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    Walkthrough by BJ

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               S U P E R  M A R I O  64   F A Q / W A L K T H R O U G H
    Created by: BJ 
    E-Mail Address: bjknows@hotmail.com
    Genre: Nintendo 64      
    Version: 1.1 (08/09/00)
    FAQ#: 2
    Super Mario 64 © 1996 Nintendo.  All rights reserved.
    This FAQ is afficiated with Nintendo or any other producers with this game.
    This FAQ is copyrighted.  More details on section "Copyright Information".  
    Also, please read the section "E-Mail Note" before e-mailing me.
    1 > welcome
    2 > copyright information
    3 > revision of versions
    4 > game information
    5 > the story
    6 > controller config
    7 > menu options
    8 > cast of characters
    9 > items and caps 
    10 > mario's moves
    11 > mario's enemies
    12 > review
    13 > walkthrough
    14 > bonus courses / secret stars
    15 > 100 coin collecting
    16 > frequently asked questions
    17 > e-mail note
    18 > credits
    Welcome to my 2nd FAQ.  It is my Super Mario 64 FAQ.  I haven't found any 
    that tells you about all the courses and gives you full info.  I will try to 
    give you that.  If you still haven't found your "question", please e-mail me 
    and then I'll be sure to give the answer.  Trust me, I won't let you down if 
    you need help!  Well anyway, hopefully you will enjoy.  This will be long, so 
    make sure to print out the stuff you want by highlighting the stuff that you 
    want and printing it out.  I'm thinking that this will be in the 100 KB to 
    150 KB.  This maybe my longest FAQ that I'll write!
    Copyright Information
    Copyright © 1999-2000 Beejay.  All rights reserved.
    This FAQ is the property of me.  Do not steal or copy it off of here and put 
    it on your page.  If I found out that this FAQ is on your page, I will e-mail 
    you and give you a very strict warning.  If you take it off in the next five 
    (5) days, I will be very strict and can delete your page off the internet 
    and/or sue you.  The only thing I want you to do to this is to just print it 
    off.  If you only want the walkthrough or a specific other thing, just 
    highlight the part that you want, right click on the highlighted part, select 
    "Print", click on "Selection", and then click on OK.  Please don't copy and 
    paste this either.  You can only do that by e-mailing me and then I'll give 
    you the signal to do that.  Please e-mail me BEFORE doing that.  Thanks.
    Note: My FAQs should ONLY be found at GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com), my site 
    called the Nintendo Dome (www.geocities.com/nintendodome), Tim's Vault 
    (www.timsvault.com), and VG Strategies (www.about.com).  If you find this FAQ 
    anywhere else, please contact me.
    Revision of Versions
    Version 1.1   08/08/00   Revised this FAQ
                             Made new section: "Bonus Courses"
                             Made new section: "Cheats and Hints"
                             Made new section: "Credits"
                             Made new section: "Controller Config"
                             Made new section: "Menu Options"
                             Made new section: "Review"
                             Made new section: "100 Coin Collecting"
                             Revised this section: "Walkthrough"
                             Revised this section: "Frequently Asked Questions"
    Version 1.0   05/31/99   Started this FAQ
                             Finished this FAQ
    *Deadline for submitting me things for Version 1.2 is 08/13/00!
    Game Information
    TITLE            Super Mario 64
    CONSOLE(S)       Nintendo 64
    ESRB             Everyone 6+ (No descriptors)
    PLAYERS          1 Player
    ACCESSORIES      ---
    COMPANIES        Nintendo
    GENRE            3rd Person - Adventure
    The Story
    (my version)
    It all started with a cake (it ends with a cake too).  Princess 
    Toadstool wrote an invatation to Mario to come to the castle party.  
    Mario cheerfully examines the invitation from the princess, and he 
    proudly yells, "Yipee!" as he gets changed properly to meet Peach.  He 
    leaves the Pipehouse and goes to Mushroom Palace via warp tunnel.  When 
    he gets on the castle grounds, he notices that it is quiet.  Only the 
    sound of birds are whistling and the flapping wings of butterflies.  
    But Mario decides that it will be a Surprise Party for Mario, so he 
    decided to "take the cake" and enter the castle.
    When he enters, he heard the most unforgettable laughing he has 
    ever heard, and it was the sound of...hmmm, someone.  Mario decides to 
    check through the doors.  All of them were locked, accept the one on 
    the left bottom side of the balcony.  Mario enters and he sees the most 
    magnificent and intelligent painting ever.  It was pretty darn big, 
    too!  When Mario examines the painting, he heard a faint voice calling 
    for him.  Mario wonders who it could be?  He decided to give it a 
    chance to see if he could somehow enter the painting.  He decided to 
    use the "jump" method.  He jumps into the painting and he lands into a 
    glacing beautiful land.  It's the painting that he had seen in the 
    castle!  It was true--you could enter this painting.  Mario decides to 
    investigate the land.  He ran into some bob-ombs, so Mario started to 
    walk away.  He then notices that they are his pals, the Bob-Omb 
    Buddies.  Mario asks them what has happened.  They responded, "We don't 
    have the exact details, but some green-shelled person ran into the 
    castle, took Princess and Toad and hid them in the attack."
    Mario knew who it was...it was that laughing sound he heard, the sound 
    of Bowser!
    The Bob-Omb Buddies also told Mario that Bowser hid all the Power 
    Stars around the castle and now you have to collect all of them to 
    release Peach and Toad.  "I'm really gonna give Bowser the time of 
    his life!" said Mario.
    Controller Config
    L Button – Not used.
    R Button – Switch to different camera positions.
    Directional Pad – Not used.
    START Button – It starts the game, it pauses the games (to the Pause Screen), 
    and it unpauses the screen.
    A Button – Jump and read signs.
    B Button – Punch.
    C Button - < = Turn camera right.
               ^ = Look around mode.
               > = Turn camera left.
               V = Look far-away mode.
    Analog Stick – If you don't know this, you are the most pathetic player in
                   the world of gaming!  You move.
    Z Button – Crouch
    *Look at the "Mario's Moves" section for cool techniques!
    Menu Screen
    After you press the START button when prompted, you'll be at the Menu screen, 
    with these options:
    -Game Files (4)
    You have a choice of four game files to save your game to.  Heck, you'll need 
    them.  It's almost impossible to collect 120 stars in 24 hours ;).
    This file has all coins you've collected in a level.  Remember that you can 
    see a score file for one file, or all files!
    Incase if you think a file will be erased, you can back it up on another 
    file.  If you have 3 other siblings in one house, it wouldn't be a good idea 
    to use this.
    What do you think it does?
    Choose from Stereo (must have A/V Inputs, which means no screw-in 
    connections), Mono, or Headset (headphones).
    Cast of Characters
    Here are the list of important people/micelanious in the game.
    Yep, that's his full name--Mario Mario.  His brother is named Luigi 
    Mario.  That's why they're called the Mario Bros.  Did you know that?  
    Anyway, he is the main man--he's the only guy that you actually "have 
    control of".
    Yep, these are the best enemy friends that you can find.  You can find 
    these dudes in every course.  They are for opening the bomb launchers.  
    Some are easy to find, and some are tough to find.  Don't worry--I'll 
    tell you all of the locations.
    Her full name is: Peach "Princess" Toadstool.  She is so-called your 
    honey-bun.  She is also one of the people that you have to rescue in 
    the Mushroom Kingdom.  Good luck to ya!
    His friends and he are also locked in the castle.  Rescue him, too!
    Here's the biggest koopa troopa ever!  Beat him in two races and you 
    will be named the most fast racer!  Note that he is harder the second 
    NOTE: This is all the special characters that I could think of right 
    off my head.  If you have any more characters (not enemies) please e-
    mail me.
    Items and Caps
    Here are the main (and best) items that I have found.  If you have 
    more, please e-mail me.
    1) COINS
    This is the most popular coin in the game and from all those other 
    Mario games.  Find these from most enemies and scattered around all 
    >BLUE COIN       WORTH: 5 COIN(S)
    Mostly found from those Blue (pound the ground) Switches.  You can also 
    find these by jumping/punching those Koopa Troopas without their 
    >RED COIN        WORTH: 2 COIN(S)
    Find 8 of these in every course.  Wonder why??
    Run through this if you need your life meter filled up.
    These are sort of hard to get, but with practice, you can get them!  
    They add an extra life to your...lives.
    Ride on these...they are pretty cool.  Get these by stomping on a Koopa 
    Troopa and jumping on their shell.
    >! BOX
    Make sure to always hit these!  You never know what the heck's in 'em!
    3) CAPS
    To get this cap, go into the castle.  Stand on that big potrait of the 
    princess with the flower.  Press C-up and look in the sun.
    Get this in the Hazy Maze Cavern.  I'm sure you can find without me helping 
    you, just keep on looking!
    Once you lower the water in the castle moat, you will find a hole.  Go 
    into it to find the Vanish Cap.
    Mario's Moves
    Man, this is gonna be a while to to!  This will probably be as long as 
    my Star Fox 64 FAQ!  I will list EVERY move that Mario does 
    To walk, all you have to do is press the Control Stick just a little 
    ways from the middle.  To run, push the Control Stick a lot farther 
    from the middle.  The harder the push, the faster Mario runs.
    Just press the A button.
    For the first time ever, you can crawl!  Just hold the Z button and 
    move the Control Stick around.  Easy as that.
