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    FAQ/Walkthrough Part 1/2 by GreenFlag

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    |                     Super Mario 64 FAQ/Walkthrough                      |
    |                     Part 1 of 2 - General Strategy                      |
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    |                        Version 2.5 - 07.28.2003                         |
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    |                Written by Jordan Stopciati (superstar64)                |
    |                        (js_sstar64@hotmail.com)                         |
    All names and logos are trademarks of their respective owners.
    This document is copyright (C) 1999-2003 Jordan Stopciati.
    I need to stress that this guide is split into two parts. The first part
    (what you're currently viewing) is just general game information. The
    second part will talk about getting the 120 Stars, and so on.
    June 27, 1999 - Version 1.0 - The first draft of this FAQ.
    October 30, 1999 - Version 1.0.1 - A few minor updates.
    August 3, 2000 - Version 1.1 - This FAQ has been stuck on my hard drive for
    almost a year without posting. Think about it! I've left this FAQ alone for
    almost a year! I'll just give it a buff and polish and hopefully it will be
    ready for posting in a few days.
    November 11, 2000 - Version 1.2 - Anyway, an important notice, because my
    e-mail address has changed. See correspondence.
    August 27, 2002 - Version 2.0 -  It's been three years since I finished
    writing the first draft for this guide, so I think a HUGE grammar makeover
    is definitely past due. I am basically doing everything during this update:
    improving title formatting, improving my wording in most of the
    descriptions (meh, they stunk a lot!) It's all being revamped. Which is a
    good thing, because I was more idiotic when I first wrote this...oh, yeah,
    and the guide is split into two parts: Game Strategy and General Strategy.
    More detail on that later.
    July 28, 2003, Version 2.5 - Decided to add on another section to part 1:
    Coin locations. I also decided to run through the FAQ and reformat, in
    addition to some additions and corrections that I have never ceased to make
    over the last little while.
               Planned Updates / Version Credits
    As was my plan through this "burst" of guide updates over the past few
    weeks, I have no further major updates. My only real plan is to perhaps
    write an item guide as a document that stands on its own, but that is
    really just a provisional idea right now.
    I received a number of e-mails, however, which have all been duly
    acknowledged and assisted in the development of this revision.
    "Just a quick correction as I was using your guide... I noticed that it
    seems you've switched the directions for the Hazy Maze Cave (Course #6) for
    Stars 4 and 5 (Navigating the Toxic Maze, and A-Maze-Ing Emergency Exit) as
    the actual directions are switched from what you have listed there. Hope
    this helps..."
     -- j sampson
    "Hi, first of all thanx for writing the best Walkthrough I've seen for
    SM64, This mail is about the "FAQ/Walkthrough Part 2/2" Where in the
    section "the 120 stars -> Course 6: Hazy Maze Cave" You wrote the
    instructions for star 4 in the place of the ones for star 5 and viceversa,
    it may be a little detail but I was a little confused at first whn
    following the guides.  OK, that's all and again thanx for a good job."
     -- charmeleon132
    "I've been using your FAQ a lot whenever I run into tough spots, since this
    is my first time through the game, but I just found one thing that I
    thought you might find useful.  Since I'm new to the game, you may already
    be aware of this, but I thought I'd tell you anyway.
    On Course 12: Tall, Tall Mountain, Star 6, Blast to the Lonely Mushroom,
    you had an extensive and detailed method of getting to the mushroom by
    finding the Bob-omb Buddy, then blasting yourself over to the mushroom. 
    Anyway, the way that I just discovered worked on my very first try at that
    star. Basically, when you get to the rolling log, head straight across it.
    When you get near the end, line the mushroom up and take a Long Jump at it,
    you land basically dead center on the mushroom if you aimed right.  Like I
    said, it only took my one try, and it seems to be a lot easier and safer
    than the complex method you laid out."
     -- Brad Sattem (Anubis IV)
    "There's an alternate way to get Star 6: Blast to the Lonely Mushroom, on
    Tall,Tall mountain. When you get to the ledge with the monkey and the
    flyguy on it,jump on the flyguy and float over to the star,which is in
    plain sight (I still haven't opened the cannon on that level.)"
     -- brain_damij
    "Hi. I have found an alternative of Star 2 [The Pit and The Pendulums] in
    Course 14 [Tick Tock Clock]. You can just long jump to the platform with
    the Star. It worked for me."
     -- Thps93
                     Table of Contents
     Part 1 - General Strategy
        Table of Contents
    00. Legal Notices
    01. Introduction
           The Story
    02. Playing The Game
           Controls and Moves
           Game Protocol
           Enemies, Bosses, and Obstacles
    03. General Walkthrough
    04. Warps
    05. Coin Locations
    06. Secrets, Glitches, Etc.
    07. The Luigi Factor
    08. Questions
    09. The Ending
    10. Closing Notes
     Part 2 - Game Strategy
        Table of Contents
    00. Legal Notices
    01. The 120 Stars
           Course 1 - Bob-omb Battlefield
           Course 2 - Whomp's Fortress
           Course 3 - Jolly Roger Bay
           Course 4 - Cool, Cool Mountain
           Course 5 - Big Boo's Haunt
           Course 6 - Hazy Maze Cave
           Course 7 - Lethal Lava Land
           Course 8 - Shifting Sand Land
           Course 9 - Dire, Dire Docks
           Course 10 - Snowman's Land
           Course 11 - Wet-Dry World
           Course 12 - Tall, Tall Mountain
           Course 13 - Tiny-Huge Island
           Course 14 - Tick Tock Clock
           Course 15 - Rainbow Ride
           Castle Secret Stars
    02. Cap Switch Courses
           Red Switch Course - Tower of the Wing Cap
           Green Switch Course - Cavern of the Metal Cap
           Blue Switch Course - Vanish Cap Under the Moat
    03. Bowser Courses
           Bowser in the Dark World
           Bowser in the Fire Sea
           Bowser in the Sky
    04. Closing Notes
     00.               Legal Notices
    The use of any content in this guide, notably in a competing work but for
    anything quoted verbatim, must be credited appropriately. Failure to do so
    will result in requests to desist, up to and including legal action. *I*
    wrote it, *I* should get credit for it, and even by writing this document I
    do have a degree of legal protection without even registering it with a
    copyright office. Distributing this work for profit without the intent to
    pay me appropriate royalties and award me credit is also prohibited, and
    will also result in a request to desist.
    Distribution, however, is permitted - please e-mail at the address above
    with a full description of your site. The most recent version of my FAQ is
    ALWAYS on GameFAQs, and it is the responsibility of the person running the
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    following sites are authorized to display this guide:
     - www.gamefaqs.com
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    Finally, I disclaim myself from any damages, injuries, arrests, deaths, or
    similar unsolicited acts sustained by the usage of this FAQ. I offer my
    condolences in advance if it *DOES* happen, but I do NOT intend to cause
    pain through this document.
    As a final note rather unrelated to your legal rights, I've attempted to
    make this guide as appropriate for general audiences as possible,
    considering the game that it is written for. If a curse word slips through,
    I apologize in advance, but to be quite honest, it's easy to miss something
    when writing a guide that rivals a paperback novel in its content.
    That concludes the legal notices.
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     01.               Introduction
    Super Mario 64 was the first game released for the new Nintendo 64 game
    system in 1996. It was obvious that this was the beginning of a new era in
    gaming, with several 3-D systems in the process of being released - but
    Mario 64 was just the beginning. And six years later, it's still one of the
    most talked-about games, earning a well-deserved "Player's Choice Million
    Seller" title from Nintendo. Even with the recent commercial demise of the
    N64 and the rise of the Gamecube (and with it, a new Mario game, Super
    Mario Sunshine), SM64's popularity has never decreased.
    Not to mention the new controller. Mario 64 utilized a new controller
    format with a new analog stick, allowing more precise control than ever
    before in any video game. The C-buttons were first utilized for camera
    controls in this game.
    Let's face it - Mario 64 was the beginning of something great.
    And now, there's me. I got a Nintendo 64 along with SM64 for Christmas '98.
    My guide for SM64 was one of the first guides that I ever wrote, but oddly
    enough I left it alone for a year on my hard drive without posting it. I
    stumbled upon it the next summer and made the decision to post it on
    GameFAQs. (I guess it was one of my pre-teenage quirky habits when I look
    at it in retrospect). Today, I know the game so well that I'm able to play
    the theme to Dire, Dire Docks on piano.
    I posted the FAQ in the summer of 2000 to begin my career as a part-time
    writer. I'm still pretty much unknown in the FAQ writing world even today,
    but this FAQ feels like a real lapdog to me, if that's even possible. I
    hope it gives you the help that you're looking for. Thanks in advance for
     Game Statistics
    Name: Super Mario 64
    Production: Nintendo
    Developer: Nintendo
    Size: 64 megabits (8 MB)
    Controller Pak: unused (in-game save slots)
    Rumble Pak: exclusively in Japanese release
    Expansion Pak: unused
                       The Story
    I'm not one for storylines, but I'll provide you the basic plot, somewhat
    After Mario's last adventure, he decided to take some time to relax. Just a
    few months into his sabbatical, he received an invitation to go for cake
    with Peach. Ecstatic, Mario made the decision to come, sending a letter
    back, saying, "Meet you in a few days."
    A few days later, Mario arrived at Peach's castle, prepared for the
    meeting. He went across the bridge with full intents of meeting Peach
    there, but when he entered the castle...
    "No one's home! Now scram! Bwa ha ha..."
    "Who is that? I know I've heard that voice..." Mario muttered to himself
    while searching for Peach. The castle was eerily silent, and all the doors
    were locked, except for one. Entering it, Mario noticed a painting straight
    ahead. Walking towards the painting, he found that it was "rippling" when
    he walked close to it.
    Suddenly he got the urge to jump in, which he promptly did...but instead of
    hitting canvas, he hit nothing. Mario saw a world opening before his eyes!
    Talking to one of the Bob-omb Buddies in the world that he saw around him,
    Mario was told that the Power Stars had been captured and were being used
    to create worlds inside the paintings of the castle.
    "This must be Bowser's work...I've got to stop him!" Mario yelled, setting
    Your objective? Collect the Power Stars hidden around the courses that
    Bowser has created and save Peach from his wrath. (That little !(%$*, when
    does King Koopa ever give up!?)
     02.             Playing The Game
                    Controls and Moves
     Walk or Run
    The easiest form of movement in Mario 64 is walking or running - rather
    simple. Move the control stick in the direction that you want to move. Tilt
    the stick gently to move slowly, tilt it as far as it will go to run at top
    speed. In other words, the farther you tilt the stick, the faster you will
    go. You don't always have to run fast, however. There are some cases where
    you will have to walk across narrow bridges, in which case accuracy is more
    important than speed.
     Side Step
    Move up to a wall or building and move the Control Stick in the direction
    that you want to move along the wall. By angling the control stick more in
    a certain direction you can move faster.
     Read or Talk
    In the castle or in various courses, you will find notices or signs posted
    in various areas. Press A or B to read the notice (indicated by the camera
    zooming in on the conversation and a notification window popping up in a
    corner of the screen). If the message takes up more than one page, press A
    or B to continue reading (indicated by an arrow on the last line). You can
    also press A or B to talk to Bob-omb Buddies, Toad, or other characters
    that you may encounter. If their dialogue takes up more than one page,
    press A or B after reading the current page. Some characters will talk to
    you if you simply walk up to them.
    There are only two ways to swim in this game - the breast stroke, or
    flutter kick. Breast stroke is harder to master, but once you get it right
    it is the faster method of swimming. Tap A at a regular pace to swim with
    the breast stroke, and press and hold A to do the flutter kick. Move the
    control stick to the left and right to swim in those directions. Move it
    down to surface, and up to dive.
    To avoid some enemies that may fly around you, press Z. If you are running,
    you'll slide just a bit before you come to a stop. Generally a useless
    move, but it does have some evasive purposes.
    Press and hold Z to crouch, then move the control stick around to crawl
    around. This is a very slow method of travel (painfully slow!), but you can
    get up steep slopes and cross narrow paths that you probably wouldn't be
    able to traverse normally. It also comes in handy for going through some
    narrow holes.
