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FAQ/Walkthrough by GavLuvsGA

Version: Final | Updated: 10/01/02

64 FAQ

by GavLuvsGA

Email me at my NEW address, XPhileScaper1121@aol.com with any questions or
However, please:
1) Read the FAQ first to see if your question is answered - and could people
please stop asking me where the Cap Courses are located? Clear directions are
given in the FAQ. If you write to me asking, I will NOT send a reply. By the
cap courses I mean the places where you activate the transparent coloured
blocks littered around the levels.
2) Do not send IM s, or try to send them; I am constantly plagued by IMs and do
not have the time for them
3) Put "Super Mario 64" in the subject heading; nothing else - not "Hi", "Hey",
"Hello", or anything obscure, otherwise I will probably delete your mail and
possibly block mail from you, assuming you're sending junk mail
4) Do not send attachments, even if you think I might really like it, and even
if you are personally known to me, this does NOT make you an exception to this
5) No flame, or otherwise rude messages (e.g. "You're a moron", or "Your FAQ
sucks") If you think it needs improvement simply tell me how.
6) Do NOT take knowledge of my SN as automatic permisson to put me on any
mailing lists for game discussion, chain mail or spam; if you think I might
like to be on a list ask me first
7) Only ask questions about the game - no "what's your favourite level?" etc.

Final Version: 01 - 10 - 02

Copyright notice: The contents of this FAQ are the property of the author.
Copying of any part of this without including my name is basically not allowed.


1 Revision History
2 Introduction
3 Moves
4 Characters
5 Baddies
6 Bosses
7 Walkthrough
8 Secret Stars
9 Cap Courses
10 Secret Warps
11 1 - up locations
12 Blue Coin Switch Guide
13 When you get 120 stars...
14 How to beat Bowser
15 FAQ

1 Revision History

Version 1 (09 - 04 - 00)

Added most stuff; walkthrough, 1 up locations, baddies, bosses, etc.

Version 2 (15 - 07 - 00)

Added a few extra lives, level descriptions, Shifting Sand Land warp and Blue
Switch Location Guide (see part 2).

Version 3 (05 - 11 - 00)

Speel chequed it; made a few alterations; got the correct name of the last
bonus stage (Mario Wings Over the Rainbow). Added a few extra lives I missed.

Version 4 (24 - 12 - 00)

Added some 1 ups I missed, extra note on Dire, Dire Docks and really did get
the correct name of the last bonus stage (Wing Mario Over the Rainbow - Mama
Mia! What A Mistaka to Maka!)

Version 5 (29 - 12 - 00)

Added a few things I missed (namely the Blue Coin Switch on the Princess's
Secret Slide, which my Sister found by accident, ANOTHER extra life and a few
corrections to my Walkthrough.

Version 6 (10 - 02 - 01)

Added useful tips for Bowser in the Fire Sea and Inside the Pyramid

Version 7 (28 - 12 - 01)

Added a few more 1 up locations and some more additions

Version 8 (30 - 12 - 01)

Changed the names of my baddies section, because according to
GGoldeneye007fan@aol.com I gave the wrong ones

Version 9 (19 - 01 - 02)

Added a tip for Cool, Cool Mountain (Wall Kicks Will Work) and also corrected a
mistake on Big Boo's Haunt

Version 10 (01 - 03 - 02)

Added tips on Rainbow Ride and Tall Tall Mountain (Breathtaking View from the

Version 11 (21 - 03 - 02)

Added a note on Dorrie (formerly Nessie), and added FAQ section

Version 12 (31 - 05 - 02)

Added an extra hint on Rainbow Ride and the hidden life under the drawbridge;
expanded FAQ

Version 13 (30 - 06 - 02)

I'm not superstitious! I added to my FAQ, and added some tips. Thanks to loads
of people who are credited in the FAQ.

Version 14 (19 - 08 - 02)

This has to be my most revised FAQ ever. Added some tips on Bowser and Wet Dry
World, also Yoshi's special jump, another 1 up mushroom and corrected an error
in Rainbow Ride (I said stars instead of red coins).

Final Version (01 - 10 - 02)

I've decided this will be my final version. Added a few tips and finally
managed to remember the ski lift on Cool Cool Mountain


2 Introduction

It's quite simple to explain; Bowser has kidnapped Princess Toadstool and
hidden all the castle's stars (well, most of them...) Just by chance however,
she's just invited Mario round to her castle. He can sort Bowser out, can't


3 Moves


Duh ... use the control stick!

Side Step

When you're right up against a wall (please pardon the expression), press left
or right and Mario will edge along it. This is useful when tackling narrow

Read Signs/Talk

Stand in front of a sign and press B to read it; same to talk to people. The
exception is bosses; they talk to you anyway...
This can be a bit annoying though, as if you're not in the right place you may
just punch in mid-air.


Press A repeatedly to swim on the surface; press and hold A when you dive. To
get air when diving, either get a coin or get a bubble. However, since your
health and air meters are the same thing (literally), taking a hit will reduce
your air. However, coming to the surface gives you more energy. Going into the
water when your life is low and surfacing will restore your energy!


Press Z

Crouch and slide

Press Z when running.


When crouching, use the control stick.


Press A, unless doing one of the other jumps, listed below:

Continuous jump

Jump once, then press A as you land.

Triple Jump

This requires some room; when running, press A three times.

Side Somersault

Make a U-turn while running and press A.

Wall Kick

Jump at a wall and press A to bounce off it and you will go higher.

Backward somersault

Press Z followed by A.

Long jump

While running, press Z, followed by A; the faster you were going determines how
far you go.


You need the wing cap for this; press A three times (like the triple jump).


Simply jump at a tree, pillar or low ledge and you'll cling on to it. At the
top, move the control stick to do a handstand.

Wire nets

Where one of these is suspended overhead, hang on to it by jumping and holding
the A button. You can move with the control stick. (Wire nets aren't the only
things you can hold on to...)


Press B.


Press B three times quickly.

Jump Kick

A followed by B.

Hold and throw

Pick up an object (or bad guy) with B, then throw using B and the control pad.
There are several small blocks on certain levels that you can throw at walls
and they'll break, revealing a reward of some sort.


Similar to the above; to swing, swivel the control stick until you are going as
fast as you can. Then press B to throw.

Slide attack

While running, press B.

Pound the ground

Jump and press Z in mid-air.


Crouch with Z, then press B.

Slide kick

While crouching and sliding (see above), press B.


4 Characters (note: May contain spoilers -  if you're fussy, anyway -  just
saying that because someone flamed me over this section). And no, Luigi is not
in this game.


He's the hero of the game; need I say more?



Holds the camera for you. Press the C buttons to rotate or change the camera


Princess Toadstool

She's been kidnapped! You have to save her.



He appears occasionally for you to talk to; he even gives you some stars (see
secret stars). He's really giving me the creeps though; when you enter the
lobby he's there. When you have enough stars to go into Whomp's Fortress, he's
outside the room; he's even outside Jolly Roger Bay, and more... I this some
sort of teleportation trick? When you go up the tower after beating Bowser in
the Fire Sea, Toad appears in two places at once, close to each other!!! What
is this? His twin brother? A cloning experiment, or some sort of weird Bi -
Location? Maybe Bowser's playing with Mario's mind...


Big Penguin

You race him on Cool, Cool Mountain.


Big Snowman

Don't let him blow you off or you'll lose your hat!



He's the one who kidnapped the princess! You must fight him three times to
defeat him.



Swims about in the Hazy Maze Cave. However much other FAQ writers may insist
Nessie is a she, that is wrong. The sign by the lake clearly states the
creature as a he. I don't know if he is called Nessie, but its my FAQ and I
like the name. The sign also says "Don't become his lunch", but I have no idea
if he will actually eat you.

N.B. Lilbill1205@aol.com writes: "In reference to the sign near "Nessie" as you
call him, that says "Don't become his lunch" Nessie will NOT eat you, I
purposely swam around with him, very close to his mouth in fact, just to see if
he would eat me.  After about 30 minutes, he still had not taken a bite, lol."

Incidentally, someone did tell me Dorrie ate them, but I have no way of proving
this true or false. Most people say it's false.


Koopa the Quick

You have to race him to get some of the stars. He's not too hard to beat.


Mips the rabbit

Hangs around outside Lethal Lava Land (see secret stars)


Mother Penguin

She's looking for her baby on Cool, Cool Mountain



Flies you to one of the stars on Whomp's fortress


Pink Bob - ombs

They appear on the Bo-bomb battlefield and anywhere where you can activate a
cannon. Talk to them to activate all the cannons on a level. Once they are
operated, they will stay open even after you leave the course (thankfully).



His body has melted away and if you can get him a new one, he'll reward you!



He appears when you get 120 stars. Read below for how to find him...


5 Baddies

Amp (My Name: Electric Ball Bearings)

(Bowser in the Dark, Shifting Sand Land, Bowser in the
Fire Sea, Snowman's Land, Wet - Dry World, Tick Tock Clock, Rainbow Ride,
Vanish Cap Course)

Fly round and round trying to catch you out; fortunately you don't lose much
energy and they don't cause Mario to fall off a ledge.

Prize: Three yellow coins


Bob - Ombs

(Bob - Omb Battlefield, Shifting Sand Land, Bowser in the Fire Sea,
Tick Tock Clock, Rainbow Ride)

They'll run towards you so get away as they'll explode. You can also pick them
up and throw them. They'll come back after they've exploded, only you don't get
anything the second time around. Careful they don't knock you off a ledge...


Bookend (My Name: Flying Books )

(Big Boo's Haunt)

Attack you from bookcases. Jump up under them to kill them.

Prize: A blue coin.



(Big Boo's Haunt, The Castle Garden).

They vanish when you face them. They're fairly easy to dispatch though. It's
hard to tell if you've killed them because you can see the blue coin when they
vanish, but thankfully, when you do so a message will come up, saying "Ghosts
don't die; But can you get out of here alive?"

Prize: Blue coin (yellow coin in the castle garden).



(Dire, Dire Docks)

I have to admit, the only reason I know about these is that I read
Marshmallow's FAQ. They are very hard to spot. Invincible, but not a threat at



(Tiny - Huge Island)

This EXTREMELY ANNOYING bad guy tries to eat you whole, underwater. Avoid, it's
invincible! Being eaten will take away a whole life.


Bullet Bill

(Whomp's Fortress)

Only one exists, buts its very easy to avoid, and not even notice. It's that
thing that fires out bullets with faces on from the orginal games.


(Lethal Lava Land, Bowser in the Fire Sea)

They'll run towards you and try to kick you in the lava (they can't drain
energy by touching you) They die if they fall in the lava. Keep kicking them
until they do so.

Prize: A yellow coin (though if you're high up, you won't actually get it...)


Chain Chomp

(Bob - Omb Battlefield)

When you go near to him, he'll try and attack you. He can take a lot of energy
and cannot be killed. Pound his post, however, and he'll leave. (See


Cheeky Monkey

(Tall, Tall Mountain)

Don't go near him; he'll grab Mario's cap. Grab him again to get it back, but
he moves VERY fast! Also, if your cap is blown off by the wind he'll end up
with it!



(Wet - Dry world, Tall, Tall Mountain, Tiny - Huge Island, Rainbow
Ride, Bowser in the Sky)

Looking similar to the Big Bo - Bomb, this one will try and hurl you off a
ledge! Defeat it by picking it up from behind and throwing it with A.

Prize: 5 yellow coins



(Jolly Roger Bay, Dire, Dire Docks)

Make sure they don't chomp you. They hold treasures ... if you can get them.


Flying Chair

(Big Boo's Haunt)

Avoid; simple as that. Invulnerable.


