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Probably the best RPG for N64... Wow it's even better than Quest! *snicker* 03/09/01 Addictedtogamez
Feather-light RPG Fun with Mario 04/02/07 Binro
It's rare that I dish out perfect 10s, but this N64 sleeper hit can have as many as it wants 10/27/10 Blue Blob
An excellent blend of depth and simplicity make Paper Mario an easily accessible and enjoyable role-playing experience 12/14/10 c_rake
Super Mario RPG - Squaresoft = Paper Mario 05/13/09 Crack Addict
This is truly one of the best games ever made. 01/22/07 Crazee Boy
2.5-D Goodness: Nintendo scores with probably the last good game of its generation 07/16/07 cronolink9
An excellent adventrue for the N64 03/28/01 Dark33
It's Great to Read Books... 01/04/10 EJRICH
The characters are flat, and so are the flaws! (If there are any) 06/24/09 gamer_boy997
Unbelievably fun, but so, so easy... 06/16/01 Iowa Boy
6 Years on... How does it compare now? 09/05/07 itwasgud
It's about damn time! 01/07/02 Jaksiel
Paper to the Rescue! 04/09/07 Joe Blow
Paper Mario is one of those games where you will cherish your first playthrough for years to come. 12/07/06 KnightsoftheRound
Imagine all the trees that had to die to make this game... 06/23/06 mario man4
Mario meets Calista Flockhart 10/24/01 matt91486
We're killing trees, and damned if it ain't worth it. 04/30/07 MSuskie
Wonderful Mario RPG fun. 06/30/08 Nemesissy
Paper + Mario = Instant classic 08/20/02 NES4EVER
Mario breaks it down in 2D. 11/09/03 nzgamefaqs
The original game in Nintendo's traditional RPG series. 08/20/07 ShadowAspect
Now you're playing with Paper! 05/21/10 SilverMelee
All of Mario's goodness into this great RPG, as well as not being made by Square? Wow! 04/03/09 Skolar_Star
Best...Mario...RPG...Ever 01/18/11 StephenYap3
A Blast from the Past! 08/11/08 TripleJump
Awesome game! Need say anything else? *is on writer's block* 08/01/05 VivianxCortez
The first of the paper mario series still is amazing 10 years after its release 04/04/11 Webster1209
A breath of fresh air in the RPG genre 06/19/08 WishingTikal

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Would I get this game again? 07/18/07 americanimafan
Cool game by Nintendo. 02/12/01 AVexer
If only the side quests weren't so annoying.... 03/06/01 Bondii
An overlooked masterpiece 07/28/09 buruburu1
Don't underestimate the power of papers!!! 01/05/10 chibikittiez
A Excellent Example of 02/26/01 Couch Chimpanzee
RPG! Action! Adventure! Platform! Puzzle! Strategy! Everything but the paper cuts!! 02/18/01 CyricZ
A Great Game with some Minor Flaws 10/16/07 Darkdoomsday
One of the Best Games Ever? I think so. 07/17/07 Darth_Xemnas
One of The Top N64 Games, a Must-Play 02/17/09 DragonHerald
Gah! What is this? Yes! Paper with a very addicting purpose! 03/09/01 Eaichu250
All the fun of playing with paper, without the paper cuts! 09/10/07 Fin_Obelius
A paper you WILL like 03/13/01 Gohan
Really Awesome Game. Everyone should try it. 02/24/01 Haunter12O
I always knew paper was underrated 06/22/01 JAndonuts
A wonderful RPG with few flaws, suffers from low replay value 06/29/09 Jimleko
A real treat for OG Mario gamers. 11/07/01 KeijiKG
A fantabulous game indeed. 05/07/01 kidc0der
Great, although it has it share of problems.... 02/26/01 locke1010
Take SquareSoft out of the picture and everything goes to hell! 10/06/02 LordAtomic
A Great adventure that Luigi dosen't go on 03/14/01 Magicuser
Who ever thought you could have so much fun with paper? 02/26/01 Mikerom
This Paper gets an A+ 02/13/01 MixedBiznessMystic
Paper Mario is a fun game worth playing 02/19/13 Mopbrothers
Good, but not what I expected 11/08/01 N Master
I still can't believe it's only paper... 07/31/03 Nexxt
Worst game? I think not! This game rocks! 02/25/08 Nuts4Nintendo
I didn't know they could make mascot games this good anymore! 02/13/01 Oldschoolplayer
Not a Bad Game, but Could Have Been A lot Better 11/26/07 Radient_Light
Mario is back and better than ever... on paper! 02/20/02 Ryan Rider
Huzzah! Paper Mario Has Made It's Way To The Virtual Console! 09/04/07 satinangora
Mario returns to the RPG world and is successful once again. 07/20/07 Storm101
Paper Mario lacks Difficulty but is still a great game 08/02/01 TedizTrooper
You can't rip this Mario. He's more than paper. 04/13/01 Uncle Fuz
A good game. Needs more difficulty 06/11/01 Vincento
A very fun RPG, made of 100% paper. 02/08/01 wdg8
A great Mario game! 05/19/03 XeroXtancy
Wow. All I can say. 02/11/01 zackary
The thinner, the better! 01/09/09 zgmiletich
One of the coolest N64 games I've ever played. A must have. 02/16/01 ZMetatron

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CGRundertow PAPER MARIO for Nintendo 64 Video Game Review
CGRundertow PAPER MARIO for Nintendo 64 Video Game Review from CGRundertow

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