugs
    Colors:          C ^-- 
                     C >-- Brillo Kong! Gray fur.
                     C v-- 
    Red (bloody?) DK.
                     C <-- Blue gorillas?? NOW I've seen 
    Jump float:      low
    Jump range:      medium
    Entrance:        busts out of a DK barrel
    Ending Screen:   shows 
    two rendered DKs against a palm background with the words "Donkey 
    Intro Shot:      fighting Samus
    Nickname:        Mighty Joe 
    Game's profile:  Donkey Kong and Mario started out as arch-rivals, but 
    they've patched things 
                     up in recent years. These days DK 
    spends his time searching the jungle for 
                     bananas instead 
    of kidnapping beautiful maidens. In the past few years, other 
        members of the Kong family have cashed in on DK's fame, including his 
                    favorite nephew, Diddy.
    Best game:       Donkey Kong Country 
    64 (N64)
    Position in game:Player 1
    Enemies:         Mario because they still 
    have a fight to settle.
    Moves:           A--    Left hook
    (2x)  One-two punch
                     >, A-- Lunge punch
     >+A--  Slap
                     v, A-- Trip slap
    Spinning splits kick
                     ^, A-- Overhead swat
    ^+A--  Overhead clap
              (dash) A--    Lunge kick
               (air) A-- 
        Horizontal spin punch
               (air) >+A--  Vertical flip punch
         (air) ^+A--  Aerial overhead swat
               (air) v+A--  Stomp kick
             (air) <+A--  Backwards double kick
                     B--    Giant 
                     v+B--  Hand Slap
                     ^+B--  Spinning 
                     R, >-- Carrying throw
                     R, <-- Shoulder 
    Pros:          * Incredible strength
                   * Carrying ability
                   * Useful throw
                   * Cheap (see "useful") v+B 
                   * Long limb range
    Cons:          * Nasty speed
          * Large size
                   * No projectile
                   * Bad stomp 
    attack (v+A)
    Comments:        DK is the strongest character in the game, bar 
    none. Therefore, you should be 
                     totally offensive. Defense 
    is futile, because of both his size and the fact 
                     that he 
    is projectile-free. He has a long range, though. The Giant Punch is 
              the strongest single attack in the game if fully charged. Anyone 
    close to 70% 
                     will likely get launched so far off the field 
    that there will be no chance of 
                     comeback. Repeating hand 
    slaps is a very cheap way to get some good 
                     protection. An 
    easy way to beat any enemies you're having trouble with is to 
        forward-throw them and commit suicide. In a 1P game, this is useful 
                  against Metal Mario.
    Against:         Bombard him with 
    projectiles. He will have little way to escape. Another 
    thing to remember is that all of his power hits have a long windup. If 
                     a quicker character like Pikachu or Falcon, you can 
    use hit-and-run tactics, 
                     and chip at him constantly.
    Vs 1P 
    Mode Teams:Use the Spinning Kong or normal moves.
    Vs Master Hand:  Use the 
    ^+A clap and the Giant Punch if you get a second to charge it 
    Symbol:          the Triforce
    Stage:           Castle 
    Win Music:       s.t. music 17
    Taunt:           a dainty sword 
    Colors:          C ^-- Kokiri Tunic.
                     C >-- Goron 
                     C v-- Zora Tunic.
                     C <-- Yeti Mail, 
    I think.... from Zelda 1.
    Jump float:      low
    Jump range:      
    Doublejump range:low
    Entrance:        hovers down in a blue-green 
    light and draws the Master Sword
    Ending Screen:   leaning against the pillar 
    in his stage, shield and sword off, looking away
    Intro Shot:      playing an 
    ocarina on top of a cliff
    Nickname:        Man in Tights
    Game's profile:  
    Link is the valiant boy hero of the "Legend of Zelda" series in which he 
                   fights against the evil Ganon to recover the Triforce. Though 
    his tools may 
                     change with each adventure, his strength and 
    righteousness remain constant.
                     With his trusty sword and a 
    variety of weapons, he takes adventure head on!
    Best game:       Zelda 5: 
    Ocarina of Time (N64)
    Position in game:you
    Enemies:         Mario, because 
    Link was never as well known... well... until now at least.
    A--    Vertical arc slash
                      (x3)  Slash, reverse arc slash, 
                   (rapid)  Multistab
                     >, A-- Stronger 
    vertical arc slash
                     >+A--  Two-handed vertical arc slash
                  v, A-- Low horizontal slash
                     v+A--  Double low 
                     ^, A-- Overhead arc slash
    Triple overhead slash
              (dash) A--    Stab
               (air) A--    
    Low jump kick
               (air) >+A--  Spinning aerial slash
    ^+A--  Upward stab
               (air) v+A--  Downward stab
    <+A--  Double aerial back kick
                     B--    Boomerang
          v+B--  Bomb
                     ^+B--  Spin Attack
     >-- Frontal kickaway Hookshot throw
                     R, <-- Reverse 
    Pros:          * Excellent stomp attack
                   * Two 
                   * Good clear out
                   * Strong A 
                   * Long-range throw
    Cons:          * Two awkward 
                   * Bad air denfense
                   * Awful jumping 
                   * Hokey, hard-to-time taunt
                   * And 
    did I mention that he's a bad jumper?
    Comments:        Link is one of the 
    weaker characters (the chicks dig him though... go fig :^) 
    and he has difficulty coming back (low jumps and a bad triple). His clearout 
                     attack (^+B) has high range, damage, and priority though. 
    His stomp attack 
                     is cool (v+A in midair) and the boomerang 
    goes pretty far (hey, I thought 
                     only child Link could use 
    that!?) The bomb has good damage, just watch out 
                     since it 
    CAN hurt you! His only distinct chain move is ^+A, though. You 
         should rely on his A attacks mostly if you want to win.
      Link isn't that hard to beat, just watch out for that throw and don't let 
                     him stomp you! Therefore, you may want to use your own 
    stomp move, since his 
                     best anti-air attack (^,A) comes out 
    slowly. Don't try this if he's holding a 
                     bomb! No matter 
    what, stay away from him. His A moves are among the best in 
      the game (besides the Hand's of course... but then again, I don't even 
                     which of his attacks are done by A). He has the 
    worst-power projectile in the 
                     game, so keep your distance 
    and whittle away.
    Vs 1P Mode Teams:Use your jumping A attacks. Almost all of 
    them are power hits.
    Vs Master Hand:  Use the ^+A tri-slash and other A 
    Symbol:          the Screw Attack symbol
         Planet Zebes
    Win Music:       s.t. music 18
    Taunt:           statickey 
    "Ha" with a cool gun pose
    Colors:          C ^-- Orange and yellow, with a 
    green eyespace.
                     C >-- Pink and yellow, blue eyespace.
                C v-- Earth Samus! Brown and orange, green eye.
    C <-- All green with a red helmet? Where DO you get your fashion tips?! 
    Jump float:      long
    Jump range:      high
    Entrance:        steps out of a teleporter/Save Point
    Screen:   "Thank You For Playing" with a giant rendered Samus helmet, and 
    her face 
                     inside the eyespace 8^¡
    Intro Shot:      her 
    fighting DK and blowing him away
    Nickname:        Boba Fett's Sis (thanks to 
    Game's profile:  Samus Aran is the toughest bounty 
    hunter in the galaxy. Using a special suit 
                     powered by the 
    technology of the bird people which allows her to execute 
    daring acrobatic feats, Samus pursues the airborne life form Metroid 
                     out the universe.
    Best game:       Super Metroid 
    Position in game:you
    Enemies:         Fox because his team is 
    starting to scare off the Metroids.
    Moves:           A--    Left jab
               (x2)  Jab, gun bash
                     >, A-- Low roundhouse kick
                    >+A--  Gun stab
                     v, A-- Trip kick
           v+A--  Double trip kick
                     ^, A-- Spinning overhead 
    semicircular stomp kick
                     ^+A--  Overhead flamethrower
        (dash) A--    Shoulder ram
               (air) A--    High jump kick
         (air) >+A--  Frontal flamethrower
               (air) ^+A--  Upward 
    twirling drill kick
               (air) v+A--  Downward spinning gun punch
           (air) <+A--  Backward jump kick
                     B--    Blaster
                v+B--  Bomb
                     ^+B--  Screw attack
      R, >-- Frontal Grappling Beam throw
                     R, <-- Backwards 
    Grappling Beam throw
    Pros:          * Insane jumping powers
    Long-range throw
                   * Excellent projectile
                   * Good 
    rolling power
                   * Powerful juggle attack (^+A, timed right, 
    does 40+%)
                   * High speed
    Cons:          * Weak bomb
         * Slow throw
                   * No stomp attack
                   * Very 
    cheap >:^P
    Comments:        Samus is one of the better fighters. The Screw 
    Attack (I'll avoid all 
                     puns on that name...) can chain 
    like crazy. The shot, when fully charged, is 
                     almost as 
    damaging as DK's Giant Punch. The bomb is weak but can't hit you. 