    To swim horozontally, just use these two techniques: the arm stroke and 
    the kick stroke.  The arm stroke is simply pressing the A button 
    repeatedly.  The kick stroke is holding the A button.  This is slower.  
    To swim down further (watch your life meter), just press up on the 
    Control Stick until Mario faces down.  Then, press the A button to 
    swim.  To jump out of the water, just press down on the Control Stick 
    until Mario faces up all the way.  Then, press the A button.
    To fly, you need to have the Wing Cap.  Once you have it, you can start 
    flying by doing two things.  1) Getting shot out of a cannon -or- 2) 
    Jumping 3 times.  To fly, just steer the Control Stick around.  To stop 
    flying, you can do two things.  1) Press the Z button -or- 2) Let the 
    flying time run out.
    You can slide two ways: on your butt or on your stomach.  When you are 
    sliding on your butt, you can jump.  I always do that!   To slide 
    faster (either way) just press the Control Stick all the way up.
    You can find these in ! boxes, or you can just stomp on a Koopa Troopa 
    and ride its shiny shell.  You can also ride these in water but it is 
    very hard to do.  These go fast, so make sure to steer with the Control 
    Stick well!  You can also jump while you're on these, which is kinda 
    neat!  Whenever you hit something, you will fall off and can't go on it 
    If you don't know where you are going to jump if you are on a pole, 
    tree, etc., then remember this.  What Mario's back is facing he will 
    jump for.
    If you are having trouble jumping on enemies or any other miscelanious 
    objects, just follow the shadow!  Once your shadow is on the 
    object/enemy, you should be able to destroy it, open it, etc.
    These are neet to do!  Just go to the top of the tree or pole, circle 
    around while holding up on the Control Pad and you should to a perfect 
    handstand.  Follow the "Jump Angle" rule to jump off it the right way.
    To punch, just press the B button.  To do cool punch + a kick, press 
    the B button 3 times fast.  Hey!  This is better than the hammer!
    Mostly old characters that like to jump on enemies will do this to 
    destroy an enemy or object.  Just press the A button.
    To perform this stunt, just press the A button and while in the air 
    press the Z button.  This is mostly for pounding in stuff.
    To do this, run fast and then jump.  Once you land, you should be 
    scooting on your butt, kicking all the stuff out of your way!
    Are those flying enemies giving you a pain?  Just use the technique by 
    pressing the B button while Mario is in the air.
    If you want to play a "joke" on your enemies, just hold Z and press the 
    B button.
    To do a long jump, just run at full speed, and then press Z.  Once you 
    are skidding, press the A button and you should jump a long ways.
    To do this trick, jump three times in a row.  Make sure to run while 
    doing this.
    I call this the Wall Jump, but some people refer it to Wall Kick.  Just 
    jump to the wall, and once you reach the wall, press the A button.  You 
    should come riocheting off the wall.
    I can't do this, but Mario can!  Just hold the Z button and press the A 
    button.  I can do a backward SOMERSAULT though!
    Can't do this either, but Mario can!  I think he's too athletic {=^).  
    Just run fast and then while doing so, move the Control Stick fast to 
    the opposite side that you are running + press the A button.  It is 
    sort of tough to master, but you can do it!
    Mario's Enemies
    Here is the list of all the enemies.  Thanks to Nintendo Power for the 
    names of these.
    The most classical enemy still out there in Nintendo land.  Just stomp 
    on him or punch him.
    A new enemy and he's only located in Big Boo's Haunt.  To destroy it, 
    jump on it or try to punch it.
    Don't know for sure if this is the first time he's in the Mario Enemy 
    Land?  Anyway, just jump/punch to kill him.
    These guys are in Super Mario Bros. 2, right?  But, they aren't SHY 
    guys.  They don't swoop toward you like these you.
    Jumping on these guys are the best policy since you will be able to fly 
    for a while.  You can punch these too and get its coins faster.
    Oh, this guy's a real pain...NOT!  He's so dang easy, all you have to 
    do is jump on the stupid thing.
    He's the most popular weirdo in Nintendo land.  Of course, you won't 
    see him in many places.  Just stomp on him to defeat.
    This enemy will follow you around the place, so it's best to stomp on 
    it before it gets annoying.
    To defeat this lego piece, just let him see you.  He will then try to 
    smash you.  Once he is laying on his back, use the Pound the Ground 
    technique on the band-aid X.
    The best way to destroy this piece of dust is to use Pound the Ground 
    on it.
    You can kill these by stomping or using Pound the Ground.  The best 
    thing about these is that if you destroy it, it will put out 5 coins 
    out for you to get.
    Don't get confused with the Bob-Omb Buddies--they are red.  These are 
    black. To detonate these the "throwing" way, pick them up (B button) 
    and throw them (pressing the B button again).
    To defeat this boxer, pick him up from the behind (not the front) and 
    throw the jerk on it's butt to destroy.  Don't throw this guy off the 
    cliff--if you don't, he will give you a ton of coins.
    >MR. I.
    All you do is run around it until it gets dizzy enough to go away.
    Defeat him the same way you did with Mr. I.
    You can only stomp on this to defeat it, but you still won't get 
    anything if you do.
    >TOX BOX
    You can't destroy it, but to not get smashed, go under the opened part 
    of it.
    Unagi cannot be defeated, but he does have a star on his tail...oh 
    >BUB & BUBBA
    These two so-called "cool fish" can't be defeated.  Just stay away from 
    these guys.
    Now they sound very nice, don't they?  You can jump on Grindel, but 
    stay out of Spindel's way!
    You can't defeat this with your bare hands, but you can make it run 
    into the wall to defeat it.  You won't get a reward, though.
    Don't bother him--he's just another enemy.
    Ride the head, but don't get smashed on the bottom of the head!  This 
    guy is undestructable, so don't bother!
    This guy is only in Course 1.  To get rid of it, just pound the stake 
    Here's a bird that likes hats--and Mario's hat is absolutely what this 
    turkey wants!  Punch it or kick it if it is wearing your hat.  If not--
    kill it anyway!
    Just stay away from this shark.
    "Step right up!  Put your feet on the feet marks and get lifted up to 
    the next floor.  This is new invention made from Bowser Productions, 
    Inc."  How's that for a speech?
    Becareful of this guy--he can blow your hat off!
    Sneak quietly up to him, then punch him to receive a blue coin.
    Just like the Snifits, this guy can now fly.  Once you get toward this 
    guy, jump and kick/punch it!
    This guy looks tough, but it has a weak point.  Just punch in the body 
    to weak it down until it disappears.
    Do I really have to explain this guy?
    Are these all the enemies??  If you have more, please e-mail me.  Thanks.
    Here is my review for Super Mario 64.
    >Graphics (8/10)
    OK, you have to admit, this was Nintendo's almost-first try at the N64.  All 
    it has is a 64 megabit cart, for crying out loud!  Anyway, this game is 
    outstanding, and it does have glitches (like every game for N64), but pretty 
    good for a 64 megabit cart.  Other than that, this game has great graphics!
    >Sound (8/10)
    I have not yet found a sound that wasn't supposed to be there, so that's why 
    the points are up there, but there are those sounds in the game that make you 
    want to cringe (*ahem* baby penguin *ahem*).  It also has some pretty good 
    tunes, but nothing fancy.
    >Play Control (9/10)
    Can anyone say, "Perfect!".  This game has great responsive play control, and 
    trust me, I only counted one time where Mario wasn't fast enough for my 
    controller, but just ONE!  If you had more, it must be your controller.
    >Satisfaction (10/10)
    Yes, right here.  You heard it right.  A perfect score.  This game has a 
    great adventure mode.  You can do all kinds of things, and a great game for 
    beginners of the N64.  The only thing that I didn't like was the story (cake 
    … please), but I didn't count it against it.
    >Multi-Player (---)
    This game has no multiplayer.
    >OVERALL SCORE (9/10)
    A great game, a few glitches, but nothing too terrible.  I think everyone 
    should own this game, even if you aren't an adventure person and like to 
    shoot everything you can find ;)
    Whew!  I finally got here!  Well, this should tell you everything, so 
    be happy!  It will take me a while.
    C O U R S E 1: B O B - O M B  B A T T L E F I E L D
    Star 1: Big Bob-Omb on the Summit
    Well, this is the first time you'll meet the Bob-Omb Buddies.  The 
    objective of this level is to go up the mountain and reach the summit.  
    You will meet Big Bob-Omb.
    To defeat this guy, just go a couple feet away from him, then keep on 
    turning until you face him in the back.  Quickly, grab his rear end and 
    throw him.  Don't throw him off the mountain though.  Repeat two more 
    times and you should defeat him.  After you defeat him, you will 
    receive your first star!
    Star 2: Footrace With Koopa the Quick
    There are plentiful shorcuts that you could use, but all of them are 
    cheating ones.  I have only found one shorcut that doesn't count.  Just 
    reach the mountain.  Once you find a hole in the mountain, go into it 
    and wait to be warped.  If you don't, continue until you reach another 
    one and repeat.  You should reach the top of the mountain!
    Koopa the Quick may seem big and not fast enough to run, but he is 
    pretty fast.  If you just stay on target and go the right way without 
    trying to cheat, you should make it on the top before he does.
    Star 3: Shoot to the Island in the Sky
    Here is my way to reach the island.  Just go into the Water Bomb area 
    where the stone with a cannon in it is.  Just reach the cannon and aim 
    all the way up once you get in it.  Then shoot out of it.  You should 
    reach the area of the island where the sign is.  Then, just go toward 
    the ! Box and open it to find the star.
