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    FAQ/Walkthrough by WithTheDawn

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/27/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         _______. .___  ___.        __     _  _    
        /       | |   \/   |       / /    | || |   
       |   (----` |  \  /  |      / /_    | || |_  
        \   \     |  |\/|  |     | '_ \   |__   _| 
    .----)   |    |  |  |  |     | (_) |     | |   
    |_______/UPER |__|  |__|ARIO  \___/SIXTY |_|FOUR 
    Author: WithTheDawn (Ciaran Friis)
    Console: Nintendo 64
    Version: 1.00
    Created: 27th July 2006
    Last Updated: 27th July 2006
    Email: knifeofdreams@gmail.com
    A). Contents
    B). Controls
          B1 - Basic Controls
          B2 - Mario's Advanced Moves
    C). Characters
    D). Items
    E). Walkthrough:
          E1 - Bob-Omb Battlefield 
          E2 - Whomps Fortress
          E3 - Jolly Roger Bay
          E4 - Cool, Cool Mountain
          E5 - Bowser In The Dark World
          E6 - Big Boo's Haunt
          E7 - Hazy Maze Cave
          E8 - Lethal Lava Land
          E9 - Shifting Sand Land
          E10 - Dire, Dire Docks
          E11 - Bowser In The Fire Sea
          E12 - Snowman's Land
          E13 - Wet-Dry World
          E14 - Tall, Tall Mountain
          E15 - Tiny-Huge Island
          E16 - Tick Tock Clock
          E17 - Rainbow Ride
          E18 - Bowser In The Sky
          E19 - Castle Secret Stars
          E20 - Wing Cap Switch 
          E21 - Vanish Cap Switch 
          E22 - Metal Cap Switch
    F). Baddies
    G). Tips
    H). Secrets
          H1 - General Secrets
          H2 - Teleport Locations
          H3 - Glitches 
    I). FAQs
    J). Contact
    K). Version History 
    Control Stick - Walk/run (depending on how much it is tilted).
    A - Jump
    B - Punch/kick/interact with character
    C Buttons - down moves the camera back, left/right move the camera in 
    that direction and up puts you into first person view
    Z - Crouch/duck
    R - Lock the camera behind Mario
    Start - Pause the game.
    While the first list is what you need to start the game, these are 
    the moves you will need to learn to get you through the game.
    Double Jump - Press A then A again as soon as you land - can be done 
    either on the spot or while moving.
    Triple Jump - Jump, jump again and jump a third time to do a triple 
    jump - the single highest move you can do without a wall. You must be 
    moving while doing this (i.e., you cant do it on the spot like with 
    double jumps).
    Side Somersault - A very useful move. Run one way, and then suddenly 
    pull the control stick back the other way, causing Mario to slide 
    briefly. At this point, press the A button to pull off the move. 
    While not quite as high as a triple jump, requires much less space to 
    pull it off.
    Wall Kick - Jump into a wall then press A again as soon as you hit it 
    - the timing can take awhile to get right.
    Backward Somersault - Press and hold Z, then press A.
    Long Jump - Run forward, press and hold Z and then press A. This is 
    the best move for covering a long, horizontal distance.
    Ground Pound - Jump and press Z while in mid-air.
    Slide Kick - Run, press Z and then B.
    Fly - When using the wing cap, do a triple jump, as described 
    Climb Up Blocks - When hanging onto the edge of a block or ledge, 
    press A to pull Mario up (alternatively, press Z to make him let go).
    Wire Nets - To hang onto a wire net, press and hold A.
    Swimming - When underwater, hold A to do a Flutter Kick, or press A 
    repeatedly to do a (faster) Breast Stroke. 
    The Main Characters:
    MARIO - Our hero, and the one and only character you control in this 
    game. Having received an invitation from Princess Peach to visit the 
    castle, he arrives only to discover that Bowser has kidnapped her 
    once again. Our chubby protagonist discovers that all of the castles 
    star power have been hidden in paintings by Bowser, and that 
    collecting as many as possible is the only way to free the princess 
    from his evil grasp once again.
    PRINCESS PEACH - As helpless as ever, she has once again allowed 
    herself to be captured by the tyrannical reptile. Although playing no 
    physical role in the game, she is the reason, as usual, that Mario 
    has to go through all of this in the first place. I'm pretty sure she 
    is just crying out for attention >_>.
    BOWSER - Back and bigger than ever, the spiky-shelled, fire-breathing 
    beast is back once again, spreading ruin and havoc where ever his 
    loud, booming footsteps fall. Having kidnapped Peach, hidden all of 
    the power stars, and locked himself up in the highest part of the 
    castle, he must feel that he has finally got one up on Mario. Just a 
    pity he has a slight weakness when thrown into bombs.
    TOAD - These guys are found throughout the castle, giving out helpful 
    hints for those who are unsure what to do. Never think that you are 
    above their advice, as sometimes they even have a power star to hand 
    LATUKI - While it is very rare to actually see this guy, he is around 
    the entire game. Latuki controls the camera, and the screen you see 
    is you looking through the lenses of his camera. The only time you 
    actually see him is in the mirror room.but he plays the very 
    important role of.allowing you to see things and such >_>.
    KOOPA THE QUICK - This self-proclaimed god among all runners shows up 
    in a couple of this games levels. So confident of his racing 
    abilities, he is more than happy to put a power star on the line when 
    given the prospect of racing a short, fat Italian man in red 
    PINK BOB-OMBS - These helpful critters are found in every level where 
    there is a cannon. Although they may look like a baddie to begin 
    with, pressing B when next to them will allow you to talk to them, 
    and get them to open up any and all cannons in their level. While 
    easy to find in early levels, the dangers of the later levels have 
    caused them to find better hiding places.
    D). ITEMS
    POWER STARS - These are the most important items in the game, and 
    your key to unlocking new areas and eventually defeating Bowser. 
    Bowser has captured most of the Power Stars and hidden them 
    throughout the worlds. The ones he missed are hidden around the 
    castle. There are 120 in all, yet only 70 stars are needed to reach 
    the final level.
    STAR COINS - Coins play two major roles - collecting 100 coins in any 
    of the 15 main worlds will result in a power star. Additionally, 
    coins will heal you the equivalent of the coins power. There are 
    three types of coins. Yellow coins are the standard, and are often 
    the reward for defeating a regular enemy. They are usually found in 
    small groups, and are worth a single coin each. Next are the red 
    coins; there are 8 of these in each of the 15 main worlds, and 
    collecting all of them will result in a Power Star appearing. Each 
    red coin is worth 2 regular coins. Lastly there are the blue coins. 
    These rare coins can be found by defeating particularly rare or 
    difficult enemies, by pounding a blue coin switch, or simply lying 
    around in tricky places. Each blue coin is worth a whopping 5 regular 
    THE CAPS - There are three caps that can be unlocked for use in this 
    game. The red cap allows you to fly through the air, the blue cap 
    turns you invisible and allows you to walk through some walls, while 
    the green cap turns you into metal, making you heavy, impervious to 
    damage and able to sink through water. Collecting these caps is vital 
    for getting many of the stars.
    1UP MUSHROOM - These small, green mushrooms will increase your life 
    by one when found. They are hidden through all the levels, usually in 
    tricky places, and often only appearing once you do a particular 
    stunt, like climb to the top of a pole. You will also be effectively 
    given a 1Up Mushroom for every 50 coins you have collected after you 
    grab a star.
    ! BOXES - These boxes are found throughout the game. The 
    red/green/blue ones hold the cap that corresponds to their colour. 
    The yellow boxes can hold a wide variety of goodies, from stars to 
    1Up Mushrooms, and even Stars. Simply jump into the bottom of one to 
    smash it open.
    SWITCHES - Usually purple in colour, these large items sit on the 
    ground, waiting to be stepped on to cause something to appear, or the 
    environment to change.
    SPINNING HEART - These are located in certain parts of some levels, 
    and running through them will allow you to regain health. The faster 
    you run through, the quicker the health is recovered. However, you 
    can always just run through it again, as it has limitless healing 
    KOOPA SHELL - A very handy item indeed, standing on a Koopa Shell 
    allows you to glide over the ground, water, lava or indeed any kind 
    of surface. You can run into any enemies with it and not be damaged, 
    and the shell will continue to last until you hit a wall or cancel 
    it's effects. These shells are found both in yellow boxes and by 
    jumping on a Koopa's back.
    CANNONS - Found in several of the worlds, cannons allow you to be 
    fired off into the distance at great speeds. They will always be 
    sealed to begin with, but talking to a Pink Bob-Omb will result in 
    the cannon becoming open and ready for use. Once inside the cannon, 
    you be able to aim where you want to be shot. It should be noted that 
    the crosshairs look at the direction you are being shot at - you will 
    have to aim well above something to land there, as you will begin to 
    fall before you do.
    The first thing you might want to do is accommodate yourself with the 
    controls by jumping around the courtyard. Once you're ready, head to 
    the front door of the castle. Once inside, head through the door to 
    the far left and jump through the painting to enter Bob-Omb 
    E1 STAR ONE - Big Bob-Omb On The Summit
    Head up the path and over the ramp. Continue along the path past the 
    big chained up bob-omb and continue over the moving bridge. Once you 
    get to the field with several bombs in it, veer to the right and 
    watch out for falling water balls. Go through the gap in the fence 
    and head past the pit with two balls rolling in it. Continue up the 
    slope path, avoiding the large balls rolling down as you go. Continue 
    along the path, moving slowly over the wooden plank when you get to a 
    large gap in the road (or triple-jumping over it if you feel daring 
    >_>), then run through the heart further up the path to regain any 
    health you may have lost. Continue to the top and the path and its 
    time to do battle!
    The premise here is rather simple - so much so his royal highness 
    actually tells you how to defeat him.anyway, run around him in 
    circles until you get behind him, then quickly press B to pick him 
    up, then B again to throw him on the ground (I know its tempting, but 
    don't throw him off the platform completely - that wont count).  Make 
    sure you don't get too close to him while running around him, or else 
    he will pick you up and throw you away - if your unlucky you can 
    actually get thrown right off the hill. Just pick him up and throw 
    him down a total of 3 times and the first star is yours.
    E1 STAR TWO - Footrace With Koopa The Quick
    Run up and talk to the hard-to-miss large Koopa waiting near the 
    start of the level, and he will challenge you to a race up to the 
    summit of the hill (the place where you picked up star one). In this 
    race you are not able to use the cannons (which I'll tell you how to 
    get later) or the Wing Cap (which you wont have yet unless you saved 
    this one for later). However, you can use the handy warp points to 
    make this star very easy. Once the race starts, run up the ramp and 
    jump over the fence into a small flower patch. Remain motionless for 
    a second and you should warp to a flower patch further along the 
    path. From here, head up the mountain slope as before until you get 
    to the part where there is a gap in the mountainside that the balls 
    are rolling out from. Stand motionless in here to warp further up the 
    track, then dart to the top and touch the flag to win another star.
    If for whatever reason you couldn't get the warps to work, don't 
    worry, as you should have no problem beating him anyway. Just race up 
    the hill like you did for star one (but don't follow Koopa, he takes 
    a short cut you wont be able to follow).
    E1 STAR THREE - Shoot To The Island In The Sky
    Now its time to use the cannons. Talk to the pink bomb at the start 
    of the level and he will open them all up. Your goal for this star is 
    to shoot yourself onto the small floating island. This can be done 
    from a couple of the cannons, but the easiest is up the ramp and over 
    the fence from where you start, the cannon is raised inside a 
    triangular slope. This cannon will point you in vaguely the right 
    direction from the get go. Now, the crosshairs show where you are 
    aiming for but as the island is some distance away, you need to aim 
    above where you want to land. You should be able to just see the tip 
    of a tree on the island, aim above that and shoot. If you miss, you 
    should land quite close to another cannon that gives you an even 
    easier shot. Keep trying with these two cannons until you manage to 
    hit the tree or land on the island, then smash open the yellow "!" 
    box for the star.
    If you are seriously stuck with this star and cant get onto the 
    floating island, you can always come back later when you have the 
    Wing Cap.
    E1 STAR FOUR - Find The 8 Red Coins
    This is a common star in every level of the game. The simple goal is 
    to collect all 8 of the red coins you have probably seen around 
    already in order to gain a star. These red coins will reappear if you 
    die or exit the level, so you have to get them all in one go.
    Coin one - Just up the ramp from the entrance, over the small 
    elevator platform.
    Coin two - In the grass area just to the right of coin one, on top of 
    a large green rock.
    Coin three - On pillar holding the chained bob-omb near the 
    Coin four - On top of the tree on the floating island.
    Coins five and six - in the area with several wooden pillars, just 
    past the bridge that tilts as you go over it.
    Coin seven - Just before you go through the gap in the fence (just 
    before the pit where the big balls roll), drop down to the left to 
    pick up this along with a 1-Up Mushroom. 
    Coin eight - Just through the gap in the fence, straight ahead most 
    of the way up the slope. You can grab it from there by running or 
    jumping up the slope (or simply go up the path to the top and slide 
    down if you can't do that).
    Once you have them all, the star will appear in the familiar place 
    where you grabbed coins five and six.
    E1 STAR FIVE - Mario Wings To The Sky
    Without the Wing Cap, this is the trickiest star of the level, but 
    the premise is very simple. First of all, go to the floating island. 
    If you have the Wing Cap, grab it and triple jump into the coins. 
    Your goal is to collect all five of the coins in the centre of each 
    circle. It will probably take a few goes, and using the cannon with 
    the Wing Cap helps to get some of the further ones.