    To jump, just press A, regardless if Mario is walking, running, or even
    standing. It doesn't make a difference, but you will be able to jump a
    little bit ahead and further up if you're in motion when you decide to
     Double Jump
    Press A to jump (while either standing or moving), then when Mario's feet
    touch the ground, press A again. You'll launch off the ground to jump
    again, but this time you'll jump a little higher than your first jump!
     Triple Jump
    Run at top speed, then press A once to jump. When you hit the ground, pres
    A to jump again, and then when you hit the ground a second time, jump a
    third time with the A button. Mario will yell "Yahoo!" or "Yippee!" and
    jump much higher and much further than either the regular jump or double
    jump. If that isn't enough, he'll do a very good looking forward
     Side Somersault
    Run quickly, then quickly move the control stick in the reverse direction
    and jump to do a high somersault to the side. This move is useful in some
    of the Bowser battles, to jump over his head when he charges. It has some
    other uses as well, though.
     Wall Kick
    Perhaps one of the most critical moves in the game - so master it as soon
    as possible. To execute the Wall Kick, jump towards the wall, and as you
    hit the wall, jump again. You'll bounce off the wall and jump ever higher.
    With the right circumstances, you can - no joke - continue to jump from
    wall to wall for a very long time. This move can be worth stars, so get
     Long Jump
    This is another critical move to move. The Long Jump will allow you to
    clear deep pits very easily, something that other types of jumps really
    can't do that well. While running, press Z. Immediately after that press A
    to perform the Long Jump. The faster you are running, and the quicker you
    press A after pressing Z, the longer your jump will be.
     Backward Somersault
    Stop walking, then press Z to crouch, then press A. You will do a backward
    somersault. Use the Control Stick to control the direction that you head
    in. It's possible that you can do a backward somersault but land ahead of
    your launch position.
     Punch or Kick
    To punch, press B. Pressing B a second time will result in a second punch,
    and to kick, press B a third time. (Talk about a flurry of attacks.) This
    is perhaps the most common way to defeat an enemy in the game - by either
    punching or kicking them. This is pretty much as a good a method as any.
     Jump Kick
    Press A to jump up in the air, then press B to kick while you're in the
    air. This is very effective for defeating airborne enemies!
     Pick up/swing/throw
    Mario can pick up some blocks and enemies. To pick an item up such as a
    wood block, approach it and press the B button. Most enemies can only be
    picked up when you're behind them, so go behind them and press B to pick
    them up. If you just picked up an boss such as Bowser, you can swing it
    around by rotating the control stick. To throw an object you just picked
    up, press the B button again. In Bowser battles, the faster your rotation,
    the farther the boss will fly when you do make your throw.
    A useless, useless attack. Press Z to crouch and then press B to perform a
    trip that looks more like it came from a gymnastics class. It can defeat
    some basic enemies but it really does not have much use to complete certain
     Slide Attack / Slide Kick
    This attack is very handy for attempting to catch various things scattered
    about the game. To perform a slide attack, run at whatever you're trying to
    catch, then press B. The slide kick is similar: run, press Z, and then B.
    This move is actually pretty handy for various timed events or slides that
    are scattered throughout the game. To dive, run, press A, and then press B.
    You'll do a nosedive right onto the slide or whatever you want to dive
    onto/into. Just for fun, try doing it into the moat outside just to see an
    example of a Mario bellyflop. ;)
     Ground Pound
    Perhaps one of the easiest moves to learn in the game, and rather valuable
    to your success, too. Press A to jump, then while you're in the air, press
    There are some objects such as trees or poles that Mario can climb. If you
    jump at the object, Mario will cling on to the pole or tree. You can climb
    up the object by pressing up on the control stick, or slide down by
    pressing down. You can also move around the pole or tree by moving the
    control stick to the left or right. If you press A, you will jump off the
    pole in the direction that Mario's back is facing, so you may want to
    control that before you jump up. In addition, climbing up to the very top
    of the object will cause Mario to do a handstand. Jump off to perform a
    cool dismount.
     Hanging On
    This "move" can have two meanings. If you jump across a cliff but don't
    quite make it onto solid ground, if the wall has a 90 degree angle from the
    top to its side, Mario may hang on to the top of the wall. Press up on the
    stick to climb onto level ground, or press A to let Mario jump up quickly.
    Or, you can press down on the stick to drop to the platform below...that
    is, if there is one, and as a rule, there probably isn't.
     Hanging On #2
    Another way that Mario can hang is by going up to a wire net or something
    similar. If you press A and hold on to the button, Mario will jump up to
    the wire net and hang on to it. By continuing to hold on to the button and
    moving the Control Stick around, Mario will move around on the wire net,
    allowing you to move across to various places. If you go beyond the edge of
    the wire net or let go of the A button, however, you will fall off.
     Pausing the Game
    Press Start to pause the game. Inside the castle you will be shown a screen
    with a level name, the stars that you have earned there, the level number,
    and the highest number of coins that you have earned in one player there
    (Hi Score). If you are inside a world, it will show the course you're in,
    the star you selected, and the number of stars and coins you have collected
    in the level. At the bottom of the screen, the red coins indicate how many
    red coins you've earned in the level.
    Three options are available in this mode: Continue, Exit Course, or Select
    Camera Angle with R. Selecting the last option will give you two options:
    Lakitu-Mario or Lakitu-Stop. They bring the camera up close to Mario or
    stop camera movement respectively when you press R in a world.
     Camera Control
    Mario's camera crew (geez, he must be quite a celebrity to have his own
    camera crew...but if you've been in business for 20 years why wouldn't you
    demand one?), the Lakitu Bros., are controlled by the C-buttons on the
    right of the controller, as well as the R button. The icon at the bottom of
    the screen indicates the current mode. A camera icon only shows Mario in
    normal mode. A camera icon with an arrow pointing down indicates the camera
    is far away. A camera icon with an arrow pointing up indicates that the
    camera is in close mode.
    Pressing C-up in normal mode will allow you to turn Mario's head with the
    Control Stick. Use this mode every once in a while to look around and
    explore your surroundings. Normal Mode is behind Mario, and Far Mode is a
    more panoramic view of Mario's surroundings. Press C-Down in normal mode to
    select it. You can use C-Left and C-Right to circle around Mario - you'll
    hear a buzz if you can't go any further. Use R to select the special camera
    A review of game controls will be supplied thanks to signs scattered
    throughout the worlds, but ultimately, with just three buttons (A, B, and
    Z) and your control stick as your basic controls, you shouldn't have a
    problem getting used to it...it's just the combinations of all these
    buttons that might get hard to learn!
                      Game Protocol
    In case you're wondering what the heck that means, these are the
    "instructions" the game follows in certain situations. It's also an
    explanation of the resources you have.
    You start the game with 4 spare Marios and a full power meter of 8 health
    pieces. There are several ways that you can lose health. If you touch an
    enemy while unprotected, you will lose power. In addition, getting hit by
    fire will result in a loss of power (3 pieces to be exact).
    If you're in the water, Mario can lose power as well, since he needs to
    surface every once in a while in order to breathe. Return to the surface
    every once in a while to recover the power meter. Once can also exploit a
    caveat (since SM64 has no independent breath and energy indicators like
    Banjo-Kazooie, for example) by diving into the water and surfacing to
    recover all energy.
    If Mario loses all of his power, he will be thrown out of the course he was
    in and will also lose a life. Mario can also lose a life by falling out of
    the course (except in rare circumstances). If you lose all of your lives,
    you'll get the "Game Over" screen.
    All is not lost, however. You can restart if you have saved your game.
    You can save your game once you collect a Star in any course. Several other
    save opportunities will come up during the game as well. Saving will
    immediately update your game file with the number of stars and coins that
    you have.
    One final possibility: if you lose your cap - it may happen in later levels
    - return to the course in which you lost it in. It will never leave that
    area, so try to retrieve it by looking around. An enemy may be wearing it
    or carrying it. Kill or distract the enemy so it will drop your cap. This
    is very important because you will incur more damage when you are capless.
    Saving when you are in this state is not recommended.
    Finally, at the beginning of each world, you'll get a clue to the star that
    you're working on. Some are immediately obvious, some might take a little
    more work to figure out....
              Enemies, Bosses, and Obstacles
    Credit goes out to Michael Gonzalez' (a.k.a. Coffee) guide for the listings
    indicated here.
    An electric sphere that takes away 1 piece of Mario's power meter if he
    touches it. If Mario gets shocked by this enemy, however, Amp will become
    stationary, allowing you to escape. You can't defeat it, so don't even
    bother punching it. Remember what we told you: never play with
    Obviously Mario has some bomb squad training as well, because he can deal
    with these without much of a problem. If these enemies spot Mario, they'll
    have a fuse lit, and explode within seconds! In addition they will light
    their fuse if Mario picks them up. If they explode, however, you get a
    yellow coin.
       Big Bob-omb *BOSS*
    The first boss that you'll encounter in the game. Select the first star in
    Bob-omb Battlefield and get to the top of the mountain to find him - grab
    him behind the back and throw him to the ground three times, but don't
    throw him off the mountain to get yourself a Star!
    A rather shy ghost - if you look these enemies in the face, they'll get
    really shy and become transparent (and reveal whatever they're carrying).
    Obviously they can't feel someone's eyes on their backs, because they just
    float around. On the other hand, when THEY'RE facing Mario's back, they
    head after him. Punch them in the back for a blue coin.
       Big Boo *BOSS*
    Pretty much the same as the Boos - just larger. You have to punch them in
    the back three times if you want to defeat them, generally for a star. This
    boss awards you a total of three stars, but the situation is different each
    time you encounter this spirit.
    They're big books which you can defeat by hitting them with your head.
    (First of all, the worst damage that books can do is paper cuts and that is
    not remotely life-threatening...) They are worth money, though - one blue
    coin. You won't find that inside anything in your library unless the
    previous user was feeling generous.
     Bowser *BOSS*
    Hey! Recognize the name!? Heh. Anyway, you'll meet up with this guy three
    times in the game, and each time you have to throw him into bombs - really,
    you should check out "Bowser Courses" for more info on when you encounter
    him and so on. But these are all critical game moments. If you beat him the
    first and second times, you'll get a key. If you beat him the third time,
    you've won the game!
    Found in courses 9 and 13, these enemies are fish with a particularly large
    appetite, and apparently Italian food suits them quite well. Sorry, but
    they eat Mario in one bite if he gets too close, and that's the end. (can
    just imagine what they're thinking: "Well, I didn't let this one get
    away!") Might as well avoid it, since you can't defeat it in any way,
    shape, or form.
     Bullet Bill
    An enemy fired from a cannon at the top of Whomp's Fortress - has what
    looks like the head of a shark at the front. You used to be able to jump on
    these enemies to defeat them in previous games (unfortunately, for no
    coins), but apparently those days are gone. Yup, he's been upgraded to an
    invincible missile, apparently.
    They only have one objective: to defend their turf and to put up a good
    fight before surrendering. Basically they want to shove you into the lava
    on courses with the hot stuff, so give them a few punches to knock THEM in!
    A yellow coin will pop out, hopefully in your direction - we don't want
    those coins getting incinerated.
       Big Bully *BOSS*
    Because these guys are just larger counterparts of the Bullies, they
    deserve to be mentioned nearby. They're a little bit harder to shove around
    with their excess bulk, but you still have to put them (two of them,
    actually) into the lava for a Star.
     Chain Chomp
    Dossier shows the following: "A huge black ball attached to a stake in
    Bob-omb Battlefield. Loves to show dental work." Technically you can't kill
    this enemy, but you can stomp the stake that he's attached to three times
    if you don't want to deal with him. As a bonus you'll get a Star for that
    No, you can't sit in it, you can just avoid it. No one really likes to sit
    in a haunted chair, anyway. You can't defeat it, and so on, so just stay
    out of its way. Yes.
    It looks like a purple Bob-omb, but it doesn't have a fuse. It's more
    interested in throwing you right off the ledge you're on rather than
    blowing you to pieces, so get behind it, use B to pick it up, and then
    press B again to throw it, give it a taste of its own medicine, and get
    five yellow coins as a reward.
