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FAQ by AlphabetMan

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 11/11/99

By Joel Rogers (aka. AlphabetMan)

Version 2.0
Last updated, November 11, 1999


     -Peach's Castle
     -Planet Zebes
     -Saffron City
     -Dream Land
     -Congo Jungle
     -Yoshi's Island
     -Sector Z
     -Hyrule Castle
     -Mushroom Kingdom
     -Level 1 Link
     -Level 2 18 Yoshi's
     -Level 3 Fox
     -Hit The Targets Bonus Game
     -Level 4 The Mario Brothers
     -Level 5 Pikachu
     -Level 6 Giant DK
     -Board The Platforms Bonus Game
     -Level 7 8 Kirby's
     -Level 8 Samus
     -Level 9 Metal Mario
     -Race To The Finish!
     -Level 10 30 Polygons
     -Level 11 The Giant Hand
     -Beating The Secret Characters
     -Frequently Asked Questions About Bonus Games
     -Mean Tactics
     -Captain Falcon
     -Item Selection for Multiplayer
     -Sound Test
     -See Samus Without Her Suit
     -Quick Recovery
     -Rotate Characters
     -Kirby's Power Loss
     -Change Outfits

-Added some multiplayer strategies
-Added some team strategies
-Fixed minor errors
-Added four new secrets
-Added "Frequently Asked Questions About Bonus Games" section
-Added some tips for getting Ness and beating Metal Mario
-Added "Seeing Samus Out Of Her Suit" to the secrets section. 
-Added more tips to the Mushroom Kingdom Stage
-Added tip for getting Captn' Falcon
-Added details to the contents section
-Minor changes to getting Captn' Falcon
-Made faq slightly easier to navigate through
-Minor changes not worth mentioning
-Added tips for single player
-Added "Beating the secret characters" section to single player
-Added the "Mushroom Kingdom" stage in the secrets section
-Added the "Mean Tactics" Section to Multiplayer
-Fixed some minor grammar errors
-Single player strategies completed
-Checked for grammar mistakes
-Multiplayer Strategies added
-Secrets added
-Initial release of this FAQ!
-Finished write-up of Levels

Super Smash Brothers is a great game. It's no Tekken 3 but why should I compare 
when a game like this deserves it's own genre? Don't think of it as a fighting 
game... but more like an adventure with a fighting element.

Please give me feedback and anything else you find out about this game that I 
don't have in this FAQ to alphabetman@home.com. I'd gladly accept any tips.

I've never copied someone's work before (except school but this is a different 
matter). I respect the work people will put into their FAQ's, so I hope you give 
this FAQ the same respect that I have given others.

-Home of Mario and Luigi
Since this level is small, it's pretty easy to get knocked around. The ramp on 
either side provides excellent momentum for a recovery, so take advantage of it 
and pull off a double jump when your opponent turns the other way. The best 
feature about this level is the large platform on the bottom, moving left and 
right. Chances are 50-50 that the moving platform will be in your benefit if 
you're falling over the edge of the level.

-Home of Samus
This is one of the most challenging levels. The yellow stuff along the bottom of 
the level stops anyone from actually falling into oblivion. Only some damage is 
done to the falling player and he/she springs back up onto a platform above, but 
if a character has taken a lot of punishment, there's a good chance that the 
character will fall off the top of the screen. The level of this yellow stuff 
rises and lowers throughout a game. Sometimes during a fight it will rise high 
enough to cover all the platforms but one, so things get a little crammed when 
it gets that high.

-Home of Pikachu
This is quite a simple level. Only a couple of rising and lowering platforms on 
the left get some attention. A building in the middle of the level has a door 
that will open several times during a battle and spit a pokémon out to cause 
some chaos. The only time battle is really interrupted by this is when 
Charmander pops out and fries everyone in sight.

-Home of Kirby
This is a very plain level. There's a tree in the middle that will blow air, 
either to it's left or to it's right. Anyone in front of it will get a little 
push, including those standing on the edge.

-Home of Donkey Kong
This jungle-based level has some variety. The second level of ramps along the 
top of the screen has more surface area so people can walk more freely above. 
There's a barrel at the bottom of the level that may catch falling players. When 
someone falls into one, it will begin to rotate. When the player presses a 
button, he/she will be shot in the direction the arrow on the barrel is 
pointing. Just be careful not to launch yourself into the abyss at 50 Miles per 
hour. There's also a cool trick that can be done in this level. If you are 
falling off the side, you can actually come up through the bottom floor of the 

-Home of Yoshi
Other than the clouds that will disappear three seconds after stepping on them, 
this level is pretty basic. There is one of these clouds on each side of the 
level. Use them to recover from falls ONLY. Don't spend time sitting on them 
launching projectiles into the crowd.