    If you don't have the Wing Cap, this star is still possible, but 
    rather tricky. It involves aiming the cannons towards the coins and 
    collecting all five middle ones that way. It will defiantly take a 
    few turns this way, but you can always come back with the Wing Cap 
    later if you can't do it.
    E1 STAR SIX - Behind Chain Chomp's Gate
    Its time to face the chain chomp.or free it to be more exact. Go up 
    to where it is and you should see that there is a wooden pillar 
    connected to his chain. Quickly do three butt stomps (Jump + Z) while 
    on top of the pillar to knock it down. Be very careful while doing 
    this because (as I'm sure you've noticed) he is a rather rough 
    fellow. Once you've done this, the chain chomp will be freed, and he 
    will smash open the fenced star for you.
    E1 STAR SEVEN - 100 Coins
    This one isn't listed on the start page, but for each level you will 
    get a star once you collect 100 coins. Unlike all other stars, these 
    ones wont force you to exit the level, so it is usually ideal to try 
    and get it when you are getting the red coin star (as you will 
    probably need all the red coins for this one anyway).
    This is actually one of the hardest levels for getting 100 coins, so 
    you'll need every one you can find. Goombas and Bombs release a coin 
    each once they die, so take advantage of that. Collect all the red 
    coins and kill the turtle in the area up the ramp from the start for 
    a blue coin (worth 5). You can also pick up 5 coins from each of the 
    wooden pillars in the area where the red coin star appears. Simple 
    run around each pillar several times and each pillar will spit out 
    the coins. After all of this, there are plenty of coins in the sky 
    from where you picked up Star 5. It will take awhile, but your going 
    to have to continually go to the floating island and shoot yourself 
    into the distance in order to get enough coins. You should probably 
    get as many of these coins as possible early on though, because if 
    your 100th coin is up the in air, that's where the star will form, 
    and you will need some pin-point accuracy to get it (saving a couple 
    of easy red coins is a safe way to go). 
    E2 STAR ONE - Chip Off Whomp's Block
    This is another one of those "get to the highest point of the level 
    and beat a boss" stars. Head onto the ramp to the left, then do a 
    double jump to get to a slightly higher parallel ramp with coins on 
    it. Go up that all the way to the top and you will find a sleeping 
    Petty Piranha. You can either be very, very slow and tiptoe past it, 
    or very quickly dive into it while it's asleep to kill it. Head left 
    and dart across the grey platform, which will fall away as you step 
    over it. If you mess up, it will have regenerated by the time you get 
    back up there. Go over the wooden beam, then onto the rotating wooden 
    platform when it gets to you. Wait in the middle for it to rotate to 
    the other side. Continue along the path, past the whomps (kill them 
    by butt slamming them on the back after they attack), and then go up 
    the elevator to take on.
    This guy is comically easy. Just wait until he is about to slam down 
    on you and jump out of the way. While he is on the ground, do a butt 
    slam (Jump + Z) on his back. Do this three times and he is dust.
    E2 STAR TWO - To The Top Of The Fortress
    Simply follow the path you took to get star one back to the top of 
    the level. There will now be a large tower where Whomp was before. Go 
    around to where the lowest white block is sticking out of the tower 
    and jump up using these to ascend the tower. Every alternate one will 
    be moving in and out of the tower, so be careful to time the jumps 
    properly. Eventually you will get to a platform that will raise you 
    up to where a star is waiting.
    E2 STAR THREE - Shoot Into The Wild Blue
    Go to the small, shallow water area just above where you started, and 
    make your way across to where a pink bomb is to activate this levels 
    cannon. Jump into the cannon and look for the area to the left where 
    there is a large poll stick up out of the ground. Under that is a 
    small platform with pillars on it. Aim for the middle pillar to land 
    on the platform (cross hairs should be aimed just on the upper 
    platform). Slide down the poll there to grab another star.
    E2 STAR FOUR - Red Coins On The Floating Isle
    Coin one - Up the ramp from the start, just above where the second 
    moving platform comes out.
    Coin two - Jump on top of the upper blue Thromp, then jump up again 
    when it raises itself up.
    Coin three - Behind the Petty Piranha that is up the slope from the 
    water area.
    Coin four - Just past three, along a small ledge.
    Coin five - On the rotating bridge just past coin four, let the 
    bridge carry you around to it.
    Coin six - Drop down from the bridge where coin five was - sitting on 
    the ramp right below it.
    Coins seven and eight - Go right up to the top where the tower is and 
    look for a wooden plank sitting upright along the side. Kick it a few 
    times to make it fall over, then go across it and find the last two 
    coins on two of the floating islands.
    Once this is done, the star will appear in the area where you start 
    the level.
    E2 STAR FIVE - Fall Onto The Caged Island
    Climb up the tree right beside you when you start the level and an 
    owl will come out. It will say that it will carry you for a while if 
    you want. Head straight up and you should see a caged star floating 
    in the sky. Try and move above this and drop down into it to get the 
    star - but be quick because the owl will drop you if you take too 
    long. It's pretty tricky to control the owl, but do your best, and 
    watch for Mario's silhouette on the bottom of the cage.
    E2 STAR SIX - Blast Away The Wall
    This is one of a few stars in the game that really make you think 
    outside the box. But once you know where it is, it couldn't be 
    easier. Simply go into the cannon and look towards where the rotating 
    bridge is. Aim the crosshairs just above the furthest wall and.blast 
    it away to reveal a sneakily hidden star. NOTE - Make sure you have 
    at least half health when you do this, as you will get injured from 
    both the impact and the fall. Once its blasted away, run up and 
    collect your prize.
    E2 STAR SEVEN - 100 Coins
    This is actually the easiest level in the game to get 100 coins with 
    (you can actually get near 200 if you wanted to). As well as the mass 
    of normal coins lying around everywhere, and the 8 red coins needed 
    for star four, there are also several petty piranhas, all of which 
    give off a blue coin when killed. There is also a blue coin switch 
    down the path just past the levels only cannon that causes 4 more 
    blue coins to appear. You can even get a whole pile of them by butt 
    stomping the two regular whomps just after they attack. This one 
    should be cake.
    E3 STAR ONE - Plunder In The Sunken Ship
    Ah, time for a water level. Swim out until you get to the much deeper 
    water. Now, as I'm sure you've worked out by now, your air and health 
    meter are on in the same, so your health will decrease as you are 
    under water. Returning to the surface will see it fully replenished. 
    Now, dive down into the deep area and make towards the sunken ship. 
    Make towards the small window where the eel's head is sticking out 
    and swim by near it to taunt it out. Once you have, quickly return to 
    the surface for air, then re-enter the window where the eel was 
    before to go inside the ship. In here there is a small area where you 
    can regain your air supply. Once you've done that, make towards the 
    chests. You need to open them up by pressing next to them in the 
    correct order, or else you will be shocked and loose health. Assuming 
    the order is consistent (it could be random), the first one is the 
    furthest away, the second is the one to the right as you swim towards 
    them from the air, the third is the one on the left and the last on 
    is the middle one. Upon opening the last, the water will drain and 
    you can jump up the platforms to open the "!" box which contains your 
    E3 STAR TWO - Can The Eel Come Out To Play?
    Head back down into the deep area like before, ignoring the newly 
    risen boat for now. You should be able to see our friend the eel 
    again, who has found a new home in a hole against the far wall. Go 
    over and taunt him out of there like before as well, and you will 
    notice that he now has a star at the end of his tail. Poor fellow, 
    that must really hurt him. Swim around and take that off him to help 
    the guy out.
    E3 STAR THREE - Treasure Of The Ocean Cave
    Head back down into the deep part again, and look for the pathway 
    down near the bottom. Go down that and you will enter a cavern full 
    of Goombas and pillars that will fall as soon as you get near them. 
    Sprint past the falling pillars and you will reach another four 
    chests. Looks familiar, yeah? Well, it's the same deal. Heres the 
    If that doesn't work, just work out what the order is based on trial 
    and error.
    E3 STAR FOUR - Red Coins On The Ship Afloat
    Coin one - in the shallow water at the start, inside a clam.
    Coin two - inside another clam, a little further on (near the pink 
    Coin three - on top of the spire next to the pink bomb.
    Coin four - inside another clam, just under where the spikes are.
    Coin five - inside another clam, at the bottom of the deep water.
    Coins six, seven and eight are all clearly visible on the boat, which 
    is where the star appears as well.
    E3 STAR FIVE - Blast To The Stone Pillar
    If you haven't already, go talk to the pink bomb near the ship to 
    open the levels only cannon, located right near the starting point of 
    the level. The task of this one is simple in theory and quite 
    difficult in execution. You need to shoot towards the spikes that are 
    in the foreground to the boat. Aim for the top of the left most one, 
    then jump across to a platform on the left to find this one inside a 
    yellow "!" block.
    E3 STAR SIX - Through The Jet Stream
    You will not be able to get this star until you have unlocked the 
    metal cap, which you wont be able to do until later in the game. Once 
    you have, return to this level and use the metal cap found in the 
    green block to sink to the bottom of the deep-water area and pick up 
    this one in the otherwise inaccessible jet stream.
    E3 STAR SEVEN - 100 Coins
    This is one of the harder levels to find 100 coins in. There are a 
    couple of coin rings near the start, one underwater and another 
    around one of the pillars. The main source of coins though is in the 
    cave where star three was found. In here there is a blue coin switch, 
    which gives you a total of thirty coins. And of course, don't forget 
    the red coins either.
    E4 STAR ONE - Slip Slidin' Away
    Jump through the chimney of the small house to the right and you will 
    enter a race stage. Your only goal is to survive and make it to the 
    bottom. There is a shortcut - on the corner that goes up against the 
    wall, go straight ahead and you will go through the wall, pick up a 
    few 1-Up Mushrooms and be dropped safely at the finish line. But 
    that's nowhere near as fun of course >_>. Once you've finished, exit 
    through the door and grab your star.
    E4 STAR TWO - Li'l Penguin Lost
    The object of this mission is to return a little lost penguin to her 
    mother, the big penguin you probably noticed when you picked up the 
    first star. Little penguins are easy to find, only problem is, which 
    one is her child? And yes, she can tell the difference! The correct 
    penguin is found right at the start of the level, just above where 
    the house you entered for the slide is. Grab the penguin and then 
    either slide your way down the slope like a sissy, or jump off the 
    edge to engage in the ultimate Super Mario death sport of free 
    falling. Come on, you know you want to. Just jump off the side just 
    after you start sliding down and you'll land right next to her. 
    Otherwise you can always go the long way and slide down to her. 
    Either way, she will reward you with a star. 
    E4 STAR THREE - Big Penguin Race
    So, you thought star one was pretty easy? Enjoyed gliding down the 
    slide at a leisurely pace? Well, its time to head back down the 
    chimney and actually race someone this time. It should be noted that 
    you wont get anything if you take the shortcut this time. Go up to 
    the penguin and agree to race. Your going to have to go fairly full-
    pelt down the slide to beat this guy, so keep your control stick 
    facing forwards on straights. Try to get an early lead, because he 
    speeds up near the end, and can easily push you off if you get to 
    close to him. This one will probably take a few goes, but persevere, 
    as a shiny new star is waiting for you once you win.
    E4 STAR FOUR - Frosty Slide For 8 Red Coins
    Coin one - Right at the start, in the tree.
    Coin two - From the start, slide down the slope until you stop, and 
    you should see this sitting in a corner. 
    Coin three - Sitting at the top of the lift platform, near the 
    snowman's head.
    Coin four - Just past the bridge with the jumping snowmen, at the end 
    of a broken bridge.
    Coin five - Where the mother penguin is, sitting in a tree.
    Coin six - On the other side of the mother penguin, just over a small 
    Coin seven - Even further across from the mother penguin, right on 
    the very edge of the map.
    Coin eight - Go down the slope from the start of the level, and jump 
    off against the cliff once you cross the bridge with the line of 
    coins on it to fall down to where this one is.
    The star appears just to the right from coin eight (you need to do a 
    long jump - run fast, hold Z and jump, to get to it).
    E4 STAR FIVE - Snowman's Lost His Head
    Right at the start, just past the house, you should now see a small 
    snowball on a platform. It will tell you that it is trying to find 
    its head, which you have probably already seen at the bottom of the 
    slope. It says it will follow you, and then oddly takes off by it 
    self. Speed up and get in front of it, and guide it towards its head 
    at the bottom of the slope for this star.
    E4 STAR SIX - Wall Kicks Will Work
    There are two ways to get to where this star is. The first is to take 
    the cannon next to the mother penguin and shoot across the gap to 
    where the other tree is. The other is to jump on top of the flower 
    baddie near the snowball's head and glide off the side of the stage, 
    moving slowly down until you find a lower platform underneath. Either 
    way, make your way along the platform and do either a triple jump or 
    a long jump (Run, Z then Jump) to get past where the coin arrow is. 
    To progress now, you are going to need to do a wall jump, which 
    consists of jumping into a wall and hitting A just as you hit it to 
    jump off it again. It's a pretty tricky skill to master, but its not 
    too bad once you get the hang of it. Press pause to see what you have 
    to do, then wall jump onto the first platform. The next one is 
    trickier - you are going to need to do a triple jump into the wall 
    and then a wall kick. This ones pretty hard to time right, and if you 
    fall you will loose health, so make good use of the regeneration 
    heart at the bottom. Once you reach the upper platform, carefully and 
    slowly move across the very thin and slippery path to the star.
    E4 STAR SEVEN - 100 Coins
    This is actually quite an easy one to get. Just go down the slide 
    straight away and you should be able to pick up a good 60 coins right 
    there, and you can get as many as 83 if you're really good. There is 
    also a handy blue coin switch, just past the bridge with the jumping 
    snowmen, and over the broken bridge where the red coin star was. Add 
    onto this the standard red coins and this one shouldn't be too hard.