    Star 4: Find the Eight Red Coins
    Here it is! The list of the 8 Red Coins!  Now, I'll just list it from 1 
    to 8, OK?
    1-Jump on the rotating platform
    2-On a small grassy hill
    3-On the chain chomp's stake
    4-In the middle of the two stakes to the left
    5-In the middle of the two stakes to the right
    6-Under the arch
    7-On the long grassy hill
    8-On top of the tree on the floating island
    Star 5: Mario Wings to the Sky
    This star I think is the hardest in this whole course.  First, reach 
    the floating isle, then open up the Wing Cap box.  Make sure you have 
    the Wing Cap.  If not, look above to see how to get the Wing Cap.  
    Next, grab the Wing Cap and and go into the cannon.  Now, aim EXACTLY 
    at the middle coin of the first ring.  Shoot him out of the cannon.  
    Now, just let Mario do the rest of the work-don't even move the Control 
    Stick.  Once you go through all the rings, you should receive a star by 
    the Star 4 star.
    Star 6: Behind Chain Chomp's Gate
    This star is pretty easy if you know how to do it.  First, reach Chain 
    Chomp.  Pound the stake that his holding him three times by doing the 
    pound the ground technique.  Chain Chomp should then break open the 
    cell that holds the star and run away.  Nab the star and congrats!  You 
    have done all your objectives.except one that appears in every course.
    Here is a guy that you don't wanna mess with!  Just try to stay out of 
    the way while you are pounding in the stake or getting the red coin.
    C O U R S E 2: W H O M P ` S  F O R T R E S S
    Star 1: Chip Off Whomp's Block
    First of all, you need to climb up the castle.  Do that by going.up!  
    Once you reach the top of the castle, you will reach Whomp King.
    To defeat this block, use this easy step.  Go in front of it.  While it 
    is jumping on you, run under him.  Now, you should see an X.  Pound the 
    ground it.  Repeat this step two more times to finish him off.
    Star 2: To the Top of the Fortress
    Whoa!  First you have to go to the top of the fortress, but now the 
    fortress now has a tower-with a star on top of the tower.  Now you have 
    to travel back up the castle in order to get it.  Oh boy!
    Who remebers this old fella?  Well, he can be destroyed the same way, 
    but you won't get anything out of it, so just try to ignore it.
    Star 3: Shoot Into the Wind Blue
    Make sure that you talked to the Bob-Omb Buddy to open up the cannons.  
    Next, enter the cannon right by him.  Aim for the bottom of the pole 
    and shot.  You should reach the second floor.  Now, go down the pole 
    and reach the star.  You should see a star.  Get it!
    Star 4: Red Coins on the Floating Isle
    Here they are!
    1-On top of the pushing block with eyes
    2-On top of the Blue Thwomp
    3-Behind the Piranha Plant
    4-Close to the wall (by RC #3)
    5-On the rotating bridge
    6-On the wall ramp
    7-On the floating block
    8-On the floating rotating block
    Star 5: Fall Onto the Caged Island
    First, you need to wake up the owl.  To wake him up, go climb up the 
    tree.  When you wake up the owl, Hoot, fly with him over Whomp's 
    Fortress.  Now, search for the caged island with a star in it.  Once 
    you do, watch for your shadow touching the floor and then let go.  You 
    should land on the island and get the star.
    This bird loves to sleep in the trees, but you need to wake him up for 
    this objective.  I don't think he'll be too happy tonight when he hunts 
    for food.
    Star 6: Blast Away the Wall
    First, go to the cannon right by the Bob-Omb Buddy.  Aim toward the 
    top-right corner of the closest wall to you.  You should get half off.  
    Do that again and you should find the star.  Now, go on top of that 
    wall.  Walk toward the star without falling and you should be home 
    free!  Make sure to not blast very hard or else you will fall off 
    Whomp's grounds.  Ouch!
    C O U R S E 3: J O L L Y  R O G E R  B A Y
    Star 1: Plunder in the Sunken Ship
    Hopefully you know how to swim, because welcome to the big bay!  Go 
    down into the water until you find a boat.  Go to a window that has an 
    eel in it.  Go close to it and it should look out.  Wait until it gets 
    out of the window, and then enter the window.  Now, open up the 
    treasure boxes using this method:
               2            3				^
    							   E< O >W
                      4					V
    Now, once you open those treasure boxes, the water will come draining 
    out of the boat since it is now rising from the depths of the ocean.  
    Now, climb up the slick slides until you reach a ! box.  Open it and 
    you should find the star.
    Star 2: Can the Eel Come Out to Play?
    Yep, you need to be risen before you can do this star.  First of all, 
    you need to go down and see the eel once again.  Its name is Unagi.  Go 
    close to it.  It will look out and run out of its home like it did with 
    the window of the boat.  Once it is outside, you will see a star at the 
    end of its tail.  Nab it before it goes back inside.  Make sure not to 
    hit the eel!
    Star 3: Treasure in the Ocean Cave
    Go down into the ocean until you see a cave opening with a circle of 
    coins around it.  Enter the cave and you will be out of the water.  Be 
    careful of the falling pillars.  They will hurt.  But, if you have the 
    Metal Cap, you can be unarmed by the pillars.  Now, go to the treasure 
    chest.  Here is the map of the order of the treasure chests to open 
    (facing staight of it).
    	1		3
    		2		4
    Once you do this, you should find your star.
    Star 4: Red Coins on the Ship Afloat
    Here is the list.again.
    1-4-Inside a clam
    5-On top of a pole
    6-8-On the boat
    Star 5: Blast to the Stone Pillar
    Make sure that the Cannons are open.  Now, go into the cannon in the 
    stone pillar.  Aim just a little higher than the pole close to the edge 
    that has an ! box on it.  Shoot and you should grab onto the pole.  
    Now, aim for the ledge.  Jump onto it, open the ! box, and get the star 
    on it.
    Star 6: Through the Jet Stream
    You need the Metal Cap to get this sucker.  First, you need to find the 
    Metal Cap.  It is by the Bob-Omb Buddy.  Now, go under the water and 
    find the location that the sunken ship was resting at.  You should find 
    a star in the middle of the air bubbles.  Go through them to reach the 
    C O U R S E 4: C O O L ,  C O O L  M O U N T A I N
    Star 1: Slip, Slidin' Away
    Yahoo!  This star is very easy, but not very easy to get to!  Go into 
    the chimney.  After you land in the house, you will see a frosty slide.  
    Start going down it.  Use the Control Stick to steer your character.  
    After you go down the slide, you will see an icy end.  DON'T MOVE MARIO 
    AT ALL!  After you reach the end, go out the door and get the star.
    Star 2: Li'l Penguin Lost
    Tuxie, the lost penguin, needs to find her mom.  Luckily, she is by the 
    chimney.  Don't get confused with the decoy one on top of the house 
    which is at the end of the slide.  Now, carry the penguin to her mom.  
    Then, give it to her to receive a star.
    This gals are very alike - they cry whenever they both are separated!  
    Of course, that annoying baby penguin only cries whenever a stranger 
    holds him, but how in the heck does Mother Penguin know Mario's name?
    Star 3: Big Penguin Race
    "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages.  The 
    Penguin Race is about to start.  The champion, weighing some-big-
    pounds, is Big Penguin.  The challenger, weighing less-than-the-
    penguin, is Mario.  These two will battle it out between who wins the 
    star.  Good luck Mario!  The Mushroom Kingdom is now in your hands!"
    This dude is very huge so don't bump into him during the slide down.  
    You'll be falling off the slide like Martin Short did when he was eight 
    years old (I heard this on the internet somewhere), but not the same 
    slide, though.
    Star 4: Frosty Slide for 8 Red Coins
    1-Above the tree closest to the end of the slide house
    2-Right on the tip of the side of the mountain
    3-At the end of a broken-down bridge
    4-Right on the tip of the side of the mountain and the wall
    5-Above the tree closest to the beginning of the slide house
    6-Go across the bridge that as a little platform
    7-At the beginning of the moving platform
    8-Behind the big ice cube
    Star 5: Snowman's Lost His Head
    REQUIREMENTS: STAR #1, #2, #3, AND #4
    Oh my god!  A snowman without a head.  What the heck was that kid 
    thinking when he built it?  Oh well, you can help!  First, you need to 
    find the snowman's body.  Next, it will chase after you so go down the 
    slide across the mountain fast.  Now, fastly, run to the snowman's 
    head.  When the body is coming, quickly get out of the way.  Once you 
    do this objective, you will receive a star!
    He needs to find it's head.  Can you help?  Of course ya can!
    Star 6: Wall Kicks Will Work
    If you don't know how to do wall kicks, practic them now!  To get to 
    the star, go into the cannon that is closest to the bottom of the 
    moving platform.  Then, aim toward the tree.  You should grab it.  
    Continue on until you have to do a long jump.  Do so and then you'll 
    reach a place that you can't continue up on that platform.  Do get up 
    on the platform, do a wall kick.  Repeat until you find an icy path to 
    the star.  Walk it VERY, VERY slowly-don't rush!  If you do, you will 
    fall off and have to do this again.