            Her throw is long range, but the recovery time is painfully long, as 
    it is 
                     with her two fire attacks (^+A and >,A in midair). 
    Her other moves, even her 
                     Smash Attack (>+A, of course), 
    are quick, and she is one of the highest and 
    jumpers, which is very important tn Smash Brothers.
    Hmm...to be honest, Samus is a hard opponent. Utilize the block, and roll 
                    behind her while she is still recovering. Take advantage of 
    her throw's lag 
                     time. Don't do stomp attacks, since she'll 
    either combo you with the Screw 
                     Attack or blast you with 
    the flame move (ouch). Don't expect to win any 
    fights with her, either, since her shot eats up all others when 
          charged. Hammering on the buttons can yield promising results :^D.
    1P Mode Teams:Use the Screw Attack or A moves.
    Vs Master Hand:  Use the ^+A 
    fire shot and utilize her roll.
    Symbol:          an egg
               Yoshi's Island
    Win Music:       s.t. music 19
    does the hidden thing spinning and arm waving from Yoshi's Story
          C ^-- Green Yoshi.
                     C >-- Red Yoshi! In SMB, this one 
    could breathe fire.
                     C v-- Blue, the flying Yoshi... dang 
    that would have ruled here...
                     C <-- Yellow. This one kicked 
    up dust when it landed. Yawn. Still, okay here.
    Jump float:      medium
    range:      mid
    Doublejump range:high
    Entrance:        hatches from an 
    Ending Screen:   "Yoshi Thanks For Playing" at the top with Yoshi's head 
    stuck in a giant book
    Intro Shot:      him and other colors popping out of 
    some eggs under a giant heart
    Nickname:        the Fossilizer
    profile:  Yoshi is the friendly dinosaur of Yoshi's Island. He began as 
                     partner, but has since built his own identity, and 
    now appears in many games. 
                     He uses his unique ability to 
    turn whatever he swallows into an egg as his 
    attack. Yoshis come in a rainbow of colors and are said to have a 
            high IQ from a very early age.
    Best game:       Yoshi's Island 
    Position in game:you
    Enemies:         Falcon, because he's so 
    mysterious and "unhappy"
                     Pikachu, since Yoshi was mistaken 
    for a fellow PokŽmon (EGM anyone?)
    Moves:           A--    Kick
          (x2)  Double kick
                     >, A-- Side kick
     >+A--  Frontal headbutt
                     v, A-- Tail swipe
    v+A--  Double tail swipe
                     ^, A-- Overhead nose swipe
              ^+A--  Overhead headbutt
              (dash) A--    Charging 
               (air) A--    Low jump kick
               (air) >+A--  
    Spinning aerial headbutt
               (air) ^+A--  Overhead tail swipe
        (air) v+A--  Treadmill kick
               (air) <+A--  Back kick
           B--    Egg lay
                     v+B--  Ground pound
    ^+B--  Egg toss
                     R, >-- Frontal slurp-and-burp
        R, <-- Over-the-shoulder slurp-and-burp
    Pros:          * Damaging 
                   * Quick taunt
                   * Long-range throw
              * High double-jump
    Cons:          * Bad projectile
    * Slow
                   * No triple jump
                   * Hard to 
    Comments:        Yoshi is one of the weaker players. You'll need to 
    rely on his long-range 
                     throw and butt stomp attack, 
    because he doesn't have a forward-moving projec-
                     tile. His 
    A moves are short-range but do good damage. His double-jump is high 
              but he doesn't have a triple, so don't try it. His B move is good 
    since it 
                     leaves the opponent completely open, but doesn't 
    do any damage by itself. Any
                     opponent caught in an egg 
    can't be launched or even thrown, so be careful.
    Ludka had this to say: "Another way to do 999% damage is to take 
           - Yoshi, put them in an egg, and do the walk on head thing or a 
    couple smash 
                     - attacks. hehe" (ed. note-- that's a fine 
    way to do it for awhile, but 999%? 
                     - Sounds like somebody 
    set that up.....) "And, Yoshi is a cheap player--just 
    put them in an egg on the edge and say bye bye, unless they button mash and 
                     - manage to save themselves." (ed: or if they hold away 
    from the abyss... in 
                     - any case, this has won me quite a 
    few Giant DK matches.) "When we play 
                     - free-for-all, Yoshi 
    and Kirby are banned from egging them off the edge." 
    (ed: Bloody straight.)
                     --Danno586 said this: "The most 
    damaging move is Yoshi's jump, down+A, which 
                     - if the 
    [other] guy is low can do 54%!!!!" (ed: I knew it, but forgot to put 
               - it down. Thanks for the memory jog.)
    Against:         Yoshi 
    isn't too hard, just stay out of the air! His egg attacks are surpris-
                ingly powerful. Bombard him with fireballs and charge him head 
    on. He'll 
                     likely still be reeling from the projectiles. 
    Don't let him butt-slam you, 
    Vs 1P Mode Teams:Use 
    whatever you want except the tongue moves.
    Vs Master Hand:  Use the midair 
    v+A treadmill move.
    Symbol:          a star
    Dream Land
    Win Music:       s.t. music 20 
    Taunt:           waves, discards 
    his ability, and says "Hi!"
    Colors:          C ^-- Pink Kirby.
        C >-- Yellow Kirby! Beam ability, anyone?
                     C v-- Blue 
    (Ice) this time. Personally, I liked a different ability better...
            C <-- ...like Fire Kirby! Where's that cool (hot?) flaming 
    Jump float:      mid-low
    Jump range:      mid-low
    Entrance:        flies in on a star
    Ending Screen:   flies by 
    on a star with "Let's Go! Go! Go!" at the top of the screen
    Intro Shot:      
    fighting Mario
    Nickname:        the Raging Cream Puff
    Game's profile:  The 
    8-inch high Kirby hails from a distant, peaceful star. Like his 
          simplistic appearance, he is an easily-understood character. True to 
                     instincts, Kirby eats when he gets hungry and sleeps 
    as soon as he grows 
                     tired. Nevertheless, Kirby remains a 
    formidable opponent. In addition to his 
                     distinct flying 
    and swallowing skills, he also has the ability to copy enemy 
       attacks for ever-changing action.
    Best game:       Kirby Superstar 
    Position in game:Player 1
    Enemies:         Jigglypuff, who's trying 
    to copy Kirby's flight and shape
    Moves:           A--    Punch
         (x2)  One-two punch
                   (rapid)  Rapid punch
      >, A-- Frontal spin kick
                     >+A--  Lunge kick
       v, A-- Low kick
                     v+A--  Spinning splits kick
         ^, A-- Overhead arcing back kick
                     ^+A--  Flip kick
          (dash) A--    Head slide
               (air) A--    Low jumpkick
       (air) >+A--  Forward drill kick
               (air) ^+A--  Circular flip
            (air) v+A--  Downward drill kick
               (air) <+A--  Backwards 
    jump kick
                     B--    Absorb
                     v+B--  Stone
                ^+B--  Cutter
                     R, >-- Aerial suplex
         R, <-- Backwards tomoe
    Pros:          * Invincibility attack
         * Power absorbtion
                   * Sextuple (or whatever) jump o_O;;
                  * Quick attacks
                   * Small size
    Cons:          * 
    Long windup
                   * No good clearout
    Comments:        Kirby is one of the best fighters once you get used 
    to him. His absorbing 
                     move is great against Samus, Falcon, 
    or Ness. The Cutter is good, and even 
                     acts as a triple 
    jump after his five or so flying jumps. But the real 
    strength of the Pillowy One is the stone. An excellent stomp attack, as it 
                     sends you down at high speeds, but even better, it gives 
    you invincibility 
                     until you press B again.
      Kirby is very susceptable to throws from behind. He doesn't have any 
                     fast clear out attacks, so jump over him and toss 
    him. He's also easy prey 
                     for stomp attacks. Just make sure 
    that you don't charge him, since he'll 
                     absorb you. Also, 
    keep him out of the air! He'll stone-attack you to death. 
    He's the best comeback player in the game, so throw him to ensure a good 
    Vs 1P Mode Teams:Use midair A attacks.
    Vs Master 
    Hand:  Use the Rock to your advantage and attack with drilling midair 
    Symbol:          a winged fox
    Stage:           Sector Z
    Music:       s.t. music 21
    Taunt:           crosses his arms and hmphs at 
    the crowd
    Colors:          C ^-- White vest/boots, green pants.
         C >-- Orange vest/boots, brown pants.
                     C v-- Pink 
    boots, purple vest, violet pants... oooookay...
                     C <-- Green 
    vest, black pants, and... blood red boots??