-Home of Fox
This is a great 4-player level. It takes place on top of the Great Fox from 
Starfox 64. The only (unfair) part about this level worth taking note of, is the 
Arwing that comes down occasionally and blasts the heck out of any player in the 
Arwings' path. If someone falls down to the lower area, towards the right side 
of the level, a triple jump must be performed in order to get back up (double 
jump, then press UP+B).

-Home of Link
This is a well-designed level. It has platforms and varying heights of the 
ground level. The one thing about this level that must be watched out for is the 
tornado that can appear anywhere on the level, at any time. If an unsuspecting 
player takes a trip into one of these tornadoes, he/she will be promptly blown 
up into the air, and possibly into oblivion.

-Home of the Original Mario and Original Luigi
Other than the repetitive classical music this level is pretty good. There are 
three heights and a couple of moving platforms in the middle. Don't spend much 
time on them, as they'll quickly give way and you'll be falling to your doom 
before you know it. There are also piranha plants to watch for. They don't do 
much damage, but they can become rather annoying when you are separated from 
your opponent. There are three warp pipes in this stage. To use one, step over 
it and press down. You will go into the pipe and appear on either the other side 
of the map, or on the wall of a bottemless pit. When taking the risk of pipe 
usage, be ready to double jump out of the pit in the middle of the level.

Level 1- Link
This battle is a joke. I saw a beginner total Link on the normal mode. Just keep 
smacking him and he'll be dead in a few seconds. Link will even walk into you 
and not throw out any attacks.

Level 2- 18 Yoshi's
Don't be intimidated by the number. The Yoshi's suck. It's plain and simple. 
One, maybe two hits for each one and the Yoshi's will be gone. Each Yoshi will 
fly farther than a normal character, so a single hard hit will be fatal for each 
of the Yoshi's.

Level 3- Fox
This is the first challenging foe. The trick to taking Fox out is not to grab 
but to keep him in the air. Just keep smashing him up in the air until he's 
about %70 and give him a good smack into orbit.

Hit The Targets Bonus Game
Hit the targets bonus game for the player character will occur. If you die in 
the bonus you won't lose any lives in the single player game.

Level 4- The Mario Brothers
This isn't easy. You will team up with one other random character. It's best to 
separate them then run over to the other brother and beat him up a little. The 
best move against the both of them is a low attack. It's not difficult to grab 
them, but it risks getting pounded by an uppercut.

Level 5- Pikachu
This little pokémon can pack a punch. Whatever you do, don't try to give him any 
hits that will make him go vertical. He'll just come back down and fry you. To 
take out Pikachu, you must be swift. Run up to him when he's standing, and give 
him a hard side attack. Be cautious jumping over him because he might try to hit 
you with a lightning bolt.

Level 6- Giant Donkey Kong
You'll team up with two other characters to take out this mammoth. There is only 
one way to defeat this beast. Pure smashing and bashing. With enough hits he'll 
go over for sure. The battle isn't very hard since you have two other AI 
controlled characters on your team. You can actually grab Giant DK. If your 
character has a good throw, this level will be easy. 

Board The Platforms Bonus Game
Board the platforms bonus game for the player character will occur. If you die 
in the bonus you won't lose any lives in the single player game.

Level 7- 8 Kirby's
This is a little more difficult than the fight with the Yoshi's. They'll 
sometimes beat each other up so try to get them grouped. The trick with this 
level is finding the most powerful move with the character you control. Use it 
and it will send a Kirby flying. If it only takes on hit, you've found the move. 
Don't try to grab them. 80% of the time a grab is attempted they will hit you 

Level 8- Samus
This is hard. The trick here is to stay high and avoid any close contact with 
the yellow stuff. Samus will come to you so don't risk going to low, unless 
there's an item of course. Another helpful trick here is to JUMP. Jump like mad 
and you'll most likely survive. Samus' main attack will be the gun throughout 
the level.

Level 9- Metal Mario
This guy is incredible. You can smash him again and again- it seems like he 
lives forever. All it takes is about %140 damage on him. Just lure him close to 
an edge then give him a hurl. He'll be gone after a couple of throws. If you are 
still having trouble with Metal Mario try getting close to him then launching an 
attack, then jump away. Continue to repeat this until he's got enough damage for 
you to knock him over.

Race To The Finish!
This bonus isn't found under the single player menu. This is the only time to 
play it. You start at the top of a tower, your objective is to race to the 
bottom while enemies try to take you out. There are also obstacles around to 
bother you even more. The first obstacle are some explosive wheels. Jump over 
them. The second obstacle are some bouncers. Just jump over those too.