    This is the first of three Bowser levels, and can only be accessed 
    once you have collected at least 8 stars. This section will simply 
    detail how to get to Bowser; the location of the red coins will be 
    covered afterwards. Head along the platform, past the flamethrowers 
    and up the ramp. Move across the gap using the rotating platforms, 
    past the Goombas and over the bridge. Continue up the path, avoiding 
    the electric bombs and navigate over the gap by timing your jumps 
    with the yellow platform. Jump across the moving platforms and head 
    to the left when you get to the goomba. Jump onto the ramp and let it 
    move down a bit so you can jump up onto the next one. Go past the 
    Goombas, up the platforms and press the purple switch to create a 
    stairway to the top. Then jump into the green pipe.
    Finally we get to take on the big baddie himself. You will be on a 
    big platform surrounded by bombs. The way to take down Bowser is 
    similar to how you defeated Big Bob-Omb - run around and try to grab 
    his tail with B. Once you do this, rotated the control stick and 
    press B to let go of him when you are in line with one of the bombs. 
    Get too close and he will hit you, and he was a pretty fearsome fire 
    breath attack if you take too long as well. You only have to hit him 
    into one bomb and he will run off, vowing to win another day. He will 
    leave behind the key to the basement. Now you can go to new levels in 
    the lower castle! Horray!
    Another star is up for grabs in this world if you can collect all the 
    red coins in here.
    Coin one - Near the start, press the purple switch here the 
    flamethrower is to create a small platform at the end of where the 
    flame hits.
    Coin two - With the purple switch from coin one still pressed, dart 
    back to the start of the stage to find a similar platform has 
    appeared leading to another red coin.
    Coin three - in the area with the electric bombs, sitting next to an 
    ice wedge.
    Coin four - on the yellow platform just past the electric bomb 
    Coin five - just ahead of here in mid-air, easily gained by staying 
    on the moving platform.
    Coin six - from the Goomba just before the moving ramp, head right 
    and find it near another electric bomb.
    Coin seven - on the side of where the moving ramps are near the end.
    Coin eight - go past the ramps and then use the last one the other 
    way to jump up to a higher ledge where this one is sitting.
    This level is located in the courtyard, down the passage just before 
    you go into the basement. In the left of the courtyard there is a 
    large boo - attack it while it isn't looking to gain access to this 
    E6 STAR ONE - Go On A Ghost Hunt
    The object here is fairly simple - kill all the ghosts. Well, I 
    suppose ghosts are already dead.but you know what I mean. To "kill" a 
    ghost, you just have to attack it while it is looking away. If it can 
    see you, it will go transparent and you wont be able to hit it. Enter 
    the front door of the mansion and go through the second door on the 
    left. Watch out for the flying chairs, and look away from the big 
    blue picture of a boo to lure out a boo from behind it. Kill it and 
    then wait for a second one to come out. Exit the room and go through 
    the next door. Inside is a large eye and another ghost. Just kill the 
    ghost then move on. Go through the next door and sprint over the 
    falling bridge, killing the ghost on the over side. Go through the 
    door on the other side. This last one is a bit tricky, as it's hard 
    to get behind the ghost and you're in for a long fall if you mess up. 
    Try to jump over it and quickly hit it.
    Once that ones killed, go through the door and you should find a very 
    large Boo waiting for you. Hit it three times to finish it off and 
    grab the star at the top of the stairs.
    E6 STAR TWO - Ride Big Boo's Merry-Go-Round
    Go left as soon as the level starts and into the large house. Go past 
    the eye and down the elevator. Follow the watery passage until you 
    get to a circular area with weird music. Enter to find a room with 
    boo's and a rotating wooden platform. Run around killing boo's 
    watching out for the flamethrower, and eventually King Boo will turn 
    up again. Hit him three times, as before, to gain another star.
    E6 STAR THREE - Secret Of The Haunted Books
    Enter the mansion and head up the stairs to get to the second level. 
    Head through the second door on the left to enter a corridor filled 
    with books. Dart through to avoid being hit by flying books and you 
    will reach a dead end where three books are sticking out. Hit the 
    middle one first, then the one on the right, and the one on the left 
    last to open the way to another star.
    E6 STAR FOUR - Seek The 8 Red Coins
    Coin one - Inside the mansion, bottom level, first door on the left. 
    Behind the piano.
    Coins two and three - Level one of the mansion, second door on the 
    left, one on top of each of the bookshelves. 
    Coin four - Level one of the mansion, first door on the right.
    Coin five - First door on the left of level two, on the far side of 
    the netting.
    Coin six - First door on the right of level two, under the first 
    coffin on the right.
    Coin seven - Same room as coin six, under the second coffin on the 
    Coin eight - Rightmost room of the second level.
    E6 STAR FIVE - Big Boo's Balcony
    Head into the mansion, up to the second level and through the 
    rightmost door. As you enter, you should see a bookcase on the left 
    and a wooden platform on the right. If you go on the wooden platform 
    and go into first person view, you should see a higher platform. It's 
    fairly tricky to get up here - you can either do a triple jump 
    straight up (difficult) or a triple jump into to opposite wall, then 
    wall kick off that to get up there. The later is actually easier, as 
    you have more room for the triple jump, but the former is still 
    achievable if you have problems with wall kicks. Go through the door 
    and then through the next door leading outside. Time for (yet 
    another!) King Boo battle. Same deal as before, hit him three times 
    and he is down, for good this time, and another star is yours. The 
    star will appear on the roof of the mansion - getting it is rather 
    tricky. Do a long jump across to the side of the roof, go into first 
    person mode (R button), then triple jump to get along the top part of 
    the roof. From here, walk across then slide down to where the star 
    is. The camera angles suck here, so stay in first person mode to 
    avoid falling off the roof.
    E6 STAR SIX - Eye To Eye In The Secret Room
    You need Invisibility for this one. If you don't have it, then come 
    back later. Go up to the second level, through the rightmost door and 
    all the way to the other side to where the blue block is. Smash it to 
    get your invisibility cap. Now, quickly jump up to the attic, like 
    you did for star 5, and instead of going outside, use your 
    invisibility to go through the blue boo painting. Kill the eye inside 
    by running around it to grab your prize.
    E6 STAR SEVEN - 100 Coins
    Another fairly easy one to get 100 coins in. The main way to grab 
    coins in this one is by killing the many boos, each of which drop a 
    blue coin. There are a couple of eyes around the place as well, each 
    of which drop blue coins as well (kill these by running around them 
    in circles a few times). There are a fair few around the back of the 
    mansion, and don't forget the boo's down in the merry-go-round 
    either. The book monsters also give out blue coins when killed. To 
    put the icing on the cake, there is also a blue coin switch in the 
    attic level (see star 5 for how to get there).
    E7 STAR ONE - Swimming Beast In The Cavern
    Go down the left hand path from the start, doing a long jump over the 
    gap, and make your way around the edge of the pit and up the path the 
    boulders are rolling down, heading through the iron door to the right 
    at the end. Step on the yellow and orange platform to descend, and 
    then go down the path and into the water. You should see a kind of 
    loch ness monster kind of creature swimming around. Jump on its back. 
    Once you are on it, wherever Mario looks the monster will swim. Look 
    towards the island in the middle with a star on it to move towards 
    it. Once you are close, do a butt stomp to make the monster lower its 
    head, and then walk over its neck onto its head and it will raise it 
    again. Jump onto the island to collect your prize.
    E7 STAR TWO - Elevate For 8 Red Coins
    Head down the right path this time, past the flames and through the 
    door. All the red coins are in this large room. Go to the right hand 
    corner from where you enter, go up the stairs, and you will find a 
    small platform with 4 arrows on it. Stepping on an arrow causes the 
    whole platform to move in the designated direction. First, go left 
    until the wall and then forward all the way, then climb up the poll. 
    Step onto the platform and it will move you around a track.
    Stay on the moving platform as it takes you by the first 4 red coins. 
    Next, head back to the platform with the four arrows and head right, 
    then left, then towards the blocks in the sky. Smash open the first 
    one to reveal a red coin, the move slightly right to find another red 
    coin in the other crate. Continue forward, jumping over the rail, and 
    smash open another crate for your 7th red coin. The last red coin is 
    out in the open, on the platform to the left. The star should appear 
    down on the ground in the middle of the room.
    E7 STAR THREE - Metal-Head Mario Can Move!
    You need to have activated the Metal Cap Switch to get this star. 
    Head left, past the boulders and down the elevator. There should be a 
    green metal cap block here. Become Metal Mario and quickly go down 
    the slope. The path continues underwater. Follow it and jump up at 
    the end to press down the purple switch and open a gateway to the 
    left. Go through the door and to two well-timed long jumps to grab 
    the star at the end of the passage.
    E7 STAR FOUR - Navigating The Toxic Maze
    Go down the right side path, then through the middle door to the left 
    from the big room with the red coins. Drop down the gap into an area 
    with toxic haze. Now, you will gradually loose health while you are 
    down in the toxic, so you will need to get to a more elevated area 
    with air, and collect coins regularly. You won't loose health if you 
    are Metal Mario. Go straight ahead, become metallic, and then head 
    right, left and right. You should get to a part where the ground dips 
    down even further. At this point, look up to the side and you should 
    see a higher platform that you can double jump up to. Go through the 
    door, past the bats and fire, and up the elevator, which will take 
    you straight to the star.
    E7 STAR FIVE - A-Maze-Ing Emergency Exit
    Head back into the Toxic Haze area, as you did for star four. Head 
    straight forward, smash open the green block and become metallic. 
    Head right then left and you should see a metal door that is 
    elevated. Double jump up to it, head down the passage and up the 
    elevator. Head through the door at the top, then double jump into the 
    upper fencing, holding A to cling onto it. Move over to the right and 
    collect the star waiting for you. 
    E7 STAR SIX - Watch For Falling Rocks
    This is another one of those tricky ones that are very easy once you 
    know where to look. Go down the left path and up the path where the 
    boulders are (falling rocks, yeah?). Go up to the top of the path, 
    but don't go through the door. Look up and low and behold, there is a 
    platform up there. Go to just in front of the door and you should be 
    able to do wall kicks left and right to get up there and grab this 
    E7 STAR SEVEN - 100 Coins
    Another tricky level to get 100 coins in. You're going to have to be 
    a real penny-pincher in this one. Don't forget the red coins, and the 
    two eyeballs in that same room that give off a blue coin if you run 
    around them. It's easy to miss the circle of coins up where star one 
    is, and the three blue coins given off by the blue coin switch in the 
    toxic area are pretty much vital. There are also quite a few coins on 
    the paths leading to stars four and five. If you're totally lost for 
    places to get coins, the path leading to star three also has a couple 
    of coins. And don't forget the coins from killing baddies; bats give 
    out one coin, and the bugs three each.
    E8 STAR ONE - Boil The Big Bully
    Head down the path and over the bridge. Head right once you see the 
    bully, past the vertical flamethrower and use the platforms to get to 
    the upper right hand area, a small, thin path with flames moving over 
    it. Navigate past the flames and jump onto the area where there are 
    four platforms that get slowly covered and uncovered with lava. Jump 
    on the upper left on and then onto the platform with three bullies on 
    it, before moving onto the cage to the left. This will take you over 
    to the Big Bully. The object here is simple - kick him into the lava. 
    The best way to do this is to taunt him over near the edge before 
    darting around behind him and giving him a good, hard kick. Once he 
    is fried, a path leading to a new star will be opened.
    E8 STAR TWO -Bully The Bullies
    Remember all those little bullies? Well, the object of this star is 
    to push every last one of them into the lava. There are 6 in all, in 
    three different areas. The first one is right near the start. Take 
    care of him first, and then head a hard right to a platform where 
    there are two more. Try to take out one at a time. Lastly, head to 
    the area just before where the Big Bully was before. There are a 
    whopping three bullies all on this one platform, and they will try to 
    take you out together. As before, try to take them out one at a time. 
    As soon as the third one is fried, the Big Bully will drop down, and 
    you have to beat him again, just like before, to get the second star.
    E8 STAR THREE - 8-Coin Puzzle With 15 Pieces
    Head left past the first bully, over the drawbridge and past the eye. 
    You should now be able to see a moving picture of Bowser with all 8 
    red coins on it. The pieces move, so if your unlucky you can end up 
    in the lava, but just try to grab all 8 nice and quick and you should 
    have no problem.
    E8 STAR FOUR - Red-Hot Log Rolling
    Head right past the first bully, over to the platform with two 
    bullies on it. Drop down onto the cage beside it to be transported 
    over to a new area. Watch out for the flamethrowers as you move 
    along. Now, jump up onto the log and stand slightly on the left-hand 
    side and it will start to roll over towards where a star is. Stay on 
    it long enough and you will be taken over to the other side, where 
    the star is waiting.
    E8 STAR FIVE - Hot-Foot-It Into The Volcano
    Jump into the volcano near the start of the level. Once inside, head 
    to the right, up the slope and past the bully. Move along slowly and 
    wait for the wall to fall down before jumping up to the next 
    platform. Use the small platforms after this to move along, and then 
    move past the flamethrowers and another bully. Jump from one poll to 
    the next to move up to the highest platform where a star waits.
    E8 STAR SIX - Elevator Tour In The Volcano
    Head back into the volcano as before, and this time head left as soon 
    as you enter and jump onto the platform, which will begin to move. 
    Let it carry you until you get to an identical platform to jump on. 