Fly Guy

(Hazy Maze Cave, Metal Cap Course)

Flies through the air and shoots bullets at you.

Prize: Two yellow coins


Flying Shy Guys

(Shifting Sand Land, Snowman's Land, Tall, Tall Mountain, Tiny
- Huge Island, Rainbow Road)

They all fly overhead and are fairly easy to dispatch with a flying kick. Watch
out for the fire they throw, however.

Prize: Two yellow coins



(Bob - Omb Battlefield, Jolly Roger Bay, Bowser in the Dark, Shifting
Sand Land, Bowser in the Fire Sea, Snowman's Land, Tall, Tall, Mountain, Tiny -
Huge Island, Tick Tock Clock, Rainbow Ride, Bowser in the Sky)

These are really easy to kill; stomp them.

Prize: A yellow coin.


Grindels (Shifting Sand Land)

These are similar, only most don't stay in one place and are harder to avoid.


Heave Ho (My Name: Scoop - Throw Monster)

(Wet - Dry World, Tick - Tock Clock)

Be careful of this; if you get near it, it will scoop you up and throw you at a
wall, causing you to lose energy, or worse - off a cliff; invincible.


Homing Amp

(Shifting Sand Land)

There are two of these; they'll try and home in on you. Invincible.


Jumping Snowmen

(Cool, Cool Mountain)

They appear on the rope bridge and bounce up and down, trying to knock you off.
You cannot kill them.


Klepto the Condor

(Shifting Sand Land)

Flies around one area of the screen after you've taken *1 and - rather than
attempting to kill him - tries to steal Mario's hat. Run to the top of the
pillar and jump up to grab it from the bird. As far as I can tell, the Condor
is invincible. Without your hat, you take more damage and must get it back from
the world where you lost it.


Koopa Troopa

(Bob - Omb Battlefield, Tiny - Huge Island)

Hit them once and they will lose their shells; hit them again to kill them.
Their shells can be used like skateboards and to help kill other baddies, but
only temporarily!

Prize: A blue coin



(Tiny - Huge Island, Rainbow Ride)

It's hard to tell if these guys are on your side or not. Most aren't; they'll
throw spinies at you. Jump up under them to kill them.

Prize: 5 yellow coins


Mad Piano

(Big Boo's Haunt)

Fortunately there is only one of these. It comes to life when you get near it.
You cannot kill it.


Manta Ray

(Dire, Dire Docks)

I don't know if it counts, but it also gives you a star...invulnerable.

Moneybags (My Name: Coin Monster)

(Snowman's Land)

It looks like a yellow coin, until you get close. Be careful ... you can kill
it by jumping on it.

Prize: Five yellow coins.


Monty Mole

(Hazy Maze Cave, Tall, Tall Mountain)

Pop out of holes to throw earth at you; they can be killed but they come back.

Prize: Nothing, but killing twelve in a row earns you a 1 - up


Mr. Blizzard (My name: Ammo Snowman)

(Cool, Cool Mountain, Snowman's Land)

Fires snowballs at you; defeat this one by running round it in circles.
However, they'll come back to life; you can kill them again but you won't get
any coins for it.

Prize: Three yellow coins


Mr. I

(Big Boo's Haunt, Hazy Maze Cave, Lethal Lava Land)

Fires stuff at you again. Run round them to make them dizzy and they'll

Prize: A blue coin.


Piranha Plants

(Whomp's Fortress, Tiny - Huge Island, Bowser in the Sky)

They all start off asleep; creep up on them or they'll snap at you and take off
a fair amount of energy. They will come back to life as soon as you turn your
back, and you won't get any coins for killing them again.

Prize: Blue coin (worth 5 yellow coins) for big ones; yellow for small ones.


Pokey the Cactus

(Shifting Sand Land)

Kick each section and it will explode, but you need to kick its head to destroy

Prize: One blue coin


Shooting Balls

(Shifting Sand Land, Bowser in the Fire Sea, Wet - Dry World,
Tiny - Huge Island, Tick Tock Clock, Bowser in the Sky, Vanish Cap Course)

When they swell, avoid the flames they shoot. They cannot be destroyed.


Skimmer the Spider

(Wet - Dry World)

Skims the surface of the water; shouldn't be a problem.

Prize: Three yellow coins


Skuttle Bug (My Name: Spider)

(Big Boo's Haunt, Hazy Maze Cave)

Fairly easy to kill; simply jump on their heads.

Prize: Three yellow coins


Spindel (My Name: Roller )

(Shifting Sand Land)

It rolls back and forth trying to squash you. Invincible.



(Cool, Cool Mountain, Snowman's Land)

Jumping  on these flowers makes Mario temporarily fly like a helicopter!

Prize: One coin



(Tiny - Huge Island, Rainbow Ride)

These are the shells that Lakitu throws at you (just mentioning them so it's
quite clear I know they exist).

Sushi the Shark

(Dire, Dire Docks)

They just swim around, like the eel. They shouldn't be too hard too avoid; I
only noticed them recently... Invincible.


Swoop the Bat

(Hazy Maze Cave, Metal Cap Course)

I'm not sure if i's a baddie as it has never hit me, but according to
GGoldeneye007fan@aol.com it is


(Whomp's Fortress, Tick Tock Clock)

Large, blue blocks with ugly faces. What else can I say? They can only harm you
by crashing down on your head and are invincible, but you can use them as


Tox Box

(Shifting Sand Land)

They move over one section of the level. When they move they turn 90 degrees;
one edge has a hole in. Wait until this side is about to fall onto the ground
and stand under it then; you won't get hit. Invincible.


Unagi the Eel

(Jolly Roger Bay)

Swims around in one area of the water and cannot be killed.


Wall Monsters

(Whomp's Fortress, Lethal Lava Land, Tick Tock Clock)

These appear out of the wall and try and push you off. Invincible. They're
sorta different on all levels they appear; the ones on L.L.L. don't have eyes,
and try and smash you, but they're essentially the same!

Prize: A blue coin



(Whomp's Fortress, Bowser in the Sky)

Defeat them the way you defeat Whomp (see bosses). But these take only one hit
to defeat.

Prize: Five yellow coins; you also get some for jumping on their backs - if you
do it five times you get five coins, but this is the maximum; 1o coins maximum.


6 Bosses

Big Bob - Omb (Bob - Omb Battlefield)

This is a fairly easy boss to beat; get behind him and pick him up then throw
him. But don't throw him off the top of the mountain or you won't score a hit
(but he'll throw you off...) He takes three hits.


Big Boo (Big Boo's Haunt)

You have to fight him several times. He's hard to hit as when you face him he
vanishes. He takes three hits each time.


The Ancient Ones, a.k.a. Eyerok (Shifting Sand Land)

This is really tough; it consists of two hands, who'll try to squash you and
knock you off the tiny ledge you're on. Keep alert, as every now and again one
of the hands will open and there's an eye inside. When the eye opens, kick it!
Each hand takes three hits. Watch out for when they cross the ledge, pounding
it. A hit will take 1/3 of your life, so don't go near them at this point.


The Big Bully (Lethal Lava Land)

This is fairly easy; when he runs towards you, run out of his way. If you're
lucky, he will run into the lava; if not, try kicking him. He is really easy to


The Ice Bully (Snowman's Land)

Same as above, only more ridiculous looking.


The Piranha Plants (Tiny - Huge Island)

You can only fight these when you're tiny; they spit out fire, but one kick
will kill them and you'll get two yellow coins. When the last one dies, you'll
get a star (there are five in total).


Whomp (Whomp's Fortress)

Wait for him to fall over, then stomp his back. Three hits is all it takes.


Wiggler (Tiny - Huge Island)

He's really easy! Hit his head three times. There are even coins in the arena
that you can collect!


7 Walkthrough

Run to the castle to start off with. Listen to Bowser's sinister voiceover and
talk to Toad. Go to the
far left door; this is the only one you can open.
The picture leads to:

7.1 Bob - Omb Battlefield


The easiest level, having no bottomless pits, and also a large amount of
cannons. It's full of Bob - Ombs, but the only real dangers are Giant Chain
Chomp and the bowling balls on the mountainside.

*1: Big Bob - Omb On The Summit.

Simply run up to the summit; pass chain chomp and run over the tilting bridge,
jumping off the end. Run past the fence and run up the side of the mountain,
avoiding the bowling balls that roll down towards you. Note the heart near the
top; run through it to replenish your energy. Fight the Big Bob - Omb (see
bosses) for the star.

*2: Foot Race Against Koopa The Quick.

Must have got *1.

Return to the level and talk to Koopa the Quick. Race him to the summit. It's
fairly easy as long as you don't fall. There is a warp between two of the
flower beds, but don't use this as it's considered cheating!

*3 Shoot To The Island In The Sky

Must have got *1 and *2

Talk to the Bob - Omb by the cannon and he'll activate all the cannons. You
must get to the floating island. The best way to get to this is to go to the
cannon on the hillside and aim at the tree on the island. There is a box
overhead containing a star.

*4 Get The 8 Red Coins

You have to get all eight red coins on the level; they are worth two yellow
coins. There are eight on every level (usually spaced apart from each other.
The ones on this level are:
i) At the top of the lift near Chain Chomp
ii) In the field, near i)
iii) On Chain Chomp's post
iv and v) In the meadow, across the tilting bridge
vi) Run towards the bridge leading to the mountain, but run under it; the coin
is there
vii) When you cross the bridge to the mountain, run up the hillside
viii) At the top of the tree on the floating island
The star will appear in the middle of the field (where the star shadow is).

*5 Mario Wings To The Sky

Must have: Got 10 stars
			 Completed the Wing Cap Course

Get up to the floating island again and if you've activated wing caps, you can
get one from the box (if not, leave the level). Enter the cannon and fly
through the five rings of coins then land in the field below. The star is

*6 Behind Chain Chomp's Gate

Go to Chain Chomp and, avoiding his attacks, pound his post until it falls
away. Chain Chomp will thank you by breaking his gate and allowing you to get
at the star.

*7 Get 100 yellow coins.

Note that red and blue coins also count as 2 and 5 yellows respectively. Also
note that running round a post will give you five yellow coins. You can collect
these at any time, as when you get this star, or any of the 100 coin stars, you
will be allowed to continue playing the level!

7.2 Whomp's Fortress


Go to the 1 star door near the foot of the stairs and enter it.


This is the first level where you can fall off the edge into nothingness. The
tower is floating. It is also one of just three levels to feature piranha

*1 Chip Off Whomp's Block

Get to the top of the castle; avoid the things that try and push you off, the
retracting floors and the Thwomps. Go past another Piranha Plant and run over
the bridge before it breaks. Run into the middle of the moving platform to
avoid the triangular object that blocks you. Run off when it stops on the other
side. Avoid or kill the Whomps and use the moving platforms to reach Whomp.
Kill him (see bosses) for the star.

*2 To The Top Of The Tower.

Must have got *1.

Do the same again, except that Whomp's gone. A tower has appeared (and so has
Bullet Bill, but ignore him) and there's a star at the top.

*3 Shoot Into The Wild Blue

Must have got *1

Go to the cannon and get the Bob Omb to activate it. Aim at the bottom of the
post that's ahead of you; it may take some practice to get right. The platform
at the bottom has a star.

*4 Red Coins On The Floating Isle

Must have got *1

The red coins are in the following locations:
i) On the path going up towards where the Thwomps are.
ii) Jump onto the Thwomp on the steps and it'll take you up to a coin.
iii) Behind a piranha plant
iv) On the narrow ledge near the piranha plants
v) Cross over on the moving platform, then stand on the end and when it swings
round again, grab the coin.
vi) On the slope below the moving platform.
vii) and viii) From the platform where Whomp was, jump to the platform shaped
like an arrow and jump over to the floating platforms. Get the two coins; the
star appears near the first Piranha Plant.