    Jump float:      low
    Jump range: 
    Doublejump range:mid
    Entrance:        flies in in the Arwing and 
    jumps out
    Ending Screen:   rendered Fox and three Arwings in front of 
    Intro Shot:      piloting the Great Fox
    Nickname:        the Winged 
    K-9 (thanks to Forcevader@aol.com)
    Game's profile:  Following in his dead 
    father's footsteps as the young leader of the Starfox 
    team, Fox McCloud's piloting of the super-high performance combat ship 
                     for the Lylatian System is still fresh in our 
    memories. His one weakness may 
                     be his difficulty earning 
    the trust of his teammates.
    Best game:       Star Fox (SNES)
    Position in 
    Enemies:         Ness, because he keeps making fart jokes about the 
    Fox Fire move
    Moves:           A--    Punch
                      (x2)  1-2 
                   (rapid)  Lightning Kicks
                     >, A-- Chest 
                     >+A--  Spinning jump kick
                     v, A-- Tail 
                     v+A--  Double split kick
                     ^, A-- 
    Overhead kick
                     ^+A--  Backward flip
              (dash) A--    
    Jump kick
               (air) A--    High jump kick
               (air) >+A--  
    Spinning frontal jump kick
               (air) ^+A--  Two-hit vertical flip 
               (air) v+A--  Downwards drill
               (air) <+A--  Reverse 
    splits kick
                     B--    Blaster Shot
                     ^+B--  Fire Fox
                     R, >-- Spinning 
    forward throw
                     R, <-- Backward roll throw
    Pros:          * 
                   * A cheap blaster move
                   * Good 
    Cons:          * No strong moves
                   * Dumb throw
          * Nerve-grinding windups
    Comments:        Oh boy... There'll be a lot 
    of players out there poed at me... but honestly, 
    sucks. I seriously believe he's worse than Jigglypuff (Then again, Jiggy 
                   isn't really that bad...). His blaster is VERY cheap. His 
    Reflector move is 
                     near impossible to time right, and the 
    Fire Fox has a windup that seems like 
                     forever. He has some 
    good A moves though, like jump+^+A. Kinda cheap though.
    --Orie Guo tells me that Fox ain't that bad. I suppose it's all in how you 
                     - play the game. For example, one of my friends always uses 
    him and wins 4 
                     - times out of 5. Whatever.
      Fox is annoying to play against, simply because of the blaster shot. Stay 
                     the air and do stomp attacks, and you'll be fine. 
    However, make sure the 
                     stomp is fast, or else you're 
    likely to get vertically tail whipped.
    Vs 1P Mode Teams:Use the 
    Vs Master Hand:  Mash the buttons ^_^;;
              a PokŽball
    Stage:           Saffron City
    Win Music:       s.t. 
    music 22
    Taunt:           stands on his tiptoes, waves, and says "Pika 
    Colors:          C ^-- Normal yellow Pikachu.
     >-- Aww... Pikachu's got a red birthday hat!
                     C v-- How 
    about a blue hat instead?
                     C <-- Wierd... green-tinted 
    Pikachu with a bright green hat.
    Jump float:      mid-low
    Jump range:      
    Doublejump range:mid-high
    Entrance:        comes out of a tossed 
    Ending Screen:   Shows him in the forest with some other PokŽmon 
    and "Congragulations" (sp?)
    Intro Shot:      Riding around on a 
    Nickname:        Sir Concussion (because of the headbutt 
    Game's profile:  Pikachu
                     Mouse PKMN
      Height 1'4"
                     Weight 13lbs
                     When several of 
    these Pokemon gather, their electricity could build and
    cause lightning storms.
                     (Pokedex excerpt)
    Best game:       
    PokŽmon Gold (GB)
    Position in game:#25
    Enemies:         DK, cause he's so 
    dang big
                     Jigglypuff, because of the battle for 
    Moves:           A--    Headbutt
                     >, A-- 
    Double kick
                     >+A--  Electric knife
                     v, A-- 
    Tail whip
                     v+A--  Double trip kick
                     ^, A-- 
    Overhead tail whip
                     ^+A--  Tail backflip
    A--    Lunging headbutt
               (air) A--    Jump kick
     >+A--  Forward electric drill
               (air) ^+A--  Aerial overhead tail 
               (air) v+A--  Downward electric drill
               (air) <+A--  
    Reverse jump kick
                     B--    Thunderjolt
                     ^+B--  Quick Attack
                     R, >-- Overhead flip toss
                     R, <-- 
    Reverse thundershock
    Pros:          * Speed
                   * Unique 
                   * Small size
                   * Good jumper
           * Cool throws
    Cons:          * Bad defense
                   * Fairly 
    low damage
    Comments:        Pikachu is unique. Many of his A attacks are 
    electric. His B move is the only 
                     move in the game that 
    crawls. His triple jump is superb, and can become a 
    quadruple jump if you press > or < right the split-second that it ends. The 
                     Thunder attack is a good clear-out attack, expecially from 
    Against:         Go absolutely offensive. Pikachu has little that he 
    can do if hammered 
                     quickly, and he takes damage badly. If 
    he sets you up for a Thunder attack, 
                     stomp him and 
    continue to kick him around. At about 80% a power hit will 
    launch him for good.
    Vs 1P Mode Teams:Use anything but the Thunderjolt.
    Master Hand:  Use A attacks and Thunder.
    Symbol:          a 
    Stage:           Peach's Castle
    Win Music:       s.t. music 
    Taunt:           scuffs his heal. Poor guy.
    Colors:          C ^-- Good 
    ol' green and royal blue Luigi.
                     C >-- Fire Luigi! Hopefully 
    those are just yellow gloves.....
                     C v-- Aquatic Luigi.... 
    aqua and blue. Not bad.
                     C <-- Um... Pink Luigi. I could say 
    something else, but it's not very nice...
    Jump float:      mid
    Jump range:   
    Doublejump range:mid-high
    Entrance:        Jumps out of a 
    Ending Screen:   Back-to-back with Mario and the rainbow-colored 
    "Smaaaaaash" (:^.)
    Intro Shot:      none
    Nickname:        The Mean Green 
    Jumping Machine
    Game's profile:  Though often hidden in his older brother 
    Mario's shadow, Luigi is, in 
                     reality, very popular. Taller 
    than Mario, Luigi also jumps higher. Although 
                     he didn't 
    appear in Super Mario 64, in Mario Kart 64 he performed to the best
             of his ability. For one who always seems to be in the background, 
    he has many 
                     fans who eagerly await his appearance.
    game:       Super Mario Brothers 3 (NES)
    Position in game:Player 2
            Mario, since he never lets him get any attention
    A--    Punch
                      (x3)  Punch punch kick combo
     >, A-- Low roundhouse kick
                     >+A--  Windup punch
          v, A-- Low kick
                     v+A--  Double trip kick
        ^, A-- Spinning uppercut
                     ^+A--  Upward headbutt
       (dash) A--    Multihit flail
               (air) A--    Low jumpkick
        (air) >+A--  Forward spinning jump kick
               (air) ^+A--  
    Backwards flip
               (air) v+A--  Downward drill
               (air) <+A-- 
      Reverse jump kick
                     B--    Fireball
    Luigi Tornado
                     ^+B--  Super Jump Punch
     >-- Spinning forward throw
                     R, <-- Triple spinning backward 
    Pros:          * flaming Jump Punch
                   * high jumping
               * high power
    Cons:          * low speed
                   * little 
                   * too similar to Mario
    Comments:        I won't tell 
    you that Luigi is better than Mario, since, in my style of 
    playing, he isn't. If power's more your style, though, he's your man. His 
                    moves are almost identical at first glance, but if you use 
    them a few times, 
                     you'll notice the changes. His fireball 
    (mucusball?) goes straight instead of 
                     down. His Tornado 
    can't combo more than twice, but is a power hit. The jump 
    punch, when done deep, sends an opponent flying and sets them on fire, eg. 
                     Ken's Dragon Punch.
    Against:         Use basically the same 
    strategy you did with Mario. Don't let him get close, 
    because an experienced player will Jump Punch the living crap out of you.
    1P Mode Teams:Use the Luigi Tornado.
    Vs Master Hand:  Use the Jump Punch 
    when you're very close.
    Symbol:          a 
    Stage:           Saffron City
    Win Music:       s.t. music 22
               rolls around and says "Jigglypuff!!!"
    Colors:          C ^-- 
    Normal pink Jiggles.
                     C >-- Hmm... a she! Red bow on old 
                     C v-- How 'bout a blue bow?
                     C <-- 
    ....or green?
    Jump float:      mid-low
    Jump range:      mid
    Entrance:        pops out of a PokŽball ("Jigglypuff, I choose 
    you!" ....who'd do that??!!!)