     Eyerok *BOSS*
    The boss found in the course eight (Shifting Sand Land) pyramid. When you
    meet this boss, punch the eye revealed in one hand while avoiding the other
    hand which is trying to crush you. Once you defeat one of them, be careful
    about the other. Read the star strategy for more information on how to
    defeat this boss.
     Flamethrower *OBSTACLE*
    This is the stone object (that has a jewel shape to it) that spits out
    flames across a path at regular intervals - it's found in basically all of
    the Bowser courses, plus the occasional regular course. Being hit by the
    flames from this object will result in Mario losing three power pieces
    unless he finds some water, and fast.
     Flame Sphere *OBSTACLE*
    This ubiquitous item is found in most of the later courses. When Mario
    walks close to it, the flame sphere "spits" out of a ball of fire which
    follows Mario before disappearing with a pop after a few seconds. Being hit
    by the flames from this object will result in a loss of three power pieces,
    so it's best to keep an eye on these things while performing the tasks
    ahead of you.
     Fly Guy
    For some of the Fly Guys, they're more interested in diving at Mario to
    hurt him. Others prefer to breathe fire, some even do both. Basically, it's
    a Shy Guy that just flies around the level. As I was saying, jump or punch
    these dudes to get two coins - jump on them, however, to fly like a
    helicopter for a few minutes.
    As of the writing of this guide, it's 18 years old and really hasn't
    developed any new instincts. If it notices Mario, it'll just run around
    quickly (geez, these enemies have low IQs). But it's all the same: run
    towards them, then punch, kick, pound the ground, whatever tries your fancy
    - to defeat it and get a yellow coin. Just one exception, however: in
    Tiny-Huge Island, if the Goombas are huge, you can pound the ground on them
    for a BLUE coin.
    A Thwomp (read below) disguised for the pyramid, somewhat like a mummy.
    Nothing more to say than that. You can be crushed if you're between him and
    the floor or ceiling!
    A dustpan-like robot found in Wet-Dry World and Tick Tock Clock that will
    follow you around. If you get up onto the "dustpan" on the front of him you
    will be flipped high into the air. This can be a good thing, since it helps
    you get to higher parts of levels if coordinated properly, but you can lose
    power if you land on the same level. They can't be killed. They are useful
    if utilized judiciously, though!
    The vulture that flies around Shifting Sand Land. In one instance they have
    a Star, but after you get that Star, this bird will have an obsession with
    Mario's cap (eh, it happens). Don't let yourself get exposed - give that
    little birdie a bonk to get it back! But you can't kill him...or get any
    coins from him for that matter. Mind you, he can't hurt you in any case, he
    can just make it easier for other enemies to hurt you.
     Koopa Troopa
    This enemy has to have probably one of the best sight gags in the game.
    These are very rare enemies - only two of them total in the entire game
    (I'm not counting Koopa the Quick here, he doesn't count.) Basically, Koopa
    Troopas look like turtles with a green shell. It also qualifies as probably
    one of the most cowardly enemies in the game, running away from you every
    time it catches a glimpse of Mario. The only way to get hurt from this
    enemy is to walk into it. Jump on him once to deprive him of a Koopa Shell
    (an item in the game). Then jump on him again while he's running around in
    embarrassment, with nothing more than underwear on, to defeat him and get a
    blue coin.
    In some of the levels, you'll find this enemy that keeps on throwing
    Spinies down at you (youch, that's painful!). To defeat him, you can just
    do an air kick, pound the ground, or anything like that on Lakitu for five
    yellow coins. Oh yeah, avoid the Spinies, because we all know how much
    thorns up your butt hurt. Let us not delve into how Lakitu became Mario's
     Mad Piano
    Geez, this one really scared the heck out of me...for the record, never,
    EVER take ANYTHING for granted in any level with lots of Boos in it. Get
    close to it, it will go berserk and let loose with chords that sound as if
    somebody is just smashing the keys with any body part they can. There is no
    way to kill this enemy - but you do need to get behind it to get a Red Coin
    in course 5.
    A major annoyance! In Snowman's Land, these enemies are disguised as yellow
    coins (which hardly seem unusual) but once you try to pick them up, they
    turn into enemies and just hop around all over the area! You have to punch
    them out or do a dive attack if you want to defeat them! Oh, and by the
    way, they can run into you and hurt you. Should you defeat them, you get
    the five yellow coins they were carrying. Not the one they were disguised
    as, though, which is a bit of a shame.
     Monty Mole
    Ugh, this enemy is a pain in the butt! They just pop out of holes, and
    throw rocks at you (each hit subtracts a power point). Jumping on them
    won't kill them (regretfully), but if you stomp on enough on them, you
    might get a 1-Up. Otherwise, they can't be beat in any way, shape, or form.
    I guess that answers the question: "Who is the Mole?"
     Mr. Blizzard
    Very similar to Mr. I (see the description below), except he's disguised as
    a snowman and fires snowballs (the range limited by his reach) at you. But
    you kill him the same way as his eyeballed counterpart - just run around to
    make him dizzy so he falls down on the ground. Three coins is your pay off.
    Only found in the snow levels.
     Mr. I
    In order to defeat this enemy, there's no way you can eyeball it. *rimshot
    and groans* Anyway, these are just eyes who really have peripheral vision -
    they fire plasma balls at Mario whenever they've got their eyes on him. If
    you run around them, they'll get dizzy and then die. You'll get a blue coin
    for your efforts, but watch out for the stuff they fire at you. Not to
    mention you really shouldn't run into them at the risk of losing a couple
    of energy points.
     Piranha Plants
    Ah, these guys. They come in two varieties: sleeping and awake. The sleepy
    ones really don't want to be awakened (hence the reason why you should
    tiptoe past), so when they're sleeping, give them a punch to give them a
    very bad wake up call. Yes, I know it's mean, but it *is* worth a blue
    coin. If you wake these guys up by running past them, they will start
    snapping at you. However, they're only found in Whomp's Fortress. Then,
    there is the variety that is already awake, so they just appear out of the
    grass when you're not looking, and either snap or breathe fire at you. Jump
    on them to get two yellow coins. Yes, the fire hurts...duh.
    Well, it's a cactus. Yeah, you heard me right, a cactus. A tall, yellow
    cactus that moves around the level, discouraging people from touching it at
    any time. Lucky for you, it can be killed. Just punch or kick the segments
    off - make sure to do the job quickly, as they grow back after a few
    seconds. Once you kick off the head, Pokey will bite the dust and you'll
    get a blue coin.
     Scuttle Bug
    Found in Hazy Maze Cave among other levels, they just walk around the level
    casually, but if they see Mario, they just run around in circles at a
    faster pace. Jump on those bugs (they must be getting on your nerves) to
    defeat them and get a few yellow coins. Their paths are rather
    unpredictable so make sure not to get in their way.
    I've never noticed these guys in course 9 (compared to what I mentioned in
    my previous version), but I'm almost positively sure that these are the
    spiders that walk or skim on top of the water in Wet-Dry World. Yes, they
    can be killed if you jump on them (a much harder task while they float).
    They really don't do that much...just running into you is enough of a
    penalty. 5 yellow coins is your reward.
    Basically, it's a Shy Guy that flies around with looks like a gas mask on
    and shoots black balls at you - nothing else. Yup, that's what they do when
    they notice Mario - but at least you can defeat them! You'll get two yellow
    coins if you headbutt them, or punch them, or whatever you desire. A rather
    simple process.
    Meh, this enemy rolls across its own platform in the pyramid (not to
    mention it probably would work as a very effective treadmill if you decided
    to run on top of it). It can't be killed in any way, but it can crush you
    if you get in its way, so basically this enemy has the advantage unless
    you're on top of it.
    These are pretty cool enemies, actually - they may seem pretty harmless,
    and if they notice Mario they just go calmly walking towards him. Once he
    gets hurt by simply walking into one of them, they back away. A punch or
    something like that will do nicely to kill them, but if you jump on their
    heads, you go flying in the air for a few seconds! They're worth 3 yellow
    Eh, I didn't think that sharks could be killed, and this shark that roams
    around course 9 can't be killed either. Apparently, swimming into you is
    its attack (guess it doesn't need to bite). No, it's not fatal. Yes, stay
    out of the way.
    This is a blue bat that flies around in random directions after being
    awakened from its sleep. It is only found in one course - Hazy Maze Cave,
    and most of the time it minds its own business. But if Mario gets close,
    it'll just start flying around. If you just hit it with a punch or kick,
    you'll be able to kill it. They give one yellow coin.
    One of the older enemies in Mario lore. It's a blue rock that crushes
    anything below it when it decides to come down at regular intervals.
    Whenever it is coming up in preparation to come down again, run underneath
    to avoid it. Oh, by the way, they can't be killed for coins. Found in
    several of the game's courses.
     Tox Box
    Basically it's a cube with painted faces on each of its sides (except for
    one, which contains a hole). It moves along a grid above the quicksand in
    Shifting Sand Land, and can't be defeated in any way, shape or form. It can
    be avoided, however, if you remember which path along the grid it takes.
    Then stay out of the way.
    The eel found in Jolly Roger Bay. If you touch this character, you will be
    electrified (yeowch!) and will lose a couple of health pieces. However,
    this enemy has the second star, so you'll have to take some risks somewhere
    along the line! Oh, by the way, did I mention that there's no way to defeat
    A unique enemy found in Whomp's Fortress. If you get close to this enemy he
    will actually try to crush you by falling on you (what other options does
    he have?). When he's down on his face (heh...what a blockhead, literally),
    jump on him to get one yellow coin. You can get up to five yellow coins
    from jumping on it, then pound the ground on it for five more coins.
       Whomp King *BOSS*
    The boss of Whomp's Fortress. Basically, take a look at the Whomp enemy for
    more information, then mutliply his size by about ten, and you have this
    boss. To earn a star, you must pound the ground on him not once, not twice,
    but three times.
     Wiggler *BOSS*
    Found in Tiny-Huge Island, this is a caterpillar with a baaaaaaaad attitude
    and a heck of a lot of Italian stereotypes. If you find yourself flooding
    the residence of this boss, he'll get peeved off enough to give you a hard
    time - and even call Mario "linguine breath"! Excuse me!? If you jump on
    this caterpillar's head three times, you'll manage to salvage a star out of
    the situation. If he hurts you, though, it's for 2 or 3 power points.
     Power Stars
    These are the most valuable items in the game. You must collect them in
    order to move on to new levels, so you really have to look around for these
    items. Some of them may be quite obvious because you can just pick them up,
    while others require a little bit more work - such as completing a task or
    beating a boss. Six Stars are hidden in each of the fifteen courses around
    the castle, for a total of 90 Stars. There are fifteen more secret Stars
    around the castle and fifteen more that can be gathered up in the main
    courses if you complete a certain objective described later. In total,
    there are 120 Power Stars to be collected.
    If a Star has not yet been collected, it will appear yellow. If it has
    already been collected, it will appear a transparent blue, but it can still
    be picked up. In either case, you will be able to leave the course and save
    your game "Save and Continue, Save and Quit, Continue and Don't Save". Your
    coins will be tallied up as well.
     Coins (yellow, blue, red)
    Coins are the main monetary unit in the game - coming in red, blue, and
    yellow variations - and most critically, allow for the recovery of power.
    Mario normally has eight power pieces available to him (as indicated on the
    power meter at the top of the screen). Touching enemies will cause loss of
    power. For each coin picked up, however, you gain one power piece back.
    For every fifty coins that you collect in one session on the course, you
    earn a 1-Up. You will get it when the coins are tallied after you earn a
    star and leave the course. If you get one hundred coins in one attempt on a
    regular course, you'll get a bonus Star! (That explains the hidden
    objective I mentioned earlier...)
    Yellow coins are, well...worth one coin. ¬_¬ They are extremely common in
    the worlds and in the castle as well (even though they don't count in your
    coin tally). These can be found by defeating enemies (for one, two, three,
    five, even ten coins) or just picking them up on the course. There are
    several other ways to pick them up as well.
    Red coins are the equivalent of two yellow coins. In each level, whether it
    be a regular course or a mini course, there are eight red coins. Pick up
    all eight in one session on the course to earn a Power Star, which will
    appear at the Star Marker - a shadowy star rotating above the ground on
    each level.