N.B. paulk@mac.com writes: "Well, to get to the arrow platform, you don't need
to jump. That giant
plank standing upright can be kicked down via wall kicks (I did it in 2,
though 1 might do it, I dunno). Makes it much easier to get over there."

*5 Fall Onto The Caged Island

At the start point is a tree; climb it and an owl will appear; grab on by
jumping and holding A. move the owl using the control stick and let go of A
when you are above a star on a caged island.

*6 Blast Away The Wall

Must have got *1

This is really obscure. Go to the cannon and fire into the thin wall on the
other side of the pond and it will break, revealing a star.

*7 Get 100 coins again.

Note that this level, and the ones listed below all have a blue coin switch.
What's that, you ask? It's a block with a blue coin on and stomping it will
temporarily cause 4 or 5 blue coins to appear, usually close by (but not
My way: Sneak up to the piranha plant and kill it, getting a blue coin, then
pick up the block nearby and throw it, getting a coin. Also get the 8 coins
round the flower bed. Go up, past the shovers and get the red coins, including
the one on the Thwomp, then head to the water and get all coins,  and the red
one and use the blue coin switch; grab the coins. Go back up and kill the
Piranha Plants, then get the coins from the revolving bridge and narrow plank.
Kill the Whomps for the last few.

7.3 Jolly Roger Bay


Go to the steps at the right hand side and enter the door with the 3 on.


The first of three water levels, swimming underwater will drain your energy,
but if you come to the surface you will gain energy (this is useful if you get

*1 Plunder On The Sunken Ship

Swim to the sunken ship and go to the window. You can't enter because Unagi is
blocking th entrance. Surface and then dive again. Unagi will now be swimming
around near the ship. Enter the ship. You must open the chests in the right
Open first the one in the corner, then the one clockwise from it. The fourth
and last one is the one in the centre. When you open a correct one, you will
receive a much needed air bubble. Get a wrong one and you will be
electrocuted, lose energy and have to start again. When you open them all the
water will drain (well, the ship rises). Get up a series of platforms and open
the box to get the star.

*2 Can The Eel Come Out To Play?

Must have got *1

Find Unagi, who is hiding in a hole. Swim down to it, and the eel will swim
out and it has a star attached to his tail. Get it, but avoid being hit. This
is quite tricky to do. My normal method is to hang around outside the hole and
then follow Unagi. If you miss, swim to the surface for air.

*3 Treasure In The Ocean Cave

Swim down the tunnel that's near the ship and you'll find a cave. Avoid the
falling pillars and you will find four treasure chests. Open them in this
order: Back, Left, Right, Front. As with *1, you will lose energy and have to
start again if you get the wrong box.

*4 Red Coins On The Ship Afloat

The coins are:
i) to iv) In clams
v) At the top of a lone spike (climb it; its near to the pink Bob - Omb)
vi) to viii) On the ship; to reach it, find the ! button and platforms will
temporarily appear that you can cross.

The star appears at the back of the ship.

*5 Fire to the Stone Pillar

Must have got *1

Find the Bob - Omb and he will activate the cannon. Aim a bit higher than the
leftmost stone pillar so you land at the top (land too far down and it will be
too thick to climb). Jump onto the platform with the ! box and open it to get
the star.

*6 Through The Jet Stream

Must have: Got 8 stars
			 Beaten Bowser in the Dark
			 Completed the Metal Cap Course
			 Got *1

Find the metal cap in the green box near the Bob - Omb and run into the water.
You can now run into the jet stream and take the star.

*7 Once again, get 100 coins.

I think there are about 104 coins on this world, so you'll have to search
carefully! If you fail to get all the blue coins, start again!

7.4  Cool, Cool Mountain


Go to the other 3 star door (near Bob-Omb Battlefield)


A snowy level, this is fairly small, and consists largely of two ice slides
(one inside the cabin and another outdoors). Again, it's above a bottomless
pit, and it is all too easy to slide off the edge. This level has three
cannons, but getting to the pink Bob - Omb is extremely tricky (see below).

*1 Slip, Sliding Away.

Enter the cabin via the chimney and slide down the ice slide. Don't fall off or
you'll lose a life. There is a short cut you can take by entering the wall on
the right about halfway down and you can bet some extra lives. At the bottom,
exit to get a star.

*2 Li'l Penguin Lost

Grab the baby penguin on the ledge over the cabin (use B) and take it down the
mountain. Avoid the snowmen on the bridge and go down to where the mother
penguin is waiting. She'll give you a star.

*3 Big Penguin Race

Must have got *1

Go back to the ice slide and prepare to face the Penguin (a real one, not the
one off Batman Returns)! Race him down the slide and if you win you get a star.
Don't use the shortcut as it's considered cheating.

*4 Frosty Slide For 8 Red Coins

The red coins are:
i) On a tree near where you start.
ii) Slide down the slope and when you get to a point where there are fences on
either side, jump off to the inside and you should land on a platform with one
on (and an extra life).
iii) In a corner near the snowman's head.
iv) Close to Snowman's head again, by the broken bridge.
v) On a tree near to Mother Penguin.
vi) Cross the bridge near Mother Penguin.
vii) In a corner near Mother Penguin
viii) Go up the slope (which is pretty tough) near Mother Penguin towards the
bridge with snowmen on. Go along the flat section to the broken bridge to get
This is really nasty! The star appears on the other side of the broken bridge!
Do a long jump to get it. If that is too hard, use the warp (see waps section
and go down the outside slide; it will reach a hairpin bend where you can jump
to the right to the area with the star.

*5 Snowman's Lost His Head

Must have got *1 - 4

Jump up to the ledge where the baby penguin is and run down to the wooden
platform nearby. A snowman's body will have appeared. It will begin to roll
down the slope. Slide down and overtake it and run to the snowman's head.
Position yourself on the far side of it as the snowball will home in on you! If
you're in the wrong place it'll run you over, missing the snowman completely.
If you're in the right place, he will reward you with a star.

*6 Wall Kicks Will Work

The easiest way to reach the pink bob omb is to use the ski lift that's near
the mother penguin. I can't believe I kept forgetting to mention this.
Talk to the Bob Omb so he
activates the cannon and then jump towards the platform with Mother Penguin on.
The wind will blow you there. If you do die after activating the cannon here,
or anywhere else in the game, they will stay open when you return, as they do
on all levels. Aim the cannon so you land on the otherwise unreachable platform
and cross a narrow ledge with Spindrifts on. Long jump over the pit and then
use a
wall kick to get up to the platform above the heart. Run along it and triple
jump; as you hit the wall, do a wall kick and you should land on a high up
platform. Carefully cross the ice bridge to the star.

N.B. TexasCoady@aol.com sent me this easier way:

"Get on that weird hover snowman at the top of the slide and twist around the
mountain. If done correct, This will land you on the hidden platform which
won't get you the star but saves you the two snowmen on the bridge and the
slide, Pink Bomb-Omb and cannon"

megan45_au@yahoo.com.au writes: "I found out a slitely easyier way for Cool
Cool Mountain Wall kicks will work. I jumped up to the slanted platform but i
forgot that you had to triple jump so after trying and trying i saw that the
star platform was just out of reach for backflip then i saw the wall(The level
wall) So i wall kicked it but pulled the joystick to the right and i landed on
the star platform!"

*7 100 coins (somehow omitted from previous versions).

ShYsTyBaBe2o0o@aol.com writes: "To do it you should have already beating the
peguin and done the race before, this way you can do the race and get as many
coins as you possibly can without getting a star then leaving the level. After
the race go to the broken bridge and teleport to the top and ride the slope
down and get all those coins and it doesn't hurt to get the blue ones. Plus
grab the red ones on your way, you don't have to go out of your way for any
coins to do this. "

7.5  Bowser in the Dark


Through Star door No. 1

Must have got 8 stars

This is one of the game's best special effects! Run along the corridor and keep
running. There's a picture of the Princess ahead, but when you get closer it
turns into Bowser. Fall down a hole to the first Bowser level.
You have to run through this course in order to reach Bowser; there's nothing
much to say, except don't fall. At the end go down the tube to reach him (see
How To Beat Bowser). You will receive the first key.
You can get a star on all Bowser worlds by getting all eight red coins and it
won't warp you out of the world like all others. Here is how to get them on
this level:
i) It is easy to miss this one; run to the first ! switch but don't take the
obvious con; run back to the start and there is another one you can get, using
a temporary platform (N.B. there is a metal cap box but you will not have had a
chance to grab the metal cap at this stage).
ii) Hit the switch again and get the one nearby.
iii) Run up, using the moving platforms and get a 1 up in a ! box surrounded by
Goombas. Go along a passage full of Amps. there is a red coin by them.
iv) Pass over two platforms that retract; the fourth is over the second.
v) You now reach two sets of two moving blue platforms; on the second set is a
red coin. vi) Yoiu come to some Teeter Totters; take a detour along a narrowe
platform where a red coin waits.
vii) At the end of the teeter - totters, carefully step onto the narrow ledge
with a coin on.
viii) Jump back onto the second teeter - totter and go up onto one of the
platforms above. Jump over to the coin; also get the extra life. There are
quite a few in this area.

A star will appear by Bowser's tube. To rewach it press the ! switch to make
some platforms appear temporarily (you can reach this with a big jump from the
teeter totters or by using the moving platforms.

None of the following levels can be accessed without beating Bowser the first

7.6  Big Boo's Haunt


Enter one of the doors in the lobby without a star on and go along the
corridor; Big Boo is at the end (he will not appear until the level is open).
You need 12 stars to access this level.
Enter the garden and it will now be full of Boos. Kill them and one will reveal
a bin-type object. Jump into this and reach Big Boo's mansion.


A spooky and slightly unusual level, this takes place in a haunted house, and
consists of several different rooms, but also has a haunted yard outside. The
main enemies are Boos. The walls with pictures of ghosts on can be passed
through if you have a vanish cap.

*1 Go On A Ghost Hunt

Simply kill all the ghosts on the ground floor; Big Boo will be in the main
hall. Beat him and platforms will appear leading to the upper floor, and the

*2 Ride Big Boo's Merry - Go - Round

Must have got *1

Leave the house and enter the barn. Go down in the lift and you will eventually
come to a merry-go-round in the cellar (this is like something off Twin
Peaks...) Kill all the ghosts that appear, then fight Big Boo again for a star.

*3 Secret of the Haunted Books

Must have got *1

Go upstairs and go left; enter the second to last door, and you will be in a
library. Run along, avoiding the flying books. At the end, you will see three
books sticking out of a bookcase. Hit the highest (middle) one first, then the
right-hand one, then the left hand one. Get one wrong and you'll be attacked
from the shelves and have to start again. When you've hit them all, the
bookcase will retract to reveal a door. Go through to the star.

*4 Seek the 8 Red Coins

Must have got *1

The red coins are fairly easy to get:
i) Behind the Mad Piano
ii) and iii) Backward flip onto the bookcases
iv) In the room with the ghost on the narrow ledge, there is a red coin
v) Go upstairs and go right to the last door. Go through two rooms and avoid
the spinning floor to get the coin - otherwise you will fall into the cellar
vi) and vii) Nearby is a room with several coffins in. When you go near them
they will rise. Two have coins underneath.
viii) Go into the room just left of the stairs and cross the red mesh to get to
the coin; don't fall!

A star will appear on the upper level, near the room where you got *3.