Level 10- 30 Polygons
This level is easy and fun. One hit with nearly all attacks will send one of 
these freaks flying. In fact, if you look carefully, these polygons are actually 
characters from the game! If you want to avoid any damage at all, pick up an 
item and swing it at them. One hit from almost any weapon will kill a polygon.

Level 11- The Giant Hand
This guy is tough, or so he's rumoured to be. There's a trick that many people 
don't seem to realise, BLOCK. By pressing the Z button, your character will 
bring up a shield making it invincible against any attacks until it runs out of 
energy. The Hand has 300 hit points and instead of knocking it off the screen, 
you have to fight it to the death. When the hand points a finger close to your 
character on a 45-degree angle, just do a double jump and the attack will be 
dodged. When the hand seems to catch on fire, do another double jump to dodge 
the incoming finger. Most of the other moves are best avoided by blocking.

Check the secrets section to find out how to encounter these characters

Jigglypuff is pretty easy. Don't stand still next to her for too long because 
she might try to put you to sleep. This will make you vulnerable to a very 
powerful attack. Try to keep her off the edge by standing there, waiting for her 
to grab hold of it. When she comes close just pound her and send her flying.

Captain Falcon
Falcon is pretty hard (at least for me). It took me two tries to take him out. I 
think the only best way is to jump close to lure him, then hit and then jump 
away. If available, launch some projectiles while standing away. 

This guy is hard. I was lucky enough to take him on my first try. Ness is slow. 
Don't do two things: Don't stay away from him for too long and don't stay close 
for too long. He has a projectile attack that will cause some minor, but 
annoying damage. He also has a bat attack at close range that will knock you 
silly. The secret to taking Ness out is to attack him from a medium distance. 
Stay far enough away to avoid his bat (just like the bat item) and close enough 
to avoid tempting him of launching any projectiles. Safely stand about 1/2 
screen length from him and fire your own projectiles. Take him down to about 80% 
then try a RAM attack (run + A) He might fly over the edge. If he tries to get 
back on, hit him one more time for a finishing blow. If you're playing as luigi, 
lure him to the top of the level, then uppercut to send him out of the level.

Q-How do I get the last target high up in Link's Bonus level?
A-You can use either a bomb, or a boomerang. I haven't confirmed the boomerang, 
but here's how it's done. If you're using a bomb, you'll have to get it from the 
bottom. Fire off a double jump, then at the peak of your double jump, throw the 
bomb into the air, you may or may not hit the target, this tactic takes 
practice. The other option is to use the boomerang. You can either throw it up 
from below the target or throw it to the side from next to the target on a 
higher platform.

Typically in a team game, players of the same team will naturally separate and 
fight an adjacent opponent, and thus the purpose of team play has been defeated. 
Instead of this "separating" just pretend to separate as normal and take your 
opponent by surprise and team up on one of the two enemies. Damage is done 
faster and your team has a few moments before the other player jumps into the 
brawl. If lucky you might even boot one of the other team members right out of 
the game this way, and thus almost guaranteeing victory. 

Another strategy would be to combing moves together. One player, for example, 
would smash an enemy into the air and the other would fire up a jump kick or any 
other strong air attack that might send an opponent sailing.

This is considerably more difficult than the team option. The most important 
skill necessary in free-for-all mode is the ability to keep track of your 
character. Losing track of who is who in this game is fatal. Learn to identify 
your character from a distance.

Another great technique is the ability to pull your enemy away from the main 
area of combat. This way you can only expect dangers from one player and not 
three. If you're playing a beginner, just keep pounding him/her into the air 
then do a hard hit to the side to send him out of the arena. If you're playing 
someone considerably skilled, start with projectiles then move in, jump, and 
launch a strong attack during descent. If successful you'll knock your enemy off 
his/her feet causing vulnerability. Try a grab and send him flying. If you can 
successfully juggle this player go for it, otherwise you might have to do some 
hit and runs until he's too weak to take any more punishment without going 

There are hundreds of things you can do to players to really piss them off. 
These tricks also work in single player.

SMASH 'N BASH: Some characters, particularly Link, are able to fire off a rapid 
fire attack. This isn't very popular since it doesn't do a lot of damage. If you 
trap another player against a wall, it can become the most devastating attack in 
the game. Since all attacks in Super Smash Brothers pushes other players away, 

BATTERS UP: This is an all time favourite. If ANY player is hit by a smash 
attack with a bat, that player is as good as dead. No one can survive the might 
of the bat. The only problem with it is the waiting time before the swing is 
done. So time it. If another player is jumping down from a higher edge, position 
yourself a little to the right or left of the estimated landing point. Start 
your swing and hopefully by the time this player hits the ground he/she will go 
for an orbital tour.

