How to get the excalamation boxes appear for super mario 64?

  1. In super mario 64 how do you make the boxes with the excalamation point on them appear or become solid so you can get the different types of hat`s?

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    danny71561 - 8 years ago

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  1. For the Red !s (Wing Cap) you will need to collect 10 stars, then go to the main lobby. There should be a beam of light shining down on the mat in the middle. Step on that mat and look up (as Mario, not in real life <_<) to the ceiling. You will be taken to the Tower of the Wing Cap. You have the "option" of collecting 8 red coins here, however, you can just fly down to the middle tower, and pound the switch. (You can come back here to collect the 8 red coins again).
    The Blue Switch course (Vanish Cap) is located under the moat. You will need access to the basement. Go down to the basement. You can either go two ways from here. Either, from where you came from the key door, there's a slope leading up to a door which leads to the room you must be in, or you can go to the area where Lethal Lava Land and stuff is. From this area, go through the door that doesn't have a star on it (it's next to the one that does have a star on it). This will take you to the same area you're supposed to be at. Swim through the water to the end. Then pound both pillars sticking up in the middle. The water will drain. Go through the door at the back. You will be where the moat was. Run to the other end of the 'moat', and go down the small hole. Make your way through this somewhat tough-ish (for those who are new to the game) 'athletic platforming' stage, and pound the switch.

    The Green Switch course (for the Metal Cap) is located in Hazy Maze Cave. Go down to where Dorrie (the sea dragon is from the first star). Now, ride on her (Dorrie's a girl's name, right?) back, and aim towards the platform that has a double metal door (the one that doesn't have red grates). Go through the doors, and make your way to the end of this area. Jump down the liquid metal (as most people call it), and you will be in the Cavern of the Metal Cap. Run forward, and go LEFT (NOT RIGHT!!). Try and get to the green switch before your Metal power runs out. If it does, you will have to be extra careful, because the water is very fast, and it's easy to get swept out of the stage. The other end leads to the waterfall outside the castle.

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  1. The Red ! is the Wing Cap. This can be found when the middle of the castle main hall is glowing. The green ! is the Metal Cap. Pretty easy. This can be found by going into hazy maze cave. The blue ! is the Vanish Cap. Super Easy! Just drain the Moat and go into the hole.

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