    Blue coins are the rarest type of coin. They are worth five yellow coins
    and can only be found by defeating certain enemies or stomping blue coin
    switches. These can not be found very often, but they are worth a lot so
    take advantage of them.
     Cap Switches (red/green/blue)
    Hidden throughout the castle are cap switch courses. Jumping on a red,
    green, or blue switch in these areas will cause all transparent blocks of
    that colour, in all courses, to become solid. When you hit these blocks,
    you will earn a special cap with which a certain power is granted to you,
    which are indicated below. The red switch activates the Wing Cap, the green
    switch activates the Metal Cap, and the blue switch activates the Vanish
    Cap. As a note for all of these caps, they can be used in conjunction with
    each other, but these opportunities are not very frequent.
     Wing Cap / Red Block
    Hitting a red block will award the Wing Cap. To use the Wing Cap while it
    is active, simply perform a triple jump or fly out of a cannon to begin
    flying. Operate the Control Stick to control Mario like an airplane
    (remember the controls of an airplane: pushing up will cause Mario to
    nosedive, pulling down will cause him to fly up). Mario will gradually lose
    altitude throughout his flight, so it's a good idea to start in a high
    area. This cap's effects last for about 1 minute.
     Metal Cap / Green Block
    Hitting a green block will award the Metal Cap. When the Metal Cap is on,
    Mario will become metallic, which will protect him from fire and the injury
    that can be inflicted from various enemies (in some cases, allowing enemies
    to be defeated on contact). He can also walk on the bottom of the water
    (but can't swim). This cap's effects last about 30 seconds.
     Vanish Cap / Blue Block
    Hitting a blue block will award the Vanish Cap. When the Vanish Cap is on,
    Mario will be completely invisible and can not be hurt by enemies. He can
    also go through various secret walls or grates where he could not go
    through normally.
     1-Up Mushroom
    This must be the longest lasting game item in history, at least eighteen
    years of age...and its effects are still the same. Getting a 1-Up mushroom
    will earn you one extra life. Mario starts with 4 spare lives as indicated
    at the top of the screen (I say spare lives because when the number of
    lives reaches zero you get one more play. It's after that point that you
    receive the "Game Over" message) Some 1-Up Mushrooms are attracted to you,
    while you need to chase after others. They can sometimes be earned by
    collecting a series of coins in a section of a level, smashing blocks, or
    reaching certain places.
     Yellow ! Block
    There are four types of ! Blocks - red, green, blue, and yellow. The first
    three have already been discussed. But yellow blocks will give you various
    types of goodies: coins (of various quantities), 1-ups, sometimes even
    Stars! Nothing that you get from here is bad, so it's always a safe bet to
    crack these open.
     Blue Coin Switches
    As mentioned earlier, these are one of the few ways to earn blue coins. If
    you pound the ground on these items, they will disappear and you'll hear
    the sound of a clock ticking. There should be blue coins (generally in a
    simple arrangement) in the immediate vicinity. Pick them up before the
    ticking increases and then stops, indicating that the coins have
     Cannons & Bob-omb Buddies
    Cannons will be covered with a grate with a pink Bob-omb on it in each
    level before they are open. Talking to the lone Bob-omb Buddy in each level
    will open up all cannons found in the level. You can then jump into any
    cannon and shoot yourself to another location. Use the Control Stick to
    move the crosshair according to your desired landing spot, and then press A
    to shoot. This may require a little bit of practice to determine the
    physics of where you need to aim, so use a course like Bob-omb Battlefield
    to practice cannon shooting. For distinguishing purposes, Bob-omb Buddies
    are pink, as compared to regular Bob-ombs which are black.
     Spinning Heart
    Walking or running through one of these items will recover Mario's power if
    he has lost some energy. The faster you run through a spinning heart, the
    more power that can be recovered. If you run through fast enough, you can
    get all your energy back. It does not appear very commonly however, so use
    it wisely and don't rely too much on seeing one.
     Purple ! Switch
    These are occasionally found throughout the game. They will trigger some
    sort of temporary or permanent effect for you to deal with (generally one
    that advances your progress). Some will trigger blocks that you can cross
    to get to certain areas. Others will open up some various temporary
    effects, such as opening doors. Whatever, the clock will usually be ticking
    in the background, so get through the revealed path before the ticking
    stops and the effect ends.
     Koopa Shell
    To get this item, you have to hit a yellow block or stomp on a Koopa. You
    can "surf" on one of these for as long as you want, as long as you don't
    hit a wall. No surface is off-limits - you can even skim on water or lava!
    Watch out, however, because if you go to a place where Mario can't go
    normally (such as beyond the end of the course), or hit a wall, the effects
    of the Koopa Shell will end. If you're surfing on lava, this will be a pain
    in the butt. Literally. Otherwise, this item can be used as long as you
    Worth noting is that in both of the water levels in the game (Jolly Roger
    Bay and Dire, Dire Docks), you may find some clams opening up and revealing
    some shells that look very much like the Koopa Shell, which you can press B
    to retrieve. They are basically useless - they only last for about ten to
    fifteen seconds and are really no advantage. It just works as a flutter
    board and that's it.
     Star Marker
    If you collect eight red coins in one play in a level, the Star will appear
    here. Some levels may not have immediately obvious Star Markers, and the
    occasional level does not even have one, making things slightly more
     03.            General Walkthrough
    There are so many different ways to clear the game and earn the stars in
    Super Mario 64 that explaining all of the various methods would just be a
    waste of space. I don't want to have to split this FAQ into about 20
    different guides, so I'm just going to be pretty general in what I say -
    I'll just mention some various points in the game where you can move on,
    and how you do so. The rest is basically up to you - it's your
    responsibility to determine in which order you should collect the stars, so
    utilize the courses which are open to you in order to get the stars. To do
    that, use this guide in conjunction with the "120 Stars" section.
     Experience With The Game
    If you're not acquainted with the Nintendo 64 controller yet I highly
    recommend using the Mario's face section in the intro to get used to the
    analog stick and the controller configuration. Put your left hand around
    the center hand placement of the control, and place your thumb over the
    analog stick. Place your index finger just below the Z-trigger button at
    the back of the controller.
    Put your right hand on the hand placement to the right, and hold your thumb
    over the A button and your index finger over the R button. Pretty simple,
    and if this is the first N64 game you get, this sort of hand control will
    be the one used in most games.
    Press A to trigger the hand, then use the stick to move the cursor around.
    Press and hold A to grab onto a section of Mario's face, then while holding
    A move the stick around to distort Mario's face. Use the C buttons to the
    right of the A button to circle above with C Up and C Down, or circle
    around Mario's face with C Left and C Right. Use the B button to switch
    between 3 zoom modes - close, medium, and far. Use R to keep all the
    changes that you make intact. Hold it down and you can distort multiple
    parts of Mario's face.
    Once you're used to the controller...
    The first time you turn on the game all four save files will be labelled
    "NEW". Go to the pink option "Stereo/Mono/Phones" to set up your audio
    settings. Stereo is for two-speaker TVs, Mono is for one-speaker TVs, and
    Phones will emphasize the sound for if you are using headphones. Make a
    selection to return to the main menu...
    Click on a button with a shadow of Mario's face to begin a game file.
    You'll get this short introduction in which Mario will pop out of a warp
    pipe in front of Princess Peach's castle. Read through the dialog that you
    get (and remember what it says, because the content will be important later
    on in the game. Also make a point to read any signs that you stumble upon,
    whether in the courses or in the castle area. It's nothing that I haven't
    told you already, though.)
    I highly recommend utilizing the moves that I described above - and the
    ones that you may see on the signs - before you enter the castle. The front
    lawn is probably the best place to practice your jumps and get used to what
    you will have to do. The moat outside the castle is also a great place to
    get used to swimming. Learn to do the breast stroke, it is much faster than
    the flutter kick and you won't have to surface for air.
    Once you're ready to go, go over the bridge and enter the castle...
     Beginning Your Adventures
    "Welcome. No one's home. Now scram! Bwa ha ha..."
    I think we should know that you're not cowardly enough to give up now.
    You've got a heck of a lot of work to do, after all. The room that you are
    standing in right now is the main room of the castle. Immediately to your
    left, you'll see Toad standing there, so talk to him to get more
    When you enter the castle, you should see a door with a large star on it to
    the far left and up. Several of these are scattered around the castle. To
    open this first door you will need to get eight stars. Straight ahead there
    is a staircase leading up to the star door on the left, plus a door with a
    keyhole at the top. This will remain locked for a while. To the right is a
    door with a smaller star with a "1" in it. This won't require so much
    effort, you need only one star.
    On the ground floor there are some other doors, some with "1" and some with
    "3" written on them. Only three doors here can be opened: two wood doors,
    and one door with a star, but no number on it. This leads you to the first
    course. Jump into the painting of several Bob-ombs to go to Bob-omb
     After getting 1 star
    After getting a star in the first course, you should jump out of the
    painting. Leave the room and then go to all doors which have the label "1"
    on them. You will be able to open up the doors which require the power of
    one star to be opened.
    Two doors need one star: one is on the first floor to the right of the
    staircase, and the other is on the second floor when you turn right after
    going up the staircase.
    The first door is the entrance to the second course - Whomp's Fortress.
    Jump in the painting that you see when you go in to enter the course, and
    get stars from there.
    In addition, two stars are available in the other door. When you enter it,
    you'll see three stained-glass windows of Peach. If you jump in the one to
    the right, you'll be taken to the Princess' Secret Slide, where you can
    potentially pick up two stars (see "The 120 Stars" for more details).
    You can also return to Bob-omb Battlefield to get more stars - it shouldn't
    be hard to get two more.
     After getting 3 stars
    Two more courses will be available to you after you earn three stars in the
    game: Jolly Roger Bay and Cool, Cool Mountain.
    Walk to the two doors that have "3" written on them to unlock them. Jolly
    Roger Bay is the door on the balcony to the right. Jump into the painting
    of the sunken ship in the room to enter the course. Cool, Cool Mountain is
    the door next to the wooden door on the left side of the first room. There
    are three snowman pictures in the room. Jump into the middle one to enter
    the course.
    In the Jolly Roger Bay room, once you enter, walk towards the painting and
    turn around. You'll notice two black holes at the top of the wall. The one
    on your right contains a 1-Up Mushroom, while the one on the left leads to
    the Secret Aquarium secret level, where you will be able to get yourself
    another star.
    By now there are four main courses open. With six stars available plus a
    100-coin star for each level, you could potentially have 28 stars. So keep
    on going, but once you get eight stars, continue to read...
     After getting 8 stars
    Leave whichever course you are in and go to the large star door. You'll be
    able to go through the door. Ahead of you, you will see a long hallway. At
    the end of the hallway there is a picture of Peach, but it changes to
    Bowser as you approach it. As you get close to the picture, the floor will
    cave in underneath you and you will enter the Bowser in the Dark World
    Go down to "Bowser Levels" for a full explanation of the course, but go
    through the level and enter the warp pipe at the end of the course to meet
    Bowser for the first time. To defeat him, get behind him, press B to grab
    him by the tail, then rotate the control stick to swing. Press B again to
    throw Bowser. If you are able to successfully throw him into a bomb
    (avoiding his flames and all in the meantime), a key will drop onto the
    platform. If you get flamed, you'll lose three power slices, but once
    Bowser stops breathing fire, the flames will die out, on occasion leaving
    energy-replenishing coins.
     The first key!
    Once you leave the first Bowser room, if you go to the key door outside you
    will find that the key does not fit. Instead, go down the stairs and enter
    one of the two wooden doors. After you go down the steps, turn around and
    go down the stairs to another key door - this is the one that you're
    looking for. Walk up to it and Mario will pull out the key and unlock the
    door. You've now uncovered three new main courses!
    To your left there is another star door. This will require 30 stars to
    enter so it won't be an easy task. Immediately to the left there is a glass
    wall with a door on top. It's very difficult to get under it and get up to
    the top of the slope, but remember this because it will come into play
    later on.
    To the right there is a curved hallway leading to a doorway. Enter it and
    turn right. Head toward the puddle of water to find the entrances to three
    different courses.
    Straight ahead (after the fork to the right) is a picture of a fireball.
    Jump in to enter course 7, Lethal Lava Land.