    Ending Screen:   Two Jigglypuffs playing with 
    some balloons in front of a spraypainted wall
    Intro Shot:      
    Nickname:        Puffy/Jiggles/Jiggy/Cheesilypoof
    Game's profile:  The 
    Balloon PKMN with the big, round eyes. It sings a soothing melody, send-
                  ing those who hear it to sleep. As a Balloon PKMN, its body is 
    light, weak, 
                     and easy to knock away.
    Best game:       
    PokŽmon Gold (GB)
    Position in game:#39
    Enemies:         Kirby, since he is 
    too much like her
                     Pikachu, since he is the more popular 
    Moves:           A--    Jab
                      (x2)  1-2 punch
               >, A-- Spinning roundhouse
                     >+A--  Lunging low 
                     v, A-- Shin kick
                     v+A--  Splits kick
                    ^, A-- Reverse overhead axe kick
    Upward headbutt
              (dash) A--    Lunging headbutt
    A--    Low jumpkick
               (air) >+A--  Double frontal jump kick
        (air) ^+A--  Overhead slap
               (air) v+A--  Downward drill
         (air) <+A--  Reverse jump kick
                     B--    Pound
           v+B--  Rest
                     ^+B--  Sing
                     R, >-- 
    Upward twirl throw
                     R, <-- Reverse bounce
    Pros:          * 
    Flying ability
                   * Sing attack
                   * Two B power 
                   * Huge, cute eyes :^P
    Cons:          * Weak
       * No triple
                   * No projectile
    Comments:        Jigglypuff is 
    severely underappreciated. Abuse her Singing power like there's 
          no tomorrow! If someone gets caught in it, get really close and use 
    Rest, or
                     Pound if they're at a low damage percentage. The 
    best advice for her is to 
                     play defensively and utilize the 
    singing. The Rest attack is a very easy 
                     launcher if you 
    can somehow get it to connect.
    Against:         Go insane and throw 
    everything you've got at her. All her specials have 
    horrible recovery time, so time your attacks right and you'll be alright.
    1P Mode Teams:Use jumping A attacks.
    Vs Master Hand:  Use Pound and jumping 
    A attacks.
    Symbol:          a falcon
    Win Music:       s.t. music 23
    Taunt:           salutes and 
    says "Show me ya moves!" ('_';;)
    Colors:          C ^-- Blue and red 
                     C >-- Gray. Much more fitting.
    v-- Blood Falcon! Red on purple.
                     C <-- *blinks* White on 
    pink! G'yaah!
    Jump float:      low
    Jump range:      high
    Entrance:        jumps out of the Blue Falcon and it drives 
    Ending Screen:   in a comic strip, says "Thank you for playing. Yes. I 
    am Number One!"
    Intro Shot:      none
    Nickname:        The Blur
    profile:  A regular pilot in the great galactic race F-ZERO Grand Prix, 
    Captain Falcon 
                     is skilled at collecting prize money. Much 
    about his past remains hidden in 
                     shadow, but it's clear 
    that many a villain hold a powerful grudge against 
    Best game:       F-Zero X (N64)
    Position in game:#7
    Samurai Goroh and Black Shadow, but they ain't here
    Moves:           A--    
                      (x3)  Punch, punch, knee combo
             (rapid) Rapid 
                     >, A-- Kick
                     >+A--  Fire kick
              v, A-- Low kick
                     v+A--  Sweep kick
      ^, A-- Axe kick
                     ^+A--  Uppercut
              (dash) A--    
    Shoulder ram
               (air) A--    Jump kick
               (air) >+A--  
    Double jump kick
               (air) ^+A--  Flip
               (air) v+A--  
    Downwards thrust kick
               (air) <+A--  Reverse punch
    B--    Falcon Punch
                     v+B--  Falcon Kick
    ^+B--  Falkon Dive
                     R, >-- slam
                     R, <-- 
    backwards kick throw
    Pros:          * FAST!
                   * Good jumper
                * Powerful B move
                   * Cool
    Cons:          * Long 
                   * Long windup
                   * No 
    Comments:        Falcon satisfies the need for speed. His dash is 
    increadibly fast, as are his 
                     jumps. He has a good anti-air 
    attack (^+B), a good ramming attack (v+B), and 
                     two strong 
    frontal hits (B and >+A). The Falcon Punch is right up there with 
            Samus's Blaster launch-wise, but it has hideous wind-up and recovery 
                     Time your Falcon Kicks right (midair, usually) and 
    finish them off with one 
                     solid punch.
    Keep him at bay with projectiles and guard items. Most of all, stay away! If 
                     you catch him trying a Falcon Punch, stomp him. Otherwise, 
    utilize the roll 
                     and fireball him to death.
    Vs 1P Mode 
    Teams:Use the Falcon Kick and Dive.
    Vs Master Hand:  Use Falcon Punches and 
    Symbol:          the earth
    Stage:           none
    Music:       s.t. music 24
    Taunt:           bows and says "OK" (sounds like 
    "hobnob".... nice accent! ^_^;;;)
    Colors:          C ^-- Classic Ness.... 
    red, purple, and yellow.
                     C >-- Cool.... Charlie Brown! 
    Yellow and black.
                     C v-- Purple and blue. Doesn't look bad, 
                     C <-- Orange and green. Burns the eyes a little, 
    Jump float:      high
    Jump range:      mid-low
    Entrance:        blasts in with PK Teleport
    Ending Screen:   
    an Earthbound scene with him saying "You did it" with Paula, Jeff, and 
    Intro Shot:      none
    Nickname:        Psycho
    Game's profile:  Ness was 
    a seemingly-average kid from Onett, but in truth, he was destined 
            for much more. When a strange meteor landed near his hometown, the 
    little boy 
                     with psychic powers set out to save the world. 
    Little has been said of Ness's 
                     character, and much remains 
    Best game:       Earthbound (SNES)
    Position in game:your first 
    Enemies:         Giygas, but he/it ain't here
    Moves:           A-- 
                      (x3)  punch punch kick combo
    A-- Kick
                     >+A--  Home run
                     v, A-- Ground 
                     v+A--  Horizontal yo-yo
                     ^, A-- Upward 
                     ^+A--  Vertical yo-yo
              (dash) A--    shove
              (air) A--    Two-foot jump kick
               (air) >+A--  Aerial 
               (air) ^+A--  Aerial upward headbutt
               (air) v+A--  
    Stomp kick
               (air) <+A--  Reverse kick
                     B--    PK 
                     v+B--  PSI Magnet
                     ^+B--  PK Thunder
                    R, >-- forward PK toss
                     R, <-- reverse PK 
    Pros:          * Good specials
                   * Unpredictable jump
               * Strong A attacks
                   * Built-in life recovery
             * Slow
                   * Awkward triple
                   * Very hard 
    to learn
    Comments:        Ness is for pros only, but once you get good, you 
    can dominate with him. PK 
                     Fire (if you didn't know, PK 
    stands for psychokinetic) is an excellent 
                     chainer. His 
    throw has long range, and his jump is extremely floaty. However, 
           his triple jump is hard to pull off. PK Thunder can be controlled 
    with the 
                     stick for awhile after you push ^+B. You need to 
    move the thunder ball under-
                     neath him and blast him in the 
    cheeks, which sends him flying upward. PK 
                     Magnet, if you 
    can time it to absorb projectiles, actually recovers your 
    life percentage! Also, all of his tap+A attacks are strong, and >+A can 
                  reflect projectiles, timed right.
                     --Orie Guo 
    (tyrant2006@hotmail.com) reminded me that if you slam into Ness 
          - with a PK Thunder and he hits someone, it does 30%. Sweet.
            Use deep stomp attacks to lead with, then smash him while he's on 
    the floor. 
                     Cross-ups also work well, as do any items. Play 
    defensively mostly, since 
                     he has some very good defending 
    Vs 1P Mode Teams:Use tap+A attacks.
    Vs Master Hand:  Use PK Fire 
    and tap+A 
    Origin: Kirby's Dreamland 2 (GB)
    A very good up-close-and-personal 
    waepon with a strong Smash attack and good range.
    Origin: Super 
    Mario Bros. 2 (NES)
    Very strong. If you leave it on the ground more than 
    five seconds, it will walk around and 
    explode on contact. In any case, it 
    is one of the strongest weapons.
    Origin: Kirby's Pinball Land (SNES, 
    Annoying. If you hit it, you'll get bumped like you took a middle-power 
    hit, but only get 1% 
    damage. If you hit someone, it usually ricochets off 
    and hits you as well.
    Origin: Super Mario RPG (SNES)
    Another annoying 
    one. Incapable of power hits, but very fast.
    Origin: Super 
    Mario Bros. (NES)
    Used to breathe fire. If you can trap someone in the 
    corner, it can do up to 60 hits before it 
    runs out.
    Mario Bros. (Arcade, NES, Atari)
    A good throwing weapon with medium damage. 
    Can be used over and over.