*5 Big Boo's Balcony

Must have got *1

Go upstairs and enter the last room on the right (with books in). Wall kick to
get up to the door overhead. Go through the door and face Big Boo on the
balcony; defeat him in the usual manner. The star will appear on the roof. This
is hard to get; long jump onto the roof of one of the sticking out parts of
the house then crawl to the star, but don't miss the extra life in the ! box.
The only problem is that the camera remains in a wide shot of the building and
you cannot get it closer to see where Mario is heading.

*6 Eye To Eye In The Secret Room

Must have : Got *1
			  Completed Vanish Cap Course

Okay, this level was easy, wasn't it? This is the hardest star in my opinion;
get the Vanish Cap from the upper floor and run to the room where you wall
jumped to get to Big Boo's Balcony. Wall jump up there again, but get it right
first time, otherwise you'll probably not get to where you want to be, which is
behind the ghost wall in the next room. On the other side is an eye. Ignore the
boo and kill the eye the same way as you kill the others. However, this one
becomes a star!

*7 Get 100 coins.

There's a blue coin switch in the attic, and also:
8 boos (plus the ones on the merry go round - takkuso@QuixNet.net informs me
that though I said they didn't, they do in fact give you a blue coin)
3 eyeballs (not counting the one that gives you a star)
3 flying books
There are  4 blue coins in the attic, making another 20.  The 8 red coins will
total another 16. See, it's easy to get 100 coins.

7.7  Hazy Maze Cave


Enter the door to the basement; go along to the door along the corridor to the
right and find the door with the star on. You will find a metallic pool; jump


This can seem a bit overwhelming at first, as the level is in caves, with many
areas spread out. Fortunately it is also full of signs and maps. The main areas

The Black Hole - This has rocks rolling down into it from a passage. Do not
fall in or you will die. Note that even after you land on the slope that leads
to it, you may be able to save yourself, if your are near a platform and you
keep jumping. This is handy to know if you try and reach the heart, which is
stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

The Work Elevator - Used to collect the red coins (see below).

The Hazy Maze - This will slowly drain your energy unless you wear the meal
cap. The metal cap course can be accessed off this level.

The Lagoon - Home of Nessie.

*1 Swimming Beast In The Cavern

Run along the left fork and long jump over the pit. Run right and jump over to
the falling boulders section (if you fall, you die). Avoid the boulders; they
take 3 life portions with one hit. Use the lift at the end and go down to the
cave. Jump on to Nessie and on to his head. Wait until you are close to the
island in the centre and she will stop. Jump onto  the island for the star.
N.B: If you are having trouble getting onto Nessie's head and don't care too
much about hurting her, I got this from Coffee's FAQ; stomp his back, you cruel
thing, and he'll whimper and lower his head. He'll also go in the direction
you're facing.

*2 Elevate for Eight Red Coins

Go right and avoid the spiders coming out of the pit. Jump over the next pit to
the door, then slide down the pole. Find the elevator and use the buttons to
move it around, and find the first four coins. Three are hidden in blocks
(punch them) and one is on a floating platform. Find the pole that leads to the
next moving platform and follow it around. Get the other red coins and drop
down to the floor to get the star.

*3 Metal Head Mario Can Move

Must have completed Metal Cap Course

For some reason my old version had a bad description of this. Go to Nessie's
pool and get the metal cap, then run through it until you find the ! pad, which
accesses a door. Go through, make some tricky jumps and get the star.

*4 Navigating the Toxic Maze

Must have completed Metal Cap Course

Go to the Hazy Maze; get the metal cap and go left at the next junction; ignore
the door and turn right. Out of sight is another door; somersault up to it. Go
up in a lift to the star.

*5 A - Maze - Ing Emergency Exit

Must have completed Metal Cap Course

Guess what! You have to go into the Hazy Maze! Go along, get the metal cap and
turn left at the junction. You will see a door; somersault up to it. Go up in
the lift and go through a door to the Black Hole. Cross it using the grate to
reach the star.

Note: It's really easy to get these last three mixed up, but it makes no
difference what order you get most of this world's stars in!

*6 Beware of Rolling Rocks

Go to the section with the rolling rocks in and run along the passage, but
don't enter the door. Do a wall kick to either side and, after some practice,
you will find yourself on one of the ledges above. One holds a star (if you go
to the wrong one, jump across).

*7 Get 100 coins

As far as I know it is VITAL to get the coins from the Blue Coin Switch in the
maze. To get to it, run straight ahead, take the second right and there it is.
Now quickly press it and turn, then take the next right, collecting the coins.
Do a backflip to the door leading to *4 to get the last few. The eyeballs are
virtually impossible to kill as they're on tiny platforms.

7.8 Lethal Lava Land


Run back out the main door to find the picture with a fireball on.


A nasty level ... unless you possess the wing cap. To get it, use the warp (see
warps). Otherwise, make sure you stay out of the lava. There is also a secret
level in the volcano, but you can't get back to the main level once you're in,
until you get a star. If you die, you will return to the inside of the volcano
when you restart. The only baddies (except one) are bullies.

*1 Boil the Big Bully

This one is fairly easy; make your way forward then turn left, then follow the
path, avoiding the lava until you find the big bully (see Boss section, in part
1). When it dies, cross the collapsing platforms to the star. If you have
trouble getting around, use the wing cap; there's one on an island near the
start; I think you can warp to it from the pit under the first eyeball. But I
prefer to do this the hard way!

*2 Bully The Bullies

Go to the Big Bully, but go past and go onto the floating platform to a
platform holding three bullies. Kill them all and a familiar face will appear;
the Big Bully. Kill him again and get the star.

*3 8 Coin Puzzle With 15 Pieces

This is easy; go to the Bowser puzzle (you've passed it twice already) and the
red coins are all there; just watch for when one of the pieces slides and make
sure you're not standing on it! The star appears nearby.

*4 Red Hot Log Rolling

First get the Wing Cap, then turn right at the first Bully and follow the path
until you find a log. Cross it (it turns to try and overbalance you) and use
the wing cap to fly to the star.

*5 Hot - Foot It in the Volcano

Find the volcano (which shouldn't be too difficult). Jump inside by
backflipping when it's not erupting and jump to the next platform with a coin
on. Follow the path along the wall, watching out for wall monsters, and get the
star at the end.
N.B. If you die in the volcano, re entering Lethal Lava Land will take you
straight to the volcano. (UNTIL you get a star, or restart.)

*6 Elevator Tour in the Volcano

Go to the volcano, but go the other way from before and jump on the moving
platform. After a while, jump onto another one or you'll fall into the lava.
When you come to the pole jump onto it; the next part is very tricky!
Jump to the next platform, but avoid the flame throwers (don't go into a
handstand). Get to the next pole and climb it, then jump to the next platform a
little way below the top or you'll fall off. Jump over the tiny platforms to
reach the star.

*7 Get 100 coins

You are likely to take several attempts on this level! You will probably have
to go into the volcano to get enough coins. I usually start off getting the
Koopa shell (only available on * 5 and 6), and skim round the level, getting
all the coins in the lava.

7.9  Shifting Sand Land


This is hard to find; run along the passage left of Lethal Lava Land and you
will find a dead end, or is it? Leap at the wall and you'll go right into it.


This is tough; watch out for the quicksand, which is easy to spot, or you'll
drown. You will need the wing cap for some of the later stars. Most of the
action takes place inside the pyramid, however. Watch out for the Condor, who
tries to steal your hat (see enemies section for more detail).

*1 In The Talons Of The Big Bird

Follow the path, avoiding the quicksand and run up the pillar at the end. Grab
the star from Klepto, then run down and get it where it lands.

*2 Shining Atop The Pyramid

Go to the pillars and avoid the Condor. Run round the quicksand and walk onto
the pyramid. Run right and flip up to the next level. Keep doing this, avoiding
the shooting ball and killing the Shy Guy. At the end is a star. Of course, if
you want to do it the easy way, you could use the wing cap.

*3 Inside The Ancient Pyramid

Go to the pyramid. Enter the door on the lowest level. Now make your way
through the pyramid. Not much to say except, to avoid Roller, hide in the niche
that's in the wall. The star is at the end.
NEW TIP: A good shortcut is to stand next to the Grindel to the right on the
ground floor of the pyramid and backflip on top of it when it is on the ground.

*4 Stand Tall On The Four Pillars

Must have completed the wing cap stage

Go to the pillar that's in the quicksand first as it's the hardest; fly up
there and stand on it. Stand on all four pillars and the top of the pyramid
will fly off spectacularly. Fly to the top and drop down the hole; you will
land on a lift. Wait until you re at the bottom of the pyramid and jump into
the hole that appears. You will come face to face with the Ancient Ones, or
Eyerok as they are also known (see boss section, in part 1). Beat them and
you'll get a star.

*5 High Flying For 8 Red Coins

Must have completed Wing Cap Stage

The red coins are:
i) On a thin ledge behind the start point
ii) In one of the big crates that's under the stone roof thing (sorry, this is
the best description I can give)
iii) On the section with the moving boxes on
iv) In the pool of water near the condor (watch it doesn't pinch your hat)
v to viii) In the air around the pyramid and the star appears on the
flat stone roof over coin ii)

*6 Pyramid Puzzle

Enter the pyramid and go to the last platform before you reached *3. The
barrier does not go all the way along the platform here; run off the section
with no barrier and you should land on a platform with a coin on. A 1 will
appear. Drop down to the left of this platform so you land on another platform
with a coin on, then drop to the right to another and you will get two more
numbers. Drop to the left onto a flowing stream of sand and run along to get
two more coins. The star appears at the end after you get all five numbers.

*7 Get 100 Coins

Fairly simple

7.10  Dire, Dire Docks


Behind the second big star door.


A smaller (and harder) version of Jolly Roger Bay, this is where Bowser's sub
is found. Note that in the area around Bowser's sub there is a door with the
same picture of Bowser as on his sub. After getting the second star, that will
be gone (and so will the sub) and in its place will be a hole that will take
you to the pond outside the castle (which is clearly where the sub went). You
can't get back in that way though.

You must have 30 stars

*1 Board Bowser's Sub

Swim to the tunnel and swim along to the end. Surface and jump to dry land.
Find the ! switch and run along the temporary platforms that appear. Get the
star on top of the submarine. It's just a pity we never get to ENTER Bowser's

*2 Chests In The Current

Swim down to the bottom of the lake and open the four chests in the right
order. This is very hard:
i) Near the clam.
ii) Anti - clockwise from this.
iii) Keep swimming anti „ clockwise until you find another one.
iv) Near the whirlpool in the centre; be careful. Swim away quick because you
will die if you get sucked in! The star appears nearby.
The same "rules" as in Jolly Roger Bay, i.e. if you make a mistake you must
start again!

*3 Pole Jumping For 8 Red Coins

Must have beaten Bowser in the Fire Sea

Go back to where Bowser's sub was (but isn't) and press the ! switch. Don't go
up the platforms that appear next to you, but run to another set that's close
by and climb up them. To get the red coins you have to use a series of moving
poles. You must jump from pole to pole a lot and it takes PRACTICE!

*4 Through The Jet Stream

Must have: Got *1
			 Completed Metal Cap Course

Swim into the area where Bowser's sub was and there is a jet stream, like the
one in Jolly Roger Bay. It has rings appearing out of it. Swim down into the
jet stream, and pass through five rings and a star will appear. Now get the
metal cap nearby and run into the jet stream to get the star.

*5 The Manta Ray's Reward

This is tough! Swim under the water and you will see a Manta Ray swimming
around, creating rings. You must swim through five consecutively and if you
miss one you must start over again. Eventually you'll get a star; it appears
just above the whirlpool.