    Jump onto the poll this one carries you past and climb up. Watch out 
    for the rotating double flamethrower, and time your way past it and 
    up the next poll. Carefully jump over the small platforms to grab the 
    E8 STAR SEVEN - 100 Coins
    This is one of the hardest levels to get 100 coins on. It is JUST 
    possible to get enough coins in the main level, excluding the 
    volcano, but it relies on most of the bully coins falling where you 
    can get them. If you don't have quite enough, you can find around 20 
    more in the volcano - just make sure you have in the high 70's at the 
    very least, as you can not return to the main world once you enter 
    the volcano. Using the shell (found in a yellow block straight ahead 
    from the start) is vital, and can make grabbing many of the coins in 
    the main part of the level easier. Remember, running around the 
    eyeballs (2 of them in this level) causes them to drop a blue coin, 
    and there is always the pile of red coins just sitting there waiting 
    for you.
    E9 STAR ONE - In The Talons Of The Big Bird
    Head to the right and you should see a small, covered area. Do a 
    triple jump to get onto its roof, and grab either the wing cap. 
    Triple jump again to take to the air, and head over near the pyramid. 
    You should see a large bird flying around with a star. Your only 
    objective is to hit it. If you loose your flying height, just run up 
    one of the four towers and wait for it to fly near, touch it, and 
    watch it drop the star on the far side of the pyramid.
    E9 STAR TWO - Shining Atop The Pyramid
    Head over to the entrance to the pyramid. This can be down quickly by 
    using the jumping box right by where you start, and directing it over 
    the sand bar and to the left. Otherwise you can fly over there, or 
    walk the long path around. Once you're at the entrance to the 
    pyramid, don't enter, and rather follow the path around it to the 
    right, up to the star at the end of the path.
    E9 STAR THREE - Inside The Ancient Pyramid
    Ok, do the same trick to get to the entrance of the pyramid that you 
    used for star two, and this time actually go through the entrance. 
    Once inside, head to the right and follow the path, going past the 
    thomp and up the stairs. Continue along the path, over the top of the 
    thomp, and up the pole. Continue along, holding onto the netting (by 
    jumping into it and holding A) to climb over the shifting sand. Watch 
    out for the rolling stone (you can either jump over it with good 
    timing or hide in the small indent in the wall as it rolls past), 
    then jump up the shifting platforms, sidle along the wall and up 
    another pole. Dart under another thomp and grab the star.
    E9 STAR FOUR - Stand Tall On The Four Pillars
    There are a few stages to getting this star. The first thing you need 
    to do is to stand on each of the four pillars that surround the 
    pyramid. The far two are easy, as you can just run up them, but the 
    other two are in the weird, toxic shifting stand that you cant run 
    on, so the best idea is to use the shell to glide up there (found in 
    the yellow block on the roof of the shelter near the start). Once you 
    have stood on all four, you should see the top of the pyramid explode 
    (if not, you must have messed up one of the pillars). Climb to the 
    top and jump through the gap to enter the pyramid. Ride the life down 
    and enter the large orange block. Walk up to the stuff on the ground 
    The weak point of these guys is, quite obviously, the eyeballs found 
    on their palms. To begin with, one hand will attack and the other 
    will just sit there waiting to be hit. Avoid the one attacking and go 
    punch the other one. Hit one three times and it will die. At this 
    point, the other hand will start attacking constantly. The only time 
    you can hurt it is when it pushed you with an open hand. Punch its 
    lights out, and you have snatched one of the trickier stars so far.
    E9 STAR FIVE - Free Flying For 8 Red Coins
    Coin one - Go left right at the start. The coin is at the very edge 
    of the map.
    Coin two - under the small shelter near the start, hidden inside a 
    Coin three - On a platform on the area with moving blocks and toxic 
    Coin four - In the small lake on in the far corner of the map.
    Coins five to eight - at even points in the air near the four corners 
    of the pyramid - use the wing cap and canon in the far right hand 
    corner to get them.
    The star will appear on the roof of the small shelter near the start.
    E9 STAR SIX - Pyramid Puzzle
    This is a tricky one. The title gives away very little at all, so 
    you're left to fumble, blindly looking for this one. Luckily I'm here 
    to help. Inside the pyramid there are 5 special coins, that when 
    collected will cause a number to appear. Collect all 5 and this 
    elusive star will be yours. First of all, climb to the very top of 
    the pyramid, up to where the star is. The coins are:
    Coin one - Right up the top of the pyramid, just where the star is, 
    there is a small area where you can fall down to a lower platform 
    that has a coin on it.
    Coin two - From coin three - drop down to the left to land on a 
    similar platform.
    Coin three - Drop down to the right from where coin two is.
    Coin four - Drop down from coin three onto the sand path, and follow 
    it until you hit this coin.
    Coin five - Further down the same path as coin four.
    The star will appear at the end of the sand path.
    E9 STAR SEVEN - 100 Coins
    This one is a little tricky, as you need to collect coins from both 
    outside and inside the pyramid, and once you enter it you cannot 
    exit. So you basically need to collect every single coin you can see 
    before entering the pyramid (being stranded in the high 90's while in 
    the pyramid is painful, trust me). All of the four tall cactus things 
    will give you a blue coin once you kill them, and there are always 
    the red coins.
    Good news is, I've counted over 60 coins in the pyramid, so just make 
    sure you have around 50 at minimum will you enter, and you should be 
    fine. Once inside the pyramid, there is a blue coin switch just to 
    the left when you enter, giving you 15 coins, and plenty of coins 
    just lying around the place in large groups. There are always the 
    five hidden coins for star six if you are really struggling.
    E10 STAR ONE - Board Bowser's Sub
    Swim down underwater and through the tunnel. It will eventually lead 
    you to a large area with a submarine in it. Swim over to the opposite 
    side of the area, and climb up onto the side, where there is a purple 
    switch. Step on it and follow the newly formed path right beside the 
    switch to climb into the sub, and grab the star.
    E10 STAR TWO - Chests in The Current
    Swim down from where you start. You should be able to see a few 
    chests lying on the seabed. This is similar to ones you have probably 
    seen before - open them all in the right order. Opening the wrong one 
    will give you a shock, and you will loose health. Open the right one 
    and a stream of bubbles will come out, giving you air. There is no 
    time limit, so take the time to grab coins or return to the surface 
    to maintain health, and keep away from the whirlpool in the centre, 
    as it can easily pull you in.
    The correct order is to start with the one next to the pink/purple 
    clam, then go around in an anti-clockwise direction opening all the 
    ones around the side (so the next one is near the tunnel). Once those 
    three are opened, open the one near the whirlpool (being extra 
    careful not to get sucked in), and the star will appear.
    E10 STAR THREE - Pole-Jumping For Red Coins
    This star cannot be gained until you have beaten the second Bowser. 
    Swim through to the area with the sub. Step on the purple switch as 
    before. Don't go up the path to the sub, rather a second path that 
    appears further away. All the red coins are in this area, and you 
    gain them by using the moving poles (if you don't see any moving 
    poles, its because you haven't beaten the second Bowser - do so 
    before coming back).
    Coin one - On the first platform.
    Coins two, three and four - to the left of the first platform, go up 
    and down on the pole as it moves along to grab them.
    Coin five - from the first platform, go forward, left and forward.
    Coin six - Go straight ahead twice from the first platform then to 
    the left.
    Coins seven and eight - from coin six, jump over to the parallel pole 
    to grab these two.
    The star will appear on the platform straight ahead from the first 
    E10 STAR FOUR - Through The Jet Stream
    You need the Metal Cap for this star. Go to the second area. You 
    should see a jet stream at the bottom, from which small bubbles and 
    large bubble rings come out. Simply position yourself so you go 
    through the bubble rings. Go through five of them in quick succession 
    to make a star appear. Go and grab the metal cap from along the side 
    of the area jump down and grab the star.
    E10 STAR FIVE - The Manta Ray's Reward
    In the first area of the level, you should see a large creature 
    fairly high in the water leaving a trail of large bubble rings. Just 
    like for star four, your goal is to swim through 5 in quick 
    succession to make a star appear. This one is a bit trickier, as the 
    Manta Ray swims around quite a bit. The star will appear right on top 
    of the whirlpool, so you will need to be very careful in getting it.
    E10 STAR SIX - Collect The Caps.
    One of the easiest stars in the game, though you do need the Vanish 
    Cap to get it. Go to the second area, and you should be able to see a 
    caged star down on the bottom of the water. Simply grab the vanish 
    cap, swim down and grab it. Too easy.
    E10 STAR SEVEN - 100 Coins
    You wont be able to get this one until you defeat the second Bowser. 
    Another challenging one to get 100 coins in. Probably the best-hidden 
    coins are the five along the edge, near the top of the area you start 
    in. Make sure to grab all the lines and circles of coins in the first 
    area (you should have 42 coins when you leave the first area). There 
    is a ring of coins on the bottom of the water in the second area, and 
    another 5 in a line near the big hole (worth pointing out that you 
    should NOT go through there). The main source of coins though it the 
    blue coin switch up in the moving poles section, giving out a 
    whopping 30 coins just there. Don't forget the red coins as well - 
    even with them you will only just have enough. I've only found 101 
    coins in this whole level, so grab absolutely every one you can find.
    Move forward onto the grating, which will move forward. Jump off to 
    the side when it submerges. Make your way over the platforms that are 
    being swallowed by lava. Continue past the bully, using the heart if 
    you need it, and jump onto the pole. Jump off to the left, make your 
    way over the moving platforms, and climb up another pole. Go up using 
    the lift, marvel at the terrible camerawork, then make your way past 
    the flamethrower. Go up the ramp and carefully down the other side, 
    then climb under the netting. Continue past the bullies and up the 
    path to the third level. Head past the lava area with flamethrowers, 
    and through the moving pole platform area. Get to the end, sprint 
    over the collapsing bridge, and into the portal thing at the end.
    The object here is the same as the first Bowser - throw him into one 
    of the bombs by grabbing his tail and swinging him around. Only this 
    time, his new move is a big stomp that will cause the entire stage to 
    tilt dramatically, and can easy slide you right off it. He also has a 
    teleport power now that he will use periodically to move away from 
    you, as well as his standard fire-breathing powers. You only have to 
    throw him into one bomb as before, but there are only four bombs this 
    time, so you will need to be more accurate. Once you have taken him 
    out, he will run away as before, leaving you the key to the second 
    level of the castle. 
    Coin one - On the bottom level, where the bully is, take the path up 
    to the left.
    Coin two - Just past the moving pole, on the moving platform just 
    before the lift.
    Coin three - In the corner of the area you get to using a pole and 
    leave using a lift.
    Coin four - From the same area, allow the lift to go up without you 
    by standing on it then quickly off it, and then drop down the gap 
    where it was.
    Coin five - On the second level, just past the flamethrower. Balance 
    on the top of the slope and head up a path to the right where there 
    is a bully along with this coin.
    Coin six - from the second level, past the two bullies, there is a 
    large upward platform that moves up and down. Halfway up you should 
    see a silhouette of a red coin - simple wait for the platform to move 
    up to it.
    Coin seven - On the top level, where the lava and flamethrowers are, 
    this coin is right in front of the last flamethrower.
    Coin eight - On top of the third moving pole platform, near the end 
    of the level.
    To get to the star, go to just before the disappearing bridge that 
    leads to Bowser, and do a side somersault onto the very thin wall on 
    the side. Carefully walk across this platform all the way over to the 
    This level is located in the second level of the castle, in the room 
    with the large mirror. The normal-looking wall to the left is 
    actually a level painting, as hinted by the mirrors different 
    reflection of it.
    E12 STAR ONE - Snowman's Big Head
    Head to the right from the beginning, past where the big blue ball 
    is, around to a kind of lake area with flower creatures around it. Go 
    onto the platform and you will see moving snow coming over the 
    platform. If this hits you, you will be pushed back to the start of 
    the platform. Every now and then, a larger than normal snow pile will 
    come down. Now, you have to get up the platform at the end of this. 
    The easiest way to do this is with a well-timed triple jump, using 
    each jump to get over a snow pile. It will take a few goes to get 
    right. Once you do, continue up the path and eventually the large 
    snowman you have been walking up will talk to you, saying he is going 
    to blow you away. Now, you have to cross this ice platform by staying 
    behind the large penguin at all times, and he isn't going to make it 
    easy for you, moving back and forward and suddenly changing speeds. 
    If you get blown off the stage, not only will you have to start all 
    over again, but also your hat will get blown off, and you will have 
    to search around for it (damage is doubled without it, so make sure 
    you do). Anyway, pass the snowman's breath using the penguin, get to 
    the other side, climb up to the top of the snowman's head and grab 
    the star.
    E12 STAR TWO - Chill With The Bully
    Head to the right and you should see a large, blue ball on an ice 
    platform. This acts very much like the bully battles from Lethal Lava 
    Land, only this time you are on a slippery ice platform, which means 
    there is very little traction. The extra cold water around the 
    platform acts just like the lava as well, so you don't want to get 
    pushed off. Simply kick the Bully over the edge and another star is 
    E12 STAR THREE - In The Deep Freeze
    Just to the left of where you start is a small ice maze with a star 
    in it. It's easy to get frustrated with this one, but its simple once 
    you know what to do. Enter through the front of the maze, walk 
    forward just one or two steps, then jump up and grab onto a higher 
    platform. From there, jump onto the top of the maze, then down into 
    where the star is.
    E12 STAR FOUR - Whirl From The Freezing Pond
    This ones easy. Just go to the freezing pond area where the snow 
    piles move along. Look for one of the flower creatures in the water, 
    jump on it and float over the platform. Smash open the block to the 
    left to grab this star.
    E12 STAR FIVE - Shell Shreddin' For Red Coins
    Coin one - Near the start, to the right side of the Ice Bully, next 
    to a flower creature.