THROWING: This is by far the best tactic. If you manage to hit a player hard 
enough he/she will fly off the arena. This may not be the end of the battle, in 
fact, the enemy player might get back on. If you have a beam sword or a bat in 
hand run up to the ledge that the player flew off of. When the player come back 
to get more, give it to him. Throw by pressing Z + => + A. If you hit the player 
has he/she approaches you, death will be inevitable. This tactic works with just 
about any item that can be thrown. 

KIRBY'S CRUSH: This trick only works with Kirby. The player using Kirby must be 
playing on a stage with slanted ramps, such as Yoshi's Island. All you have to 
do with Kirby is to press DOWN + B to turn into a brick. Make sure you're 
standing on one of these ramps.  As a brick you will slide down the ramp into 
the battle, crushing all of the gladiators and possibly sending them to their 

DK'S KAMIKAZE: Quite a simple tactic. If you're playing as Donkey Kong, and you 
have taken some serious damage, just grab the enemy and walk over the edge. 
Donkey Kong's ability to walk around while holding something is excellent in 
this situation. However don't get careless, you die along with your opponent, 
which means this is only good if you have a higher stock, or you're playing 
teams. Be cautious too because a player stuck in a hold is able to break free.

GANG BEATING: This move can only be pulled when you are playing in a team game. 
It's quite simple too. Have your teammate grab one of your enemies and hold him 
while Captain Falcon can fire off a Falcon Punch. If the player you hit has 50% 
damage or more, it's more than likely that player will get knocked out of the 
ring. This trick works very well with a wound up Donkey Kong punch or Samus' 
powered up shot.

To get the "Mushroom Kingdom" secret stage:
Beat the game with all of the original eight characters on any difficulty, any 
number of lives, and any number of continues. This includes DK, Samus, Mario, 
Link, Kirby, Pikachu, Fox, and Yoshi. You also need to play on all of the 
original eight arenas for multiplayer. If done correctly, you'll see a screen 
telling you that the stage has been unlocked.

To get Luigi:
Beat the "Bonus 1 Practice" game found in the single player menu with the 
original 8 characters. This includes Yoshi, Mario, Samus, Kirby, Link, DK, 
Pikachu, and Fox.

To get Jigglypuff:
Beat the game on ANY difficulty, with ANY number of lives, and with ANY 
character. Use as many continues as you like. Beat Jigglypuff at the end of the 
game to gain the ability to use her.

To get Captain Falcon:
Beat the game in less than 20 minutes. DO NOT use any continues as this would 
disable any chance of fighting Captain Falcon at the end of the game. Beating 
him gives you the ability to use him. The bonus games count too, so you should 
probably just kill yourself on the first two and save yourself some time. It 
doesn't matter if you get him with, or without the timer activated.

To get Ness:
This is challenging. Set the game difficulty to "Normal" and set the number of 
lives to 3. Beat the game without any continues and you will have a chance to 
fight Ness. Beat him and you can use him.

To get Item Selection for Multiplayer:
Play 50 multiplayer games under the VS menu. Don't worry you don't have to play 
50 all at once, I turned the game off frequently playing maybe 5 each time it 
was on and I eventually got it.

To get the Sound Test:
Beat both of the bonus game under the Single Player menu with ALL 12 characters. 
That's every single character including the secret ones.

See Samus Without Her Suit:
Samus can only be seen out of her suit for a moment. To do this, get her 
electrocuted (Pikachu's lightning, Fox's gun, Ness' lightning, etc). In the 
flash she can be seen without her suit. If you are having trouble viewing this, 
try it in training mode and setting the speed to 1/4 normal.

Quick Recovery:
After being hit into the air, tap Z as soon as you hit the ground. When you hit 
the ground, you will spring up from the ground quickly, and you can be back in 
the game faster. Also, you can press forward or backward to roll after you have 
sprung back into play.

Rotate Characters:
You can rotate and view the characters from different angles by entering the 
character bio section and holding Z. You can use the analog stick to move them 

Kirby's Power Loss:
Press the L Button to pull of Kirby's "Hello!" taunt and he will discard 
whatever power he had previously taken on.

Change Outfits:
You can change your character's outfits by tapping the four C Buttons at the 
character select screen. Some costume changes are limited to colors, but 
characters like Pikachu are also available with a hat.

Well I should give credit to those who played Multiplayer with me:

Peter Bethell
Barry Chan
Roy Chan
Joey Grant
Stephen Horsley
Juraj Korbelik
Scott Price
Matthew Tan

These are some more people who gave me good suggestions/tips

Devin Brady 
Daniel Hixson
Raw Fingers
Keith Seals
Jason Ludka
Reverend Raven

Also I should give credit to those that brought us this great game:


Please submit any ideas/suggestions 

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