*6 Collect The Caps

Must have: Got *1
			Completed Vanish and Metal Cap Courses

Disappointingly easy; go to the area where Bowser's sub was and get both the
vanish and metal caps, and you can now run along underwater and grab the star
that's behind a grate!

*7 Get 100 coins

Very tough this time; I suggest you do this before going for *3; there are (I
think) only (the equivalent of) 101 coins on this level and it is important
that you get all the blue coins. There are some at the start that are easy to
**NB: I've been asked how to get these; they're on a slope right behind Mario's
starting point.**

7.11  Bowser in the Fire Sea


Next to Dire, Dire Docks

Must have at least 30 stars, plus *1 from Dire, Dire Docks

This is very hard indeed; avoid the lava at all costs. This level seems to go
on for ever. Once again there are 8 red coins to collect for a star:
i) Near the first bully, run up the grating and backflip across the hole at the
top for the coin
ii) Run on and climb the pole, then jump off the top (hard to do as it rises
and falls) to some tilting platforms. One has a coin on
iii) After the tilting platforms is another pole; climb it and get the 1 up,
then get the coin nearby
iv) Run onto the lift, but don't go up with it. Run and get the coin below,
then make your way up again
v) Use the lift, then corss over the next lava and crawl up the slope; at the
top, take a detour to the platform with a bully on and get the coin (N.B. you
don't need to crawl up the slope that looks like lego)
vi) Carry on, using the grate and run up the slope ahead. This is hard to spot,
but you will see a small shadow on the ground; stand where you are and the
platform will rise and then jump up to get the coin
vii) Cross the blue platform which keeps sinking into the lava, it's in front
of the second flame gun.
viii) Cross several poles that rise and sink; on the last pole do a handstand
to reach it (i.e. climb to the top of the pole)
The star is hard to get; people have asked me how to get it, so here's how. As
you approach the pipe to Bowser, back flip onto the narrow wall to the left
(this may take a few attempts), or jump from the highest point of the last
pole, and edge along, crossing a large (cotatining a 1 up mushroom in a box).
The star is at the end.

To defeat Bowser, see final section.

To access the following worlds you must have defeated Bowser twice:

7.12  Snowman's Land


Almost as tricky to find as Shifting Sand Land; run up the tower and go into
the star door which leads to a large room with a mirror in (this is close to
the entrance). There are loads of paintings of other levels, but you cannot
jump into them. Look carefully at the mirror; there is something wrong with the
reflection „ one of the blank walls is shown as having a picture on, in the
mirror. Did Nintendo screw up? No - it's deliberate! Jump into this wall to
enter the world.


Similar to Cool, Cool Mountain, but slightly easier. This is one of only a
three levels (including Bob - Omb Battlefield and Big Boo's Haunt), where you
can't drown, be burned alive or go tumbling helplessly down a bottomless pit.
The main features are the snowman and the igloo (see below for how to enter).
Don't swim in the frozen pond, as you will lose energy and you can't regain it
by swimming to the surface.

*1 Snowman's Big Head

Run round the edge of the world to the section where waves are appearing in the
snow. Run to the end and triple jump onto the ledge above. Climb up until you
reach the platform in front of Snowman's face. He will start to blow; if he
gets you, you will fall off and have to find your cap, and have to make your
way round again. Wait until the penguin gets close to you, then stand with the
penguin between you and Snowman. Use him as a shield until you pass Snowman's
mouth (be careful; the penguin keeps stopping and starting); alternatively, you
can ride on the penguin's head. Get onto the Snowman's head to find the star.

*2 Chill With The Bully

Not much to say here... the Bully's hard to miss; a big blue, spherical thing
resembling an ice cream...

*3 Into The Deep Freeze

This is fairly easy; run to the huge ice block with a star inside and go in the
back entrance. Go forward until you can't and then do a back flip onto a ledge
above. Jump on to the top of the block from here and cross over to the hole
leading to the star.

*4 Whirl From The Freezing Pond

Go to where the "waves" of snow are appearing and jump onto one of the
that's in the pond. You will temporarily hover like a helicopter, so quickly
get over the wall ahead; it leads to two ! boxes. Get the left one and inside
is a star.

*5 Shell Shredding For Red Coins

The first two red coins are on the way to where you found *4. Use the flowers
to cross the pond (as you did before, but open the right hand ! box and
inside is a shell. Ride it along the section close by that you cannot walk
along for four more coins, and go onto the frozen pond (still using the shell)
for the last two. The coin appears near the start point. Be warned that once
you have taken the shell it won't come back, so if you screw up you'll have to
start again.

*6 Into The Igloo

Must have completed Vanish Cap Course

Get the shell again, and go to the frozen pond. You will see a path with coins
on, up the side of the snowman and ride up it. Run into the fence at the end,
thus losing the shell, and crawl into the igloo. This is easy; backflip over
one of the walls leading to the vanish cap, take it and you can back flip into
the section where the star is.

*7 Get 100 coins

Get the red coins using the shell and go to the igloo first, since if you crash
on the shell you'll have to start again and it would be frustrating if you had
got nearly all the coins. I think you probably have to have completed the
Vanish Cap course, so you can get the coins inside the ice blocks.

7.13  Wet - Dry World


As soon as you get to the top of the steps into the tower, there's a picture of
a spider in front of you; enter this.


A watery level. If you enter the lower portion of the picture, then the water
will go about a third of the way up the level. Try back flipping and entering
the top of the picture and it'll be flooded (this is the only way to access the
semi - secret area known as "Downtown", but a small jump means there's barely
any water! (Toad tells you this). I think the only way to reach the pink Bob -
Omb is to go in with the water at its highest.

*1 Shocking Arrow Lifts

Turn round and jump o onto the platform behind you; go to the ! switch and a
series of temporary platforms will appear; jump across them and onto a brick
platform with a diamond on top. Touch the diamond and the water will rise; swim
up to some red platforms and jump onto the arrow platforms. Cross using these
(they move to the next one in sequence, then stop or you to get on). Avoid the
Amp, however. At the end is a box with the star inside.

*2 Top O' The Town

Run up the slope ahead of you and push the metal crate into a position where
you can jump onto the platform above. Jump again and go left and kill the bad
guy by throwing him. Jump onto the narrow plank, avoiding the Amp
bearings and jump onto the moving platform. You'll come to a box with a star

*3 Secrets in the Shallows and Sky

This one's hard to explain; swim under water and find the tap (in a corner)
which lowers the water as far as it will go. You have to find five numbers (one
to five) to access the star.
i) There is a grey box in front of a hole in the wall. Push it in.
ii) At the lowest level there is a box behind a pillar; push it.
iii) Break the ! box nearby to this point.
iv) Raise the water to its highest by going to the highest tap. Go to the
single pillar sticking up just in reach with the ! box over it and jump on.
v) Go to where you found *2. Jump onto the iron platform nearby (this has a
star beneath it, but ignore that for now...) The star will appear nearby.

*4 Express Elevator -- Hurry Up!

Swim to the tap at the bottom of the main area to drain the water and you will
see a fence nearby, with a block filling up a gap; break it. Return the water
to the highest level and go to where the box is that reveals the last number
(see previous star). Below you is a star; to get it, drop onto the left side of
the platform that's sticking out from the shaft and it will begin to sink.
Quickly, swim down and enter the shaft, swim up and get above the platform
before it rises out of the water and you will be carried to the star.

oliverstephenv@laneend14.freeserve.co.uk writes:
"I found it easier to drain all the water, go back up to the top using the
flipper devices, activate the stairs, using the purple exclamation mark and
climb them to highest star 3 position,
then drop onto the platform and stay on it until it almost reaches the
bottom, jump off, enter the cage and back flip onto the platform before it

*5 Go To Town For Red Coins

Backflip into the painting to get the water to its highest. This is the only
way you can get high enough to jump over the fence in the corner. Do so and
swim down to the tunnel at the bottom and you will find yourself in some sort
of sunken city; surface and collect the metal cap, then find the tap to lower
the water. Find all the red coins; most are in boxes over the buildings, and
are hard to get. Use wall jumps to reach these.

If you find that too hard, try this tip, also from
"Dive down and turn the tap to empty all the water. Climb back up to the
platform just below the block below the metal cap and kill the spider (for
the fun of it). Then standing on the opposite side to the building you want
to jump to, use the long jump straight away. You will lose a couple of
healths on each jump but can recuperate from the red coin. This will not
work if you long jump from the side of the platform nearest the building as
you will hit the ceiling before you are over the building."

*6 Quick Race Through Downtown

Must have completed Vanish Cap Course

Enter the top of the painting and jump over the fence leading to the
underground section. Find the tap that drains the water and then go to the
Vanish Cap box. As soon as you get it, run to the ! switch (it's near the tap)
and keep running until you reach the wire fence with a blue box behind it.
Quickly jump onto the temporary platform and climb up to reach the star.
N.B. You can also use Wall Jumps to reach the star, meaning using the switch is
not completely necessary.

*7 Get 100 coins

Enter the bottom of the painting; there are plenty of coins in the main area
and you don't need to go to "Downtown". But make sure you get all the coins
from the blue coin switch!

7.14  Tall, Tall Mountain


At the top of the stairs accessed by the second key, find a picture with what
appear to be giant mushrooms in; it's quite small. Jump into here.


It is what it sounds like: a vertical level; its not particularly exciting, but
there is a secret level to be found (see stars, below). And yes, if you fall
off the mountain, you die.

*1 Scale The Mountain

Run along and jump the gaps. Climb up the platforms by the moles and avoid the
bowling balls. Run past the goombas and jump. Keep going until you reach the
summit. The star is yours!

*2 Secret of the Monkey Cage

Must have got *1

Go up the mountain again and near the top you will see a cage with a star
inside. Run to where *1 was and there is a monkey instead; catch it and talk to
it; let it go and follow it to the cage. It will open it. Jump down and grab
the star (it is close to the monkey and the Shy Guy).

*3 Scary 'Shrooms, Red Coins

This shouldn't be too hard:
i) to iv) On the mushroom platforms near the start.
v) to viii) On the ledges above the moles.
The star appears on a mushroom near the moles; this is within jumping range.

*4 Mysterious Mountainside

Go up the mountain, until you get to the bit where you see a cloud with a face
(which will try and blow off your hat). Nearby, press the walls and one will
ripple. Jump inside and you will find a slide! Simply make it to the bottom,
but it is harder than the last two. About half way down, make sure you head
right, where the coins are or you will come face to face with a skull. And
yes, you do die! At the end of the slide, drop down the hole to reach the star.

*5 Breathtaking View From The Bridge

I'm sure you must have seen the star behind the waterfall when going to get *1.
There's no trick; just take a big jump from the bridge by where the monkey cage
was and you'll get it!
elmo198202@yahoo.com writes: "All you have to do is step on the ! block after
goombas and a block appears directly in front of the star."
It is possible to do it by long jumping but I guess the other way is simpler.

*6 Shoot To The Lonely Mushroom

Find the Bob - Omb; its hidden near where the monkey and the Shy Guy are. On
the mushroom platforms with some of the red coins on is a warp to near the
cannon; use it and get to the cannon (very tricky, as you're on a narrow
ledge). Now use the cannon to get to the mushroom with a star on. It's very
tricky! Aim for around the top of the clouds straight ahead of you and you
should be okay.

*7 100 coins

Go to the slide first; you should manage to get at least 45 coins (including
the blue ones), then go to get the ones on the mountainside; it shouldn't be a

7.15  Tiny - Huge Island


Enter the star door on level two that does not lead to the mirror room (left of
the entrance to this level). Enter a room with three paintings (you can only
enter the left and right ones).