    B O W S E R  I N  T H E  D A R K  W O R L D (B O W S E R 1)
    Key 1: Route to Bowser
    Here is your first Bowser Course, and he is in the dark world!  First, 
    just follow the straight route.  You will find a Metal Cap box if you 
    hit the switch.  Now, you will find a ! switch.  Once you press it, 
    nothing happens, right?  Wrong!  To know what it does, just go to Star 
    1: The 8 Red Coins.  Now, follow the path until you reach a circular 
    platform.  You will find three Goombas.  Kill them and cross the 
    bridge.  Continue the path until you reach a block that has a yellow 
    platform going back and forth, so beware!  Afterwards, you will find 
    two teeter-totters.  Cross them to get onto a blue block platform.  
    Next, you will find a ! switch.  Stomp on it, climb the stairs, and 
    enter the pipe.  You will have to battle the first Bowser.
    To defeat Bowser, just grab onto his tail, swing him around, and make 
    him land on a mine.  Becareful of the fire that he breathes out.  
    Otherwise, you got the Mushroom Kingdom's Entry Way all cleared!
    C O U R S E 5: B I G  B O O ` S  H A U N T
    Star 1: Go on a Ghost Hunt
    Are you ready to go on a ghost hunt?  All right then.  The only 
    objective to do is to kill every ghost in the house and then once you 
    go to the entrance, you have to defeat Big Boo.
    Oh boy!  You think that this guy is totally hard, but he actually is 
    totally easy!  Just use the pound the ground three times on him.  It 
    could help with practice.
    Star 2: Ride Big Boo's Merry-Go-Round
    Go to the room with the collapsing bridge.  Let Mario plunge down to 
    the basement waters.  Then, enter the door in the middle.  You should 
    find a merry-go-round.  Find the ghost picture that spits out Boos.  
    Destroy them and eventually, Big Boo will come back out again.  Defeat 
    him the same way you did in Star #1.
    Star 3: Secret of the Haunted Books
    Go into the Haunted Library upstairs.  Once you enter, run as fast as 
    you can, not getting hit by the books that fly at you.  Then, turn 
    right, and go all the way up.  You will see three books slide out of a 
    bookshelf.  Here is the right order to put them in: 
    After you do that, the bookshelf will slide to the left and it will 
    allow you to go through the secret door.  Enter the door and get the 
    star on the balcony.
    Star 4: Seek the 8 Red Coins
    1-Behind the Mad Piano
    2-3-On top of the two bookshelfs in the next room after the Mad Piano
    4-5-In the coffin room
    6-On the red grid pattern
    7-In the room right after the colapsing bridge room
    8-Right by the trap door
    Star 5: Big Boo's Balcony
    It's easy to get the star, but hard to retreive the star.  First, go to 
    the room with the trap door.  Go on the wooden platform.  Hit the right 
    wall by doing a wall kick and try to reach the above platform.  Enter 
    the door.  Go up the stairs to the right and enter the door.  Again, 
    you will have to beat Big Boo.  Defeat him and you will find that the 
    star will be at the very top of Big Boo's Haunt.  Now, either face the 
    right or left dormer.  Then, do a long jump to it.  Try to reach the 
    top of the dormer and then put it in Mario's view.  This is a lot 
    easier to do than Lakitu's view.  Crawl or walk very slowly to the real 
    top of the house, then do the same thing-crawl or walk until you are at 
    the big dormer with the star spinning right above it.  Slide onto it 
    and get the star.  Good luck getting the star-it can be very difficult, 
    so practice.
    Star 6: Eye to Eye in the Secret Room
    Once you got the Vanish Cap, come back here and get ready to do the 
    last objective.  First, get on the balcony in the first room that has a 
    Vanish Cap on it.  Then, go back into the trap door room.  Quickly get 
    on the wooden platform and do a wall kick on the left wall.  Reach the 
    platform and enter the door.  Go to the ghost picture and go through 
    it.  You will meet your boss, Big Mr. I., which I think is the easiest 
    boss in the entire game!
    BOSS: BIG MR. I.
    Just circle around him like you did with the other normal Mr. I.s.  
    See!  Easy as that!
    C O U R S E 6: H A Z Y  M A Z E  C A V E R N
    Star 1: Swimming Beast in the Cavern
    Now, get this straight: In the beginning, there is a left route and a 
    right route.  Every time I start a star strategy, I'll tell you which 
    way to go first.  Got that?  All right, now let's get on with it!  Go 
    through the left route.  Long jump and enter the door.  Go through the 
    route crap until you reach a place with a lot of water and as a 
    mountain in the middle of the pool.  Swim around in it until you find 
    the swimming beast, Dorrie.  Get on Dorrie's head by using the pound 
    the ground technique and walking on its long neck reaching its head.  
    The way you are facing is where Dorrie will be heading.  Face toward 
    the mountain in the middle of the pool.  Once you get the closest you 
    can to it, jump onto it and get the star.
    Yep, she's/it's the only dino that can swim in Mario 64.  She/It is 
    very helpful, but can be confusing to control her!  And, in case you 
    are wondering, she will not eat you-the signs just want you to be 
    afraid of her.
    Star 2: Elevate for 8 Red Coins
    Go through the right route.  Continue until you get to the elevator 
    room.  All of these red coins are in this room.
    1-4-Punch open the crates on the 4-arrow elevator
    5-8-On the route of the checkered elevator
    Star 3: Metal-Head Mario Can Move!
    Go through the left route.  Go to the room with Dorrie in it.  Get the 
    Metal Cap in the green box (make sure you hit the Metal Cap Switch that 
    is located in this course somewhere) and follow the dirt path all the 
    way to the ! switch (even underwater).  Enter the door that was 
    blocked.  Now, jump across the two pits with your long jump to get to 
    the star.
    Star 4: Navigating the Toxic Maze
    The Metal Cap is optional, but is the best to have!  Go through the 
    right route and into the elevator room.  Enter the beginning door to 
    the toxic maze.  Fall down the pit and you will enter the maze.  Here's 
    my secret strategy and the easiest.  Get the first Metal Cap box, open 
    it, and get the metal cap.  Now, follow the left wall until you find 
    two pits.  Go into the middle of them and then do a backward somersault 
    to the door above.  Enter it and follow the route to the star.
    Star 5: A-Maze-Ing Emergency Exit
    Go through the right route and enter the toxic maze.  Reach the exit, 
    but just before it, double jump/backward somersault to the door above.  
    Enter it and you will find a red grid.  Follow the grid until you find 
    the floating platform with the star on it.  Reach the star.
    Star 6: Watch for Rolling Rocks
    Go through the left route.  Long jump and enter the door.  Cross the 
    rolling rocks hill.  Once you reach the end of it. You will find two 
    walls right before the door.  Wall kick them until you reach the top of 
    the right wall.  You should see a star.  Nab it!
    S T A R 7: L E T H A L  L A V A  L A N D
    Star 1: Boil the Big Bully
    Carefully follow the route to Boil.  Becareful not to fall into the 
    lava and get yer rear smokin'.  But, you can still control him even if 
    he is on fire.  Just keep him on land!  Once you reach Boil, defeat 
    This bully is a real pain in the a-, oh never mind..  Anyway, you can 
    defeat him two ways: A. Reaching the very tip of the platform, jump 
    over him when he charges toward you, and when he's about to fall, kick 
    him in the rear -or- B. Kicking him all the way off the side.  It's 
    your choice, so choose the right one that fits you the most.
    Star 2: Bully the Bullies
    Oh my god!  There are little Bullies swarming around Lethal Lava Land.  
    Oh well, I guess Nintendo found out a way to tick you off!  Defeat the 
    little Bullies the way you did with Boil.  But be prepared!  Once you 
    beat all the little Bullies, you will have to defeat Boil once again.
    Star 3: 8-Coin Puzzle With 15 Pieces
    Well, duh!  These are easy to get!  All the red coins are located on 
    the 15 piece puzzle of Bowser.  Be careful!  The pieces move one at a 
    Star 4: Red-Hot Log Rollin'
    Get into the caged part of LLL.  Once you enter, you will be able to 
    roll on the log.  Make sure not to fall off it or Mario will suffer a 
    bad ending!  Once you reach the end of the caged part, go across the 
    arrow-point bridge and get the star.  Otherwise, just get the Wing Cap 
    and fly to the star.
    Star 5: Hot-Foot-It Into the Volcano
    Get the shiny shell from Koopa Troopa.  Once your on it, go into the 
    lava and locate the volcano.  When it is not errupting, enter it.  Once 
    you do, you will go inside the volcano.  Oh boy!  It is sure hot in 
    here!  I bet Mario feels like Fox McCloud riding the Arwing on Solar 
    {=^).  Go `round and `round the volcano until you reach the top 
    and.grab the star.  Easy as that!
    Star 6: Elevator Tour Inside the Volcano
    Wow!  No requirements in this whole course!  Ain't that sweet?  Well 
    anyway, I'm the tour guide, and here's my speech: "Wecome to Koopa 
    Volcano Erruptions, Inc.  You have come here on your elevator tour of 
    the volcano where the magma works hard.  I will be your tour guide.  
    Please call me BJ if you have any questions.  Now, let's get on the 
    first elevator.  To every direction, you should find magma everywhere, 
    including the magma firefall.  Oh, let's jump to the second elevator.  