    Coin two - Down just past the Ice Bully, near a couple of flower 
    Coins three to six - Go up to where star four is by jumping on one of 
    the flower creatures in the water. Open the right block to get a 
    magic shell. Make your way along the path to grab these four.
    Coins seven and eight - still using the shell from above, drop down 
    at the end of that path and find these three coins under the ice 
    E12 STAR SIX - Into The Igloo
    You need the Vanish Cap for this star. Go to the freezing pond and 
    you should see some flower creatures in the water. Jump on one and 
    fly to the higher platform (Star four is in the block to the left). 
    In the block to the right is a green shell. Jump on it, head back 
    down to the freezing pond and use it to go up the slope with coins on 
    it, next to the path used to get up to the snowman. Enter the small 
    igloo there (crawl in by holding Z and moving). In here there is ice 
    blocking everything. Go to the far right hand corner and grab the 
    vanish cap. You can now move through all the ice, so go back to near 
    the start where the star is and jump through the ice to grab it.
    E12 STAR SEVEN - 100 Coins
    There are a couple of frogs in this level, disguised as coins until 
    you get close to them. Each one gives out a few coins. The numerous 
    flower creatures around give out 3 coins each, and there are always 
    the red coins. Don't forget the igloo, there are over 30 coins in 
    there alone. 
    This level is unique, as how you jump into the painting (or, more 
    precisely, that height you jump in at) has a direct impact on how the 
    level is when you start. Put simply, the height you jump in at is the 
    height of the water level when you start. While you can change the 
    water level in the course itself, its much quicker if you have the 
    right height to start off with. I'll let you know the recommended 
    water height for each star.
    E13 STAR ONE - Shocking Arrow Lifts!
    Either jump into the painting high or medium to start this level. If 
    high, go and lower it slightly with the small device just below where 
    you start. From here, make over to the wooden platforms, and then up 
    onto the grey platforms that are orange on the side. Once at the top, 
    you should see a bunch of small platforms with arrows on them. The 
    path is simple enough, as stepping on one will take you right to 
    another. The "shocking" part is the small black ball floating around 
    the area that will electrocute you if you touch it. Try to avoid it, 
    get to the other side and smash open the yellow block to grab the 
    E13 STAR TWO - Top O' The Town
    Enter the painting as high as possible for this one. Swim over to the 
    brown platforms and climb up to where the purple creature is. Avoid 
    it and jump up onto the wooden plank. Slowly walk along it, watching 
    out for the electric balls. Once you get to the end, jump onto the 
    rotating platform, then onto the next one, smash open the yellow 
    block and grab the star.
    E13 STAR THREE - Secrets in The Shallows & Sky
    Jump into the painting as low as possible. This is another of those 
    stars that requires you to find 5 secret places. These secrets are:
    Secret one - With the water right down at the bottom, along the far 
    wall is a red and white block. Simply move it.
    Secret two - Using the same block, move it to the left so you can hit 
    the yellow block there.
    Secret three - With the water still right down, go to the lower 
    platform where the red thing that picks you up and flips you is. 
    There is a block in the wall, push it in.
    Secret four - Up where the highest flipping thing is, there is a 
    small pillar surround by an electric ball. Smash open the block above 
    that pillar.
    Secret five - With the water at medium at the highest, press the 
    purple switch next to the big, black fence to climb up to the top and 
    smash open another yellow block.
    A star will then appear down near where you start the level.
    E13 STAR FOUR - Express Elevator - Hurry Up!
    Start the level with water low, and go over to the bottom of the big, 
    black cage. Smash the block there, and then climb up to the top of 
    the cage without raising the water level. Do this by using the 
    flipping machines, then the purple switch to climb to the top of the 
    cage. Drop down onto the small platform beside the cage, and half of 
    it will descend. When it has, drop down, through the hole you cleared 
    before and onto this platform, which will then rise again and take 
    you up to the star.
    E13 STAR FIVE - Go To Town For Red Coins
    Enter the painting at its highest, and activate the cannon by talking 
    to the pink bob-omb on the orange platform. Hop in the cannon and aim 
    it towards the far corner, where there is a small, fenced-off 
    section. Once you land in it, swim down and through the tunnel and 
    you will arrive in a small town. The same water level rules apply 
    here as well in terms of using the small diamonds to control the 
    water level. The locations of the 8 red coins are:
    Coin one - Drain the water right to the bottom using the diamond 
    right under where you enter. Head to the centre of the town and find 
    this inside a brown block on a stair.
    Coin two - Just in front of coin one, on the orange roof.
    Coins three and four - inside of brown blocks along the fence of the 
    central area.
    Coin five - Using the same wall as you used for the last two coins, 
    jump onto the grey building and find this inside of another brown 
    Coins six and seven - Position yourself between the brown and grey 
    buildings on the right hand side and wall kick your way up to one of 
    the roof. Both roofs have a brown block containing the red coin.
    Coin eight - Position yourself between the fence and white building 
    on the left side of the town and wall kick your way up to the roof of 
    the white building where this is, surprise, surprise, sitting in a 
    brown block.
    The star will appear under the orange roof near the centre of the 
    E13 STAR SIX - Quick Race Through Downtown!
    This star requires the Vanish Cap. Return to the town as you did for 
    star five. Drain the water down to the bottom. On the right hand side 
    of the town is a vanish cap block. Use it. In this state you can run 
    right through the wall and over to the other side where there is a 
    fenced off area you can only get through while invisible. Once you 
    are past the fence, wait for the caps effects to wear off, then use 
    the fence to wall kick up onto the grey blocks. Climb up the blocks 
    and grab the stay.
    E13 STAR SEVEN - 100 Coins
    One of the easiest 100 coin stars out there. You don't even need to 
    go to the town to get enough. Start the level as low as possible and 
    work your way up, making sure to grab the blue switch coins near the 
    bottom. If you still can't find enough coins, you can always go to 
    the town where there are plenty more.
    E14 STAR ONE - Scale The Mountain
    Head to the right and up the slope, long jumping over the gaps, and 
    past the mushrooms. Once you get to the viney wall, make your way up 
    using the platforms and then head to the right. Continue up past the 
    Goombas and long jump over the gap where the waterfall is. Continue 
    along this path, past more Goombas and carefully over the thin path 
    to grab a star at the mountains peak.
    E14 STAR TWO - Mystery of The Monkey Cage
    Head right back to the peak of the mountain where star one was. There 
    will now be a monkey there. Catch the monkey (no mean feat, I know) 
    and select to free him. Follow the monkey and it will free the caged 
    star you probably saw earlier. Jump down after him and grab it.
    E14 STAR THREE - Scary 'Shrooms, Red Coins
    Coins one to four - Near the beginning, on a group of mushrooms.
    Coins five to eight - On separate platforms up the viney wall.
    The star appears on a mushroom at the bottom of the viney wall.
    E14 STAR FOUR - Mysterious Mountainside
    Make your way up the mountain, following the path you normally use to 
    get to the summit. Once you do a long jump over the waterfall, stop. 
    Now, partway along the wall here is a secret painting-like entrance. 
    It's the first flat piece of wall after the cloud. Jump through it 
    and you will enter a slide level with that nifty music you know and 
    love >_>. 
    Now, a few hints. First of all, there is a sharp right hand turn 
    early on where the path forks. Make sure you head right; going 
    straight ahead will lead to a dead-end. Right at the end, where there 
    is a row of coins, you need to physically jump to clear a gap. Good 
    news is, if you fall off and die, you will return right to the start 
    of the slide when you jump back into the painting, and with two easy 
    to hit 1-Up Mushrooms along the slide, you should have no problems. 
    Once you're at the end of the slide, go down the gap and grab the 
    E14 STAR FIVE - Breathtaking View From The Bridge
    This ones easy. Just climb to the thin bridge right near the top of 
    the mountain. Looking into the waterfall from here, you should see a 
    star in a small indent on the other side of the waterfall. The 
    easiest way to get it is to long jump there from the side.
    E14 STAR SIX - Blast To The Lonely Mushroom
    First you need to activate the cannon. Now, the pink bob-omb on this 
    level is very hard to find. He must have been scared or something, 
    cause he found a hell of a hiding spot. Follow the path up to the 
    viney wall, but don't climb up it. Continue along the path rather, 
    past the bombs and purple creature. Cross the thin bridge. Now, move 
    your camera around and you should see the pink bob-omb on a slightly 
    lower platform. Sneaky bastard. Now, head back to where the mushrooms 
    with red coins on them are, near the start. There is a line of three 
    particularly small mushrooms near the centre. Stand on the middle one 
    and you will be teleported. Make your way along this thin path and 
    into the cannon. Now this part is tricky. You should see a star 
    hovering above a mushroom in the distance. You'll need pinpoint 
    accuracy to either land on the mushroom, or snatch the star out while 
    your flying past. Miss and your sure to die. Good luck!
    E14 STAR SEVEN - 100 Coins
    A nice trick to this one is to go down the slide for star four, then 
    when you get to where the star is, jump off to the side to re-enter 
    the main stage. Do this part before you have many coins, as you don't 
    want your 100th to be on that slide. If you do that, you should have 
    around 60 coins. From there, you should have no problem finding the 
    remainder lying around the level proper.
    This is a level with a bit of a twist. While the level stays the 
    same, Mario can be either very small or very large in it. You can 
    control what he is when he starts the level by which painting you 
    jump into, and change in the level itself by jumping into a green 
    pipe. I'll let you know which painting you should jump through for 
    each one.
    E15 STAR ONE - Pluck The Piranha Flower
    Go through the left painting. Head over the water to the left and 
    into the pipe to become small. Several very large Petty Piranha's 
    will start popping out. Kill them all 5 of them by simply punching 
    them to gain this star.
    E15 STAR TWO - The Tip Top Of The Huge Island
    Start through the left painting. Go left over the water and step on 
    the purple switch to create a path. Jump up to where the black balls 
    are falling from and head right. Jump into the green pipe to become 
    small. Now, jump up towards where the Goomba is, and continue up that 
    path, past the purple creature, over the wooden plank, and smash open 
    a yellow block to find this star.
    E15 STAR THREE - Rematch With Koopa The Quick
    Go through the left painting, head over the water, press the purple 
    switch, jump up and head right. Become small again through the same 
    pipe as before and head down and to the right, past the Goombas. Here 
    you should find Koopa the Quick, the turtle you raced in Bob-omb 
    Battlefield. He will challenge you to another race. Head back the way 
    you went before, past the hole where the black balls roll out and 
    down the edge past the green pipe. Head down this path all the way to 
    the end - the flag is next to the green pipe.
    Some hints - Koopa is quicker this time, no doubt, but the race is 
    shorter. Make good use of long jumps in quick succession to get a 
    good head start. You can basically do long jumps the whole way if you 
    are comfortable with them. Doing this you can beat him quite 
    E15 STAR FOUR - Five Itty Bitty Secrets
    This is another one of those stars with 5 secret places. Start off 
    the level through the left painting, and stay big as all of these 
    occur when you are big Mario.
    Secret one - Walk up to the small hole where the canon balls are 
    rolling out.
    Secret two - Climb up to the very top of the mountain and stand in 
    the water.
    Secret three - Stand in front of the small hole a wooden plank leads 
    to on the beach section.
    Secret four - Stand on the beach side of the small hole right near 
    where you start.
    Secret five - Stand over the canon next to the pink bob-omb, near the 
    beach area.
    The star will appear on a small island far off from the mainland; 
    stand on the purple switch as before to create a path, and follow the 
    path to where the star is.
    E15 STAR FIVE - Wiggler's Red Coins
    Start off through the right painting this time. Go through the hole 
    in the wall, kill the turtle on the beach and use his shell to glide 
    up the right. Follow the wooden beam pathway into a hole in the 
    mountain. All 8 red coins are in here, sitting in plain site. The 
    only tricky one is in the far corner - you need to wall jump up using 
    the two platforms to get that one. The star will appear in the far 
    left corner.
    E15 STAR SIX - Make Wiggler Squirm
    Start through the left painting, and climb all the way to the summit 
    as big Mario. Do a butt stomp in the small lake up there to make the 
    water drain. Now, jump down, become small Mario and return to the 
    summit to find a hole where the water was. Jump down and you will 
    find a very annoyed Wiggler. Simply jump on his head three times, and 
    this star is yours.
    E15 STAR SEVEN - 100 Coins
    Another tricky one. Start off as small Mario and do a full sweep of 
    the course, including the red coins and the blue coin switch where 
    the red coins are. Remember that running around the pole at the start 
    of the level a few times will cause it to spit out some coins. There 
    are two turtles, one on the beach when small and one beside the beach 
    when big - each has a blue coins for you if you kill it. The purple 
    monster near the summit as small Mario has a fair few coins if you 
    kill it. You can always go through to where Wiggler is if you need 
    some extra coins - there are 10 coins in there only, and you cannot 
    leave the area, so only go in there if you have 90 or more coins and 
    can't find any more.
    This is another level where how you jump into the painting influences 
    the level it self. Where the hands are when you jump in changes the 
    speed of the platforms. They will be slow if you jump in when the 
    minute hand is at 3, medium-paced at 6, extra fast at 9, and at 12 
    they will not move at all. For some stars it doesn't matter, but most 
    stars are made much easier if you jump into the clock at the right 
    E16 STAR ONE - Roll Into The Cage
    For this star, I highly recommend you jump into the painting with the 
    minute hand on 3 or 12. If you want more of a challenge though, by 
    all means go for it.