This is a strange world; if you run to the painting on the right, you will find
that Nintendo used a trick of perspective; although all the paintings LOOK the
same size, this is a larger one, set back further. Enter this and the island
and the goombas will be huge! If you stomp a big goomba, you get a blue coin.
On the other hand, turn left and you will approach a smaller painting, that's
up a short hallway. Jump in here and you'll be in some sort of parallel
universe where the island is like a model village! The Goombas are tiny; they
blow up on impact with Mario (you don't get any coins though, unless you stomp
them); also, killing the piranha plants in this mode only gives you a yellow
coin. However, when you're huge, it is a lot easier to go tumbling off the edge
of the island into oblivion (basically, by hitting a steep slope near a cliff
and then losing control).
You can warp between the tiny and huge islands by jumping down the green tubes,
placed around the level at strategic points (essential for stars 2, 5, 6 and

*1 Pluck the Piranha Flowers

The best way to do this is to enter the small painting and jump over the water
to the green pipe. Jump in and fight the Piranha Plants. There are five in

*2 To the Tip Top of the Huge Island

Enter the large painting. Simply run all the way up to the top of the island.
Jump down the first tube and the bowling balls will shrink (which makes them
easier to get past). The obvious route is pretty tough though, as there is a
gap which you must rely on the wind to get past, and more often than not, it'll
drop the moment you jump out into thin air and you'll die. If it gives you
problems, enter the small painting and go to the ! switch by the Piranha
Plants, causing the temporary platforms to appear. Do a backflip up to the
narrow plank with the Bowling Balls on and use the next tube to shrink

*3 Rematch With Koopa the Quick

Must have got *s 1 and 2

Enter the large painting and take the route you took for *2 and run past the
hole the bowling balls are appearing from (do this tiny). You will find Koopa
The Quick. Race him again and he's harder than before. Run down the platform
with the bowling balls on and across the plank to where the Koopa flag is (you
will probably have seen this already). The last bit is really hard as the wind
will slow you down considerably, so it is important that you get as much speed
in the first bit as you can. Take a short cut at the start by jumping over the
fence, rather than running round it and try long jumping too.

*4 Five Itty Bitty Secrets

Enter large; you need to get five numbers again:
i) By the hole where the bowling balls are appearing
ii) The pool at the top of the level
iii) Go to the tiny version of where Koopa The Quick was; you will see a plank
leading into a hole nearby. Jump down onto the beach, then backflip up to the
hole; another number!
iv) From here, go to the door that would lead to the start point if you were
little, and get the number.
v) Swim to where the cannon is (there's a gigantic pink Bob - Omb by it). Stand
on top of the cannon (you can't fall into it, but you get a number).

To get the coin, go to where the Piranha Plants are and press the ! switch. A
bridge will appear, and you can cross to the island where the star is.

*5 Wiggler's Red Coins

Go in large and talk to the Bob - Omb, then shrink and go to the cannon; aim so
you land in the tree nearby (you'll need to aim some way above the treetop) and
cross the narrow bridge to the doorway. Ignore Wiggler (who is in the room
above) and get the coins by jumping over the platforms. Head to the right, then
get the first four; for the fifth, long jump to it or use wall jumps, then drop
down, jump to the next two coins and double jump to the last (beware of the
flame shooter).
You'll want to weep if it hits you as you will almost certainly plunge over the
edge to your doom :*(

*6 Make Wiggler Squirm

I found this by accident! Enter huge and go to the lake. This has the only
secret that's not above an opening (i.e. the cannon, entrance to Wiggler's
cave, etc.), or is it? Stomp the water and it'll drain. Go to the pipe that's
close by and become small, then go to where the lake was ... there's a hole, so
drop down. Wiggler isn't pleased; you've flooded his home, so now you must
fight him (see boss section) for a star.

*7 Get 100 coins

This is tricky! Here is the way I did it. Enter the small island and kill the
tiny Goomba; head towards the Piranha Plants and kill them whiule huge.
Activate the switch and run to the island, getting the single coin, then warp
back to the main area. Trip the switch again and run on the bridge, then
backflip to where the bowling balls are. Run left and jump in the pipe,
becoming small. There will be two large Goombas; stomp them for a blue coin
each, then get the coins on the narrow ledge nearby before entering the pipe
and becoming big again. Kill any small Goombas and head back past the bowling
balls. Kill the Goomba, then head for the summit, getting coins and jump down
to the beach, where you can get more coins. Jump to the ledge with the TINY
Koopa and kill it, getting a blue coin. Run past the bowling balls and get in
the pipe, becoming small. There is a Goomba on the ledge above you; stomp it,
then get the coins by where the bowling balls are appearing and go and stomp
the Goombas in the are where you meet Koopa the Quick. Drop down to the beach,
then swim to the start point where you will find more Goombas and a post you
can run round for more coins. Swim back to the beach, kill Lakitu and the Shy
guy, then get the two coins at the back and the 1 up that appears. Kill the
Koopa, getting a blue coin and use his shell to skim to where the cannon is
(avoiding any risk of being swallowed). Kill the Goomba and if possible the Shy
Guy, and fire up to the tree (like when you did *5), but then drop down to a
ledge with another Goomba on. Return to the cannon and fire yourself back up;
kill another Goomba. Now, if you haven't got 100 coins, go into Wiggler's cave.
If you fail to stomp about four or more Goombas you should start again.

7.16  Tick Tock Clock

Must have 50 stars


Behind the third big star door. Jump into the clock face! Another wierd thing
to look out for here; the hands keep moving... wait until the minute hand (i.e.
longest one) is on 12 and enter and the clock will be stopped. I should point
out that either the clock is super fast or time goes faster in Marioland - the
minute hand takes about five seconds to go right round!


Set inside a clock, this level will tax your patience. It basically a long
climb up around a bottomless pit. Entering the clock at certain times can
affect the way it works:
On 6, it stops and starts intermittently
On 9, it is fast
On 12, it stops altogether
On 3, and any other time, it goes slowly

*1 Roll Into The Cage

Cross the first gap with the pendulum in and basically head upwards, avoiding
the traps until you come to a cage with a star in. Jump carefully to the
conveyor belt and run into the cage.

*2 The Pit and the Pendulums

Enter on 3; go to the cage, but jump over it and carry on. Eventually (if you
don't get waylaid), you'll come to two pendulums. Carefully pass them, and you
can see the star on the other side.

*3 Get a Hand

The easiest way to do this is to go to the cage where *1 was. Drop down and you
should find yourself in an alcove with the star inside. This isn't the proper
way though, so I guess I cheated :)
Okay, the proper way (and I read this in various other FAQs) is to enter the
clock when it's on 3. Go up to the point just after the 3 rotating blocks. When
the clock is stopped there will be a large hand (as in a clock's hand, duh!),
but now it's gone. It hasn't, it's nearby; wait for it to arrive at the
platform and jump on; it will carry you over to the star!

*4 Stomp on the Thwomp

This is one of the most frustrating stars in the game! It took me about an hour
to get. There are about 20 different things that can go wrong.
Enter when the hand is on 3. You have to make your way up, past all the traps,
the same way as when you got *2. But this time, when you reach the top of the
pole with the 1 up mushroom on, turn and jump onto the platform with the heart
on. Jump onto the floating platform and then onto the turning platform and get
to the two rotating cubes. Climb up using these (you can tell when they're
about to turn as they jerk slightly just before doing so, so jump up at this
point.) Backflip to the first, long jump to the second and backflip to the
third, then backflip to the next platform. There is then a platform you can
only get to by double jumping, followed by four wall monsters in a row. Cross
three conveyor belts carefully, followed by two constantly rotating platforms,
then two triangles, which behave the same way as the cubes. On the next
platform, you will see a hand (like before). You will probably have just missed
it, so wait for it to return, but watch out for the flame spewer. Stand just
off the point of the hand and wait until you get to a conveyor belt with a
Thwomp at the end. Jump onto he conveyor belt and face away from the Thwomp and
crouch. If your timing is right, you will land on top of the Thwomp. Jump onto
the platform that holds the star.

*5 Timed Jumps From Moving Platforms

This is easier! Follow the path for the previous star, until you reach the
rotating cubes that are close to *2 and go past these. You will see some wall
creatures (well, they're similar to them), which you must use as platforms to
enter a cage with a star in.

*6 Stop Time For 8 Red Coins

This is easy, if you know how to stop the clock! Run forward and you will see a
set of platforms. Climb up using these to collect all the eight red coins. This
is practically impossible with the clock moving.

*7 Get 100 coins

This is hard; you'll have to search everywhere, and make sure you get all the
blue coins, which is pretty easy. Enter with the hand on 3. Kill the two Bob -
Ombs and get their coins, then get all 10 coins in the ! box by the heart; if
you can get 2 of the red coins (possible if agile), then head up the clock
getting any coins on the way. Before you reach the second heart, head towards
*2, but use the blue coin switch instead; the Blue Coins are easy to get as
long as you don't fall (if you do, start over). Continue up, passing the three
rotating platforms, and long jump to some more coins above *5. Continue again
and get the coins above the four wall monsters. You will probably be nearly
finished, so there is one ! box ahead, then two by where you get the second
hand (one has coins, the other a 1 up). There are also coin boxes under the
Thwomp and in the platform in the middle (long jump to this).

7.17  Rainbow Ride

Must have 50 stars


Go through the door leading to the clock and run right. There is a high
platform you must back flip up to. See the hole in the wall? Long jump into it
and jump down the hole.


One of the hardest levels, this is in the sky, and is above a bottomless pit.
It's also kinda wierd as its full of odd structures (the 3D maze, the house and
the large ship). The level takes its name from the flying carpets that travel
along rainbow paths. A few things to note here:
1) When a carpet reaches the end of its path, it will fall, so jump off.
2) If you leave a carpet for too long, like most moving platforms, it will
vanish, and this could leave you stranded.

*1 Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow

Jump on the flying carpet and let it carry you along, jumping over the
obstacle. When you get close to the fire spouter it's best to jump off and
quickly jump on again when you've passed.

N.B. james@celliott.net writes: "On Rainbow ride the bit at the start with the
flame thrower. You can just duck by pressing Z".

From the turning platforms, go right
and jump on the next carpet. You will come to a T junction with two carpets on
either side; take the one on Mario's left and it will fly around a platform
with a 1 up on top. Avoid the rotating planks and then jump over some more
obstacles. Jump on the platform at the end and quickly double jump onto the
platform above as it will collapse. Cross over onto the ship and get the star.

*2 The Big House In The Sky

Do what you did before, but at the T junction, take the carpet on Mario's
RIGHT. Carefully get over the large obstacles and you will float into a castle.
Avoid the flames from the fire and fly out again. Ride round the house,
avoiding the obstacles again and you will re „ enter the castle. You will start
to go vertically upwards to the roof. Jump off and collect the star.

*3 Coins Amassed in a Maze

Go along to the rotating platforms and then go straight ahead towards the
large, tall structure. It's a vertical maze and all the red coins are somewhere
in it.
The star appears at the bottom.

*4 Swingin' in the Breeze

Ride the first carpet, then head left from the rotating platforms. Jump onto a
pole and slide down, then jump onto the teeter - totter. Head right, using the
platforms (including the swinging one), and follow a series of platforms until
you reach one with a Goomba on. Go up the slope on this platform and cross over
a gap, using another swinging platform, and you will end up on a platform with
a star on (watch out for the flame thrower).

*5 Tricky Triangles!

Same as before, but when the path splits, go straight ahead across more
collapsing platforms. Flick the switch to turn all the triangles upside down
and get to the star before they flip over again (knocking you, quite possibly,
to your doom.) Hint: Avoid getting the 1 up mushroom as it delays you.