    Look all around the place and see the magma working hard and.oh!  Look 
    at the that!  To your right you should see a Power Star!  Oooh!  Is 
    Mario abored on this tour?  Oh, there you are!  Hurry, Mario!  Nab that 
    C O U R S E 8: S H I F T I N G  S A N D  L A N D
    Star 1: In the Talons of the Big Bird
    Soaring in the sky, it's not a flying fish, a plane, or Superman.  It 
    is Klepto the Condor.  He has a star in his talons and it's up to you 
    to get it.  But, it's up to me to tell you how to!  Go to one of the 
    red and brown checkered towers.  Once he comes flyin' in, punch/run 
    into/jump on him and make him give up that star.  If you take any 
    damage and don't make it, go into the Oasis located to the far-left 
    part of SSL from where you start.  Good luck to ya!
    He is named after two things: The star bird and the hat-nappers.  Why 
    the heck is he named a hat-napper?  You'll find out why in the last 5 
    star objectives!
    Star 2: Shining Atop the Pyramid
    The easiest way to get this star is to get the Wing Cap on top of the 
    shelter, fly to the pyramid, circle it until I find a hole with a star 
    in it.  I nab it.  But some people pefer to use the Wing Cap on the 
    Pyramid or follow the circular route upto the star.  Ahhh, I gave you 
    the strategy.  Just wanted to know if you were listening.
    Star 3: Inside the Ancient Pyramid
    This course wouldn't be a course if it didn't have a pyramid, right?  
    Right.  And, a pyramid wouldn't be a pyramid if it didn't have booby 
    traps, right?  Absolutetly!  Nintendo has gone overboard with booby 
    traps and very difficult enemies to deal with during the trek up to the 
    star!  All I can say is that this is one of the hardest stars in the 
    game if you haven't fully explored the pyramid.  But this star would be 
    one of the easiest if you had the Player's "Cheating" Guide from the 
    "pros" at Nintendo Power.  But of course, your cheating right now 
    aren't ya?  Right!  Yeah, I know your type-the FAQ lookers man.  Yeah, 
    I am too, so don't sweat it.  Anyway, back to the game: Be careful of 
    Spindel and Grindel in this level.  They can smash you like a pancake 
    in a cartoon photoraph machine!
    Star 4: Stand Tall on the Four Pillars
    "Ye person to stand tall on ye pillars ye'll receive ye Pow'r Star."  
    (Sorry `bout the crap writing, but "This is the Good Ship Lifestyle" is 
    booming in my ears!)  Ha, just kidding!  The easiest way to stand on 
    the pillars is to fly to them.
    Star 5: Free Flying for 8 Red Coins
    You need the Wing Cap for sure on this one!  There are 3 red ! boxes 
    that hold the Wing Cap: One on top of the shelter at the beginning of 
    the level, in the Tox Box maze, and by the pyramid.  Now, just surf 
    around until you find them.  Oh, who am I kiddin'?  Here's the list:
    1-4-By the four pillars
    5-Above the Tox Box maze
    6-By the Oasis
    7-In the shelter
    8-At the extreme southeastern part SSL
    Star 6: Pyramid Puzzle
    OK, people have been e-mailing this A LOT, and I will answer it ONE MORE 
    TIME!  Go down to the "Frequently Asked Questions".
    C O U R S E 9: D I R E ,  D I R E  R O C K S
    Star 1: Board Bowser's Sub
    Yep, this fits the definition: "This is the Good Sub Lifestyle!"  Just 
    board the sub-it has a star on top of it.
    Star 2: Chests in the Current
    Well, the course will move out of your way to Bowser at the Fire Sea.  
    I will put the map up so you can look off of it.  This is overhead 
    view, OK?
    Ya got it?  OK.  Now remember: These are chests you are looking for!
    Star 3: Pole-Jumping for Red Coins
    Before continuing on, beat Bowser in the Fire Sea so he'll aboard his 
    sub and leave Dire, Dire Rocks and for you to jump pole to pole, to 
    collect those coins.
    1-3-On platforms
    4-5-Between two platforms
    6-In front of the left cage
    7-8-Behind the two cages
    Star 4: Through the Jet Stream
    Hmmm, this star objective was from another course.oh yeah!  It was from 
    Course 3: Jolly Roger Bay.  And guess what!  The jet stream is 
    underwater.  Now you have to find the Metal Cap.  Hmmm, oh there it is!  
    By the Vanish Cap box.  Now I need to open and go through.
    Star 5: The Manta Ray's Reward
    Hey, that big fish is not bad at all!  Just go behind it, going through 
    its five rings it leaves.  Just make sure not to run into him while 
    doing this.  This is not as easy as it sounds.  In fact, it's pretty 
    hard to do.
    There's nothing to talk about this fish.  It justs swims around.  If 
    you have any info, e-mail me.
    Star 6: Collect the Caps
    Right away, let's start at the two caps.  Jump over the red cage grid 
    to enter the Vanish Cap's cell.  Get it and then run through the next 
    red cage grid.  Get the Metal Cap and go underwater.  Walk around until 
    you find the red grid cage that holds the star.  Go into the cage and 
    get the star quickly before your Vanish Cap runs out.  You can also do 
    this without the Metal Cap, but I pefer to do the Metal Cap.  It's 
    easier for me to do.
    B O W S E R  I N  T H E  F I R E  S E A (B O W S E R 2)
    Key 2: Route to Bowser
    Here's the full walkthrough: Turn your camera angle to forward.  Wait 
    for the cage elevator to come to you.  Jump onto it.  When it starts to 
    sink in the lava, go on the two tipping platforms until the cage 
    elevator pops back up.  Jump on it once again until it reaches its end.  
    Then, jump on the blue wavy platform, being careful of the lava that 
    goes on it.  Then, jump off it to the circle platform with those 
    healing hearts.  Run through it if you fell in the lava to replenish 
    your life meter.  Continue on the gray road until you find the cage 
    elevator with a pole on it.  Whenever it is not in the lava, go on it, 
    and get on the pole because it will sink in the lava.  When it is 
    getting out of the lava, do a handstand and then jump to to the tipping 
    platform above (it tips to the right and left only).  Now, jump to the 
    green pole and go up to the caged room.  Then go to the caged route of 
    the gray elevator.  Once you reach the second floor on it, you'll find 
    out that the whole floor is in lava.  Watch the yellow elevator and the 
    fire coming out of that thing.  When the time is right, jump on the 
    elevator when the fire doesn't come out of the thing.  Then, go up and 
    down the triangle thing and then climb across the grid.  Then continue 
    on the gray path to the octagon platform.  Then, take the stairs that 
    go up and up while the blue platforms with stairs move.  When you see a 
    shadow, wait until you go up.  You should see a ! box/red coin.  Then, 
    once the stairs go up to the gray road, go on the gray road until you 
    reach the third floor which is also covered in lava.  Continue on the 
    blue wavy platform until you reach a platform that has a healing heart 
    on it.  Run through it if you've been hit or you went into the lava.  
    Now, I'll leave you with the last 5/6 of the level.  It's not that 
    hard.  It's just those cage elevators with a pole on them.  It's not 
    that hard to do.  But, if you are really stuck, e-mail me.  I don't 
    think you will.  Whew!  This took a while.
    Beat him the same way you did back in the Dark World, but this time he 
    is a lot trickier.  Now he can disappear and reappear right by you and 
    he can turn and face you a lot quicker that he could.  Be careful of 
    his stomp that starts in the beginning!  Since this platform is held 
    only by one spike, Bowser can turn this platform in a turning pancake!
    C O U R S E 10: S N O W M A N ` S  L A N D
    Star 1: Snowman's Big Head
    First, you need to get to the big snowman.  Oh, I forgot to mention-if 
    you don't know or can't find the star, you will spend uncounted hours 
    in front of the tube.  Now, I'm here to tell you where it is.even if 
    "Tubthumping" is in my ears: Get past the block elevator/conveyor.  
    Once your done with that mess, then you will reach a part where there 
    is an ice bridge with a snowman blowing gusts and your buddy Penguin 
    Champ is walking along.  Wonder why he is here?  Well, since you 
    defeated him, he'll be nice to you and let you across so you won't get 
    blown away from the snowman.  You can do two things with him to get 
    across: A. Use the penguin as a shield to protect you -or- B. Jump on 
    his head to get across.  Now continue on the circular path until you 
    reach the star.  Another way to get the star is to get into the closest 
    cannon to the snowman and shoot to the star, but this is very difficult 
    to perform
    He's back, and now he treats you as royalty-without even talking!  
    Since he's so fat, he can protect you from the breath gusts of the 
    snowman.  Doesn't he seem just a little bit fatter than before?
    Star 2: Chill With the Bully
    Just like his "hot" brother, this guy really gets a "chill" into things 
    (get it?)!  You can find this guy's "spot" in Snowman's Land, but he'll 
    never have a "warm" spot in him (get this one?)!  HA!  Man, I'm 
    "smokin'" tonight, so I better get a "chill" pill before bed!
    To defeat this Puff Daddy, just stand by the side, and once he comes, 
    double-jump over him and kick him into the deadly water.  Or else you 
    can just go on the ice and duke him out, but it could take a couple 
    rounds to do (hahahaha)!  He's much the same as Boil in Lethal Lava 
    Land.  But the icy platform can make it a bit trickier to do-one hit 
    from him could mean instant death!
    Star 3: In the Deep Freeze
    Go to the "ice cube" of the level.  It should be near the entrance.  
    First, enter the very small maze.  Keep on doing backward somersaults 
    until you find the hole in the roof.  Get on top of the "ice cube" and 
    then go into the hole next to the other one.  You should find the star.  