    If you turn left and follow the hallway after reaching the course 7
    entrance, you will end up at a dead end. Or is it a dead end? If you walk
    up to the wall you find that the wall "ripples". This isn't normal with
    walls, so jump in to enter course 8 - Shifting Sand Land.
    If you turned right, you'd find a platform with a door. Enter it to find
    yourself in this room. At the bottom of the room you will find a pool of
    liquid metal, which you can jump into to enter course 6, or Hazy Maze Cave.
    You may have noticed that I haven't mentioned course 5 yet...but that's
    coming. Strangely enough, courses 6, 7, and 8 can be earlier than course 5.
     Getting the Caps
    The caps will help you to get a few other Stars that you might have missed
    in the first few levels - it's a good idea to read the "Cap Switches"
    section in part 2 of this guide. Once you get ten stars return to the main
    foyer of the castle. You'll notice that there is sunlight shining down on
    the sun carpet in the center of the room. Stand on the carpet and look up
    to enter the Wing Cap level. Fly directly to the center of the level, then
    dive down onto the tower. There is a red "!" switch. If you jump on it, all
    the transparent red ! blocks throughout all of the levels will be turned
    into solid ! blocks, from which you can get the Wing Cap.
    The Vanish Cap can be earned with eight stars: head down to the basement
    and go to the entrance to course 7. Turn right, but bypass the door to the
    6th course. Farther ahead you'll be able to get out of the water and go to
    another door. Open the door to reveal a pool. Dive in, then follow the
    arrows on the bottom to the other side, where you will find two pillars.
    Ground pound on both of them to drain the water, then leave by the door
    nearby. When you go outside, you'll see that the moat is drained: head
    towards the waterfall and you'll spot a hole. Jump in to enter the Vanish
    Cap course. At the end of the course you'll find the blue ! switch. Jump on
    it to turn all transparent blue blocks to solid ! blocks.
    The Metal Cap isn't that easy: to earn it you have to enter course 6. From
    the entrance, turn left, go around the black hole, go through the hallway,
    go through the door, take the elevator down to the cavern, and head down
    the ramp. From here, you will find a sea dragon. Face the direction you
    want to go, and head towards some double doors with a platform that you can
    jump on. Enter the double doors. At the end of the hallway, you'll find a
    pool of liquid metal: jump in to enter the Metal Cap Course. Run down the
    tunnel, then turn left to get to the green ! switch. Hit it to turn all
    transparent green ! blocks to solid blocks.
     After getting 12 stars
    One more course will be opened up. Regardless of where you are, after you
    get twelve stars, go through the wooden doors that you see from the main
    foyer, then head down the hall straight ahead of you. You'll be heading to
    the courtyard, but straight ahead of you there will be a Boo. Approach it,
    and it will turn around and float through the far wall. Go through the door
    straight ahead to enter the courtyard.
    If you had bothered to explore this area before getting 12 stars, you would
    have found this area completely devoid of Boos. Now, there are several of
    these ghosts in this area. Punch them in the back (heh, talk about
    backstabbing) to kill them off and get a few coins to boot. If you punch
    the biggest Boo in the courtyard, however, a cage will pop out of him in,
    errrm, re-death. Walk up to this cage to enter course 5 - Big Boo's Haunt.
     After getting 15 stars
    An unusual opportunity will come up in the basement of the castle after you
    get 15 stars. Actually, two things to be exact...the first one will occur
    in the Hazy Maze Cave entrance room. On the bottom floor of the room,
    you'll spot Toad in a corner, a place where he has never been in the past.
    If you talk to him, you'll get a star - no catch, you'll just get the star.
    I guess that's one of the reasons why it pays to talk to people.
    Another thing will happen after you get 15 stars: close to the entrance to
    Lethal Lava Land, you'll spot a yellow bunny looking around. You have to
    catch this little bugger (as my aunt would so proudly say...) to earn
    yourself a star. Take a look at the star section below for strategies on
    how to catch this little %(*)#% (as I would so proudly say...), but this
    one will require a lot of effort to complete. Perhaps one of the biggest
    annoyances in the game!
     After getting 30 stars
    Head back to the star door just beyond the first key door. If you open the
    star door, you'll find yourself looking a wall of water in the face. Now is
    not the time to discuss the probability of that actually happening in
    real-life, of course. If you run into the water wall, you will enter course
    9 - Dire, Dire Docks.
    But that isn't the end of it, however. You must obtain the first star in
    this course (Board Bowser's Sub) to move on. I won't give any instructions
    on how to earn the star here, but should you successfully earn the first
    star in this level, you will receive an apt reward for your efforts.
     After getting the first star in course 9
    As the game tallies up your coins from the level and gives you the
    opportunity to save your progress, you'll see the water wall behind Mario
    move back, exposing a hole that you can jump in. Once you get out of the
    dialog boxes that appear, you can jump into the hole to enter the Bowser in
    the Fire Sea level.
    This level is much more complicated than the first Bowser level that you
    went through. You have the challenge of lava all over the place, which
    means you have to avoid getting burnt. This level is also much longer and
    will take a lot more time to get through. You will be transported to your
    fight with Bowser after you reach the end of the course and jump into the
    Like the first fight, you have to throw Bowser into one bomb on the
    perimeter of the platform to beat him. But it isn't as easy as it looks.
    Right when you start the battle, Bowser will jump, sending the platform
    tilting in ridiculous angles, making it difficult for you to stay on the
    platform. This is slightly negated, however, by the fact that the platform
    is much bigger. It might make it more difficult to throw Bowser into a
    bomb, but nevertheless, complete your task to get the second key.
     The second key!
    Finally, you can open up that second locked door! This is the second and
    last key that you will pick up, so return to the main foyer and unlock the
    door. Head up the set of stairs and then open the door to get into a
    circular room. There are two doors in this circular room, with several
    paintings scattered around the room which happen to lead to courses.
    One of the doors is in this small niche. Opening it up will reveal a room
    where you are facing a mirror. Turn left and you'll see a picture of a
    snowman in the mirror. The trick? When you face where the portrait should
    be, it's not there. Jump into this imaginary portrait, however, to go to
    course 10 (Snowman's Land).
    You'll see a picture of a water bug in the main gallery. If you jump in to
    this picture, you'll go to course 11 (Wet-Dry World). However, there is a
    trick to this world. If you jump into the picture at the lowest point, the
    water in the world will be at a low level. If you jump in at a higher
    point, the water level will rise, and if you jump into the painting at the
    highest possible point the water level in the world will be extremely high.
    You'll see how this influences your progress in the star guide
    In the gallery room you'll see a picture of a mountain - it's a little bit
    smaller than most of the other pictures that you'll see. Jump in to enter
    Tall, Tall Mountain, or course 12.
    There is one more course available to you, and you can get it by going
    through the door that DOESN'T have a little hole in the wall in which the
    door is. You'll enter a hallway in which you'll see a picture of a Goomba
    straight ahead of you. Turn to your left and you'll see another Goomba
    picture, turn right to see yet another Goomba picture. The images on the
    left and right respectively lead to Tiny-Huge Island, but jumping in the
    left picture will make you big in the world, and jumping in the right
    picture will make you small.
    Now that you have 13 courses open, earning more stars should be a piece of
    cake. There's one more available, however: at the stairway on the gallery
    level, you'll notice two Toads: one on the outside wall, one on the inside
    wall. If you talk to one of them, you'll receive a Star.
     After getting 50 stars
    Once again, you'll get two privileges. If you go back down to the basement,
    you'll notice that blasted bunny hopping around all over the place once
    again (how'd he escape?). The goal is simple: catch him once again. The
    only trick is that he's just a little bit more of a pain in the butt to
    catch! If you're able to pull it off, though (and if you're good enough to
    get 50 stars, I imagine that you are), you'll be rewarded with yet another
    The other privilege that you get comes once you go up to the second floor
    of the castle, up into the gallery, one that is much more influential to
    your progress. If you walk along the inside wall for a while, eventually
    you'll notice a staircase. Run up it to find yourself in front of another
    star door, which not-so-ironically requires 50 stars. Open it up and you'll
    have access to another two courses, the final two "main" courses in the
    You'll notice a clock in front of you when you enter. If you jump up to the
    clock face you'll notice that it's moving (well, it's a clock...) If you
    jump in you'll enter Tick Tock Clock, but that's not the end of it. Enter
    the level when the minute hand faces "12" to stop all the clock parts in
    the level, enter at "3" to keep the parts moving slowly, enter at "9" to
    speed up the clock parts, and enter at "6" to cause the clock parts to act
    One last course in this room: look to both sides of the room and you'll see
    two rooms. If you go to the right one (just double jump to get up there, or
    go onto the platform next to it), you'll find a hole that you can jump
    into. Jump into the hole to enter the final "regular" course, Rainbow Ride.
    In case you're wondering, the other hole leads to a bonus level. Jump into
    the hole in there to enter the Wing Mario over the Rainbow bonus level.
    There's one last star to be earned: talk to Toad, near the platform next to
    course 15, to earn yourself a third star from him! By now you should have
    52 stars. You're getting pretty darn close to beating the game...
    Take note of the steps behind your entrance point. Those lead to one last
    Star door. If you happen to try and go through it, you'll get a message
    stating that you can't get to the top of the "endless stairs", but you can
    still go through the door. Ahead of you there is a staircase, but if you
    try to go up it you'll see that it never ends, true to the message. But
    remember this....it will come into play later. As a matter of fact it will
    be very critical...
     After getting 70 stars
    You have all fifteen courses open to you, so it shouldn't be that hard to
    get 70 stars (the most you can possibly get is 119). Once you achieve that,
    head up to the third floor and go to the star door mentioned in the last
    paragraph in the description above. This time, you will get no message,
    you'll simply be able to enter. Go up the staircase to find that it DOES
    have an end with a picture of Bowser. Straight ahead is a hole...so jump in
    to proceed to your final battle.
    The Bowser in the Sky world is, needless to say, the toughest world that
    you will encounter in your three Bowser battles. It's very long and
    complicated to have to deal with. I won't mention some of the more
    intricate details here, but get to the end of the course (no easy feat) to
    encounter a warp pipe. Jump in to head to your last battle, and it should
    come as no surprise that it's your hardest one.
     The Final Battle
    This is it, folks. Your last encounter with Bowser, and this guy is tough.
    Not only will be he be breaking fire on the ground, he'll also breathe fire
    in the air which is definitely going to be hard to avoid. In addition, he
    may jump sending shockwaves all over the arena (jump to avoid them).
    Like your previous two battles, you must throw Bowser into bombs. However,
    you don't just have to throw him into one bomb - you have to throw him into
    three. That shouldn't be that hard to do, but after throwing him into a
    bomb for the 2nd time, he'll start rampaging and breaking off pieces of the
    platform you're standing on. The platform will be shaped like a star but as
    long as you can stay on the claustrophobia shouldn't be a problem. It'll be
    harder to throw Bowser into a bomb because of the increased distance to
    various bombs, but if you successfully do it, congratulations! You've
    beaten the game!
    You'll get a message from Bowser, after which a star will appear on the
    field. Grab it to be taken to the final title sequence. Way to go!
    Read the "Ending" section below for information on what happens in the
    ending, but after the sequence ends, press Reset on your N64 control deck
    to return to the game from the main menu.
    Enter your game file (I sure hope you've been saving), and start getting
    those stars again....you still have 50 more to get before you've really
    beat the game full and proper.
     After getting 120 stars
    So, if you really have gotten all the stars...
    You've done it. Congratulations. You have completed Super Mario 64, but to
    certify your completion of the game, we recommend taking these steps.
    Capture devices are recommended, so that you can take pictures to smirk
    about to your friends.
    Go to the front yard of the castle once again. Next to the lake, you'll see
    a cannon. If you've been here before, you would have noticed that a grate
    would have covered it, but now it's exposed. Hop in and shoot yourself up
    to the top of the castle, which you probably haven't seen before. At the
    back, you'll notice a Wing Cap block, a few 1-Ups, and most significantly,
    Yoshi walking around!
    If you walk up to Yoshi and press A to talk to him, you'll get a message
    pop up on your screen with the following text:
    "Mario!!! Is that really you??? It has been so long since our last
    adventure! They told me that I might see if you if I waited up here, but
    I'd just about given up hope! Is it true? Have you really beaten Bowser?