N.B. TECCKA@aol.com writes: "In the Rainbow ride level, for stars #4 and #5,
you do not need to go the long way on the carpet and spinning platforms.  From
the starting point, change the view so you can see the area behind you, then
long jump to the striped pole.  It takes practice, but it saves time."

*6 Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Go to the bottom of the vertical maze and find the blue coin switch; above is a
shaft which you must wall jump up to find the pink Bob „ Omb, who will activate
the cannon, which is on the boat. Get there and then fire yourself at the
circular rainbow and you'll grab a pole. Slide down it and get the coin from
the box, but beware of Chuckya.

*7 Get 100 Coins

This is easily the hardest star in the game! To get it, you must get at least
three of the blue coins and most of them are next to the pink Bob Omb. This
means that you must get all the wall jumps right first time as the blue coins
vanish quickly.
The mest method to getting the star is tgo use the first carpet, then jump to
the platform with 8 red coins on and get them, then jump back on the carpet.
are 16 coins on the revolving platforms, and you can get 5 more from killing
Lakitu. Go to the Blue Coin switch and try and get at least 4 blue coins (if
not, restart). Then drop down to the maze again and get all 8 red coins, and
kill both Bob Ombs if possible. Return to the revolving platforms and go to the
carpet. Jump on and get any stars, then head towards the ship. Get all coins,
including killing Lakitu and the Bob - Omb, then get off and go to the three
collapsing platforms that you climbed on to reach the ship. Stand on one and
you will be dropped on the revolving platforms (use the heart if you lose
energy). To get the rest of your coins, if any are needed, head towards *s 4
and 5.

7.18  Bowser In The Sky


Behind the last star door, run up the "endless stairs". You must have 70 stars,
or the stairs really will be endless (actually, you just run a long way and get
nowhere; its really wierd, beause if you turn around, you are still in the same
place). Jump down the pit.

The red coins are in the following locations:
i) On the platform with the grey box, push the box in the direction of the
sliding platform. Back flip off it to get the coin.
ii) Continue along the path and crawl up the steep (and I mean steep as in
almost vertical) slope. There's another, in plain sight by the first Piranha
iii) After ii), drop down to a large platform below the main one, and go to the
right. You should see a red coin on a small platform on the edge.
iv) Continue along, back flipping from the three moving platforms that revolve
round a 1 up onto the grey platform above (this skips a tricky bit and Chuckya)
and you will get to a steep grey slope (N.B. you do not need to crawl). Avoid
the flames; at the top is a red
v) On the next floating platform section, grab the red coin on a platform,
vi) On the platform nearby with the electric ball.
vii) Climb another pole, and as you cross between two sliding platforms, there
is one on a pole in between.
viii) Continue, using some TRICKY moving platoforms and pass some Goombas in a
windy area. Look under the steps leading to Bowser's pipe for the last coin.


8 Secret Stars

You cannot die when on these courses, even if you fall off the side or drown
(you'll appear in the palace or outside, but you WON'T lose a life). The castle
has 15 secret stars!

1 The Princess's Secret Slide (1)

Must have got 1 star

Go up the stairs in the lobby and turn right to enter a door. Jump through the
picture of the princess that's on the right and slide down the slide. At the
bottom is a box with a star in.

2 Secret Slide (2)

Must have got 1 star

Do the slide again, only you must do it in a faster time than 21 seconds. When
you come out of the enclosed area, try jumping off to the left; it'll take some
practice but you'll eventually land on another part of the slide. Make sure you
don't fly off and slide down again and you should beat the time. Of course it
is possible to do so without doing this; hold the control stick forward and
when you come to a corner, try to take it on the inside.

3  Outside Jolly Roger Bay

Must have got 3 stars

Back flip into one of the holes in the wall outside this level and you'll go to
a big fish tank. Collect all eight red coins for a star.

4 Toad (1)

Must have: Got 8 stars
			 Beaten Bowser in the dark

Go to the entrance to Hazy Maze Cave and Toad's nearby. Talk to him; he'll give
you a star.

5 Mips (1)

Must have: Got 15 stars
			 Beaten Bowser in the Dark

He appears outside Lethal Lava Land; chase him and grab him. When you manage it
you'll get his star.

6 Toad (2) (or possibly Toad's clone?)

Must have: Got at least 31 stars (including Dire, Dire Docks *1)
			 Beaten Bowser twice
Outside Tall, Tall Mountain is the section where you can see Toad in two place
at once. Talk to the one by the brick wall and he will give you a star.

7 Mips (2)

Must have got 50 stars

Same place as before, catch Mips again!

8  Toad (3)

Must have: Got 50 stars
			 Beaten Bowser twice

He's outside the Tick Tock Clock entrance. Talk to him.

9  Wing Mario Over the Rainbow

When you reach Tick Tock Clock, go to the raised platform on the left and jump
onto it; long jump to the opening in the wall and jump down the hole. You will
find yourself in the clouds! Grab a wing cap and get all the red coins. There
are loads of red blocks here. You will need to use  the cannons to reach some
of them. The best way to do this is use the lower cannon *by the pink Bob - Omb
and fire yourself at the higher one (aim at the top of the platform), then aim
as high as you can, in the direction of the highest cloud, which has two red
coins. If you fall out of the level you will land in the lake outside the
castle, so you don't get hurt. Getting the star is harder than it looks!

10 - 12 Cap Courses

You can get stars here (see below for details)

13 - 15 Bowser Courses

These too have red coins (see Walkthrough)


9 Cap Courses

To activate the caps, hit the ! switch found on the course. The Wing Cap one is
Red, the Vanish cap blue and the metal cap green. Just mentioning it because
I've been informed I didn't make it clear enough.

The Tower of the Wing Cap

Must have got 10 stars.

When you have 10 stars, a light will appear in the middle of the lobby. Stand
in it and press C and up, then look up to be warped to it. You'll land on the
switch to activate the wing cap immediately; that's all there is to it. Fall
and you return to the lobby; you won't die.
The light may have vanished but you can still go back into the course; to get
the star, you must get all of the red coins before your wing cap runs out (you
can get one from the central tower, where the switch is, but you won't be able
to go high enough :(
They're all in pairs and are located on all four sides of an imaginary square
described by the four towers. Then get to the middle before the cap runs out
and hit the switch. To take off with the Wing Cap, you must press A three
times; press Z to land.

The wing cap appears on the following courses:
Bob - Omb Battlefield
Lethal Lava Land
Shifting Sand Land
Tower of the Wing Cap (obviously)
Wing Mario Over the Rainbow
On the castle roof

Vanish Cap Under the Moat

Must have: Got 8 stars,
			 Beaten Bowser in the dark

Go into the cellar (via the first locked door) and go right. Go right on the
other side of the door and find a door without a star on; swim through the pool
to the other side. Pound the two pillars in the next pool and the water will
drain. Go through the door and you'll be in the moat (only the water's
drained). Find a hole in the ground and jump in. Complete the course to get the
cap. If you fall you'll end up in the lake nearby with no loss of life. The red
coins are hard to get, the first four being on the steep slope at the
beginning. Look carefully to see where the next one is before jumping; if you
miss, it's advisable to start again. The next two are on a teeter totter
between two sets of moving platforms, the seventh is as you jump off the last
moving platform and the last is by the switch. To get the star, take the Vanish
Cap and run through the cage.

The Vanish Cap appears on the following courses:
Big Boo's Haunt
Dire, Dire Docks
Snowman's Land,
Wet - Dry World
The Vanish Cap Course (duh!)

Cave of the Metal Cap

Must have: Got 8 stars,
			 Beaten Bowser in the Dark

Go to the Hazy Maze cave and find Nessie. Ride him (if you'll pardon the
expression) to the big metal door and jump to the platform. Enter the door and
jump into the metallic pool. You'll become Metal Mario; run to the switch (it
is on a large island surrounded by two red coins) but
make sure that when you lose your powers you don't go in the water or you'll be
swept away to land at the side of the castle. You'll have to return to Nessie
and try again (this is really annoying...) Get all the red coins for a star
(some coins, and the star, are underwater, so use the metal cap for this.

The Metal Cap appears on the following courses:
Whomp's Fortress
Jolly Roger Bay
Hazy Maze Cave
Dire, Dire Docks
Wet - Dry World
Metal Cap Course (I would never have guessed...)


10 Secret Warps

Some levels have secret warps and, if you stand on them, you will find an
easy way to a separate location. Here they all are:

Bob - Omb Battlefield

1) The flowers in the field near Chain Chomp to the flowers in the field at the
base of the mountain.
2) Between the two niches that spew out balls.

Whomp's Fortress

A corner of the platform where the Thwomps are to the pole above *3.

Cool, Cool Mountain

The broken bridge by the start point to the broken bridge by the mother

Lethal Lava Land

Under the eyeball near the start to an island with a wing cap.

Shifting Sand Land

1) When climbing the inside of the pyramid stand in the corner near the top of
the first pole and you will be warped to a 1 up, above the grate you saw

2) There's also a warp from the platform with the cannon to the tree by the
pink bob - omb (which makes things a lot easier when activating it).

Cool, Cool Mountain

As you run from the start round to the bully, you can warp from the second tree
along to one next to a ! box with a 1 - up. Not much point, really.

Wet - Dry World

When the water has been drained to the bottom, find the stairs leading to a
tap, with a ball flying round them and you can be warped to a point just above
*1 (by the cannon.)

Tall, Tall Mountain

Stand on one of the small mushroom platforms (near the start) and it warps you
to a platform near the cannon.

Tiny - Huge Island

When you're huge, press the ! button near the Piranha Plants, cross the bridge
to the island nearby (where *4 appears). Take the coin and you'll be warped
back to the button (this is the only way off when the bridge vanishes).


11 1 - up Locations

The Castle

1) Outside Jolly Roger bay, jump into the alcove that doesn't lead to a secret
2) im_very_very_good@hotmail.com writes: "Go under the bridge in the castle
(over the moat) and look up and you will see 2 coins, get both by doing a wall
jump and the life will appear"
3) Bballgirl022@aol.com writes: "if you walk towards the waterfall to the left
of the stone bridge you will come to the last 3 trees positioned approx. like

                        O     A
                     O  H

   the red circle is the tree where if you do a hand stand on it there is a
1-up." (This refers to the very leftmost circle in case this FAQ ends up in
black and white).

Bob - Omb Battlefield

1) In the field outside the entrance to the mountain, is a ring of flowers. Run
round it for an extra life.

2) Go under the bridge that leads to the mountain.

Whomp's Fortress

1) Climb up the pole above *3

2) On the rotating bridge, get the red coin and the coins around it and a
mushroom will appear. It's hard to get though as it drops onto the slope

Jolly Roger Bay

1) In the entrance to the cave is a ring of coins; collect a few and a 1 up
will appear.

Cool, Cool Mountain

1) In a ! box near the snowman.
2 - 4) trav_is_@hotmail.com writes: "you left out a few 1-up location on cool
cool mountain, thiers one near the hairpin on the slide on the side of the
mountain, another is on the landing
on the steap hill, where you get a red coin, and another 2 are in the
penguin race short cut."

Big Boo's Haunt

1) When going to collect *5, get the 1 up from the ! box on the roof.

Hazy Maze Cave

1) When using the lift to go down to the lagoon, there is a ! box nearby with a
mushroom inside.
2) There's one that can be reached using the grating near to * 5

Lethal Lava Land

Get the Koopa shell on *s 5 and 6 and you'll find some on platforms at the
corners of the level, one behind the platform where *1 appears and some by the
volcano (about six in total).

Shifting Sand Land

1) Go to Mario's left on entering the pyramid to the dead end. It's in a ! box.