    Take the path to the left, up onto the moving yellow platform, over 
    the yellow cube and up the far path. Climb up the yellow boxes and 
    onto the platform with red coins under it. Make your way over it, 
    watching out for the flame ball, and continue up the path, over the 
    yellow platform and up the rotating circular platforms. Once at the 
    top, you should see a star in a cage. Simply step down onto the 
    circular platform, jump onto the yellow one and grab it.
    E16 STAR TWO - The Pit And The Pendulums
    It doesn't matter what the speed is for this one - just have it at 
    half-past the hour, as some parts are tricky if nothing is moving.
    Make your way up the pathway, past the pendulums and moving yellow 
    blocks and over the fence-like platform covering the red coins. 
    Continue up the path, past the moving circular platforms and up onto 
    the cage that holds the star you got earlier. Head down the path, 
    onto the yellow platform and up the pole. Continue along to the left, 
    carefully moving past the flipper machine and use the triangular 
    yellow platform to jump over. From here, walk onto the thin path and 
    carefully jump past the pendulum (make sure you do jump, as it is 
    another platform with a gap in the middle). Move under a falling 
    block, past another pendulum, and grab your prize.
    E16 STAR THREE - Get A Hand
    Make sure you DON'T jump into the painting on the hour or quarter 
    past (anything around half-past should be fine).
    Make your way up the path as before until you get to the semi-
    transparent platform with red coins clearly visible under it. Jump 
    onto the moving clock hand if its there, or wait until it arrives if 
    it isn't (dodging the flame ball while you wait). Once you are on it, 
    stand on or near the red tip, and wait until it takes you right 
    around to the other side of the room, straight to this star.
    E16 STAR FOUR - Stomp On The Thwomp
    Make sure you jump into the painting so the platforms are moving 
    (half past the hour is best).
    Make your way up the pathway, past the pendulums and moving yellow 
    blocks and over the fence-like platform covering the red coins. 
    Continue up the path, past the moving circular platforms and up onto 
    the cage that holds the star you got earlier. Head down the path, 
    onto the yellow platform and up the pole. From there, head back onto 
    the platform with the heart on it, onto the raising platform, then 
    jump onto the rotating circular platform. Jump over to where the 
    rotating yellow blocks are and jump up them, then up onto the 
    platform to the left. Sprint past the bars that get pulled in then 
    suddenly push out, and carefully move up the moving yellow platforms. 
    Make your way up the white and black platform and quickly over the 
    two rotating lime green ones. Continue up the path, over the yellow 
    triangles, and wait up the top for a large clock hand to move by, 
    being extra careful to watch out for the flame ball while you do. 
    Once the hand turns up, jump on it (but back a bit from the red part) 
    and let it carry you to a yellow moving platform with a large thwomp 
    on it. Jump onto the platform. Now, the thwomp will periodically slam 
    down. When he does, jump on top of it and it will carry you up to 
    this very tricky star.
    E16 STAR FIVE - Timed Jumps On Moving Bars
    Make sure you jump into the painting so the platforms are moving 
    (half past the hour is best).
    Make your way up the pathway, past the pendulums and moving yellow 
    blocks and over the fence-like platform covering the red coins. 
    Continue up the path, past the moving circular platforms and up onto 
    the cage that holds the star you got earlier. Head down the path, 
    onto the yellow platform and up the pole. From there, head back onto 
    the platform with the heart on it, onto the raising platform, then 
    jump onto the rotating circular platform. From there, jump onto the 
    large, netting platform. Here you should see three bars moving in and 
    out of the wall. Make your way up them one by one to reach a higher 
    platform where this star is held.
    E16 STAR SIX - Stop Time For Red Coins
    If the title wasn't obvious enough, your going to need everything 
    stoped to get this star, so jump into the painting when the hand is 
    right on the hour.
    Go to the right from where you start, and you will find an area with 
    many lime green platforms leading upwards with red coins on them. 
    While this would be quite a tough task with the platforms moving (try 
    it for a challenge if you like), with them stationary it couldn't be 
    any easier. Just jump up the platforms and grab all 8 coins, causing 
    a star to appear partway up the area.
    E16 STAR SEVEN - 100 Coins
    As there is no way to change the speed once in the level, you're 
    going to have to make do with half-pace (half past the hour), as many 
    areas are not accessible unless the platforms are moving. Even then, 
    this level is tricky, simply because of how easy it is too fall down 
    and die. There is a big pile of coins in a yellow block under where 
    all the red coins are. The main source of coins is from the blue coin 
    switch right next to star two. There is another yellow block with 
    plenty of coins in it in the cage above the line of moving bars, 
    another up near where the hand to get to the thwomp is and a third 
    below the thwomp itself. If all else fails, you can always try 
    grabbing as many red coins as possible.
    This level is located in the same area as Tick Tock Clock, through 
    the hole in the wall up to the right.
    E17 STAR ONE - Cruiser Crossing The Rainbow
    Head onto the carpet and let it carry you. Jump over the blue block 
    and watch out for the flamethrower. Jump off the carpet when it gets 
    to the end of its path, and head to the right over the rotating 
    circular platforms, jumping onto another carpet. Avoid some more blue 
    blocks, and climb over the white blocks. You will then hit a split in 
    the road. Jump onto the LEFT carpet and let it carry you up, jumping 
    over the wooden planks as they swing towards you. Jump over some more 
    blue platforms, then onto the light brown owns as the rainbow path 
    ends. Jump up to the right, cross the plank onto the ship, and grab 
    the star to the left, sprinting against the wind.
    E17 STAR TWO - The Big House In The Sky
    Head onto the carpet and let it carry you. Jump over the blue block 
    and watch out for the flamethrower. Jump off the carpet when it gets 
    to the end of its path, and head to the right over the rotating 
    circular platforms, jumping onto another carpet. Avoid some more blue 
    blocks, and climb over the white blocks. You will then hit a split in 
    the road. Jump onto the RIGHT carpet. There will be large, light blue 
    blocks in the way. Jump onto them, climb over and back onto the 
    carpet. To do this, you will have to wait until most of the carpet 
    has disappeared before jumping. Let the carpet carry you into the 
    large house, making sure the flame doesn't hit you. It will lead you 
    back outside. Jump on and over the light blue blocks in the way, 
    avoiding the electric ball, and the carpet will re-enter the house. 
    Once again avoid the flame, and the carpet will carry you up to the 
    E17 STAR THREE - Coins Amassed In A Maze
    This is the red coin star. All the red coins are (thankfully) in one 
    area. Go to the spinning circular platforms near the start, where you 
    normally go right, and instead head straightforward, past a small 
    yellow platform. Now, this isn't like a normal maze.this is a 
    vertical maze. Good news is, if your stuck, press pause and you will 
    be able to see where they all are. Heres how to get the coins:
    Go to where the star silhouette is, and do a triple jump to the left 
    to grab the first star. Jump over to the right platform and jump up 
    then left for the second, watching out for the fireball. For the 
    third coin, head back to the right, up, then left. Two more are 
    sitting a little further up again, and you will need a well-timed 
    long jump from the thin platform to get the sixth coin. Head back to 
    the right and jump as you are sliding down to pick up the seventh, 
    while the eighth is right beside where you should land. The star will 
    appear down the bottom of the maze.
    E17 STAR FOUR - Swingin' In The Breeze
    Head onto the carpet and get to the rotating circle platform area. 
    This time, head left and down the pole. Head down the path onto the 
    seesaw then up to the right. Jump onto the swinging platform, and 
    then quickly move across the light brown one, as the pieces will fall 
    away if you sit on them for too long. Jump onto another seesaw, climb 
    up some more brown platforms, and make your way past the 
    flamethrower. Jump onto another brown platform and wait for the 
    moving yellow platform. Take the path up the wooden slope to the 
    left, using the small platforms to ascend. Use the swinging platform 
    to move across, watching out for a final flamethrower, and grab the 
    E17 STAR FIVE - Tricky Triangles!
    Head onto the carpet and get to the rotating circle platform area. 
    This time, head left and down the pole. Head down the path onto the 
    seesaw then up to the right. Jump onto the swinging platform, and 
    then quickly move across the light brown one, as the pieces will fall 
    away if you sit on them for too long. Jump onto another seesaw, climb 
    up some more brown platforms, and make your way past the 
    flamethrower. Jump onto another brown platform and wait for the 
    moving yellow platform. Continue straight ahead, up and over the 
    slope and past the flamethrower. Step on the large purple switch and 
    all the platforms will turn over, allowing you to use them. Dart your 
    way to the top and grab this star - you will have to be quick!
    E17 STAR SIX - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    The first thing we need to do is activate the canon. Go to the area 
    where the red coin maze is, right over to the left where the blue 
    coin switch is. Wall jump all the way up the vertical column and talk 
    to the pink bob-omb up there. Make your way down the lift and head 
    over to the second carpet. Allow this to carry you up, taking the 
    LEFT carpet at the dead end. Ride this all the way up to the ship 
    like you did for star one. Once on the ship, go to the far right end 
    of it and jump in the canon, which will automatically point you 
    roughly where we are trying to get - the small platform on the other 
    side of the rainbow. Make sure you line up with the pole, and aim 
    right down the middle of the rainbow circle. You should then hit the 
    pole. Ignore the purple dude, rush over to the yellow block and 
    snatch the star. 
    E17 STAR SEVEN - 100 Coins
    This one is rather tricky, not because of the lack of coins but 
    because of how damned easy it is to die. The first place you need to 
    go is the maze where the red coins are. Grab the red coins, and hit 
    the blue coins switch over at the far left side of that area. I hope 
    your good at wall kicks, cause you won't be getting this star 
    otherwise. There is one blue coin that will appear down the bottom - 
    you will have to quickly wall kick your way up to get the other four. 
    Make sure you do this part first, because its more than a little 
    frustrating to go all around the level only to mess up a wall kick 
    and see 20 coins disappear forever.
    There are three rings of coins early on - one on the platform where 
    the first flamethrower is, and two more on the rotating circular 
    platforms just ahead of that. The latuki there will also drop a pile 
    of coins if you kill him (just jump until the bottom if it). Next, go 
    down to the lower level, and grab the few lines of coins down there. 
    It is actually possible to have 100 coins already, before jumping on 
    the second carpet. But, if you missed some (like the latuki ones 
    going over the edge), just head up the second carpet and go either 
    left or right when you hit the crossroad (both have a fair few coins, 
    just pick the one you found easiest before).
    Here it is then - the final level of the game, and it's a killer. 
    This section just shows how to get to and kill Bowser - for the 
    location of the red coins, look after this.
    Head right, over the platforms, watching out for the blue block and 
    head past the red/white cube. Continue to the right, quickly making 
    your way over the moving blue platform, then spring up the yellow 
    path - it may look too vertical, but since when did Mario start 
    obeying the laws of gravity anyway? Continue up the path, past the 
    Goombas and over the rotating circular platform, watching out for the 
    electric ball. Dart past the petty piranha plant, onto the seesaw and 
    then the rotating blue/black platforms. If you are good enough, you 
    can do a backwards somersault from here onto the higher platform (if 
    so, skip to the next paragraph). If you can't, then continue left, 
    and wait before the dip for the thwomp to come towards you. Kill it 
    when it slams down, and then continue along, double jumping up onto 
    the blue platform, watching out for the flame ball and heading up to 
    the right and past the purple creature.
    Step on the purple switch and dart up the newly formed stairs. Carry 
    on along the road, up the green path, watching out for flamethrowers. 
    Move past the chequered platform, watching for another petty piranha 
    plant, and jump on the platform, which will start to move. Stay on 
    it, jumping off when blocks get in your path, and move past the bob-
    ombs and over the rotating platforms, watching out for the flame and 
    electric balls. Make your way up the pole, past the Goombas and cross 
    using the moving orange platforms and the pole in the middle. Move 
    past the bob-ombs, past the flame ball and onto the moving blue/black 
    platform. Once on this, wait until you get to the top and, with good 
    timing, jump onto another identical platform. You should now see the 
    familiar pipe in the distance. So close! Run against the strong wind, 
    healing yourself completely with the heart, and make your way up to 
    the pipe. Psyche yourself up, and jump down for this games final 
    NB - There is a 1-Up Mushroom behind the last pillar where the windy 
    area is. If you die against Bowser, simply grab this mushroom every 
    time to ensure that you don't have to go through the whole level 
    You should be more or less used to what you need to do here. You are 
    on a large platform surrounded by bombs. It's your task to run behind 
    Bowser, grab his tail, and swing him into it! However, this time you 
    have to hit not one, not two, but THREE of the bombs. What's more, 
    they are even more spread out that ever, and will not regenerate once 
    one has been used, so you are going to have to have some pin-point 
    Every time you throw Bowser into a bomb, pieces of the stage will 
    fall away, making it much smaller. A neat trick you can do it, if you 
    throw Bowser into a bomb he will fall back onto the platform, 
    momentarily stunned. You can run behind him and grab his tail again 
    straight away as soon as he gets up. As well as his fire breath, 
    Bowser now has a stomp attack, which will send two waves of ripples 
    towards you that you will have to jump over, and a charge attack 
    where he will.well.suddenly and quite quickly charge at you. Use any 
    and all tactics that you used for the first two Bowsers to get behind 
    the guy and throw him into three of the bombs. Most of the skill is 
    in timing the throw so you will hit a bomb.nothing I can help you 
    with. Good luck!
    Once you have killed him, he will release the power of the stars he 
    had stolen. Grab the star.and sit back to watch the final credits and 
    cutscenes. You have finished this wonderful game, good work! Now go 
    back and get all 120 stars, if you haven't already.
    Coin one - Right near the start, where the red/white block is. Push 
    the block back to the left, jump on it, and the coin will be sitting 
    there in the air.
    Coin two - Just after the first vertical yellow pathway, right beside 
    the petty piranha plant.