    And restored the power of the Stars to the castle? And saved the Princess?
    I knew you could do it! Now I have a very special message for you.
    'Thanks for playing Super Mario 64! This is the end of the game, but not
    the end of the fun. We want you to keep on playing, so please accept this
    great gift. Enjoy!' The Super Mario 64 Team"
    From there, you'll get enough lives to boost your Mario total to 100 -
    that's as high as it can go! In addition, you'll get an improved triple
    jump with which you can actually jump a little bit higher and a little bit
    longer. There are plenty of other advantages to the new triple jump as well
    (not to mention that the stars shooting behind you also looks extremely
    If you return to the fight with Bowser, and successfully defeat him once
    again, you'll get a different ending message than if you defeated him with
    70 to 119 stars.
    Also, there are a few other secrets that will be revealed if you manage to
    get 120 stars. You'll get more information on that in later sections.
    Congratulations! You've beat the game!
     04.                 Warps
    In case you need to get from one location to another very quickly, warps
    can be handy for you to get from point A to point B at a rapid rate without
    having to walk through potentially treacherous areas. All the warps in the
    game are listed here.
    To warp from one location to another, you must stand at the location I
    describe below for a second or two. You will be taken to the appropriate
    complimentary warp point. You can move away and then come back to the point
    that you warped to, stand there, and warp back to where you started.
    Warp (#) refers to the warp set. "A" and "B" refer to points that you can
    move between. For instance, standing in the location of warp 1a will take
    you to warp 1b, and vice versa, unless I state otherwise.
     Course 1
    Warp 1a: Cross the first bridge and then jump over the bridge to the right.
    The warp can be found in the center of the bed of yellow flowers.
    Warp 1b: After passing Chain Chomp, cross the unstable bridge and climb up
    the stairs to the meadow. On the left side from Mario's point of view there
    is another flower bed next to a red ! block. The warp is in this flower bed
    (the center).
    Warp 2a: As you head up the mountain you'll notice a hole in which the
    balls are falling out of. Strangely enough they won't fall out when you can
    see inside the hole. Go inside and go to the back of the hole - staying in
    the center - to warp.
    Warp 2b: Further up the mountain there is another hole that the balls are
    coming out of. Going inside and heading to the back center of the hole will
    reveal another warp.
     Course 2
    Warp 1a: Go to the only green ! block on the level, near one of the Thwomps
    after you cross the moving platforms. The warp is in the corner.
    Warp 1b: Higher up the fortress, in one of the corners of the flagpole
    platform, there is another warp.
     Course 3
    No warps here.
     Course 4
    Warp 1a: Just after you start the level you'll see a broken bridge to your
    right. Go right to the edge of this bridge (as far as you can go without
    falling off) to warp.
    Warp 1b: At the very bottom of the level, around the area of the penguin
    pool, go right and find another broken bridge (with a red coin on it). The
    warp is at the edge of that bridge.
     Course 5
     Course 6
     Course 7
    Warp 1a: Beyond your starting point you'll notice an island with a Wing Cap
    block. Long jump over there. The warp is in the exact center of the island,
    just below the block.
    Warp 1b: On the wire platform on which Mr. I resides, there is a hole
    directly below it. The warp is in that hole. (Errr...if you're wondering
    how to get out, just run in circles if it's looking down at you. He'll bite
    the dust, disappear, you have an exit route and a blue coin.)
     Course 8
    Warp 1a: Next to the oasis area of the course (a pool of water, with Klepto
    flying around as well), you'll see a palm tree next to the pool of water.
    The warp is at the bottom of the tree, near its shadow.
    Warp 1b: The cannon is at the very far side of the course - you may have to
    long jump to reach the set of squares that it resides on. The 4th square
    from the cannon is the one that contains the warp. Stand in the center of
    the square to warp.
    Warp 2: When you get inside the pyramid, in the corner of the second floor
    there are some Goombas surrounding a pole taking you up to the 3rd floor of
    the pyramid. After climbing the pole, the warp is in the corner on your
    left. This will take you above the wire net on the second floor where the
    1-Up Mushroom is. (Note: This warp only works one way.)
     Course 9
    Out of luck.
     Course 10
    Warp 1a: There is a tree in the corner of the level, slightly to your left
    after you begin. The warp is in the shadow of the tree.
    Warp 1b: Before the island with the moving triangles coming conveyor-belt
    style, there is another tree. The warp is in its shadow.
     Course 11
    Warp 1a: Before this warp can be utilized, the water level must be at the
    lowest possible level. On the ground there is a white structure with 3
    steps. On the second step there is an electric ball and on the third there
    is a diamond that raises the water level. The warp is on the ground, in the
    inside corner of this structure.
    Warp 1b: On the platform with the cannon, the warp is found in the corner.
     Course 12
    Warp 1a: In the set of mushroom platforms, there is one very small
    mushroom. The warp is in the center of it. One bad jump, and you could be
    going down, so be careful!
    Warp 1b: At the other end of the path with the cannon, there is a square
    area with a sign. The warp is in the corner, against the mountain walls.
     Course 13
    Warp 1: As Large Mario, there is a ! switch that makes a temporary bridge
    to the island in the air far away. In the corner of the island with a
    yellow coin is the warp. This is a one-way warp that takes you to the pipe
    near the ! switch in warp 1. (So basically, that's how you get off the
     Course 14
    *crickets chirp*
     Course 15
    Warp 1a: On the edge of the platform to the castle, across from the fire
    area. You might have to take a few carpets to get there.
    Warp 1b: On top of the rectangular building with the red coins and the
    Buddy (direct center).
     05.               Coin Locations
    Throughout each level, several coins are scattered throughout the worlds
    for Mario to pick up. If his power is not full, coins will help recover
    Mario's energy. Not to mention you can get a total of 15 Stars from picking
    up coins in the main courses!
    Without further ado, here are the coin locations for the 15 main courses in
    the game. I've mentioned the Stars you must select in order to get maximum
    coins in each level. If there are multiple instances of where you can get
    coins, I will mention the number of coins each instance is worth, and then
    how many times you can pull it off.
     Course 1 - Bob-omb Battlefield
    Star selection: 3 through 6.
     - Five coin rings that you get from shooting off the island         45
     - Running around the stumps (5 x 9)                                 25
       (four in the Star Marker meadow, one that Chain Chomp is
       attached to) (5 x 5)
     - Eight red coins                                                   16
     - Enemies: Bob-ombs (1 x 12)                                        12
     - Enemies: Goombas (1 x 11)                                         11
     - Flower bed coin ring near the Big Bob-omb's mountain gate          8
     - Break stuff: The three blocks (two big, one small) at the          6
       start of the course (3 x 2)
     - Coin line under the bridge at the course starting point            5
     - Coin line across a narrow bridge on the mountain                   5
     - Coin line near a water cannon and the Bob-omb manning it           5
     - Enemies: Koopa Troopa in first meadow (5 x 1)                      5
     - Wooden block in the mountain meadow (3 x 1)                        3
       Maximum coins:                                                   146
     Course 2 - Whomp's Fortress
    Star selection: 2 through 6.
     - Blue coin switch at bottom of the level                           20
     - Enemies: Exacting maximum payment from Whomps (see enemies        20
       section, or the star guide) (10 x 2)
     - Eight red coins                                                   16
     - Coins on floating islands at the highest point in the level       16
       (consists of a coin ring on one island, arrow-shaped coin
       pattern on another)
     - Enemies: killing the sleeping Piranha Plants (5 x 3)              15
     - Coin ring in the pond near the bottom of the level                 8
     - Coin ring beyond the Piranha Plant near the starting point         8
     - Coin ring on the platform that leads you to star #3 ("Shoot        8
       Into The Wild Blue")
     - Coin line on slope from the starting point                         5
     - Coin line on slope leading from the pond to the second level       5
     - Coin line next to the cannon on the level (near the pond)          5
     - Coin line on narrow platform connecting the two sleeping Piranha   5
       Plants on the second level
     - Group of coins on bridge after the third Piranha Plant on the way  4
       up to the top
     - Break stuff: the block close to the Piranha Plant                  3
     - Break stuff: the block near the blue coin switch                   3
       Maximum coins:                                                   141
     Course 3 - Jolly Roger Bay
    Star selection: 2 through 6.
     - Blue coin switch in the "ocean cave" where you get star #3        30
       (N.B. You must get ALL of the coins if you wish to get the
       100 coin star) (6)
     - Eight red coins                                                   16
     - Coins available on the docks leading to the ship (hit the !       15
       switch on the stone platform to ensure you hit them all)
     - Coin ring on the beach where you start the level                   8
     - Coin ring (oriented vertically) at the entrance to the ocean       8
     - Coin ring inside the ocean cave at the far end                     8
     - Coin ring in the water around one of the "obelisks" (sorry for     8
       the bad description, it's a point sticking out, can't miss it)
     - Coins on the floating platform near the Bob-omb Buddy              5
     - Coins from the yellow block at the beginning of the level          3
     - Enemies: killing the Goombas (3 of them) in the ocean cave         3
       Maximum coins:                                                   104
     Course 4 - Cool, Cool Mountain
    Star selection: 1.
     - Coins on the slide (from stars #1 and #3)                         77
     - Coins on the path down the mountain (some coin lines, hit them    20
     - Eight red coins                                                   16
     - Enemies: defeating Spindrifts (3 x 5)                             15
     - Blue coin switch just off the U-turn on the path down the         10
     - Coins available en route to star #6                                8
     - Coins "stacked" above the chimney on the top cabin                 5
     - Enemies: defeating snowmen (1 on slope to bottom cabin) (3 x 1)    3
       Maximum coins:                                                   154
     Course 5 - Big Boo's Haunt
    Star selection: 2 through 6.
    (Note: This is a good level if you want to go on an enemy killing spree. 94
    coins come from defeating enemies alone.)
     - Enemies: defeating the Boos around the mansion (5 x 11!)          55
     - Blue coin switch in the area where you access stars #5 and #6     20
     - Eight red coins                                                   16
     - Enemies: defeating the Bookends in the library (5 x 3)            15
     - Enemies: defeating the Mr. I's around the house (5 x 3)           15
     - Coins in the yellow block around the back of the house outside    10
     - Enemies: defeating the Scuttle Bugs (3 x 3)                        9
     - Break stuff: Smashing blocks outside the house. (2 x 3)            6
     - Break stuff: Smash the block which has a mind of its own for       3
       lack of other words. (After the third bounce it breaks on its
       Maximum coins:                                                   149
     Course 6 - Hazy Maze Cave
    Star selection: Any, really.
     - Blue coin switch in the Hazy Maze part of the course (7)          35
     - Enemies: defeating the Scuttle Bugs (3 x 6)                       18
     - Eight red coins in the cavern area                                16
     - Enemies: defeating Swoops (2/3 x 4)                               11
     - Enemies: defeating Mr. I's (5 x 2) (Take note these enemies are   10
       on platforms in the red coin cavern.)
     - Enemies: defeating Sniffits (2 x 4, metal cap recommended)         8
     - Coin ring near the elevator down to the underground lake           8
     - Coin ring on an island surrounding the first star (in the          8
       underground lake)
     - Coin line on the path to the right from the starting point         5
     - Coin line next to Hazy Maze entrance                               5
     - Coin line on the wire net on star #5                               5
     - Coin line en route to star #4 from the Hazy Maze                   5
     - Coin line in a shelter next to the black hole/falling rocks        5
       Maximum coins:                                                   143
     Course 7 - Lethal Lava Land
    Star selection: 5 or 6 (to gain access to the Koopa Shell)
     - In the volcano in random positions throughout                     24
     - Eight red coins on the Bowser puzzle                              16
     - Ten Bullies situated throughout the course. (Make sure you can    10
       retrieve the coins, especially when trying to beat the Bullies
       in the volcano.) (1 x 10)
     - Enemies: Defeat the two Mr. I's. (5 x 2)                          10
     - Coin ring on the platform with three Bullies (star #2)             8
     - Coin ring on the platform near the wire cage to star #4            8
     - Coin ring on the platform on the far side of the course, around    8
       Mr. I
     - On the Bowser puzzle - stand on it and five coins will pop out     5
       of Bowser's mouth
     - Break stuff: in a box with a mind of its own on the course. Just   5
       make sure you don't land somewhere where the coins will land in
       the lava...