    Origin: Donkey Kong (Arcade, NES, 
    The second strongest weapon in the game. Once you get it, you 
    continually smash around for 15 
    seconds. Be careful though, since you are 
    limited to to only one jump.
    Origin: Legend of Zelda 
    This recovers ALL of your life..... up to 999%.
    Earthbound (SNES)
    THE strongest item! Use a Smash attack with it and they 
    will be irrecoverably launched, even 
    at 0%!!!
    Origin: Kirby's 
    Dream Land (GB)
    Takes 100% off of your damage meter.
    Origin: F-Zero (SNES)
    Once you toss it, it sticks to whatever surface 
    it touches first. If anyone gets close to it, 
    they get blasted with just 
    slightly less force than the Bob-omb.
    Origin: PokŽmon (GB)
    it and a random PokŽmon pops out.
    Onix: Rock Slide
    Koffing: Smog
    Meowth: Pay Day
    Mew: Teleport
    Charizard: Fire Spin
    Blastoise: Hydro Pump
    Hitmonlee: Jump 
    Snorlax: Body Slam
    Starmie: Swift
    Clefairy: Metronome
    Starfox 64 (N64)
    Origin: (suggested by Forcevader@aol.com) Earthbound 
    (SNES). Either would work I suppose.
    The same as Fox's blaster, but faster 
    and stronger. Has 16 shots.
    Origin: Super Mario Bros. (NES)
    very hard to use well. Throw it and it runs around on the ground level, 
    seeking out its
    prey and homing in. Almost always nails you as soon as you 
    throw it.
    Origin: Super Mario Bros. (NES)
    Makes you invincible for 
    about 10 seconds.
    Origin: Kirby's Adventure (NES)
    Like a shorter, 
    weaker Beam Sword, but can fire stars if you do a Smash 
    Origin: Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
    Has up 
    to three items inside.
    Origin: Donkey Kong (Arcade, NES, Atari)
    one item, but once thrown, rolls around until it hits somebody or falls off 
    the side.
    Origin: PokŽmon (GB)
    Has one item inside, but can be 
    carried by anyone. Appears when a Chansey does or randomly on 
    Island or Dreamland.
    Origin: Dr. Mario (???) (NES, GB, 
    Origin: (suggested by Forcevader@aol.com) Pokemon (GB). Hmmmm..... 
    Has one item inside, can be carried by 
    Castle -- Mario and Luigi's stage
    Three platforms here. The 
    one in the middle is very small. The one just below it slides 
    from left to right. The easiest way to get killes here is to throw them off 
    its at its farthest to one side and blast them a few times. The top 
    platform can be dropped 
    through. If you use a power hit from here, they'll 
    likely bounce back on to solid ground by 
    ricocheting off of one of the 
    slanted triangular blocks in midair. In the air is a bumper that 
    can mess 
    you up while you're jumping.
    Congo Jungle -- DK's 
    Surprisingly small. The bottom platform is slanted on the 
    sides, which can mess up projectiles 
    and long-range throws. On either side 
    there are two small platforms in the air that are 
    slanted in the opposite 
    angle of their lower brethren. In the middle are two flat platforms 
    circle around in an oblong pattern. Under the big lowest platform is a 
    barrel that goes 
    from side to side. This may very well be your savior if 
    you get knocked off prematurely. A 
    small note: if the screen gets really 
    hectic and you do a comeback attack from the lowest 
    level right at one of 
    the slants, you might fall through. This glitch is VERY rare, though, 
    so far has only happened to Giant DK himself.
    Hyrule Castle -- Link's 
    Fairly large. The main area is flat and long, great for 
    runners like Samus and Falcon. Above 
    that in the center are three small 
    platforms. These are best for surprise stomps. On the left 
    side is a small, 
    slanted extension of the main one which is the best place to throw people 
    from. On the right end is a lower, flatter extension that has a small (for 
    the lack of a 
    better word) room. Very small. This place is annoying and is 
    best avoided, since it disrupts 
    most attacks and often blocks the more 
    level throws. Every once in awhile, a tornado will pop 
    up. Avoid it, since 
    it often star-finishes anyone at a high percentage.
    Planet Zebes -- Samus's 
    stage (also used to fight Falcon)
    Annoying to the extreme! The 
    lower level is very bumpy and messes up any projectiles. There 
    are three 
    medium-sized platforms above it, two slanted, the top one flat. To the right 
    is a 
    very small vertically-moving platform where items usually appear. The 
    acid, however, is the 
    worst part of the stage. Unless you "accidentally" 
    jump over the edge with invincibility or 
    Kirby's Stone, you can't fall to 
    your death. The acid sends you flying upwards and may very 
    well save you, 
    just be careful since it will star-finish anyone over 75%. Once in awhile it 
    will rise up. Once it envelops the lowest parts of the main turf, it will 
    recede, only to rise 
    up to the next-highest platform, then repeat until it 
    engulfs all but the highest ground. 
    After that it'll leave you alone for 
    Yoshi's Island -- Yoshi's Stage
    The smallest stage 
    with no real threats. The main area has a slight slant in the shape of a V, 
    with no flat land. Above it are three more small platforms similar to on 
    Zebes. On the left 
    and right of the stage are clouds that only stay solid 
    for five seconds, then fade away for 
    awhile. On the left there's one, on 
    the right there's two. These very frequently save you from 
    disaster. The one of the far right is within a single jump's range of the 
    stage border 
    (which kills you) so be careful.
    Dreamland -- Kirby's stage 
    (also used to fight Ness)
    Perfectly flat, medium-sized middle 
    platform with three smaller, flat platforms above, one on 
    each side and 
    another higher and in the middle. Fairly nondescript layout, except for the 
    famous Whispy Woods tree from like every Kirby game. Once in awhile it will 
    blow a gust of 
    wind in one direction. It doesn't affect the fight 
    Sector Z -- Fox's stage
    Large. Consists of one long platform 
    and a smaller one below and to the right that makes up 
    the Great Fox's 
    engine. The slants are small sometimes, extreme others, but are always 
    sporadic (sp?). Under the "tailfin" is a little area where corner traps are 
    common. The main 
    thing about this stage is the fact that the remaining 
    members of the Starfox team commonly 
    fly by and use you for target 
    practice! Stay away from them and you'll be fine. Also, 
    something trivial 
    that I've noticed is that it takes a little longer to die once you fall down 
    off the side. A minor thing, but might mess up end-of-the-match taunts in 
    Saffron City -- Pikachu and Jigglypuff's stage
    The most 
    complex stage, for sure. There are six (count 'em) platforms here. On the 
    far left is 
    a vertically-moving, low, slanted one. To its right is a very 
    small, also low building top. 
    Right of that is a higher, flat moving one 
    similar to the first. After that is the main area. 
    It has a small slant in 
    the middle. Next to that is a small garage-type area where you can 
    stand on 
    the roof of it, constituting platform five. To its right is another building 
    The main hazard here is the wild PokŽmon that pop out of the 
    garage-thing from time to time. 
    Stay away from here as much as 
    Mushroom Kingdom
    This hidden stage is very 
    interesting. The best way to describe its layout would be to map it, 
    without further ado....
           !        .......           !
    .       .      -------
                   .   !   .          -------
      ----    ----               
              |               |
              D               |
              |               |
    This map is 
    very crude, but shows the general layout. The _ underlines are platforms 
    that you 
    can't pass through, while the - dashes are ones you can. The two 
    platforms connected by . 
    periods operate on the see-saw basis, and if one 
    gets heavier, down it goes. The P's are pipes 
    that you can go through by 
    pressing down to warp to another. Just pray that you don't come out 
    the D 
    "dropoff" pipe, which spits you right into the abyss! This area, you might 
    notice, is 
    the only pit in the thing. If you walk too far off either side, 
    you die. The ! exclamation 
    points, finally, are possible locations of the 
    POW block. Hit it and everyone on the ground 
    get launched straight up. Also 
    note that, periodially, piranha plants pop out of the pipes.
    Metal Mario's 
    Not much going on here. One medium-sized, slightly 
    bumpy main area and a small upper platform. 
    No obstacles.
    Fighting Polygon 
    Again, a fairly nondescript stage. It has a 
    very similar layout to Dreamland, but a smaller 
    main platform and no 
    Master Hand's stage
    A single large platform. 
    Awesome background 
    Source: Saffron City
    Attack: Fire Blast
     Similar to the fire flower, but slightly more lethal.
    Source: Saffron City
    Attack: Selfdestruct
    Sound:  bing, bing, 
    bing..... BOOM!
     Similar to the Bob-omb, but easier to avoid.
    Source: Saffron City
    Attack: Razor Leaf
    Sound:  "Veeee-nusaur!"
    quick volley of projectiles. Not too deadly, but easy jugglers.
    Source: Saffron City
    Attack: Tackle
    Sound:  "Barkley!" (???)
    simple jutting attack that does good damage.