    Nab it!
    Star 4: Whirl From the Freezing Pond
    Go to the big freezing pond by Chill Bully's pond.  You should find 
    those enemies that make you twirl around once you stomp on them.  Do 
    that to one of them and then go across the fence.  You should see two ! 
    boxes: One containing a shiny shell and the other containing a star.  
    Don't forget about the shiny shell location-you need it in the next 
    star objective which is.
    Star 5: Shell Shreddin' for Red Coins
    All I can say is that you need the shiny shell to collect most of the 
    red coins.  Of course, I use it to get all the coins, since it is 
    faster and I can jump on it.
    1-Between two trees
    2-Head northwest and get it on the small hill
    3-8-Located closest to the wall side (4 northeast, 2 northwest)
    Star 6: Inside the Igloo
    The easiest way to get inside the igloo is to use the shiny shell.  
    Just go to the icy pond that is close to Chill Bully's pond (or is it 
    in Chill Bully's pond?).  Use should find a steep hill with coins going 
    up it.  Follow the coins up the hill and you should find the igloo.  
    Get into it by using the crawl technique.  Now you're in the igloo.  
    You find out that the star is in ice.  You need the Vanish Cap and oh 
    my God!  There is a Vanish Cap box, but how the heck can you get it?  
    Simple.  Double-jump or backward somersault over the wall!  Now, go to 
    the star and get it.  Remember!  The Bob-Omb Buddy is located in this 
    place.  Oh!  I forgot to mention that you can use the cannons to get 
    over the fence in Star #4.
    C O U R S E 11: W E T  -  D R Y  W O R L D
    Star 1: Shocking Arrow Lifts!
    To start off, hit the Crystal Tap that is on the big platform.  Now, go 
    on the arrow lifts until you see a ledge with a ! block on it.  Hit the 
    ! block and then it should spit out a star.
    Star 2: Top O' the Town
    Yes, it is a very long way up to the top, but it is worth since you get 
    a star.  Since this is pretty dang easy to do, I'll give you a few 
    tatics: Use those enemies that lift you up so you can get on the next 
    floor.  But you have to be in a specific place to do this-ya can't be 
    anywhere and jump to the next floor.  If you're aim is too low, you 
    fall down and plunge to the floor, losing 2 pieces of your life meter.
    Star 3: Secrets in the Shallows & Sky
    OK, the objective name makes sense.  There is a total of 5 things you 
    need to do to get this star.  Here's the list:
    1) Push the block into the wall
    2) Push the block that is by the high-up ! box
    3) Open the ! box that was way-to-high-for-you-to-reach with the block
    4) On the top floor and on the chimney-like platform with a ! box-open
    5) On the caged elevator with a ! box-open
    Star 4: Express Elevator - Hurry Up!
    This is simply a puzzle to solve-and it was very tricky for me when I 
    first did this star, but now I can master this on my first try, and 
    let's see if you can!  First, hit the Crystal Tap that is behind those 
    circular stairs.  Next, break the block that is blocking the entrance 
    to the express elevator (this is most important).  Now, go up the 
    ledges using Heave-Ho for your "stepping" guide.  Now go on the top of 
    the express elevator.  Ride the right half of the elevator, which is 
    the moving part.  When it starts moving, go off it.  Then, wait for it 
    to go all the way down.  Then do a wall kick/backward somersault to the 
    wooden platform INSIDE THE SHAFT.  Once you are going up, you will be 
    going to the star!
    Star 5: Go to Town for the Red Coins
    So, this is your first time going downtown?  Well, you can go into any 
    buildings, since this ain't an RPG game.  If it was, it would be 
    awesome.  Wouldn't the castle make a sweet star objective?  Well, it 
    1-8-In boxes on the roofs of houses
    Star 6: Quick Race Through Downtown!
    Oh, I forgot to tell you how to get to downtown: First, get in the 
    cannon.  Then, shoot to the other side of the tall fence, swim down the 
    long corridor to reach downtown.  Easy as that!  Now, you may have seen 
    a ! switch while you walking on the roofs.  It makes a block appear in 
    the caged star.  Now, you need the Vanish Cap, which is located at the 
    southeastern part of downtown, but wait!  That is caged!  Now whatcha 
    gonna do?  Ah, there's another location of the Vanish Cap.  It's in the 
    south central part of downtown.  Now, quickly go into the cage, get on 
    the block and nab the star.
    C O U R S E 12: T A L L ,  T A L L  M O U N T A I N
    Star 1: Scale the Mountain
    If you don't know what scale means, it means to climb to the top of the 
    mountain!  If you know your controlling skills and practiced them with 
    earlier courses, this will be easy for you, while if you haven't 
    practiced your controller skills, this could be the worst course in the 
    game.  If you haven't tested your jumping to very small platforms, like 
    the arrow lifts, do it know.  Here are some things to watch for during 
    the way up: Moles.  They infest a part of TTM.  If you don't watch out, 
    they could send you off the mountain and could die or reach a part in a 
    course and you will lose a lot of pieces of your life meter!  Make sure 
    to watch for the cloud that can blow you sky-high.and your hat!  Don't 
    worry-you'll see that Ukkiki, the monkey will have it (I'll explain him 
    later on).  Be also careful of the bowling balls!  They can hurt if you 
    get run over by them!
    Star 2: Mystery of the Monkey Cage
    From the summit, you should be able to see the star in the monkey cage.  
    And the cage belongs to Ukkiki, the monkey!  Go to him and grab him.  
    Once you do, release him and he'll give you the star.
    Man, this monkey can be a pain to catch, and doesn't help if he has 
    your cap!  If you take the first two letters off his name, doesn't it remind 
    you of the monkey Kiki from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past?  No, 
    didn't think so.
    Star 3: Scary `Shrooms, Red Coins
    OK, if you don't know how to stay on a mushroom, here is a tip.  Put 
    the camera view to the farthest away Lakitu view.  Now you will see 
    everything and you should make it on the mushroom.  And make sure to 
    jump from left to right, not forward.  It's harder to from forward 
    1-4-Located at the Mushroom Pit
    5-8-Scale more of the mountain (right next to the mushroom pit)
    Star 4: Mysterious Mountainside
    Uhh, what the heck is this?  It is a slide that is, well, in the 
    mountain.  Scale the mountain until you find a hole in the mountain.  
    Get in it.  Now you should find yourself at the beginning of it.  Now 
    go down it!  It's kinda fun, and a lot longer than the Princess's 
    Secret Slide, but the same size as the Course 4 slide.  At the end of 
    this slide, you will get a star.
    Star 5: Breathtaking View From Bridge
    Scale the mountain until you see ! switch next to a small bridge and a 
    star in the waterfall.  First, hit the ! switch.  Now, go on the bridge 
    and you should see blocks.  Go on it and then jump to the star that is 
    in the waterfall.
    Star 6: Blast to the Lonely Mushroom
    There are two ways to get to this mushroom and the star.  Here is the 
    easiest way to do it.  Go on the log and roll that to the end.  No long 
    jump to the mushroom.  You should be able to get the star before 
    landing on the mushroom though.  Now here is the hard way: Get into the 
    cannon and shoot to it.
    C O U R S E 13: T I N Y  -  H U G E  I S L A N D
    Star 1: Pluck the Piranha Flower
    Go into the first pipe you see.  Once you exit out of the pipe, you 
    will be attacked by five piranha plants.  Destroy them all!  You should 
    be in huge island.  Hey!  This reminds me of Super Mario Bros. 3!
    If you ask me, these guys are SOOOOO easy!  If you are in huge island 
    (where you should be), punch/kick/trip/slide into them to hurt them.  
    If you are in tiny island, you should just be able to stomp on them.  
    Remember that they go underground whenever they spit out a firey burst.  
    Big or small, that fire can burn you!
    Star 2: The Tip Top of Huge Island
    First, go in the first tunnel you see.  You should be in huge island.  
    Now, just go up and up and up huge island until you reach the top.  
    Here are some tips along the way: Bowling Balls.  They are back, but if 
    you are in tiny island, they will be very small, but they can still 
    hurt you by half from normal size amount.  Also, use the Shrinker Pipes 
    if you have to if need to feel big/small to get up.  Just make sure at 
    the end that you are in huge island.  Also, only in huge island, you 
    need to be warned about the Windswept Valley.  This is where you'll be 
    racing against.
    Star 3: Rematch With Koopa the Quick
    Man, this guy has really practiced since Course 1, and he is one tough 
    man to race!  First, go to Windswept Valley.  Along the way, you should 
    meet him.  He will ask for a remach.  Answer yes.  Now, the wind in 
    Windswept Valley doesn't bother him at all, he goes 10x as fast as 
    before.  Oh yeah.you need to be in huge world to race.  The cheating 
    method is to use the long jump until the finish-that's your only weapon 
    against defeating him!
    Well, he's back, but he has a new pair of running shoes, yet he has 
    been training hard.  The bowling balls and the wind does not stop him, 
    so your only weapon is using the long jump from start to finish.  Good 
    luck!  Remember that if you don't make it, enter a shinker pipe to get 
    to tiny island, and then re-enter the pipe to be in huge island, and 
    Koopa the Quick awaits you for yet another rematch!