    Coin three - From coin two, jump down where the seesaw is and there 
    will be a line of regular coins. This one is skilfully hidden at the 
    right hand side of this line, on a small platform off the edge.
    Coin four - Just after the part where you step on the purple switch 
    to make stairs appear - at the top of the green path, beside some 
    regular coins.
    Coin five - Soon after coin four, while on the moving platform just 
    after the chequered platform. This coin is sitting atop one of the 
    highest blocks above where you move, and is also a triangle shape, so 
    hit it wrong and you will slide off. Time it right, and you will be 
    able to wait on the block after it for the moving platform to catch 
    up to you.
    Coin six - Just after coin five - on the first rotating circular 
    platform, up against where the flame ball is.
    Coin seven - On a pole in between the two moving orange platforms, 
    just above where coin six was.
    Coin eight - One of the programmers must have been having a bad day 
    when he thought of where to put this one. It is sitting right at the 
    end of the level, literally under the steps leading up to the final 
    pipe. Evil? Oh yes, very >_>.
    The final star will then appear just behind the pipe.
    These are the 15 stars that are found around the castle, outside of 
    the 15 main levels. Heres where you can find them:
    STAR ONE - Go through the upper right door of the main area of level 
    one of the castle and jump through the right hand painting to enter a 
    slide race. Finish it to gain a star.
    STAR TWO - In the same area as the last star, go down the slide in 
    under 21 seconds to gain another star. Try doing a long jump at the 
    start, hugging the corners and don't worry about the coins to make it 
    down in time.
    STAR THREE - In the room where the Jolly Roger Bay painting is, there 
    is a hole on the right side of the room as you enter. Double jump to 
    reach it, and you will be transported to an underwater mini stage. 
    Collect all 8 red coins in here to gain another star. There is 
    nowhere to gain air from in here, so collect coins to avoid 
    STAR FOUR - Down in the basement, near the Lava painting, a bunny 
    will appear once you have enough stars. Catch him to gain a star.
    STAR FIVE - Another bunny will appear in the same place as the one 
    above once you collect 50 stars, and he has another star if you can 
    catch him.
    STAR SIX - Right beside the entrance to Hazy Maze Cave is a Toad. 
    Talk to him and he will give you a star.
    STAR SEVEN - In the second level, the toad adjacent from the Tall, 
    Tall Mountain painting will give you a star if you talk to him.
    STAR EIGHT - The Toad to the right of the entrance to Tick Tock Clock 
    will also give you a star when you talk to him.
    STAR NINE - Go through the hole in the wall opposite of the entrance 
    to Rainbow Road to enter a large mini-stage with 8 red coins in it. 
    Grab the first coin on the cloud you start on, then grab the wing cap 
    and fly down to the lowest pink platform, where you will find the 
    second red coin and the pink bob-omb to activate the cannons. Renew 
    your wing cap and use the cannon to shoot off and grab the rest of 
    the coins. There are two coins on the highest cloud, that you will 
    need to use the highest pink platform cannon to get to, another 
    hidden in a transparent cloud, and another on a pole hanging down 
    from the highest cloud. The rest are sitting around on white clouds 
    by themselves. Once you have them all, the star will appear on the 
    large cloud you started on.
    STAR TEN - From collecting 8 red coins in the Wing Cap Stage (See E20 
    for more details).
    STAR ELEVEN - From collecting 8 red coins in the Vanish Cap Stage 
    (See E21 for more details).
    STAR TWELVE - From collecting 8 red coins in the Metal Cap Stage (See 
    E22 for more details).
    STAR THIRTEEN - From collecting 8 red coins in the first Bowser level 
    (See section E5 for the coin locations).
    STAR FOURTEEN - From collecting 8 red coins in the second Bowser 
    level (See section E11 for the coin locations).
    STAR FIFTEEN - From collecting 8 red coins in the third Bowser level. 
    (See section E18 for the coin locations).
    First of all, you need at least 12 stars. Once you have, go to the 
    main area of the castle's first level, just in front of where you 
    entered and you should see a bright light. Look up into it and you 
    will be transported to the Tower of the Wing Cap. Simply glide down 
    to the only platform and step on the switch to unlock the Wing Cap. 
    All previously transparent red blocks will now be solid, and will 
    contain Wing Caps in their respective levels.
    To get the red coin star, re-enter the level again so that you are up 
    high, and follow the line of coins in a circular motion, grabbing all 
    the red ones and causing a star to appear down on the platform. This 
    is a Castle Secret Star.
    From the basement, head a hard right before the Lava painting to get 
    to a room with just a body of water in it. Swim through it to the 
    other side where there is a flooded room with two platforms in it. Do 
    a butt stomp (Jump + Z) on each one to cause the water to drain, and 
    then exit through the now-accessible doorway. You will now be 
    outside, and will see that the moat has been drained. Head right 
    until you find a small hole in the ground to jump through. 
    You will now enter a mini level where the only objective is to get to 
    the end where a blue switch is. You start the level under the 
    influence of the vanish cap - you cannot be injured. Just slide down 
    the slope, head right at the bottom and over the bridge. Around now 
    your invincibility will wear out. Use the moving platforms to get to 
    the end, making sure to jump off them before the rotate. Jump on the 
    blue switch then jump off the edge.
    Another castle secret star is up for grabs in here. The first few are 
    quite tricky, as they are on small platforms on the way down the 
    From the start of the level, go down the slope on the far left to 
    grab the first coin. Jump off to the right for another. Jump off to 
    the right again and you should hit one of the platforms that holds 
    two more. You should have 4 coins when you reach the bottom of the 
    slope. The remaining four are in the last part with the rotating 
    platforms. The first two are on the seesaw; the next between two of 
    the platforms and the last coin is just next to the blue switch. 
    You'll need to use the vanish cap to get through the transparent 
    fence and grab the star. This is one of the Castle Secret Stars.
    Go to level 6, Hazy Maze Caves, and head down to where the water 
    monster is (left path from the start of the level, past the boulders 
    and down the lift). Jump on the monster, do a butt smash and walk 
    onto its head, then direct it over towards the metal doors. Go 
    through them and into the portal in the ground to enter the Metal Cap 
    Switch Course. Simply hurry along the path and press down the Green 
    Switch to activate the Metal Cap in all the levels!
    Coins one and two - right next to the green switch.
    Coins three and four - next to a 1-up Mushroom in a small concave to 
    the right, above the water near the switch.
    For the last four coins, become Metal Mario. All four are underwater 
    around the pillar that the green switch is on. The star will appear 
    underwater, directly behind the green switch.  
    Here is a list of the main enemies that you will encounter in this 
    game, along with how to defeat them (if possible) and your reward for 
    doing so.
    / AMP (Several courses).  \
    These are small, black balls that fly around in a circle, making a 
    small buzzing sound. They cannot be defeated or harmed in any way, 
    and coming into direct contact with one will result in you being 
    / BIG BOO (Big Boo's Haunt) \
    This larger version of the standard Boo appears no less than three 
    times in the level Big Boo's Haunt, and defeating it will give you a 
    Power Star each time. These large ghosts are just like any regular 
    Boo really, only bigger and stronger. Looking right at it will cause 
    it to stop moving and become transparent, so no attack can hurt it. 
    It can only be hurt if you attack it from behind or the side. 
    Punching/kicking/diving into it a total of three times will cause it 
    to disappear, leaving a shiny Star in its place.
    /  BIG BULLY (Lethal Lava Land) \
    This larger version of the regular Bully appears a couple of times in 
    the Lava level, and can be quite a tough guy to defeat. Appearing as 
    a large black ball, punches, kicks and indeed all regular attacks 
    will not harm it. It will charge at you, trying to push you down into 
    the lava below. While kicks and punches do not hurt it, they do push 
    it back. Well-timed attacks can result in you pushing it over the 
    edge, and will always result in a Power Star.
    /  BOB-OMBS  (Several Courses  \
    While not as frequent as Goombas, Bob-ombs are still a fairly 
    standard baddie. They are much more annoying, however. If they spot 
    you, they will light their fuse and continually run towards you until 
    they have detonated. You can counter this by picking them up and 
    throwing them far away, or by simply avoiding them. You can also 
    sneak up on them, and pick them up unawares. Drop a single coin when 
    /   BOO (Big Boo's Haunt)    \
    These small ghosts are all over the place in Big Boo's Haunt. They 
    may appear tricky at first, because looking right at them will cause 
    them to go transparent, and no attacks will work. The only way to 
    take them down is by attacking them from the back or the side. One 
    hit is all it takes, and they will drop a blue coin every time =). 
    /  BUBBA (Tiny-Huge Island)   \
    Here is a good example of a baddie to avoid at all costs. Impossible 
    to kill, this large fish sits in the waters of Tiny-Huge island, and 
    can only be seen when you are small. Appearing as a large fish with 
    sunglasses, Bubba will leave you alone if you don't get too close. 
    But if you do.a water death awaits as you are swallowed whole.
    /  BULLY (Lethal Lava Land) \
    These small, black balls are the main enemy of the Lava world. Having 
    no arms, they simply rush at you with their bulky bodies, trying to 
    push you into the lava. Either avoid them, or kick them into the lava 
    to get rid of them. A single coin is your reward for defeating them.
    /  CHAIN CHOMP (Bob-Omb Battlefield)  \
    This baddie from the first level is impossible to kill. But why would 
    you want to? Clearly the poor guy is trapped, chained up to that wall 
    with the star behind it. Why don't you go and butt stomp on the log 
    trapping him there a few times to set the fellow free? Oh.but be 
    careful, he is an angry fellow, and does have a tendency to.lash out 
    a little >_>.
    /  CHUCHYA (Several levels)  \
    These are the small flipping machines that make their first 
    appearance in Wet-Dry World. They cannot be defeated, and can either 
    annoy or aid you. If you catch you out when you are not ready, you 
    can easily be thrown away from where you want to be. However, 
    position yourself in the right place and these guys can help you 
    reach a new platform.
    /  COIN PURSE (Snowman's Land)  \
    From a distance, it appears to be a regular coin, but when you get 
    close they will turn into a green frog. The problem is, if your 
    running along collecting coins, its often too late to avoid it by the 
    time it changes. Often hidden around other, legitimate coins, this is 
    one of the trickier bad guys. However, make it show its true form and 
    kill it with any normal attack, and five regular coins are yours.
    /  EEL (Jolly Roger Bay)      \
    This happy little fellow swims around in the deep section of Jolly 
    Roger Bay. He lives in the sunken ship at first, yet moves to live in 
    a small cave on the side after Mario raises the ship. This guy cannot 
    be defeated, but can be taunted out of his hiddie-hole by swimming 
    close by him. Simply coming into contact with him will cause you 
    pain, so its best to avoid him if you can. At the end of the day 
    though, he is just a poor, misunderstood eel that only ever wanted to 
    relax until mean old Mario came along and made him move. For shame.
    /   FLOWER SPINNER (Cool, Cool Mountain)  \
    These odd-looking flower creatures appear only in Cool, Cool 
    Mountain, and are really quite docile creatures. Never going out of 
    their way to attack out red-clothed hero, they can easily be avoided 
    at will. However, these fun-loving critters drop 3 regular coins when 
    killed, so you'll be wanting to take as many down as possible. 
    Additionally, if you jump on them to kill them, you will spring up 
    high into the air and begin to rotate like a propeller, making your 
    decent extra-slow so you can glide down to new areas.
    /   GOOMBA (Various Levels)    \
    Ah yes, the goomba. Small, brown and oh-so easy to kill, these little 
    critters infest the game, appearing in every single level this game 
    has to offer. Or so I assume anyway >_>. As thick as doorknobs, these 
    guys will waddle towards you as soon as they spot you, attempting to 
    run into you, creating minimal damage. These kamikaze nutters can be 
    taken care of with any single attack; a kick, a punch, or a simple 
    jump on the head. Doing so results in a single, shiny coin, and the 
    knowledge that the world is now a better place, with one less of 
    these little jokers around to annoy you.
    /   GREEN KOOPA TROOPER (Various Levels)    \
    Another of the classic Mario foes, the green koopa trooper is one of 
    the few cowardly enemies around. You'll actually feel a little bad 
    doing away with him as he scurries as fast as his little legs will 
    take him to get out of your way. You'll feel a lot better once you do 
    though, as hitting him will cause his shell to come off, which can be 
    a lot of fun to use, gliding over land, water and lava, destroying 
    all in your path. The blue coin he drops when done away with will 
    also help to ease your guilt =).
    /   KLEPTO (Shifting Sand Land            \
    This is the vulture-like creature in the shifting sand land level. 
    Flying around the small, desert-like land, he is at peace with the 
    world until he notices a red-hatted intruder. Furious at this, Klepto 
    inspires at all time to steal your hat, and to wreck general mayhem. 
    He holds the first star of the level, and will have your hat in its 
    talons from then on if it steals you. Lost your hat? This is one of 
    only two places that it could be. Klepto cannot be killed, but can be 
    momentarily stunned if you hit him while on the koopa shell. In 
    general, avoid him if you are able.
    /   LATUKI (Various Levels)                 \
    Yeah, I thought he was controlling the camera as well.ah well. 
    Anyway, the enemy version of this cloud-riding critter can actually 
    be quite annoying. Riding up high in his cloud, he throws down little 
    spiky dudes towards you, and can be quite hard to hit due to his 
    height and constant moving. Jump up high and hit him to do away with 
    him, causing a shower of regular coins to fall down. Unlike previous 
    Mario games, you can't ride in the cloud once he is dead though, 
    which is a pity.