    Attack: Softboiled
    Sound:  "Chansey!" (duh)
     Pops out 1-3 Chansey 
    eggs that contain items.
    Source: PokŽball
    Attack: Rock 
    Sound:  "Grwaoooorrrrr!!!"
     Drops boulders from the ceiling in the 
    immediate vicinity. Not damaging, but annoying 
    Source: PokŽball
    Attack: Smog
    Sound:  "Koffing!" (you knew 
     Blasts smoke out in a 360¡ circle. Vacuums a little, very 
    Source: PokŽball
    Attack: Pay Day
    Sound:  none, 
    strangely enough
     Similar to Koffing, but slightly harder to connect. Shoots 
    coins out.
    Source: PokŽball
    Attack: Teleport
    Sound:  "Meew!" 
     Comes out and does absolutely nothing but fly away harmlessly :^(
    Source: PokŽball
    Attack: Splash
    Sound:  "Goldeen goldeen, 
    goldeen goldeen."
     Just flops around doing nothing.... strange, I thought 
    only Magikarp used Splash?
    Source: PokŽball
    Attack: Fire 
    Sound:  "Chaaaaaaaar!!"
     Not really Fire Spin, but close enough.... 
    shoots flames out in two directions. Great protection. 
    Source: PokŽball
    Attack: Hydro Pump
    Sound:  "Blastoise!" (sounds 
     Shoots water straight forward. Not great, not bad.
    Source: PokŽball
    Attack: Growth, then Body Slam
    Sound:  "Snorlax", 
    then on the way down, "Zzzzzz.... lax....."
     Fairly viscious.... flies up, 
    then comes back down huge.
    Source: PokŽball
    Attack: Jump 
    Sound:  "Heimlech.... leeleeleelee!!" (????)
     Attacks with a single 
    power hit. Fairly strong.
    Source: PokŽball
    Sound:  "Ryu!" (uh, wrong evolution, bud)
     Comes out, locks on to 
    someone, and shoots multiple times. Great shield breaker.
    Source: PokŽball
    Attack: Metronome or possibly Mimic
    "Clefairy!" (very cute)
     Mimics another PokŽmon's 
    the game on any difficulty, with any stock, and in any amount of time. Quite 
    easy, quite. 
    In order to play her or any other hidden character, though, 
    you need to smite them in a one-
    on-one, single stock battle. Not 
    Captain Falcon
    Beat the game under 20 minutes with any 
    stock and any difficulty. Try to intentionally lose 
    the bonus rounds as 
    quickly as possible. You'll fight him if you get the "Speed King" or 
    Demon" bonus after you beat Master Hand. Try using DK.
    Beat the 
    game on Normal difficulty with only three lives.... and NO continuing! Try 
    Mario, Pikachu, or Samus.
    Beat the Bonus 1 Practice 
    challenge with all 8 original characters. (More strategy on that in 
    future, IF I get enough feedback asking for it *wink, wink*.) If you lose to 
    him, beat a 
    Bonus 1 stage again to re-fight. 
    Mew in the 
    Just unlock the four hidden characters.
    the Mushroom Kingdom arena
    Beat the game with 
    all twelve characters. After that, if you haven't played in all the arenas 
    in Vs. mode, do so now.
    Sound Test
    Beat both Bonus practices 
    with ALL 12 characters. (see my note for Luigi) The Sound Test menu 
    up in the Data screen.
    Item Switch
    Possibly, either fight 50 
    Vs. matches or get each of the eight original characters' KO stats 
    up to 
    100.... not sure. In any case, the menu appears under Vs. Options.
    Hmm.... not really a secret, but oh well. Best done 
    in Sector Z, but can also be done in 
    Hyrule Castle or Saffron City. Use a 
    character with a rapid-hit A move (Link, Kirby, Fox, 
    Pikachu, or Falcon, or 
    might be possible with the fan too). Trap your opponent against the 
    and let 'er rip! They're trapped until they get to a very high percentage, 
    then just use 
    a medium-strength hit to finish them! Very, very, VERY cheap. 
    With Pikachu, I actually got 
    someone up to 
    Stage 1: LINK
    -------- ----
    Link is 
    easy, even on Normal. Just hammer on him and toss him over the left edge. If 
    you have 
    trouble, read his character section. If you kill him by having him 
    tossed into the air by a 
    tornado, you get the Tornado Clear bonus.
    2: YOSHI TEAM (vs.18)
    -------- ----------
    Easier. Each of the Yoshis take 
    one solid hit and they're dead. If you kill them in the order 
    they appear, 
    you get the Yoshi Rainbow bonus (pretty hard).
    Stage 3: FOX 
    -------- -----------
    Not as easy as the last two, thanks to the 
    computer's timing. Basically just stomp him around 
    and toss him off the 
    side of the ship. If the Arwing's lasers kill your opponent, you get 
    ARWING Clear bonus.
    Bonus 1: Break the Targets!
    Everyone has a different course here, but they all focus 
    on hitting all the targets. The 
    hardest ones are Link's, Yoshi's, and 
    Ness's. For Link's, there's one in the top left half of 
    the screen that you 
    have to hit with a bomb thrown upward. In Yoshi's, take advantage of his 
    egg throws and air jump. In Ness's, use PK Thunder a lot.
    In each of them, 
    learn your character's jumping abilities and remember that most >+A Smash 
    attacks can go through walls. Pausing gives you a map of the whole level. 
    You'll only win this 
    if you know your character's moves by heart.
    The one 
    easy part in this and all the other bonus stages is that you do NOT have to 
    finish it 
    (thank God!). If you do finish it, however, you'll get the 
    Perfect bonus.
    Stage 4: MARIO BROTHERS (you + CPU vs. Mario and 
    -------- --------------
    This is actually pretty hard. Your helper is 
    pretty stupid, so you'll need to take matters 
    into your own hands. 
    Basically, beat on one, throw him from the lowest platform, and double-
    the remaining plumr. If you get your helper through the stage, you get the 
    Good Friend 
    bonus; if you finish without any damage to your partner, you 
    get the True Friend bonus.
    Stage 5: PIKACHU
    -------- -------
    Much easier 
    than before. Just knock him around until he dies, it's not that hard. If a 
    from the door kills him, you get the PokŽmon Finish bonus.
    6: GIANT DK (you and two CPU players vs. DK)
    -------- --------
    Hard. Items 
    are important here. Wear him up to 300% or so and throw him. If you can get 
    through this stage with both helpers alive, you get the DK Defender bonus. 
    If you can somehow, 
    someway, and God knows why clear it with neither 
    partner having any damage, you get the 
    whopping DK Perfect bonus for 50,000 
    Bonus 2: Board the Platforms!
    Another personallized course. Plenty of difficulty 
    here. For Pikachu's, use the double Quick 
    Attack to get past the spikes. 
    For Ness, slam yourself in the backside with PK Thunder. For 
    remember that the roll can go through bumpers and to time your jumps 
    perfectly. All 
    the rest are basically common sense. If you get all the 
    platforms, you will, again, get the 
    Perfect bonus.
    Stage 7: KIRBY TEAM 
    -------- ----------
    Similar to the Yoshi Team stage, except each 
    Kirby has a different persona mimiced. Use your 
    best power hits and throws 
    to finish them quickly. If you beat them in the order they appear 
    DK, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Fox, Pikachu, Kirby/hidden char.), then you get the 
    Ranks bonus.
    Stage 8: SAMUS ARAN
    -------- ----------
    The hardest 1P 
    fight by far. Be offensive and follow the advice givel in her section. She 
    often falls prey to the acid, so keep her off the top platform. Unless 
    you're Fox, don't try 
    to go into a firefight and hope to win.
    Stage 9: 
    -------- -----------
    Another hard one. Wear him to 300-400% and 
    use your strongest power hit on him while he's near 
    the edge. Since he's 
    metal, he'll walk through almost all attacks unphased. Bob-ombs, bats, 
    hammers are very helpful here.
    Bonus 3: Race to the Finish!
    Very, VERY easy. This one isn't specially fitted. 
    You'll need to clear it in 30 seconds, 
    though, or you lose. Jump over the 
    Fighting Polygons and the rolling bombs, and use good 
    judgement to get past 
    the bumpers, including rolling as a technique in your arsenal. If you
    without getting hit by anything, you get the No Damage bonus.
    Stage 10: 
    --------- ---------------------
    than the other Team stages. Each of the polygons is very, very weak. One 
    strength hit should finish each of them.
    Final Stage: MASTER 
    ------------ -----------
    Hard if you don't have a set strategy. In 
    general, jumping A and ^+A attacks work well. If 
    he points his fingers at 
    you like a gun with sparkles on the end, block. He's about to fire 
    at you. 