     - On a rising and falling platform before the Bowser puzzle          5
     - On a rising and falling platform before the Big Bully (star #1)    5
     - On a ramp near the center of the course.                           5
     - Coin line below the opening and closing bridge (you'll need the    5
       shell to get these coins)
     - On a rising and falling platform near the volcano.                 5
     - On four unstable platforms near the group of 3 Bullies.            4
     - In the centre of the course on a ramp structure.                   4
     - On a platform rotating around the volcano.                         3
     - Near the Wing Cap platform on a banked platform.                   3
       Maximum coins:                                                   133
     Course 8 - Shifting Sand Land
    Star selection: Any one. Star 1 preferred.
     - Enemies: defeating Pokeys (more specifically, having their        20
       heads) (5 x 4)
     - Eight red coins                                                   16
     - Blue coin switch: in the pyramid, reveals vertical line of 3      15
     - Pyramid coins                                                     13
     - Enemies: defeating Goombas (1 x 12)                               12
     - Break stuff: the yellow block on the path moving up the pyramid   10
     - Coin ring floating over a wire net in the pyramid                  8
     - "Red Number Coins" on the sand river in the pyramid (for star 6)   5
     - Coin line on the path around the pyramid                           5
     - Coin line in the oasis area (you like?)                            5
     - Coin line on a wire net in the pyramid (which, incidentally, is    5
       treacherously close to some quicksand)
     - Coins on each of the "four pillars" surrounding the pyramid        4
     - Enemies: defeat the Shy Guys (The few. The defeated.) (2 x 2)      4
     - Enemies: defeat the Bob-ombs (1 x 2)                               2
       Maximum coins:                                                   134
     Course 9 - Dire, Dire Docks
    Star selection: 2 through 6.
     - Blue coin switch: In the Bowser's Sub area (6)                    30
     - Three coin rings inside the tunnel to Bowser's Sub                24
     - Coins just lying about in the level                               18
     - Eight red coins in the Bowser's Sub area                          16
     - Coin ring at the bottom of the Bowser's Sub area                   8
     - Coin line floating on the surface near the starting point          5
     - Coin line on the shore in Bowser's Sub                             5
       Maximum coins:                                                   106
     Course 10 - Snowman's Land
    Star selection: Any will do.
     - Enemies: Defeating the (numerous) Spindrifts (3 x 14)             42
     - A group of coins only available with the Vanish Cap in the        20
     - Eight red coins                                                   16
     - Enemies: Defeating the Mr. Blizzards around the course (3 x 4)    12
     - Enemies: Defeating the Moneybags around the course (isn't this    10
       why they're called by that name?) (5 x 2)
     - Coins up the snowman's path                                       10
     - Other remaining coins to be found in the igloo                     6
     - Coins on the steep slope leading up to the igloo                   3
     - Goombas to be defeated in the igloo                                3
     - Enemies: Defeating the one and only Shy Guy here (2 x 1)           2
     - Two of three solitary coins around the ice puzzle (the third's     2
       a Moneybag)
       Maximum coins:                                                   128
     Course 11 - Wet-Dry World
    Star selection: Any star.
    Water level: Absolute bottom.
     - Blue Coin Switch (I'M RICH!)                                      30
     - The town's net bank account (geez, they're cheap)                 23
     - Eight red coins in the town                                       16
     - Enemies: Defeating the Skeeters (well, go figure) (3 x 4)         12
     - Break stuff: Smash some blocks at the bottom of the level         12
       (3 x 4)
     - Yellow ! block at the bottom of the level                         10
     - Yellow ! block on the top of a pillar on the second floor of      10
       the structure
     - Yellow ! block on the top of a cage housing the "express          10
       elevator" mentioned in star 4
     - Ring of coins around a pillar with one of the aforementioned       8
       yellow blocks
     - Two unmentioned yellow ! blocks near the top of the structure      6
       and on the platform near your starting point
     - Enemies: Chucking the Chuckya (heh heh heh) (5 x 1)                5
     - Line of coins on a floating platform                               5
     - Line of coins at the absolute top of the level                     5
        Maximum coins:                                                   152
     Course 12 - Tall, Tall Mountain
    Star selection: 2 through 6 recommended.
     - Coins found on the mountain slide                                 62
      (47 yellow coins plus three blue coins)
     - Eight red coins                                                   16
     - Enemies: killing the Goombas around the course (1 x 9)             9
     - Coin ring at the bottom of the slope below your starting point     8
     - Coins inside a crazed block on the slope below the start           5
     - Coin line on a set of vines partway up the mountain                5
     - Enemies: defeating the Chuckya just after the set of Bob-ombs      5
       (5 x 1)
     - Enemies: defeating all the Bob-ombs (1 x 5)                        5
     - Coin line on the bridge leading to the monkey and (unbeatable)     5
       Shy Guy
     - Coin line just after Fwoosh                                        5
     - Vertical coin line accessed completely by a ! switch               5
     - Coin line on the bridge across the waterfall                       5
       Maximum coins:                                                   137
     Course 13 - Tiny-Huge Island
    Star selection: Any is acceptable.
    Mario's size: Preferably, begin small.
    (Note: Coins earned as small Mario are marked with an S preceding  the
    description, coins earned as big Mario with a B.)
     - B - Enemies: defeating all the Goombas with ground pounds         55
       (5 x 11)
     - S - Eight red coins                                               16
     - S - Enemies: defeating all the Goombas (1 x 10)                   10
     - S - Enemies: defeating the five giant Piranha Plants (gives you   10
       a star, too) (2 x 5)
     - S - Coins from a blue coin switch                                 10
     - BS - Enemies: defeating a couple of Koopa Troopas (5 x 2) (count  10
     - S - Two coin lines in Wiggler's cavern (but you'll be in a boss   10
     - S - Make yourself dizzy by running around stumps (5 x 2)          10
     - B - Miscellanous coins just lying around the level                 7
     - BS - Enemies: defeating the Shy Guys running around (2 x 3) (2x?)  6
     - S - Enemies: defeat Chuckya (you're small but you can throw him)   5
     - S - Enemies: defeat the only Lakitu                                5
     - B - Navigate the tiny bridge leading up the summit of the island   5
     - S - Navigate that same bridge as Small Mario that leads to the     5
     - S - Navigate a bridge leading to Wiggler's Cavern                  5
     - S - Coin line near the hole where the balls are released           5
     - S - Coin line near the yellow ! box that conceals the second       5
     - BS - Coins found on the beach at the bottom of the level (2 x 2)   4
     - S - Coin group near the hole where the balls are released          4
     - S - Yellow block at the far end of the course                      3
       Maximum coins                                                    206
     Course 14 - Tick Tock Clock
    Star selection: No recommendation.
    Clock speed: 3 o'clock (slow).
     - Twelve yellow boxes that hold a grand total of...                 70
       (5 with 10 coins, 6 with 3 coins, 1 with 2 coins)
     - Blue coin switch near the location of star #2 (7)                 35
     - Eight red coins on the spinning platforms (okay, it depends)      16
     - Coin line near the pole with an Amp circulating around it          5
     - Enemies: defeat a measly two Bob-ombs (1 x 2)                      2
       Maximum coins:                                                   128
     Course 15 - Rainbow Road
     - Blue coin switch on the far side of the maze (wall-kicking        30
       skills will help)
     - Eight red coins in the vertical maze                              16
     - Two coin rings on the set of four spinning islands after the      16
       first carpet ride
     - Coins surrounding the region around star #2.                      15
     - Coins earned as you ride the carpets                              15
     - Enemies: 2 Lakitus who don't film, they throw stuff (5 x 2)       10
     - Two coin lines on the way to stars 4 and 5 respectively           10
     - Coin ring on the very first platform you pass by on the carpet     8
     - Enemies: The Chuckya waiting for you at the end of star #6         5
     - Coin line on the way down from the set of four platforms to        5
       stars 4 and 5
     - Vertical coin line above a platform to stars 4 and 5               5
     - Enemies: Bob-ombs (don't you get sick of them?) (1 x 4)            4
     - Donut lifts, anyone? On the lifts in the star 4 and 5 region       4
       that fall under Mario's weight.
     - Enemies: Shy Guy lurking around the pole down to stars 4 and 5     2
     - Enemies: 1 Goomba on the airship (Do the math)                     1
       Maximum coins:                                                   146
     06.          Secrets, Glitches, Etc.
    Credit goes out to the people at the website N64CC.com. The website is no
    longer active (to my knowledge) as of July 2003, but I am thankful for the
    knowledge of the contributors there.
     Coin Post Trick
    In several of the levels, you'll find some posts. Even though they are good
    for pounding the ground on, that's not all they are good for. Run around
    any of those posts about four or five times and five coins will pop out.
    This is a great source for trying to earn 100 coins on a level.
     Fat Penguin on the Snow Slide
    After you earn 120 stars go back to the Big Penguin Race star in Cool, Cool
    Mountain. Enter the cottage and talk to the penguin. You'll see that his
    mass has, in the kindest way possible, increased drastically. He nearly
    takes up the entire width of the slide! What the heck has that penguin been
    eating!? Anyway, he'll still challenge you to a race (maybe he's confident
    that because his butt takes up the slide you can't pass him. Heh.) If
    you're looking for a fun challenge, give it a shot. The reward is the star
    that you should have gotten a long time ago, so it counts for nothing.
     Whole Lot of Hats
    In course 10, it's possible that Mario can get multiple hats. However, to
    get this to work, Mario must lose his hat on the bridge. Once you find it,
    go past the cannon around the entrance of the level to the corner of the
    course where you'll encounter several trees. One of them teleports you to a
    tree in another part of the level. Teleport back and forth several times,
    but then return and pick up the hat. You'll find that another hat is still
    on the ground - pick that one up too! The extra hat that Mario has can now
    be used as a weapon (with the same effectiveness as a punch), but you lose
    that capability outside the course. Mario takes more damage with two hats,
    so watch out. If you warp 50 times, the game will screw up. Has no real
    drastic impact in your game, but cool anyways.
     Butterflies of Fortune
    In various courses, if you walk into certain areas you'll find some
    butterflies appearing out of the grass. If you touch or punch one of them,
    they may turn into a 1-Up Mushroom or a bomb that will chase after you and
    eventually blow up.
     Wire Net Under a Bridge?
    Go into course 1, then go under the bridge. Jump and hold A. Mario will
    hold onto the bridge, just like there was a wire net under there that he
    could hold onto. Now go to the lowest part of the bridge - while still
    holding on to the bottom of the bridge and let go of A. Mario will be
    pulled right through the bridge! But the thing is, there is no hole that
    Mario got pulled through. Mario Copperfield? Who knows?
     Unhappy Mother Penguin
    When you bring the little penguin down to his mom, if you pick him up
    again, his mom, in anger, will be forced to chase after Mario. Soon she
    will look as usual but sneak behind her back one more time and she will get
    angry once again. There are several ways that you could expand upon this
    trick, but all of them involve angering PETAA (Penguins for Ethical
    Treatment of Arctic Animals...)
     Boo's Not in the Hallway!
    With 12 stars, enough to make the Boo appear to access course 5, enter the
    course 2 room and walk along the left side of the room. You'll hear the
    laugh of a Boo! What happened is while you went down the wall, you got
    close to Boo, triggered the laugh, and that's it. If you were to go where
    you'd normally see Boo, you would find that he'd be gone. This trick also
    works if you walk along the right wall for course 4.
     Dr. Scholl's: They Breathe
    Any area with deep water can be used to execute this trick. Remain at
    surface level, make sure the camera is behind Mario, and press and hold up
    on the control stick. Mario's face is below the water's surface, but he
    isn't losing power! His shoes are the only thing that's above water, so he
    must be breathing through there!
     You Win Some, You Lose Some...
    At the final Bowser fight, if you are flamed to death or fall off the
    platform during your fight with Bowser, you can keep on making up for the
    life you lost by walking behind the pillar to the left just before the warp
    pipe. You will never use up all your lives using this method.