    /    MR. I (Various Levels)                      \
    This the large eye creature first found in Big Boo's Haunt. This guy 
    can be a little tricky at first, as regular attacks don't seem to 
    hurt it. Indeed, jumping or punching this guy will do nothing other 
    than hurt you. Seriously, don't even try! What you need to do to 
    defeat this guy is to run around him again and again in a circle. As 
    the pupil of the eye will always follow you, this will cause him to 
    get dizzy, and the eye will disappear, a lovely blue coin taking its 
    place. The only trick is in figuring out how to kill it, after that 
    Mr. I is as easy as cake, as it doesn't move and does very little to 
    attack you.
    /    PIRANHA PLANT (Various Levels)  \
    Another of the more classic enemies in this game, Petty Piranha here 
    is in several levels of the game. In Whomps Fortress, it is sleeping 
    until it hears you, so sneaking up on it slowly to kill it or get 
    past it is a good strategy. This type will only snap its jaws at you 
    if you get too close, so you can always just avoid it. However, each 
    one drops a blue coin, so the confrontation is often worth it. The 
    other type of Piranha Plant that appears is much small, and will 
    suddenly appear out of the ground to spit fireballs at you. These 
    ones are annoying, as they are actually more trouble than the first, 
    and only drop a single regular coin when defeated.
    /   POKEY (Shifting Sand Land)            \
    There are several of these guys in the Shifting Sand Land level - 
    large cacti-like creatures that consist of several small balls 
    stacked one on top of the other. These guys are easy to avoid and 
    generally quite harmless. To defeat them, you must destroy the head, 
    the top of the balls. Do this by knocking away the lower balls one by 
    one, before taking out the top one. Take too long and the lower balls 
    will begin to regenerate. This happy fellow drops you a sweet blue 
    coin when taken care of, meaning that he is more than worth taking 
    the time to defeat.
    /    SHY GUY (Various Levels)              \
    Hey, it rhymes! I just realised that >_>. Anyway, this guy looks like 
    he would be more suited to wielding a chainsaw, with the white hockey 
    mask he wears. Instead, he flies through the air and shoots fireballs 
    at our chubby hero. They can be a bit of a pain but, like the Flower 
    Spinners, these guys allow you to become a kind of propeller that 
    descends slowly to the ground, once you jump on them. They also drop 
    two regular coins when killed, so that isn't too shabby either.
    /   SNIFIT (Hazy Maze Cave)                 \
    These guys patrol around in the toxic area of the level, waiting for 
    our moustached protagonist to wander by. They shoot small, bullet-
    like beads at Mario when spotted, and can be rather annoying, as you 
    usually don't want to be held up in this area. Kill them in any 
    conventional way, and two regular coins are yours.
    /   SNOWMAN (Various Levels)            \
    Appearing in both of the games snow-themed levels, the Snowman is a 
    rather annoying baddie, throwing snowballs at you and being an all-
    round jerk. Regular attacks do nothing, and instead you will have to 
    run around them a few times (much like Mr. I) to defeat them. They 
    will drop 3 regular coins in compensation for all the annoyance >_>.
    /   SPIDER (Various Levels)                   \
    These large spiders will charge at Mario when they see him, totally 
    putting their lives on the line in an attempt to ram into you for 
    minimal damage. These guys are pretty weak really, and can be easily 
    disposed of with any regular attack. For some reason, it will drop 3 
    coins when killed. Seems a little odd considering how weak they are, 
    but I'm not going to complain >_>.
    /   SWOOP (Hazy Maze Caves               \
    These small bats hide up in the shadowy areas of Hazy Maze Cave, 
    swooping down to irritate our pasta-eating hero. These guys can 
    actually be annoying to kill, as they hit and run, often returning up 
    high again rather quickly. Fast moving, these guys can be hard to 
    hit, but any normal attack will do. They drop a single coin upon 
    /    THWOMP  (Whomp's Fortress, Tick Tock Clock)        \
    These large, blue blocks rise up into the air and then slam down with 
    brute force, squashing any stocky Pastafarians that happen to be 
    there at the time. They have a set pattern though, so it is easy to 
    time your way past them. They cannot be defeated, and are best 
    avoiding or ignored as suits you. They do make a cool noise when they 
    hit the ground though =).
    /   WATER BUG (Wet-Dry World         \
    Not to be confused with regular Spiders, Water Bugs are blue in 
    appearance and skid along the surface of the water. As you cannot 
    attack anything while swimming, they can cause a minor problem.yet 
    are generally easily avoided. Jump onto them from a nearby platform 
    to kill them, with 3 regular coins being your just reward.
    /  WHOMP (Whomp's Fortress)             \
    These large, slow-moving slabs of concrete waddle along in Whomp's 
    level, attempting to use their own weight to crash down on you and 
    flatten you into a pixelated pancake. Stand in front of them then 
    quickly move for them to slam down, then jump on their back and do a 
    butt-slam to kill them, 5 regular coins spilling out once this is 
    done. You can gain even more coins from it by jumping on its back 5 
    times to create a coin each time, as well as the 5 coins from killing 
    it. 10 coins from one enemy? Yeah right, some kind of crazy, magical 
    enemy >_>.
    G). TIPS
    * Water is your friend - If you are ever low on health, a nearby 
    supply of water is your best option.
    * The obvious path isn't always the easiest - and certainly is never 
    the quickest. This game can be made a lot more fun by finding 
    original ways to get to certain platforms. Side Somersaults and Wall 
    Kicks in particular can help you reach certain areas much quicker - 
    and with a lot more fun =).
    * Try getting the star for 100 coins the same time as you get the 
    star for 8 red coins - in most levels you will probably need to get 
    the red coins again anyway, and the 100 coin star is the only one 
    that allows you to stay in the level, so you can grab two stars 
    effectively in one go.
    Go To The Roof Of The Castle
    Once you have collected all 120 stars in the game, the cannon outside 
    of the castle will be activated. Now you can shoot up to the roof to 
    find an old friend and a message from the developers, as well as a 
    wing cap so you can fly around outside to your hearts content.
    Bowser Has Something New To Say
    Defeat the final Bowser after you have collected all 120 stars, and 
    he will have an altered dialogue. 
    Mess Up Mario's Face!
    On the opening screen when Mario's face pops up, you are able to move 
    around parts of his face using the A button, and can make them all 
    stay in their distorted position by holding the R button. Good fun 
    What's With That Log?
    Don't those wooden logs you see in levels like Bob-omb Battlefield 
    and Tiny-Huge Island look a little odd? Why are they there? What do 
    they do, damn it! Well, these innocent-looking logs actually hold a 
    little secret. Run around them in a circle several times and they 
    will spurt out a number of regular coins! Amazing, yes? What, you 
    were expecting something better than coins? For shame.
    Extra-Fat Penguin Race!
    Return to the cottage where the penguin race was in Cool, Cool 
    Mountain and the Penguin will now be extra huge! Now it's quite the 
    challenge to beat the guy as he takes up most of the track. You don't 
    win anything, but its still good fun.
    End Of Game Fun
    You can control the camera during the final credits by using a 
    controller plugged into the second slot.
    Throughout this game, there are certain areas that, when you stand in 
    them in the right way, teleport you to another area of the level. 
    Most of these save time, but the correct use of other teleports can 
    actually make certain stars much easier to get. It should also be 
    noted that most of these teleports work the other way round - I will 
    detail how to use them in the most logical way assuming you are at 
    the start of the level.
    Teleports - Bob-Omb Battlefield:
    TP 1 - Near the start of the game, up and over the first bridge, 
    there is a small flower patch. Stand still in it to be teleported to 
    another flower patch on the other side of the stage.
    TP 2 - While walking up the side of the mountain, you should see 
    several holes in the side that the large, black balls are rolling out 
    of. Stand in the right corner of the first such hole and you will be 
    teleported up to the highest such hole in the mountain - a great way 
    to get up the mountain nice and quickly.
    Teleports - Whomps Fortress:
    TP 1 - Follow the path from the start up to the bottom of the area 
    where the big blue Thwomps are. This is there area where there is a 
    green "!" block. Stand still near the sign and you will be teleported 
    up the path near where the large pole is.
    Teleports - Cool, Cool Mountain:
    TP 1 - Right at the start of the level, go back and to the right to 
    where a small, broken bridge is. Slowly walk out to near the edge of 
    it and you will be teleported right down to a similar bridge at the 
    bottom of the area, near the Penguin. Using this teleport the other 
    way round is also the easiest way to get back to the top of the 
    Teleports - Lethal Lava Land:
    TP 1 - Take the path up to where the first bully is, and take a left. 
    There should be a large, blue eye here. Run around and around him to 
    kill it, and then jump under where it used to be. Stand still and you 
    will be teleported to small island with a wing cap block on it.
    Teleports - Shifting Sand Land:
    TP 1 - Go to the small, water part of the level (near where the pink 
    bob-omb is) and stand still under the palm tree. You will then be 
    teleported over to where the cannon is.
    Teleports - Snowman's Land:
    TP 1 - Go right from the start of the level, and stand under the 
    second tree that you see. Do it right and you should be transported 
    to being under another tree further up the path.
    Teleports - Wet-Dry World:
    TP 1 - With the water down as low as possible, go to the small, white 
    platform with an Amp on it, and stand in the corner right down at the 
    bottom. Do it right and you will be teleported right up to where the 
    cannon is - a very useful one.
    Teleports - Tall, Tall, Mountain:
    TP 1 - Go to the part early on in the level where there are mushrooms 
    with red coins on them. You should notice that there are three 
    particularly small mushrooms with, the far one having a red coin on 
    it. Jump onto the middle such mushroom and you will be transported 
    down to a small platform on the side of the stage that leads you to 
    the cannon. I know of no other easy way to get to that cannon, so 
    this is a good one =).
    Teleports - Tiny-Huge Island:
    TP 1 - With Mario being large, head to the left where the pipe and 
    piranha plants are. Step on the purple switch and follow the path it 
    creates to a small platform. Stand still where the coin is and you 
    will be teleported back to where the pipe and switch you were just at 
    before are. The purpose of this one? No idea. But its there >_>.
    Teleports - Rainbow Ride:
    TP 1 - Inside the large house that leads to the levels second star, 
    stand near the middle of the entrance and you will be teleported to a 
    windy area, on the top of the vertical maze with the red coins in it. 
    There is a yellow switch there with a 1-Up Mushroom in it.
    Into The Black Room Of Death
    This ones really cool. Using the cannon outside the castle (must have 
    120 stars), shoot up to the roof, grab the wing cap, and go back down 
    to the cannon again, shooting yourself up as high as possible. Fly 
    into the highest part of the central spire of the tower that you can. 
    You should be able to run up a part of the vertical spire. Do it just 
    right and you will fall right through and into the castle! (It's very 
    hard to get it just right the first time, give it a few goes). From 
    here everything will be an eerie kind of black. Going through the 
    door will only inverse the effect - the only way you can get out of 
    it is by jumping through the wall in the right way or resetting the 
    game. Sweet glitch though.
    Fly Dead Mario, Fly!
    This is a very neat little glitch that allows you to fly while you 
    are dead. There are several ways to do this, but I've found that the 
    easiest is in Bob-omb Battlefield. Hurt yourself until you have only 
    one small red bar of life left. Now, use the wing cap and quickly fly 
    to where a cannon is with a bomb nearby (both the cannons on the way 
    up the mountain, for example). With the wing cap still going, pick up 
    the bob-omb and position yourself just in front of the cannon, your 
    back facing towards it. Wait for the bomb to detonate, and you will 
    fly back a small distance and (hopefully) into the cannon. If you 
    miss, try again taking how much you missed by into consideration. If 
    it worked, you should be dead but still in the cannon! Shoot yourself 
    off and, with the effects of the wing cap, you can fly around the 
    level even though you are dead (Mario's eyes even have little X's 
    over them!) You will die as soon as you hit the ground, but it is 
    awesome fun while it lasts. Neat, huh?
    I). FAQ
    Q - Is Luigi in this game?
    A - No. There were rumours for quite awhile but he is NOT in this 
    game, not in any way, shape or form. I know, it sucks.try picking up 
    the DS port of it, he is in that version >_>.
    Q - My hat.it's gone! And now I look far less cool and I'm taking 
    double damage! What should I do?
    A - This can only happen two ways - either the large bird from 
    Shifting Sand Land took it, or the large Snowman from Snowman's Land 
    blew it off your head. I'm assuming you can remember which stage you 
    were in at the time >_>. If the bird has it, grab it back off it just 
    like you did for that levels first star. The Snowman way is a little 
    less exact - wander around the bottom part of the level and you 
    should find it lying around somewhere soon enough.
    Q - You can finish the game with 70 stars, right? So what is the 
    point in getting 120?
    A - Yes, you can finish the game with as little as 70 stars (or much 
    less with the aid of glitches). However, with 120 stars you can open 
    up the cannon outside the castle, shoot to the roof and see Yoshi, 
    race a much larger Penguin and hear an altered final dialogue from 
    Bowser. Apart from all that, this is a great game that is NEVER 
    properly beaten until you have every last star. So get to it!
    This Walkthrough is still yet to be completed in terms of things like 
    baddies, secrets, FAQs and such. If you have any suggestions on 
    things I missed, or a better way to do something.anything at all 
    really, then by all means drop me a line at:
    Any and all new information that gets added to a newer version will 
    be fully accredited and of course greatly appreciated.
    1.0 (July 27 2006) - Full Walkthrough with all 120 stars, details on 
    all three Bowser levels, cap stages and bosses. Characters, items and 
    controls all included. "Baddies" section mainly completed. Tips 
    included, secrets (including teleport locations and glitches) added 
    as well as a few FAQs.
    This file is Copyright (c)2006 Ciaran Friis. All rights reserved.

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