    If he blasts off of the screen, roll to the left end of the platform so you 
    don't get 
    drilled. Most of his other attacks are safe to block, except the 
    horizontal punch. Wear off 
    his 300 HP and you've beaten the 
    Challenge match: JIGGLYPUFF
    ---------------- ----------
    Very, very 
    easy. Just toss her around a little, and finish her with a power 
    Challenge match: CAPTAIN FALCON
    ---------------- --------------
    little harder. Beat him using the strategy in his character 
    Challenge match: NESS
    ---------------- ----
    Again, follow the 
    procedure in his 
    S.T. NUMBER: 1
    USAGE:       The intro
    COMMENTS:    Kind of cool in the mid-beginning, but otherwise, 
    fairly standard as far as game 
                 goes. The fact that it's MIDI 
    and not digital is very, very apparent.
    RATING:      **** (out of 7)
    NUMBER: 2
    USAGE:       In the demo
    ORIGIN:      original
    COMMENTS:    Simple 
    bassey tune. A little catchy, but very simple.
    RATING:      ****
    NUMBER: 3
    USAGE:       the menus
    ORIGIN:      original
    COMMENTS:    Quiet. A 
    jingle, basically.
    RATING:      *
    S.T. NUMBER: 4
    USAGE:       deeper into 
    the menus
    ORIGIN:      original
    COMMENTS:    No better than 3.
    S.T. NUMBER: 5
    USAGE:       Peach's Castle
    ORIGIN:      Outdoors in 
    countless Mario games, basically Mario's theme song
    COMMENTS:    Nice and 
    catchy, as the original was. Basically, a Jamaican-style Mario Brothers 
              theme. Simple sounds though.
    RATING:      ****
    S.T. NUMBER: 
    USAGE:       Congo Jungle
    ORIGIN:      various early jungle levels in 
    Donkey Kong Country
    COMMENTS:    I don't know why I like this.... but I do. 
    Nice rhythm and I love the bass solo 
                 a little while in. The 
    second half isn't as good, but more moody.
    RATING:      ******
    S.T. NUMBER: 
    USAGE:       Hyrule Castle
    ORIGIN:      the overworld of the first four 
    Zelda games, slightly modified each time
    COMMENTS:    Too "heroic" for my 
    liking.... sorry. It's very catchy, though. I pity you if you 
    aren't familiar with this.....
    RATING:      ***
    S.T. NUMBER: 8
    Planet Zebes
    ORIGIN:      the Brinstar music in the first Metroid
       I haven't played much of the first Metroid game, but I can tell you that 
    this is 
                 a great upgrade.... catchy and 
    RATING:      *******
    S.T. NUMBER: 9
    USAGE:       Yoshi's 
    ORIGIN:      certain levels in Yoshi's Story
    COMMENTS:    I like this 
    version a lot better than the YS version, but I wish they'd give SMW2 
            a little more attention.... it was a LOT better than its sequel 
    RATING:      *****
    S.T. NUMBER: 10
    USAGE:       Dreamland
    Gourmet Race in Kirby Superstar
    COMMENTS:    I've been waiting for some KSS 
    music upgrades! Extremely catchy, and kinda 
    S.T. NUMBER: 11
    USAGE:       Sector Z
    ORIGIN:      mission 
    intro music from Starfox 64
    COMMENTS:    Ack.... boring! Sorry, it's not my 
    cup of tea. Now, if they would have put in 
                 some SF1 music in 
    RATING:      **
    S.T. NUMBER: 12
    USAGE:       Saffron City
         the main theme of PokŽmon, in the anime show's version
    Heh.... what can I say? I love all things PokŽmon, and this is no 
    RATING:      ******
    S.T. NUMBER: 13
    USAGE:       Mushroom 
    ORIGIN:      SMB1.... exactly!
    COMMENTS:    Wow! Talk about 
    nostalgia. This is an exact replica of the "beep, beep, boop" 
    Mario Brothers 1 music!
    RATING:      *****
    S.T. NUMBER: 14
    less than 30" left in Mushroom Kingdom
    ORIGIN:      SMB1
    Hehehe.... they really went to some lengths to recreate the feel didn't 
                 Guess Miyamoto-san's still got a soft spot for his early 
    RATING:      *****
    S.T. NUMBER: 15
    USAGE:       Mario or Luigi's 
    winning music
    ORIGIN:      getting the flag up in Mario 1
    Hmm.... not much to say here.... kinda overenthusiastic.
    S.T. NUMBER: 16
    USAGE:       DK victory
    ORIGIN:      Beating a boss in 
    Donkey Kong Country
    COMMENTS:    This thing's actually missing two notes.... 
    wierd, eh?
    RATING:      ****
    S.T. NUMBER: 17
    USAGE:       Link 
    ORIGIN:      a spinoff of the classic Zelda theme
    Hmm.... no problems here.
    RATING:      ***
    S.T. NUMBER: 18
    Samus victory
    ORIGIN:      Getting an upgrade in any Metroid game
       A little unfitting, but I guess it was the best they could do.
    S.T. NUMBER: 19
    USAGE:       Yoshi victory
    ORIGIN:      Beating a 
    level in Yoshi's Story
    COMMENTS:    Ack! Whistles! Happiness! ..... 
    RATING:      **
    S.T. NUMBER: 20
    USAGE:       Kirby victory
        Beating a level in most traditional Kirby games
    COMMENTS:    Hits the 
    wrong notes, at least in my ears.
    RATING:      **
    S.T. NUMBER: 21
        Fox victory
    ORIGIN:      Beating a level in SF64
    COMMENTS:    none 
    RATING:      ****
    S.T. NUMBER: 22
    USAGE:       Pikachu or Jiggles 
    ORIGIN:      spinoff of the PokŽmon theme
    RATING:      ***
    S.T. NUMBER: 23
    USAGE:       Falcon victory
          Beating a track in F-Zero X
    COMMENTS:    All right! I've been waiting 
    for this thing!
    RATING:      *****
    S.T. NUMBER: 24
    USAGE:       Ness 
    ORIGIN:      the last part of the Sound Stone's melody in 
    COMMENTS:    Thanks to Scott Zdankiewicz at smz@cisunix.unh.edu 
    for telling me about this.
    RATING:      ***
    S.T. NUMBER: 25
    after a personal win theme ends
    ORIGIN:      original
    RATING:      **
    S.T. NUMBER: 26
    USAGE:       when you get the 
    ORIGIN:      Donkey Kong, under the same circumstances
    Wow.... beep-perfect!
    RATING:      ****
    S.T. NUMBER: 27
    ORIGIN:      who knows how many Mario games
    Similar to that in Kart 64....
    RATING:      **
    S.T. NUMBER: 28
    the profiles
    ORIGIN:      original
    COMMENTS:    Another jingle
    S.T. NUMBER: 29
    USAGE:       *fighter 1* vs. *fighter 2* screen
    COMMENTS:    Ooh.... nice!
    RATING:      *****
    S.T. NUMBER: 
    USAGE:       *you* vs. Master Hand screen
    ORIGIN:      original
        Very foreboding (sp?)
    RATING:      ***
    S.T. NUMBER: 31
    USAGE:       the 
    hand's entrance
    ORIGIN:      original
    COMMENTS:    See above
    S.T. NUMBER: 32
    USAGE:       the last fight
    COMMENTS:    Frantic techno-esque sound
    RATING:      *******
    NUMBER: 33
    USAGE:       the bonuses
    ORIGIN:      original
    RATING:      **
    S.T. NUMBER: 34
    USAGE:       after a 1P 
    ORIGIN:      original
    COMMENTS:    Fanfare, nothing fancy
    S.T. NUMBER: 35
    USAGE:       after beating the Hand
    COMMENTS:    Nice.... sounds almost like a lullaby. Very 
    RATING:      ******
    S.T. NUMBER: 36
    USAGE:       after a 
    winning Bonus
    ORIGIN:      original
    COMMENTS:    see 33
    S.T. NUMBER: 37
    USAGE:       after a losing bonus
    RATING:      ***
    S.T. NUMBER: 38
    Fighting Polygon Team
    ORIGIN:      original
    COMMENTS:    Frantic. Reminds me 
    of Kirby music.
    RATING:      ******
    S.T. NUMBER: 39
    USAGE:       Metal 
    ORIGIN:      original
    COMMENTS:    Hard to follow the tune
    S.T. NUMBER: 40
    USAGE:       a challenge match intro
    COMMENTS:    Hehehe....
    RATING:      ******
    S.T. NUMBER: 41
           showing you an unlocked bonus
    ORIGIN:      original
    *blink blink*
    RATING:      ****
    S.T. NUMBER: 42
    USAGE:       just after 
    beating da hand
    ORIGIN:      original
    COMMENTS:    Little music, little 
    RATING:      *
    S.T. NUMBER: 43
    USAGE:       after saying no at a 
    Continue screen
    ORIGIN:      original
    COMMENTS:    Ooh.... one note! 