     You Win Some, You Lose Some... (Japanese version only)
    At your final Bowser fight, let Bowser breathe fire at you all he wants.
    Some of the flames that he leaves behind will actually turn to coins. Run
    around and collect the coins that you get, until you get 1,000 coins. An
    "M" will appear where the number of lives should be - every time you die
    you will gain a life and every time you get a 1-Up Mushroom you will lose a
    life. While I don't know of very many people in North America who have the
    Japanese version of SM64, anyone from Japan who's reading this might find
    it handy.
     Koopa the Quick, all right...
    Enter the first course and select the first Koopa race star. To do this
    trick, get the Wing Cap in the block nearby. Now go back to the area where
    Koopa's waiting. Stand in front of the cannon and triple jump and fly a
    short distance to Koopa. You'll get the regular message, so accept the
    race, but now Koopa the Quick has disappeared into thin air. Geez, he just
    couldn't wait for the starting gun, I guess...
     The Hat: Newest Form of Weaponry
    Go into Shifting Sand Land and let the bird take your cap. Hit the bird but
    don't get your cap. Go to the palm tree and teleport a few times. Now go to
    where your hat was, and pick up your first cap and Mario will put it on his
    head. Pick up another one and Mario will use the 2nd cap as a weapon. Once
    again, Mario takes double damage when he is doubly-armed. Every time you
    warp one more hat will fall to the pile - if you warp too many times,
    however, the game will freeze.
     The Game of Life
    When you're outside the castle, go to the waterfall, then look for the
    third tree to the right. Climb up to the top, then jump off. You'll get a
    1-Up Mushroom that will continue to follow you. Take it, go inside the
    castle, then come back out again. Repeat this process as many times as you
    want until Mario has 100 lives, after which the 1-Up Mushrooms have no use.
     Move The Camera
    Before you turn the N64 on, plug a controller into controller port #2. Once
    you beat Bowser for the final time, use the control stick on the second
    controller to control the camera (in a rather limited fashion) for the
    final sequence and the credits.
     The Game of Life #2
    Under the bridge to the main castle door, there are two yellow coins.
    Collect both of them and a 1-Up Mushroom will fall. Enter the castle and
    come back out. Repeat as many times as you like.
     H2O, M.D.?
    Dive into the nearest pool of water and resurface if you're low on power -
    your power will be restored completely!
     Bowser's Unwanted Guests
    In the Dire, Dire Docks course, after you earn the first star, swim to the
    Bowser's Sub area. You might notice a black hole to the left after you
    enter - if you swim in there, you will be taken to the fish pond at the
    front of the castle. You won't lose a life if you do this.
     See Your Cameraman
    After you beat Bowser for the second time, enter the door with the mirror
    in it. Come close enough to the mirror and you'll see Lakitu, your
    cameraman, in the mirror. Oddly enough, however you operate the camera
    controls, the Lakitu in the mirror will do the same thing. Not so much a
    sight gag as a cool insight.
     Nobody Asked You To Be A Home Inspector...
    Get 120 stars (you don't have to talk to Yoshi) and go to the back of the
    castle by shooting yourself up with the cannon. You should see the
    courtyard (where the Boos are to get to course 5) but you can't. Go to the
    edge and you'll hit an invisible wall. Now...if Mario has his back turned,
    press C <- or C -> and you will see that the castle is now invisible and
    you can see through it to the drained moat and the waterfall. And another
    BIG thing about this glitch is that instead of "floor" where the inside of
    the "castle" should be, there is the moat where the waterfall drains into!
    If you can get to the top of the castle WITHOUT 120 stars (I do not know if
    it’s possible), then you can do that and do the same thing. "Errr...
    Princess? Your castle doesn't have a back wall."
     Play On The Slopes
    This one I discovered on my own time. On a slope or long staircase, go up
    the slope and run back down. A few steps down, press Z and then B. This
    will normally make Mario slide kick, but Mario will bounce off the slope a
    couple of times. After landing, he will slide down the slope a bit. Don't
    press A while doing this, it will make you long jump and potentially lose
     The Diving Board
    Just for the fun of it, try pulling off some moves into the pond outside
    the castle. Some of the best ones:
    Stand on the edge of the bridge facing the pond and face the castle. Do a
    backwards somersault into the pool while making sure the camera is to
    Mario's back. If you hold back on the Control Stick when you do this (make
    sure you do because you don't want to injure yourself on the steps to the
    drained moat), you'll pull off a cool dive!
    Try running towards the bridge, pressing A, then press B to do a nosedive
    into the water.
    After getting 120 Stars, try using the improved triple jump off the roof of
    the castle over the bridge and into the pond! If pulled off correctly this
    could potentially be one of the most spectacular jumps. For a more
    spectacular view, try setting the camera mode in a course to "Stop". Stop
    the camera just as you're getting blasted off from the cannon, then leap
    off to an unbelievable camera view.
     Get Yer Coins Here!
    In Super Mario 64, there are a total of 2091 coins. Just as a little
    incentive after you beat the game, try going back to each course and
    collecting the maximum number of coins possible in each level, indicated on
    your game's score sheet. While you get nothing for getting all the coins,
    it's still a good number to aim for. (I really ought to work on getting
     07.            The Luigi Factor
    I think Luigi is probably one of the best-kept secrets in Super Mario 64
    ...if he exists. But after six years of looking, nothing has been found.
    But first, the story according to Nintendo.
    According to Nintendo, it was originally intended for Luigi to be in the
    game. Before the game was released, however, he was cut to improve game
    performance. (Yeah, right! 64 Megabits!? There are some games that are 256,
    for crying out loud! You really start to wonder...) Other options that were
    cut were the ability to ride Yoshi, and so on. Geez, you start to wonder if
    anyone has a copy of the beta versions of SM64.
    There is only one potential clue to Luigi's whereabouts. This clue has been
    analyzed and broken down systematically in order to find out what it means.
    Several people have e-mailed Nintendo over the years, but they have failed
    to say anything about the sign, claiming it has no meaning.
    This clue is accessible no matter the number of stars you have. If you have
    more than 12 stars and the Boos are in the courtyard, kill them all off
    first because it's just plain distracting. Then, go to the statue of a star
    in a pool. Read the text below it: the text says "L is real 2401" according
    to most people (with the blurred text, some people believe the numbers
    actually indicate 2041), and several theories have been put forward as to
    what it means. Here are a few examples:
     - It is referring to a time: 2'40"1 or 24"01. I've come to the conclusion
    that if this is correct, it must be a time achieved in the Princess' Secret
    Slide. Considering that Mario 64 only times to the tenth of a second, it is
    most likely the 2'40"1 time.
     - It is a connection with Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The same star
    statue supposedly appears on OoT. "L" apparently stands for "Link".
     - The "L is real 2401" text is being misread and the text is actually
    "Eternal Star" - an unlikely theory, since there are certainly spaces in
    the text.
     - 2401 (or 2041) is a reference to the number of coins you must get to
    have a chance at earning Luigi. This is unlikely, apparently: the total
    number of coins in the game is 2091.
    There are plenty of fake screenshots that have been created, which have not
    helped the circumstances over which the Luigi paranoia has unfolded. A
    full-blown discussion is in session all the time at the Super Mario 64
    message board at GameFAQs.com (receiving over 1500 posts since September
    2000!). Get a message board account and go to the board there to
    participate in the discussion.
     08.               Questions
     General Questions
    Q: Your FAQ owns/sucks!
    A: Thanks/*clicks delete*. And that's not a question.
    Q: Will you ever create an HTML version of this FAQ?
    A: Considering the fact that I don't have a lot of time on my hand, it's
    looking like a rather unlikely proposition. As much as I'd like to write an
    HTML version, it's a rather big project for a big guide such as this one. I
    do have the resources, but don't have the time to execute a project of that
    Q: Will you write FAQs for my site?
    A: That's a flattering offer, but I seriously lack the time to write FAQs
    for new games on a regular basis. Not to mention I don't exactly pick up
    games like Final Fantasy X the minute they come out. I prefer to write FAQs
    for games I know on a freelance basis, and that number isn't very high.
    Q: Can you complete <insert game here> for me?
    A: If I was to do that, I'd probably spend about a billion Air Miles going
    from country to country, state to state. Or at least burn a heck of a lot
    of gas. Errr...long story short, do it yourself, it's more rewarding. =D
     Game Questions
    Q: How do I get <insert star here>?
    A: Please read the "120 Stars" section. If the answer that I've given you
    is not specific enough, send me an e-mail (see below for the address) and I
    will try to answer your question in a more specific manner as precisely as
    I can.
    Q: Is Luigi in the game?
    A: By all accounts, no. Almost 20 (!) Luigi codes have been published, but
    none of them work. The rumour has abounded for six years, and all this time
    Nintendo has denied it - I'd think that somebody would have legitimately
    found him by now. Several Photoshopped pictures have been posted, all fake.
    Every Luigi code revealed so far is fake. Do we have reason to believe that
    he is in the game?
    Q: Is it possible to get more than 120 stars?
    A: Only if you use a GameShark and that is cheating. There are only 120
    stars in the game (121 if you count that final star that Bowser gives you
    after you beat him, but that isn't added to your tally).
    Q: How many coins can you get in the game?
    A: 2091 total.
    Q: Can you ride Yoshi?
    A: No. He just gives you 100 stars and a brand-new triple jump.
     09.               The Ending
    Okay, so you've decided that you want to take a look at the ending. Really,
    there's nothing extremely exciting about it (to be quite honest with you I
    think it could have been improved.) And, remember, read down and it'll all
    be spoiled for you, so watch out if you don't want to get it all spoiled.
    There are two slightly different endings to the game, both with the same
    outcome: one if you have 70 to 119 Stars when you defeat Bowser, and one
    when you have 120 Stars.
    In both cases, throw Bowser into the final bomb during your last battle and
    walk up to him to trigger the following endings.
     First Ending (70 - 119 Stars)
    Bowser: Nooo! It can't be! You've really beaten me, Mario?!! I gave those
    troops power, but now it's fading away! Arrggggh! I can see peace returning
    to the world! Hmmm...it's not over yet...C'mon troops! Let's watch the
    ending together! Bwa ha ha!
    (Bowser will leave behind a giant star. Go over to its location, and grab
    it. Mario will triple jump and use the Wing Cap to fly away into the
    (...a few seconds later, you'll get a letterbox screen of Mario landing on
    the bridge just outside the castle. Mario uses the star power and Peach is
    freed from the stained-glass window outside the castle. Mario runs up
    taking his hat off.)
    Peach: Mario! The power of the Stars is restored to the castle...and it's
    all thanks to you!...Thank you, Mario! We have to do something special for
    (Peach gives Mario a kiss on the nose. Go ahead, do the kissy face
    Peach: Listen, everybody. Let's bake a delicious cake...for Mario...
    (Peach goes inside the castle, Mario stays outside and looks around. After
    Peach calls, he runs inside and the camera switches to a bunch of birds
    flying away...)
    (...next, you'll get the credits. You'll see various images of all of the
    levels found in the game. If you had controller 2 plugged in you can
    control the camera with the control stick while it's doing this. At the end
    of the sequence, it'll show Peach and Mario waving, while Lakitu films
    them. Finally this image will fade out and will be replaced with a cake
    with small Peach and Mario figures on it.)
    Mario: Thank you so much for playing my game.
     Second Ending (120 Stars)
    It's basically the same ending, except Bowser will make a different comment
    after you walk up to him.
    "Noooo! You've really beaten me this time, Mario! I can't stand losing to
    you! My troops...worthless! They've turned over all the Power Stars! What?!
    There are 120 in all??? Amazing! There were some in the castle that I
    missed??!! Now I see peace returning to the world...Oooo! I really hate
    that! I can't watch-I'm outta here! Just you wait until next time. Until
    then, keep that Control Stick smokin'! Bwa ha ha!"
    (See you in a few years, King Koopa, hopefully under more pleasant
     10.              Closing Notes
    I've decided to save all of my credits and such for the second section, for
    obvious reasons. This is not the end of the guide, and you'll have to read
    the second section if you're just dying to know further details about the
    game, including the locations of all 120 stars.
    In the oh-so-famous words of the Terminator, "I'll be back."
    *** END DOCUMENT - PART 1 ****

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