    Star 4: Five Itty Bitty Secrets
    Well, you have to be in tiny island to do this.  Here is the list of 
    all the five itty bitty secrets:
    1) In the water at the top of the island
    2) Where the bowling balls shoot out
    3) Cross the very skinny stick of wood to an opening
    4) An entrance at the lowest point of the island
    5) On the tip of the island
    Star 5: Wiggler's Red Coins
    Remember in Star #4 that I told you to cross the very skinny stick of 
    wood to an opening?  Well, get to huge island and try to find that very 
    skinny stick which now is a bridge to you!  Go into the opening and 
    you'll be inside Wiggler's home.  You'll find all the coins there.  
    C'mon!  They're all in one room, so I don't want to make this 
    Walkthrough any bigger by wasting my time!  They're all in front of 
    your eyes, but if you are blind, try to e-mail me and try to type the 
    question if you can click the "send" button with your mouse!
    Star 6: Make Wiggler Squirm
    Wiggler makes his home in Tiny-Huge Island, but he does make his top 
    part of his home very secure.  But to enter it, go to tiny island.  Go 
    to the summit and enter the middle of the water and Pound the Ground.  
    Now, be in huge island and make your way up to the summit once again.  
    You will now be small enough to enter the entrance.  Once you enter it, 
    you'll find Wiggler, waddling around.  Now, make him squirm out the 
    Wiggler, your happy-go, flower-headed friend has no gone wacky for the 
    star.  He will let no one have his star-unless you "wiggle" it out of 
    him!  Besides, he's already mad at you for flooding his house, so he 
    goes fast-paced each time you stomp on him, which makes it tougher to 
    beat him.  But, you'll eventually defeat him and he'll give up the 
    C O U R S E 14: T I C K  T O C K  C L O C K
    Star 1: Roll Into the Cage
    This star can be the easiest star in this course, or the toughest ever.  
    Your choice wether to stop or run the clock.  Here's the "time" to 
    enter this course for the speed:
    Minute hand on 12 - Stops clock
    Minute hand on 9  - Fast
    Minute hand on 6  - Medium
    Minute hand on 3  - Slow
    Now, I recommend that you put it to stop, just to make it easier.  Now, 
    just climb up the clock until you find a star in a cage.  Then, "roll" 
    into the cage to get the star.  Sorry I couldn't be anymore help, but 
    It's pretty obvious on how to get in the cage.
    Star 2: The Pit and the Pendulums
    To cheat on this star, stop the clock.  Go all the way up until you see 
    two pendulums with a star beyond them.  Well, of course, cross the 
    pendulums safely.  If they are not moving, well, you got the star 
    already (only if you are dumb enough to mis-jump)!  Remember that the 
    clock has no floor in it so if a pendulum knocks you off your platform, 
    then it's good-bye for you!
    Star 3: Get a Hand
    Don't stop the clock for this one!  Set it on medium fastness.  After 
    you go up the 3-box elevator, wait on the floor until you see hand 
    moving.  Jump on the hand until you see a small platform with a star on 
    it.  Get the star!
    Star 4: Stomp on the Thwomp
    Set the motion to slow.  Now, go up the clock-all the way up!  That's 
    right!  Every nook and crany you have to get on to get to the top.  
    Hey, at least you're "movin' on up"!  Get it?  HAHAHA!  Anyway, once 
    you get to the top, you will have to jump on Thwomp's head.  Like an 
    elevator, wait until he goes all the up and then go on the platform 
    that has a star on it.
    From Course 2, you had to ride him like an elevator to get a red coin, 
    but now you have to ride him like an elevator to get a star!
    Star 5: Timed Jumps on Moving Bars
    You can do this in slow speed or no speed at all.  No speed at all 
    takes a great effort to do, since you need to do some wall kicks that 
    are hard!  I recommend you do this on slow speed.  I don't know how to 
    explain this star objective to you.I just can't!  If you do FAQs, you 
    probably have one of those days where you can't explain something on an 
    FAQ/Walkthrough.  I'm having one of those days right now on this 
    objective.  Oh well, just e-mail sometime.or wait until my next 
    version.  I might explain the objective.
    Star 6: Stop Time for Red Coins
    For God sakes, stop the clock for this one!  If you can do this on any 
    speed (except slow), I'll be pretty amazed!  All the red coins are 
    located on those small rotating platforms.  But still, even if they 
    aren't moving, it can be hard if you don't know which camera angle to 
    use.  I suggest the Lakitu view going the farthest distance.
    C O U R S E 15: R A I N B O W  R I D E
    Star 1: Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow
    Oh, man!  It's finally that last course for me to explaim.  Remind me 
    to never do a long walkthrough like this again.  It's almost over.well, 
    anyway, you will going on a magic carpet ride tonight!  Just ride the 
    magic carpet to the boat in the sky.  The star should be on the boat.
    Star 2: The Big House in the Sky
    Wow!  Another magic carpet ride!  Now, you may think that the big house 
    is a jail, but it's not!  Now, once you enter the big house, DO NOT 
    LEAVE THE CARPET!  Keep patient and wait for a bit.  You will be going 
    in the house again by using the window and you will be going on the 
    roof.  The star will be on the roof.  Nab it!
    Star 3: Coins Amassed in a Maze
    No!  Don't even think about it, mister!  I am absolutely, positively 
    not going to tell you where every Red Coin is!  They are all in a maze!  
    I'll tell you where the maze is!  Once you ride your stupid magic 
    carpet, you will see the stupid maze with all your stupid Red Coins in 
    it!  Now, you can figure it out!  Use your brain!  If you e-mail me a 
    question about this, I will specificly not answer since this is for 
    some people a no-brainer!  Forget it!  Period!
    Star 4: Swingin' in the Breeze
    Here is a shorcut to get to it:  From the start, keep on turning around 
    until you see a pole.  Now long jump to the pole.  You should be able 
    to grab it.  Now, slide down it.  Now, follow the route until you can 
    take two routes-go up the slanted wall or continue with the regular 
    route.  To get this star, you need to go up the small slanted wall and 
    then continue with that route (very, very short) until you find the 
    Star 5: Tricky Triangles!
    From the two-route break (remember from the last star objective), 
    choose to continue the route.  This route is very difficult, but is 
    possible to complete.  Now, the ! switch is to be used for.oh, you'll 
    find out once you push it.
    Star 6: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    Considered the last star.and the hardest.  First, go to the cannon on 
    the boat.  Aim toward the cirular rainbow and-wait!  There's a pole 
    there!  Try to aim exactly in the middle of the rainbow.  If you do 
    EXACTLY in the middle, you are home-free and you have done that last 
    star objective in a course in the whole game.  Congratulations.
    B O W S E R  I N  T H E  S K Y (B O W S E R 3)
    Fi Ni: Route to Bowser
    Fi ni stands for the end, incase you didn't know.  First, just jump 
    platform to platform until you reach a sideways W-shaped see-saw-oh, 
    who am I kidding!  If you need help, e-mail me!  This is too long to 
    do.  But trust me-I'll do the whole thing in the next version!
    This Bowser is one real meanie.  He now spits out icy fire that is included 
    with smann firey breaths.  It now takes three hits of a bomb to kill him, and 
    once he stomps on the ground, he'll make two white quakes that will shake you 
    if you get hit by them.  Hit him 3 times and you have one the game-no matter 
    if you collected 120 stars or not.  But Bowser says different stuff after you 
    collect 120 stars.  But be warned: After you hit him in a bomb, he'll 
    take of the rest of the pieces (if he knocked any down after you 
    possibly threw him off the edge) out of the platform shaping it like a 
    star.  SwEeT!
    Bonus Courses / Secret Stars
    Princess's Secret Slide
    REQUIREMENTS: 1 star
    LOCATION: On the balcony
    DESCRIPTION: A very short but neat slide!
    SHORTCUTS/HINTS: Here's a neat shorcut.  Once you get out of the 
    beginning tunnel, jump over the left bumper.  You should see another 
    part of the slide.  Try to land on while in the sliding mode so you can 
    just slide whenever you land
    STARS: You can receive a total of 1 star(s).  To get the star, you need 
    to beat the time of 0'20"9.  Use the shorcut by doing the following 
    The Secret Aquarium
    REQUIREMENTS: 3 stars
    LOCATION: To the right of the Jolly Roger Bay picture
    DESCRIPTION: It's all in water, so beware!
    SHORTCUTS/HINTS: If your life meter is getting low, find a bunch of 
    coins and re-boot your life.  There are a lot of coins in the aquarium!
    STARS: You can receive a total of 1 star(s).  To get the star, you need 
    to collect the 8 red coins.  There is one in each corner, and one by 
    each window.  You should find the star in the middle-bottom.
    Tower of the Wing Cap
    REQUIREMENTS: 1-3 stars (it depends)
    LOCATION: On the Peach potrait, press C-up and look at the sun.
    DESCRIPTION: Fly, fly, fly!
    STARS: You can receive a total of 1 star(s).  To get the star, you need 
    to collect the 8 red coins.  There are two between each tower (except 
    the north one) and two in the three rainbow circles.
    The Metal Cap Cavern
    REQUIREMENTS: Key to the Basement
    LOCATION: In Dorrie's water cavern
    DESCRIPTION: A very tricky route to the switch, but it can be done!
    SHORTCUTS/HINTS: Make sure not to fall in the water because it is 
    raging, so it will be hard to get back into progress.  But, if you have 
    the Metal Cap, you will be able to walk in it.  Without it.let's just 
    say that the story's over for you.