2) Go right in the pyramid and past the Thwomp, and cross a series of platforms
in the sand. A mushroom will appear on the last one, but it vanishes very

3) As you climb the pyramid, you'll see one on a grate. You can be warped to it
(see warps section, above).

Snowman's Land

1) In a box near to the bully (it's next to the warp).

Wet - Dry World

1) In Downtown, in a ! box in one of the far corners.

2 and 3) Near the platforms leading to star 2 is a tube containing two

Tall, Tall Mountain

1) At the start, turn and there's one on a narrow ledge.

2) On a ledge near the moles

3) Just before you long jump to the area with the entrance to the slide, stop
and there's a mushroom just before the edge of the platform.

4) In the ! box on the set of mushroom platforms.

Tiny - Huge Island

1) When you're tiny, grab both the coins on the beach.

2) When tiny, climb the tree near to the platform that leads to Wiggler's cave.

3) On a high ledge in Wiggler's cave.

Tick Tock Clock

1) Climb the pole that leads to the scoop „ throw monster (near *2) and do a

Rainbow Ride

1) Climb to the top of the mast of the boat and handstand.

2) On the thing that's sticking out at one end of the boat.

3) Get to the ! box on top of the maze.

4) After getting that, descend using the wooden platform at one end of the maze
for another 1 - up.

5) I think there's one on the ! box on the roof of the house.

6) When you take the path to *s 4 and 5, drop onto the platform under the first
swinging platform, and there is a ! box containing a star.

7) I believe it is possible to get a star by jumping on one of the platforms
that block the carpet going towards the big house, but I forget the exact

Bowser in the Dark

There are some near the teeter totters at the end, and:

1) In a ! box just before the section with the Amps

2) At the point where you make a detour to get a coin by a flying ball.

There are also a few on one of the ledges near the end, and above the teeter

Bowser in the Fire Sea

1) In plain sight, on a platform you pass near the start.

2) Just before the third red coin, do a handstand on the pole you climb up.

3) As you climb up to the third level, there's one in a ! box.

4) In a box on the ledge you have to cross to get to the star!

Bowser in the Sky

1) At the top of the steep slope is a spinning platform with an electric ball
bearing on; in the middle is a ! box with a 1 up.

2) On the first set of vertically rotating platforms, there's on in the middle.

3) At this point, drop down and climb up using the only possible way and you
will see another mushroom.

4) I believe there's a tricky one near to coin no. 5...

Princess Toadstool's Secret Slide

There's one here ... if you're quick to get it! Also, when you reach the
bottom, slide across the podium under the ! box and off the back and a mushroom
will appear.

Vanish Cap Under the Moat

There are three on the steep slope with four red coins. It is possible to get
all of them too; after the second coin, jump towards the ! box and then get the
mushroom, then you will see two other mushrooms you can easily get.

Cave of the Metal Cap

Run through the water and cross the bridge, where you will find an are with 2
red coins and a mushroom.

Wing Mario Over the Rainbow

1) Climb the pole by the pink Bob - Omb and do a handstand.

2) There's one in the middle of one of the grey clouds (get this when you're

3) On the highest cloud (containing two coins), there is a ! box, containing a

There may be a few I missed; if so, please email me!


12 Blue Coin Switch Guide

Here are the locations of the blue coin switches ... just to make things a bit

Whomp's Fortress

Location: Near the pink Bob - Omb.

Coins: Right next to here.

Jolly Roger Bay

Location: In the treasure cave.

Coins: Next to the switch, again.

Cool, Cool Moutain

Location: Near the 4th star.

Coins: Right by the switch (again).

Big Boo's Haunt

Location: In the attic.

Coins: On either side of the switch.

Hazy Maze Cave

Location: Run into the Hazy Maze and take the second path on the right.

Coins: Turn, and run back, then right, collecting them as you go. Do a backflip
up the the door that leads to the 5th star.

Shifting Sand Land

Location: On the left, as you enter the pyramid.

Coins: Nearby, over the railings.

Dire, Dire Docks

Location: On a platform in above Bowser's sub (only accessible when you beat
Bowser in the Fire Sea and the poles have appeared).

Coins: Thankfully, they're on the same platform.

Wet - Dry World

Location: With the water right down, they're on a platform that's easy to find.

Coins: They appear on the edge of the platform. Watch out for the flame shooter
as you get them.

Tiny - Huge Island

Location: This is in Wiggler's cave.

Coins: When getting the coins (just two, on the same ledge), watch out for the
flame shooter, as you will almost certainly fall off the edge as Mario runs
around madly.

Tick Tock Clock

Location: Near star 2.

Coins: Run back along the narrow ledge and grab them all on the large platform.

Rainbow Ride

Location: At the foot of the maze.

Coins: VERY hard to get. You must immediately do wall jumps up the shaft above
you, and get thge coins at the top of the maze (you will need to jump up). If
you miss a jump, kick yourself, exit the level and climb all the way up the
tower again.

Princess Toadstool's Secret Slide

Although you cannot get 100 coins on this stage, there is a Blue Coin Switch.
After you enter the level, turn right.

Coins: Immediately make a bee line for the slide; the coins are in a row at the


13 When You Get 120 Stars...

There are a few bonuses you can get from retrieving all the stars!

Finding Yoshi

Yoshi is a hidden character in the game and when you go outside you will see a
cannon that was previously locked up! Well, use it to get to the roof of the
castle and there will be some extra lives and a wing cap, but also... Yoshi. He
will say he's been waiting on the roof for ages, then give you a present from
the Nintendo staff that gives you the maximum 100 lives, before hopping into
the waterfall.
Thanks to bluevolcano@yahoo.com for pointing out that I failed to mention that
Yoshi also upgrades your triple jump so it makes you temporarily invincible.

Fat Penguin Race

If you go back to Cool, Cool Mountain and race the penguin again, he'll comment
that he's "out of shape". Considerably, since he's a lot fatter than he used to
be. Somehow he manages to slide down the ice slide without breaking it!

Bowser Says Some More

At the end, Bowser will have an extra line about how amazed he is at how many
stars there were in the castle.

14 How to Beat Bowser

1 Bowser in the Dark

Avoid his fire and grab his tail, then spin him around. Throw him into one of
the bombs at the edge and you'll get the first key. When he breathes fire,
coins will appear temporarily, so use them to replenish your energy.

2 Bowser in the Fire Sea

If you thought Bowser didn't rock, think again. Not only is this battle a lot
harder than before, but the Koopa King has learned a few new tricks. When he
lands he will rock the platform by jumping up and down (he also does this if
you throw him off the edge). Press Z and start crawling away from him (i.e.
upwards). Bowser can also teleport (did he learn this off Toad?) but you can
see where he's going because of his shadow. He spins round fast, so you'll have
to be quick in grabbing his tail. He breathes fireballs, not flames this time
and they don't leave coins behind!

3 Bowser in the Sky

This is the hardest of all! Not only does Bowser have loads of new moves,
including covering the battlefield with fire (note that the blue flames create
coins for you to collect), charging at you and pounding the floor to create
shockwaves (which you must jump over or you'll be stunned long enough for him
to ram you), but he takes three hits and after the second hit, he'll knock bits
off the battlefield to make it star shaped, meaning it is harder to get him at
the bombs. He will also knock off a bit if you throw him off the edge before
this. The good news is he doesn't warp, or tilt the arena.

Note: bluevolcano@yahoo.com send in this tip: "he best strategy I've ever found
for fighting Bowser is standing far away from him on the opposite edge of the
platform, then waiting for him to charge at you.  It's risky, but if you can
manage to jump over him, or run to the side at the last second, he will hit the
edge of the platform and teeter for a few seconds.  Then you can run in, grab
his tail, (and the easiest part) and if you were standing on the edge near a
bomb, easily throw him into it (you don't have to spin him very fast because
the bomb isn't far away, so it's a piece of cake).  This works on all of the
Bowser fights, and is useful during the lava fight too, because if he jumps and
tilts the platform, you'll be on the opposite edge so you won't be in danger of
falling off right away."

When you beat Bowser, another star will appear, and when Mario takes it to the
castle entrance it transforms (evidently) into Princess Toadstool. Oh, and
there really are two Toads after all (which explains the oddity on the second

15 F.A.Q.

Please check this section before posting and see if your question is answered
here. Note: I will not reply to any mail that asks a question clearly stated in

Why didn't you reply to my Email?

The possible reasons are:
1) You didn't put "Super Mario 64" in the title. There are some people that
insist on putting "Question", "Hey", "Hi" or leaving the subject column blank.
Please put the name in the title.
2) Your question was answered here.


Why are you blocking Email from me?

I will only block mail from people that harass or flame me; understood?


How Do I Access Those Transparent Green, Red and Blue Blocks?

Visit the Cap Courses


Exactly HOW do I do that??????

See Part 9 of this guide


Where is the Tall, Tall Mountain painting?

It's the small painting with mushrooms on on the 2nd floor


Where is the Snowman's Land painting?

Go into the room with the mirror and jump into the wall on the left


Why is your FAQ so absoultely useless?/Your FAQ stinks/You are a $%^&&*

INSTEAD of resorting to this, why not tell me what the problem with my FAQ is
instead of resorting to rudeness and maybe I can rectify it. I am sad to say
that there is a small minority of people that do resort to this.


How do I reach the top of the castle?

You have to wait until you get 120 stars and the cannon in the courtyard opens


How do I access Luigi?

You can't. All the rumours are fake.


What does the "L is real 2041" in the fountain mean?

No - one's figured it out yet; it is rumoured to relate to Luigi.

N.B. TexasCoady@aol.com writes: "That L is real 2401 thing has annoyed me so
much that I sent a letter to Nintendo. com but they haven't replied yet so i'll
get back to you on that!!!"

N.B. The response from Nintendo was that they had no idea what it was doing
there, so it remains a mystery to this day.


Could it be ... A GAMESHARK CODE???? DUH!

No, it isn't


How do I get the snowman head and body together?

Stand on the other side of the head from the body as it is rolling.


What the *&^% do you mean by "the other side", you idiot GavLuvsGA?

The other side from which you came. I will not explain further.


What's that worm thing I saw in the credits?

Wiggler - and he is in Tiny Huge Island. See the walkthrough.


Is it true that there's a secret Bowser with three heads?



Do you have do obey that sign on the 2nd floor requesting that you walk

No, walk as loud as you like. If I could go there in real life I'd ignore that
sign on purpose. Nobody tells me to walk quietly. Noise rules! Okay, calm


Can you earn a Ghoul Medal?



How do I reach the coins in Wet Dry World

Go downtown (see the Walkthrough), drain the water and use wall kicks.


How do I get Big Boo in the garden?

Beat Bowser in the Dark


Where does Toad give you stars?

I said so in the walkthrough, but:

1) Outside Hazy Maze Cave
2) On the 2nd floor
3) By Tick Tock Clock


Could you send me a walkthrough of (name of level)?

No. I am not your slave. Read what I wrote in this guide and if there is
something you don't understand, just TELL me and I'll explain further.


How do I get a key?

(Sigh) Beat Bowser in his first two battles. The first one gets you the
basement key; beating him twice allows you to access the tower


Is is possible to get to the top of the castle with no stars?

I've heard it is, but I never managed it.


What is the "Dark Room of Death"?

You get at it by firing yourself out of the cannon in the courtyard (with 120
stars, of course) and hitting the tower near the top. If you do it right, you
will fall into a weird room where you seem like you're inside, but try to leabe
and you'll end up in the castle lobby.


If you have any comments, complaints or hints, please email
XPhileScaper1121@aol.com (so long as its nothing patronising like pointing out
a speeling mistace!)

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