    RATING:      **
    S.T. NUMBER: 44
    USAGE:       After you choose not to 
    ORIGIN:      original
    RATING:      ***
    S.T. NUMBER: 
    USAGE:       the credits
    ORIGIN:      original
    COMMENTS:    Nice and 
    upbeat, one of the few original songs I like
    NAME: Sibling Rivalry
    ORIGIN: Mario Brothers (Arcade, 
    NES, Atari)
    PLAYERS: Mario, Luigi
    COLORS: red, green
    DAMAGE: 50%
    ITEMS: Bob-omb, Shell, Fire Flower, Star
    ARENA: Peach's 
    COMMENTS: Luigi's always been stronger, but less popular than Mario. 
    Now, it's time to see who 
    is the stronger brother once and for all! At 50%, 
    the damage will have to be high in order for 
    any kills, around 250%. Make 
    sure you taunt a lot!
    NAME: Super Mario World
    ORIGIN: ""     ""     " 
    PLAYERS: Mario & Yoshi vs. Luigi & Yoshi
    COLORS: red, red, green, 
    DAMAGE: 100%
    TEAMS: yes
    ITEMS: Bob-omb, Shell, Fire Flower, 
    APPEARANCE %: Very Low
    ARENA: Mushroom Kingdom
    COMMENTS: After more 
    than eight years of disbandment, the Mario brothers and the Yoshis have 
    finally teamed back up. Try to have the two best players be the 
    NAME: Donkey Kong 4
    ORIGIN: original DK games (Arcade, NES, 
    PLAYERS: Mario, DK
    COLORS: brown & yellow, brown
    DAMAGE: 100%
    ITEMS: Hammer
    APPEARANCE %: very low
    ARENA: Mushroom Kingdom
    The rematch of the century! This time, though, DK can use the hammers too. 
    Have the 
    better player be DK for more nostalgia.
    NAME: The 
    ORIGIN: Kirby's Dream Land (heh)(GB)
    PLAYERS: Link, Kirby, 
    COLORS: white, yellow, normal
    DAMAGE: 100%
    TEAMS: no
    ITEMS: Star 
    Rod, Heart, Star
    APPEARANCE %: very low
    ARENA: Dream Land
    Zzzzzzzz... Zzzzzzzz.... Work in a lot of Sing attacks.
    NAME: Smash 
    ORIGIN: PokŽmon (GB)
    PLAYERS: Pikachu, Jigglypuff
    COLORS: both 
    DAMAGE: 100%
    TEAMS: no
    ITEMS: PokŽball
    APPEARANCE %: high
    Saffron City
    COMMENTS: PokŽmon 64! (I wish....)
    NAME: Pink, It's My New 
    ORIGIN: Aerosmith
    PLAYERS: Samus, Falcon, Luigi, Fox (Orie Guo 
    suggested to put Link instead of Fox, but Link's 
             more of a dark red. Feel free to use that though.)
    COLORS: pink, 
    white & pink, pink, purple
    DAMAGE: 115%
    TEAMS: no
    ITEMS: none
    ARENA: Yoshi's Island
    COMMENTS: Make sure the taunts abound 
    NAME: Futurama
    ORIGIN: Matt Groening
    PLAYERS: Samus, Falcon, 
    COLORS: Brown, gray, normal
    DAMAGE: 100%
    TEAMS: no
    ITEMS: Beam Sword, 
    Motion Sensor Bomb, PokŽball, Ray Gun
    APPEARANCE %: middle
    ARENA: Sector 
    COMMENTS: "This presents a problem." (--E-102 Gamma, Sonic 
    NAME: Battle of the Sexes
    PLAYERS: Samus & Jigglypuff 
    vs. Falcon & Ness
    COLORS: red, red, blue, blue
    DAMAGE: 100%
    ITEMS: Fan, Homerun Bat
    APPEARANCE %: very low
    ARENA: Planet 
    COMMENTS: Okay, okay.... the men have better players than the women. 
    So sue me. >:^,
    NAME: Friends Battle
    ORIGIN: Jason Ludka 
    PLAYERS: Mario & Luigi vs. Pikachu & Jiggles
    COLORS: red, 
    white, normal, normal
    DAMAGE: 100%
    TEAMS: yes
    ITEMS: Pokeball, Fire 
    APPEARANCE %: very high
    ARENA: 50% in Saffron City, 25% in Peach's 
    Castle, 25% in Mushroom Kingdom
    COMMENTS: You can figure the arena out any 
    way you like......
    NAME: Improved Bros. 
    ORIGIN: Jason Ludka 
    PLAYERS: Mario, Mario, Luigi
    COLORS: red, yellow, white (by 
    hat color)
    DAMAGE: 200%
    TEAMS: no
    ITEMS: Fire Flower, Shell, Star
    %: normal
    ARENA: Mushroom Kingdom
    COMMENTS: Yay, my first two contributed 
    battles! :^) Keep it up people!
    NAME: The Cute and the Dead
    ORIGIN: none 
    really, the name is from a movie known as "The Quick and the Dead"
    (submitted by Scott Zdankiewicz (smz@cisunix.unh.edu))
    PLAYERS: Yoshi, 
    Kirby, Pikachu, and Jigglypuff.
    COLORS: normal
    DAMAGE: 125%
    ITEMS: Star Wand, Heart Container, Maxim Tomato, Bumper, Fan
    %: Medium
    ARENA: Yoshi's Island
    COMMENTS:Ê A knock-down drag-out bout to see 
    who's the cutest of all!Ê The
    higher damage ensures that the weaker, cuter 
    fighters will be easily
    knocked out.Ê The items are of the healing, or least 
    damage inflicted,
    adding to the gentle nature, which will definitely crumble 
    once the word GO
    is uttered. 
    NAME: Revenge of the Sidekicks
    Revenge of the Nerds, possibly (a movie)
            (submitted by 
    PLAYERS: Mario vs. Yoshi and Luigi
    COLORS: normal
    TEAMS: yes
    ITEMS: shells, Bob-ombs, bats, stars
    ARENA: Yoshi's Island
    COMMENTS: Mario should be the worst character, 
    the greenie meanies being the better. As Yoshi 
    would say, "You've sat on me 
    for the last time! Let's rumble!"
    NAME: Batter up!
    ORIGIN: (submitted by 
    PLAYERS: DK, DK, DK, Jigglypuff
    COLORS: defaults for the 
    DK's, and normal for the Jigglypuff
    DAMAGE: 150%
    TEAMS: All three DK's 
    against Jigglypuff
    ITEMS: Home Run Bat
    APPEARANCE %: very high
    Saffron City
    COMMENTS: Three strikes you're 
    And that's it. Hope you enjoyed the show, yadda yadda 
    yadda. For my next updates, I need you 
    *points* to help me! Here's how:
    think up some new terms
    * let me know if I left a term out of the 
    * help me think of some new nicknames for the characters
    * help 
    me think up more theme battles
    * let me know about my speling erors :^)
    tell me what you think of the thing
    * let me know if you want more 
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    all the other excellent games that contributed to this. Good 
    night, God bless, and happy 
    This FAQ is protected by international copyright law, so 
    don't plagerize! It tags you as a 
    good-for-nothing lamer and also is 
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    be out there somewhere). All the other trademarks I haven't 
    mentioned are 
    respected and feared. The only things I claim rights to are this FAQ and my 
    ...nothing else. Alright? Alright.
    If you see stuff from here in a 
    Smash Brothers FAQ by one Articuno 64, don't worry, I gave him 
    Also, this guide may be found at any website as long as they 
    give me credit and a link to my 
    to BLCKBLT356@aol.com for a theme battle.
    - to Orie Guo at 
    tyrant2006@hotmail.com for a strategy for Ness, some stuff on Fox and a 
    suggestion on how to modify one of the theme battles.
    - to Danno586@aol.com 
    for yet another theme battle and for reminding me about a little fact 
    about Yoshi.
    - to Forcevader@aol.com for some item descriptions, nicknames 
    for Samus and Fox, and more 
      enemies for Pikachu.
    - to Scott Zdankiewicz 
    at smz@cisunix.unh.edu for giving me another theme battle and some 
    about Ness.
    - to Jason Ludka at jludka@msn.com for telling me some stuff on 
    Yoshi and contributing two 
      theme battles.
    - to all the other FAQ writers 
    on gamefaqs.com. Without you, I wouldn't be as good as I am.
    - to all my 
    peeps that lost to me. Rest in peace, brothers :^)
    - to Tripod, GameFAQs, 
    Hotmail, ICQ, and Spree for all that they've let me do.
    - to my mom and dad, 
    who buy me my games and my food (in order of importance).
    - to anyone I 
    forgot to mention, for whatever you did.
    - to God especially, for being cool 
    and giving me such a talent (?) for 

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