    STARS: You can receive a total of 1 star(s) by collecting the 8 red 
    coins.  Two are behind the two pillars and six are circled around the 
    Metal Cap switch's platform in the water.
    A Star From Toad
    REQUIREMENTS: Key to the Basement
    LOCATION: By Hazy Maze Cavern's metal pool entrance
    DESCRIPTION: Why describe?
    SHORTCUTS/HINTS: None whatsoever!
    STARS: What's the title?  Just talk to Toad and he'll give you a star.  
    Vanish Cap's Cavern
    REQUIREMENTS: Key to the Basement, Drain the Moat
    LOCATION: A hole in the ground where the moat was
    DESCRIPTION: This is one of the hardest routes to a switch I've seen!
    SHORTCUTS/HINTS: None.  Just watch out below!
    STARS: You can receive a total of 1 star(s) by collecting the 8 red 
    coins.  Four are on the ramp and four our in the elevator place (close 
    to the end).
    MIPS the Rabbit
    REQUIREMENTS: Beat Bowser in the Dark World, 50 stars
    LOCATION: In the Basement
    DESCRIPTION: Bowser's wascally wabbit has escaped because he is late, 
    late, is late!  I wonder what he is late for?  Don't you??
    SHORTCUTS/HINTS: When he is at the entrance to Course 8, and when you 
    get close enough, do a belly flop to the right.  You should nab him to 
    get the star from him.
    STARS: You can receive a total of 2 star(s) from him.  Just grab him!
    Wing Mario Over the Rainbow
    REQUIREMENTS: 50 stars
    LOCATION: In the tower
    DESCRIPTION: The most very hardest bonus course in the game.  Be 
    prepared for the worst red coin collecting ever!
    SHORCUTS/HINTS: Follow the rainbows from cloud to cloud.  That should 
    help you find your way.
    STARS: You will receive a total of 1 star(s) by collecting the 8 red 
    coins.  Find one on each cloud/platform, except the three Red Coins on 
    the big cloud (is that where you start?).
    Toad Gifts
    REQUIREMENTS: 30/50 stars
    LOCATION: Third/Fourth floor
    DESCRIPTION: You can find Toad two times with one on the third and 
    fourth floor.  They will give you a star.
    STARS: You will receive a total of 2 star(s).  I'm not going to tell 
    you.  Not at all!
    BITDW: Collect the 8 Red Coins
    REQUIREMENTS: 8 stars
    LOCATION: First room you enter in the castle.
    DESCRIPTION: You get in "Bowser in the Dark World".
    STARS: Now people, this is the only star that you can get, OK?  OK.  Now, 
    here is the list of the eight coins:
    1-2-On the brown bridge (the ! switch needs to be pressed at the begin)
    3-On the crystal green path behind a spike
    4-On the moving yellow back and forth platform
    5-On the crystal green moving platforms
    6-By the second weird green hook
    7-On top of the first weird green hook
    8-On the platform with the lone spike in the middle
    BITFS: Collect the 8 Red Coins
    REQUIREMENTS: 30 stars, get one star in Course 9
    LOCATION: In the basement.
    DESCRIPTION: You get in "Bowser in the Fire Sky".
    STARS: Here they are:
    1-On the wire platform before the healing heart thing
    2-On a rotating platform
    3-In the cage
    4-Make platform go up in the cage, go down and get it
    5-On the octigonal platform above that wired platform
    6-Somewhere in the moving platforms (those blue ones that shift)
    7-On the blue platforms that sink and rise from the lava
    8-On the last pole (pole on that cage platform that rises and sinks)
    BITS: Collect the 8 Red Coins
    REQUIREMENTS: 70 stars
    LOCATION: After the Endless Stairs
    DESCRIPTION: You get in "Bowser in the Sky".
    STARS: Here are the Red Coins from beginning to end:
    1-On top of the first box you see
    2-On top of the four rotating platforms
    3-On the colorful stairs
    4-On the side of the green side-walking stairs (talk about no gravity)
    5-On the first diamond-shaped platform
    6-On the first circling platform
    7-On top of the pole between the two orange moving platforms
    8-Under the stairs that lead to Bowser
    100 Coin Collecting
    Lots of people say, "Hey!  There are only 105 stars in the game!"  
    Well, you are wrong!  You need to collect 100 coins in every course, 
    but I won't tell you where every coin in the game is.  I will tell you 
    where the Blue-Coin blocks are so I can give you a boost.  But, if you 
    want to know where every coin is, go to www.nintendo.com and go to N64 
    Game List.  Choose Super Mario 64 and then go to all the crap until you 
    find "Collect 100 Coins."  Now, here they are!
    Course 1: Bob-Omb Battlefield
    Well, there is no Blue-Coin Block, but all you need to is go to the 
    floating isle, get the Wing Cap, and fly around the coin circles to get 
    a lot of coins.
    Course 2: Whomp's Fortress
    The Blue-Coin Block is located by the Bob-Omb Buddy.  Just go left all 
    the way, turn right and go forward all the way.  Also make sure that 
    you defeat all the sleeping Piranha Plants-you will get a blue coin 
    from each of them.
    Course 3: Jolly Roger Bay
    You will find the Blue-Coin Block in the Ocean Cave.  If you want more 
    coins than that, go to the ! switch that is by the boat and the three 
    floating platforms with a lot of coins on them.  Hit the switch to make 
    roads to each of them.
    Course 4: Cool, Cool Mountain
    You will find the Blue-Coin Block on the last turn of the slide 
    circling the mountain (not the big slide).  At the last turn, turn 
    right.  You should find the Blue-Coin Block, but you only get two blue 
    coins out of it.  Make sure to go down the big slide-that's the place 
    to get a lot of coins!
    Course 5: Big Boo's Haunt
    The Blue-Coin Block is located on the top floor of the house.  Remember 
    that you can defeat the Boos and the Mr. Is.  Overall, this is not a 
    difficult place to collect 100 coins.
    Course 6: Hazy Maze Cavern
    In the hazy maze, try to find the Blue-Coin Block.  Once you do, push 
    it and then follow them around the maze.  There are a lot of them, so 
    make sure you just tried a Metal Cap on.
    Course 7: Lethal Lava Land
    There is no Blue-Coin Block.  All you have to do is surf the lava!  
    There is a lot coins-you just don't know it!
    Course 8: Shifting Sand Land
    The Blue-Coin Block is located in the pyramid.  Once you hit it, there 
    will be 5 blue coins in a line.  Get them and-wow!  You just got 25 
    Course 9: Dire, Dire Rocks
    There is no Blue-Coin Block, and you will need to get every coin in the 
    course to get the star.  Good luck to ya!  Make sure not to forget all 
    those coins all around the whirlpool, the ledges of the submarine pen, 
    and the bottom of the sea (under the sub).
    Course 10: Snowman's Land
    There is no Blue-Coin Block (that I know of), but go into the igloo and 
    get the Vanish Cap.  Now go into the ice cube that has the treasure!
    Course 11: Wet-Dry World
    There is a Blue-Coin Block, and boy does it hold a lot of blue coins!  
    Collect them all!
    Course 12: Tall, Tall Mountain
    Go into the slide and run through it fast.  You should see a lot of 
    blue coins along the way.
    Course 13: Tiny-Huge Island
    In huge island, Goombas are worth a blue coin!  Don't forget the Koopa 
    Course 14: Tick Tock Clock
    Yep, there is a Blue-Coin Block, and it holds up to 5 coins!!
    Course 15: Rainbow Ride
    There is a Blue-Coin Block, and it is located by the maze.  The Blue 
    Coins are "atop the maze."
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Amazingly, I only have one so far.  Well, I do have a couple more, so I'll 
    put them in.
    Q. So, how do you solve the puzzle in "Puzzle Pyramid" in Course 8?
    Q. hyi wuz wenderin' wer tham casile c-crit starrs rthay aint in yer wakthrw
    Q. Well, where can I collect the 8 red coins for Bowser at the Fire Sea?
    Q. In Course 5, it said that you can get the Ghoul Medal if you escape.  
    Well, how can you escape?
    Now, I DO get questions like the second FAQ above.  Do you see what happens 
    when you play too much video games ;)
    Cheats and Hints
    Since I did the walkthrough, you guys help me on this one!  Send me a tip, a 
    trick, or cheat that you have.  Please don't send me one if it is already on 
    (Start typing.  Yeah, you!  Get on your Hotmail and send me something, or any 
    other e-mail provider.)
    E-Mail Note
    Even though I've dropped the subject codes DOESN'T MEAN that you just put 
    whatever subject name you want.  You need to put the name of the game on the 
    subject line, be it a question, comment, whatever!
    Now, if you want to e-mail me asking for permission on this game, please put 
    your URL address so I can see your site.
    I do have a couple more e-mail addresses, but please only e-mail me at the 
    one at the top.  Thanx!!
    The section that I have trouble on.
    Jeff "CJayC" Veasey – Accepting my FAQ on his site.
    Al Alamoo – For putting my FAQs on his site.
    Procyon Lotor – To tell you the truth, he inspired me on writing an FAQ from 
    reading his Super Mario RPG FAQ.  He is also one great FAQ writer and I do 
    believe with him that writing FAQs are fun and not for competition.
    marshmallow – One of the greatest FAQ writers ever, if not the best!
    Nintendo – Making one of the greatest light adventure games.
    E-Mailers – For making me busy during the boring day at noon.
    (((the end)))
       1999 BJ
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